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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  April 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:59pm EDT

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believed to be between 14 and 20 years old. they are asking for the public's help to identify this person. now back here live inside the deanwood metro station, this is believed that all of this played out here. the escalators leading toum the platform. the wor coming off the platform -- two were coming off the platform to the fare gate to exit the station. >> it's senseless. >> it's unfortunate that society is turning this way. >> growing community outrage after another teenage is killed at the deanwood metro station. according to police, the victim reportedly just 15 years old was stabbed while trying to exit the station. sources say the teen's throat was slashed. law enforcement sources tell abc7 the victim told his brother to start recording with his cell phone. then punched another teen. sources say that teen then stabbed the boy. >> the incident the way it unfolded was quick. >> it come
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davonte washington who was gunned down at the same metro station. the teen was shot while standing on the platform with his family on the way to get a haircut. tonight residents and the community leaders are calling for additional police at this station. >> in terms of safety i would say we truly do need more of a police presence. i would ask metro to give special attention to deanwood. this is the second time in less than a month. brianne: we asked the police about that. they both had patrols stepped up in the system here within the metro system. now, we do know police are reviewing the surveillance video. for the patrols we know also within the hour 6:00 tonight the guardian angels say they will be patrolling deanwood metro station. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. leon: all right. thank you. maryland lawmakers may have struck a deal to push noah's law through to make the d.u.i.
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it's named for montgomery county police officer who was struck and killed last year by a suspected drunk driver. maryland bureau chief brad bell has been in annapolis all day and following the movement of the bill and the key players. he is now live with us. he has developments at this hour. any movement right now? brad: we think there is, leon. there has been so much passion on display with regard to the bill in annapolis. there are no opponents out there. but it just keeps getting caught up in the minutia of writing a new law. it appears as though the house and the senate agreed to a compromise. but now they only have seven hours to complete it. a lot going on. you see the crowd waiting for governor hogan to come out. he is in favor of noah's law and in favor of tougher version of it. we can show you pictures now of the so-called confront committee. made up of the senators and the delegates. they have to iron out their differences between the senate version which is considered tougher and more desirable to the o
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version which is considered a little bit weaker. the house came in and said we will accept the tougher version. we just have to get amendments written and put on paper. once we see that, we will get back together to see if we can work it out. leading the fight for the bill is rich leotta, the father of the officer hit and killed by an alleged drunk driver in december. he says this thing has just got to move. rich: if i find out at the end of the day that somehow this failed, they are accomplices to murder and have blood on their hands. get it done right, get it done now. save lives. make sure that you honor noah leotta. brad: well, it appears as though as we said a deal has been worked out. the senators and the delegates saying they want to get it done. it could be that we get a vote in the house and the senate la
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midnight. in annapolis, brad bell, [ music ] -- brad bell, abc7 news. leon: thank you, brad. investigators are trying to figure out what led to a deadly crash in anne arundel county at rutland road in davidsonville. you can see the scene. car, look at that. ended up overturned on the side of the road. the driver died at the scene. the crash caused major backups on route 50. but we understand now that all the lanes are now back open. michelle: the annapolis yacht club damaged by a huge fire in december could be torn down according to the capital yacht club. members met with the city officials to discuss plans for the property. they are leaning toward demolitioning the building to more easily meet the federal floodplain regulations that requires them to raise the building 30 inches. final decision has not been made yet. leon: look outside and get a live look at how it is looking out there. beautiful evening shaping up after the morning clouds and rain. that is
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we have a mild sunny day. rain, though, not gone for the week. you may see it again. chief meteorologist doug hill with more on that. doug: part of the area had a mini blizzard on saturday morning. then we had strong winds. yesterday, chilly winds. today we have sunshine and temperatures in the 70's. this is crazy. 72 now. looking life at the image from the fairfax, virginia, from st. leo the great. it's pleasant. if you have any outdoor activities including going to see the nats it is delightful. the temperatures at 70 or so at the first pitch. holding in 60's. 73 in washington, manassas. 74 in fredericksburg. we can thank the gusty winds out of the south that are transported up the milder air from the carolinas. we'll and georgia. it will not last. we will see the winds veering to the west as the cold front approaches. the forecast,
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cloudiness. showers developing overnight. the winds are 10 to 15 miles per hour. through the day tomorrow. we deal with this. the front is moving along at a good clip. southwesterly winds to bring showers through 4:00 or5:00, for most of the rush hour. then it should be over and we will see the clearing skies and bah back in frac for a seven-day forecast you will enjoy. michelle: thank you. we are tacking breaking news. in the last hour mayor muriel bowser announced the arrest in the shooting of 7-year-old on knox place. diane cho is live with the breaking details. diane? diane: d.c. police made announcement in the neighborhood where it happened. that it was a tip that came from the community that helped them solve the case. they made the announce in the a planned community walk with the mayor that was scheduled to take place at 4:00 this afternoon. michael wiggins of southwest
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stray bullet hit a 7-year-old little girl in the chest on friday night. authorities say the weapon has been recovered. the child and her family were walking home from dinner on the 2900 block of knox place southeast when she was caught in the crossfire in a shooting that took place after an altercation in the area. >> i have to say without the community help in this particular case we would not make a closure. we want to thank folks. diane: police say the little girl is in fair and stable condition. the mayor says she had a chance to talk to the family and the little girl yesterday and she is anxious to get back to school. in southeast d.c., diane cho, abc7 news. leon: thank you. a navy officer will likely face a court-martial on charges he spied for thigh wan and china. they -- taiwan and china. they arrested him eight mo
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ago but lynn's identity wasn't made public until now. he was assigned in hawaii. he became a u.s. citizen at the age of 14. lin is now held in navy brig in chesapeake, virginia. michelle: the anne arundel countersheriff found himself on the -- county sheriff found himself on the other side of the law a of he was arrested for allegedly assaulting his wife. kevin lewis has the story including how sheriff ron batemen's wife is telling citizens the dispute is a private matter. jeff: this is the pasadena home where police say sheriff ron batemen attacked his wife after she stole his money clip.
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>> despite the injuries she took to facebook today to defend her husband typing in part "ron is a wonderful man and an amazing sheriff. if you are that perfect person who never raised your voice or had an argument by all means go live your perfect life and stay out of ours." >> you would proud to know the calls allow us to put handcuffs on thousands of criminals. >> the sheriff tells us he categorically denies improperly or offensively touching his wife and added if the case is pursued he will plead not guilty. sheriff batemen is on administrative lead. the undersheriff handling the interim duties at the department circuit court offices. still no word if sheriff batemen will collect the $133,000 salary.
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leon: scarier than first thought is what the c. d.c. is saying about the zika virus. coming up at 5:00, we tell you why they are saying that. michelle: police make arrests and we'll tell you what they are protesting. leon: "jeopardy" still in d.c. >> letters scattered across the d.c. area. i will tell you how some
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in annapolis, she battled republicans joseline peña-melnyk for congress... yes! and the nra to pass the toughest gun safety legislation in the country. i'll take on the tough fights to expand social security and keep the doors open to planned parenthood. my mom is so tough she's willing to fight anyone who's going to pay him more than us for doing the same job. i'm joseline peña-melnyk, and i approve this message.
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michelle: until three days to the playoff kickoff hockey fans are gearing up and getting pumped up. leon: a lot of reasons to. caps are egging them on. caps are trying to stoke the excitement now. they have set up a scavenger hunt around town. amy aubert followed team clues throughout the day and found huge fans out there and big winners rocking the red. amy: if you asked kyle if he will be at the postseason game he won't hesitate the answer.
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clues from the capitals crew searching for the letters that spell out the home team name placed throughout the area. >> i parked my car and put blinkers on. i bolted! amy: bolted straight to the letter i and two tickets. the team sends out updates every hour. for the i they tweeted a clue and a picture of this. kyle is one of eight lucky winners. each person that finds a letter get two tickets to a playoff game. >> it's playoff hishing. i have been waiting for the playoffs to start since mid-november. amy: the capitals crew doing waiting of their own. setting up the letters, sending a clue and anticipating the big moment. >> having the opportunityf them to do something fun and get involved and explore the city with the hope of winning ticket is a great opportunity for them. >> it's not as easy as spotting the big letter. you have to say the
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phrase. >> whoooo! rock the red! amy: hashtag online and password for the payoff. a phrase kyle had no problem remembering. >> i'm super excited. i'm so excited! i'm just excited. amy: eight winners already hoping to bring home the w again come playoff day. in d.c., amy aubert, abc7 news. leon: i think he is excited. i agree. michelle: i get that impression. leon: i also agree with you. who has the time to do that whole thing? god love you. after today you will find the complete spelling of capitals popping up across the city to give fans the perfect post season background to snap a picture. rock the-related fan rally kicks off on wednesday. the mayor, slap shot and others will be there. find more events on the website if you go, snap us pictures and send t
5:16 pm michelle: yes need good weather for the outdoor events. doug: the only really period that we are concerned about is tomorrow morning. michelle: nice. doug: it's just rain. it will affect the morning rush commute. leon: we are done with the snow after the past weekend, right? doug: jonathan asked me that at 4:00. i would say it's the kiss of death if i say yes. guarantee it to happen. we're looking good here. time lapse from mclean, the langley schools. look how quick they brighten by the morning and this afternoon was gorgeous. blue skies and the sunshine and warm temperatures. 71 degrees there. we climbed to the mid-70's in some spots that is pushing everyone higher. lower 70's now. that is something when you think about what we went through on saturday morning. did you see the mini blizzard in spots? we had that to deal with. cold winds yesterday. today is a different season. tomorrow is a little
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lower 60's. the winds won't be this strong. they will be breezy but not at this level. wind gusts at 29 to 30 miles per hour around the area. we had a 36-mile-per-hour gust at leesburg. talk about the temperatures. all the numbers that you show, see right now show how much warmer it is right now than this time yesterday. 20 degrees warmer. big change. as soon as we enjoy today we look forward tomorrow and a cold front. see the difference? 77 and 64 in columbus. cooler air on the way. with that is rain. moving ahead a cold front. the timing suggest cloudiness will increase eight or 9:00 tonight. the biggest batch will pass across the carolina and miss us. we have showers tomorrow morning but it should clear out by the mid-to-the late morning and the afternoon. future cast shows 3:30 in the morning rain will move in. be with us through the
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heaviest rain at 8:00. then rapidly clearing skies. at least they are quick movers. it will leave us with a forecast. increasing cloudiness. 54 tonight. morning show the afternoon sunshine. breezy and 62 tomorrow. wednesday, lots of sunshine. touch cooler. 59. our average high now up to 65 degrees. if we go through the next seven days here, we will tell you the story a day at a time. you will see how it ends on a happy note. the numbers for you 62 tomorrow. 59 degrees by the time we roll in the day on wednesday. thursday and friday a lot of sunshine. fair weather clouds. lower 60's. on saturday, 64. early saturday morning for the national cherry blossom parade that abc7 is a proud cosponsor of, showing it on tv it will be in the 40's. but it will climb to 50's. next week back for the
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friday. maybe i'll say winter is over. michelle: commit. doug: not ready. leon: i'm on the record. i won't ask you again until june. doug: that works for me. michelle: thank you. ahead a great reason to get married. leon: also ahead at 5:00, sounding the alarm. the new warning about the zika virus from the c.d.c. just ahead of summer. michelle: controversy surrounding a ride-sharing service just for women. where the service is set to launch and who is not quite behind the idea. leon: but first it's national pet day. you know what that means. we want to see more of these! we want to see pictures of your pet. send them to us at
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. and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up, we want them to grow up stronger. michelle: a new warning today as the c.d.c. says the zika virus is scarier than first thought. now health officials say they need a lot more money to fight it. abc7explains why it's expected to ramp up in the u.s. this year. reporter: there are new concerns about the dangers. >> everything we look at with the virus seems to be scarier than we initially thought.
5:23 pm
funding to combat it. >> we don't have what we need but we are still going full blast by drawing money from the other areas. reporter: the white house requested $1.9 billion from congress. the administration recently shifting $500 million in left over ebola money to help. >> still not what we want. reporter: there are 346 confirmed cases in zika in 40 states all travel-related. the virus is linked to birth defects like microcephaly marked by abnormally small heads. the florida grandfather of the healthy newborn experiencing the fear firsthand. >> my son just had a baby. his wife caught the zika virus. they were in south america. is the baseball going to have microcephaly or not? thank god he doesn't. >> health officials finding there may be more risks than that. it's linked to a broader set of complication in pregnancy. likely to be a problem at much
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not just probably the first trimester. reporter: a small study released sunday finds it may cause more brain disorders than documented. some reporting problems with motor skills. lauren lister, abc news, los angeles. leon: new study finds being marry is a factor in a cancer patient survival rate. according to a report, single women had a higher mortality rate than married women. the difference was less significant among men. the study looked at 800,000 cancer patients and found single non-hispanic white females had 17% increase in mortality compared to those married. the researchers stress sex, race, birthrate also have a key role in determine patient survival. smoking is an unhealthy habit but could it keep you from getting a job? in a new study a group of stanford followed unemployment people in bay area. half smokers and ha
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a year later the smokers were 30% less likely to have a job compared to people who did not smoke. michelle: one year after her death, a college basketball player who inspired the nation is being honored in her hometown. on sunday the town of greendale, indiana, officially named this street lauren hill lane. hill was diagnosed with brain cancer in high school. in college she started a campaign that raised more than $2 million for cancer research. she made national headlines when she played in a season opener for mount st. joseph university basketball team in 2014. >> i'm honored that she is here laid to rest across from a park that she loved to swim at and play at. and ride her bike through. michelle: hill posthumously received the best moment award at the 2015 espys for performance at the basketball game. leon: couldn't watch her take the shot without getting
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i don't think anyone could see it and not be. michelle: very connected. leon: something else you need to see. video ahead of a real-life hamburglar. he took no money but see what he did when he got to a local restaurant. michelle: plus protests and arrests. while hundreds took to the streets near the capitol today. mike: i'm mike carter-conneen at howard university have today a group of students held a rally against sexual assault. coming up the message for the administra
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geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. narrator: all that political mail mlet's simplify.lming. only one candidate has been endorsed by the washington post: kathleen matthews. as a journalist and progressive leader at marriott, she has a broad and deep facility with policy. emily's list praises matthews as pro-choice and the post says on gun control, clean energy, education and health research kathleen matthews "has greater potential, following the van hollen model, to move the ball forward." kathleen: i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. leon: howard university students organized a rally today against sexual assault. michelle: as mike carter-conneen reports this event came a few weeks after protests on campus over the university's handling of a recent rape allegation. mike: students at howard university monday pledged to be the difference and stop sexual violence. >> it's on us! mike: howard university army rotc and the school student athletic advisory council helped organize the event with equal number of women and men in attends dance. >> it's on us to be the difference. mike: in february, d.c. police investigatorred when a team student accused -- investigated when a female student
5:30 pm
raping her. now they have to determine if charges should be filed. in march they accused the university to responding too slowly and demanding more transparency. >> the frustration we feel is real. reasons behind it are valid. >> in a statement, a university said the individual was permanently dismissed from the university secondary to the serious violation of code of conduct. as a result, the individual is banned from all university activity. the statement added that the university would not discuss confidential student matters claiming to fairly and swiftly to adjudicate this case. >> what i think we need to continue to do is work with students and helping them understand processes, procedures. >> newly hired vice president for student affairs points out sexual assault is not unique to howard. it's a national problem. some worried the emphasis on the extracurricular groups, athletics and fraternities creates en
5:31 pm
be hostile to accusers and protect the accused. >> we don't want this to be hushed. we need to be heard. mic in northwest, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. leon: one suspect is in custody and a second is in the hospital after a police-involved shooting that happened late sunday night at the indus food international market in laurel. the investigators say a 20-year-old suspect and a 15-year-old boy were caught in the middle of a burglary after silent alarm notified police. the 15-year-old tried to run away from the scene but the officer used a stun gun on him and brought him to custody. another officer noticed move in the the darkness and became startled inside the store and in the process the officer's gun discharged, shooting the 20-year-old suspect. the officer now on paid administrative leave pending an investigation. michelle? michelle: we are checking top stories right now. the police are looking for a teen who fatality stabbed at teen at the deanwood metro station. witnesses say a young man in allb
5:32 pm
multiple time as they both exited the station. the stabbing comes two weeks after a 15-year-old was shot at the same station in northeast d.c. maryland lawmakers are scrambletology pass noah's law. we are told negotiators are close to reaching an agreement on two competing bill. it would mandate interlock device on vehicle of anyone convicted of d.u.e. anne arundel county sheriff ronald batemen is on police officer leave after being arrested on misdemeanor charge of allegedly assaulting his wife. he said what happened was a family dispute. leon: turn to the race for the white house. democrats are trading barbs ahead of the primary. stephanie ramos has
5:33 pm
stephanie hillary clinton is battling to win over voters in new york. the former new york senator taking aim at trump to campaign in queens from trump grew up. >> donald trump was born out in this borough. he seems to not respect the diversity. >> and clinton blasted sanders and cast him as unprepared for the white house. >> under the bright spotlight and the scrutiny in new york he has had trouble answering questions about his core issue. sanders is also in the umpire state. >> northbounding his seventh victory in the last eight contests says that the clinton campaign is done playing
5:34 pm
>> on the read side, dead cruz is campaigning reveling in his sweep of colorado. >> of the 21 delegates we won up a 21. michelle: and trump accusing the campaign of dirty tricks. >> they are trying to subvert the movement. they can't do it with bodies or people. it looks like he will miss out for two votes from his kids. two of his kids missed the deadline to register as republican and won't vote for their dad next week in the primary. leon: the members are on the hill to demand that congress end campaign finance corruption. they won the voting rights
5:35 pm
free and fair elections. the group is planning to camp out out union station all week. michelle: ahead at 5:00 -- ran someware is a growing attack. we look at how to stop it. >> a brand new crime fighting tool for you on our website. that is next. >> new at 6:00, the silver line brings people to tysons corner but more crime with it. new statistics and what is being done about it at 6:00.
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steve: it will cool down to upper 50 oz wednesday. lower 60's and a lot of sunshine thursday and friday. talk about the upcoming weekend. a lot going on. the national cherry blossom festival parade saturday morning. it will be beautiful. nice mix of sun and clouds. the temperatures will rebound to middle 60's. we are talking about the temperatures around 70 degrees on sunday. a nice weekend ahead after what we had was chilly weekend thispass weekend. stay with
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time magazine called chris van hollen "a hero to environmentalists, education groups, and gun control advocates" for his accomplishments as a young legislator. now a respected leader in congress and key ally of president obama, protecting planned parenthood and social security... chris van hollen is the only candidate who fought the wall street banks and the nra...and won. that's why he's endorsed by the post as the "talented successor" to senator mikulski who will "deliver results." i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message.
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leon: "7 on your side" fighting back against crime. jennifer donelan has a new tool to use that is a click away. jennifer: this is exciting. this is a chance for "7 on your side" can help you fight back against crime. just go to our website, this is where it all starts. this is about trying to find out about crime that is happening in your neighborhood. right around you. you may have no idea that someone was robbed two blocks down or a house was broken into just behind your home. here is what you do. you go to that is the website. then you go to the menu and click on "7 on your
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spot crime map is beneath it. i have the icons here. a number of stuff. outside my job there was a theft. there was a vandalism here. that happened at troy and wilson street. this is to help you figure out what is going on around your work or where you live or where your children go to school. you can check the patterns and keep on top of what is happening around you. leon: to find the spot crime map head to under the "7 on your side" tab. michelle: a real-life hamburglar on surveillance video. that is thegu
5:41 pm
police say followed a delivery man into a five guys on irving street. waited until he left. rummaged around and started to cook burgers. once he was done he grabbed bottled water and left. no money was stolen. call police if you recognize him. a clear picture. leon: if you do it between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. you can get paid for it. get a job. michelle: there's that. leon: novel idea. michelle: he didn't take any money, though. leon: imagine that. all right. michelle: ride hailing app for women drivers and passengers set to launch. a closer look at the business and the controversy it is causing ahead. >> they are "jeopardy" teens in town for the "jeopardy" teen tournament. you will meet them next on abc7 news. i'm sam ford.
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continues this week. next up is the teen tournament taping. leon: today the young contestants took a tour of d.c. and hit up the recognizable spots in town. michelle: who better to go along for the tour than the d.c. expert bureau chief sam ford? sam: the tour started on ben's chili bowl. virginia there. >> it's wonderful. >> do you watch "jeopardy"? >> of course. doesn't everybody? >> the 15 participants and alternate from all over and as far away as san jose, california, and close as maryland. >> everybody is like "jeopardy" will pay for your flight. i'm just taking the metro in. can you pay for my metro card? sam: they tried out online and then they went face to face and now they are in d.c. next stop is the lincoln memorial where they ran up and down steps, posed for cameras, regular rock stars
5:46 pm
i asked them a question. not in "jeopardy" form. are you smart? >> i have been told that. >> um, i don't know. >> hope so. sam: interestingly most had been here before. but for a few -- >> i have never been on the east coast. it's an experience. sam: they traveled to the vietnam memorial, the martin luther king. they were all good sports and love that show "jeopardy." >> i watch the show my whole life. >> on the national mall i'm sam ford, abc7 news. >> his whole life. which is a week and a half. leon: a new ride sharing app will be on the street to compete with uber and lift. >> it's their yot for women who -- chariot for women who
5:47 pm
other services out there. reaction has been positive for the most part so far some say the new service could violate public accommodation laws by banning men. chariot for women will be begin in boston this month. leon: this has been the twitter poll. do you think it's a great idea or not so much go to the twitter page to vote now. 54% of you think it's a great idea. michelle: i see both sides. maybe you feel safer if there there is a female driver. leon: on behalf of all the men out there who are having a crazy girlfriend it doesn't matter who is behind the wheel. if it's their day, it's their day. but i bet the car smells better. coming out at 6:00, the latest on noah's law as lawmakers face a midnight deadline. increase in crime in tysons corner and what police are doing to
5:48 pm
michelle: a there sheriff under arrest. that is details at 6:00. leon: look at the weather. it won't stay this way for long. michelle: take a look at the tornado factory. doug: gorgeous afternoon. 72 in blu-ray. 72 in frederick. 73 in baltimore and manassas. 74 in fredericksburg. we are under mainly clear
5:49 pm
skies. the computer models have it figured out to move through the area. it's through the rush hour. most will be out of here for by 10:00. once we get through all of that we will be in the fine shape going forward. i can't remember the forecast that looked this nice. dry weather through the period. warmer trend. through 6780's by the end of the week. the weekend we will warm up close to 70 degrees. the weather is fine for the parade for the cherry blossom festival. temperatures are in the mid-70's by monday of next week. maybe, just maybe we have turned the corner on winter. only a maybe. leon: oka
5:50 pm
commute with jamie sullivan. how does it look out there? jamie: if they are turning the corners it's not at a fast pace. 66 we have an accident. we have had this the whole afternoon rush. this is route 28 so in centreville. you can see the activity in the left shoulder. the lanes are getting by. the issue is everyone is slowing down to look at what is going on. let's look at the maps. it's heavier than what we're used to. average in teens through fairfax getting closer to the accident activity. we are used to the 66 delay. this is adding to what we are normally used to seeing. of course, heavy traffic inner loop and outer loop from tysons to 270. the outer loop unusually heavy approaching 66.
5:51 pm
volume. southbound 295 in the teens. northbound kenilworth is the same thing as you try to work your way toward eastern avenue. clear to the wilson bridge. the 66 crash tying things up. that is a look at traffic. back to you. leon: all right. good deal. thank you. caps now. robert: playoffs! leon: now the real season begins. robert: 0-0 now. playing the pliers. don't be fooled -- they are playing the flyers. don't be fooled. this is a good team. leon: they are still playing and they had a lot to play for. the flyers. they are still on fire and they may look to do damage here. leon: clawed their way in playoffs. robert: they are here now. thanks to the regular season the caps have home ice advantage for game one and two. as long as they are in the stanley cupplays -- cup
5:52 pm
they are getting the ice ready. this is video from verizon earlier today. cap have home ice for one and two games as i mention but it means nothing. it's cool but you still to have to play. >> we earned the right for home ice advantage. critical game seven and five. that is badge of honor, i guess you could say for going through the 82-game marathon. but other than that, we are entitled to nothing else. robert: well said. for the newborns out there, look at this outfit. i bet you want that on your baby. starting thursday all babies born at medstar washington hospital and medstar georgetown university hospital in the playoff run for the caps will get a complimentary caps onesie. it comes with a cap. and a bib. great deal! great deal there! well, nats host the braves tonight. the braves still looking for their first win of the season. nicole scherzinger
5:53 pm
scherzer on the mound for washington. last time he faced the braves seven k's in seven innings. weird hour start for the season. two-hour rain delay for the opener. postpone. on saturday. the players are glad to finally get a rhythm going. player: today is the real start of the season. when you start to play at 7:00. you don't have three different start times. 45 minutes for the stuff to do before a game. to get into the routine. to do things the way you do them all year. it starts today. robert: nats, leon will be at the game tonight. michelle: bring the rabbit foot. robert: i'm saying heads up. leon: bring all four. michelle: bring the rabbit. [laughter] leon: exactly! that is no joke. all right, folks. stay with us. just ahead at 5:00, a string of cyber attacks. we
5:54 pm
have been using and ho yvette: i was running for my life. he was flicking matches on me... my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side.
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michelle: suddenly stolen and held hostage until you pay up. >> the hospital chain in march had the data encrypted to make it impossible to access files. >> they often lag behind in the security or the infrastructure and they are easy targets for hackers.
5:58 pm
paid the ransom and no data was compromised but since 20132 strains like this crippled computer system of individuals, businesses and municipalities nationwide. >> it's a new breed of the security attack by the hackers. >> i.t. experts say the hackers come from eastern europe and russia. they infiltrate the computer systems using infected e-mail attachment and holding the dethey until ransom -- data until the ransom is paid with a hard to trace currency like bitcoin. >> they don't want to charge you so much to give up entirely. it's enough so you are willing to pay it. many do. >> the f.b.i. says in 2015 it received nearly 2,500 ransomware crime reports nationwide. the total amount of money paid to hackers last year from the institution or individuals was $24 million. the f.b.i. says the cases often go unreported because the victims will pay an average ransom of $200 to
5:59 pm
>> the best thing that folks can do to prevent the type of attack is educate their users. >> in washington, i'm jeff barnd, abc7 news. michelle: that is it for "abc7 news at 5:00". comek up now at 6:00 -- -- coming up now at 6:00 -- the deadline is near. will lawmakers take action on noah's law? the latest on the argument over the d.w.i. laws. plus a young man stabbed to death at metro station. the investigation happening now. that's at "abc7 news at 6:00". announcer: "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. leon: up first, the final push for noah's law. maureen: this bill is named for noah leotta. leon: the law would put the interlock devices in
6:00 pm
the lawmakers are still sorting out differences. brad bell has more. brad: the process is uglies, distressing and stressful. those pushing for the bill say they are seeing all of those traits. there are several police officers leading the effort to push for bill in the name of the fallen montgomery county police officer noah leotta. the leottas at the entrance for the house of delegates greeting the politicians as they go in.


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