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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  April 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> from the abc seven is a breaking news alert. inhelle: a major dui law maryland still up in the air. lawmakers are still ironing out
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clock ticks down. leon: the law is named after officer noah leotta. to sitff had a chance down with governor larry hogan to talk about this. what did he say? right, he is in complete support of this bill, has met with the family a number of times. he believes it will save lives, as do many people who support this. the senate chambers, the house chambers behind me, they are in session as we speak, going over a lot of loss. voting them up, voting down. right now they have not passed noah's law, but it is our understanding the hard work has been done. that is so that each of these bills passed, a different version in each chamber. and the politicians had to hammer out the differences. it is our understanding they did so an agreement has been made. now the bill has to be printed and go through the process, the ma
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machinations of state government. they are waiting for the bill to get up here, then of course it has to go to the critical vote. under this law come if somebody is convicted of a dui after october 1, they would get an ignition interlock system that they would have to blow into the for the car to08 start. moments ago we spoke with noah's father, rich, and governor hogan. >> i cannot get rid of the pain. that is not going to change. i cannot get my son back. i don't want to be here tonight, but i had to honor my son. i was with them a couple times this week, at the nationals game and twice today. they were so passionate about what this meant to them and how much this would save lives. jay:
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ok, so right now, the vote is happening as we speak, members of the house are leaving and going into vote in various committees, to meet and discuss various issues. keep in mind we only have less than 60 minutes before the end of the maryland general assembly. they may even talk about noah's law in this meeting. a lot of drama in annapolis. we are going down to the wire. reporting live at the general assembly, jay korff, abc 7 news. leon: keep us posted. also tonight, maryland passed law,and calvin'ss which increases the fines and jail time for people who facilitate and allow underage drinking. michelle: develo
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search for the man who stabbed a teenager to death inside of a metro station. near theger was killed fare gates, caught on video, this the second deadliest incident at the station in just a matter of weeks. roz plater has the investigation happening now. tonight, the police released clear surveillance pictures that they hope will help make a quick arrest in the cased. make passengers feel more safe. the guardian angels launch their volunteer patrols at the metro station monday evening after a deadly stabbing earlier in the day. donelantold jennifer that a 15-year-old told his brother to roll his cell phone camera as the 15-year-old punched a third young man, but the third young man struck back and slashed the 15-year-old's throat. these are surveillance pictures of the man suspected in the deadly stabbing. the police believe he may be a teenager. >>
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time of day why teenagers are even out of school. roz: the deadly incident comes as metro has beefed up the number of officers on patrol at several stations, including at deanwood. >> we will look back to see the police response. couple weekst a after another teenager, washington, was shot and killed at the same station. >> we need answers. what are we going to do? a young woman who lives nearby came to the metro station this evening expecting to find her neighbors here protesting outrage that it happened again, but nobody was here. >> they need to be just as outraged as i am and do something about it. roz: the police identify the young man who died as john rufuas evans iii. his form s
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described him as a student with potential, enthusiastic about media arts, and on the spelling bee team at the school. roz plater, abc 7 news. to moreving closer springlike weather and warmer temperatures, but we have some rain in the forecast. let's get the timeline on that from meteorologist steve rudin. thee: the rain in time for early morning rush-hour. the clouds will increase. putting this in motion, 7:00 a.m., moderate to heavy rain, especially to the south, near fredericksburg. this is just a computer simulation. by noon time, all of this is out of here, and/or recess for the kids and sunglasses for the drivetime home tomorrow. tomorrow, the temperatures in the 50's early on, should make it into the lower 60's downtown d.c., bright sunshine towards the end of the day. the big question is how long the sunshine will last. looking
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the 70's for the weekend. all about that and a lot more coming up. good, but all sounds wait until you see this incredible video in north texas. it is breaking windows. the national weather service reported softball sized hail in the area. they cancel school so that they could clean up the damage. michelle: a seven-year-old girl is recovering after being hit by a stray bullet in southeast washington friday night. jonathan elias joins us with the new details on an arrest in the case. jonathan: d.c. police arrested michael wiggins, facing multiple charges, including assault with a dangerous weapon. friday night the seven-year-old girl was wounded walking home from a dinner with family. she is listed in fair condition at children's hospital. mayor muriel bowser spoke with family and said the girl wants to get back to school.
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tolerate any level of violence in our city and are shocked that a child walking with her family could get called in the crossfire. jonathan: the police are giving the father a lot of credit. thinking, his quick putting pressure on her wounded, is likely what saved her life. nobody else was hurt in the shooting which happened just two blocks from the seventh district police station. that is the latest from the solicitor. i'm jonathan elias. back to you. woodbridge, a baby is in critical condition after being stabbed on ridgeview court. say that a family member stabbed the three-month-old because she would not stop crying. the woman is being held, charged with malicious wounding. michelle: 7 on your side with a warning tonight from the top health official of the country, calling the zika outbreak scarier than originally believed. the obama admini
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additional $2 billion to fight the virus. zika has showns up in 30 states and is linked to a growing number of birth defects. >> we have also learned the virus is likely to be a problem at much of the pregnancy periods, not just the first trimester, but potentially through the pregnancy. michelle: last week the white house announced plans to transfer leftover funds for the ebola outbreak to fight zika. the current and requested funding will go towards vaccine development, mosquito control, and patient treatment. leon: dueling rallies in north carolina over a new law. it excludes sexual orientation and gender identity. bill is drawing outrage across insistingy, with some on a repeal. hundreds gathered at the capital to protest.
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group of people rallied in support of the law. than 400 people arrested at a protest in front of the u.s. capitol today, charged with crowding and obstructing. the group calls themselves democracy's spring, and they want to see campaign-finance reform. he came to d.c. after marching from the liberty bell in philadelphia. the donald trump campaign lashed out after senator ted cruz picked up all of colorado's 34 delegate at the party convention. than has a less 200-delegate lead heading into the new york primary. on the democratic side, hillary clinton has a double-digit lead over bernie sanders in new york state. sanders campaigned in albany and buffalo today, while clinton spent the day on long island. when new yorkers go to the polls of donalday, two trp
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his children not voting for the republican party in time to vote in the primary. michelle: still ahead -- a once trusted dr. now headed to prison. what the popular doctor was convicted of and how long he will be behind bars. plus -- william county, 13 homes have been hit by bullets without explanation.
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it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. in annapolis, she battled republicans joseline peña-melnyk for congress... yes! and the nra to pass the toughest gun safety legislation in the country. i'll take on the tough fights to expand social security and keep the doors open to planned parenthood. my mom is so tough she's willing to fight anyone who's going to pay him more than us for doing the same job. i'm joseline peña-melnyk, and i approve this message.
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leon: breaking room from annapolis -- breaking news from w hasolis where noah's la just been passed by the state senate. it still has to go to the house before going to governor larry hogan's desk to be signed. the bill would require interlock devices be installed in the cars of anyone convicted of dui. if it gets approved in the house, we will let you know. coming up, quiet neighborhoods terrorized by random gunfire has been happening for months in prince william county. tonight, n
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13 homes have been targeted and nine incidents, several times bullets barely missing people. tom roussey is live in woodbridge with the latest. more incidents tonight. i'm here where 123 hits 95. just in the north of this intersection a home was hit. saturday, another home was hit. the firstcident, for time the police got a description of a possible suspect vehicle. >> he was right here. wife maria heard a gunshot saturday night. >> it was a loud noise. tom: she looked outside onto greenacre drive. >> there was a white car. inside were two people. she put her hands up like a telephone, a
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>> the bullet came through right there. tom: the bullet had gone through the wall, just feet from maria said. >> i don't know why they picked my house. everybody knows us. tom: in all, 13 homes have been hit on nine separate streets since the first of the year in prince william county. all but two of the homes are in woodbridge. this man who asked us not to identify him lives on a home on hunter brook drive whose backdoor which shot thursday night, possibly from a nearby hill. although nobody has been hurt yet, the man says seeing so many incidents in the area is really worrisome, especially because he has kids. >> the first time of ever considered moving. who saw theks possible suspect car say it is a white four-door
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believe it is a toyota corolla. the police have not determined if all or some of the cases are connected. they are waiting on ballistics tests to know for sure. live in woodbridge, prince william county, tom roussey, abc 7 news. leon: thank you, tom. a doctor sentenced to prison time. he will spend nine year behind bars. for a health care fraud scheme. prosecutors say that he filed fake insurance claims for medical procedures he did not perform. severalonvicted on charges, including wire fraud, identity theft, and obstruction of justice. the total crimes were estimated at $3 million. on national pet day, we salute our best friends and will share some pictures of folks sending us. this is benji. indy.retty kitty is named and this is meanie. looks like she
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some special time with a teddy bear. send us pictures at and you don't have to wait until national pet day, do it whenever you want. michelle: may want to schedule the walk for the dog earlier. my dog does not what to go out in the rain. michelle: he does not want to go out? steve: very quick, less than a minute. we have wind gusts, the winds out of the south, wind gusts at which willght now, continue through the overnight. we have a cold front on the way, and the impact that will have only rush-hour commute tomorrow morning between 4 a.m. and 6 a.m., moderate. a.m., the rain becomes more steady and will have a higher impact. "good morning washington" starts at 4:30,
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eileen whelan and jacqui jeras will be here to help you track the storm. this is worth looking at right western pennsylvania, southern ohio. it is just cloudy right now. the clouds continue to thicken as we move through the overnight. if you are watching in garrett county or allegheny county, just a few sprinkles right now. further south and east, it will take another 4, 5 hours before anything happens in your neighborhood, especially southern maryland. 11:20 and we are in the middle to upper 60's, close to 70 degrees. 68 leesburg, manassas, fredericksburg. closer towards the bay, the middle 50's. the reason annapolis is cooler, the wind out of the south over the cooler waters of the chesapeake. the wind direction changes tomorrow and we cool down, the high temperature today was 70's. we fall into the upper 50's, near 64 stop nighttime lows, 50 to 60. showers develop after midnight
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from the northwest to the southeast. moderate to heavy your rain, especially to the south, fredericksburg. around the capital beltway, wet roadways, baltimore, gaithersburg towards frederick. noon,h the midday, 12 most of the kids to the north and west will have outdoor recess. the further south and east, the rain will hang on a little longer. the drive time home tomorrow, sunglasses, you will need them. keep the sunglasses handy wednesday, thursday, friday, even into the upcoming weekend. we are looking at lots of sun, the temperature slightly below average. the forecast tomorrow, temperatures near 62 by the late afternoon. the next seven days, after a brief cooldown, we will see the temps warm nicely. the cherry blossom parade, lower 60's saturday.
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highs near 70, middle 70's for parts of next week. michelle: nice turnaround. steve: we are turning the corner. leon: we have been waiting. robert: you left the game early, huh? bad luck, leon, left the game. move over, bryce harper. there is a new slugger in town.
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time magazine called chris van hollen "a hero to environmentalists, education groups, and gun control advocates" for his accomplishments as a young legislator. now a respected leader in congress and key ally of president obama, protecting planned parenthood and social security... chris van hollen is the only candidate who fought the wall street banks and the nra...and won. that's why he's endorsed by the post as the "talented successor" to senator mikulski who will "deliver results." i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: baseball, the nationals taking on the winless braves. max scherzer on the mound tonight. six strikeouts come his first win of the season. on the hitting side, dana murphy continues to produce. bottom of the first, two-run shot,
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3-2 lead, his second home run of the season. later, bottom of the fifth, wilson ramos with one of his four hits. that brings in ryan zimmerman. the nats win, 6-4. sox must up chris davis just signed a new contract, and this is why. three run shot from davis. the orioles hold on and win, 9-7 . you have to call foul on this guy. phil dugan is a detroit tigers fan and today he did the unthinkable, catching five foul balls during the pirates-tigers game. he gave away all the foul balls to nearby kids. he says he has caught more than 200 balls and all of his years as a tigers fan. five is a record for the game. big news from college park, melo trimble will declare for the nba draft, and i'm in stone -- diamond
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agent. melo can still come back if he do not sign with an agent. still no longer has the option to return. is projected as a first-round pick. the wizards up 11. quarter, yousecond know what's coming, time running out. let's it fly from half-court. wow, finished with 14. wiz win 120-111. leon: where was that all season? robert: i know, right? and starting thursday, all babies born at medstar washington medical center and medstar georgetown university hospital during the caps playoff run will get this complementary caps onesie, which comes with a cap and bib.
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will play his last game. record 73rs go for a regular-season wins. and the wizards play their final game. experts are saying that randy woodson may not be coming back. leon: we will see what they say about that. the biggest game of domino
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steve: tomorrow, umbrellas during the morning, low 60's daytime highs. sunshine in the afternoon. sunshine wednesday through friday. the national capital jury blossom capital -- the national capital cherry blossom parade saturday, really nice weather, middle 60's, near 70 on sunday. leon: jimmy come along is next.
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