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tv   World News Now  ABC  April 12, 2016 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," republicans battling it out from coast to coast. >> donald trump taking issue with the delegate system lashed out at a massive new york rally, and while ted cruz pokes fun at him from california, a racially i think itted joke involving hillary clinton is serving up controversy. >> the debate over the law in north carolina getting louder as supporterses of it say they're just defending their families while others say it's simply discrimination. flyer fury >> [ bleeped ]. >> an irate passenger goes latis i don't think on an airline worker screaming as her flight gets delayed. hear the real reason for her rage and why she was so desperate to board that plane. >> that hectic routine of your daily life, it's about time
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r&r. you won't have to stretch to great lengths nor will you need a pill to chill. we're going to show you some simple fixes let'ser in the mix" on this tuesday, april 12th. . >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning. i'm diane macedo. >> i'm kendis gibson. you made it back for day two. >> thanks so much. small victories. >> small victories. >> i'll put that in the win column. >> it's all uphill from here. how have the reviews been so far? >> i think positive overall but a few interesting ones. someone just said they missed me like a stomach ache. >> i think that's a compliment. just kind of weird. i saw that too. from i'll tell you, something that is giving a lot of people stomach aches right now in the trump campaign at least is how the delegate fight is shaping up. and there's been another day of stinging attacks in the race for the white house. donald trump is fighting mad over that delegate count. >> i lashed out last night as he addressed more than 10,000 supporters in albany, new york,
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after losing another round of delegates to ted cruz. trump took direct aim at not only cruz but the political process. it's your voice, your vote. abc's jonathan carl is on the campaign trail. >> reporter: donald trump is fuming, calling the republican primary process, quote, rigged and crooked. >> but the system, folks, is rigged. it's a rigged, disgusting, dirty system. >> reporter: trump even tweeted this video of a man in colorado, burning his republican party registration. >> i've been a republican all my life, but i will never be a republican again. >> reporter: his name is larry lindsey, a trump supporter who told abc news he was turned away when he tried to attend the state party convention in colorado springs. >> for liberty. for ted cruz. for freedom. 272. >> reporter: trump didn't show up in colorado. and his team was out-organized by senator ted cruz, who walked away with all of colorado's 34 delegates.
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secret as far as our country is concerned. we have a democracy but we've got to keep our democracy and we're going to do that. >> cruz was gloating. >> donald has been yelling and creaming a lot of whining. i'm sure some cursing and some late-night fevered tweeting. and the latest thing he's seized upon is when people vote against him, they're stealing the election. it's a really odd notion. what is this democracy of which you speak? be? there be new signs of trump's disorganization closer to home. the candidate admitting his own children, ivanka and eric, won't be able to vote in next week's new york primary. >> they were unaware of the rules and they didn't register in time. >> whoops. >> so they feel very, very guilty. so, eric and ivanka, i guess, won't be voting.
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embarrassing because of this -- >> hi, south carolina, i'm ivanka trump. hi, nevada, i'm ivanka trump. aloha, hawaii, i'm ivanka trump. >> reporter: ivanka has been doing videos throughout the campaign reminding supporters to register and vote. >> you need to actually be registered as a republican. you just write down the name trump, and you are done. and that's it. very exciting. >> donald trump has nearly 2 million more votes than ted cruz. but the simple fact is the cruz campaign is miles ahead of trump when it comes to the grassroots organizing needed to actually select the individual delegates that will go to the republican convention there summer in cleveland. trump's aides acknowledge privately that they have a lot of work to do to catch up and they insist they will. jonathan karl, abc news, albany, new york. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is coming under fire for a racially tinged joke. clinton appeared in an annual media event with new york mayor bill deblasio and a
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from the broadway hit "hamilton." they put on a comedy routine with a stereotypical reference that some found awkward. >> sorry, hillary. i was running on cp time. >> that's not. >> i don't like jokes like that, bill. >> cautious politician time. >> cp time is a widely used term among african-americans meaning colored people time referring to a habit of being late. the mayor deblasio whose wrif is black says anyone upset by the joke clearly missed the joke. so far no response from clinton. >> i love how we had to explain what that meant. the other big story happening right now, the south taking a pounding from severe storms as the system moved through north texas. the region saw large, damaging hail and very strong winds. some of the hailstones were the size of softballs. one town's 911 system was overwhelmed by all the emergency calls. some schools are closed today and forecasters say there
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northern texas and louisiana. let's look at the radar. the thunderstorms are now shifting into the southeast on the radar, you can seats heavy downpours in mississippi and alabama, as well. isolated tornados are also possible there today. police at the u.s. capitol can expect another busy day today due to planned protests. a coalition of groups calling itself democracy spring marches and clanted its way to the capitol yesterday. protests are demanding big money be removed from politics and also claim state voter i.d. laws are suppressing voter participation. the groups have demonstrations planned for every day this week. hundreds of protesters gathered in north carolina over the state's controversial new law limiting protections for the lgbt community. there were several tense moments when those who support the law clashed with those who call it discriminatory. here's abc's elizabeth hur. >> to protect our families and our children. >> reporter: another week,
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>> it was plain common sense. no men in women's restrooms, right? does everybody agree with me? >> reporter: this time supporters of north carolina's new law drawing protests from opponents. >> my risk of being attacked, accosted, challenged, even killed in a restroom has increased. >> reporter: the new law spells out which public restrooms transgender individuals must use. the gender that's on their birth certificate. ♪ born in the usa >> reporter: calling an the law discriminatory, bruce springsteen canceled his concert in greensboro and hall of famer charles barkley is telling cnn he thinks the nba should move next year's all-star game. >> i'm supposed to stand up for the people who can't stand up for themselves. so i think the nba should move the
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charlotte. >> reporter: the backlash doesn't end there. paypal dropped plans to expand in north carolina. costing the state 400 jobs. another company, bray burn pharmaceuticals is also reconsidering a major expansion there. just last week, mississippi enacted a similar religious freedom law. despite opposition from big businesses, threatening to pull work from that state. singer bryan adams just canceled a concert in mississippi. the aclu is suing north carolina and experts say this case could go all the way to the u.s. supreme court. diane and kendis. >> elizabeth, thanks so much. shifting gears now, three people are dead after their boat sank off the florida coast including a 9-year-old boy and his father. one of the boaters was rescued after he washed ashore nearly 24 hours later exhausted but alive. their 24-foot boat capsized sunday afternoon. the victims hel
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as long as they could. but eventually drowned. and on florida's west coast, a 17-year-old kayaker is safe after being rescued by the coast guard. the teenager was in the water about four hours before rescue helicopters spotted. she lost herred. paddle when she was hit by the wake from a boat. >> there are growing demands as the a controversial billboard in florida. the sign in st. augustine reads islam, bloody islam. a local imam says islam is a religion of peace, love and respect. >> we all know one of the great things about going to a baseball game is the possibility of catching a foul ball. some people call it a once in a lifetime experience. >> which brings us to the tiger game yesterday. fan big duggan caught five foul balls during his team's loss to the pirates. he gave the balls away to kids nearby. >> duggan is something of a foul bal magnet. he sits behind home plate a
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balls at games now. he loves giving them to kids and seeing the smiles on their faces. and on a related note, the tigers have signed him up for center field. >> they did not win the game, unfortunately. all the focus was on duggan. some people are calling him a baseball fan, others wondering if he's a wizard. apparently the secret is where he sits. >> behind hope plate. >> edged a little bit toward first base. he says that's where most of the foul balls land. he's a season sixth holder and there all the time. 200 to 300 baseballs at home. >> wow. i don't know if that's cool or sad. coming up, zen and the art of the internet. we'll explain "the mix.." first the sound and the fury. an angry airline passenger having a complete meltdown at the airport when her plane is delayed. >> and stunning new revelations about the o.j. simpson murder trial. the man in charge of prosecuting
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that was the steamy scene here in manhattan yesterday. a water main broke sending water on to a hot steam pipe causing a huge cloud of mist. some residents even ran off in panic. but not to worry, no o w
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hurt. we have an update on this story. the texas police officer seen slanning a 12-year-old student to the ground has been fired. school officials in san antonio say the officer's use of force was unwarrantied. he say the officer failed to report the incident as required. he was supposed to report any use of force right away. the officer we're told initially characterized it as an accidental fall. >> mass mats state polices are investigating the latest report of a laser aimed into a you have airline cockpits. the flight did land safely. this is the fourth incident like this at logan this year, shine aga laser into a cockpit is illegal. >> oo an airport rage incident played out there yesterday or this weekend here in new york. a mother frustrated with multiple delays approaching 12 hours apparently reached her witt's end. >> her meltdown was caught on camera.
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>> reporter: talk about a meltdown. >> don't give me this [ bleep ] anymore. and you're all going to pay for my disney cruise and you're going to pay for everything else here. >> reporter: this is newly released video from laguardia airport late last month, when an american airlines flight to miami didn't leave on time. we've all felt the frustration. in this case, laguardia was actually shut down. the jet was told to divert to philadelphia to wait for the high winds to die down. >> with a 9-year-old, who is waiting for her vacation, and a 13-year-old and me. and you're telling [ bleep ] to all these people. >> reporter: a consumer advocate says passengers need to factor in delays. you're defending the airline and what they did in this case. >> when it comes to talking about weather, you just have to sometimes, take a big deep breath and say, all right, let me try again tomorrow. >> reporter: the jet made it the to miami the next day in, all about a 12-hour delay. and disney tells us all booked
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so apparently the mother and children did make it. david kerley, abc news, washington. >> apparently the passenger who took the video said that the flight was supposed to leave at p.m. that video was shot at 2:00 a.m. and she kind of said that the staff had a lack of communication, lack of sympathy for the passengers. didn't give them a hotel room for the night. she was kind of defending the woman's behavior a little bit. >> you have a 9:00 p.m. flight. let's say people got there the two hours ahead of time. they've been there awhile. >> all they got was a $12 meal voucher. >> that's not even enough for a drink at the bar. >> hopefully she got to her cruise. the flight did take off the next day. >> coming up in our next half hour, homeowner area worst nightmare. a husband and wife in the idaho while selling their house. a complete stranger then moves in. why is a judge siding with the alleged squatter. >> how bringing the trial of the
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triggering new revelations about the trial. what the former l.a. district attorney is now saying about prosecutor marcia clark. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now"
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the wildly popular fx miniseries the people versus o.j. simpson" is sparking fresh dialogue about a trial that two decades later still has people sharply divided. >> one of the show's critics, former los angeles district attorney gil garcetti is opening up about prosecutor marcia clark. abc's gio benitez has the story. >> absolutely 100% not guilty. >> reporter: for millions of viewers, the star-studded mini series the people versus o.j. simpson" brought the so-called trial of the century back to
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life. >> not guilty. >> reporter: for the real life cast of characters, the show bringing up memories and new chances to tell their stories. >> if it doesn't fit, you must acquit. >> reporter: now, former l.a. district attorney gil garcetti speaking about the prosecution of simpson. telling saying she wasn't my choice. telling the post clark ca lobbied hard it take the lead in the case and he had con tem played to give the indicates to a more seasoned prosecutor. the former district attorney saying marsha is a very good lawyer but one of the things with her was she didn't heed the advice of our trial consultant who told her not to the pick african-american women, particularly black mothers for that jury. she didn't listen and once she did that, there was no chance that we'd get a guilty verdict. garcetti saying the emotional clark was no match for simpson's high powered dream team. >> you're always talking about the truth. well the truth came out. >> reporter: the wildly su
3:21 am
interest in the case and gave hillons new insight into prosecutor marcia clark, including sarah paulson hon played her on the small screen. >> she's a toughie. i had a very particular picture of her one that i think most americans had was she was a kind of strident aggressive [ bleeped ]. and through all the research i did and the scripts themselves, i came to realize that was so, so far from the truth. >> reporter: as for marcia clark, she recently told "the view" that the show was a painful reminder. >> for me it's reliving a nightmare. it's just all of. every bit is all of. hard for me. >> reporter: gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> it's a tough one recapping a true story like that. but she comes out very good in the series. i'm surprised she finds it so painful to watch. >> she's been the focus of this entire series. the slow has been incredibly popular. >> sarah paulson what an amazing job playing clark. i want to watch it again. >> you saw the whole
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>> i saw the actual trial. >> hoping for a different ending? >> i don't know. >> spoiler? >> maybe.
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then actually stays that way. lysol that. we're going to start "the mix" with our moment of zen. actually did a meditation class here and they said you're supposed to do something like that and you make the noise of a bee. >> is that just buzzing? >> it clears your ahead. >> bzz. >> do you feel it. >> are you more stressed with me doing that. >> kind of. it's supposed to help when you're by yourself. but here's something that's supposed to help you with your moment of zen, as well and to clear your head. this is a new gif that's created. and you're supposed to breathe in and breathe
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it's supposed to make you calm just a few minutes of breathing in now. breathe out. the funny thing is you can't cc'sal, our floor direct ser doing it with us. did it make you become a little calm? >> i don't know. >> yeah. i think maybe you just breathe in and you don't breathe out. i might have it a little wrong. 18% of american who have anxiety it's supposed to help. >> i can see it could be a little bit soothing. i want to keep our viewers awake. we're going to go right back to that achks ite. this is a fesherman who went out fishing with his young daughter. he throws a line in the boat. apparently this is an area very popular with catfish. so he feels a pretty strong tug. but does have the wherewithal to tell his daughter to stand back. it's a good thing because take a look at what he actually pulls out of the water. if you are able to see
3:27 am
thought he was catching a fish, ends up catching a gator instead and look at the teeth. >> there's no way. >> he just throws everything, the line, everything's gone. you can see him pedaling for his life trying to get out of there as quickly as possible. >> i'd be freaking out. here's another guy that was freaking out. he thinks yes, i've caught this marlin. they're 25 miles out to sea and reeling this marlin in until this marlin says i'm not going down without a fight. look at that. >> you didn't catch me. i caught you. >> it nearly hits him and strikes him. you would think that would scare him and stop him from trying to reel in it, but no, he keeps going. >> i would not want to combat that thing in the water or out. i have a little gadget you may be able to use to fly over it. now we have a real hoverboard out invented by the same guy who invented fly boards. though it goes all the way up to
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this morning on "world news now," bracing for impact. massive hail stones rain down across the south, smashing cars and damaging homes as more storms are on the way. the accuweather forecast just ahead. >> new fears over the zika virus and why the cdc is saying it's scarier than they thought. the big push for funds to fight the disease. >> and new this half hour, a major boom in basketball game tickets. >> yes, sky high prices for a pair of historic games on the horizon with somebody paying the price of a luxury sedan to see kobe bryant's final shot. >> wow. and it was a night of princes and princesses and plenty of fairy dust on "dancing with the stars." whose dreams came true during disney week and who had their spell broken. we have the complete wrap-up in


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