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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  April 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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neck yesterday. they announced a suspect, javonte hall. >> another senseless murder. it appears the two involved in this case knew each other. they had some kind of an ongoing dispute. >> we also want to thank the members of the community who provided a number of excellent tips that allowed an arrest to be made within hours. sam: this was the second teen homicide at deanwood metro station in weeks. march 26, a teen was shot to death by another teen as he stood with his family. the teen said he didn't like the way the other boy looked at him. then yesterday morning, an altercation and young evans was killed. his mother said she had heard the suspect's name as someone who had been in conflict with her son. >> i'm thinking they are children. they get past stuff like that. i didn't think my child was going to lose his life behind it. sam: last year, evans attended the richard wright public charter school where the
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was involved the spelling bee. >> it's a shame we are in a city that we continue to lose kids, to be victims of senseless violent crimes. we have to do something about it. sam: that was the c.e.o. from the school that young evans attended last year. so, again, we are going to be going back inside the court here to find out the latest. i think we are going to get the charging documents so we'll have a lot more on what the police are saying happened coming up for you on "abc7 news at 5:00". reporting live from d.c. superior court, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. jonathan: just so sad. sam, thank you. two protests, two calls for change on capitol hill today. michelle: one group is focusing on campaign finance and election reform. the second on stopping gun violence. jonathan: our team coverage begins with mike carter-conneen. he is live with the democracy spring protesters. this is their second day of demonstrating, right, mike? mike:
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400 were arrested yesterday on the steps of the capitol building, another 85 protesters were arrested today according to the u.s. capitol police in another sit-in here. nearby, hundreds more protesters gathered in this grassy area where i'm standing where they had a permit to gather. several dozen more protesters organized a sit-in near the entrance of the capitol building, refusing to move despite repeated warnings that demonstrations there are not permitted. most arrested today were elderly people. there were no handcuffs or zip tie restraints. they were each escorted away peacefully and with mass arrest procedures and giving citations with crowding and obstructing. they are demanding legislation to restore and expand the voting rights act. they also oppose voter i.d. laws and they say they want to get money out of politics. >> it is our basic humanity to know that our voices count, that we are connected to others in common purpose and that we
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lives. >> our war cry is "money out of politics." we want the people to be represented. our constitution says, you know, government by the people, for the people. not by the corporations, for the corporations. mike: organizers are planning more of the civil disobedience events tomorrow and throughout the week with more protesters and more arrests. reporting live on capitol hill, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. michelle: mike, thank you. last saturday, 26 bicyclists put on their helmet in connecticut and set their sights on d.c. they arrived in the nation's capital this morning and in the last hour they met with d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton. kevin lewis is live on the hill with what they are asking for. kevin: hi, michelle. a press conference just wrapped up. the cyclists pedaled through big cities and small towns, some 400 m
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make their way to the steps of the u.s. capitol here. abc7 caught video of the cyclists pedaling through college park earlier today. this is the group's fourth trip to washington and the mission remains the same. to call for congressional support of gun reform. all the while honoring the lives of the 20 children and six educators killed on the fateful day december 2012 in newtown, connecticut. those speaking this afternoon include senator richard blumenthal, congresswoman eleanor holmes norton and members of antigun groups like mayors against illegal guns and campaign to keep guns off campus. >> it would be easy to be angry and be easy to give up. and yet, we see the best of america in team 26. they are not giving up. they are pedaling on. with their 400-mile journey here, they remind us of what is best about american democracy, what is best about this c
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>> congress is a part of the problem. not the solution. it is complicit in the deaths and injuries that are preventable and avoidable, senseless and needless. kevin: while here in d.c., the cyclists will also be delivering a petition with some 36,000 signatures on it. that petition calling for banning guns on u.s. college campuses. we're live at the u.s. capitol, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. u2 front man bono was on the hill and testified about violent extremism and the role of foreign assistance. jonathan: some new developments to tell you about in the war on terror with two more suspects charged in connection with last month's deadly terror attacks in belgium. authorities say the two men were involved in renting a brussels apartment that served as a hide-out for the bomber who attacked the subway and the suspected accomplice.
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month in the attacks. michelle: a developing story in the district. police are working to identify a body found in the c&o canal. a man's body was recovered early this morning in the canal between 31st and 32nd street in georgetown. police describe the man as hispanic, between the age of 40 and 50. the cause of death has yet to be determined. investigators collected evidence from the scene. well, today marks one year since freddie gray was arrested in baltimore. an arrest that ultimately led to protests and riots. leon harris is at the live desk with a look at what has happened since. leon: it has been quite a year, hasn't it? freddie gray was arrested a year ago today but he didn't die until nearly a week after that. once he passed, the city melted into disarray. now here is what prompted all those riots we saw playing out in the street of baltimore. police arresting gray after saying he had an illegal switchblade. witnesses say the officers used too much force in the
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once he was in the police van and taken to a number of stops freddie gray slipped into a coma. he died april 19. after his funeral april 22, riots and protests broke out all across the city. as of today, six police officers are facing charges in connection with that case. only one of them has had a trial so far. that is officer william porter. you may recall that case ended in a mistrial in january. but a retrial scheduled to start in september. a lot can happen between now and then. we'll of course be following it. coming up at 5:00 here just ahead, we will take a look at the community there surrounding the corner where freddie gray was arrested and we'll see and hear what the residents say they remember from that day. jonathan, back to you. jonathan: thanks, leon. a wrap for members of the maryland general assembly for this session. legislators adjourned late last night. actually at midnight. this is after weeks of work. today, governor larry hogan signed more than 100 of those bills into law. one bill, though, he has not yet signed. that is noah's law. it is named for
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leotta who was killed in a traffic stop last december. that bill requires people arrested for d.u.i. offenses to get ignition interlock devices installed on the vehicles. well, it means if they drink and blow into that thing, they can't start their car. maryland bureau chief brad bell will have a complete wrap-up of the legislation session at "abc7 news at 6:00". michelle: just when you thought we could settle in a nice pattern and ease into spring, yeah, it is supposed to be spring, right? jonathan: nothing has been easy this year. doug hill is here with what you need to know about a frost advisory tonight. we had snow last week and now a frost advisory. you are covering all the bases here. doug: this is the last frost advisory we'll have for a while. we may turn the corner here. i don't want to get too excited but things are looking up. get a look at the advisories. this is a northern/western half of howard county and northern montgomery county. then frederick, washington county to southern pennsylvania. loudoun county, northern fauquier, rappahannock and points to the bl
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the valley. that is the area under the frost. it means the temperatures on the ground being close to freezing. it might be one of the cases on your back deck is 34. but six feet below on the ground is 32. that is what frost is. on the rooftops in some spots. 63 at reagan national. beautiful day. sunshine. temperatures about average. with a gusterly northwesterly wind. the temperatures are holding in the 60's. getting close to where we should be at this point in april. out west is not that big of a deal. but in metro, close to freezing. through the day tomorrow we will be in fine shape as sunshine abounds for several days to come. that is the latest from here. jonathan: thanks, doug. have you ever had that sinking feeling? ever had one of those? still ahead, you will watch it develop for drivers right in the middle of the road. michelle: plus -- what came crashing through these windows and left a mess inside and out.
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how a virginia university is taking the leap to help flint flush its water pipes. reporter: more scary incidents of shots being fired in homes in a northern virginia community. the big question currently being asked by residents and law enforcement -- we'll tell you what that is co
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michelle: we are keeping a close eye on a developing story out of prince william county where at least 13 houses have been shot at on nine different occasions since the beginning of the year. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is live in woodbridge with the latest in this investigation. jeff? jeff: well, michelle, we have new developments we'll get to in a moment. we want to show you where the last incident happened. green acre drive saturday night at this home. the resident saying she was watching a movie and all of a sudden a bullet came right through the area, right by the front door. also earlier today, we spoke with someone who lives right across the street who tells us that last night at around midnight he heard two bullet shots, two shots fired up on
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direction. so certainly a lot of fear in this area, which has the neighborhood on edge. what we are hearing from prince william county police they are saying that 13 homes have been hit by bullets in or near the woodbridge area since january 1. the most recent cases here on saturday night on green acre. the other on thursday night on hunter brook drive. if for most recent incident, this is the break that investigators are dealing with. the homeowner here on green acre reports seeing a white four-door sedan, a car she said seemed suspicious in the area at the time of the shooting. that is the first vehicle description in this string of similar crimes. now one of the big questions law enforcement and people in the impacted areas have is whether or not the shootings are connected. >> i think they are connected. i don't think there is no way that somebody just went from one neighborhood to the next neighborhood and there are just different people doing it. i think it's the same people involved in it. >> we can't say one way or another. the reason is all we really
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bullets. jeff: and ballistics experts are testing the shell casings and bullets to see if they are similar. now there are several factors here that are making the cases very different for law enforcement to investigate. also some things that residents in the impacted areas can be doing a little bit differently to help investigators. we'll have those two issues covered coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00". in about 45 minutes. until then, live in woodbridge, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. jonathan: all right, jeff. thanks. "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. ford's 2016 f-150's, the only full-size pickup truck to score a top rating in new front end crash tests. the insurance institute for highway safety tested crew cab and extended cab trucks. only three of the seven earned an acceptable rating or higher. the poorest performers were the ram 1500 quad and crew cabs. michelle: now to incredible video
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are you watching? jonathan: whoa! michelle: this is incredible. jonathan: that is realtime. michelle: police captured the exact moment a sinkhole swallowed a road. take a look here as the damaged road opens up and you just see it all collapse. so far it's 12- to 15-feet wide. glad no cars were in the exact spot. they don't know what caused the damage but suspect recent rains could be to blame. all right. let's see how our commute is looking with jamie sullivan. maybe some potholes remaining but no sinkholes. jamie: yeah, no. definitely nothing like that. but of course we have potholes. i want to start off with an accident that we have heading outbound on canal road. this is right near fox hall road. you see the red behind me using the waze map. i want to show you how slow we are. this is through georgetown on m street to k street. you can see how heavy the traffic is. unfortunately this is just added congestion due to
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look near the key bridge. this is bumper-to-bumper. this is the traffic heading outbound. this is the traffic toward m street from rosslyn once you cross the key bridge. but again, get ready for the bumper-to-bumper traffic. moving to the maps, let's talk about heaviest stretch along the capital beltway. the northwest corner on the inner loop. you are still heavy getting into bethesda. not too bad on the g.w. parkway. in d.c. heading northbound on 295, kenilworth avenue. it's stop-and-go traffic but no major crashes on the interstate. leaving georgetown the issue will be with the crash at canal road. that is a look at traffic. back to you. jonathan: thanks, jamie. this was a major hailstorm that was going on in texas. look at this. a tv camera man took the video of the storm outside his home on monday. some of the hailstones as big as softballs. we say
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think that can do some damage. it did do damage! shuttering hundreds of windows, damaging several homes and vehicles. a mess. >> it's just incredible. i have never been through -- i have never been through anything like this before. >> it sounded like we were being pelted with rocks. when more or less we were. it was deafening. jonathan: there was so much hail it looked like it had snowed. several hail-related injuries were reported. the school district canceling classes to allow people to clean up the damage. one time i was in colorado and i remember i saw a bunch of cars with huge dents on the cars. all hail. somebody had gone to the hospital. they got hit to the head and had to have the head stitched up because he got hit by one of the stones. doug: hail causes more damage to crops. a video from ye
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was stripping the leaves and the branches off the tree. right in front of you. michelle: powerful. doug: yeah. hail is a serious deal. fortunately around here when we get hail it's usually small. maybe the size of quarters at most. jonathan: it doesn't last long. doug: no. a good five or ten minutes with bigger storms. jonathan: that is all you need. doug: we have no storms to worry about. michelle: frost. doug: a little frost in the morning for a few spots. time lapse from up the road in arlington. 59 degrees now. cloudiness and showers this morning with the front. as i stood here yesterday and told you the computer models seem to have a hot hand to figure out when the front will move through. it was right on the money. the skies brightened and cleared. here we stand at 4:19, plenty of sunshine. with clear skies tonight we have a frost advisory posted. posted not because it's 12 degrees but the growing season has begun. there is a chance that temperatures could hit 32 or 31 degrees.
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in upper loudoun county, fauquier, west across the blue ridge and to the valley. that is from 4:00 until 7:00 tomorrow morning. that is the threat. right now we are far above that. we are in the 60's in lot of spot. 65 in fredericksburg. 68 in charlottesville. high pressure moving in, clear skies and light winds the temperatures will tank. fortunately if you are going to the ballpark, the falloff in the temperatures will be more gradual. first pitch is about 58 degrees. in the game it will drop to the lower 50's. the winds are not that much of a forecast. clear and cold overnight with patchy frost. 31 to 32 by morning. here is the cold front and the rain moving out. nothing but clear skies to the west. i think you will like the forecast. 38 degrees in the morning. yes, chilly, blah, blah, blah. 55 atmitt day. 59 in the afternoon. then check this out. hello! have you seen that in a while? i haven't. sunshine, sunshine, sunshine, sunshine, sunshine, sunshine and sunshine. it is -- what do you call that? three of a kind, four of a kind,
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in the 70's. michelle: 75 on monday. looking forward to monday. doug: me, too. jonathan: you are happy with yourself right now, aren't you, doug? nice job. doug: it's all good. michelle: coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a church goes up in flames. find out what sparked the fire. jonathan: wow! but first -- president obama: if we truly value fairness america should be a level playing field where everyone who works hard gets a chance to succeed. jonathan: the president designates the newest national monument to show off that value right here in
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yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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trying to make me eat my greens?low. no, just trying to save you some green.
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thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. jonathan: today is known as "equal payday." it's a day drawn to show differences between men and women when it comes to their paychecks. women working full-time all year are paid 79 cents for every dollar their male counterparts make. alzner -- alison starling is at the live desk with how the president is trying to change this. alison: good afternoon. president obama asked to pass the paycheck fairness act to put sensible rules in place to make sure everyone is paid equally. he made his remarks today from the seawall belmont house and museum along constitution avenue in northeast d.c. shortly after designating it the nation's newest national monument, all of this too
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the building has been the headquarters for the national women's party since 1929. it is widely considered the base for the women's equality movement. president obama: i want young girls and boys to come here. ten, 20, 100 years from now to know that women fought for equality. it was not just given to them. i want them to come here and be astonished that there was ever a time when women could not vote. i want them to be astonished that there was ever a time when men earned less than men for doing the same work. alison: the monument is named for alice paul who founded the national women's party and belmont who was a founding member. michelle: thank you. there are several memorable characters brought to life by books like this by beverly
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accolades. including a national medal of the arts. she has also been recognized as a living legend by the library of congress. and today we here at abc7 want to pay tribute by sharing some of our favorites. let's start with "good morning washington"'s autria godfrey. >> ralph the mouse revs up a dream come true. his own motorcycle. young ralph has seen plenty of families come and go. some more generous when their crumbs than others. but when he and his parents check in the hotel, he gets his first chance to check out. he has always fantasized about venturing beyond the second floor and maybe even outside. curiosity overcomes caution and ralph must have a go at the toy motorcycle. michelle: we want to know what your favorite? let us know on our facebook page. jonathan: there you go. coming
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at 4:00" -- after the show we talk to a former "jeopardy" teen champ about life after the big
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michelle: in vote 2016
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trump were winners in the march 15 primary. the official result show they both beat the challengers by a mere fraction of a percent. trump led by less than 2,000 votes over senator ted cruz. clinton had a mere 1 ,574 votes more than rival bernie sanders. the candidates can still ask for a recount. just about an hour ago house speaker paul ryan made it clear in no uncertain terms he has no interest in being the republican nominee in the presidential race. chief political correspondent scott thuman is live at the capitol hill bureau. we are all wondering does this really have an impact on the race, scott? scott: it does, michelle. there were a lot of people out there who are not thrilled with the current slate of candidates and they believed perhaps paul ryan was going to be the knight in shining armor to come to the rescue at the last moment and they would then put on stage at the convention in cleveland and say here is our guy. there would be brokered deals behind close
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would be the nominee. it's now appearing less and less likely. you can't rule anything out. critics will say look, he also said he didn't want to be speaker of the house and then that is what happened. so you never never rule it out especially in a town like this. but at the moment it looks like the three republican candidates are the three the final options. as a result, that means the voters have to get it out of their mind, this paul ryan factor temporarily. michelle: scott, let's talk about the voters. what are we expecting in terms of voter turn-out since the two front-runners in this contest for president seem to have a lot of people who don't like them? scott: yeah. this is a fascinating thing to dissect. if you look at the new numbers that came out from the "associated press" and some surveying they did, it showed really there is only one candidate in the entire race that has a significantly larger favorable than unfavorable rating. that is actually bernie sanders. every other candidates aside
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margin of error there, every other candidate has a more unfavorable than favorable rating. when you have four candidates that are struggling to emerge as someone that can enthuse and galvanize voters you start to wonder what does it mean at the polls? are people going to show up? in a presidential cycle, especially one this critical you can't imagine it will keep a lot of people home but they will have to find a reason to like the candidates or as we talk about coming up at 5:00, in an interesting dissection of this will they go because they dislike the opponent so much? what will be the driving force. likability matters a lot in the elections. we have seen it over and over in the past few cycles. the candidate most liked who has won. now they are in a debate over who it may be. michelle: all right. scott thuman, our political expert. thank you so much, scott. scott: thank you. jonathan: maryland congressional candidate glen ivy is endorsing the woman he hopes to replace in the state's fourth congressional district. ivy announced his su
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representative donna edwards today. edwards is running against fellow democratic representative chris van hollen. they are both trying to replace senate seat that is vacated by barbara mikulski. michelle: all right. we started off ugly out there but boy, what a turn-around. it is gorgeous. we are enjoying the sunshine. what about this everything? let's check in with chief meteorologist doug hill with a look at the forecast. doug: quiet and clear and cold tonight. temperatures northwest of town could hit freezing. a frost possibility. give you a look now from alexandria at the torpedo factory. it's gorgeous, clear skies. air temperatures running close to 60 degrees in many areas this hour. this is the area under the freeze watch. north and west of metro washington. ground temperatures could briefly approach 31 or 32 degrees. hence, the possibility of a little bit of frost. now western zones will be closer to the freezing mark from walkersville and frederick west to frostburg and cumberland. frostburg could be
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mid-30's to 40 degrees. so no concerns locally. to the south, most areas should remain above freezing with clear skies. our three-day outlook. here we go. 59 tomorrow. sunshine. mostly to partly to mostly sunny. 62 on thursday. friday, 62 degrees. with the average high now about 66. that is below average. but wait, there's more. we are talking about the weather for the cherry blossom festival saturday at 10:00 a.m. it looks like the lower 50's with plenty of sunshine. a warming trend follows the cherry blossom parade. coming up in 17 minutes and nine seconds, approximately steve rudin will look at the weekend outdoak. jonathan: thank you. severe weather in arkansas brought lightning strikes. firefighters in el dorado are blaming one of the strikes for a fire that destroyed a church. thankfully, nobody was injured. but another fire started by lightning destroyed a
4:35 pm
they also fought smoke and flame at transformer plant because of the weather. michelle: north carolina governor wants to change a new state law that prevents people from suing over discrimination in state court. meanwhile in mississippi as elizabeth hur shows us, lawmakers against the religious freedom law are working to repeal it. reporter: the message is simple. >> give mississippi a second chance. reporter: the mission now, convince their fellow lawmakers they made a mistake. >> somehow beseem focused on passing a bill that will kill our economy. reporter: the new law passed in mississippi allows people and private businesses to refuse service on religious grounds to gay and lesbian people. not just wedding venues but adoption and counseling. >> we are simply
4:36 pm
trying to say people of faith have some protection from overbearing government. reporter: the lawmakers are trying to have it repealed and growing backlash speaks for itself. sieger bryan adams canceled a concert. executives from the several big businesses asked for law to be repealed. more than 80 businesses are doing the same in north carolina over a similar law there. with paypal pulling a $3.6 million project. the government softened some 06 the gender specific bathroom requirements and it promises to push the legislature the right to sue for discrimination in the state. jonathan: coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the results are in from the latest round of the water tests in flint michigan. we will tell you what they show. michelle: later, bargain hunting with your taxes. look at the w
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on this year's return. jonathan: but first, joce sterman shares another snippet from the mouse and the motorcycle as we celebrate beverly clearry's 100th birthday. joce: neither the mouth or the boy was surprise each could understand the other. two creatures who shared a love for motorcycles spoke the same language.
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jonathan: this is a health matters that i a letters. gordon care company ortho removing a class of chemicals from the product. they are planning to phase out niatanicanoids by 2021. these are chemicals wildly believed to be harming bees and are used to control garden pests and plant diseases but they are arming bees so they will stop -- harming bees so they will stop production of the chemical. michelle: recent water tests in flint, michigan, show officials are making ro gress to reduce the lead levels. team from virginia tech held a press conference to announce the findings. mark edwards, a professor, and students collected samples from home in flin
4:41 pm
high lead levels. last month in spring break they did more testing and found less. however the levels exceed federal limits still. >> a lot has been made that the lead pipes need to come out. that is true. but the water mains in flint are also in very, very bad shape. until they are rehabilitated in a proactive way i don't think the system is financially sustainable. michelle:x proper corrosion controls were not in place to stop the lead leaching in the water. jonathan: the annual winter crab dredge that surveyed report of increase in the blue crab population so the current management plan implemented by maryland and virginia seems to be working to restore the health of one of the bay's iconic species. but h
4:42 pm
blue crabs are below science recommended levels. jonathan: coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- in the right place at the right time. find out this guy's secret to walking away with five foul balls from just one baseball game. michelle: but first we are catching one a former "jeopardy" teen tour
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michelle: back with "good morning washington's" jummy olabanji. we celebrate beverly cleary's 100th birthday. >> on the way back to the ice cream store, she told her uncle she needed a ice cream cone. he agreed they were needed by all. inside the busy shop they had to take numbers and take turns. ramona was faced with tem barosing task of reading out loud the list of 52 flavors while all the customers listened. strawberry. german chocolate. giner peachy. red, white, blueberry. black walnut. mississippi m
4:46 pm
green bubble gum. baseball nut. michelle: okay. more than 91 million copies of beverly cleary's books sold world wilde since the first one in 1950. it was "henry huggins," which spawned the popular ramona books. jonathan: what is your favorite beverly cleary novel? michelle: let us know your favorite on the wjla facebook page. jonathan: that has to be the best. the pest. love it. right now for us, the "jeopardy" teen tournament is taping at d.a.r. constitutional hall in d.c. translation, really smart kids. michelle: for sure! kellye lynn caught one a former champion to find out
4:47 pm
"jeopardy." kellye: it's the 12:00 hour at wmau radio. -- wamu radio. >> my job is pitch segments, find guests and produce segments. >> we now have what seems to be an unsatisfiable curiosity about just about everything. kellye: a quality that helped him at his job and as a student. as a teen he competed in quiz bowl and the academics. but the biggest thrill came in 2011 when he landed a spot in the teen tournament on "jeopardy." >> i always wanted to be on "jeopardy." i have always been somebody who is competitive and i always wanted to win. kellye: which is what he did. taking home $75,000.
4:48 pm
the education. kellye: the producer received an undergraduate degree in geography and now pursuing a masters. in addition to working here as a producer part-time, raynell holds two other part-time positions and a full-time student at the university of maryland college park. the 21-year-old expects to complete his graduate degree in community planning next spring. he could be back in front of the camera as a reporter. >> it would be fun. anytime i have done something in the field i enjoyed. kellye: kellye lynn, abc7 news. jonathan: fantastic. opening day can be exciting for any baseball fan but for one guy in detroit it was magical. bill dougan caught not one, not two, not three, not even four. sounds like a dr. seuss book i'm reading. he caught five foul balls in the tigers' home opener. five! the 39-year-old decided to give all the balls to small kids sitting near
4:49 pm
>> i placed a number on five, thinking five is a lucky number. i won twice and lost twice so i came out even. jonathan: the odds of catching even one foul ball is one in 600. he says the secret is sit behind foul plate for the foul tip and go on a day when the whether isn't great and there is less competition. i love this. this isn't the first time he was lucky at the park. once before he went to the park he caught four balls during batting practice and another four balls in the game. michelle: i want to go to the game with him. jonathan: he has the glove. he can protect you. michelle: for sure. major league baseball will fund 34-year jackie robinson foundation scholarships. one for each of the sports team. robinson scholarships will mentor people in the sports use and the community programs with reviving baseball in inner cities and urban youth academies and boys and girls clubs of america. according to the mlb, the le
4:50 pm
million to help fund and build a robinson museum in new york. jonathan: well, "7 on your side" now health matters alert for you. it turns out that money may buy you a longer life. new research published publishee your mall of medical association finding richest 1% of americans live a decade longer than the poorest. the richest men live 14-1/2 years longer. for women it's ten years. researchers found where people livedded made more of a difference of life expectancy in low income individuals than for higher income. michelle: some folks with a lot of money should be considered snobs. we are apparently living with some of the snobbiest in the country. new study by area vibes names three d.c. suburbs the snobbiest small towns in america. listen up. chevy chase. somerset. martin addition. all in montgomery county are the top three on the
4:51 pm
the median hole price and household income. percentage of the population with college degrees and the number of theaters, art galleries and the private schools per capita. jonathan: you know what bothers me about this and i know i shouldn't get upset by it, everything you laid out smell out smart people. it doesn't make you a snobby person. now it's bad to be a smart person? really? steve: there are a lot of nice people in chevy chase. jonathan: smart people across the area. snobby, go on with that. steve: all right. talk about the weather. it doesn't discriminate. we all suffer when the pollen is out. my mics not on. michelle: i hear you. steve: now i'm good. i don't know. take a look at what is going on. jonathan: a new man. steve: a new day. look at the temperatures that will be on the cold side. later tonight. looking at national harbor right now. we have mainly clear skies and our temperature is 63 degrees
4:52 pm
the temperatures in the lower to middle 60's. cooler north and west of us. cumberland and elkings, west virginia, low to middle 50's. tonight clear and scold. patchy frost and a freeze advisory north and west of us. areas shaded in lighter blue including northern montgomery county, loudoun and frederick. tonight's temperatures are 38 inside the beltway. tomorrow is the high around 60. lower 60's on thursday. looking ahead to the upcoming weekend. looking at the temperatures around 62 degrees for the cherry blossom festival parade. in downtown d.c. check on traffic with jamie. jamie: in d.c., on the freeway heading eastbound you can see the solid red line. this is where our wazers are reporting an accident. right near 11th street. let's talk about the backup. if you are trying to leave d.c. to get closer to the
4:53 pm
street bridge at 18 miles per hour. here is the third street tunnel. we are still backed up from even before this point. the 14th street bridge is where we see that very heavy traffic. this is due to a crash from the 11th street bridge, bumper to bumper delays. as we move to the map we are also seeing on delays. northwest corner but not because of an accident. typical with the slowing. take a live look outside. area of georgetown outbound on canal road. we cleared away the accident and traffic is moving better now. that is a look at traffic. back to you. jonathan: thank you. michelle: ahead at 4:00, tax day is almost here. last-minute tax deductions you didn't know about. to fatten that refund. jonathan: coming up for us today at 5:00, it has more than 1 million views. see the trick that the virginia brothers pulled on their sister after her wisdom teeth surgery that has everybody laughing and saying that is so wrong. in fact, i put it on my facebook. it's
4:54 pm
>> new at 6:00, 300 dogs found in what is believed to be a puppy mill. the investigation happening now.
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4:56 pm
but jamie raskin is the only abdemocrat for congress who led the fight for tougher gun laws. only raskin took on the nra to ban military-style assault weapons. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
4:57 pm
leon: a "7 on your side" consumer alert. you hunt for the best deal when shopping so why not look for bargains in tax season? you haven't filed yet, next monday is the deadline. we break down smart credits and deductions in today's tax tip. reporter: kids are expensive but when tax season rolls around it pays to be a parent. >> the past years we had to pay or break even. this year we got a refund. reporter: first, thank the child tax credit. each kid you claim as dependent earns a credit up to $1,000. if you are paying for child care potentially even more. working parents may qualify for a daycare or babysitting credit for kids under 13. plus the credits don't stop when your teenager goes away to co
4:58 pm
american opportunity credit. good for the first four years of secondary education. it can put $2,500 in your pocket. reporter: if you are a small business owner check in to section 179. businesses can deduction software. a popular use is buying a use vehicle. if you use the car, s.u.v., truck for business half the time it can qualify. it can be new or used as long as it's new to you. size matters. on some s.u.v.'s you can expense up to $25,000. for homeowners it's a good time to go green. the i.r.s. includes big credit for renewable energy. it's worth it. up to 30% for things like solar panels or wind energy. even insulation. protecting your home can also protect your
4:59 pm
>> i didn't think my child was going to lose his life. leon: two teenagers murdered at one metro station. why city leaders are calling it safe. another home pierced by bullets. this one makes 13. but finally police have something to go on. plus, the minimum wage could be going up. going viral. >> you need to defend yourself. i can't be with you how the whole time. >> oh a younger -- leon: how a younger sister handles a zombie apocalypse cooked up by her brothers. an arrest ten hours after a teenager was stabbed to death at the deanwood metro station. alison: tonight, the victim's mother is talking about what happened. leon: d.c. bureau chief sam ford just got charging documents and he is live from the courthouse. have you had a chance to look
5:00 pm
details? sam: i have been able to look through them. the accused and the victim and according to the documents the accused and the victim had been making threats on social media and in fact were making threats as they were riding to the deanwood metro station on opposite -- or on different trains. when they got to the metro station, according to this, the victim turned on a cell phone and gave it to his companion with him to take pictures. at that point they are descending the stairs and say that the victim got in front of the defendant. at some point swung on him. the defendant swung back and had a knife in his hand that cut the victim's throat. victim was gagging with his throat there and the defendant left the metro station. that's what we heard in the charging documents that happened at the deanwood station yesterday. [sirens] at deanwood metro station today, police are on high alert after two teen homicides


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