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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  April 13, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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he defected from cuba two years ago. he is an outfielder for the atlanta braves. arlington police say olivera and the female victim did know one another before the alleged assault. but the extent of the relationship is unknown. >> at this point i know they had been drinking prior to this altercation. a dispute erupted. what exactly was the nature of the dispute is still under investigation at this point. that led to her physical injuries. jeff: now the atlanta braves did put out a statement this afternoon on the situation. saying that we are extremely disappoint and troubled to learn of the allegations involving hector olivera. major league baseball has placed olivera on administrative leave effective immediately. olivera's attorneys have been here at the courthouse all day today monitoring the situation but they are not commenting publicly. again, we do expect olivera to appear before a magistrate at some point in the next couple of hours. likely bond out. but that
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while. it would be 7:00 or 8:00 tonight. we are monitoring the development story and we'll have much more details and keeping tabs on the situation at 5:00. until then, live in arlington, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. abc7 and jeff goldberg first to break the story on twitter and online. for the latest updates as they happen go to and search "olivera." michelle: metro's top executive grilled on the hill today. paul wiedefeld answering questions about the controversial shutdown. jonathan: he made the decision last month to take all the trains out of service for one full day. emergency inspections finding frayed cables underground. some of the tissues so bad that if they knew about it earlier the trains would have been halted a lot sooner. brianne carter has wiedefeld's explanation. he took the hot seat for sure. brianne: well, the hearing is still ongoing here on capitol hill. just beyond these doors. that hearing again he said continuing this a meeting with the houe
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earlier today the general manager met with senators from the region managers as well. this comes after the shut down on march 16. that has been a large focus of the controversy today. the general manager said he never wanted to shut the system down but knew after the answers he was getting to many questions about what had been done there with the cables and the trap he had no other option. saying they inspect all the tracks after the cable fire that happened last month at mcpherson square. today there has been questions about the management and the monday. hearing underway here on capitol hill now. one of the questions raised is the management of the money. in the last half hour, board chairman jack evans telling the government they need to contribute to the operating budget. asking the fe
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$300 million to help metro move forward to get back on track as he says. well, then, we heard from members of this committee. saying they don't plan to "bail out metro." >> they have the money available. they have incompetence. you are the new kid on the block and we are counting on you. but i want people fired and something done. you got the communication system underway. you have to resolve the arcing. it causes smoke and people die. brianne: the congressman talking about the new kid on the block he is talking about paul wiedefeld. both senators and the house representatives today touting the leadership and success moving this forward. we expect the general manager will lay out a new plan in how to deal with the maintenance
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weeks. he says they don't have enough time on weekends and in the middle of the day to get all the maintenance that needs to be done. this comes a year after what happened there, the deadly smoke incident at l'enfant. we know that the ntsb had been investigating that. we have much more on tuesday surrounding that report at 5:00. jonathan: the metro train system has not rung a total of three days this year. other than the safety inspection day they took them offline for a day. you might recall in the blizzard of 2016 in january, all service had to be shut off. metro leaders saying at the time even running the underground would have have limited the crews to remove snow and ice around the clock which was the priority. michelle: almost 40,000 verizon workers hit the picket line to work for months without a contract. for them enough is enough. they are even marching in our area. kellye lynn is in falls church. it has been like that all
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long. do you know how long they will be out there? kellye: that is a good question. i posed that question to a local leader of the group and she tells me in the past the strikes have taken three to four weeks. the workers are planning to stay out here as long as it takes. they have been here since 6:00 a.m. this morning. installers, repairmen. customer service workers. construction workers. at issue is healthcare. fair wages. keeping jobs from going overseas. as well as being forced to travel outside of the area. verizon is trying to work with the union leadership. it has been trying to do so to come one a fair contract. these workers haven't had a contact since august. verizon says the union leaders have not been willing to negotiate in good faith. as for talk about offshoring jobs and cutting jo
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says that it is absolute nonsense. if you have verizon service, you might be wondering how you possibly could be affected by the strike that is happening right now. verizon assures you that the service will not be affected. they have hired nonunion workers to take over while they are striking and the quality should continue to be good. the employers are working to work as long as necessary. kellye lynn, abc7 news. michelle: this is the new york city. thousand of nonunion workers have been trained to ever coit during the strike. the workers on strike service the traditional phone business. jonathan: 17-year-old has been indicted on first-degree murder charges in the death o
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an alexandria man. petilla is charged in fuhrman. another man and woman are charged in the face. they are all members of a gang. michelle: three days before the 11 year anniversary of virginia tech massacre, virginia terry mcauliffe makes an announcement to honor the victim and declared april 11 virginia tech remembrance day in the commonwealth. he encourages those who want to get involved to donate blood in the 2016 day of remembrance brood drive this friday. 25 states are urging an appeals court to uphold ruling on war memorial in prince george's county. the state filed a friend of the court brief in the case which challenges the constitutionality of the so-called bladensburg cross that honors 49 men who died in world war i and stands in a
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bladensburg. atheist group filed a lawsuit in 2014 to claim the memorial is unconstitutional. in the brief, they say it could set a precedent for the other memorials including ones at arlington national cemetery. jonathan: now to the war on terror. police took a frenchman in custody in spain that they believe supplied weapons for the january 2015 attacks that started at the "charlie hebdo" building. he was arrested at a spanish coastal town on arrest warrant. all the suspect left france weeks after the attacks where he is accused of having continued to do illegal activities. the f.b.i. couldn't get an to break in a terrorist iphone so they used a hacker to get the job done. they paid professional hackers a one-time
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phone of the san bernardino terrorists. they purchased a tool from the hackers that manipulated a previously unknown software flaw. michelle: in maryland the man accused of opening fire outside the police headquarters was in court with the two brothers. they are accused of recording the shooting that resulted in friendly fire that took officer jacai colson's life. brad bell has a look at the glimpse in their plan. 'bama we are in front of the district three headquarters. the black bunting is still up. it will come down today. today is the last day of the mourning period. we learned two big things in court today. one it's alleged that the man who opened fire wanted video of his death taken on a cell phone by his
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he wanted the video of his death by police he thought sent to world star hip hop. we know the name of the police officer that accidentally took the life of jacai colson. the three ford brothers appeared in court in prison jump suits. shackles and cuffs. the sister and aunt bursting into tears. >> very emotional to see all three of them. i love them and i miss them. brad: at issue whether all can be held on the second degree murder charges for the march 13 attack on district iii. michael ford allegedly opening fire while elijah and malik watch and record on video. a burst of violence which ended with the death of officer jacai colson from friendly fire. the judge agreeing with the state's attorney that yes, there is probable cause. >> if you accompany a person and assist and participate in a crime you can be charged with the result of that
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brad: almost overshadowing the ruling in court for the first time police officer taylor krouse identified as the officer who fired the fatal shot at detective colson. the police chief hank stawinski confirming what they have known. in the shooting krauss thought colson was a bad guy. >> he per seed him as a threat. he tried to mitigate the threat. >> stawinski saying he is unwaiverring in the belief that the fault lies entirely with the ford brothers. >> a double tragedy. we lost a police officer but we lost one in friendly fire incident precipitated by something completely senseless. brad: now when we come back at 5:00, we will have much more on this, more about officer taylor krauss a highly decorated police officer. a little more about how he is coping with this tragedy. that is coming up at 5:00.
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abc7 news. jonathan: coming up on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- missing a deadline. michelle: the future of the memorial bridge in doubt. >> clap with us. michelle: well, the voice of "dora the explorer" character is now under investigation. what she is accused of doing. jonathan: the severe weather in texas. softball size hail and mother nature across the heartland. doug: tonight another frost advisory. we tell you which areas should be concerned on "abc7 news at 4:00".
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in annapolis, she battled republicans joseline peña-melnyk for congress... yes! and the nra to pass the toughest gun safety legislation in the country. i'll take on the tough fights to expand social security and keep the doors open to planned parenthood. my mom is so tough she's willing to fight anyone who's going to pay him more than us for doing the same job. i'm joseline peña-melnyk, and i approve this message.
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jonathan: she is an icon of entertainment for children. "dora the explorer." michelle: the voice behind the character is involved in a lawsuit. alison starling is here with the controversy surrounding this voiceover person. alison: that is right. hi, good afternoon. this started basically as a high school feud. the 15-year-old girl who is behind "dora the explorer" was suspended from school. another girl was booted. this from a prominent new york school. >> clap with us
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alison: "dora the explorer" has long been synonymous with the adorable animated girl teaching children spanish on the hit nickelodeon show. the voice behind "dora" is reportedly named in a lawsuit filed in manhattan civil court. the a.p. reports the case brought by nadia niaeli and sundaywald the voice of the recent edition of "dora" fatima ptacek encouraged their 14-year-old daughter to join her in using a vaping pen to inhale care -- caramel flavored water. when it was found out the voice of "dora" was suspended but the daughter of the couple filing the lawsuit was expelled. the family of ptacek have n
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school told "good morning america" they have high standards and they follow a fair process when there are infractions. we know students make mistakes but we expect them to take accountability for them. the attorney for the couple that brought the suit says what their clients want most is for their daughter to return to school. >> i was discriminated against because i'm not a celebrity is a very difficult legal argument to make. alison: nickelodeon says fatima is a terrific young lady and hope it will be reed a private -- resolved a a private matter. jonathan: the memorial bridge needs money for repairs but the national park service is about to miss an opportunity to request funding. they need a lot of money. park service is responsial for the bridge's upkeep. it says it might have to shut it down for good in a few years if it cannot cobble together the money to repair the crumbling bridge. the
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funding is thursday night. it could cause traffic nightmares. that is a good cue to get to jamie sullivan to see how the roads are working. jamie: not so much of a night mare but a bad dream. you have buncher to bumper traffic on beltway. that is the inner loop as well as the outer loop. but it is heavy traveling on inner loop due to an accident past this point. this is right at georgia avenue. move to the waze map. i want to show you where the wazers are reporting this activity. right near georgia avenue. they are saying it is an accident. we have multiple people reporting this. so let's talk the backup. if you are traveling on the inner loop passing by connecticut avenue, getting closer to georgia. that backup already starting near 270. now the thing is it mixes in with the normal congestion. so, of course, we have the traffic. some spots right now in the teens. let's move to the maps and focus in on what we are seeing as far as the big picture goes. not bad at all on the b
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really the top side. in virginia outbound 395 the volume is 16 miles per hour. reminder that overnight tonight there will be a closure, the duke street ramp to access 395 northbound will be closed. seminary road is what you want to use. everything will be wrapped up in time for the morning commute. michelle: thank you. when the storms clear and the sun came out this morning the damage became clear. a trail of damage across part of san antonio. hails the size of baseball coming down at times. meteorologist josh knight shows us the damage. josh: hundreds if not somehows of windows were damaged in the storm. this car is one of mother nature's victims at the grocery store where some customers inside got wet. water pouring in to the supermarket northwest of san antonio last night. jesse mendez shot the video inside the store. >> pretty chaotic. just a mess. people running around everywhere in th
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but employees not telling us more than that. jesse says the hail destroyed some of the skylights and broken glass. >> damage all over the parking lot. j his s.u.v. barely drivable. he got home and realized the hail beat up his home. >> two windows, garage door. j a few doors down, tim watson is patching up his own problems. like many of the neighbors all of his second floor windows have to be replaced. >> the hail came in and tore the screens up. it's amazing. josh: dozen of homeowners caught by surprise now dealing with the aftermath. >> trying to enjoy the storm like i normally would and well, here is what we got. cars totaled. house banged up pretty bad. good old mother nature in south texas. josh: josh knight, abc7 news. jonathan: that is a lot of damage. you don't usually see it like that. that is really blowing it through. michelle: baseball size. tough to
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around. doug: it takes an amount of updraft, air rushing upward and a tremendous amount of energy and upward moving air. fortunately we just never get that kind of pattern in the midlevel of the atmosphere here. two days in a row they have had that. fortunately it's moved east and dissipated a bit right now. here we are enjoying dale after day of sunshine. if you can deal with it. now the complaints are okay, thanks for the sun but where is the warm weather. jonathan: really? doug: greedy people! jonathan: fine tuning. doug: looking live at the capitol wheel. sunshine all over the place. the winds are light. it's cool. this time of the month of april should be 66. we are lagging behind. but this is just fine out there. the clear skies will continue tonight. check out the area temperatures. not a lot of warm spots at all. 59 will show up in fredericksburg.
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charlottesville. 55 in baltimore. 57 in the nation's capital. another great night for baseball. the nationals are hot! even in the cool weather. skies will be clear. temperature at first pitch is 55 degrees at the park. we will stay clear. so you are headed to the park tonight. a jacket. chill in the air as well. there is patchy frost from sunrise. frost advisory from upper montgomery, loudoun, northern fauquier and the rest to the blue ridge and the valleys. that is what we have tonight. i could happen again tomorrow night. low 30's in the western zone. mid-30's closer to the city. not much in the way of features. high clouds coming by. under the control of a huge area of high pressure. a couple more cool days with winds from the east
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and friday. lower 60's will take it. get in the weekend and it looks fine. close to 66 on saturday. close to 70 on sunday. 77 on monday. pleasant next week. cool but clear for the national cherry blossom festival parade saturday morning downtown of which abc7 is a proud sponsor. jonathan: we will be out there. it will be fun, too. doug: good time. michelle: nice stretch. thank you. jonathan: let you know with the snow and the blizzard we had the d.c. schools are going to announce the school year by one day to make up for all the snow days. you knew it was coming. this means the d.c. last day of school will be june 17. put it on the calendar. doug: not bad. jonathan: coming up for us -- >> i know that it is stacked against me by the establishment. jonathan: there complaints about the delegate count. not just donald trump. it's something we are seeing from both sides. we'll get a view of the race from two candidates who recently suspended their white house bids. michelle: but first, no complaints about this count. the crab count in the chesapeake. what is bein
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fthe nra and its campaign cash are what stands between us and gun reform. "every time i think about those kids... it gets me mad" chris van hollen met with nra lobbyists to craft a loophole that would let the nra skirt a new campaign finance law and block gun control. but democrat donna edwards said "no" to the nra loophole and stood up to the gun lobby. and she would ban assault weapons. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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but sierra club chooses jamie raskin for congress they all talk about climate change. because only raskin wrote laws to reduce our carbon footprint and is leading the fight against fracking in maryland. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message. jonathan: the winter dredging of the chez peek bay came up with estimate there are more than 550 million crabs in the bay. that would be the fourth most and the second straight year of improvement. hopefully that is good news for your crabfest. joining us via skype is ch
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what was your reaction when you saw the report? it's good for the crab industry. >> very good for the crab industry and good news for the crab population as well. having two years back to back to see the population expand shows us one that the management program that maryland and virginia have been partnering on the last eight years now is working. the other things we're doing is helping as well. jonathan: talk about the female crab population in particular because that needs to stay strong in order to keep the population strong. what do we find out of this report? >> the female, adult female population almost doubled as a result of this survey, which is really good news. that is right. we manage our blew crab population in chesapeake bay based on the number of adult females we have. we are almost at the target level of 215 million adult females. we are below that at 194. having the nu
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that the population is doing better. management controls work better. jonathan: this is the question now crabbers are on the edge of their seat more. is this a fantastic year this year? >> it's hope that having more crab out there in the population will end up in more crabs in crabbers crab pots as well. >> we appreciate you taking the time for us today. >> thank you for having me. michelle: coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- jonathan: complaints on the campaign trail. supports of bernie sanders and donald trump say the deck of delegates is stacked against them. a couple recently depart candidates explain why it may be a valid complaint. >> today is the last day of taping in d.c. for "jeopardy." coming up, feigned out how the local contestant is doing and how he plans to spend money if he wins. michelle:
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on your side" help center phone lines open up for you to ask a realtor. we are helping you get ready for house hunting season. 703-236-9220. that is the number. we'll be right back.
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the colorado thing was unfair. i know the rules very well. i know it's stacked against me by the establishment. jonathan: in the world of politics it's getting interesting. loud complaints from the campaign trail that the process for the candidates is so hard to navigate that anyone challenging the system is at a major disadvantage. the most noise made from donald trump. but he is not alone and he has a legitimate beef. scott thuman is joining us. donald trump and bernie sanders are both making points. people are saying they have argument. scott: we talk to former presidential candidates to talk about that. mike huckabee and martin o'malley told me they know it can be a corrupt, confusing system. but it's also not a shock or a mystery. meaning it's how you approach it and how you handle it that determines if you are campaigning say in january or if you make it to november. jonathan: got it.
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scott: while they hopedded to be sharing a stage in november as nominees, mike huckabee and martin o'malley were instead promoting a tv show stead in the american revolution. these days it's the ballots instead of bullets. the parallels are hard to ignore. >> it's evident we are divided. divided by the democrats and the republicans but within our own parties there are great division. scott: and growing for example with donald trump newest claims that the confusing mess of caucuses, convention and primaries hurt the less experienced candidate. >> he is a republican national committee, they should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this kind of crab to happen. scott: is this election system rigged? >> there are always lumps in the pancakes. we all go into this knowing what the rules are. if we were winning we'd probably say it's great. >> the rules are never written in a way to make it easier for challengers. scott: particularly the duo says the a
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come with lining up superdelegates. >> it appears from a republican perspective that the democrats cooked it up for hillary even though bernie continues to win hearts and minds. >> she lost seven of the eight contests. >> that is the cruel irony, isn't it? if we had a more open debate process who is to say how this race highlight have unfolded. >> i watched governor huckabee go out in primetime. we remain silent all through the long summer. scott: you think you had a fair shot on the nominee? >> on the issue of the debates, i do. i believe the republican debates were actually a lot -- hell's bells they had them. >> the bipartisan hope is not a new electoral system. that is unlikely and unrealistic but maybe forthright and fair one in the future. jonathan: all right. live look at leisure world in silver spring where former president bill clinton is campaigning for hillary. he is addressing
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there. michelle: getting ice cream today in between the campaign stops was kasich. nice day out there. doug: look how smooth the river is. the winds are light. beautiful day. cool side. ther to pee doe factory live shot. it's 60 degrees. water temperature is cooler. we get in the car wash and today is the now. it's just your luck if you wash your car and it rains the next day. but you have several good days to get it done today and in your plans. 50's to 60's now. 57 in columbia heights. 58 in
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another frost advisory tonight. same area north and west. light winds today and tomorrow looks terrific. coming up in 15 minutes steve rudin will be back with a look at the weekend outlook. michelle: we have a special phone bank. ask he realtor. the lines are open through 6:30. realers in the d.m.v., pennsylvania and west virginia in the help center to answer your questions about becoming a homeowner or in the market to sell. we will have more in a few minutes with kimberly suiters. jonathan: developing in montgomery county. knife fight inside a grocery store that is causing a chaotic scene today. 11:00 th
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customers heard shouting inside the safeway at the germantown center complex. they found blood on the grocery store floor but no victims. officers closed three aisles and the produce department for a few hours based on the surveillance video. michelle: ung touched since before hurricane katrina. it was jazz land. theme park in new orleans that they are looking to start new. what does the future hold for the land that looks like straight out of a horror movie? that is coming up. jonathan: freedom at last. this is inky. escaped the new zealand aquarium. how did he do it? where is he now? we look
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delores kelley: although we were all one maryland, our schools weren't treated the same way. narrator: with neighborhoods getting
4:40 pm
r schools, something had to be done for our children. kelley: it didn't matter where chris was from. he knew that we couldn't leave a child having less just because they lived in a region that was poor. joanne benson: he has not just talked about it. he is going to stand tall for all children to succeed. i'm chris van hollen, and i approved this message. waited till the next morning hoping anything would go by. jonathan: lucky we can tell the story in april. i would have had a different outcome in august. 72-year-old ann rogers on her way to visit family on march 31. that is when she made a wrong turn and got lost in the desert of arizona and she was out there for nine
4:41 pm
okay. there was no food, no water, no cell signal. her car was out of gas and batteries because it was a hybrid. there was no one nearby. michelle: she drank pond water, ate plants and camped out in her car and used sticks and rocks to spell out the word help. >> i knew how much pain my family and friends and those who knew me well were feeling about the fact i had been gone, miss something long. the ground searchers found my note. "help." i need it now. michelle: in the nick of time. she was taken to the hospital for exposure but sent home that same night. she is fine. jonathan: she has been out hiking already. michelle: yeah. jonathan: hopefully she is bringing a g.p.s. or a map with her. michelle: don't make the mistake again. it's one of the many signs that parts of new orleans are still recovering from hurricane can trina. jonathan: if you go to the six flags outside the city it's untouched since
4:42 pm
expect for vandals breaking in from time to time it's shut downment developers want to bring it back to life. despite it looks like a scene for a horror movie. they should probably rent it out for that. the city board members want a financial commitment from the developers to turn it into a brand new amusement park or sports complex. michelle: this is unusual story. it may have been a tight squeeze but it is enough for inky the ok pus to stage the great escape. the manager of the national aquarium said the octopus found a weak spot in the tank and got free and slithered eight feet across the floor of the aquarium to a drain that led to the bay. inky is likely rooming the sea floor back to his natural habitat. they are known to be intelligent and curious. jonathan: that is a smart ok pus. free
4:43 pm
free one, too. coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- ford is taking applications from the wannabe owners of the new g.t. super car. not cheap. the six-figure cost and who will rise to thestop of the applicants. for the most expensive ford
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kimberly: i'm kimberly suiters in the "7 on your side" help center. we are helping you today. if you want to buy or sell your home we have a robust group. phone lines are already lighting up. call 703-236-9220. we are going to check with in kerry. is now the time to sell? >> absolutely. accident time. the market is -- an excellent time. the market is hot. a good time to get money for your house. kimberly: quick example of a crazy sell? >> we have had a lot of bidding wars. we had one on the market for 660 days and then had three offers like that. kimberly: alexandra covers maryland and d.c. maryland a little bit soft but d.c. >> it's hot. it is hot. you have to get your offer in today. you have
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in a week it will be sold. kimberly: why is that? why is d.c. hot? >> people want to move to an urban environment. everything is there, the metro. nobody wants yards anymore. it's the thing to do now. perfect example we were one of four overs the -- offers the other day. this morning we did a home inspection before we submitted an offer. people want to do it without constituencies. kimberly: he is showed me a property in the shaw neighborhood. online for over $2 million. if you are considering selling this is a great group here to answer your questions. number to call again, 703-236-9220. michelle: retail sales down in march. americans cutting back on spending. one of the hits are new cars. economists were expecting us to spend more in
4:48 pm
they are worried economic growth could slow this year. jonathan: some experts believe the future of the tesla would be tied to affordable electric vehicle. now the model 3 which won't be available for a couple of years has $14 billion worth of preorders. more than 325,000 people worldwide put down $1,000 to reserve the model 3 starting at under $40,000. let's talk about really high-end cars for a second. have you have a half a million dollars to drop on a car ford is hoping you will be interested in the g.t. super car. it's beautiful. here you go. the prototype pictures of it. it's taking applications now for the turbo charge $3.5 liter car with carbon fiber and aluminum body. they are only making 500 of the first two years of production. hands down the most expensive ford produced. applicants rise to the top of the situation, and there will
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ford customers especially ones who already own a g.t. go to the top of the list. michelle: talk about expensive. the amazon new kindle will be $290. the oasis will be the smallest and the lightest ereader from amazon so far. amazon hopes the asymmetrical shape with a grip on one side would make reading easier. it should provide weeks of reading. it ships april 27. jonathan: talk about hockey for a second. talk about the stanley cup which has been elusive when it comes to the capitals. is this their year? michelle: finger crossed. hockey fans across the city rocking the red all week before tomorrow's game against philly. scott abraham has the rally that is held at normally quiet place. scott: a lot of noise today at the carnegie library at mount vernon square. people are ready for hoc
4:50 pm
this town. playoff fever is here. game one is tomorrow night but the caps fans are ready to get the journey started. hundreds of fans rock the red this afternoon at carnegie library at mount vernon square. even mayor muriel bowser pro claimed april 14 as rock the red day in the district. today's rally was about the fans coming together to celebrate a historic regular season. and get juiced up for the upcoming playoffs. >> this has to be the year. it absolutely is the year. i have been waiting 40 years for this. this is the year. >> it's ovechkin's time. if it's not this year it what to be in the near future. >> there is a quiet confidence about the team this season. they are mature group. they want to play and win for the fans. we are excited about thursday night. scott: great test for the caps out of the gate. the philadelphia flyers come to town. game one tomorrow at the verizon center. it will start at 7:00. coming
4:51 pm
believe how far a caps fan traveled to the rally. you have to see the story. jonathan: they are a good team and playing as a team this year. they have a good shot at this. scott: this is a team if there is ever a team to go all the way this could be the team to do it. jonathan: fun to have a parade. thank you. michelle: capitals looking good, weather looking good. steve: the weather looks fantastic. the timing is perfect for the upcoming weekend. we have the national cherry blossom festival parade. you will be there. i will be there pulling a panda down the street. a lot to do. no rain in the seven-day. pretty amazing. this is the new weather bug camera. atop hyatt regency in tysons corner. if your allergies are bothering you the pollen count for trees are high. 57 degrees at the reagan national airport. show you temperatures across the area on the cool side for this time of year. normally we are in the 60's. 59 in leesburg. 59 over at luray. 55 degrees in winchester. tonight
4:52 pm
jacket if you are going to be out late. early tomorrow morning with the temperatures around 32 to 42 degrees. little bit of the patchy frost north and west of d.c. we industrial a frost advisory that starts at 2:00 in the morning. northern montgomery county. loudoun and frederick the counties in blue. but does not include the district or southern maryland. the plants should be fine with temperatures in the lower 40's. look i'd -- ahead to tomorrow. sunglasses you will need all day long. i will make to the lower 60's. for upcoming weekend, parade great weather. cool early on with the temperatures in the lower 50's. we will rebound for the lore 60's by the afternoon. sunday will see the highs in the upper 60's to around 70. nice stretch of warm days ahead. jamie sullivan? jamie: the good news is we cleared an accident that was on the inner loop of the capital beltway before colesville
4:53 pm
the waze map we still have the heavy traffic. talk about how heavy. this top side of the beltway from bethesda toward silver spring is typically slow. this is an 11-mile of slowing. it's heavy traffic mixed in. look at the beltway near the 270 spur. you can see the volume. compare it to the outer loop, well, inner loop is the heaviest. michelle, back to you. michelle: jamie, thank you so much for that. next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the final day of "jeopardy" taping in d.c. one last look at the teen tournament stars taking the stage before "jeopardy" breaks down and heads back to
4:54 pm
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♪ ♪ michelle: goodbyes are always difficult. today is the final day of "jeopardy" taming at
4:57 pm
constitution hall. it means alex trebek and the crew are heading back to l.a. and a fond farewell to our "jeopardy" teen tournament stars. diane cho wraps up their final day in d.c. >> this is the "jeopardy" teen tournament! [applause] diane: taking lessons from classroom to the national spotlight. >> it's very surreal. i had to pinch myself yesterday. diane: teens from coast to coast competed for the top spot in the "jeopardy" teen tournament in the nation's capital. >> we were talking about it. on every place we stopped we had to shoot a promo and take pictures. this is the celebrity lifestyle, huh? diane: nerves are running high. on the final day of taping in the district, some went in with the game plan. >> a lot of like deep breaths, like try to wait it out. i know it's a nervous
4:58 pm
feeling. but we will see how it goes. i can't do more studying. diane: he is a sune your and the only -- junior and the only one to make it on the show from the d.m.v. we so much money on the line we had to ask what he'd do if he won it all? >> mostly for school. a couple of my friends i'll take them out for steak. we'll see. i will try to use it in a smart way. diane: even after 20 years maggie a producer on the show says you never know what to expect when teens are on the stage. >> also curious to see what their knowledge range is. sometimes they know stuff how do they know all the beatles tunes? diane: if you hope for clues as to who might win it all you have to tune in this fall to find out. diane cho, abc7 news. leon: metro leadership
4:59 pm
why a lawmaker says money is not the problem. first on 7, from the diamond to the courtroom. big trouble for a big leaguer arrested at a local hotel. plus -- the busy memorial bridge needs plenty of repairs. now the money may not be there because someone dropped the ball. these never get old. >> i missed you. leon: abc7 there for an air force mom school day surprise. announcer: now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. leon: sparks flying on capitol hill as congress demands answers from metro in the aftermath of last month's system shut down. alison: this is as metro demands its own answers from congress about the funding. brianne carter covering metro for us. there have been pretty hot exchanges. just in the past couple of hours. brianne: whited exchanges in
5:00 pm
in what took place on capitol hill. we have heard that metro needs a dedicated funding source and the feds need to chip in. that sentiment was echoed today in the sub committee hearing. board chairman jack evans said that they need to chip in $300 million toward the operating budget for metro. leadership here in the sub committee saying they are not going to "bail out met melt." -- "bail out metro." that is only one of the issues brought up as paul wiedefeld came to capitol hill a month after the shut down on march 16. there were a number of questions and concerns raised not only by members of the house and also in a meeting that happened earlier today where wiedefeld sat down with the leadership senators from maryland and virginia. we heard from a senator from maryland saying that women are afraid to ride metro. and that safety issues need


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