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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  April 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> if you give me 30 seconds, i will tell you why. >> where is the $18 billion? if you want to get testy about it. leon: lawmaker is up with metro and they want people to be fired and things to change immediately. today, on the hill claims the
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issues with a maintenance, money, and safety. leon: what metro was saying in response. jay korff the very impassioned hearing. fill us in. jay: a wild scene on capitol hill. at this metro stop, decibel levels can get high when the trains roll through. hill, justn capitol metro leaders, and it got awfully loud. the red rag at the house oversight hearing featuring metro officials was blunt. >> we have a metro system in crisis. >> next time something happens, i'm blaming it on you guys. often confrontational. the stakes are as high as ever. the beleaguered transit system, now infamous for safety and poor reliability, has systemic problems that are endangering riders. >> this is an embarrassment in the nation's capital. jay:
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recent criticism of the 24 hour shutdown. one member of congress made clear his expectations for new metro g.m. paul wiedefeld. theou why the new kid on block him and we are counting on you, but i want people fired and something done. jay: when metro board chair jack evans called on congress to contribute 300 million dollars annually, some blast at metro for poorly managing it finances. >> i'm not going to bail you out. jay: after the hearing, paul wiedefeld said that riders would see clear improvements in time. be improved. live at the l'enfant plaza metro station, we also got a bit of developing news when the ntsb announced their investigation into the fatal smoke incident that happened at the station was wrapped up
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early may. live in the district, jay korff, abc 7 news. alison: thank you, jay. advisoryanother frost expanded, and some parts of the area under a freeze warning. steve rudin has the outlook. steve: a cold start tomorrow, which are that you bundle up, leave extra time especially to the north and west of d.c., where we have no use you'd freeze warnings in frederick, loudoun county, the panhandle of west virginia. you may have to scrape frost off your windshield in the morning. montgomery county and fairfax under a frost advisory, the district, alexandria, southern maryland, nothing to worry about unless you have tropical plants outside. lots of sunshine on the way, we warm into the lower 60's. we have a huge warm up on the way for the upcoming weekend, and the cherry blossom parade forecast in just a few minutes. leon:
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took on atlanta tonight, one of the braves bonded out of jail and hopped on a plane home. withr olivera is charged assault and battery for an alleged attack on a woman in arlington last night. richard reeve has the details. richard: this began as a 911 call at the ritz-carlton hotel. it offers is arrived, they found the woman bruised and in distress. now the player faces separate investigations, one from major league baseball, the other from police and prosecutors. it is washington versus atlanta at nats park. >> innocent until proven guilty. the bravesssing on roster, number 28 come hector olivera. >> we were called to the ritz-carlton at pentagon city. richard: the atlanta outfielder now charged with assault and battery.
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i wish it was not true. richard: a woman called 911 from the hotel. arriving officers found her in distress with visible bruises. investigators are not sure how it started. >> we just know they had been drinking earlier in the night, went to bed and a dispute occurred before 7 a.m. richard: the woman has been treated and released from virginia hospital center. after he was charged, olivera was released on $10,000 bond. common thingike a in sports nowadays, unfortunately. onhard: olivera administrative leave, the braves still paying his $4 million salary. the fans are saddened and concerned. >> as a professional ballplayer, it's very unfortunate. issued athe braves statement which said in part, "we are extremely disappointed and troubled about the allegations. olivera
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is back home in florida, due in court sometime in june. for now, fans say they would not like him to represent brave space ball. richard reeve, abc 7 news. have decidedtors not to pursue charges against donald trump's campaign manager. the police arrested him last month on a misdemeanor battery charge, a reporter claiming that he grabbed her at the end of a campaign rally. the reporter is now considering a defamation suit. in a tweet, he called the decision "ugly." allegedlywoman threatened with a knife and raped, the police say this started with a shopping trip inside the beltway plaza in greenbelt, crowded with shoppers. tom roussey has the suspect that the police are searching for right now. tom? tom: behind me as a ranger, route 193.
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to beltway plaza from that road every day. there is also index it out the back that goes towards a neighborhood, and that is where this happened. this is what happened monday night, according to greenbelt police. the female victim was walking around shopping, when a man starts talking to her. he continues to follow her even as the woman walks out the back entrance. they finally part ways, or so the woman thinks. she crosses brees would drive it heads into the apartment complex. suddenly, the man is back. further into her the neighborhood, then pulls a nice, threatens her, drags her into the woods, and rates pes her. >> it's extremely scary. i cannot believe it happen so close to home. it makes me really not want to myself. i myself -- by tom:
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description of the attacker. he is not very tall come only about five feet tall. he was muscular and wearing a black t-shirt with a pink emblem on it. if you have any idea who this might be, please give the greenbelt police a call. tom roussey, abc 7 news. 7 is fighting back against crime and helping you do the same thing. one way we are doing that with is our spot crime map. go to, click on "on your side," and you will find the map. alison: a close call that could impact the world. jonathan elias is live in the satellite center with what happened. jonathan: this was a very provocative move the russians carry out against the united states, called one of the most aggressive actions against the u.s. military since the end of the cold war. two russian fighter
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within feet of a u.s. navy destroyer in the baltic sea. the pentagon says they passed dangerously close to the destroyer monday and again yesterday. the boat was in international waters during the time. the navy called the maneuvers unprofessional and credited the crew with showing great restraint by not firing on these aircraft. >> when you are flying just off the water at 500 miles per hour, you are focus just out the window. if he missed judges the ship, how far he is off the water, there is no room for error and a lot of room for disaster. jonathan: the u.s. is trying to figure out what may have triggered this act or actions. we will let you know if there are any changes. jonathan elias, abc 7 news. leon: 7 on your side with a health alert about the zika virus. the cdc is confirming the virus causes a rare birth to affect
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brain of developing babies. health officials say today's confirmation is a turning point in the virus which is still spreading. the cdc says there has never been a mosquito-borne virus that causes birth defects in humans until now. alison: a widely traveled and iconic bridge in serious trouble. the memorial bridge is in need a full renovation to keep it from shutting down completely. tonight, word the national park service may miss the deadline to apply for federal funding for the repairs. the deadline is tomorrow night, and construction must again by 2019 to prevent a full closure in 2021. 68,000 cars cross that bridge every day. stay with abc 7 for the latest as the deadline fast approaches. police in upper marlboro looking for a suspect in an atm skimming investigation. they say the man attached a skimming device to one of t
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watkins park drive. there is a picture, a pretty good image. if you have information, call the police. call forad -- a close a photographer. an airplane almost hits him as he stands on the ground. another big-name pulling out of a concert in north carolina. uber just for women? the brewing debat
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leon: neighbors say that a sound like an earthquake, a car slimming into a house in ohio. amazingly, nobody was hurt. the driver ran from the scene and was later caught. no word on what caused her to lose control. some photographers will do anything for a good shot. this one may be too close for comfort. this is in saint bart's
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, an amateur photographer wanting to capture an airplane landing. skims the topmost of his head. he had to duck to get out of the way. your plane grazed him, but he was not hurt. he said he was on a public road and it's common for people to stand there and take pictures. no word on why the airplane was so low. is one ofts say that the most challenging runways to hit in the entire world because of that. new details and the alledge road rage murder case of nfl star will smith. he was shot eight times in his back. still in question, what exactly triggered the pilot -- the violence after the collision between cars in new orleans. cardell hayes is charged with murder. he is not entered a plea. smith's wife was also shot and she is recovering in the hospital. >> the killer, we have evidence, showed no remorse whatsoever and he actually stood over will smith'
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wife crawled away. leon: will smith was part of the super bowl-winning new orleans saints in 2010. is the ringo starr latest entertainer to back out of north carolina over the controversial law, canceling a june concert in protest. he says that he and his stand that he had his fans must take a stand against hatred. critics say that the law discriminates against transgender individuals. bruce springsteen also canceled a concert and several companies are threatening to exit the state altogether. question stunted override sharing companies just for women. several organizations are suggesting a service featuring only female drivers to pick up only females and children, the goal to make women feel safe. it's not that simple. the idea is setting up a legal
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discrimination. final white house science fair of president obama's term is complete. the event honors the winners of science, technology, engineering, and math competitions around the country. this year, there were projects on space travel, battling cancer , and others. the president says he hopes the science fair will continue under the next administration. alison: i bet there are some young meteorologist in that group. leon: a young steve rudin? alison: i bet. steve: i took a twitter poll. rather have, a warm start followed by a lot of rain in the afternoon, were a cold start? start and nice afternoon. steve: 64% said that. it
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and will get colder tomorrow morning when you wake up. you will need an extra heavy jacket outside and leave a few minutes early because you may need to scrape frost. already 39 degrees culpeper, 37 frederick. off to the north and west will be the coldest as we move through the overnight into early tomorrow morning under mainly clear skies. the satellite and radar, not a lot going on. the huge area of high pressure dominates the forecast not only tonight but into tomorrow and as we move into the end of the week. even in two parts of the upcoming weekend. waking up tomorrow morning, clear skies, the temperatures cold. thatve a frost advisory has been expanded just a little bit, including all of montgomery county,all of fairfax eastern loudoun county, and the further north and west, that is where we have the freeze warning. if you have plants that you would normly
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are outside, you'll want to bring them inside, or at least cover them because they will be threatened by the cold later tonight, early tomorrow morning. those are the areas in purple. the district, southern maryland, should not be much problem amongst tropicals are outside. those plants have trouble below 40, and we will be in the upper 30's inside the beltway in southern maryland. the further north and west, to 35, especially in the frost warning area. noontimeecast, tomorrow, the wind out of the east, northeast, keeping us cool, but the sunshine makes it feel really nice. the wind will change direction, more out of the east, through tomorrow night. still a little cool tomorrow, but closer to the weekend, a little bit of a change. the wind begins to change direction, with a warm-up on the way. we are talking 60's saturday,
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forecast tomorrow, looking fantastic. grab the sunglasses. you will need them from the morning, noontime come into the early evening. skies, sunset just a little past 7:30 p.m. the national cherry blossom festival parade on saturday looks great, cooler in the morning, in the 50's. we rebounded to the lower 60's. near 70 degrees sunday. by monday, near 77 degrees for the daytime high. alison: nice. steve: and notice -- no raindrops. alison: that looks awesome. steve: in april. alison: it's time. leon: can you top that? scott: the wizards will be sitting at home for the playoffs. leon: we knew that, unfortunately. wittmanhe wizards randy does not hold back after the finale.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. scott: don't look now but the nationals are off to their best start since 2001, when the montréal expos opened 6-1. no stephen strasburg on the mountain it comes scratched with illness. solo home run from stephen drew. three batters later, jayson werth, fear the beard. outstanding,was seven shutout innings, four strikeouts. the nats win again, 3-0. orioles looking to stay perfect tonight come in boston. jackie b
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to the right, off the base of the wall. aadley slides and with triple. sadly, the orioles will not go 162-0 this season, losing tonight against the red sox, 4-2. wrappedington wizards up their disappointing season tonight, no playoffs come early tee times they share. it also may be the end of head coach randy wittman's time in washington. the was or is hosting atlanta in the finale. hosting atlanta in the finale. only six points for the rookie, but the was earns finished the season at .500, 41-41. here is randy wittman on his future with the team. coach wittman: i love this job. i'm going to come to work until they tell me i can't. i love this job. i'm proud of what we've done here. i took over
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ago and this was a sideshow. i'm proud of the work i've done here, i really am. i'm proud of our guys. scott: randy wittman, fighting until the end. i like that. the clock is ticking, the capitals on the ice today, putting their finishing touches on their game plan for the flyers. the start of their journey to the stanley cup starts here, and the verizon center will be rocking for game one. the series opener is a tone setter. making sure that we are prepared and levelheaded and focused, not just so excited to be here that we start making mistakes out of excitement. scott: game one tomorrow at 7:00. the redskins signed cornerback , and the nflday announced it will release the entire 2016 schedule tomorro
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in april for nfl fans, the schedule getting released. alison: thank you. leon: a teenaged girl, the generosity she extended to someone she did not even know.
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girl being praised for her generosity. she saw a boy sitting alone, bullied over holes in his shoes. outwent in her house, got her shoe collection, and brought him a new parasitic or's. andsaid she was made fun of wanted to stop it from happening to someone else. her mom took a video as she was bringing him the shoes. isn't that also? -- isn't that awesome? leon: i hope they show that on every station in town. areon: 13-year-old girls not always known for being nice all the time. steve: oh, i know! alison: that is a perfect example of how even adults should act. delores kelley: although we were all one maryland, our schools weren't treated the same way. narrator: with neighborhoods getting unequal funding for schools, something had to be done for our children. kelley: it didn't matter where chris was from. he knew that we couldn't leave a child having less
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in a region that was poor. joanne benson: he has not just talked about it. he is going to stand tall for all children to succeed. i'm chris van hollen, and i approved this message.
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steve: a cold start tomorrow morning, in the 30's, rebounding into the low 60's. leon: jimmy kimmel live is next
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dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- the cast of "captain america: civil war," robert downey jr., don cheadle, paul bettany, and emily vancamp, plus music from mayer hawthorne, with cleto and the cletones. and now -- oh, no -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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