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tv   World News Now  ABC  April 15, 2016 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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two others by debris from the crash. the 19-year-old driver has a history of seizures and driving with asus pinned license. he was taken into custody. as we head into the vacation season, a warning about long lines at the airport. the problem? more of us are traveling but the government has not hired any additional tsa agents. here's abc's david kerley. >> reporter: l.a.x., long snaking security lines. spring break travel wait times across the country of one, two, even three hours. >> it's insane. i don't understand. >> reporter: not only passengers -- >> we missed our flight and we're told there's nothing they can do. >> reporter: -- airports are angry, too. a letter to tsa from charlotte, complaining of a negative economic impact of 600 missed flights. seattle announcing it will hire 90 contractors just to help the tsa officers. and the airlines? american saying nearly 6,800 passengers missed flights in one week at five airports it serves. th
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a record number of travelers, no additional tsa officers, terrorist attacks, and new security measures at checkpoints. is a nightmare ahead for summer travelers? >> i don't think a nightmare is ahead. but i think you can expect to see some longer wait times, simply because of the volume of people moving. >> reporter: it is likely to be a horrible summer to travel. the best tip is sign up for tsa pre-check. that is the fast lane here at security. if not, show up hours early for your flight. you are likely to spend many of -- more time in line. david kerley, abc news, reagan washington airport. >> a new survey says america has a new favorite grocery store, wegmans tops the list. they have six stores on the east coast. the survey is based on customer satisfaction and loyalty. rounding out the list, publix, trader joe's took a dive to third, that's the first time in four years trader joe's didn't rank first. >> i used to drive an hour out of the way just to go to
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>> i'm that addicted to that store. my rochester store days. >> there's one in princeton. it's worth it. >> hours to go grocery shopping. > you'll thank me later. in wisconsin a duck is getting his waddle back thanks to a teacher and 3-d printer. phillip belonged to a little girl with plenty of animals but she had to leave them all behind when he she moved. vickie saw a picture of phillip and his feet and wanted to help out. >> the poor little thing. she reached out to the middle school teacher with the 3-d printer. now after a few false starts, phillip can walk again. teacher ep created what she believes are the perfect set of feet. >> i guess it works. very cool. >> 3-d printing. > what's next? >> oh, he -- his little numbers. look at him ready to go. >> coming up, parents under fire. the new phenomenon known as parent shaming that's triggering
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also calls to authorities over how parents are raising their kids. >> later in our "insomniac theater," the barber shon will never be the same. calvin palmer welcome the ladies sparking a jernds war, southside of chicago. first here's a look at today's temperatures. 80 degrees in dallas. 81 in phoenix. i like warm temperatures. >> that's kind you have cool. >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by american advisors group.
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washington national slugger bryce harper hit his first ever grand slam, his 100th career homer and breaking the scoreboard while at it at 23 years old. he becomes the youngest player in major league history to reach the 100th homer milestone and one more interesting stat. he's the only major leaguer whose first grand slam came on his 100th career home run. it's amazing. > good for him. >> i
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last february. ever since then he had an mvp year last year and now he's hit that milestone. is there something to be said with meeting me and then just. >> i'm ready. i'm ready for the graces to fall upon me. the diane macedo show. i like it. >> there you go. popular around here. >> so some parents are coming under fire lately. mothers and fathers being judged by other parents and sometimes by people ho don't even have kids over everything from fast food to fast toys. >> there's a flame for it. it's called parent shaming. it's a very real phenomenon not only the rice but hit one of our own. paula ferris who brings us this report. >> reporter: recently on "the view," i innocently revealed my 28-year-old daughter has an ipad. >> my daughter is texting a little bit. she's only texts people i approve of. >> reporter: and set off a social media debate. one woman tweeting why does
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daughter need a cell phone. my response she as an ipad she bought with her own money that she monitor 24/7. i'll patient my kids. you parent yours. that exchange is a reminder how much we as parents are under the microscope. i'm hardly alone. ryan reynolds publicly criticized for how he wore his baby carrier. alicia silverstone condemned for posting a video of herself feeding her baby she prechewed. more examples of perron shaming, the act of criticizing parents, even calling authorities for actions that meant and caused to real harm. for quentin tarantino mom patty, the call from a vanger to authorities about her children proved traumatic. home alone with her kids, shoo he was still in her pajamas when she chose not to respond to a delivery man's doorbell ring. >> okay, if he leaves his package and i went to the bathroom, five minutes later three cop car
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>> she notes her children had been watching tv but the delivery man siouxing something was wrong called police. >> i thought i was going to get arrested. >> nationally calls to authorities about kids are on the rise. according to child protect tick services data calls to report possible cases of abuse are up to 3.5 million a year, an increase of 12% since 2009. but the cases of abuse are down 4% to 679,000. meaning the overwhelming majority of calls placed to cps are without merit. the new issue of parents' magazine addresses the growing scrutiny of moms. >> do you think social media is really feeling this parent shaming phenomenon. >> i think social media has amplified its effects. one expert called it a mob mentality. >> it's not so much i'm doing this to help you as to attack you or to feel better about his myself. >> right? >> sociologist christine carter
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heightened awareness of parents but warns shaming is not the way to go. >> these are things that lead to our own feelings of temporary superiority but that are not behaviors that are helpful to society at all. >> patty says she's still recovering from the morning police were called to her house. seeing that her children were safe, the mr. is left but the situations made her uneasy. >> people shouldn't be looking for something was wrong. they should just mind their own business. >> reporter: paula ferris, abc news, new york. coming up, anna wintour in her element. the clock is ticking. > it is ticking down to this year's annual met gala. a new documentary pulls back the curtain on one of fashion's biggest events of the year. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues
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♪ >> turn to the right. ♪ fashion. >> you remember this one. >> turn to the right. >> that's sort of like the ru paul version is what it's sounding like. >> i'm practicing. > that's david bowie. the world of high fashion is taking center stage and just over two weeks at the met gala here in new york city into and calling all the shots at
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of course, vogue's editor and nan win to your. a new film is giving us an up-close view of the of fashion icon in her element. here's abc's juju chang. >> reporter: there's j. lo, hand in hand with donatella as in versace, or lupita yong 0 go and rihanna, stealing the show with a handmade 16 foot long fur trimmed cape all at fashion's ultimate spec tackle, the annual met gala. and 2015's ball was no exception. let's just say if looks could kill this red carpet would be deadly. >> the new documentary "the first monday in may" pulls back the curtain on the star-studded event for the first time. >> jennifer larns, ladies and gentlemen, rihanna for vogue's editor-in-chief, no leadup is too small including the
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list. >> julianne moore. i don't know what to do. >> reporter: painstakingly analyzing that crucial seating chart. >> i thought he wasn't coming. > but then he decided he wanted to come. >> reporter: can you not be on your cell phone the whole time. >> loud and clear. >> we see her minions sweating the details like how they're going to pay for it all. >> rihanna, we didn't realize how expensive. >> reporter: just like the luxurious gowns, anna's party is always the talk of the town. juju chang, abc news, new york. now, the dresses that come up account red carpet at the gala are always so over the top. this year, the theme is the age of technology. >> so could you just imagine, are you going to go dressed as a facebook. >> i think things may be lit up. apparently they're merging sort of handmade couture with machine made fashion. things like laser cutting and so on. >> so a pla
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let's be clear. clearasil works fast. time now for our favorite segment of the week. "insomniac theater," of course, previewing two movies hitting theaters this weekend. >> we start with "criminal isn't starring kevin costner as a death row inmate turned into a human guinea pig whether he the memories of a dead agents are implanted into his brain as part of an effort to stop an international terrorist. >> they stuck billy in my head. i got a scar, see? all the stuff that he knew, all the stuff he could do i got it all scrambled up inside me. >> that's impossible. >> yeah, the critics they're not buying it either.
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tomatoes with a dismal 17% an probable rating. steven whitey of the new york daily news writes it's like the movie was written in crayon in the margins of a comic book. rick of the fresno bee says it's a shame there isn't a government organization that takes dead movie scripts and drops ideas in from better writers. >> next, how about this for a better idea. a sequel, barber shop 2. >> because i don't go to the barber shop. >> neither do i. the next cut, 12 years after we last saw him, use cube's calvin palmer shares his shop with a beauty salon as a cost cutting measure. what was once a guy's refuge is now ground zero the ongoing gender war. >> i can't believe you all spent all that money on weaves anyway. >> i can't believe you all put all that money on your head and don't have no money for your rent.
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>> exactly. because with this hair and booty, it's like a black amex. i never get denied. >> i bet you don't. >> there's no denying that this is all-star cast featuring nicki minaj, shawn patrick thomas, cedric the entertainer is delighting critics with 77% on rotten toe mate hes. news day rights the franchise hasn't improved quality wise but the humor still crackles. jordan hoffman the guardian says it doesn't pretend to solve any problems but shows community and communication in this case laughter might. >> see, bring ladies into the barber shop. >> it's all good. >> we make it better. >> yeah, i'm going to go see the movie just so i can what a barber shop is like. >> that's the news for this half hour. >> remember to follow us on facebook.
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this morning on "world news now," the battle in brooklyn. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders facing off, hitting each other harder than ever before. the issues they tried to dance around and what this means for the race for the democratic nomination with only four days left until the make or break new york primary. japan is reeling this morning from a devastating earthquake. the desperate dig through the rubble in search of survivors, a baby saved. we have the latest ahead. >> caught on camera. an officer surrounded bet getting into a brawl as he attempts to subdue someone in the crowd. some bystanders seen kicking and throwing punches. how the situation quickly escalated and got out of control. and don't burst his bubble oop he's at it again. the bubble man takes his


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