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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  April 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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i don't know what happened. but she slammed into it. a mother on the bus tells me it was a really hard slam. that is why everyone was so jolted. as far as why the kids were here in lot eight of r.f.k. stadium to begin with here is the reason. there is a big science and engineering fair going on at the convention center but they didn't want to bring all the buss to that. so they dropped the kids off here and took metro to town. i'm told they took the metro back to lot eight r.f.k. we are going back to prince george's county when they hit the pole. 46 people were on the pole. half of them were taken to the hospital. again with minor injuries. the kids transported were taken to the children's hospital where we find our kevin lewis. what is the latest from there? kevin: well, tom, i can tell you an emergency ambulance bus and a handful of ambulances just got all of the children, 22 in total into the hospital here. take a live look at the children national hospital in
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staff here train for. the big mass casualties. luckily the children involved here, 22 in total all have minor injuries. we don't know what type of injuries. take a look at the video. there were four or five ambulances and then the ambulance bus which carried a number of those children. the resources throughout the city were able to respond to other emergency call. we have a call here to obtain extra information and we will bring it to you when we get it. for now, reporting in northwest. leon: stay with abc7 for updates on the story. even if you can't be by your television, log on to scribe to breaking news -- subscribe to break news alerts to keep you informed. this is one of the biggest weekends ahead in the d.c.
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convention center and the possibility of protests will bring big crowds. getting in and out of d.c. will be frustrating. we have a roundup so you can't say you weren't warned. jay? jay: i'm in a primary seating location for the cherry blossom festival parade that will start tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. along the beautiful constitution avenue. in the shadow of the national archives. it is going to be a wild, amazing and a potential stressful weekend. so much is going on in a small concentrating area in downtown washington. start with the list to kick off with the festival. along the parade route tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. if you want tickets you better get here a few hours early to get a good seat. the route is 7 to 17
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day parade, which is going to be in the judiciary square area at 1:00 p.m. a huge weekend long science and engineering festival not far from here at the convention center. that is a massive event. of course the caps game two of the first round playoff matchup against the flyers is at 7:00 saturday night at verizon center. a lot going on. coming up on "abc7 news at 6:00", we will go in-depth to what you need to know to stay out of the crazy traffic. although you might not have much choice in the matter. reporting live along constitution avenue. in d.c., jay korff, abc7 news. michelle: throughout the evening on abc7 we will be around d.c. to get ready for the cherry blossom parade. we'll check in with meteorologist steve rudin and amy aubert will introduce to us parade participants. leon: abc7 and newschannel8 are media partners with the cherry
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want to see the whole thing watch it here by noon or at 2:00 on the sister station newschannel8. michelle: a lot of options there. the national park service made their deadline to request a grant to fix the memorial bridge. but the transportation system says the bridge overall is a megaproject. the n.p.s. transportation system gets $250 million a year. that is how much the bridge repairs could cost. but the $250 million is split over regions across the nation. our area is 1,330% of the capital region allotment. leon: this is the last weekend you can enjoy regular rail service on metro. five-week break from the track work is nearly up. they started the work-free weekend for the cherry blossom season when the ridership nearly doubles in town. the break started march 19 and it ends on sunday. speaking of the transportation
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the outer loop of the beltway was shut down. chain reaction crash seriously injuring a maryland state trooper who is still in shock trauma in critical condition. maryland bureau chief brad bell explains if it wasn't for a good samaritan the trooper might not be alive today. tell us about that. brad: it could have been a lot of worse. we are live outside the shock trauma center in baltimore. a fairly sad scene here. there is just around the corner a row of the state police cruisers. i just talked to a first sergeant who came out who had a somber look on his face and said you know what? the good news is he is still with us. every passing minute the news gets better. show you some of the pictures we just got. for the first time a ground level look at this crash yesterday. they were taken by a witness who provided them to us. along with his narrative today. describing aer thal chain reaction crash. that ended up with the trooper's car essentially
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he got there he realized he had to do something. he hooked the hook from his tow truck to the black mercedes which rear-eneded and tracked the trooper and yanked it off the car so the fire personnel would have an opportunity to get to the trooper who this man knew was in terrible shape. >> i come around the passenger side. i shake the trooper. trooper are you okay? "are you okay?" he didn't respond. he didn't respond i just got on the walkie talkie and i said trooper down on 495. brad: terrifying thing to have to do. when we come back at 5:00, more on the investigation into this accident. a number of scenarios being discussed right now. state police not exactly sure what what happened and we will also have more on the condition of this young trooper. in baltimore, brad bell, abc7 news. leon: keep us filled in. folks if you want to see more
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update over the past 24 hours log on to and search "trooper." we have the story published for you there. a judge is considering whether defense attorneys can film a preliminary hearing in the case of nicole lovell's murder. natalie keepers is charged with helping david eisenhauer. they want to fill testimony may 20 hearing to prepare for the defense. they say the footage would be kept private. ruling no it made on the case. michelle: virginia officials are touting a new law that overhauls how law enforcement agencies process sexual assault evidence kits. governor terry mcauliffe and the attorney general held the signing and they found 3,000 untested kits mostly related to sexual assault and rape cases. mcauliffe said the new law would double the number of tests performed next year. did southwest airlines go
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far in kicking a muslim woman off the flight for refusing to change seats? that is the claim from her family and the council on american-islamic relations. suzanne kennedy explains what happened in a trip that started in arlington. suzanne: the takoma park woman travels started here at reagan national airport on wednesday. she was traveling on southwest airlines to seattle, washington, when she ran into trouble on the connecting flight in chicago. hakima said she asked to switch seats with a passenger so she wouldn't be sitting between two men something that makes her uncomfortable as a muslim woman. the southwest flight attendant began to question her about switching seat and then ordered her from the plane. the council on american-islamic relations says the woman was discriminated against because she is muslim. >> she suffered acute distress and anxiety as a result of the experience. she was publicly humiliated before a plane full of passengers still without knowing
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could not swatch seats with an agreeable passenger. suzanne: we reached out to southwest airlines and they tell us that the flight attendant followed proper procedures. coming up at 5:00 we introduce you to them with's husband to hear what he has to say about what happened to his wife. at reagan national airport, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. leon: new york's presidential primary is around the corner. but one candidate is spending his friday thousands of miles away. bernie sanders. he landed in rome this morning. you can see that is the scene. sanders is at the vatican to address a conference on social, economic and environmental issues. he gave a 15-minute long speech. michelle: coming up on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- g.m. recalling a muslim million trucks. leon: the safety feature that is failing just ahead here. it's been three years since the boston
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we take a look at how the city is marking that occasion and the finish line ahead of this year's race. doug: a lot of things happening around the capital. we have everything affecting the operation, whether you're home, away, visiting. that's up next. steve: steve rudin live at u.d.c. they are practicing and gearing up for the big cherry blossom parade. we have full
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leon: the people of boston are honoring the lives lost in the terror attack three years ago. in 2013 two bombs went off near the finish line of the boston marathon. three people were killed. more than 200 injured. events take place today throughout the city to mark the day. look at this. this is the finish line this year for the boston marathon, which is going to be run on monday. 120th boston running of the race. 500,000 people are expected to cheer on the pl -- approximately 30,000 runners. michelle: charles manton follower leslie van houten could soon be a free woman.
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and conspiracy in the slaying of leo and rosemary la bianca a day after actress sharon tate and four others were killed. the parole proposal will be reviewed and the final decision is up to governor jerry brown. leon: a judge refused to reduce bonds for two wisconsin girls accused of trying to kill the classmate. authorities say the girls lured a classmate in the woods after a birthday sleepover and repeatedly stabbed her. the investigators say the girl hoped it would hern them a home in slender man's mansion, a fictional horror character. they have been in custody for two years. the attorneys say the families can't afford the bond. michelle: a 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck saturday morning in japan. the same region a magnitude 6.2-quake struck six days earlier. there was a tsunami adv
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they are still going through the rubble to find anyone trapped. leon: "7 on your side" consumer alert. president obama wants to lower the table bill. the administration file ald formal request with the f.c.c. to ask that the pay television providers open up the market to competition. right now consumer stros go to big cable companies to get the box which can cost folks money. administration hopes to lower cost for consumers getting other companies to enter the market and compete. general motors is recalling more than a million trucks because of the seat belts may not hold people in a crash. the 2014 silverado and the siera 1500. they found the problem analyzing the warranty data. g.m. says there haven't been report of crashes or injuries but call the dealer if you think you have a problem. michelle: what a horrible scene. big rig full of wine crashed in northern california near san francisco. the highway was a huge mess to shut down a
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the crews had to unload each broken wine. leon: they just need a truck full of cheese and then bread to come by. >> straight if napa, too. time for a check of the traffic situation. jamie sullivan has details. jamie: yesterday was a rough ride. nothing is closed now but we have accidents. virginia, northbound 95 getting through the triangle the crash is past that point. dropping you down to 11 miles per hour. now we always have the southbound slowing. you can see it here. take a live look at the accident to show you what we have. everything was blocking the left lane. it moved to the left shoulder but the delay is in place because everyone is looking over to see what is going on. we move to the maps we will focus in on the big picture now. yes, the b
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patches. this is typical. but a crash we are hearing about on the freeway. outbound after the third street tunnel the left lane is blocked. if you have to travel to reagan national airport we have closures in place. just a heads up. that is a look at traffic. back to you. michelle: be on the lookout for the parade closures tomorrow. we are talking about this. the big one is the national cherry blossom festival. leon: abc7 a media partner of the festival this year. we will air the parade tomorrow at noon. steve rudin is at the headquarters and how is it going? steve: a lot going on. practicing for opening routine to start at 10:00
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two special guests. diane from the national cherry blossom parade and rob, "good morning america" weekend senior meteorologist for abc news. what do we have going on here this weekend? a lot. >> i'm happy to participate in the parade cherry blossoms. i will be a reporter to talk to the people like diana. i have heard about the parade and the festival but this is my first time. what makes this so special? >> seeing the kids coming, there are thousands of people participatg who have their own special moment. that is my favorite part. >> they look nervous back here. have a complicated choreography here. >> thank you. they only do it in one day. they practice ahead of time and do it all together in one day.
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steve: besides the acts from the kids we have what else to expect? a lot of balloons? >> wonderful balloons. you are coming down to carry. we have fabulous floats. tiffany, jersey boys, a lot of fun performers. steve: awesome. looking forward to it. the weather will be absolutely spectacular. not only for the day tomorrow but for the upcoming weekend. even beyond. more on that, we head back to doug and michelle and leon. leon: like the sound of that. doug: you don't know how many fridays have i spent on a news desk hemming and hawing. well the weekend, well, -- this time it's perfect. michelle: we like when it cooperates. doug: cool in morning. uper 40 to low 50's but it will warm up and be fine. get started with a look at things around the area now. we have a live look at the rockville. the rockville campus of the montgomery campus.
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afternoon with cloudiness skies thanks to a massive ridge of high pressure in the atmosphere. the wind direction, we are staying cooler. would you rather have five days of rain and 75 degrees or five day of sunshine and 60's? i will give you two seconds. i won't. this is what we want. 62 in the capital. forecast tonight one thing missing. you don't see a forecast advisory. crystal clear skies and light winds. i told you yesterday this is omega ridge because the circulation that coming up and around and out of the system looks like the greek letter omega. this is the system when you get under one usually under a week or so with the fine
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this is how it warms up sunday and monday. cherry blossom parade weather looks great all week. we continue here the night before. 56 with sunshine. if you are in direct fun it will feel warmer than the air temperatures. in the afternoon if you are planning to attend the d.c.-toronto game at 5:00, it will be spectacular. plenty of sunshine. temperatures in the mid-60's. you can watch that live on newschannel8 at 5:00 p.m. the next seven days there will be changes and maybe a chance of showers. that may come as early as next friday afternoon. look how many more sunny days we have. that will take a string to five, six, seven, eight -- like 12 sunny days in a row which doesn't happen around here that often. look at that. 79, close to 80 monday. cooler on tuesday. wednesday, thursday are fine. then the next frontal system to bring us showers by friday. leon: the only thing we ca
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michelle: use it to wash out the air. leon: thank you, doug. you may have heard about the a.m.c. movie theater chain considering the creation of the designated theaters for people who want to text on the phones while watching movies. the theater chain is backing off the plan. it caught a lot of heat. some say they want the theaters so people two want to use their phones can be with other people who want to use the phone and away from people two don't want to be around people using their phone. michelle: watch it at home then. what do you think? this is the subject for the twitter poll today. did a.m.c. do the right thing in pulling back? we are at abc7 news. we want to hear from you. results in a half hour. >> the kids like doing that. michelle: the mllennials. leon: are you one of them? >> no. if i'm in the movies the phone is off. leon: i like you more and more. the nba h
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decision whether to host next year's all-star game in north carolina. we tell you what they decided coming up. michelle: look at repairs five years after earthquake caused massive
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leon: the law the citks say discriminate against the lgbt in north carolina taken up by the nba. they ar
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all-star game that is scheduled to be played in charlotte. stephanie ramos have the decision. reporter: they will not be moving the all-star game out of the tar heel state for now. >> the best role is to play through constructive engagement toward change. not setting deadlines. not making ultimatums. reporter: a bipartisan group of senators writing to the nba commissioner adam silver urging the organization to take a stand against north carolina's so-called bathroom law. silver agrees the law is problematic. but says he has faith that north carolina will make changes before the all-star game ten months from now. >> this is about something bigger than the nba. reporter: the north carolina governor made changes to the state law but it does not extend to protect gay families. other states are introducing and passing similar bills and also facing threat of boycott. in mississippi, a law
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businesses the right to deny service to member of the lgbt community based on rely you moral belief. similar law in south dakota and georgia have been vetoed. previously rejected bill in kansas, minnesota, tennessee have been revived. in south carolina this week, a public hearing on the so-called bathroom law drew a crowd to the state house. >> i just ask for you to look at me and tell me that i believe in a men's restroom. >> the republican governor was booed and heckled at an event because he failed to commit to legislation that protects transgender people. he said this is an emotional issue. and something that many people feel strongly about. in northwest, stephanie ramos, abc7 news. michelle: ahead at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- hours after circulating a composite sketch of a sex assault suspect, police believe they found their man. how they tracked him down
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. leon: the top stories we're following throughout the afternoon on abc7 news. 22 students from woodbridge elementary school and two adults injured when their bus hit a light post in the r.f.k. stadium lot. abc7 learned that everyone is expected to be
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michelle: a maryland trooper is in critical condition at shock trauma after yesterday's crash shut down the outer loop of the beltway in lanham for hours. leon: tomorrow bringes the national cherry blossom parade. we will be in northwest d.c. for the prep all evening. it airs on abc7 at noon tomorrow. if you want to see the whole thing. weather wise, boy, oh, boy, did we hit the lottery when it comes to scheduling a parade for what we have this weekend. doug: you think? think of all the other ways it could be. leon: and we have seen it over years past. michelle: it will be sunny in the 50's. doug: then it will climb in the 60's. perfect. get started with a time lapse. this is the view from the u.s. naval academy. throughout the day is nothing but sunshine. winds are light. water is nothing more than a ripple coming down. this is
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tidal potomac. the seas will be one foot or less. ideal visibility and the boating condition. water is chilly in the low 50's. 66 in ash burn. springfield in 64. there are areas to the west. pittsburgh 70. 27 in columbus. 73 in indianapolis. that warm air will migrate our direction sewly. tomorrow, get 70 degree readings. monds surge of warm air ahead of a cold front. national park week begins tomorrow. go to the website and #tag findyourpark. it will run for a week and the
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national park. it stays gorgeous through next week. leon: hours after circulating sketches of assault suspect malcolm hall was arrested. the alleged victim was a 77-year-old woman. brianne carter is in chantilly with how they found the man they believe is behind the attack. brianne: good old fashioned police work and leads in the last 24 to 48 hours led to this arrest of the man that authorities say worked here part-time at this rec center. they arrested 28-year-old malcolm hall who worked here part time at the rec center since
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now facing charges of attempted somy of an assault of a 77-year-old woman in centreville. i happened april 5. the police canvassed the area in centreville and even reached out with fliers. then new information came to light that led to the arrest. leon: they learned of new information they came across. >> that led to additional leads. they were able to identify the suspect and arrest him 8:30 in the everything. brianne: we understand he has been terminated from the job here. we ask why he targeted the individual. that is part of the investigation but they say they believe this was a random act. and there were no other victims in connection with this. coming up
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leon: at the national cathedral they have begun phase two of the repair work. the huge crane start to remove the two-ton stone. it comes after the august of 2011 earthquake that hit the cathedral harder than any other local edifice. tomorrow is d.c. emancipation day. the 154th anniversary of the president abraham lincoln freeing 3,000 slaves in the district. a day before the comen ration parade residents join together to push for the d.c. statehood. they rallied in front of the d.c. city hall to call for voting rights in congress. >> we are seeing there is still something unholy and unjust. we are incomplete piece of the revolution.
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leon: muriel bowser will propose an issue to put it on the ballot in november. michelle: getting higher education in maryland is about to get more expected. they are expected to vote on 2% tuition increase for in-state and 3% for out-of-state. this would be the smallest increase in 2010. leon: who will win the empire state? right now are the front runners feeling the heat? >> the democratic hopefuls are trying to move on from thursday night debate with clinton making a last campaign stop in harlem before flying out of state. >> i will fight for you. do everything
4:37 pm
>> sanders flying out of the country to defend his trip to the vatican to attend conference on inequality. leon: i have been impressed by pope francis and his view to create moral economy. >> meanwhile ahead of big battle in new york trump comes under fire from group of alumni from "apprentice." >> i don't think he is qualified. >> the rhetoric is dangerous. >> he is blasting the group that once worked for him on reality tv writing ask how successful they have been since they left. six failing one of these out of hundreds of contestants. so sad. they are looking ahead to november. >> if it ends up
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hillary i look forward to beat whichever socialist wins the nomination. >> today they described the process easy to understand for those willing to learn it. leon: belgium transport minister re-signed following report that detail lapse of the airport security. the confidential document made public by two belgian opposition parties. the oversight of the security measures was flawed 57 cited serious problems for how the safety check were managed. coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- what happens when you repsychothe iphone for a discount on the next
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purchase? they make money off of you. we will let you know how much. michelle: fisher-price says you should not put your child in this cradle. recall and what parents are being urged to do so their babies don't get hurt coming up on abc7 news.
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yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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delores kelley: although we were all one maryland, our schools weren't treated the same way. narrator: with neighborhoods getting unequal funding for schools, something had to be done for our children. kelley: it didn't matter where chris was from. he knew that we couldn't leave a child having less just because they lived in a region that was poor. joanne benson: he has not just talked about it. he is going to stand tall for all children to succeed. i'm chris van hollen, and i approved this message. i'm chris van hollen, trying to make me eat my greens?low. no, just trying to save you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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leon: look at this guy here. beautiful -- oh, it disappeared. we had a picture of a race horse. but the name is not so beautiful. michelle: there it is. we were admiring him. well, horsey mchorse face is the name. not very flattering. and that is what happens when you allow the internet, internet trolls to take over. australian owner took inspiration from the british research ship that users wanted to name, yes, boaty mcboatface. so the question is when will horsey mchorseface run? next month. leon: you can be more original. to louisville, kentucky, run for the roses there means it's time for the horse racing kentucky derby big event of the year. michelle: at spalding university in louisville
4:43 pm
taking place this week. the run for the rodents. it's a campus tradition. spanning decades. seven rats compete in five races with members of the student body cheering them on. >> it's awesome. introduction to derby. it means a lot to kentucky and spalding university as a whole. >> the rat was a triple-down winner. taking three of the five races. the ground prize is box of serial. leon: you know an will offer you a discount if you bring in your old iphone to trade in? michelle: it is profitable for them. they recycle and there is
4:44 pm
michelle: that makes you feel like they should pay you more. leon: gold luck. leon: coming up on abc7 -- leon: cracked windshield forced delta flight to make an emergency landing. michelle: warning from fisher-price. don't put the child in the swing. it is not safe. what they want the parents to do immediately when
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leon: performer from the circus is recovering from an accident. a viewer was a few rows back. the person injured was b.m.x. rider who received immediate medical attention. >> "7 on your side" with a consumer alert. thousands of fisher-price cradle swings being
4:48 pm
some of the seats have fallen. if you own one this they advise you stop using it immediately. contact fisher-price for revised instruction. leon: heart-pounding moment in the air. a plane flying from new york to nashville had to make emergency landing after a bird struck the aircraft. i hit so hard the wind shield cracked. the aircraft had a cracked windshield. >> they share the same air space so it is pound to happen. get your heart beating fast. >> surprised we don't hear about it more often. the bird strikes are rare but they happen. 60% of the bird strikes happen in the landing. michelle: back to the question we asked earlier in the hour.
4:49 pm
you might be thinking about going to see a movie. leon: that is right. take a deep breath. a.m.c. theaters are backing off the proposal to allow texting at certain theaters. that was the subject of the twitter poll. we asked the question. michelle: did a.m.c. make the right call scrapping the plan? they got a ton of backlash. so far you agree. this poll will be open all night. you see the numbers. 83% say yes. 17% say no. find out on twitter at leon: the poll yesterday at 4:00. how far will the cap goes? majority of those are riding the wave after the game one win. big, big, victory. more than 55% say the caps are going to go all the way to the stanley cup finals. >> some folks change the answers after last night's game.
4:50 pm
for weekend. rocking the red is one option. leon: but so much is happening it will be a great time to get outside. kidd o'shea with the weekend kickoff. kidd: a lot of great events this weekend. a few of my top picks. set your alarm and get up early tomorrow. the cherry blossom festival parade kicks you have at 10:00 a.m. on constitution avenue. there will be ton of performers, floats and balloons and carrie from "dancing with the stars" and many of the abc7 and the newschannel8 team. so wave. walk to pennsylvania avenue from emancipation parade. it honors the signing of the emancipation act that freed 3,000 d.c. slaves in 1867. after that there is a star-studded concert and fire woks at 9:00. also downtown the caps face off against flyers for game two of the playoffs. we have one win under our belt. see if we can go for two.
4:51 pm
make you happen. i'm kidd o'shea for "good morning washington." leon: the weather forecast is looking good for the weekend, too. michelle: very nice. let's check back in with steve rudin. hey, steve. steve: it's beautiful inside and outside. we are live. they are prepping for tomorrow. joining me now is a special guest. they recognize rob arciano from senior meteorologist and "good morning america" and abc news. what brings you to town? >> i want to meet you, of course. i want to be bossed around by leon which will happen tomorrow. i'm here for the festival of course. we promote it tomorrow on g.m.a. i will work it as a special correspondent on the parade. i'm excited. steve: a lot with the parade. dancers and floats. i'll be carrying a huge panda
4:52 pm
avenue. 18 of my colleagues will be doing it. and thankfully we are not going to have to deal with the bad weather or gusty winds. we will put rob to work now. parade day forecast. >> in the lower 50's in the morning. chilly. but by the time we get through the parade we are well in 60's. mid-60's by the time it's all over and you are wandering to the other activities. light winds are important for you as a panda holder. steve: very important. looking forward to that. it will only get hotter around here. near 80 degrees moving in the day on monday. a lot of sunshine. we have a cold front, a dry cold front that will cool us out a little bit mid-week and we will warm it up toward the end of the weekend. by friday the only day to see the clouds and chance for rain. only limited to a 30% risk. a lot of you won't see anything at all. a great time at the parade. we look forward to see you there. crazy day for the traffic. head back inside to jamie sullivan. jamie: as you mention the weather is nice tomorrow. but
4:53 pm
about the closures that go into place. yesterday right in this area was completely blocked. this is in prince george's county along the beltway. happy to say we don't have closures on the beltway today. we have a few accidents, minor crashes moving to the map. something else to let you know about is the paving and the milling closures tomorrow. exit ramps from the airport to get to the g.w. parkway. we have a delay. if you plan to travel to reagan this weekend you will have that issue. we have many other closures in place. the i.m.f. world bank meeting. on the freeway it's in the single digits outbound to the 11th street bridge. you can see the red. southbound 295 as well as the traffic northbound on kenilworth avenue. the stretch along the northwest corner. tysons continuing north closer to top side of the beltway. we have a normal congestion but no crashes. back to you. leon: thank you. next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- your post-tax da
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the documents to get rid of now and the three you want to hang on to for a couple more years. michelle: at 5:00 we are continuing to follow a developing story from r.f.k. stadium where 21 students and two adults were injured in a school bus crash. up date on the conditions and what went wrong in a f
4:55 pm
but jamie raskin is the only abdemocrat for congress who led the fight for tougher gun laws. only raskin took on the nra to ban military-style assault weapons. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
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4:59 pm
it will be a busy weekend in d.c. what you need to know about the big events and how to navigate around them. announcer: now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: we are getting new perspective tonight of yesterday's horrific crash that critically injured a maryland state trooper and shut down the beltway. new perspectives from witnesses including the man that possibly saved that trooper's life. maryland bureau chief brad bell live where they are fighting for their life. brad: we are at the shock trauma center and we have seen the troopers coming and going. the maryland state police family of the young man. they are telling us they are happy he is still with them. they talk about the speed with which he was able to be extricated from his car and brought here in large part thanks to the work of a good samaritan
5:00 pm
>> for the first time the black mercedes which rear-ended the unmarked state police car. the cruiser, itself. trooper evan ganeshananda still trapped inside. the pictures taken by the tow truck driver obema. >> we all are trying to have the trooper. the cash is smashed. another tow truck driver sees the whole thing. >> i took it up quick. i drag it would car where the pressure and the state trooper was. >> he is far from recovery there is hope. >> it will take a long time. >> many questions about what caused a crash. tom be


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