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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  April 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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kimberly: breaking news, two firefighters in critical condition after being shot, a civilian also wounded by gunfire. alongootings happened sheridan road in temple hills. we have team coverage from the scene and the hospitals.
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with the latest. we are hearing all of this started with a call from a concerned citizen? absolutely, that is the thing that is the most bizarre. investigators are working to crime scenes and we are being kept quite a ways back. this happened at about 7:30 p.m. tonight on sharon road. this is video on the very chaotic scene, dozens of officers all over the place. whybig unanswered question, would somebody opened fire on firefighters just trying to save somebody's life? the pg police chief said the firefighters were answering a call along with police officer to make a welfare check on a person at the address who may be experiencing a medical issue. when the firefighters arrived is when the trouble began. >>
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resident of the home was not responsive, so a decision was made to gain entry to the home and check on the person's welfare. unfolding, the individual inside the home fired a number of rounds, striking two prince george's county firefighters and the concerned publicual who had led safety to the address during the course of the evening. roz: both firefighters are in critical condition. the person who called 911 injured but not life-threatening. is inspected shooter custody, being questioned at this point and is being cooperative as investigators try to piece together why and how this happened. live in temple hills, roz plater, abc 7 news. of they: two firefighters were rushed to different hospitals, one taken to southern maryland hospital in clinton, where richard reeve is live tonight.
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about this firefighters condition? richard: still being told us far as we know that this firefighter is in critical condition. the hospital we were told was at least partially in lockdown. over to the emergency room, a sizable contingency of firefighters and police have been here, both to express support for this firefighter but also trying to gather information about what has happened. we have just gotten word from the chief that he will be talking with us in about 3, 4 minutes, so we hopefully will have more information for you. ofin, a large number officers arriving in support of this critically wounded outside,er, who was part of the team outside the house when the shots rang out and he was among those wounded.
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information, we will bring it to you. reporting live, richard reeve, abc 7 news. kimberly: it sounds like we will be coming back to you shortly. right now, the other firefighter who were shot into double hill is being treated at baltimore shock trauma after being flown there. jeff goldberg is live that hospital. jeff, what's the word? messagejust got a text a few minutes ago similar to what richard's hearing, a representative from the pg county fire department will be giving a media updated in baltimore the next few minutes. we are outside of shock trauma. >> searching for the second suspect? audio] kimberly: we're having audio trouble, but we will check back with jeff for an update of the condition of the firefighter, shocked trauma in baltimore. stay with abc 7 for
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coverage. sign up for breaking news updates by going to /text. it is slated to be a very busy weekend in the sea, the forecast looking very good. let's get the outlook from meteorologist steve rudin. steve: a look at the parade forecast, 10 a.m., the national cherry blossom festival parade, 56 degrees at 10 a.m., warming nicely through the late afternoon and early evening hours. we will eventually see temperatures into the upper 60's. sunshine both tomorrow and warmingnd a gradual trend with close to 80 degrees next week. more on that coming up in a few minutes. really? kimberly: steve, thank you. developing right now, devastation in japan after another powerful earthquake. they killed one person
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survivors. the 7.0 magnitude earthquake shook southern japan just one day after a small earthquake killed nine people in the very same region. there are reports of more than 20 people buried under structures. tonight a fairfax county employee arrested for sexually assaulting a woman in her 70's. malcolm hall is accused of attacking and robbing the 77-year-old woman in centerville earlier this month. he was a fairfax county park authority employee at a rec center in chantilly. he has been terminated pending the results of the trial. kids a little bruised after a school bus accident at rfk stadium. all of the injuries were considered minor. the police said the school bus from woodbridge elementary hit a light pole in the parking lot. two adults were also hurt. the police are trying to figure out what caused the accident. a
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in critical condition after a terrible crash on the beltway yesterday. the officer's at baltimore shock trauma tonight. the police are trying to piece together the crash which involved several cars in a chain reaction. no word on if anyone will be charged. 7 on your side with a health alert right now about the zika virus. if you are keeping count, the total of 11 cases have been reported in virginia, according to the health department. three cases are in northern virginia. the white house has asked congress for nearly $2 billion to speed up research for a drug to combat the zika virus. at least 30 states could potentially be at risk. shaving their heads for a very good calls, 30 college students going bald for childhood cancer research. the goal is to raise $20,000. every two
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the students tonight said they want to play their part to fight back. -- a busy weekend in big crowds on hand for the nhl playoffs, the cherry blossom festival, the festivities, and traffic alerts. and we continue to follow the breaking news in prince george's county with three people shot, including two firefighters. both firefighters are in critical condition and a suspect is in custody.
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z1yotz kimberly: continuing to follow breaking news in prince george's firefighters in critical condition after being shot in temple hills. we are awaiting an update which we expect in the next five minutes. we will bring you that as soon as it happens. right now i'm going to head to baltimore shoc
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where jeff goldberg is standing by. : kimberly, we are going to get an update from the deputy chief in just a few minutes at the shock from a center in baltimore, the university of maryland shock trauma center, in just a moment. sir, what can you tell me? >> he is going to give a quick update. aware,e said, as you are the incident involved the prince george's county police department. one of our firefighters from the morningside volunteer fire department was injured in the shooting. he was transported by police. he is currently in surgery. they are working on him. they do great work here and he is in the best
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his family is here. him,oved ones are around other members of the fire department are here to support him, and we're hoping for a great outcome and that he gets out of surgery soon. criticalnow he is in condition. can you tell us the extent of the injuries, where he was shot? >> i don't have those details to give. i can confirm that he was shot and he is currently in surgery right now. reporter: is there an update on the other firefighter? >> we have another group of people transported to southern maryland hospital and there is another group of officials who are there. i don't have that information. jeff: what time was he transported here? >> i don't have the specific time. jeff: unbelievably difficult time. how are you holding up? >> we are doing well, lots of support. prince george's police are
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doing the investigation and their psych services are here to help us. baltimore city police and fire also here supporting us, maryland state police have a presence here unfortunately because one of their personal was hurt yesterday, but very supportive. the public safety area is close in it. wouldkimberly has chief with the pg county fire department. the fire member who was brought here is in critical condition come in surgery, surrounded by friends and family. back to you in the studio. kimberly: thank you for those updates. if you are joining us right now, firefighters were shot come in critical condition, one is in surgery at shock trauma in baltimore. the other is at medstar southern maryland, also in critical condition. , therd person was shot person who called 911 with a concerned citizen. the unanswered
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, as roz plater reported, is why someone inside their house decided to open fire on a concerned citizen and two firefighters who were simply there to help. we have the top officials from printers is county updating us on what happened this evening. we have the deputy chief of the prince george's county fire department. 7:30, evening, around andparamedic ambulance 823 a fire vehicle responded to share in road to assist a person who was not responsive. they knocked on the door and received no answer. they began to force entry so they could render care. it was as they were forcing entry that several rounds were fired from the house through the door, striking
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fire department personnel. fire paramedic john olmsnyder and volunteer kevin swain. sadly, fire paramedic jonathan snyder succumbed to his injuries this evening. he was 39, 13 year veteran of the prince george's county fire and ems department. the volunteer is in stable condition -- sorry, correction, is in surgery at this time at baltimore shock trauma. right now, we are here supporting the family as best as prepareand to begin to to send our brother home.
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>> this is grant walker, the acting union president. >> thank you all for being here. my name is grant walker, acting president of the local 1619. signal personvery who has reached out to our local brothers and sisters from surrounding jurisdictions and other firefighters from this department in this very difficult time. it's a tragedy that are firefighter -- it's a tragedy. our firefighter was a close friend to many in our thoughts and prayers are with his family during this difficult time as we prepare to honor the life of one of our firefighter paramedics. any help, feele free to reach out. i will be core naming on behalf of the
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prince george's county. thank you very much. >> good evening. let me begin by saying i'm profamily sorry to be coming before you talking about the loss of one of our firefighters and the injury of another firefighter. 24 hours after a maryland state trooper was seriously injured on the beltway. ais evening at about 7:30, relative of the involved individual, a resident of share called -- sharon road, for assistance because he believed that his relative was potentially experiencing a medical emergency. they try to get his attention, knocked on the door. the door was not answered. at that point, they decided the best course of action was to try to enter the home to check on the individual. shortly after beginning that process, a series of shots were fired at the
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and as the assistant chief detailed, through the of thehters ,two firefighters were struck, as relative whoes called 911. is beingent who shot interviewed by detectives right now. we are currently working through a number of crime scenes. almost four hours into this, i don't have a lot more details for you, but i will invite the county executive to come up and make an address. after that come if you have questions, i will endeavor to answer them. thank you. >> once again, i have to enforce shall he go before the people of prince george's county and let them know we lost another one of our brave firefighters, doing what they do every day. these men and women put their lives on the line. unfortunately tonight we lost one of them.
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our prayers, of course, go to him and his family. i met with the officer firefighter who we've lost, his wife and mom. it's a sad day in prince george's county. as the chief said, this is an ongoing investigation, which is why am glad our state's attorney is here giving us all support today. chief has said, he gave you the background of what happened. it's a sad day for us, the investigation will be ongoing. as we get more information, we will let you know. right now, the main thing we ask for the men and women of prince george's county is for prayers, thoughts. knows that my family we have lost a brave soul, and with
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over to answer questions. >> any questions? >> was he a volunteer? >> he was a volunteer, yes, at morningside fire department, yes. >> was anyone able to make it here? here., his wife is his mom, his mother-in-law, several family members. imagine, they are very grief stricken, as all prince george's county is in all of this region. we were just here not long ago, so they are here right now. yes, he was a father, is a father. >> chief? >> yes? >>
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[inaudible] mindgoes through your about this? what are your thoughts on all this? >> the reality is in the wake of the loss of detective colson, i just alluded to the fact a state trooper was previously injured, now we have lost a firefighter, you will find tonight era firefighters respond to calls, police officers responded to calls for service, state troopers responding to calls for service to protect this community. will it ever end? god, i hope so, but at the end of the day the men and women of public safety will be there when you need them. that is the reality. [inaudible]
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>> right, it is an array of emotions. anger that this has happened. firefighters, we are not armed. we are there to render care, but yet someone starts shooting. at the same time, understanding in this day and age of not maybeg who is coming in, somebody is breaking in, and wanting to protect yourself. so mixed emotions. and like the chief said come you guys are going back out. >> absolutely, we are relieving these stations and we have backfilled them, we have backfilled them, we're firefighters in to replace them this evening, but we will not stop delivering service. 13
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perspective, as states attorney, what can be done in situations like this? facing charges? am so sad, it's hard to describe, really. , hisorrow was unbelievable wife is here, his mother is here, small children are involved. as a family. when you ask what we will do about it, it's still early. the facts are still unfolding. i have prosecutors on the scene, the chief of the homicide division as well as prosecutors will be assigned to the k's are at the scene of the grammar now. we will work alongside the department to do a very thorough investigation, as we always do, and we will apply the law to the we find them, but tonight we
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our sorrow in support the men and women of this department, to wrap her arms around this family and this is why we are here with the county executive and the chief of the fire department. this is all of us together. we are here tonight as family members. >> anymore questions? >> [in audible] how many children? one? >> any further updates we will come, both the fire department and police department twitter pages. that was the prince george's county police department and fire department, expressing sad news tonight that one firefighter has been killed in the shooting that happened earlier. that firefighter, a 13-year --eran, john holmes snyder olmsnyder. he is the father of a small child.
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the other firefighter who was shot, volunteer kevin swain, is in surgery at baltimore shock trauma. our breaking news coverage continues after this.
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kimberly: sod many outdoor eves planned this weekend, the weather will be nice? steve: it has been spectacular and that will continue this weekend and beyond. get ready, a beautiful stretch of days. the temperatures were a little cooler than average today, 64 degrees. botheringlergies are you, tree pollen is the culprit in the high category. no worries about grass, weeds, and mold but the grass will increase the next couple days. the temperatures cooling, 45 manassas, 42 culpeper. a little milder to the north, hagerstown. 54 degrees.
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the high-pressure overhead giving us mainly clear skies overnight. a little closer, the capital beltway, no worries tonight. theou are waking up for parade tomorrow morning, beautiful weather, a light jacket early on. after that come you will be just fine with the bright sunshine warming things nicely. tonight, 38 to 45, clear and cool, the wind not a problem. if you are going out for a late-night dog walk, you will be fine. tomorrow morning, going to the farmers market, a little chill in the air. the futurecast, not a lot going on as we move through the day tomorrow. the wind will be out of the north, relatively light. #that is good news for me bece i will be in the parade on constitution avenue with 18 of my colleagues, caring the panda balloon. great weather the entire day with the nice weather continuing.
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the early morning. noontime come early afternoon, we rebound into the lower to middle 60's with daytime highs that eventually make it near 68 degrees by 5:00. tomorrow, barbecuing in the afternoon, early evening, it will be nice. watch the car, go for it, because it will be drive. sunset after 7:30 p.m., so lots of daylight to enjoy. the next seven days, 70 degrees monday, and i80 would not be surprised areas south and west, charlottesville, maybe of the lower 80's. a dry cold front moves through tuesday. only near 70 as the high, back into the middle 60's wednesday. 73 thursday, and the next best chance of rain, i encourage you to wash your car now, that will not be until friday of the upcoming week. a dry stretch of days ahead, any outdoor activities,
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a firm go and i hope to see everyone at the national cherry blossom parade tomorrow starting at 10 a.m. att will air on abc 7 noontime. let's get back to the news desk. been watchingave the breaking news all evening from temple hills, one firefighter has died, a 13 year veteran, who died tonight after he was shot. another firefighter, a volunteer with the morningside station, kevin swain, he was also shot. he is in surgery right now it shock trauma. wasave been told a civilian wounded by gunfire, a relative of the suspected gunman, who called 911 in the first lace. romans ago we heard county officials expressed their sorrow -- moments ago we heard county officials expressed their sorrow and prayers for what happens. we will post updates around the clock at that is all for us tonight at 11:00. have a good night.
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