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tv   ABC World News  ABC  April 16, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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welcome to "world news tonight." breaking news. first the earthquakes and now the aftershock. back-to-back monster kwax, the seismic strikes caught on camera. tens of thousands homeless and now a volcano erupting. the frantic search for survivors. abc's matt gutman in japan. snow danger. the first punch in a triple threat on the move. whiteout driving conditions. nearly a thousand flights canceled. tonight, we're in the middle of a storm. a massive snowmaker. rescue mission pope francis on the front lines of a humanitarian crisis. we'll show you his dramatic act of charity, how the people's pope is leading by example. firefighter down. two shot. one killed. they thought they were answering a call for help.
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house. and tiger attack. the veteran zookeeper killed by the animal she spent years caring for, tonight, the late nest the investigation and what happens now to that tiger. good evening. thanks for joining us on this saturday. i'm tom llamas. we begin tonight with that breaking news, a nation in crisis, the full scope of the destruction in japan growing clearer by the moment. the twin earthquakes hitting less than 28 hours apart, rattling homes and knocking down buildings. rescuers holding out hope they might still reach survivors trapped and buried alive. in another ominous sign tonight, one of japan's most active volcanoes erupting. we begin with matt gutman. >> reporter: tonight, rescue crews racing to save the living, as dead are eased out of the rubble and the grieving weep. 500 patients evacuated from this kumamoto hospital, declared unstable, afte
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powerful earthquake in two days. that 7.0 magnitude quake killing dozens, injuring thousands and displacing nearly 100,000. one of them is american teacher zachary strauss -- >> it was really violent. like, everything fell down, my refrigerator, all of my furniture, everything was breaking. >> reporter: we found him today at a makeshift shelter. >> i literally thought i was going to die. there was a moment i thought, "this was it." >> reporter: both quakes struck in the dead of night. the shaking captured in real time, from this newsroom to this street, to this bridge. then in daylight, the grim surveys of damage. this college dorm -- pancaked. the second floor collapsed onto the first. officials say two people killed, and survivors camping outside. watch as the camera pans from that devastated college campus to the mountainside, cleaved away by a mudslide. obliterating this bridge, smothering this road. japan's most active volcano
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roaring to life, and the rain triggering those mudslides and hampering rescues. tonight, some hard-hit areas accessible only by military helicopters. this military rescuer scooping up that little girl and hoisting her to safety. the quake rattling infrastructure. 400,000 without water. nearly as many without power. 20,000 troops sent in to distribute food and water. it's now daylight here, tom, and these are critical hours. with rain forecast and aftershocks predicted, rescuers have to get to those people still trapped alive in that rubble. the prime minister here saying, "it's a race against time." tom? >> dangerous times in that region of japan. all right, matt, thank you. back here in the states and the spring snowstorm bringing white-out conditions to the rockies. look at the driving conditions in colorado. this picture snapped by a traveler inside the denver airport, a near-empty security line, more than 800 flights canceled today. up to 2 feet of snow falling in some spots. that may be good news for ski reso
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tonight, the system threatening to take an even more dangerous turn. clayton sandell is in denver. >> reporter: highways across colorado are littered with spinouts. cars and big rigs no match for a whiteout winter storm. drivers stuck on interstate 70 -- one in shorts -- got out for a better look. ahead of the snow, the system brought tornadoes, touching down on the colorado plains. and in oklahoma, where this driver's windshield took the brunt of it. and in texas, hail the size of golf balls. at the denver airport, airlines cancelled about 850 flights. >> he's being a trouper. >> reporter: kimberly dunn and her dog, achilles, stranded since friday, are trying to fly to baltimore. >> super frustrating. i had to sleep here last night. and it just keeps getting cancelled. >> reporter: but what's bad for travelers is good for ski resorts.
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more than two feet of mid-april snow. and tom, there's really an airport back there but you can't see it because of this blowing snow and that low visibility is why airlines canceled so many flights. by the time this system moves through tomorrow, airlines hope to have everything back to normal. >> clayton sandell in the think of it. i want to bring in rob marciano, what else can we expect for this storm? >> it should be out of the denver area by tomorrow afternoon. in the meantime they're getting hit pretty hard in clayton's live shot. we have severe weather. tornado watches out for most of texas. dangerous situation there. things don't move very much. by noon tomorrow the snow is over in denver. a bit of a flood risk for oklahoma and kansas, pushing east. dallas gets into the heavy rain tomorrow afternoon. houston and austin, severe weather.
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tom, i think we'll see some flooding across the red river valley. next to a critical weekend in the race for the white house. ted cruz working the delegate math in wyoming today, sweeping the state's 14 open delegates. meantime, donald trump campaigning in upstate new york, offering tough talk for ted cruz and unveiling his new nickname for hillary clinton. abc's devin dwyer with the trump campaign today. >> reporter: tonight, donald trump on his home turf in new york. >> i have that same beautiful little twang as you do. >> reporter: affixing a new nickname to fellow new yorker hillary clinton. >> not controlled by the special interests, by the lobbyists. and they control crooked hillary and they control lyin' ted cruz, right? >> reporter: with a seemingly insurmountable lead in new york, trump's eye is on the gop convention in july, issuing a blunt new warning tonight to the republican party about those critical delegates. >> because i'll tell you what,
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you're going to have a rough july at that convention. you better get going, and you better straighten out the system, because the people want their vote. >> reporter: today, trump was outmaneuvered by ted cruz in wyoming where party officials -- not everyday voters -- pick the delegates. last week trump was shut out in colorado. trump supporters told us they're frustrated. >> ted cruz has had a better ground game and he knows what he's doing with the rules. trump should have done his homework on that. >> have you been following the fight over delegates? wra do you make of that? >> yes, i think it's unfair, i think the popular vote of the people should give you the nomination. >> reporter: the cruz campaign, tonight, accuses trump of throwing a tantrum, rolling out a new line of campaign onesies and baby bibs mocking trump for "whining" about losing delegates. >> we've got a slate of delegates who are committed to supporting me in cleveland. tonight delegate selection rules were long established and fair.
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he didn't really try in colorado or wyoming, because the process was a "waste of money." >> reporter: tonight, now to the democrats, bernie sanders returning home after a short meeting with the pope on a trip to rome. now facing his most critical contest yet, as hillary clinton campaigns in the west coast and raises money from some a-list spotters. here's abc's david wright. >> reporter: tonight, bernie sanders is back in new york, after a whirlwind trip to rome where he briefly met pope francis. >> he is a beautiful man and there is a radiance that comes from him. >> reporter: so far, no pictures released of the private audience, which took place early this morning at the vatican guesthouse where francis lives. today, pope francis bristled at any suggestion the encounter might be perceived as meddling in the u.s. election. "when i came down, i greeted them, shook their hands and nothing more," francis told reporters. "if anyone thinks that greeting someone means getting involved in politics, they should see a psychiatrist," he said. the pope may not have endorsed
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endorsed him. >> he is one of the great leaders in modern world history, in my view. >> reporter: today, hillary clinton campaigned in los angeles. >> i want to take this whole crowd, let's get a big bus. we'll go from place to place to place together. >> reporter: she's passing the time between two california fund-raisers hosted by george clooney. tickets more than $30,000 apiece! tomorrow, both democrats will be back out on the trail here. clinton over in staten island. sanders in at prospect park in brooklyn. both of them beginning that final stretch before tuesday's primary. tom. >> tune into "this week" with george stephanopoulos interviewing both hillary clinton and bernie sanders. an emotional act of compassion by pope francis after that meeting with bernie sanders, the pope traveling to a
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turkey in the heart of the refugee crisis. it's what he did next that has so many celebrating that. abc's terry moran is in lesbos. >> reporter: it was a day of such powerful emotions. pope francis at the main detention camp for refugees here -- a grim former prison. but there were smiles for him, and they pressed forward. so many wanting to speak to him, one man falling to his knees -- >> please brother, bless me. >> reporter: overcome by his ordeal. and the children -- francis kissing the babies, blessing the kids. they gave him their drawings, and you could see he was struck by them. and later -- on his plane, he shared them with reporters, saying, "i felt like cryin" this island has seen so much. last year, more than half a million refugees came ashore here. and still they come, and still today, at the edge of the sea where so many refugees have perished, pope francis prayed for the dead and threw flowers onto the tide.
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and as he left, his boldest move -- the pope himself bringing with him back to the vatican -- three syrian refugee families, including six children. francis personally welcoming them home after his plane landed in rome. public opinion here in europe has take an sharp turn against the refugees and the boarders are closing but pope francis is trying to send a simple message, he said of those three syrian families he brought back to rome -- they're all children of god. >> terry, thank you. next tonight, a maryland community is mourning a firefighter fatally shot during a call for help. tonight, investigators trying to determine whether this was an accident or an attack. here's abc's gloria riviera. >> reporter: two firefighters shot in the line of duty, trying to help someone. authorities say a man called 911 friday
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might be having a medical emergency in his maryland home. they said the team knocked but got no answer. attempting to enter gunfire blasting through the front door. >> inside the house, fired rounds. >> reporter: firefight and medic dying soon after. >> i'm so sad. it's hard to describe. the sorrow is unbelievable. >> reporter: 19-year-old kevin swayne, a volunteer firefighter shot four times. tonight, investigators in maryland saying they're trying to determine if this was a tragic incident or something more sinister. >> attend of the day the men and women in public service are going to be there. >> reporter: as for the suspect, police say he's in custody and he is cooperating. no charges have been filed yet. tom. >> dmroer yashgs thank you. ex
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in a deadly tiger attack there, the palm beach zoo closed today. zoo officials moung the death of a zookeeper whose work with endanger endangered tigers. tonight a florida zoo remabs closed. >> her memory will live on. >> reporter: investigators how a tiger like this one fatally injured this 38-year-old who was working behind the skeebs. palm beach going into lockdown. >> there was no public involved whatsoever. the animal's not out in the open. >> reporter: emergency crews waiting iffer the 13-year-old male tiger to be tranquilized before they can help her who was air lifted to a nearby hospital. seen here in an educational talk featured on the
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was passionate about the animals. her co-workers even calling her the tiger whisperer. >> she was putting her life at risk to save the lives of others. >> reporter: the zoo not commenting yet on what will happen next. they're only about 250 of these tigers left in the wild. tom. >> okay, eva thank you. this frightening scene for sailors outside of savannah, churning seas capsizing the sailboat. abandoning ship as you saw there. they were plucked from the sea by the coast guard. they're recovering tonight from seasickness. much more still ahead on we continue on "world news tonight" this saturday. coming up, that freak accident at the ballpark, the astonishing safety net failure. and head over heels, dramatic dashcam
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nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster. welcome back. now to america's favorite pastime. spring weather filling stadiums across the country. now a freak accident no one saw coming. landing one fan in the ambulance. tonight, new details on exactly what happened. raising new questions on just how safe those safety nets are. here's abc's ron claiborne. >> look out! >> reporter: that screaming line drive foul ball went streaking into the stands, striking a fan in the head. the tampa bay rays, batter, steven souza jr., racing over to check on the fan as she is taken away on a stretcher. >> people are just a little more important than that game right there. and that woman's health is way more important in my results in that game. >> reporter: tonight, the injured fan remains hospitalized in stable condition. it turns out the foul ball that hit her shot throu
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netting meant to protect people in the stands. all 30 ballparks, including here at yankee stadium, added more protective screening at the urging of major league baseball over the winter. this, after a rash of injuries to fans by foul balls and broken bats. by one estimate, more than 1,700 injuries occur from batted balls every year. red sox fan stephanie wapenski was struck at boston's fenway park last year. >> the fact that i got hit between the eyes kind of reflects i couldn't have been looking more flushly at what was going on. >> reporter: tonight, that gap in the protective screen in has been closed off with more netting. >> we thank ron for that story. up next, new details on the rider involved in that death-defying circus act ending in disaster. and an emotional royal
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6:53 pm
performer even brushed his own teeth today. and seat belts fasten for this. a south dakota said that's what saved his life. his vehicle veering sharply right to avoid another driver and then out of control, flipping over and over. the driver unbelievably up and walking around today. now to a throwback toiester for britain's royal couple. william and kate wrapping up their tour of india with a trip to the taj mahal. sparking memories of princess diana's visit here. when we come back -- looking at autism in a whole new way, thanks to the wise words of a 9-year-old with a superpower. stay with us.
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finally tonight, words have power and one fourth grader sure knows how to use them. she's changing minds and hearts about autism. here's john donvan. >> reporter: for most kids, it takes courage to say "i'm different." so kudos to this fourth grader for the things she said the other day at a school assembly in three words -- >> i have autism. >> reporter: "i have autism." a fact about herself that 9-year-old keira meikus has decided to share. five years after her mom and dad were first told the diagnosis. "i am like you," she said. "but i am also different." >> i sometimes flap my hands when i get excited or overwhelmed. i don't always make eye contact when i should. and i don't always know when someone is being serious or joking. >> reporter: publicizing a condition that under today's quite expansive definition of autism includes girls like her but that also includes individuals who will never speak at all, children and adults.
6:58 pm
>> people with autism have brains that work so hard and see a process so much that they cannot even walk or talk. >> reporter: but here's what she wants for all of them and for herself too -- to be accepted and to belong. >> to be able to share that with her friends, and be learning with her friends as she goes along, i think is incredible for all of them.34 >> reporter: keira calls autism her superpower. this much is for sure -- she is super strong. and we won't be surprised someday to see her soar. >> we want to thank keira for sharing her story. thank you for watching. "good morning america" and "this week" in the morning. i'll see you right back here tomorrow night. i'm tom llamas. have a great night.
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audience: wheel... of... fortune! [ cheers and applause ] [ saxophone plays ] ladies and gentlemen, here are the stars of america's game, pat sajak and vanna white. hello! thank you, jim. hi, everybody. welcome to our little show. that's the way we think of it. hi, everybody. good to see you all.


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