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tv   World News Now  ABC  April 19, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," biblical flooding. the deadly flash floods trapping drivers and forcing residents to flee any way they can as the storm system threatens to dump even more rain on hard hit regions. the forecast just ahead. >> it's the moment of truth after what seems like a lifetime. lifetime of stumping in new york. the time has arrived for the voters to decide. how the candidates spent their last hours before the polls open on this crucial primary day. >> and new this half hour, one simple question. what was she thinking. >> it's hard to imagine there ever being a good reason to do this. jumping into a tiger exhibit at a zoo. find out the all-important region why doing this somehow made sense. >> and dance shuflting the deck on switchup night on "dancing with the stars."
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their disney magic last week and which ones are enjoying a new resurgence. it's tuesday is, april 19th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now". >> good morning, i'm ryan smith. >> i'm diane macedo. thanks for watching "world news now." we'll start with our top story this morning. >> that's right. >> let's get right to it. the deadly flooding in houston and the surrounding counties are under a flood watch through the night. >> at least five people drowned. more than 900 have been rescued and the governor has declared a disaster in nine counties. abc's brandi hitt has more. >> the water is rushing by them right now. >> reporter: raging floodwaters in houston leading to one dramatic rescue after the next. >> oh. you all right? >> reporter: neighbors in this apartment complex carrying babies to safety. six small children pulled in a raft. others using an empty refrigerator. >> thank god we made it. >> they had water up to their chest. the rescue never came. >> reporter: the deadly flooding is the result of hea
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downpours of nearly 20 inches in some parts. this live news report turning into yet another rescue. >> what should i do? >> swim. >> come here. >> thank you. >> reporter: a ktrk reporter diving in to help. >> i thought it was just a puddle. had i -- i had no idea i would go so deep. >> i'm asking all houstonians stay off the roads, stay at home. >> reporter: the devastation can be seen for miles. more than 1,000 homes flooded. cars swept off the roads. this horse also struggling but successfully making the long treacherous swim to higher ground. >> water rescues, there have been well over a thousand. >> reporter: that includes these two once stranded on that capsized boat now seen hugging when pulled from the water. brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. who says monster trucks aren't useful. take a look at this water rescue west of dallas. helping a woman stranded by the swollen brazos river, the cab is eight feet off the ground.
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>> but believe it or not, local officials were not pleased by this rescue. they say those hose are stuck should call 911 instead of a neighbor with a monster truck. if you have a neighbor with a monster truck -- >> go for it. >> for millions across the south, more rain is on the way. >> kreth's paul williams joins us with the forecast. >> unfortunately we have to add more insult to injury because this storm system is not moving away. it's pretty much staying put with waves of soaking rain. moisture is feeding off the gulf that's going to feed another frenzied day of scattered showers throughout oklahoma, arkansas, missouri and down towards the coastal rinl of texas. six more inches of rain will fall in some areas. when will this finally get out of here? as we go into thursday, the front will stretch through creating more scattered showers throughout jackson, up towards at
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by the time friday rolls around, that's when it will leave us dry here but create more scattered showers along and up the east coast. >> ray: diane? >> thank you, paul. turning now to politics and today's much anticipated new york primary. bernie sanders made his final push for votes at a rally in queens last night. a new national poll has sanders and hillary clinton neck and neck. in the delegate rich new york, gits.trailing her by double if sanders loses the state by ten points, he will need to win 80% of the remaining delegates to clinch the nomination. while sanders went for the big crowds, clinton kept it more low key, drinking bubble tea and eating ice cream. she made eight stops in all wrapping up the day with bill clinton. secretary clinton said she was hoping to win new york and wrap up the democratic nomination. >> to the republicans, ted cruz is already focusing on pennsylvania with donald trump far ahead in the new york polls. as trump spoke to thousands of
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supporters in buffalo last night, protesters tried to disrupt his speech but were carried out by police after locking arms on the floor. six people were arrested. abc's tom llamas has more from the campaign trail. >> reporter: donald trump with a simple message for new york. what do you want to tell new yorkers today? >> go out and vote. more importantly than anything else, tom. >> reporter: the gop front-runner hoping for a landslide win, playing up his local roots at every turn. >> i love being with you people. the same accent. i have that same beautiful little twang as you do. >> reporter: but as trump crisscrosses new york, senator ted cruz crisscrossing the country, sweeping up more delegates saturday in wyoming. on "gma," cruz insisting his hard work will pay off at the convention. >> you can't get the nomination without earning a majority of the delegates elected by the people. and i believe donald's highest total will be on that first ballot and he will go steadily down. >> reporter: trump dismissing cruz's victories, tweeting "lyin' ted cruz can't win with
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the voters, so he has to sell himself to the bosses." the billionaire even envisioning how he would woo delegates. >> nobody has better toys than i do. i can put them in the best planes and bring them to the best resorts anywhere in the world. but it's a corrupt system. you're basically buying these people. >> reporter: but i asked trump if he's only complaining because cruz is outfoxing him. is he the real deal-maker right now behind the scenes? >> no, i'm leading by millions of votes and by 200 delegates. no, we're doing really well. >> reporter: now, donald trump has said he does not want violence at the convention in july, but he also says the rnc has to "straighten out the system" because people want their votes to count insinuating things could get ugly at the convention in cleveland. tom llamas, abc news, new york. >> the nfl's billion dollar concussion settlement with thousands of former players has been upheld by a court in philadelphia. the settlement in which the league admits no fault covers more than 20,000 players for the next 65 years. if there are no further appeals, former players already diagnosed
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repeated concussions could begin receiving benefits within the next few months. >> among the thousands of finishers in the boston you marathon, two survivors of the bombing at the race were there. patrick downs completed the race yesterday in just under six hours met at the finish line by his wife who lost both legs in the bombing. adrian haslett who also lost her left leg paused briefly before stepping across the finish line. she spent nearly ten hours on the course. president obama tweeted his congratulations saying thank you, adrian, for being boston strong. >> incredible courage. the golden state warriors had to get by last night without superstar steph curry who sat out their playoff game against houston. curry tried to warm up but the pain in his right ankle was apparently too much. the defending champs had to work a little harder than usual but in the end, they had enough to beat the rockets in the ends.
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115-106. they hope to have curry back for game three on thursday night. we all know sporting events don't happen without lots of help from people selling beer, ground crew keepers and, of course, the ball boys. let's hear it for the ball boys. >> let's give special recognition to a kid who made a grab on sunday's oakland a's game. boom. he leapt up, made the catch. he looked cool doing it, as well. >> he did indeed. >> that is good stuff. >> now, i hate to do this one but we have one to show you now. by contrast, here's a ball boy who didn't look too cool. he's at a tennis tournament in spain. he runs back to his place. ouch, he runs face first right into the wall. he then turns around, the player checks to see if everything's okay. the ball boy maintains his composure as if to say nothing to see here. nobody saw it. >> why are we laughing at a kid. i feel terrible. why am i still laughing? >> i do admire how he just bounces right off the wall and just stands there like i'm totally fine. nobody saw that.
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>> he's in pain. everything's okay. >> the wall's cushioned. i'd like to think he's just fine. >> i don't know. maybe he broke his nose. i don't know. >> i think he was just fine. we wouldn't be laughing at him if he broke his nose. >> we're laughing with you, not at you. >> coming up in "the skinny," a stunning admission from chris brown. years, oh, by the way, years after he assaulted his then girlfriend rihanna what he's now saying in his upcoming documentary. >> it was one of the countries's most sensational murder sprees. nearly 47 years later, it's now back in the headlines. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by perillo tours. [000:09:43;00]
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k-y touch. look at this. the toronto zoo says it's investigating after a woman climbed into its tiger enclosure to get a hat. the video shows the woman lower herself into the enclosure and pick something up off the ground. the tiger then lunges at her but is still behind a second fence. meanwhile, you hear the crowd in complete disbelief. one man you can see there even yells at her calling her a moron. the zoo is urging anyone who drops something in an enclosure to tell the staff. they can get it for you safely. and it was nearly 47 years ago that the charles manson murder spree stunned the world. now one of the women convicted in that rampage is being recommended for parole. >> it's sparking sharp reaction from family members of the victims including the sister of hollywood actress sharon tate. here's abc's david wright. ♪ who cares if love >> reporter: she was called the next marilyn monroe. >> sharon tate as jennifer. >> sharon had tate, a rising
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hollywood her potential unlimited. >> i can't see myself doing shakespeare or anything like that. i would love light comedy. >> reporter: sharon tate's life off screen was just as glamorous. married to oscar winning director roman polanski. she was 8 1/2 months pregnant with their son in the late summer of 1969. but on august 9th, the unthinkable happened. inside this house, the 26-year-old actress and four others were brutally murdered by four followers of charles manson. one of the killers patricia krenwinkel serving life in prison, spoke with diane sawyer in 1994. >> charlie came up and asked everybody how it went. like that was the first time i looked at him and i said, charlie, they were so young. >> reporter: the very next day wealthy grocer lean row la bianca and his wife rosemary
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also murdered by members of the so-called manson family. leslie van houten seen here smiling with the x carved in her forehead, the youngest woman ever to be condemned to death in california. the sentence later commuted to life in prison. on thursday, 46 years after the murders, a california parole board finally approved her release after denying parole 19 times. >> i can never say we'll never be willing to accept the fact that these people cannot influence the actions of others. >> reporter: sharon tate's sister deborah, the last in the family line that has consistently worked to keep manson's followers in prison, calls van houten's pending release an injustice. david wright, abc news, new york. well, you know, deborah has been to every single parole board hearing for all the manson folks who have been up on parole. and of that young woman van houten, she's not getting out
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immediel that decision gets put to administrative review and governor jerry brown has the final say. >> he does have the final say. i can't imagine what it's like for the families of these victims to have to go through this. almost like reliving it all over again. >> and she is really fighting to shake sure they are held accountable and i mean, how difficult is that to think all these years later someone involved in this is getting out. we'll see what happens. >> when we come back, remembering one of the hardest working actresses in hollywood. >> and switchup night shuffles the deck on "dancing with the stars." "the skinny" next.
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>> announcer: "world ♪ skinny, so skinny >> the drum. i like it. you got the style right there. >> it's time for "the skinny." topping our headlines this morning, remembering a television legend. >> emmy winning actress doris roberts who played the meddling mother-in-law marie barone on "everybody loves raymond" has died at the age of 90. her career spanned six decades, most recently in that famous show. but her television career really started taking off in the '70s. >> what's wrong? >> nothing. what do you mean? >> i sense tension and anger. >> maybe you're picking up your own scent. >> oh.
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>> she was so great on that show. sunday night in her sleep. she's being very fondly remembered by her co-stars. ray oman know said she had a spirit that amazed me and patricia heaton called her passing the end of an era. >> next to switchup night on "dancing with the stars." what a night it was. >> maks chmerkovskiy returned to the ballroom as a guest judge. as nyle dimarco and sharna burgess spun a viennese waltz into first place last night with a final score of 37 out of 40. >> coming in a close second, our own ginger zee who i'm predicting to win, by the way. she kicked up her high heels and energy and serious sexy salsa with mark ballas. despite her nearly flawless performance at times upside down, they scored only an eight. eight for the final tally 32 out of 40? come on, guys. >> >> voted as most improved kim
3:50 am
fields and the facts of life star glided across the dance floor with a newfound grace earning a score of 28 out of 40. most improved. >> and ranked the worst of the night antonio brown and karina smirnoff. not only did their mediocre cha-cha, it looked good to me. they say the cha-cha lacked chemistry and the judges were less impressed with his blase attitude. >> there were no eliminations last night. i saw that performance and i thought, granted, i don't know what the technical moves are supposed to be. that was the biggest criticism. but he put on a good show. the judges did say he has a certain quality about him. he's a good performer and needs to work on the technicalities. >> he looks like he's got a pretty good attitude. >> i don't know. >> that's blase, i mean -- oh, wait. we just heard he was showing up late to rehearsals. >> he opened the number with a front flip off the trampoline. >> that's blase. >> one of his teammates said his punctuality is not a strong
3:51 am
suit. but when he shows up, he's ready >> boom. >> you talk about practice? what? turning now to a stunning admission from chris brown. >> it's been seven years since he assaulted his then girlfriend rihanna. but he's now speaking out about it. the rapper tweeted out a trailer to his forthcoming documentary "welcome to my life." in it, is he admits he felt so badded about hurting rihanna he went on a drug binge and even thought about committing suicide saying he felt like a monster. >> since then he's turned things around. he's got a release date for his documentary but it has not been announced yet. >> the big news for broadway about the hit "hamilton." the musical. >> it's amazing about the hamilton has won then year's pulitzer prize for drama. lin-manuel miranda said in a statement the win is beyond his wildest dreams. miranda's debut music cal in the heights was recognized as a finalist for the prize in 2009. "hamilton" is now the ninth.
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musical in the pulitzer's st "rent" in '96. >> still need to see that show. lina jolie. why just shave, when you can choose to smooth? choose suprises over dull. design, over in a lull. choose skin you adore. choose venus. choose more. choose to take a stand. choose to smooth.
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venus. ♪ skinny, so skinny >> we did try. we tried to go through that as fast as we could. but it was too much skinny for just one segment. so we have a bonus round for you. starting with a health scare for actor joe manganiello. >> the 39-year-old "magic mike" star was forced to pull out of a charity event with his wife sophia vergara, according to tmz because he had a case of severe appendicitis. tmz called the surgery extremely serious. manganiello's appendix actually burst. >> a source tells us weekly he is expected to make a full recovery. that can be very, very dangerous. >> my goodness. okay. how much would you pay to kiss ricky martin? how much? >> apparently, the going rate, want to know?
3:56 am
$90,000. that's how much this fan paid for a smooch and a half with the 44-year-old singer. she placed the highest bid at an auction to raise money for an aids charity in sao paulo, brazil. >> four seconds. that's about $22,500 a second she should have taken a little longer. she's a dog breeder who owns a pet resort and martin who is dating a male artist recently told a mexican magazine he knows he's attractive to both men and women and every living creature on earth but he doesn't believe in sexual labels. >> ricky doesn't discriminate. he's got enough love to go around. >> many people and things around the world are attracted to him. >> attracted to ricky martin. what are you going to do? the man's a magnet. finally, watch out angelina jolie. you have a doppelganger out there. she might be giving you a run for your money. >> the 21-year-old mara teigen, no relation to super model
3:57 am
chrissy teigen, by the way, is causing a modeling for kylie jenner's lip gloss commercial. >> the side by side comparison system pretty stunning. she's a dead ringer for angelina from the hair to the lashes even those famous lips. >> she is. according to pop sugar, this isn't her first major gig she has appeared in adds for melani cosmetics and frankie's by skin kinnys. that is really amazing. > far worse things you can be known for than looking like angelina jolie. speaking of doppelgangers, we found one of your own. >> let me try to impersonate him. >> you want to explain the goatee situation? >> i had a goatee forever. i've only been this way for like two months. >> oh, wow. >> all right. >> i cut it off thinking i was going to grow it the next week and the higher ups were like keep it off. so here i am. >> you look younger. it's working four. i'm attracted to men, women, mice, cats. >> announcer: this is abc's
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"world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades. making news in america this morning, historic flooding. neighborhoods underwater. more than a thousand rescues including one by a reporter covering the floods. the water so high, one neighbor called in a monster truck, even horses needed saving and the rain is still falling. we're tracking it all. primary day, polls opening in just hours in new york. a state and the two front-runners call home. delegates sweep, possibly giving donald trump a clear path to the nomination. we're live on this pivotal day for the presidential election. a woman climbs into a tiger enclosure, the big cat paces back and forth. hear why the woman says she did it. a ball boy's stumble into a


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