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tv   World News Now  ABC  April 20, 2016 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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who started dipping at age 13 diagnosed with mouth cancer at 17 and died at age 38. the use of smokeless tobacco hasn't declined in recent years like the number of smokers has. the ad reminds teens that smokeless doesn't mean harmless. >> breaking news from michigan where the first criminal charges are being filed in connection with the flint water crisis. sources say michigan attorney general will charge two state regulators and a flint employee later today. the charges are said to center around an allegation that homes in flint most at risk for lead contamination were not tested. the investigation continues and more charges are expected. get ready to see some change in america's beverage connion. at some point this year, bottled water will overtake soda and other soft drinks. about a year earlier than forecast and it may have happened already if you just look at soda versus water. sales of carbonated soft drinks have been falling for the past three years. >> healthier these
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drink than some chips? some students at rutgers university went through an ordeal to get theirs. >> a spring in their vending machine was broken and was trapping bags of snacks. you've all been there. you put the money in and it gets stuck. when the snack pack had reached about a dozen bags, they finally unplugged the machine. >> this is what happens when you have all this time in college. the guys tilting it the machine over and then eureka. all the snacks fall. it's a bonanza for a college student. now back to class or just sleeping in or eating snacks or whatever they were doing with their time. >> i used to try that trick when it gets stuck, you bang on it and you think you're going to look really cool. it's going to fall right down. instead you keep banging and someone walks by and you look like a crazy person pounding on the machine. never happened to you? >> no, no. >> i just tap it. ping and it all galls down. >> nex
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machine, bringing you with me. >> i'll get it for you. coming up, two princes from across the pond meet a princess from a galaxy far, far away. william and harry duke it out with lightsabers on the set of "star wars." >> two days ahead of earth day, the part this woman is doing to save mother earth. she's living a zero waste lifestyle. i'm talking really zero. and this morning, she's going to show you how to do it, too. >> first here's a look at today's temperatures. 51 in anchorage. >> i like that. minneapolis at 67. that's a beautiful day in snims not bad. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you of to you by american advisors group.
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check out this dramatic escape from a smoky fire in spain. this woman wearing only underwear climbed out of her third floor apartment and that happened. she fell. bouncing off a wall on her way
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blankets held bibi standers. all organized by her husband who had been out walking the dog. the woman was not seriously injured. thank goodness. you saw that smoke bill loeg out of her apartment. she was doing all she do get away. >> very quick thinking. here in new york, a tense scene inside of a courthouse in brooklyn when a judge reduced at conviction of a former officer who killed an unarmed black man. >> he fired a fatal shot that ricocheted inside a dark stair well. a judge ruled he will serve no jail time for that. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: an uproar inside and outside this brooklyn, new york, courthouse today, after it was determined this former new york city police officer, who shot and killed an innocent black man in 2014, wouldn't spend a single day behind bars. >> we're going to continue to fight until we get justice. >> reporter: peter liang was grief-stricken and in tears back in february, when he was convicted of second-de
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death of akai gurley, an unarmed man who the police commissioner said "just happened" to be in a dark stairwell when the rookie officer fired his gun. >> i apologize to ms. butler and to akai gurley's family. i wish i could undo what happened. >> reporter: the judge reduced the conviction from manslaughter to criminally negligent homicide and then sentenced liang to five years probation, as recommended by the prosecutor. >> we demand accountability! >> reporter: while black lives matter protesters felt jail time was warranted, liang's supporters felt he was being prosecuted for the wrongs of other officers who have avoided criminal punishment. just last year, 990 people were fatally shot by american police. in the last ten years, 54 officers have been charged in connection with the fatal shootings of civilians. only 11 have been convicted. in addition to probation, liang was sentenced to 800 hours of community service. he has always
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linsey davis, abc news, new york. thank you. coming up, living a trash-free lifestyle. >> and we're not talking about foregoing the tabloids. we'll show you how one woman is actually living with zero waste. no trash at all. or pretty much no trash at all. we'll show you next on "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues
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♪ why you need to take a stand there's pollution all over this land ♪ ♪ i don't know how long we'll be here ♪ >> that's the scene of legendary sing serious oscar brown and pete seger in new york's union square celebrating the first ever earth day back in 1970. >> i can't believe it's been that many years. >> i know. >> man, we're two days away from earth day on friday, april 22nd. my mother's birthday. what better way to prepare for earth day than taking a closer look at living a zero waste lifestyle. >> create nothing trash. if you think it's impossible, we're about to show you one woman who problem you wrong. here's abc's nikki battiste. >> reporter: take a look in your trash can. chances are you are adding to the 250 million tons of trash americans dump each year. but not this young
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>> this is all your trash. >> yes. >> believe it or not, 25-year-old lauren singer lives totally trash free. >> almost four years now. >> four years. and this little tiny jar. >> yes into do you even have a trash can? >> i don't have a trash can. >> americans produce an average of 4.4 pounds of trash per day. but only 34% is recycled. >> what is trash? >> for me trash is anything that would go to landfill, trash is still the stuff hanging out on the street, anything that people can't reuse or xoext or repsych. >> in college while majoring in environmental studies, lauren decided to live a zero waste life. >> i made a decision to stop using plastic. but that is really difficult because everything is plastic. >> reporter: that's why she carries this stainless steel straw and she suggests buying recyclable aluminum or redoous usable glass jars. >> i realize id
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i had to make a lot of the products myself so she started making her own beauty and cleaning products, even selling environmentally friendly laundry dedernlgent online. she buys all clothes second hand. shops package free am post and eetsds organic local food. >> i started living zero waste because it aligned with my values. i continued living zero waste because it saved me a ton of money, changed my diet and i'm healthier. >> on her blog, lauren suggests some additional zero waste alternatives. one is homemade toothpaste. her recipe, peppermint coconut oil, stevia and baking soda. >> say it's too salty for you. you can add more coconut oil, more peppermint and there's nothing in here you couldn't eat or swallow. >> i just eta it and it tastes fine. >> see? >> my feith feel clean. >> reporter: she may be living waste free but doesn't expect everyone, too. her hope is we try.
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say i have three kids and work 14 hours a day, i don't have time. >> it's a misconception about living sustainably takes a lot of time. when i started i had a full-time job while i was a full-time student, a full-time social life and full-time boyfriend. >> you were busy. >> i was busy. >>en au figured it out. >> i figured it out. >> nikki battiste, abc news, new york. >> we're interested in this homemade toothpaste. we're going to give it a shot here. we already have the baking soda and coconut oil out here. i'm going to go for peppermint oil now. she said she suggested using a lot. i don't know what that means. i suppose we can always add more and stevia. again, just guessing here. >> so while you're making that, i'm going to give three tips for living a more environmentally friendly life. look in your trash can, she what you're throwing away and try to reduce it. >> i think i may have put a lot. i'm actually. >> what's going on. >> i'm inhaling the peppermint oil. >> i have to brush my
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minty after that. >> what's going on over there? >> by the way, she recommends using a reusable bag or cup and say no to plastic. i do that at home sometimes. you wash out the bags. >> this helps us to not use up the toothpaste tubes, too. >> that doesn't look like toothpaste at home. >> this is exactly what toothpaste. >> mix that up, man. wait. i'm not brushing my teeth with that. put some elbow grease in it my grandma used to say. >> we need a mix other blender. some equipment. >> she also recommends making your own products. i don't know how you make your own lotion. >> i'm going for it. >> okay, you going to do it? >> i'm doing it. >> this is what homemade toothpaste. take a look at my toothpaste here. clumping up. >> that's not what it looks like when you take it out of the tube. >> let's do it. >> oh, my god. >> wait. wait. >> what's the matter? it's good. >> not bad. wait a second.
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k-y touch. ♪ >> trying to keep a stiff upper lip and you're trying to get nice and fresh. >> harry loves to make his own toothpaste. >> we're getting fresh for the queen because britain is about to celebrate a major milestone. >> that's right. queen elizabeth ii turns 90 years old tomorrow. her grandson prince william during an interview with the bbc today paid tribute to his grandmother. >> i think the queen's duty and her service, her tolerance, her commitment to others, i think that's all been incredibly important to me. it's been a real sort of guiding example of just what sort of
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>> prince william answered criticism of his royal duties saying he's willing to take on more responsibility when the time comes. >> in the meantime, prince william and harry took time away from all the pretense of royal duty for light heathered moments with some very different kinds of princesses. >> here's abc's lama hasan. >> reporter: in a galaxy far, far, well, actually not so far away in pinewood studios west of london. two real royal princes meeting the new "star wars" princess. fresh faced actress days i ridley. royal force meets the force. harry coming face to face with admiral akbar. >> it's a trap. >> ridley who plays rey in the movie "the force awakens" showing william and harry around the set. the royals getting an exclusive look at episode 8. and a sneak peek at the costumes
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some of the most famous props in the world. william and harry duking it out with light savers. prince harry going straight for the family jewels. i guess all that practicing in bhutan hasn't paid off for william. meeting the one and only luke skywalker. the actor mark hamill so excited about meeting the royal goal tweeting meeting royals william and harry finally a chance to get an informed answer on whether being leia's brother makes me a prince. did luke get his answer? probably not. but at least harry made a little friend. i'm llama hassan in london. >> like dwarfing him right there. >> i like the lightsaber battle. they match their colors. who do you think would duke it out. >> whoa. let me get it all over my suit. >> i win the battle of the toothpaste. >> can we tell the folks at home, this is a spittoon. we spit our toothpaste into this and it's right here in front of us. >> all part of it. >>
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this morning on "world news now," the people of new york have spoken. >> primary election results are in and they're there are big wins for donald trump and hillary clinton with bernie sanders and ted cruz pushed further to the outside looking in. our political team is standing by with the latest, including what's next for the campaign. >> trapped underneath. the desperate efforts to find more survivors underneath the rubble in ecuador. the death toll from that massive earthquake continuing to climb. we'll have the latest from the epicenter. >> new details in the search for an suspect in swat gear wanted for the death of a woman inside a church. see the latest clues from the investigation as the community comes together to mourn. and reality tv rescue. the man who says he was prepared to die but was luckily found by a tv crew. how he managed to st


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