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tv   World News Now  ABC  April 22, 2016 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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president obama is expected to get a royal welcome. meeting not only the queen but also the next generation of royal stars. president obama steps into a royal frenzy when he meets with two generations of the royal family. in his third and likely final trip to london, obama's schedule is royally packed. the president and first lady kick off the day over lunch with queen elizabeth. one day after she celebrated turning 90 with a walk around windsor. over an intimate meal at windsor castle, the obamas will extend a personal birthday greeting to britain's longest serving monarch. >> each time the president has come away with an even deeper personal affection for her. she's an important symbol of a country with whom the united states has a special relationship. >> reporter: the first time they met, mrs. obama caused a stir. committing a royal no, no by hugging the
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today, it's a different royal greeting that could steal the spotlight. the uk's young power couple hosting the leader of the free world. prince william, kate middleton and prince harry are welcoming the obamas for dinner at kensington palace. the obama couple has struck up a close relationship with the rising stars of the royal family. welcoming prince william and prince harry to the white house. between those royal meals, president obama is set to meet with british prime minister david cameron. their encounter comes two months before the british people decide whether the uk should leave the european union, a move president obama opposes. president obama is expected to wade into that today. he's already write an op-ed in today's telegraph where he writes the eu magnifies europe's. it's sure to ruffle a few feathers here in london. >> a busy day in store.
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thank you. aid is arriving in ecuador. charity groups were handing out food and die pers. phone lines have been down making it impossible for residents to let loved ones know they are okay. the death toll has now risen to 577. >> here at home, a six-day search for a missing virginia firefighter ended with the family's worst fears confirmed. the body of 31-year-old nicole mit willing dorf was found not far from where her car was parked. a note recovered from the car suggests there was no foul play in her death. a couple of sports stories on this busy morning. the warriors playing without steph curry lost a nail biter to the rockets, 97-96. james harden hit the game winning jumper. he delivered 34.9. the rockets are up two games to one in the series into now to the diamond where jake
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pitched the second no hitter of his career. >> a 16-0 victory over the reds. the reigning cy young award winner struggled for controller i but dominated the rest of the game. he struck out six, walked four and only allowed six balls hit out of infield during the first no hitter of the season. this guy's on fire. >> he pitch aid no hitter against the dodgers just eight months ago. >> yeah. >> it's a good year. >> on fire. he's young. he could win a couple cy youngs before it's all said and done. >> good luck to him. >> coming up, the controversial plan to keep the zika virus from spreading across the u.s. why members of one community in key west, florida, are outraged over the experiment and millions of modified mosquitos. >> and how fans are expressing their grief and their gratitude for the music that prince leaves behind. first, here's a look at today's temperatures. 72 kansas city. >> 62 in minneapolis. beautiful day out
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new way to lysol that. >> some amazing is video out of china. a dust devil tore through an elementary school playground. look at there. it picked up a student and then slammed him to the grounds. >> i mean thankfully he only suffered minor head injuries but evers taken to the hospital to be checked out. >> that's terrifying. >> indeed, right in the middle of an elementary school. so senate leaders are close to voting on the obama administration's nearly $2 billion plan to combat the zika virus. another plan to do that is in the works and residents in the area around key west, florida, aren't pleased. here's abc's steve osunsami. >> reporter: families in this neighborhood outside key west tonight are beyond upset. >> we don't want to be lab rats. >> reporter: telling us they'll sue if the government allows a british company to release millions of genetically modified male mosquitoes near their homes in an effort to fight the zika virus.
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>> if this is allowed to move forward, we won't be the only place they target to test. >> reporter: the scientific community admits it's an experiment, but says it could give authorities a good way to kill the mosquitoes that can carry zika and other diseases. >> the genetically modified male mates with the wild female, and the offspring does not develop into an adult, it dies before adulthood. >> reporter: the signs in nearly every yard say it clearly, the families give "no consent." most of the new bugs are male and will quickly die, but they're still worried because a small amount of these man-made mosquitoes will be the females that bite. their online petition is now 166,000 strong. but the cdc, the fda, and even local officials say this is safe. and researchers are sharing this alarming map. areas around the world where conditions are right for zika to thrive. more than 2.2 billion people at risk. county officials here have agreed to hold a vote on the issue but say they could still move forward no matter the results. and if not here, somewhere else.
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steve so sun sammy, abc news, key west. you know this approach of sending mutated mosquitoes out to try to tamp down the population has worked well in other areas but you always have to wonder what the side effects are going to be, even if you think there aren't going to be any, sometimes when you mess with nature there are some. >> a double-edged sword indeed. coming up, prince could have lived anywhere but his home was in minneapolis. >> we'll see how his hometown is covering his death next on "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now"
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♪ oh, yeah, little red corvette ♪ ♪ baby >> you know what's funny
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prince, everybody thinks they can sing prince. you probably can because you're amazing singer. i never could. in my mind, i sing exactly like prince. >> that's what music is suppose odd to do. make you sing and dance at the top of your lungs or dance and sing at the top of your lungs. >> well back now to the loss of really a legend. prince. big crowds gathered into the night both outside his home and his studio. home and studio in minneapolis. and then in the downtown area of the city, as well. >> memorials there are growing. fans are leaving flowers, purple balloons and other remembrances. some of those fans spoke with our abc station in minneapolis. >> i'm from minnesota. we all grew up with prince. ♪ "purple rain," "purple rain" >> it's that minnesota sound that he's so well-known for. a lot of people identify with that. they identify with the artist as a person and just a pure musician. ♪
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>> i always wanted to move to minnesota, live in minnesota and it was partly because of prince. ♪ all you want to ♪ >> i've always loved him and he's been like the best. >> the first tape -- the first tape i bought with my own money was ""purple rain."" ♪ you can't seem to make up your mind ♪ >> i got my moment and i just said thank you for the music and thank you for the inspiration. ♪ "purple rain," "purple rain," yeah, yeah ♪ >> good morning to minneapolis and started playing and it was -- i was 12 feet away. i'll never forget it. it was amazing. r
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♪ "purple rain," "purple rain" >> just an icon and it's just a sad, sad day that he's not with us anymore. >> you think back to your childhood and there's that whole michael jackson, prince thing and it's our generation. it's our era. music wouldn't be the same without it. our city wouldn't be the same without it. you think of the state of minnesota, one of the first things you think of is prince. >> and your wife grew up in that area. >> she grew up in that area it, born and raised in minneapolis. she was a teen model and once did a little dance audition for prince. he was doing some sort of program. it wasn't anything crazy like you think of when you think of prince. she said he was a really nice guy. she and everybody in minneapolis, he's like a hero there. >> i love someone who was that private was tha
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t hd over what i was using before. time now for "insomniac theater." we start with a new reimaging of the snow white story called the huntsman winter area war. char cleez theron plays the sister of the ice queen. fraiya is trying to keep chris hemsworth's character away from his true love sarah played by jessica chastain. this one is not going over well on rotten tomatoes. the a.p. calling it star-studded nonsense. too adult for kids, too cartoony for the game of thrones crowd. the reviewer says it's a bit of
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>> ouch. next something more straightforward. elvis and nixon stars kevin spacey as president richard nixon and michael shannan as the king of rock 'n' roll. it purportses to tell the untold true story behind their meeting in the oval office. that meeting resulted in the most requested paragraph in the national archives. it's getting mostly positive reviews. 69% on rotten toe mate phones variety says shannon and spacy reenact one of history's most surreal blind dates but the new york daily news reviewers complains it's filled with tedium instead of delirium. the director blew it. >> i wanted to see that. if you would rather stay home this weekend and stream prince, there's a lot of options. movies were a big part of his career. >> in '86 it, he starred in "under the cherry moon," playing a male prostitute who seduces french woman in the drama. >> it was interesting. let me just
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it was a financial and critical failure. grossing only $10 million. basically it's really hard to understand what he was going for. >> but really when you think about prince's movies, it's all about "purple rain"". prince starred as a struggling musician coping with a tumultuous home life and blossoming home life. >> and loania was in it which is enough reason for everyone to see it again. he contributed the title track of the movie. he won his first and only academy award for the song "purple rain." it rose to number two on the charts. "purple rain" opened number one at the box office grossing $68 million at a time where that felt like $200 million. >> many people thought it was autobiographical that was it about his wife. >> so much movement and energy. everybody loved it. i've got watch it this weekend. >> that's the news for this half hour.
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this morning on "world news now," remembering prince. the life and death of a legend. >> the shocking details surrounding his sudden death and when we can expect to learn what exactly happened to the iconic superstar found dead in his home. the latest just ahead. new details in the death of a high school girl allegedly attacked by two classmates in the bathroom. what we're learning may have caused the incident as police talk to the two teen suspect prfz and the video of a military exercise gone wrong. giant humvees dropped to their demise, smashtd on impact question is, why? and celebrating the life of an icon. the dance parties breaking out all across the country. the heartfelt tributes and impact of the star's prolific music career. we're honoring his purple hine


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