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tv   World News Now  ABC  April 22, 2016 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," remembering prince. the life and death of a legend. >> the shocking details surrounding his sudden death and when we can expect to learn what exactly happened to the iconic superstar found dead in his home. the latest just ahead. new details in the death of a high school girl allegedly attacked by two classmates in the bathroom. what we're learning may have caused the incident as police talk to the two teen suspect prfz and the video of a military exercise gone wrong. giant humvees dropped to their demise, smashtd on impact question is, why? and celebrating the life of an icon. the dance parties breaking out all across the country. the heartfelt tributes and impact of the star's prolific music career. we're honoring his purple hine
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22nd. ♪ purple rain, purple rain >> from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning. i'm diane macedo. >> i'm ryan splitting in fo kendis gibson. they call him his purple highness. he's one of the greatest geniuses of our generation. >> even hearing that song everyone has their image of what memories it brings back. all of his songs. they're so iconic in that way. >> so many mourning and celebrating him today. the life and death of a legend, prince suddenly passing away leaving the world in a state of shock. >> overnight hundreds of fans gathered at paisley park, the estate outside minneapolis where prince worked, lived, and ultimately died at the age of 57. the. >> 35 bridge in minneapolis is lit up in purple honoring the genius known for his unique sound androgenous style and erotic lyrics. abc's brandi hitt has more on
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career spanned four decades. >> reporter: he was a music pioneer known around the world by a single name, prince. ♪ this is what it sounds like when doves cry ♪ >>. >> reporter: his work is, unique vocal style catapulted him into superstar dom in the 1980s with the release of "purple rain." ♪ purple rain, purple rain 1993 changed his name in 1993 to this symbol during a dispute with his label. >> a friend of mine said so what should i call you now. i said you can call me prince. it just felt good to say that again because i hadn't in so long. the legend's publicist tells abc news he was found dead at his minnesota studio and estate. sources say he had been battling the
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paisley park. >> last weekend his plane made an emergency landing after a concert. he was treated but later released. >> grammy award winner, prince. >> reporter: the singer spotteded here just last month courtside at a warriors game. >> people don't realize he sold over 100 million albums. he won seven grammy awards. he won an academy award. >> reporter: fans across the country celebrating prince's life with his music. >> it's deb stating. i always felt like we were his family. he was so talented. i could play so many instruments. it's a sad loss for music today. >> he was 57 years old. he was known tony have hundreds of songs never released in what fans called the vault which means we may not have heard the last of his music. ryan and diane. >> and spike lee was one of many celebrities paying tribute to prince.
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party outside of his home in brooklyn. more than 1,000 people showed up. cramming the streets to sing and dance to prince's music in celebration of his life. lee said he just saw prince two weeks ago and he looked fine. and prince earned seven grammy awards, an oscar and the rock and roll hall of fame. >> he battled his label for his own music and his name and won. we're joined now on the phone by music industry insider bruno del granado. thanks for being with us. >> good morning, diane. good morning, ryan. >> i want to start now on his career because a lot of people don't realize what kind of musician he was and how early this started. he played just about every instrument out there. talk a little bit about the beginning and how this started for him. >> well, prince was signed when he was 18 years old to warner brothers records. and he released his debut album following year. here is an artist
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is allowed to use his own songs, his own compositions. played all the instruments on the album and troued his record himself. unheard of up till prince did it. and he loved that freedom of doing everything himself in the studio and handing in a finished master that he wouldn't have it any other way. so he certainly was a trendsetter for that for artists controlling their musical destinies from early on. >> bruno, so many of us admired prince for his musical genius, for his ability to span across jen raz and really excel at pretty much everything he did. we know very little about the man. what do you know about prince? what kind of man was he? what kind of person was he? to his band mates and people who encountered him. >> prince was obsessed with music. music was his life. and it was funny because you would go to a prince concert. it would be a three-hour religious fair. next thing you know, an hour later everybody's telling you go to a small club
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is going to do another set and another one after that. he live ford music. i think music was the thing that drove him throughout his life. he constantly pushed the envelope musically and even though he did have somewhat of a career on the acting side and we saw it in "purple rain" and? >> under the cherry moon" and several other films, lis love was music. more than anything being on stage. being on stage was a religious experience. and nothing, nothing could supersede that for him. to this day, we have never read a bad review of a prince concert ever, ever ever. >> and bruno, for many artist who's kind of tried to push the envelope like you said, there tends to be pushback in the beginning. what was the reception like for him when he first started and wanted to do all these things on his own and wanted to dress in his way and wanted to kind of be so unconventional? >> well, with the first big single "i want to be your lover," people did
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was a man or a woman. he pushed the boundaries on gender, sexuality and even race back in the '70s when this was completely unheard of. and he was the opening act for the rolling stones in 1981 tour. he was booed off stage because he was so unique and so original. nobody really understood what he was all about. eventually people realized that we were witnessing somebody who was even greater than most of his peers around him. >> yeah, and we're looking right now at video from the super bowl. tell us about that and what kind of a turning point that was in his career. >> well, we hadn't heard from prince in several years. his big comeback was the super bowl. to this day, it's the probably the most acclaimed super bowl halftime performance we've ever he covered bob dillon and the foo fight areas, his own music, as well. it was a rainy night in miami. and prince just pulled all stops and made the mos
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performance. that gave him and his career a new lease on life. that was in 2007. ever since then, he's been nonstop. >> amazing night that was. >> i know. >> i remember it like it was yesterday. >> bruno del gran nat toe our music guru, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you, ryan, diane. >> and please stay with abc this morning for more coverage of prince, the death of a legend. >> we've got the tributes from fans and colleagues. the latest from what may have caused his death but really a celebration of his life. all that coming up on "america this morning" and "good morning america." >> turning to the race for 2016 and transgender rights spark controversy on the campaign trail. donald trump and ted cruz are going head to head over north carolina's new bathroom law that forces transgendered people to use the bathroom of their birth gender. trump is accusing lawmakers of attacking a problem that pretty much didn't exist in the first place and now creating a new one. meanwhile, cruz is now accusing
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correct. >> the idea that grown men would be allowed alone in a bathroom with little girls, you don't need to be a behavioral psychologist to realize that bad things can happen. >> critics however say cruz is offensively assume all transgender men and women are child molesters. north carolina's so-called bathroom law prompted calls for an economic boycott of the state. >> on the democratic side, hillary clinton has a message for supporters of bernie sanders. support her if she gets the democratic nomination. during yesterday's town hall on "gma" she said she hopes his supporters will backler the way that her supporters backed obama back in 2008 after she with drew from the race. meantime, clinton is still being dogged by her use of a private e-mail server while secretary of state. james comey says there's flow timetable for the fbi to complete its investigation. comey is hinting that it cost more than 1 maryland to
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shooter's iphone. he didn't give a precise number but said it was more than i will make in the remainder of his job which is seven years and four months for sure pep added he thought the payment was "worth it." we have new details in another high profile hack, the cheating website ashley madison. the massive hack revealed data on more than 32 million users who were assured anonymity. >> now a judge says anyone suing the site cannot do it anonymously. 42 of the lead plaintiffs had wanted to keep their identities a secret. this is an interesting issue because in lawsuits here, you have the right to confront your accu accuser. they like to enforce the same in criminal and civil cases. if you're hiding behind a name and the person you're suing can't identify you that's a problem. i think that's why the judge rule in their favor. >> there are cases where they make exceptions to that. the judge said
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while obviously coming forward would hurt the plaintiffs, that they willingly signed up for this website. they're putting themselves out there. the judge has aid if all of the plaintiffs back out, that decision may be reconsidered. >> right, because you'll know why. >> remains to be seen. 42 plaintiffs right now at stake. we'll see if they all back out or not. coming up, the embarrassing video causing an investigation by the military. what went wrong during an exercise that caused humvees to fall from the sky smashing into pieces. >> and remembering prince. the artist that everyone loved but knew very little about. how he used his music to do the talking for him and how the world is mourning his loss. >> you can always join the conversation on facebook, and twitter @abcwnn. you're watching "world news now."
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>> oh. yes. yes. yes! >> dramatic video. the army is investigating after this video showing three humvees plummeting to their destruction during a training exercise. the massive army vehicles were supposed to float down with a parachute. somehow on the way down, they slipped free and they really free and fell off that platform is what happened. whoever shot this video must have found it funny since they're laughing throughout that video. but i'm guessing it's not funny to the people who have to pay for it. >> definitely not. >> now to
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investigation into the death i've high school student. that school will have a short day of classes today. >> counselors on hand for students who need them. several students are considered persons from interest in the case as mary bruce reports. >> reporter: a shocking scene at a delaware high school. a 16-year-old girl critically injured after a fight with two other female students. >> howard high school for a 15-year-old. >> reporter: pair medics make a desperate attempt to save the sophomore, performing cpr and putting her on a helicopter to a nearby hospital. it was 8:15 a.m. at the highly regarded howard high school of technology. classes not yet under way when that violent clash broke out in the women's restroom. one witness says during the fight the student hit her head on a sink. she died later this morning at -- died later at the hospital. >> this is an unforeseen and unbelievable tragedy for the family. >> reporter: the mayor speak
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hold back tears. >> my heart is broken. i am so upset that a young lady lost her life today. >> reporter: as this community mourns, police are talking to the other two girls involved. but so far, no arrests have been made. mary bruce, abc news, wilmington, delaware. >> well, we will be right back with more of our celebration on prince in just a bit. ♪
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back to you 0 with more of our celebration of an icon. >> the legacy that prince leaves behind is among the greatest, as well. here's abc's chris connelly.
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♪ >> reporter: he was a star. on the concert stage. where his shows became legend. ♪ ♪ little red corvette >> reporter: in those unmistakable music videos. ♪ she wore a raspberry beret . >> reporter: and through the storm at the super bowl halftime show. ♪ if you're wondering what made prince special -- the answer is everything. >> we know you as a very mysterious man. you don't do a lot of interviews. you're very sweet but very much to yourself and shy? >> i wouldn't say shy. >> okay. >> he was a witty provocateur with his sound and look. from his lingerie clad bad to his famous rear window
3:20 am
he formed such acts such as the tyme. helped make sheila e a star. ♪ and he would collaborate with the likes of sheena east on on "you got the look." ♪ >> he was the physical embodiment of pure music. so he couldn't stop. >> i don't know what artist wouldn't want to work with him. if he wanted to work with you, you couldn't turn that down. >> his compositions would be smashes for other artists. "manic monday" he wrote for the bangles. ♪ while sinead o'connor hit huge with "nothing compares to you." ♪ >> reporter: in recent years he wrote songs about the devastation of hurricane katrina and the racial strife in the city of baltim
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gigging at private homes including the white house and always an advocate for the artist refusing to allow his songs to appear on most streaming services. ♪ guess i should have closed my eyes ♪ >> talk about titles. your favorite title in the catalog. what's your favorite song that turns you on every time you do it? >> i usually answer by saying the next one. >> part of the anguish at prince's death is that there will be no next one. though within his vaults may yet reside a treasure trove of music. we are going to be hearing new things that he's left us that are store the in the vaults. he turned himself inside out to bring us music and that's so sad. i mean, it's so sad. >> reporter: for those spent decades enthralled to his music, his royal badness will never dethroned, grieving mixed with drat gratitude, the creativity and verve he brought to the
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♪ ♪ "purple rain," "purple rain" >> you know what i just realized my kids i have twin boys that are 2 and they will never really know who prince was. never see him live. it kind of made me sad. >> they can know who prince was via daddy. >> that's true. i'm going to play him all the time. time now for "the mix." let's start with this one. fans all over the world are remembering prince in their own way. and even here in new york, they found some interesting ways to remember him. some are doing a little piece of him in the subway. there's also this. this is outside of the prince street station here florida downtown brooklyn and the nr and the p with the symbol on it. if you're a tourist, i don't know how you handl
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there's people saying just take the "p." so they're sitting down there for hours weighing for the train. but hey. >> lots of confusion for tourists but a fleiss tribute to prince. >> exactly. another nice tribute or it's turned into a tribute anyway. most of our passport photos look like a mugshot. prince's looks like a glamour shot taken earlier this year in february. time called it the most prince photo ever. it's now circulating as people wonder how he looked so good in a passport photo. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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this morning on "world news now," the death of a legend. what we're learning overnight about the mysterious details surrounding prince's death. just ahead. >> also this half hour, the political firestorm on the campaign trail. >> that's right. the war of words between donald trump and ted cruz as they weigh in on the issue of transgender people using bathrooms as clinton hopes for sanders to drop but is bernie ready to give up just yet? >> putting the "m" back in mtv well, it could be on the way. the network says there may be a return to form. so what took so long? >> and he was a star in a galaxy of his own. fellow celebrities are paying tribute and sharing memories of the purple one, plus his tender moment with another legend, barbara waters. that's in "the skinny" on this friday, april 22nd.


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