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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  April 22, 2016 6:30pm-6:59pm EDT

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dren to succeed. i'm chris van hollen, and i approved this message. tonight, breaking news -- the prince mystery. what happened in the pop legend's final hours? the autopsy just completed. authorities revealing two major findings. plus, new details on his mid-air health scare, as tributes pour in around the world. also breaking -- massive manhunt. a killer on the loose, residents forced to hide inside a church. already eight dead, including children. caught on tape, trump's top aide revealing the gop frontrunner has been playing a part that's about to change. ted cruz on the attack, saying the comments prove trump is a con man. mayday. the inside story of a catamaran capsizing. all of it caught on camera. the moment the ship goes under and the frantic effort by
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and, the royal welcome. the president meets the queen. but leave it to little george to stay up past bedtime to steal the show. good evening. i'm tom llamas, in for david. we begin on this friday night with the first clues in the mystery of prince's death. the tributes still rolling out across the globe in the wake of his sudden passing. but preliminary autopsy reports shedding a little light. and fans still gathering outside his home. here's dan harris. >> reporter: at a news conference late today, the local sheriff said there were no obvious signs of trauma when prince's body was found thursday morning. >> we have no reason to believe
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but it's under investigation. >> reporter: he filled in some key details of what happened he said prince was last seen at 8:00 p.m. wednesday night after being dropped off by an acquaintance. the next morning, staff members got concerned. >> they were trying to reach him yesterday morning and were unable to reach him and they responded to paisley park and found him unresponsive in the elevator. >> reporter: a transcript shows the 911 caller said, "we have someone who is unconscious at prince's house." >> at paisley park. 7801 audubon road. person down, not breathing. >> reporter: first responders attempted cpr, but couldn't revive him. at 10:07 a.m., he was pronounced dead. today the medical examiner conducted an autopsy, but won't release results until they can get prince's family and medical history, and run a complete toxicology exam. which could take weeks. >> final 2-7, moline. >> reporter: just a week agon
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his way home to minneapolis, after performing in atlanta, prince's plane had to make an emergency landing in moline, illinois. descending approximately 45,000 feet in 17 minutes. prince checked into a local hospital for three hours and then went home. his team said he had the flu. the next day, prince tweeted that he was throwing a $10 a head dance party at paisley park. >> he seemed great! totally fine, energetic. >> reporter: local newspaper reporter sharyn jackson, who was there, said prince wanted everyone to know he was fine. what you're describing does not sound like a man on death's door. >> i certainly did not get that impression, that's for sure. it was just a fun, celebratory time. it just felt like we were being welcomed into prince's home and got to share a few minutes with him. we had no reason to be concerned about nything. he said, wait a few days before you waste any prayers. >> dan, still so many questions
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what's next for the investigation? >> reporter: now that the autopsy has concluded, the body has been returned to prince's family. tom? >> dan, thank you. and the reaction to prince's death is coming from across the spectrum, and around the world. here's linsey davis on the millions of people he touched. >> reporter: nasa, joining in the collecti iiv iive remembran with a picture of a purple nebula. across the globe, an outpouring and an outcry. some moved to tears, others moved to dance. dance
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this one in brooklyn, where they partied like it was 1999. minneapolis' mayo clinic posted this message, encouraging people to wear purple. and at lunch with queen elizabeth, there was mrs. obama, dressed in his favorite color. and elton john tweeting, he was a greatest performer i've ever seen. a true genius. there is a big crowd here at first avenue, the club where "purple rain" was filmed. >> and the
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outpouring for prince was a stark contrast on how he kept his public life. here's byron pitts. >> reporter: we now know, for a man so gifted, prince was as complicated as he was creative. he once told tavis smiley about his battles with epilepsy. indeed, a child prodigy, he could play two dozen instruments by 12. he was quite the ladies' man. married twice. but dated madonna,
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electra. and can you imagine prince showing up at your door praising jehovah? perhaps the biggest secret of this star we barely knew, what of the vault of music he never released? >> one day, someone will release them. i don't know that i'll get to release them. >> reporter: one would imagine that prince the artist and prince the businessman would be pleased. tom? >> thank you. and later this evening, "20/20" takes a look at prince, the legend and mystery, at 10:00 p.m. eastern. nd breaking news from ohio, a killer on the loose after a gruesome seen of carnage. the bodies of at least eight people, including a child, all
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members of the same family. and tonight, the manhunt is on. alex perez is on the scene. >> reporter: a community on high alert. tonight, police on the hunt for a cold-blooded killer and any possible accomplices. >> there is a strong possibility that any individuals involved with this are armed and extremely dangerous. >> reporter: the crime scene, a gruesome massacre in rural ohio. eight people -- including a 16-year-old boy -- found dead. shot execution style in four separate homes near the village of peebles. three small children, including two infants, spared. police believe all the victims are related. >> it's heartbreaking. i mean, the one mom apparently was killed in her bed with the 4-day-old right there. >> reporter: as word spread, a local high school put on lockdown and the ohio attorney general rushing more than a dozen agents to the scene. ohio governor john kasich --
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campaigning today out of state -- says his office is monitoring the situation. he tweeted, "reports we are receiving from peebles are tragic beyond comprehension." and tom, it's still not clear what the possible motive could be. investigators here say they will be working round the clock until track down whoever is responsible. tom? >> alex, thank you. next tonight, breaking news. a law enforcement official confirming that 32 cases of commercial grade fireworks are missing, and believed to be stolen from a train traveling between chicago and detroit. they say they could be dangerous in the wrong hands. chlk next to the race for the white house. what could be a new donald trump in the wings. his campaign aide saying his fiery image has been a part he has been playing. ted cruz saying that
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whatever trump says can't be trusted. here's jonathan karl. >> reporter: on stage tonight in delaware -- >> let's have some fun. it's friday let's have some fun. >> reporter: donald trump sounded like his old self. >> build the wall! build the wall! >> reporter: but behind closed doors, the man now taking charge of his campaign was recorded promising republican officials that trump will tone it down. the audio obtained by the "new york times." >> the part he's been playing is evofling into the part that you've been expecting. when he's in a room, when he's talking business and talking politics, he's projecting an image that's for that purpose. >> reporter: tru
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ago -- >> once you get to a certain level, it changes. i will be changing very rapidly. i'm very capable of changing to anything i want to change to. >> reporter: now senator ted cruz -- branded "lyin' ted" by trump -- is turning the insult around. >> he is telling us, he is lying to us. >> reporter: cruz now calling trump's entire campaign a lie. >> he's telling us he's lying to us. you look at what his campaign manager says, is that this is just an act, this is just a show. it doesn't make any sense to support the guy who is blatantly lying to you and laughing about it. he is making fun of us right now. >> jon, we've seen signs of the new trump. but we'll be seeing even more next week? >> reporter: they're going to have what they're billing a major foreign policy address. even using a teleprompter. >> thank you. and to a
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over voting rights, to over 200,000 felons if they've completed their sentences and probation. republicans say it's a bid to help hillary clinton become president. now to the extreme weather. houston finally getting a break after historic rain. the dams opening, but sending a foot of water into a nearby neighborhood. and the rain is heading to the east coast. and this wildfire burning in north carolina. here's rob marciano. >> reporter: good evening. that storm that brought all the rain to texas, finally on the move. not raining in new york yet, but pretty much everywhere else on the east
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should be over by tomorrow lunchtime. and in the west, wind damage in interior parts of california. and the system behind that one, a more potent one. as it rolls into the plains, tuesday and wednesday, potential for a more damaging severe weather outbreak next week. tom? and we move on to the new details in the mysterious ki killing of a fitness director at a church. police also revealing that she died from a head wound caused by an unknown instrument. and to london, president and mrs. obama meeting with the royal family. but this encounter getting the most buzz, prince
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a delay of bedtime to say hello to president obama. here's terry moran. >> reporter: as the obamas arrive at kensington palace tonight, you could just see him there in the hallway, standing by his dad, prince william. and once inside, the little prince and the president shared a moment, now melting hearts around the world. prince george got to stay up 15 minutes past his bedtime to meet the obamas. it was that kind of day. the queen and prince philip, personally greeting the first family outside windsor castle. and then look at this -- they all pack in the royal range rover, with prince philip, the duke of edinburgh, acting as chauffeur. >> i have never been driven by a duke of edinburgh before. >> reporter: but the president landed himself in the thick of a ferocious political battle here. britain's about to vote whether to leave the troubled european union. obama's urging them to stay. and the mayor of london -- who wants britain out -- sneered in an op-ed piece about taking
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"part-kenyan president." obama shot back. >> i am not coming here to fix any votes. i am offering my opinion. and you should not be afraid to hear an argument being made. but the politics here are secondary. this is really a farewell trip. and president obama seemed almost wistful, bidding good-bye to queen elizabeth, calling here a real jewel in the world. >> thank you. there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this friday. the catamaran nearly capsizing. and the terrifying moment, the water rushes right in. plus the major recall involving more than 1 million popular cars and suvs. and "america strong." a baby left inside a hot car, and the good samaritans that helped polic
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back now with a mayday moment at sea. a catamaran capsizing in rough waters. what american travels should be aware of when booking those international excursions. here's clayton sandell. >> reporter: a boat full of tourists, music playing. but take a look at those orange life jackets -- a signal something is wrong. >> there's water in the bottom of the boat. >> reporter: a catamaran, already struggling in rough seas, when suddenly things get much worse. >> oh my god. >> reporter: the boat capsizes. nearly 100 tourists, on a day trip last year off costa rica, are plunged into the water. >> within a minute it was flipped. very fast. shocking. >> reporter: as they try to stay afloat, it becomes apparent that not everyone made it. >> i think he's dead. >> reporter: three people, including one american, do not survive. but the rest
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ships like this freighter arrive to help. >> help! >> reporter: an investigation that included the u.s. coast guard found the boat company not negligent. but costa rica has been criticized for not having stronger safety laws. >> thank you. when we come back, the recall involving more than 1 million popular cars on roads right now. and the tanker truck, swallowed by a parking lot sinkhole. and humvees falling from the sky. a military exercise takes a dramatic and costly turn. stay with us. between one choice or another. always or. but with the rate of change increasing, there's simply(
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finding this 2 month old in an unlocked suv. the baby's temperature had climbed to 102 degrees. the father was arrested and booked on a felony child abuse charge. and check this house. the stinkhole opening, and the truck sucked into an underground parking area in houston. so far, no injuries. and an army investigation into an air drop exercise gone wrong. u.s. planes over germany dropping supplies from the sky, including humvees. three breaking from their parachutes, and dropping to earth. the investigation is
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