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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  April 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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in.than: peace t this aswo teenagers were killed at the deanwood metro station. organizers call this a passion for
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the recent homicides, hoping to galvanize the community into action. of the antioch baptist church of deanwood marched for peace for their neighborhood church, the deanwood metro, the recent site of two murders. we wanted to share our outrage and let this community know that we do not stand for violence. roz: last month, washington was shot to death. month, evans was shot to death. parents are afraid to have their kids use the station and there are calls for a greater police presence. to the metro call police department, we see the cameras everywhere, but where are the patrols? roz: there are also calls for neighbors to look out for neighbors. we are just tired of being tired. metro needs to step up, but we also need to step up to do what we can. roz:
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young people to stop the senseless violence. >> our children matter. for this to continue senselessly killing each other, over nothing, we have to reach their hearts. we have to touch their lives so they understand life is more important than a look. roz: the church has a number of events targeting young people over the summer. they also have a #pine, which stands for peace in the northeast. michelle: scattered showers and storms are ending, making way for a good weekend. steve rudin is here with the outlook. steve: just have to get through the overnight and early tomorrow morning and a huge improvement is on the way. the last of the rain is off to theroz: the church has a numberf events targeting young people over the summer.
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north and west, moving through hagerstown. it is now clear of western maryland. however, a few more showers may dot the radar into early tomorrow morning. do not expect a lot more once this moves through. tomorrow morning, in the 60's, daytime highs in the lower 70's. talking about the seven day outlook, a big warm-up and cooldown, and not one but two chances of rain. jonathan: a suspected killer from out-of-state was caught in a grocery store starbucks. alerted to are disorderly man in wheaton. one of him what that's one of them was wanted for murder in north carolina, starting a fight with the police, taken into custody. michelle: a vigil in memory of a transgender woman murdered earlier this month, stabbed to death a red roof inn in rockville. last week, transgendered woman was shot to death in houston. today, a circle of joining hands
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violence. the killer is still out there. support toere in make sure they understand that this case will not be neglected. it will be pursued. this was a horrible crime. michelle: the police say they are working around the clock to solve the crime. they said they want more awareness and advocacy groups for issues that face the transgender community. jonathan: a bomb threat turned into a murder investigation in northeast d.c., and now they have an arrest. the police were called to an apartment building this morning after some but he called in a bomb threat. officers found a woman suffering from several stab ones who later died. the police have charged 59-year-old charles sykes in the murder. they believe he called in the false threat as well. michelle: north and west, moving through hagerstown. concerns that a fairfax county firefighter was bullied before her suicide. nicole mittendor
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ff's body was found yesterday. in herde note was found car and the medical examiner said that she hanged herself. or my message boards in which she was -- one line message boards and people claiming they were with department. >> there is something missing in the fire and ems world. we do not talk about those in the fire academy on the officer keepes, so if we can turning the awareness that it is ok to ask for help. michelle: the fairfax county fire department is aware of the messages but right now is focused on helping murders of the family cope with the loss. funeral arrangements are pending. jonathan: lingering mysteries about the death of a legend, tonight officials gave clues about prince's death, but still no definitive word as to how he died. richard reeve is joining us with a going tribute -- growing tribute to prince. so many people around the world are remembering this music legend.
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connection with prince and the warner theatre, playing his last d.c. gig last june. there is a memorial with candles and flowers as the police investigate. paisleyators at the park complex say the were no obvious signs of trauma. his body was found thursday morning. >> we have no reason to believe at this point it was suicide. seen 8:00e was last wednesday night after he was dropped off by an acquaintance. the next morning, staff members became concerned when they could not reach the 57-year-old singer. >> they responded to paisley park to look for him and found him unresponsive. richard: frantic staffers called 911. we have somebody unconscious in prince's house. first responders tried cpr but could not revive the singer per . 10:07 a.m. he was pronounced dead.
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forced to megan emergency waiting after a concert in atlanta. he checked into a hospital for three hours and went home. his team said he had the flu. a minneapolis newspaper reporter attended a $10 per person dance party at paisley park the night after prince got home. >> he said wait a few days before you waste any prayers. theard: now fans around world are mourning his sudden death, but also his life and music, filling with purple around the world, and his songs on daunting -- undautning. an autopsy is expected to take weeks. at the warner theatre, two purple lights come and we are hearing that the classic 1980 four film "purple rain" will be airing in theaters around the u.s.. for listings, go to richard reeve, abc 7 news. michelle: 7 on your side
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health matters -- every single water fountain and faucet at every single d.c. public school will now be tested for lead. this after high levels of lead were found in the drinking water at three d.c. schools. wasdisturbing discovery made at minor elementary school and capitol hill montessori school, both in northeast. the students at the schools will all be tested as well. jonathan: new tonight, our region helping with the water crisis in from it. at midnight, these trucks will be heading from upper marlboro to michigan. they are full of donations of bottled water. the water in flight was contaminated after city officials which the water to try to save money. this week, three officials were charged with felonies in connection with this ongoing scandal. it has been a tough night for the washington capitals fans, the home team not able to eliminate philadelphia in game five. instead, they fell
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game six. tom roussey is joining us at the verizon center. were hoping for a sweep, that did not happen. now it is 3-2. this is getting ugly, tom. tom: some folks are getting nervous. we have some caps fans still hanging out, but not a good night. a lot of them went into tonight expecting they would win the game. when they left the verizon center, it is empty now, but when they walked out, a lot of dejected faces. said, jonathan, folks had been hoping there would be a sweep in philadelphia, then such confidence before the game tonight. the fans were sure that they would win game five and close out the series. now it is headed back to philadelphia. that will be sunday night. game six. i asked folks if they are still confident. most, but not all, are. >> they are too good of a team. it will not be that way this
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>> having grown up seeing all the playoff disappointments from the 1980's and 1990's, i have a feeling of "here we go again." place is about 95 percent cap's fans tonight, but there were some flyers fans who made the trip from philly, also local flyers fans. they went home very boisterous and happy tonight. live, we have some capitals fans hanging out, and a flyers fan. he is going home happy, for multiple reasons. most fans keeping the faith they will win game six. however, if game seven is necessary, it will be back in d.c. this coming wednesday. tom roussey, abc 7 news. jonathan: let's hope it does not come to that. much more on the game, including highlights and reaction from players, coming up later in sports
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just building suspense. coming up -- an intense manhunt in ohio after eight family members were murdered. the horrifying investigation and the police search for the killer. jonathan: a consumer alert for fiat owners. a big recall.
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jonathan: terrifying developments in ohio, and active manhunt after eight family members were found shot to death , and the police say these were execution-style killings. victims, a mother killed right in front of her four-year-old child. the police are the hunt for a cold-blooded killer and any possible cutlasses. >> -- any possible accomplices. >> there is a strong possibility these individuals are armed and extremely dangerous. jonathan: the crime scene, a gruesome massacre in rural ohio. aght people, including six-year-old boy, found dead,
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separate homes. three small children, including two infants were spared. the police believe that all the victims were related. >> it's heartbreaking. the one mom apparently was killed in her bed with the four-day-old right there. jonathan: a local high school was put on lockdown. the ohio governor john kasich, campaigning out of state, says his office is monitoring the situation. "reports we are receiving our tragic beyond comprehension." the motiveear what is, but investigators are trying to track down whoever is responsible. stay with us for all updates. michelle: 7 on your side with a consumer alert, more than one million cars being recalled by fiat chrysler to clear up confusion about the transmission. apparently the gear shift design makes it too easy for
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forget to put the vehicle and out,before getting resulting in rollaway cars, leading to 41 injuries. the automaker will enhance warnings and modify settings. owners will be notified soon and repairs will be free. one major airline says the low prices will continue next year. americans is that it will offer low fares into 2017. delta, united, and self west have plans for lower fares this year. the industry is benefiting from cheaper fuel costs. jonathan: president obama and the first lady were greeted by prince elizabeth and the prince philip. the president also met with the british prime minister to try to convince u.k. officials to remain a member of the european union. leaving theama says union would adversely affect the u.s., especially when it comes to trade. after that, the president had another special meeting, this
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two-year-old who stayed up a few minutes past his bedtime to greet the obamas. and look at him, dressed in his robe. he has his little slippers, and he was on his rocking horse. president obama is the one who gave him that rocking horse. enjoyed that, and he even thanked the president for his rocking horse. a good-looking kid. michelle: tomorrow we can all sleep in, and then the sun will be shining? steve: you get up at 11:00? michelle: yes, on the weekend, just in time for brunch. steve: for those getting up earlier -- jonathan: we are done with our double-header before she is even a. steve: don't be discouraged. the sunshine will stick around tomorrow afternoon and into the day sunday, much warmer temperatures on the way early next week. 65 right now at reagan national, the cold front sliding through. the satellite and radar, the heaviest of the ra
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beginning to fizzle out a bit. as will move off towards the east and we will see wet weather as we move through the overnight. move into early, early tomorrow morning, most of the rain will end. around the beltway, light shower activity upper northwest d.c., towards bethesda, rockville, gaithersburg, also dale city and fredericksburg looking at light rain. mild, 63 manassas, 64 leesburg, but we have had the heavier rain already, dropping into the 50's winchester, cumberland, 55 elkins, west virginia. overnight low, 53 to 60, showers, a possible isolated rumble of thunder, but the chances of thunder are limited through the late-night. tomorrow morning, grabbing a cup of coffee, walking the dog, going for a jog, morning clouds, pe
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afternoon as the sun finally breaks through the clouds. that will happen midday. sunshine stars from north to south. tomorrow afternoon, most of us are looking at sunshine and a beautiful sunset tomorrow evening. early sunday morning looks absolutely fantastic. crystal clear blue skies and sunshine sticks around all day long, along with much warmer temperatures for the day monday. the high temperatures will be on 80's.wer the forecast tomorrow, hope you have a chance to enjoy it, lingering showers in the morning, south and east of d.c, lots ofe afternoon, sunshine, breezy at times, the wind out of the north that 10 to 15. 71 the high sunday, not quite as breezy. a bump in temperatures monday, lower 80's. a little bit of
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a cooldown is the frontal system moves through, showers tuesday, temperatures in the 70's. showers and thunderstorms likely thursday of next week with temperatures in the upper 70's. we have turned the corner, from the 50's and 60's, now talking 60's, 70's, occasional 80's. at the end of the month we will be looking at more 70's and 80's. jonathan: that is a good corner to turn. michelle: we need the caps to make a turn towards winning. jonathan: scott was talking earlier about the redskins getting some much-needed help. scott: not good news for the redskins fans, but a good player is coming to town for the redskins, shelling out the cash tonight.
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and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. scott:
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needed some cornerback help. they got it tonight in a big way. former carolina pro bowl cornerback josh norman has signed with the burgundy and gold. it is a five-year, $75 million deal. $50 million is guaranteed to. that is some serious cheddar. the redskins suddenly have one of the best cornerback tandems in the league. the other big story, the caps and flyers. game five. erin hawksworth watch this one from the press box. got hisnouri bar revenge against his former team. erin: he sure did. i was watching this from the press box on the edge of my seat the entire game, a disappointing loss, but hats off to the flyers goaltender. almost haunting the caps right now in this series. they say this is t b
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second, the flyers on the power play. , that is stopped, but ryan white puts on the rebound, 1-0 flyers. the former caps goalie was unbelievable, 45 saves. the caps on shot philly 44-11, but they cannot get the pucjk in. they head back- to philly for game six at noon on sunday. we just have to put more guys on net. it's not going to be pretty. we have to find a way. >> it will go our way sooner or later. , we have notgames gotten any lucky bounces. >> we put a lot of pucks on
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and we do not get any to trickle through. you just hope the goalie over there cools off and we find a way. >> this group has been tough together all year. we will go into game six and try to get it. erin: as i was walking out of the locker room after the game, a media member was like, that must have been a tough locker room. i have to say, i was a little surprised and impressed the confidence that they can still close this out, but certainly not the situation they want to be a now. steve: erin hawksworth, thank you very much. a big game on sunday. on the diamond, the nationals double up the twins, 8-4. jayson werth had a home run, gio gonzalez gets the win. the caps lose, but the nationals keep winning. jonathan: the caps will beat them in philly, right? scott:
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if they put up 44 shots again and they stop them all, hats off. jonathan: coming up --a stray cat walking, no big deal, right? that is a tiger.
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let's talk about the seven day outlook, the temperatures tomorrow eventually near 70 degrees. theet the showers out of way early, beautiful sunday, lower 80's monday. showers tuesday, and by thursday maybe some thunderstorms. have a great weekend, everyone. thank you for joining us tonight. jimmy kimmel live is next.
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live"! >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, the cast of "captain america: civil war." chris evans. anthony mackie. sebastian stan. and paul rudd. plus music from white denim. with cleto and the cletones. and now, look -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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