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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  April 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> from abc 7 news, this is a breaking news alert. kimberly: breaking news from northwest d.c. tonight, the friendship heights metro station filled with smoke, an insulator fire just feet from the platform, riders forced to evacuate at tenleytown. that terrifying incident lighting up so
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roz plater is in the middle of it all, the latest in a string of serious safety issues. indeed, it was pretty chaotic, yet another incident of an arcing insulator. there was heavy smoke, passengers evacuated. service is still disrupted on the red line. so far, the trouble started at 7:15 p.m. tonight a train operator spotted an insulator on fire at the friendship heights station platform, sparking heavy smoke conditions. the train on board were offloaded at tenleytown in the station evacuated because of the smoke. train service was suspended between van ness and the medical center stop in bethesda. describedw passengers what happened, one of whom is a firefighter from california. >> various degrees of
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various people with special needs, so we were trying to get everybody out. we were trying to get everybody to move back in an orderly fashion. then it was not filling with smoke, but it was fast-paced, and then you can see the sparks from the front of the train. >> fire was the first thing that came to my mind. had we not been in the tunnel, it would not have been so upsetting. roz: again, we still have service suspended, service interruptions on the red line at tenleytown come all the way to van ness to the metro center stop. service is available to passengers. incident tonight's just days after a skate a report from the federal transit administration, sending a letter to metro g.m. paul
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outlining safety problems, among them fire extinguishers that do not work, missing third rail covers, emergency signs so filthy they were nearly uses. -- nearly useless. paul wiedefeld said he would release a long-range maintenance plan in the coming weeks. the firefighter who survived the shooting while responding to a medical call is out of the hospital. a week ago friday, volunteer firefighter kevin swain and prince george's county firefighter john ulmschneider were shot in temple hills. ulmschneider died from his injuries. swain was released from baltimore shock trauma a few hours ago. >>'s mom, dad, brother right by his brothers and sister firefighters, the countless number of firefighters from all over the country who came to see him
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respects, and come by and wish him well. all of those things encouraged him. kimberly: the shooter has not been charged in the case. the authorities say the homeowner did not hear the firefighters identify themselves and opened fire when he thought someone he was breaking into his home. developments tonight, we are hearing from the chief of the fairfax county fire department about web postings referring to firefighter nicole mittendorff, whose body was found thursday in shenandoah national park. in herde note was found car. the medical examiner said she hanged herself. late this week we learned of online message boards in which mittendorff was referred to negatively by people claiming to the department. the fire chief said they are looking into the matter and, "we at fairfax fire and rescue are aware of the posts and are looking into the matter. i assure you that my department
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we will have the latest details on a look outside, looks like a lovely clear night, but earlier it was chilly and wet, then the sun came out and the wind moved in. a little bit of everything tonight, josh knight. josh: that's right, we had some rain, and we needed it. after today, we get to enjoy the sunshine tomorrow. cool temperatures tonight, 55 the hyatt tysons at regency, one of our new weatherbug cameras, clear skies. a lot of stars out there. the cooler air starting to sink in, 59 in d c, 59 winchester, 50 frederick. we will have spots tonight in the 30's and 40's. earlier the rain from to
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in. springs 39,erkeley frederick, maryland 39, 42 winchester. 39 gaithersburg, 44 college park in the morning, 42 clinton. further south, low 40 stafford, 43 manassas. keep that in mind if you have anything going on early in the morning, heading off to church, the cut of thing. i will have the forecast coming up. kimberly: new tonight, remembering the life of music legend prince. his remains were cremated today. a small group of family and friends gathered to celebrate his life. thousands crowded outside of the paisley park apartments. and we know that it will be at least a month until the final results of the all caps er released. until then
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results of the autopsy are released. until then, people are celebrating with a piece of his past, more than 100 theaters holding showings of "purple rain." fans in our area turned out in full force. >> i had to have the purple somewhere. richard: this prince fan cannot resist. >> of course we had to pay tribute to prince. he is one of our favorites. richard: hitting the theaters to in this -- "purple rain," 1984 film that made him a household name. this person was not even born. prince rogers nelson skyrocketed to fame. >>n when you think of his catag come he has rock, pop, r&b, he was all over the place in the best way possible. richard: this past thursday, the world received the sad news. >> we have no reason to believe this was a suicide. richard:
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staffers found to prince unresponsive in his paisley park home. the 57-year-old singer had been battling the flu. --it's like mackerel jackson it's like michael jackson again. you cannot replace either one of them. richard: now word that prince has left behind a secret full of music, hidden in the basement of his massive studio complex -- enough to release an album per year into the next century. >> i cannot wait. seeard: for now, going to "purple rain" is their way of saying thank you. >> the music is still awesome and it really touches your soul. we loved him. richard: the soundtrack hassled some 30 million copies. you can see the movie through next thursday with showings in alexandria. in alexandria, richard reeve, abc 7 news. kimberly: we have a photo tribut
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flow in at -- a glimmer of hope. the one thing helping crews fight a wildfire in virginia and the cautious optimism on the frontlines. and coming together to clean up, the monumental effort on the banks and in the waters of the anacostia river. trump 2.0? donald he says he has reinvented himself.
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kimberly: a deadly accident in richmond has ties to our area. a 19-year-old died after he was hit in a busy intersection this morning. our affiliate in richmond reports that
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they say he was with a group of people trying to cross the street without a walk signal. no charges have been filed so far. authorities in ohio have released the names of the eight family members who were gunned down in their home, and the victims were all members of the same family. investigators say most of the family was shot execution style in their beds. the police say the family was likely targeted. anyonennot believe how can kill a mother with her four-day-old baby in her arms. it's -- that is out of my realm of thinking that anyone could do that, how heartless. kimberly: the baby was not hurt, and neither were two other small children. the police have not made any arrests and have given no indication of possib
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made an arrest in the deadly shooting in clinton. isyear-old antonio barnett charged with killing carl marshall. it appears they argued on vienna drive last saturday before the shooting. barnett faces first and second degree murder charges and is being held without bond tonight. new developments in the race for the white house, senator bernie sanders stumping in baltimore just three days ahead of the maryland primary tuesday. polls show hillary clinton with a 20-plus point lead in the state. she spent the weekend campaigning in rhode island and connecticut. there are also primaries tuesday in rhode island. is continuing his push across maryland after stopping in the eastern shore earlier this week. do,thing he is promising to re
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brash bombastic tone he had taken up until now. even he admits it will not be easy. donald trump: if i acted presidential, i guarantee you that this morning i would not be here. i have to keep you people going or you will fall asleep on me, right? kimberly: abc 7 will be at a campaign stop tomorrow with live report starting at 6:30 p.m., and we have you covered leading into the tuesday primaries. just head over to developing right now, a glimmer of hope in the form of rain. some progress fighting the rocky mountain fire in the shenandoah national forest. but i cheryl conner reports, it may be short-lived. cheryl: gloria and marshall price
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this drive since the 1970's, so it made sense on it'ssp saturday night cold, but shenandoah national park is not been so clear. >> it's devastating, but at the same time it is breathtaking. cheryl: they live about 15 miles away from where the wildfires have burned all week. it started with 70 acres last saturday and spread to more than 9000. >> several nights ago, when out to let the dogs out and it was hazy. it was filled with smoke. along theld see it ridge of the mountains in the evening and that it would spread. cheryl: no homes have been damaged and there are no injuries. firefighters from 33 states plus d.c. add puerto rico are assisting. they say the smoke and flames have died off a bit, but they are still fighting. of the moste is one iconic spots in the shenandoah national park. the wildfire has closed a 22
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several trails are also closed. there was some rain saturday morning, but the forecast is calling for dry conditions, which the parks service says could cause the fire to grow. >> during several days this week, harrisburg was saturated with smoke. cheryl: cheryl conner, abc 7 news. kimberly: i guess if you wanted to go camping down there, probably shouldn't. picked up,ind has and they do not get enough rainfall stop that is with the firefighters were rate about, and the breezy weather is not helping. kimberly: any rain in the forecast? josh: early next week, but not until tuesday. hopefully that will be of more use to them. they were saying april 30 is when they thought they would have a contained, so still about a week away. 59 right now at reagan national.
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chilly air overnight. most of us will be in the 30's and 40's by early tomorrow morning. mile per hour breeze in the district, 14 at andrews, not quite as strong as we were closer towards page county, rocking ham, shenandoah county, good news for them. over the ridge tops the bridge can be more. here is a look at temperatures now, compared with this time yesterday evening. the downward trend, all of the negative numbers, by tomorrow morning expect they will be even higher. satellite and radar, close to home, not a lot going on, but futurecast, the high-pressure starts to move in. the cool air mass in place will stick around tomorrow morning, especially in the 30's and 40's. the sunshine takes over through the day, the cooler air lifts out, highs near 70 degrees. into monday, the high moves over into the
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the warm air from the south, moving us into the low 80's monday, a chance of showers. it is limited and should stay further to the west, but by tuesday, as that system moves closer, that brings a better chance of rain, about a quarter inch, third of an inch tuesday. 37 to 46 tonight, closer to d.c. in the mid 40's, further to the north and west is where there will be 30's. the nationals game tomorrow, lots of sunshine, mid 60's, 70 near the end of the game. tomorrow, cooler along the bay, most of us near 70. 82 monday, 80 tuesday, 60% chance of rain moving in. a break on wednesday, but more showers come even a chance of thunder as we head into thursday and friday. right now looks like cooler weather next week. kimberly: are there good games to watch outside tomorrow in the sunny weather? erin: i don't know, there might be
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nationals, always good. kimberly: that's one. the: we caught up with redskins to get their reaction to the signing of josh norman.
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and take this one 3-0. here is the acting head coach after the victory. coach: just happy with the effort. i thought we started slow, but we played into it and gradually got our footing. substituteshen two come on and score goals for you. just happy to get the three points. erin: the redskins news this week was the signing of josh norman, a five-year, $75 million contract. we caught up with another defensive back at a humane society event, and he is thrilled about the new e addition. >> happy that we sign josh norman and he will be a big part of this team. i hope he can do his thing and come in and be a positive role and just keep going. erin: nationals
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this afternoon. first, ryan zimmerman, the hard grounder up the middle, base hit. anthony rendon and bryce harper score. zim gets caught between first and second, does not matter, damage done. now tanner roark, shave the beard -- shave the beard, and he had a career day. he blew away the twins, 15 strikeouts in seven innings, just two strikeouts shy of max scherzer's record of 17 last season. tanner: i was throwing all four pitches for strikes and keeping them guessing. i think after the first inning hours trying to be too fine, and then i said, you know what, i'm going to go after it and be aggressive. that's my game. erin: we like his gam
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as the series shifts back to philadelphia tomorrow. the flyers goalie, a former cap, was stepping everything last night. he stopped all 44 shots that the caps threw his way friday night. after you watch out your opponent, what do you say to the team after that that they need to do better? i always talk about the hockey gods. people think i'm crazy, but there is a resilient team on the other side, with good goaltending, they are blocking shots, doing all the things that they are trying to do, and there is only one stat that matters at the end of the night, the one that is upon the scoreboard. erin: and finally, steph curry says his ankle is better and he is expected to play in game
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tomorrow when the warriors face the rockets, a game that you can see on abc 7 at 3:30 p.m. kimberly: thanks ,erin. up next -- breaking the royal bedtime. don't let dust and allergies get between you and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. so you can seize those moments, wherever you find them. flonase. six is greater than one changes everything.
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kimberly: chances are you have seen this photo, president obama meeting prince george. within moments of this photo being released, a british retailer sold out of the $40 bathrobe worn by the future king. he was allowed to stay up late as well to greet the first couple at kensington palace. he also showed off the rocking horse the obamas gave him as a birthday present. hundreds of volunteers walked along the anacostia river this morning, each step picking up soda cans, food containers, and other trash along the shoreline. they fanned out across the anacostia watershed doing the same thing. >> first it's depressing, and when you see what it looks like clean, it's uplifting. it's good to be outside of your four walls once in the community.
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and party afterward. the final trash tally has not been released, but last year volunteers collected 37 tons of garbage. the good news, organizers say the amount of garbage decreases every sickle year. -- every single year.


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