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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  April 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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kimberly: right now, shot on the job, a tow truck driver shot. a breakthrough in a sex abuse arrested, one of them an 18-year-old after a woman was found half naked at a rec center
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trump 2.0 arrives in maryland. we will take you inside wrap up a rally and busy weekend in presidential political agendas. news at 11:00 am on your side. primary day in maryland is tuesday, bringing last-ditch efforts to shore up leads or create a dent. today donald trump arriving in hagerstown. this was the epicenter of presidential politics in maryland today. cheryl: at a glance, the crowd makes it look like a rock concert. , even aftersinging parking and walking several miles and waiting several hours at the local airport. protesters could
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supporters. >> i don't think somebody who is anti-woman would do this. cheryl: waiting around after this. hundredsle made it in, turned away, but they stood at the speaker and listen to the hour-long speech. they sold donald trump's helicopter land. he said that hillary clinton the be easier to beat than republican opponents, and he addressed the wall to keep out illegal immigrants. >> i have built a lot of big buildings. it's a lot tougher than building walls. cheryl: there were confrontations, but nothing out of hand. >> still undecided new i really want to vote for. tryi
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souls barry and hagerstown -- ands mary --salisbury hagerstown this weekend. cheryl conner, abc 7 news. push for in the final maryland, ohio governor john kasich will be in rockville tomorrow at a rally. 's closestmp competitor by delegate count is ted cruz, who has spent a lot of time in indiana lately. they do not vote until may. he spent most of the weekend in trading thatcruz state as a must win. hundreds of hillary clinton supporters attended a rally at the university of maryland shady grove campus. also today, in an exclusive interview with abc
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bettere a president than donald trump or ted cruz. and saidriticized koch she is not interested in his endorsement. senator bernie sanders appeared on the sunday morning talk shows. he said if more low income people voted, he would be wanting more. he pledged to stay in through the d.c. primary june 14. he spent his day in connecticut and rhode island. we invite you to join us for a primary night special at 9:00, streaming live at and live on our sister station, news channel 8. we will have the results from maryland and the other states in the running this tuesday night at 9:00. a live look outside this evening, you might think it is cool, a sunny day, though. how are things feeling for the wake-up forecast?
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josh: chilly temperatures tomorrow morning, but not as cold as this morning. ,f you were up early today getting the kids to the bus stop will not be quite as bad tomorrow morning. we are in the 50's most of the area, 58 d.c., 52 manassas, in the 40's in woodbridge. mostly clear skies overnight, but here is the big difference, the little streamers are coming out of the south list -- southeast, riding up the bay. just a few clouds, that will keep the temperatures in the 40's and 50's, instead of the 30's where we were this morning. recess tomorrow, mid-70's, by the time the kids are coming home, mid 80's. i will show you where i expect isolated showers to pop up in just a few minutes. a chance of stronger thunderstorms heading our way as well. kimberly:
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good day for recess tomorrow. emotions are very high as fairfax county police investigate whether cawley suspicious death. a family member found a 21-year-old man dead in a home in centerville with trauma to his upper body. neighbors said they heard screaming coming from the townhouse. the police are looking into the victim's past to piece things together. we are expecting more information on the case tomorrow and we will have an update tomorrow. arrested in ads terrible sexual abuse ends sexual assault case in southeast d.c., where a woman was found unconscious, partially nude, and suffering from serious injuries near the benning park rec center on southern avenue. the police arrested gregory had gustavus jr. and sellers,
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18, both charged with first-degree sexual assault and intent to kill. six shootings in the district, two stabbings, one person dead. shootings happened today, the most recent at eighth and hamlin street northwest, where relatives of the victim said the man was just trying to do his job. roz plater is outside of d.c. police headquarters with the heartbreaking story. kimberly, i just got a text from the relative of the tow truck driver, undergoing tests at the hospital, so they are hoping and praying, but just somebody trying to do their job when they were shot. happened inhooting broad daylight in northeast d.c. sunday evening. witnesses heard multiple shots fired. the woman said the victim is her cousin, a tow truck driver was trying to repossess a car when he was attacked. we are protecting her identity. >> they shot him.
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help him and call the police. roz: the tow truck was several feet up the block, its engine still idling. >> he was just doing his job. so much violence going on. they could have got their car back. the police have taken a man into custody at the scene, but would not say why. street isf the industrial, with multiple surveillance cameras, which may help in the investigation. the sixth shooting in d.c. this weekend, and there were two stabbings, one of them fatal happening on kennedy street northwest 10:30 p.m. saturday. about the same time saturday night, there was a shooting in northeast. generallysay this is a good area, but there has been u
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presence so that that will be minimized. police are asking anybody with information in any of these cases this weekend to contact them. the d.c. homicide rate so far is 33, which does not include the fatal stabbing saturday night. roz plater, abc 7 news. kimberly: 7 on your side is on your side, mapping what is happening in your neighborhood. log on to and search e, one word. there is a map where you can put in your address to see what is happening in your neighborhood. more americans special operation troops are headed to syria. president obama is expected to make a formal announcement tomorrow that in addition to the special ops forces, they will confront isis and the advisors -- as advisors to the syrian militants.
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u.s. troops in syria. the breaking news from 24 hours ago, the metro fire of the red line -- the federal transit administration will be investigating what is believed to be another arcing insulator incident. the red line line train was evacuated at the tenleytown station, smoke and fire reported one stop before the friendship heights stop. nobody was injured. broken up during track inspections last night, services back to normal today. the ntsb has finished its fact-finding effort after a helicopter and small airplane collided in frederick in october 2014. killed on theere helicopter, two on the airplane survived. among the findings come the air traffic controller did not hear the airplane pilot say he was three miles from the ai
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area with at least five aircraft in communication with the tower at once. the next step is finding out what caused the crash. coming up -- hoverboard knockoffs. even if there is a sticker of approval, there is no safety guarantee. what to look out for with counterfeits. firefighters gaining the upper hand in the rocky mountain fire. the milestone in the battle today and the timeline on when it could be fully contained. the big question, will the weather cooperate? the forecast coming up.
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but jamie raskin is the only abdemocrat for congress who led the fight for tougher gun laws. only raskin took on the nra to ban military-style assault weapons. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
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with ay: 7 on your side consumer alert come a police raid in california turned up 4000 counterfeit hoverboards found in a warehouse with a street value of $1.5 million. the hoverboards are fake because each displayed a ul
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certification mark, but because of recent fires, no hoverboard yet has a legit ul certification. you may have noticed that your weekend road trips or commutes have got more expensive, gas prices up seven cents this past week. the national average is now $2.11 for a gallon of regular. the nation, we have spent last 25 days above two dollars. tributes for prince today. >> dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing we call life. >> and what a life it was. kimberly: in st. paul today, they were honoring the late artist before their hockey game, one of many tributes around the twin cities. the belltower
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played "purple rain" by bells. hismemorial outside of paisley park complex continues to grow. it could be several weeks before we know exactly how the singer died. ohio investigators are looking into whether the murders of eight people were drug related. the ohio attorney general found three marijuana growth fourtions at three of crime scenes. eight members of the family were killed execution style late last week. >> this was a preplanned execution of eight individuals. it was a sophisticated operation. >> this was not something that just happened. that wassomething planned, the family targeted, most of them while sleeping. have not the police made any arrests yet. they are continuing to askhe
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asking for patients as they investigate -- asking for patience as they investigate. gilbert, fire in arizona, in an apartment complex still under construction. burning embers fell onto neighboring homes. tonight, a view of what is left -- just about nothing. it appears that one building on the lot was spared. still no word what sparked the massive fire, but it took over 100 firefighters to get it -- well, not under control but to put it out. progress in the rocky mountain fire for the first time since the battle began, more than 50% contained. actually, almost 60% tonight. over 9000 acres have already burned. despite the advances, it is still dry. projection on fully containing the fire is still april 30. just minutes
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at names of two bald eaglets the national arboretum, you have until 11:59 to make your choice. you can pick from five pairs. do they look like stars and stripes, freedom and liberty, anacostia and potomac, or chary and blossom? the winning names will be announced tuesday. and that is video from earlier when they were alert and busy. they are sound asleep now. josh: it's amazing how much they have changed. kind of that awkward phase at the moment. still very cool, and you get to their names. chilly temperatures tonight, kimberly, not as cold as last night, so good news. as we get going tomorrow morning, it will be a cool start.
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national, the breeze out of the south at 12. that will make a big difference for us overnight, the southerly wind keeping temperatures just a bit more mild. clouds, but mostly clear skies today, allowing us to cool off. first, from the wide view, the high pressure moves in over the atlantic, allowing the warm air to move in. with the warm air come a little extra moisture brings the chance of an isolated shower, especially around the shenandoah valley, right along the spine of the blue ridge, working their way further to the east later in the day. tuesday is the better chance of rain. it is as the cold front drops through. through the day we are warm come in the 80's, most of us waiting until the afternoon and evening come here it is at 6:00, for the front to come through and bring the rain. chancewatching for a
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thunderstorms that could be stronger, even some severe storms. stick with us late tuesday and tuesday evening with the updates. the showers into monday afternoon, it is not for most of us. i expect the district to stay dry. the better chance of rain will be tuesday. tuesday morning, 7:00 a.m., dry start, lots of sunshine, low to mid 80's. into the late afternoon, evening time frame, that is when we get the scattered rain and thunderstorms pushing through tuesday night come even sticking around a little bit wednesday morning. , midy morning, 51 in d.c. 40's manassas, leesburg 48, 47 winchester. you will need the jacket, but then 82 the high, partly to mostly sunny through the day, and a southerly breeze helps us out to about 82. tuesday, look to dry, rain late in the day. that is the day we are watching
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heading into wednesday, thursday, friday, we are cooler with more cloud cover and showers. we could use the rain. i have an update on the drought monitor coming up in a few minutes. sayingy: you have been that for a while, and after seeing the fire out west, absolutely. there was more beer and food sold tonight at nats part? robert: the nats played 16 innings. today,one for the nats the longest in franchise history. and the caps pulled it out in six. this price is so low. trying to make me eat my greens? no, just trying to save you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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i don't believe that big money can buy votes -- not in our district. and i won't claim to have single handily passed just about every bill in annapolis. we can't settle for the same old politics, not when our basic rights are being threatened by trump and cruz. i'll stand up to their bigotry and be a passionate voice for maryland women and families. in tv and in business, i built relationships. as a woman in the house, i'll do the same to get things done. i'm kathleen mathews and i approve this message.
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yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. sportsnow the toyota desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: cap spans have no fingernails left. after game five, thinking sweep, do not happen. they continue to have trouble getting up at the flyers goalie. power play,
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carlson shoots in traffic, no, not going to do it. finally, good things come in the second, the caps get to him. nicklas backstrom lights the lamp. 1-0 caps. it's almost over. just over a minute to go in the game, the flyers with the extra skater on the final try and they cannot penetrate braden holtby. cap's shutout the flyers, and they face the penguins next round. the nats, series finale against the twins today. bottom of the eight, the twins up 4-1. , wilson ramos, a shot to right center, into the gap. well, i guess that was just the harper home run. by the way, that game went 16 minutes, the longest game in franchise history. a final note, erin hawksworth is back for "abc 7 sports sunday
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from philly. kimberly: we have lots of sports coming up, don't go to sleep. robert: we will have highli woman #1: because qualifications count more than money. woman #2: because my vote is earned, not bought. woman #3: because grassroots power can stop big money. man #1: because jamie has always been a progressive.
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on campaign finance reform. woman #4: and jamie's the only candidate who's done more than talk. man #3: because he's the only one who's actually written major progressive laws. woman #5: to pass the green maryland act. man #4: to ban military-style assault weapons in maryland. woman #6: ban the death penalty. woman #7: pass equal pay for women. man #5: marriage equality for all. woman #8: because no other candidate has that kind of record. man #6: and it's not even close. woman #9: because jamie raskin is one of the coolest, smartest, kindest, most passionate candidates i've ever seen. man #7: because my vote is not for sale. woman #9: and we need the kind of progressive that money can't buy. man #8: because jamie raskin represents us. raskin: i'm jamie raskin and i approve this message.
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democrat donna edwards knows what it's like to struggle. divorced and without a place to live. raising her son alone. going without health insurance to put food on the table. but donna persevered. then she put that strength to work for us. protecting women from domestic violence. taking on the nra. rejecting wall street's cash. powerful interests don't want democrat donna edwards. that's a powerful reason why we do. women vote! is responsible for the content of this advertising. kimberly: thousands of people participated in the london marathon today, one of the biggest in the world -- check that, the universe. a british asked her
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-- a astronaut ran in the international space station with his ipad showing the route. he ran the route in three minutes, 15 seconds. no word on how difficult or easy the gravity-free marathon is. he looks like he is sweating. looks like he is lifting weights. robert: does that even happen in space?
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kimberly: if you liked today, tomorrow plus 20 degrees? josh: moore summerlike temperatures and dry. nothing extreme, but some


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