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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  April 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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the smoke incident on metro. metro tunnel. if a military issue, but it problem is at the root of this incident. smoke filled the tunnel stationriendship high this weekend. the cause was a broken piece of the train hit the electrified third rail. how did this hapn?
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richard reeve has the latest on the investigation happening now. richard: they are still trying to figure out what happened, but metal part from a new 5000 series car. some of the other cars on the train the back to 1976, 40 years old, part of the older infrastructure that folks say has to change. the friendship heights metro station -- when the lights come on on the train, that worries me -- when the lights go off. another smoke incident investigation. a preliminary finding that the filled the tunnel occurred when a middle part from flew off and hit the third rail. it becomes very dangerous, the ti
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two days later, a slow for thousands of riders at dupont circle with 25 minute delays. they need to do the overhaul and get it done. it adds up to an aging system that has no dedicated funding source. they are getting old and they are looking tired. this st. louis resident said in his town it's different. it goes to operating and cost expansion, and it's pretty much dedicated revenue. metro board chair jack that d.c. needs the same from its government and time is running out. every minute they delay puts danger.n evans says it will take political will to make changes. just imagine this tunnel filled with smoke. metro g.m. paul wiedefeld has planned a comprehensive maintenance overview in the next co
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reeve, abc 7 news. thank you. investigation in d.c.'s busiest neighborhoods. a woman was attacked early morning in northwest, away from a high school and elementary school. jeannette reyes is live with the investigation happening now. jeanette: this is a pretty busy road, pretty well lit, but d.c. police say that a woman was sidewalkn this very man approach from behind, forced her out of sight into alley, and sexually assaulted her. word is spreading quickly on 12 street of the disturbing incident that happened over the weekend from a high school and elementary school. this person lives next door. told them to be careful, something had happened here. je
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at 1alking down the street a.m. sunday when a man came from behind, forced her into the alley, struck her head against her,all, try to suffocate and sexually assaulted her. it all lasted about 25 minutes. i would have been in my house, sleep. i definitely did not hear anything. jeannette: just the thought is frightening. it makes me feel scared and helpless, like what do you do? jeannette: the police released a vague description of the male possibly in his stubble,ial hair clothing and a cap.ards we looked around and spotted this surveillance camera. initially, there was a glimmer of hope. unfortunately, we spoke with the and they said the camera was not functioning properlyt
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assault. the neighbors and homeowners say that is something they will look to change. live in northwest, jeannette reyes, abc 7 news. right now, police are homicide in the county section of on theria, happening 5300 block of bedford terrace. a woman reported finding a man apartment dead. she is being held for questioning. the police say there is no apparent threat to the public. the owners of nova armory in arlington are now suing 64 people who protested month in a last neighborhood. court filing, brought stone security said the protesters conspiracy to drive business.ore item four democratic members of the general assembly are named in the lawsuit. nova armory is asking for more than $2
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lost revenue. we are on storm watch with a threat of severe weather sometime tomorrow. we want to know now, when could rain and storms be arriving? we get the timeline from meteorologist steve rudin. we could be looking at stronger thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and evening. heading through the day tomorrow, noontime, no worries. by about 4:00, 5:00, showers and thunderstorms on radar. some of the storms may have gusty wind come heavy downpours hail, part of a cold front dipping to the south. what we expect for the rest of week and talking about the weekend and brighter skies. all of that in a few minutes. meantime, election news on eve -- stay with abc 7 when weather is on the radar and check the forecast anytime at now the election news
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today, amajor primary game of two against one. john kasich and ted cruz teaming up to block donald trump from getting the magic number of delegates that is needed, but will the strategy work? jonathan: this move is unprecedented. the agreement, ted cruz will be indiana, where john kasich has essentially pulled out all of his resources, and cruz has agreed to back off of oregon and new mexico where john kasich has a better chance of winning. -- blockin all of this 1237d trump from getting delegates. donald trump is firing back, calling it collusion and calling the system rigged. trump: it shows how weak they are, it shows how pathetic are. >> i'm not desperate. are you desperate? ted
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do. it's never donald's fault. jonathan: trump tonight signing a new way to cause controversy. listen. donald trump: do i look like a president? how handsome man my, how handsome? i'm looking at this stage, my competitors, does anybody look presidential? jonathan: we will keep watching cruz-kasich plan to see how but it is getting more interesting. jonathan elias. back to you. leon: five states hold primaries tomorrow. trump is expected to win big, along with democratic front-runner hillary clinton. clinton has 80% of the delegates that she needs to clinch the nomination on the democratic side. bernie sanders is not calling it quits.
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today, clinton made no mention of sanders. maryland is one of the states voting tomorrow with a lot at stake. they will cast primary ballots senate in all eight of maryland's congressional districts. polls will open at 7 a.m. tom roussey has one of the biggest contests. tom: we are at the cmit academy in district heights, one of hundreds of places that will open in the morning. tonight, the top two candidates for the democratic nomination seathe open u.s. senate d.c., andrallies in both.ked to tonight, donna edwards supporters rallied in forced phil -- forrestville, highlighting support that she is receiving from unions. we need her because she is a labor person. edwards says
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more skeptical of trade deals than her top opponent and offers a different a different perspective. somebody who has worked in the middle class, grown-up middle class, and unique perspective as an woman in thecan u.s. senate, something that is missing right now. congressman chris van hollen had not just a former but the african-american county executives of montgomery county and a endorsing him in kensington tonight. i hear from people of all backgrounds, all races, genders, ethnicities that they are looking for somebody that is more than just a vote. van hollen is trying to portray himself as somebody who will get measures passed as a senator. he gets things done. tom: the two local democrats we bestfeatured are doing the nominations for the to the senate. in all, 10 democrats are on the ballot tomorrow. on the republican side, it's --n more crowded
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candidates in the running for the republican nomination to the u.s. senate. tom roussey, abc 7 news. thank you, tom. a reminder that we are preparing for a busy night of coverage tomorrow night. for results as we get them, stay 7.h abc our chief political correspondent scott thuman will be holding a primary special on our sister station, is channel -- news channel 8 at 9:00. still to come, surviving family members told to arm themselves after eight relatives were shot in ohio. new information about the manhunt happening now. a leading retailer stuck in a whirlwind of controversies.
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the nra and its campaign cash are what stands between us and gun reform. "searing tragedy struck in a place parents felt their children were safe" chris van hollen met with nra lobbyists to craft a loophole that would let the nra skirt a new campaign finance law and block gun control. but democrat donna edwards said "no" to the nra loophole and stood up to the gun lobby. and she would ban assault weapons. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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china, a giant sinkhole opens up in the middle of this busy intersection. it even swallows part of the crosswalk. the good news, a police
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to alert drivers and walkers literally just in time and nobody was hurt. cause is under investigation. ohio authorities are looking into whether the murders of eight people were drug related. investigators say they are looking to marijuana growing operations of three of the four crime scenes. it members of the family were killed last week. the police have not made arrests, but they say the murders were sophisticated. this was not a spur of the moment case. investigators are following up on a possible threat that may have been posted victim's facebook pages. the police say that mexican cartels have been linked with drug operations in that area as recently as 2012. target at the center of new controversy, conservative christian activist group has collected more tha
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this is over the transgender bathroom policy. target is allowing transgender bathrooms that correspond with their gender identity. the mark and family association says that may encourage sexual predators and endanger women. the boycott has more than a half-million signatures. a group of lawmakers are taking the first step towards trying to carolina'sh so-called bathroom bill. the state law forces transgendered people to use the gender whentheir were born. democrats call the restrictions discriminatory against the transgender community. republicans are trying to block efforts to repeal it. word just -- this fate of the redskins trademark could be in the u.s. supreme court. the roentgens are challenging a decision by the federal government to cancel the trademark on the
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is offensive to native americans. other sports related item, this but we have seen not one two fathers catching fly balls baby.holding a check that out. one of them made a catch without a glove. they were celebrating that because it had a good -- ite, but, you know could have been ugly. that makes me nervous. wow.: we will be looking for you next week. the weather, kind of a ahead?eek steve: tomorrow will be the worst of the five days in terms of stronger thunderstorms late in the afternoon. helping prepare for the day, severe thunderstorm warning likely for some areas tomorrow, not widespread, but be on the lookout tomorrow afternoon at about 4:00 until
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wind gusts -- tornadoes, don't about that, we could see small hail, though. outside, 67 degrees. i like this, the end of april, feeling more like the middle of june this time of year. 67 chevy chase, springfield 65, burke, manassas 68. the colder air is located well us, on the other coal-fired -- the will slip across this time tomorrow night, showers, even embedded thunderstorms. the cold front continues to south as we head through overnight and into the day tomorrow. we look for the temperatures to a bit warm tomorrow. a little bit humid for some. then we cool down big time for day wednesday. the wind right now is out of the south, southwest, keeping us
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just near 58 northern and 65 insideburbs, 63 to the capital beltway, partly cloudy skies. tomorrow morning, have the umbrella to take with you as you out to your job or school tomorrow. tomorrow morning, middle 60's inside the beltway, a little bee cooler to the north and west. the futurecast, it stays dry morning, just a few clouds. through the late afternoon, 4:00, 5:00, showers and radarrstorms begin to dot . we look for some of these to become strong to severe with gusty wind. not every thunderstorm will be severe, but i have a feeling through the late evening tomorrow that will be the best chance, about midnight tomorrow here with is out of just a few scattered showers remaining for the day wednesday. generally not a washout. 84 to 85 high tomorrow.
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dress comfortably. it will be warm. thunderstorms late in the afternoon. the next seven days, a 20 degree drop in terms of high wednesday, only 64 degrees. lower 60's thursday. climb towardsthe near 70 four's, of the weekend with showerssunshine, a few sunday. of the next seven days, tomorrow active iny the most terms of the chances of showers and thunderstorms. download the stormwatch 7 app for abc erin: not good for the nationals tomorrow. bryce harper probably will not like the rain, but he enjoyed his day off today. plus, how did josh norman feel about facing odell beckham, jr. twice a year?
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democrat donna edwards knows what it's like to struggle. divorced and without a place to live. raising her son alone. going without health insurance to put food on the table. but donna persevered. then she put that strength to work for us. protecting women from domestic violence. taking on the nra. rejecting wall street's cash. powerful interests don't want democrat donna edwards. that's a powerful reason why we do. women vote! is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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desk, brought to you by your dealers.ota expect a rivalry between redskins tond season after the redskins signed shutdown corner josh norman, whose biggest rival be giants wide jr.,ver oh odell beckham, who battled on the field last season, resulting in a suspension and a fine. now they face each other twice a year. >> yeah, i got a way of smiling huh?ople, no, it's going to be fun. i'm always competitive. i'm going to play, give everything i've got, just as well as he is. whatever happens that day, it happen. someone not smiling today, brady, a federal appeals court
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the nfl, reinstating his suspension.r-game things just got interesting in east.c a day off for the washington nationals, starting a three-game philliesth the tomorrow at nationals park, max scherzer on the mound for washington. harper was making news today. got a day off, and appears he was having fun in the sea at the natural history museum. he posted a selfie on instagram, the jersey in the background. probably had no idea that his idol was standing next to him. the orioles taking on the raise in tampa. scoreless, the drive to left. steven souza junior trying to squirrel away from first. the throw, late. rays shut out the birds,
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bad news for steph curry, his today and came back least two out at mcl. with a sprained he slipped on a wet spot on the court in the first half of yesterday's game against the rockets. the thunder sent the mavericks home for the summer tonight. russell westbrook was a force to with 36 pointsh tonight. 33 points for kevonin durant. and we are still awaiting word caps-pens playoff schedule. we do know that justin bieber has a concert friday night at the verizon center, so we do know there will not be a game that night. leon: he might want to suit up. alison: today is world penguin
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day, but we are not celebrating the capitals opponents.
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i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message. narrator: an attack ad from the campaign for donna edwards. so untrue. so outrageous that president obama said, "pull it down." the obama white house called the ad on chris van hollen and the nra "misleading." the sun says van hollen and president obama have the exact same position. the post praised van hollen as a "leading champion on gun safety," and condemned the edwards ads that "mislead" voters. donna edwards. will she say anything to win an election?
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celebrate penguins because the caps are facing the pits gird -- the pittsburgh penguins. check out the twitter page for more information. spread the word.
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for the expected, and the unexpected. know that at least the process of buying a new home can be clear and simple. know your investments can make retirement closer than you think know. the one word behind all the guidance we provide, tools we create, d services we offer. because when you have insight, you know. tomorrow? rain and some thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and evening. the nationals game tomorrow night, have a rain slicker with you and be prepared to seek shelter if the storms get strong. temperature dropped wednesday, lower 60's, thursday. we need the rain. jimmy kimmel live is next.
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