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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  April 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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a little bit of hail. that is about it. for the moment, things are table. we will track them. still only 4:00 in the afternoon. plenty of time for things to heat up and cause more. we are on storm watch. frederick county, washington county, maryland. the only areas in the abc7 viewing area that are under the severe thunderstorm watch. michelle? michelle: all right. thank you, doug. you can stay connected connecteh the stormwatch7 team through and the abc7 twitter and facebook feeds. download the stormwatch7 app for your smartphone or tablet. jonathan: we are also tracking a developing story out of montgomery county where a man is facing murder charges after police say a baby girl was hurt at his daycare. in the last half hour, stephen tschida spoke with the man's brother. what did he have to say? stephen: jonathan, i spoke with the brother exclusively about 15 minutes ago. he says he is having trouble believing what prosecutors say took place in the basement of that house down the block. at the
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last tuesday. we have a mugshot of kia, the 35-year-old with second-degree murder. and child abuse. they say he inflicted terrible abuse to this little girl and she died several days later. kia's brother says he cannot believe his brothers could have inflicted the injuries. >> you're fairly -- >> i'm very confident once the system goes through the due diligence and process and checks everything. everything will come back truthful and factual. the individuals can make their decision. >> did you ever know of your brother to be violent? >> absolutely not, man. no. >> ever strike a child? >> never. never. we have three kids of our own. my brother is constantly over here watching them.
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no, never. stephen: one thing jumps out of the medical examiner's report and that is that this little girl did have a previously broken bone which apparently had healed. the prosecutors say they are investigating where that injury could have come from. now his brother tells us that kia divband is the father of one child and has another on the way. he will be back in court for a preliminary hearing may 20. we'll stay on top of it. stephen tschida, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. crime alert in the district where police are investigating the stabbing of two high school students in as many days. this morning a student stabbed in the 800 block of upshire street. yesterday they were called to chesapeake street. this comes after two high school staggered release time to stop the students from fighting. sam: of course. those were dunbar and mckinley
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roosevelt high school and the student from cardoza. there are a lot of these things involving high school students. i am in the 800 block of upshur street where the police made an arrest this afternoon. of course, two young men were brought down that particular area right there to wait in cars. police this afternoon took two young males in custody as persons of interest in the stabbing earlier today of a third teenager, all believed to be juveniles. this happened around 9:20 this morning near roosevelt high school. sources tell us the victim was a student from cardoza and the police say they believe those involved all knew each other. according to a witness they came down the alley, jumped a metal fence, in this area and ran into this backyard. where they were trapped. until police
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they held the two more than an hour before they were taken away. this makes the second day that a d.c. student has been stabbed near a school. yesterday, a young male was stabbed in the leg as he fled, who police believe was a robber. in the case today, police do not believe that robbery was the motive. again, they believe it was some sort of beef situation between the young people. the young person who was stabbed according to police is not suffering any life-threatening injury. and we will have more on the story coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00". reporting live from northwest washington, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. michelle: sam, this begs the question. does it mean that more schools need to stagger their schedules because we are still seeing instances of violence? are school officials saying anything about that? sam: well, you know, that is something to b
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will do any good at all. if you stagger it ten minutes one way or the other. but in this particular case today, this really involved a student who was from a different school, passing another school. who knows if they were connected? we don't know that much about this case yet. michelle: right. we'll take it from there. thank you, sam. d.c. police are looking for two men they say tried to lure a child into their vehicle. it happened last monday in the 3900 block of argyle terrace in northwest. take a moment to look at these sketches. police say the two pulled up in a white sedan or a small white s.u.v. and offered the child candy to get in the car. both suspects are described as men as 60 years old with accents. one had a beetle tattoo on the back after his neck. jonathan: this is a big day in vote 2016 as the voters are heading to the polls in five states. not sure if you know this. this
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with the polls in delaware, connecticut, maryland, rhode island and all with the high-speed train services. brad bell is joining us from springdale. brad: if this is the acella-primary this is a busy train platform. fourth congressional district. we have representatives at each candidate. the former lieutenant governor, anthony brown and behind the tree glen ivey. all of them trying to talk to voters heading to charles flowers high school. a busy place because they house two precincts in here. two separate polling places. this is democracy in action. excitement for a first-time voter in this polling place. but not a huge turn-out by
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brad: this silver spring polling place empty by lunchtime. it's possible that the record 260,000 marylanders who took advantage of the early voting eliminated the lines. it's also possible crowds will grow after business hours. this is a big difference that marylanders are encountering. it's a paper ballot. marylanders have much to decide with the ovals in our area. the presidency. open u.s. senate seat. and vote the eighth and fourth congressional seat open to feature hotly contested races. here in flowers high school the campaign of the leading candidates compete for attention of voters. >> make sure that the government works for you. brad: we follow a voter as she is handed five candidate flyers on the way to vote. none of those we speak to seems to mind. >> we really need people of
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the various offices at the top. that is making the decisions for us. >> it's important to do something other than just talk. we'll see what happens. brad: back live. everybody is looking for the last vote. when we come back at 5:00 we look at the top of the congressional ticket. the race for the open senate seat. hear from both top contenders when we come back at 5:00. michelle: scott thuman is monitoring the races. start with republicans. kasich and cruz on the stop trump mission. this will be the first primary that we see. the first round of primaries since that alliance.
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scott: if you are donald trump you just have a louder reason to say that the washington establishment is against me. let's get on board this movement and keep pushing them out and do the, quote/unquote, outsider thing politically. he will try to play it to his favor. what it says to us is a couple of things. one, they are looking past the five states tonight. they would never publicly say we are not going to win the five states but the polls indicate donald trump will have a good night. they are looking to indiana, oregon, new mexico where they think they can divvy up the efforts. really try and put up some sort of wall against donald trump. keep him from getting to 1,237. that is a plot we have yet to see play out. michelle: trump is expected to have a good night. hillary clinton expected to have a good night. what does sanders do? sanders has been defiant about staying in the race. if she runs away with this thing tonight what is the message to his supporters? scott: we gets
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keeps with the same point. that he is going to stay in the race as long as humanly possible and as long as he has fundraising and she doesn't reach the magic number. what is interesting is hillary clinton today pointed out via the media saying look, i have been out-spent by bernie sanders in the five states. he is doubling me in advertising dollars and polls are tightening. she is five points ahead of him in the same polls a few months ago was ten. she is trying to rally the troops and knock him out. put him in the rear-view mirror. if she has a solid night, it will help her do that. but he will stay in as long as he wants to. michelle: we will follow it closely. you have a special town hall tonight on newschannel8 at 9:00. scott: look for us to join this as we talk about today's primaries. the "your voice, your future primary night." we have fantastic guests. former governor
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dr. ben carson will also join us as well. michelle: full event. send it to you, jonathan. jonathan: all right. thanks. minnesota lawmaker wants to truly make it a purple state. but not for political parties. >> to be born, raised and to live and give back to the community like he did and then to eventually die here, we were given a gift. jonathan: that was minnesota state senator karen housely. she is talking about honoring prince. the music legend died at his home outside of minneapolis last week. she is introducing a bill to make purple the official state color in prince's honor. governor mark dayton says he supports the idea. that is the thing about prince. he had given so much to the state of minnesota. one of the stars that could have gone anywhere. he could buy in new york or l.a. he kept his place of home, business in minneapolis. michelle: that is a great way to pay tribute to him by doing that. we'll be watching. all right. after two days scheduled off and two days that weren't, kelly
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this morning. >> i first want to honestly, sin veerly thank you for -- sin veerly thank you for welcoming me back to the show. jonathan: not all heart and flowers. the changes and the time frame for michael strahan's exit. michelle: plus, dc3 and 4 are no more. the names at the top of the list for the eaglets at the national arboretum. jonathan: we are not the only part of the country watching the weather. we will get the latest on the storms sweeping the midwest live from oklahoma in a few minutes. keep in mind some of the stuff
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ijonathan: we have breaking news from the national transportation safety board. you looking at the wreck of the el faro. searchers located the data recorder from the ship. we are talking depth of 15,000 feet. this cargo ship went down last year on the way from florida to puerto rico during hurricane joaquin. all 33 crew members were lost in the sinking of the ship. efforts right now as we speak are underway to recover the recorder which was separated from the main wreck in the sinking and hopefully when they recover it, it will glean light on what caused t
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michelle: we have breaking news out of the white house, which is lockdown right now. we don't know why it's locked down or what might have prompted it. a live look at it right now. we have a reporter headed that way and bring you more information when we get it. jonathan: another breaking story coming in the newsroom now that affects metro. red line we are told is single tracking between twin brook and shady grove. it is happening around rush hour. because of a small fire reported near the rockville station. we will bring you more on that as soon as it is available to us and when we get an update we will let you know. michelle: today's ukraine president marked 30 years since the nuclear disaster at chernobyl. it was the worst nuclear disaster. 30 people died in the initial explosion. millions of others were exposed to deadly radiation. ukraine is working to build
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$2.25 billion shelter over the building. jonathan: time for a check of the traffic situation. eric smith has an eye on the roads. >> a tough ride. 295 is the baltimore washington parkway at route 32. both ways jammed up between 175 and 198. you may want to jump to 95. that is heavy on the northbound side. wareton and it's not as bad as it could be. looking at 395 on the left side. you can see the southbound traffic is jammed up. washington boulevard crash with delays out of d.c. this is in virginia looking northbound. plenty of volume this way as well. that is all for now. back to
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jonathan: severe weather alert in our area but these storms swept through missouri to make their way toward us. michelle: before the day is over people from austin to omaha could see rain, hail and even tornadoes. brandi hitt is live in oklahoma city monitoring the storms. brandi: the winds are starting to pick up here in oklahoma city. the weather conditions according to the experts are perfect for large scale tornadoes and families are now warned to prepare for the worst. the heartland on edge and bracing for severe weather, damaging hail, strong winds, heavy rain and lightning. leaving behind a path of destruction. in southern california this canopy blowing away. strong gusts taking out scaffolding and a transformer exploding in texas. is severe weat
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>> we want folks to pay attention, have multiple way to get a warning and have a plan to put it to use later today. brandi: a region bracing for a possible tornado outbreak. more than 35 million people are in the crosshairs in an area known as "tornado alley." >> main threat with the thunderstorms. this afternoon and tonight are going to be damaging wind, there is going to be large hail. unfortunately i think we will see dozens of tornadoes on the ground. brandi: severe weather is expected to continue well in the everything. we are talking about softball size hail. wind gusts up to 70 miles per hour. a lot of people on alert. people are warned if you hear the tornado sirens, seek shelter immediately. still haven't seen any yet but we are on tornado watch keeping an eye out. reporting live in oklahoma city, brandi hitt, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you very much. we are talking about grapefruit size hail. that can kill you if you are outside. michelle: thankfully that won't hit us. doug: no,
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but the storm prediction center put out a statement making the storms they are expected in brandi hitt's area a particularly dangerous situation. that's when they are confident that the strong tornadoes could develop and clusters of tornadoes. we will keep an eye on that. we are getting lucky. show you what is happening. more importantly why it is happening. something we picked up on noon today. when it looked like most of the action will stay north or the sothwest. that is happening now. 84 degrees. that is the latest number at the reagan national airport. westerly wind is knocking the humidity down to 32%. in this environment where it's this dry you won't get storms. that is why the area north and east under severe thunderstorm watch until 9:00 tonight. in the metro area nothing happening at all at the moment. temperatures are happening and it feels like early summer. 86 in leesburg. 84 in manassas and washington and annapolis. 86 in ba
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through the evening hours we will be partly cloudy. there is a slight chance for isolated shower or storm in the city and at nationals park tonight. but better chances it will not happen. we will show you why. storms are north of 81. moving southeast to new jersey and new york city. the second weather to thest with. been there all day. those cells are tracking southeast. there is nothing upstream to come to the metro area right now. because the air is so dry and stable, we don't see anything really developing. we are going to keep an eye on the systems near pittsburgh. if they continue to develop, maybe there will be a chance in three or four hours we could see something in the metro area. but for the short term, the next few hours we will be fine. serious action with the potential of the severe thunderstorms exist north and east. meanwhile we saw brandi hitt report this area is in big trouble with potential severe thunderstorms, hail, tornado rn
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wichita now. but this area will move northeast and diminish in the next few days. around here, here is what we expect. showers and the thunderstorms or whatever there are, will end. remain cloudy. lows in the 50's. tomorrow is partly to mostly cloudy. more showers in the afternoon. period of rain and chilly temperatures. thursday, friday, cloudy. showers developing again friday afternoon. saturday the one dry day in weekend. near 70 degrees. showers back sunday to monday. clearing out on tuesday. a lot different than what we had a week or so ago day after day of sunshine. michelle: a few bumps in the road. not bad. doug: we will take the rain. we need it. >> thank you. coming up for us at 4:00 -- >> dangerous all the way around. jonathan: taking laziness too far. what police want every animal owner to learn from this video. michelle: but first, how cool is that?
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yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. jonathan: right now for the first time we can show you the two eaglets at the national arboretum and refer to them by name. mom or dad looks to be home. john gonzalez, he will let him do the honors since he was there for the big announcement. >> what an exciting day in northeast d.c. we know tha
4:26 pm
eagles known "president" and "first lady." today is the big day when the american eagle foundation made the announcement, the names of the eaglets that captivated the city for two months. the announcement started with a true flyover. take a look. flyover by a 27-year-old trained eagle. as you can see, the unveiling. they are on stage. the names are "freedom" and "liberty." they made a cozy home at the national arboretum with mom and pop. over 35 million people viewing the cameras atop the nest. atop that tall popular. -- that tall poplar. "freedom" and "liberty" stuck. >> we will remember the roots are here in washington, d.c., overlooking the anacostia river. john: "freedom" and "liberty" will reach full size in june. they will fly the coop. will they be seen again? mom and pop like the neighborhood.
4:27 pm
city here. a mile from the anacostia river. remember, they raised one eaglet last year and left and came back to the same nest for two more. just in case, the staff will add a microphone to accompany the cameras. back to you inside. michelle: a microphone? jonathan: you have to hear what is going on! when mom and dad are talking, scolding the kids you have to hear that. michelle: i love the names. insane. jonathan: coming up for us at 4:00 -- >> you know you need your phone to request an uber. but might you need cash as well? the story coming up. >> the stormwatch7 team tracking our chances for storms this afternoon. we'll check in with chief meteorologist doug hill about the severe weather alert in le
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jonathan: back now. we want to update you on the breaking news from 15 minutes ago. you are looking at the white house. that is where it happened. lockdown issued at the white house. in the last three minutes we learn the lockdown has been lifted. at this point, though, we don't know why the order was put out there to lock the building down in the first place. as soon as we get more information we will pass it along to you. again, they have lifted the lockdown at the white house. michelle: a live look outside on what could prove to be a very stormy night.
4:31 pm
is on severe weather alert. this picture is hard to see. not that dark out there yet. doug: no. it is actually quite bright. but there are clouds in the area. we look live at the new h.d. weather bug camera on top the hyatt regency in tysons corner, the clouds are flat. not developing high. they develop laterally. that indicates the air is stable outside. so until we see signs of vertical development in the clouds not much to worry about in the immediate metro area. different story traveling north and far enough to the south and west. we have severe thunderstorm watch up to 9:00. all the areas shaded in pink. the only part of the viewing area are washington and frederick county. most of the action is over eastern pennsylvania. that is what will remain. we are in the mid-80's. delightful outside. for the next few hours you will be fine in the metro area. we go through and we will show you the area that may be different. first, storms are moving across eastern pennsylvania. lighter showers now coming across west virginia. these
4:32 pm
area. these will miss the melt row area. the area near pittsburgh will watch. it's possible some of these could develop. in time in the next three or four hours we could get moisture to allow the showers to develop and make it to the region. this is the area under the alert until 9:00. severe thunderstorm watch. the future cast hints at this a bit. later this evening, some of the showers might survive the trip. later tonight the action stays well removed in the area. a model brings a batch of showers before 6:00 a.m. in the morning. that would be that. otherwise, the way we look for seven days. cooler after today. low to mid-60's the next several days. good chance of showers by tomorrow evening. rain at time throughout the day on thursday. more rain friday afternoon. brief clearing on saturday. more rain sunday and monday. temperatures are on the rise by the middle of next week. michelle: thank you. now is a great time to make sure your devices are charged in case you lose power. download the stormwatch7 for your tablet or
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jonathan: world meteorologist organization say three names they used on the tropical storms and hurricane will never be used again. erica, joaquin and patricia will be retired. erica was a tropical storm that killed 31 people. ju -- they will be replaced with elsa julian and pamela. michelle: uber lets you get to where you need to go without having cash. but some drivers worry that you don't realize you can leave them a tip. we look at how the company wants to change the perception. brianne carter? brianne: we know how it goes. you get out your phone, scroll through the app and open the uber app and request a ride. no money needed. but some aren't clear that in fact if you want to tip you have to do it in cash. now we understand reportedly under a new settlement just reached as part of
4:34 pm
action lawsuit with uber they say that uber will need to clarify the tipping policy to riders and drivers. currently on the uber website it says there is no need to tip. but uber drivers are in fact allowed to accept tips. according to the "wall street journal" it would allow uber drivers to post signs in their cars to tell riders that tips aren't included in the fare. however, there is no way to add a tip in the app. so you would have to do it in cash. we ask riders if they would be willing to hand over the bucks. >> yes. i would not want to ride without providing gratuity. >> if that is what is agreed upon, as long as it's clear to both the folks using the service and to the drivers. brianne: we understand that the settlement will still need to be signed off by a judge. now coming up here tonight at 5:00, one competitor is already allowing you to add a tip on the app. does uber have plans to do
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tonight at 5:00. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. jonathan: "in god we trust" will now be a decal on police cruisers belonging to the sheriff office in a county. amelia county sheriff rick walker wrote on the facebook page decals are being added in response to what he feels are attacks on the nation's founding principles. they are funded by the christ family outreach church men's group. they are now the fourth sheriff office in virginia to display the motto. michelle: forget about the father's worst nightmare. how about his worst experience? >> what if an adult wasn't with him? that is not something i want to think about. michelle: still ahead -- what happened to this father and son on a roller coaster ride that has him calling for a change. jonathan: later for us, together again. for now. michael strahan's bombshell hours after kelly rippa returned to "live." michelle: a quick programming note for you --
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jonathan: all right. welcome back. take a l
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you go! last weekend they held three -- well, i should say that was the first ever office chair race. he is doing it backwards. he has skills. the thing you do when your boss isn't around. this is an official sporting event. part of the grand prix that began in japan. many participants dress up in the fancy costumes across the finish line. with reshowing you ones that successfully made it. there are people that did not make it. michelle: i could watch that over and over. jonathan: show the wipe-outs, though. that is the most fun. michelle: how about this? this is not something to laugh about. a lazy way to walk a dog has police on the lookout in california. you can see instead of walking alongside her dog, this woman, yeah, she is driving. jonathan: what? michelle: with her dog tethered alongside it. a concerned citizen caught it on camera and pointed to a child in the backseat as
4:40 pm
the poor dog. the video immediately got the attention of the stockton animal services department. >> you have a dog and you don't feel like getting out to walk it, when you shouldn't have a dog. >> we have a lack of humane education not only for adults in this case but as children as well. michelle: so many things could go wrong with this scenario. authorities say the leash could have gotten tangled and injured the dog. they are investigating this as a case of animal cruelty. they are still trying to i.d. the come -- the woman. i bet someone recognizes the dog and the car. jonathan: i had a friend with a greyhound and he would go on the bicycle and ride as fast as he could because it would outrun him. but doing it on a street -- michelle: another car could hit the dog. she has a kid in the back. jonathan: not going to win this. not a member of mensa. won't happen. how about this? a father took his son on a roller
4:41 pm
amusement park. the thrill was not what they were looking for. they recorded the experience with a 6-year-old on his cell phone. michelle: my gosh! >> you can see as the ride begins the belt loosens, sliding to the bottom of the cart. michelle: whoa! jonathan: the road was over he notified the ride operator. holy cow! >> he stated to me that oh, yeah, sorry about that. that has been happening sometimes. that is when it made me more angry, obviously. jonathan: oh, my gosh, have my head scratching. actually my head is hurting. despite the warning, people were let back on the ride. in a statement, wonderland says it was extremely concerned to hear about the experience and removed the cart and ensure that all seat belts were in proper working order. michelle: that kid will be traumatized for who knows how long? will be too afraid to go to a theme park. jonathan: never going to another roller coaster. not going to happen. unless he thought it was part of the rid
4:42 pm
again. michelle: the face says otherwise. coming up on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- mobiletrak7 is on the roads in case severe storms move in the area. stormwatch7 weather team monitoring the risk and when storms could arrive. kellye: i'm kellye lynn with a story of a program that help teen
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michelle: we are following some breaking news for you right now out of orlando, florida. the university of central florida has evacuated its library because there might be someone inside with a gun. right now are looking at live pictures of students outside of that library. a little concerning is if there is someone inside that library with the gun why the students would not be pushed back further. but regardless of that, we are keeping a close eye on this. this information that we have so far is coming from the police department on campus. that is about all we know so far about this situation. so far no reports about anyone actually being shot. but what we can tell you right now is the camera pulls out is that the students inside the
4:46 pm
leave. we will keep an eye on this and bring you updates as we get it. jonathan: she is back. kelly rippa returned to her show this morning after taking a few days off to absorb the news her co-host is leaving her. >> so what transpired, though, over the course of a few days has been extraordinary. in the sense that it started a much greater conversation about communication and consideration. and most importantly respect in the workplace. jonathan: you see kelly was upset because she felt she was one of the last to know that michael strahan, her co-host, was leaving the show to work full-time for "good morning "gog america." she wanted more notice. today she said disney apologized and she was thrilled for michael strahan. but now work is leaking out that the last show supposed to be in september is not happening. his last show is may 13. so he is leaving a lot e
4:47 pm
michelle: all right. well, we are halfway through this season of "dancing with the stars." kidd o'shea has a wrap-up of the latest contestants to head home. kidd: in the bottom three last night it was fighter paige van zant, doug flutie and von miller. who went home? let's start with who didn't. frederick, maryland, demarco is safe. he covered up this week and gave us his favorite dance from the movie "mask." antonio cut loose to "footloose." boys to men took another boy dance moves. and "good morning america" ginner is ze got "nasty." ♪ ♪
4:48 pm
kidd: so back to the bottom three. doug tried to win votes with a dance from "slumdog millionaire" but it wasn't enough. >> the couple leaving right now is doug and corina. >> we felt like we nailed it. it was a great routine. i had more fun tonight than i have all year. jonathan: sorry to see him go. doug is a nice guy. blast from the past now coming back to store shelves. coca-cola bringing back the hi-c ecto-schoolers. returning in time for the new "ghostbusters" movie. the cans are printed with thermal ink and it turns green when it is cold. coca-cola says the ecto-cooler will be available may 30. the next "ghostbusters" film hits theaters july 15. >> another update for you on the breaking news out of the white house. the
4:49 pm
locked down because someone jumped over the fence. it happened again. the person is now in custody. we will get you more information when it comes in the newsroom. jonathan: favorite story of the day. hard to get mane thely prepared to run a half marathon. you have to train for that. here is a way to relieve the stress. you just run it by accident. that is exactly what a 12-year-old girl did this weekend in new york. her name is lee arinez rodriguez estpada. she rushed to the starting line thinking she would be late for the 5k run. she trained for that. the official said jump in group next to you and go out next. she did. after running running for a while she knew something was wrong. >> i asked her how long it was. she said it was 13 miles. that is when it struck me that i think i was in the half marathon instead of the 5k. jonathan: yes, you were. now her mom was worried because she didn't see her cross the finish line with the other 5k runners. so as she was running police officers were able
4:50 pm
they saw her running. lee said an officer did come up to her in the race but she told him look, just let me finish this race. he did. she did. in two hours and 43 minutes. she crossed the finish line with a half marathon. how good is that? you go to run a 5k and come back and nail a half marathon. >> good for her. i'm thinking that would never happen to me. by mile two i'm checking and saying okay, when is this over? checking my app. jonathan: i'm going to go walk for two miles and i'll be done. there is a mistake. get outside. stephen tschida with an eye on the weather. we have changes coming in the next few hours. steve: we are in the middle of the d.c. split. where the action north of us and to the south of us. i want to take you outside to look at the weather bug camera. upper northwest d.c. off idaho avenue. you can see breaks of sun out there now. this is in the district. so if you are in rosslyn or old town alexandria and looking up, you are saying where is the rain? most of it well north of us. we ha
4:51 pm
watch until 9:00 tonight. it does include frederick county and washington county. counties along the mason dixon line. taking a look at the doppler radar. a few widely scattered showers well south. nighttime lows 48 to 58 degrees. mostly cloudy. the showers. any thunderstorms that develop will come to an end. tomorrow mostly cloudy and a lot cooler. we may see lingering showers. it won't amount to a lot. highs around 62 to 64 degrees. and the next seven days 62 on thursday. friday is lower 60's. talk about the upcoming weekend. it looks fantastic on saturday. outdoor activity, soccer game games, baseball games. going for a jog. temperature around 70 degrees. sunday is in the upper 60's with a chance for a few sprinklals. let's check on the afternoon rush hour commute to eric smith we go. >> eric: thank you, steve. it will be really tough in a few spots if for capital beltway. this is the inner lo
4:52 pm
right side of the screen. you see big delays south of the baltimore washington parkway. the crash remains prior to route 450. the left lane, at one point it shut down everything and the delays are back prior to 95 near new hampshire after. we expect the big-time delays. beltway tough out of virginia. this is george washington parkway looking to the american legion bridge. on the right side of the inner loop delays are solid from tysons up to the 270 spur. that is tough as well. across the top side, past connecticut avenue on the right side the delays are heavy as well. on the baltimore washington parkway. route 232 jam packed heading by. 95 southbound is slow from springfield to morton here. the occoquan, doesn't look too bad. but it extendspass 223 so that is plenty slow. washington boulevard is tough ride toward duke street. this will be tough ride. basically out of d.c. for the southbound ride as well. and as far as the
4:53 pm
sycamore street as you head in from falls church. that is not as bad of a delay now. that is all for now from the traffic side. go back to michelle. jonathan: take it here. thanks. new at 5:00, the man accuse of killing his wife and a police officer finally in court. what he told the police officer and beggedded the officer to do moments after confessing to the crime. michelle: coming up at 6:00, what travelers really think of the airlines these days. result of a new satisfaction survey and including
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4:56 pm
michelle: only half of teen mothers graduate from high school by the age of 22. fewer than 2% obtain a college degree by the age of 30. leon: -- jonathan: today's spotlight on education, kellye lynn tells us about a program giving teen parents the hope and the help they need to graduate from college. kellye: at 20, sheila best is already the mother of 4-year-old aria. the
4:57 pm
former high school track and field athlete never expected to be pregnant in the ninth grade. >> i decided i was not going to become a statistic. i was going to continue being performing great in school and continue athlete on the track field. kellye: sheila graduated fifty in her high school class -- fifth in her high school class and is now a sophomore in college. trinity offered her a scholarship and she gets support from generation hope. >> we focus on teen parents to get a degree. we provide tuition assistance, one-on-one mentoring and case management. kellye: nicole lynn lewis started generation hope in 2010 after walking in the shoes of the young people she now helps. >> i was a poor, young single teen mom. didn't know where my tuition money was coming from or my book money was coming from. it was
4:58 pm
a 3-year-old daughter riley. the university of maryland senior will soon receive a degree in engineering and gives much of the credit to generation hope. >> not only do they provide financial assistance but it's also a support system. they have a mentor program. different training courses. >> it makes it difficult but it's not impossible. kellye: especially with help and hope. in northeast, kellye lynn, abc7 news. leon: tonight, 911 call from a local daycare for report of a choking child. but the doctors report says has the daycare owner charged with homicide. "7 on your side" exposes a major failure to communicate. just how does a car reported stolen turn up a month later two blocks away with tickets all over windshield? it's primary day. the only thing crowded is the ballot. >> what happened to all the voters? leon: also, drum roll, please. the d.c. eaglets have new
4:59 pm
we'll tell you. >> now, "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. leon: up first tonight is the severe weather alert day for the storm watch weather team. alison: tonight, abc7 has mobilized resources to track any possible storms throughout the evening. let's begin with the chief meteorologist doug hill. what are you seeing out there? doug: it's 5:00, all is well weather wise at this hour across the area. we have a severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 9:00 tonight. the only part of the viewing area included are washington county and frederick county. majority is well northeast of the metro area. that in fact is where we see most of the weather action. what we are seeing locally are warm temperatures. nice summer feeling day outside. mid-80's now with a few clouds, nice breeze. dry and stable locally. far enough that way or south and west that way you run into rain.
5:00 pm
the temperatures will drop in the 70's. most of what we see on radar is well removed from the metro area. what we have on "live desk" is a -- what we have on the live lop dar is pennsylvania. it's north of delaware. charlottesville and are moving and will stay south of area. but there is an area developing east of pittsburgh we are keeping an eye on. notice the split in the action. an area of storms this way and another coming across southern ohio, west virginia and staying south. this stretch here is south and west to north and east of pittsburgh. if it stays together and saturates with more moisture there is a chance after sunset we could get storm across the region. right now the air is dry and stable. because of that the next couple of hours look fine around the area. but we remain on storm watch. that time of year that the storms can bubble up just like


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