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tv   ABC7 News at 5  WJLA  April 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the temperatures will drop in the 70's. most of what we see on radar is well removed from the metro area. what we have on "live desk" is a -- what we have on the live lop dar is pennsylvania. it's north of delaware. charlottesville and are moving and will stay south of area. but there is an area developing east of pittsburgh we are keeping an eye on. notice the split in the action. an area of storms this way and another coming across southern ohio, west virginia and staying south. this stretch here is south and west to north and east of pittsburgh. if it stays together and saturates with more moisture there is a chance after sunset we could get storm across the region. right now the air is dry and stable. because of that the next couple of hours look fine around the area. but we remain on storm watch. that time of year that the storms can bubble up just like
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in a few minutes. back to you. alison: thank you very much. we are going to check in shortly with mobiletrak7. it is heading north toward frederick. so far it has been a pretty uneventful journey. that is a good thing. you can count on 7 to bring you any trouble if we find it immediately. leon: it looks deceptively nice. alison: beautiful. leon: wish we were there. all right, folks. stay connected with the stormwatch7 weather team using the technology in your hand. on facebook and twitter and download the stormwatch7 app to your smartphone from the itunes or google play store. alison: we are following some breaking news right now at the white house. we have learned yet another fence-jumper has been arrested. this is just within the last hour. we don't know how far the jumper got. but we know that he or she is under arrest right now. the white house was locked down for a little bit. however we learned that that has now been lifted.
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leon: a night mare comes to life for parents after a baby girl died. the child daycare they say is to blame. the man running the daycare center and there caring for the child is charged with murder. only on 7, stephen tschida spoke with the owner's brother. what did you hear about what happened in this case? stephen: well, there are a lot of questions at this point. what we do know is laid out in the charging documents. what the prosecutors put forth is troubling. it's disgusting. it's horrifying. now the abuse allegedly took place in this home right behind me. the baby was brought to the home according to the prosecutors on the day of injuries in good health. the brother of the man charged with murder and child abuse says he can't believe his brother could have committed the crime. the little dreamers daycare operated in this house. i was here april 19. where a 6-month-old baby girl, theo
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day became unresponseive. 35-year-old kia divband says he tried to resuscitate her. she died a few days later from severe injuries. >> i think 11 or 12 of her ribs were broken. head trauma. there was sub der deral hee toe. stephen: they found hemorrhages in the baby's eye and bruises and also broken bones that healed previously. divband's brother says he doesn't believe kia divband committed the crime. >> it's not true. all of will come out in court, right? that is it. my brother would never do anything like this. so that is it. stephen: neighbors say divband and his wife and child walked the neighborhood last year when they started the daycare. >> nothing was off or sketchy or weird. he seemed like a dad who would stay home with his kids and earn a living doing that. stephen: he says his brother has a child and another on the way and is great with
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>> did you know your brother to be violent? >> absolutely not, man. no. >> ever strike a child? >> never. never. we have three kids of our own and my brother is constantly here watching them. no. never. stephen: when we asked the prosecutors about this broken bone discovered in the autopsy which had healed we were told this remains under investigation. for kia divband, he remains behind bars and will be back in court for preliminary hearing on may 20. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: thank you. well, after months of campaigning today is the big day in maryland. it is primary day. the critical race is really extending from the top of the ballot to the bottom. maryland bureau chief brad bell joins us with the races to watch tonight. brad? brad: we are at charles flowers high school in springdale, prince george's county. we are here because this is actually one of the busiest, highest turn-out voter
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so there is a group of candidates here handing every voter that comes in a piece of their literature, they are fighting to the last second. >> the battle to succeed retiring senator barbara mikulski being fought hard right up to the end. the fourth district representative donna edwards with national support and funding trying to convince local voters she should be only the second african-american woman elected to the united states senate. >> they need a perspective from somebody like me, a lawyer and engineer. brad: alexander -- chris van hoh a long list of support. the pair locked in a far too close to predict race as are the leading candidate for the seats they are vacated in the fourth and the eighth district. the battle on the fourth a
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multi-precinct polling place where rival candidates rival to win voters. inside voters fill in the ovals on the maryland new paper ballot. ton-out a big question today. it is light here. at this polling place and at white oklahoma in montgomery county. vote -- white oak in montgomery county. voters say they want to make a difference. >> it's getting hard out here. we need to concentrate on the family values. >> first time to vote for am wol for president. i'm not going to miss that. brad: back live you see anthony brown, the former lieutenant governor in the distance. glen ivey the former state's attorney and the family of pena-melnik, the top three contenders for the fourth congressional district. they are all here telling me every hand they shake could make a difference in the election at this point just like all the others is too
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in springdale, brad bell, abc7 news. leon: you got it. on the national stage tonight could be a critical night for the two front-runners for race for the white house and for those desperately trying to catch up with them. the biggest jewel in the crown tonight in so-called accele-primary is pennsylvania. elizabeth hur continues the team coverage from pennsylvania. whether you call it the accele-primary or the two against one primary tonight, elizabeth. reporter: hello, yes, the biggest buzz in the race for president is the alliance between ted cruz and john kasich. today they appear to be losing steam here because they are running out of time. at this point it is it not looking promising. the two republican rivals turned allies now sending mixed messages. >> this is the only campaign that can and will beat donald trump. and then hillary clinton. reporter: ted cruz and john kasich who promised to stay out of the way of each other in some of the upcomi
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having second thoughts. >> no, no, no. i'm not going to tell anybody how to vote. reporter: their goal was to collaborate to stop donald trump from clinching the 1,237 delegates he needs to secure the nomination. the strategy now on shaky ground has trump once again setting his eyes on the election. >> folks, they ought to vote to drop out of race so we ought to unify the republican party. reporter: even suggesting in a tweet democrat bernie sanders run as an independent. sanders is facing an uphill battle with four out of the five states voting today closed primaries. meaning independents cannot vote. sanders is vowing to fight on. >> we are in the race until the last vote is cast. people in california have a right to determine who they want to see as president of the united states. >> i have the greatest respect for senator sanders. but really, what he and his supporter
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doesn't add up. i have 2.7 million more votes than he has. reporter: in fact with the polls shows clinton and trump favored to do well in the five states voting today, most of the candidates have already moved on. they are focusing on the next big state to vote. that being indiana. we are live in philadelphia, i'm elizabeth hur for abc7 news. leon: you got it. take care. see you in a bit. now the chief political correspondent scott thuman will track the races all night and will bring us analysis on news channel 8. the coverage will begin there at 9:00 p.m. live report from the battleground state. we have highlight from the race from the white house in the local races at abc7 news at 11:00. alison: tonight we have new information regarding prince. the late singer's sister has now filed paperwork asking a minnesota court to appoint a special administrator to oversee his estate because there is no
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in the paperwork she claims an emergency exist and immediate action is necessary. and ask corporate trust company bremer trust be named administrator. prince was worth $300 million. leon: new information on the man accused of killing his wife and then opening fire on police officers that killed ashley guindon. kevin lewis was there as officers gave chilly testimony about what they saw. kevin: accused cop-killer ronald hamilton appeared in court today wearing a navy colored suit and stoic look on his face. the only words "yes, sir, your honor," and "yes, sir." but testimony from this police sergeant that responded to the shooting that left hamilton -- too
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ashley guindon dead. he testified he questioned the veteran with why he opened fire on police with ak-47. he stated the officers were storming in so i shot them. the sergeant then asked who else is in the house? hamilton replied saying my wife. the sergeant followed up with is she okay? hamilton said, "no, she's dead." hamilton served in iraq and afghanistan then started crying and told police he ruined his life and asked that someone shoot him. the 32-year-old went on to mention he struggled with ptsd and had snaps but admitted no doctor diagnosed him with the illness. prosecutors tell abc7 they will likely ask for the death penalty. if or when the case goes to trial. >> it is certainly worth noting that hamilton's father and cyst rer involved in law -- sister are involved in law enforcement in south
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see if there is evidence to indict him on additional criminal counts. in manassas, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. alison: still ahead at 5:00 -- his car reported stolen. gone for weeks. then found covered in parking tickets. the glitch we found that stopped the person writing the tickets from knowing that car was reported stolen. leon: plus, the sketches will stay with you after you see them. what police say these men offered a child to get her in the car. >> for the second day in a row a d.c. student was stabbed before school this morning except this time there was an arrest. in this northwest alley. i'm sam ford. that is next. alison: the stormwatch7 weather team is tracking live doppler. we'll tell you about the factors at play to determine where severe weather will strike.
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paper work? what if you did all of this, and more? because it's all connected to better care, and better care means better health. unitedhealth group: built for better health. leon: authorities are asking witnesses to come forward in a probe of a patient in washington hospital. the internal affairs of the u.s. attorney's office investigating james mcbride's death. a 74-year-old man suffered neck
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damage with struggle with security guards on september 29 and died two days later. alison: for the second time in as many days a d.c. student has been stabbed. this time an arrest after a brief police chase. sam fort live in roosevelt high school in northwest washington. sam? sam: i'm in the 800 block of upshur street northwest. after the stabbing incident witnesses tell us two young people who got the attention of police ran into this dead end alley. they climbed over the barbed wire fence and climbed over a wooden fence and became trapped. in the blocks around roosevelt high school this morning, police were on the lookout for who stabbed a teenager around 9:20 this morning in the 4300 block of 13th. sources tell us the victim was a student from cardozo high school. police masked around ro
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ran up an alley. with the police cars cutting off route of escape. witnesses say the two started jumping fences, metal fence, wooden fence and then they were trapped. workman heard the commotion. if running, talking to each other. jump the fence, jump the fence. so on. >> did you hear what they said? >> i just heard police yell. put it down. stop. >> another witness did not want to be seen. >> put your hands up, put your hands up. put your blank hands up. sam: police held a pair out of view for an hour before marching them out to waiting arrest vehicles. they were described as persons of interest. police say they believe the victim and the two knew each other and the incident was a as a result of some beef going on with the teenagers. ironically at the same time, 9:20 a.m. yesterday another d.c. student was stabbed stabben the leg near wilson high school. police believe it was an attempted robbery. but police say robbery was not the motive in today's incident. a mother ran to the scene today after neighbors told her, her son had been arreste
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recognized him. >> that's him. sam: she left the scene. leon: the skies are clear now but they probably won't stay that way for long in the southern plains. tornado watch in effect from kansas to texas. golf ball size hail pounded kansas city this morning. the danger area is moving east tonight and tomorrow. the question for us is east meaning us? doug: no. none of that is moving here. the severe weather system in the outbreak there, the upper level winds travel east to give us period of light rain. nothing dramatic. no scores on thursday. complicated system. a lot of things you see the big thing, the map. weather moves west to east so you think it's
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no, it's not. alison: what about tonight? doug: not much happening at all. we are in the d.c. split where the weather action stays north and south. we talk about it on the noon news. that is holding true. there is a chance of isolated storm in net met area. better chance is well north and south and west. we'll show it to you on doppler radar. let's start. if i could read it would be better. from winston churchill high school in potomac. next to it you can see the banner and then the moon disappears. clouds and haze move in briefly. through the day it was cloudy. in the afternoon in the heat of the day, the air overhead is dry and stable. that is why we are getting the fair weather clouds, the cumulus clouds. they are more flat than vertical. when you see that, stop you in your tracks. no storm develop out of the clouds. plain and simple. however a little bit more north the weather is different in the
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this is a zone where not much is happening and not much may happen locally. we'll continue to monitor the storms as the watch remains in effect until 9:00 tonight. the temperatures are gorgeous in the low to mid-80's across the region today. with the temperatures and the sunshine and the breeze making it feel like early june around the area. 85 in washington. to contrast what is happening one of the producers john malone and his wife's cousin lives in vermont and sent us a picture today. this is what was happening in v.a.t. this afternoon. farther enough north on the forth side of the severe weather. cold air, enough to produce snowstorms for them. you can see on the satellite and the radar, there is burlington, vermont. all of that is the cold air here that is pushing this far south. we have warm air overhead. on the boundary between the much cooler air north and the mid-80's. that is why we find this zone of storms farther south and west across high school, west virginia, western virginia we have showers and storms. in the metro
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keep an eye on this line here, developing across southwestern pennsylvania to state college. if the showers and the storms hold together in the next few hours it is possible. one of the computer models picks up on this. it may be late tonight or overnight. stray showers or isolated rumble of thunder could roll through. for the moment it's northeast and southwest from metro washington. so things are quiet for the next couple of hours outdoors. that bodes well for the nationals coming home to set up a series against the phillies tonight at the park. right now a heavy thunderstorm cluster moving out of harrisburg. that moves to northern delaware. wilmington and south of philadelphia. things will stay quiet for a little while here. the future cast picks up on some of the nuances that you can't see by looking at the sky. you see them from the computer models. the analysis of what is happening in the atmosphere. it makes sense. we get through the late night and the overnight hours we might see showers survive a trip from the west. might see a shower and rumble of thunder south of the city through the early morning. take
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see how it plays out tomorrow. this model showing a passing shower in the morning. that is in the forecast. most of the action pushes south. thursday more showers will move overhead. thursday may be an old fashioned rainy day around the area. here is the forecast tomorrow. cloudy. lower 60's. we'll see chances of showers tomorrow, rain, likely thursday. we will whittle away at the drought conditions. alison: that is true. thank you. doug: okay. alison: still ahead right here -- a car reported stolen. missing. more than a month. it's found. leon: found. but covered in tickets. >> look at all of these. you don't think they enter the number and it goes beep, beep, stolen car? leon: well, it's because of a glitch that the itune discovered surprised even d.c. police. alison: also ahead the two eaglets at the national arboretum have new names. what the two will be called coming
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a programming note for you --
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leon: a 3-month-old it can returned safe. the -- staff members were able to get a license plate number from a vehicle seen leaving as the kitten was reported missing and they tracked down the car and the kitten. no word on charges and the incident is still under investigation. alison: don't mess with princess jazzy. the young ekelets we watched before they hatched have now have names. leon: they couldn't be more patriotic if the folks try. "liberty" and "freedom" are the names announced this morning after a week-long poll. we don't have a dude named cherry or blossom. alison: those were the choices. leon: we don't know gender yet. michelle: that is unusual. even now we can watch the
5:27 pm
eaglets as they grow. today's ceremony is -- look at that. it began with a flyover by a 27-year-old trained eagle. then as you mention after 36,000 people voted in the online. >> we will always remember the roots are here in washington, d.c. michelle: the first lady and the president are the parents and have the same nest. they are going to add a microphone. it might give us more insight to what is going on in the nest. you will find a link to the eagle ca
5:28 pm another way for you to enjoy what is happening with the eagle family. leon: do you see the most amazing thing. look how big they are. michelle: already! alison: so quickly. michelle: overnight it feels like. alison: amazing. leon: don't mess with those guys. alison: we like the names. leon: thank you. alison: coming up here at 5:00 -- >> as the world remembers the worst nuclear disaster in history. we are going to have anup date on the proproject designed to safeguard chernobyl for generation tocome.
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alison: let's get back to the breaking news at the white house. richard reeve is there live with the arrest of another white house fence-jumper. rich? richard: yeah, still a very active scene here outside the white house. this 17th and g behind me. you can see that the secret service people are in place. they are on bicycles. they are on vehicles here. this after a
5:32 pm
called an hour ago because of a man who jumped the white house fence. this is pennsylvania avenue we are looking at now. we will zoom a little bit. that is the press entrance to the white house. they have people posted outside there right now. we don't know a lot about this jumper. we are told that he was apprehended fairly quickly. they have transimportanted him to a high school for a psyche evaluation. you may recall a similar incident on thanksgiving. that caused a lot of concern because the obamas were actually at the white house at the time having their thanksgiving dinner. we were told nobody has been hurt in the situation. that person is now in custody. now is being checked by physicians. reporting live, richard reeve, abc7 news. leon: thank you, rich. a couple of parks -- a couple parks the car in the city and the next morning they say it's gone without a trace. they reached out to "7 on your side" with the help. had it been stolen? or towed away? jennifer donelan explains now the q
5:33 pm
major glitch in the city's parking ticket system. jennifer: d.c. has a long-standing practice of towing vehicles in violation of posted sign like rush hour zones. >> when am i going to get my car? >> moving the offending four wheels to a legal parking space nearby on another street. >> it helps out the occupant of the vehicle because they don't have to go to the impound lot. it helps with the city because they can free up the tow truck much more quickly. >> i want to know what happened to the car. jennifer: samantha henry lives near adam morgan and her boyfriend was visiting from virginia. both explained he parked his car on swan street on february 4. >> pinkie promise. i swear. jennifer: the next morning the 2013 honda accord was gone. >> i called all the tow people and said it's not registered here. jennifer: they walked and walked. >> we walked around trying to hear a beep. jennifer: not a peep of the honda anywhere. >> i can't
5:34 pm
so we call the cops. jennifer: police look for half an hour. >> no success. jennifer: here is the stolen police report. >> i thought it it was gone for good. jennifer: march 9 a full month later the police called the couple we are looking at your car. >> what? jennifer: the honda wasn't far. >> are you sure? jennifer: it was blocked two walks away from where he said he parked it a month before. >> wewalked up and down the street. >> 270 steps from her front door the mystery deepenedded. the windshield was plastered with parking tickets. a dozen in total. >> you don't think they enter the number and it goes beep, beep, stolen car. let me know so i don't waste time buying a new one. jennifer: why had it non-been stop in the daily deluge of parking tickets? >> the system became overload and a technology glitch. jennifer: the glitch as "7 on your side" discovered meant
5:35 pm
was not processing the stolen car information police had been sending through the computer system for months. how long did it last? >> from sometime in november. we don't know exactly when. until march 15 where we completely fixed the system. gen d.c. police we learn -- jennifer: d.c. police we learned didn't know about it. >> we should have alerted them and there should have been communication at that point. jennifer: now the glitch is fixed thanks to a month-long disappearance that was never solved. >> i can't tell you what happened to the vehicle. jennifer: did someone steal the car and drop it back off? >> if that did happen it would be an extraordinary exception. >> it wasn't here. we look. i know we look. i have vivid memories of walking up and down the street looking for the car. a mystery. jennifer: the car was parked here. ends up
5:36 pm
back here live. we asked the deputy mayor about that. he said maybe a tow truck driver towed it and forgot to enter the information. "7 on your side" got new information in the last hour. it has to do with parking tickets on stolen vehicles. the city is telling us that now they are only going to enter stolen car information in the system so hopefully they can avoid those overloads. reporting live from northwest, i'm jennifer donelan. back to you. alison: what a story. thank you very much. the u.s. naval academy instructor involved in a sexual misconduct case has been removed from his position. marine major michael pretus had been a history teacher since 2014. according to the "washington post" his removal comes as ris friend major mark thompson is now being investigated for alleged sexual assault. he was a defense witness at thompson's court-martial but will now testify against him. search workers
5:37 pm
data recorder from el faro. efforts are underway to recover the recorder which was separated from the main wreck in the sinking. the owners have settled several wrongful death lawsuits with the families of those killed. leon: the photo you see here is one of the most indelible images from the 1980's. this is 30 years since the meltdown at the chernobyl power plant in the former soviet union. [bells toll] remembrances like this one took place in ukraine and belarus. two countries still feeling the effects of the disaster. thousands of clean-up worker have died from radiation-related illness and many more have cancer caused by the delayed evacuation in 1986. construction of a giant permanent shelter over the plant is nearing completion. it will be slid o
5:38 pm
damaged building next year. a matter of time. ahead at 5:00 -- how two court cases may pave the way for tipping the next time you take uber. >> police are looking for these two men they say tried to lure a child in a car in the neighborhood. i will tell you how neighbors are reacting coming up. alison: then coming up at 6:00, the search for hate vandals in montgomery county. coming up at 6:00, where spray painted swastikas ha
5:39 pm
steve: i'm abc7's steve rudin. not a bad evening shaping up for us around the d.m.v. big changes are on the way. take a look at the seven-day outlook. a huge cooldown for the day tomorrow. we are talking temperatures that will be in the middle 60's. lower 60's. showers on thursday. the same on friday. let's skip
5:40 pm
upcoming weekend. saturday around 70 degrees. a lot of sunshine. if you have outdoor activities planned. baseball games looking fantastic. we may see stray showers on sunday with temperatures in the 60's. doug hill is back in a few minute to update you on the severe thunderstorm watch for part of the area. stay with us. "abc7 news at 5:00" continues in this modern day coliseum a group of gladiators prepare for battle. carrying on their shoulders the legacy of a nation, and... enormous heads. go! [whistle] ♪
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leon: take a look at the sketches here. neighbors and police keeping their eyes open for these two men who they say tried to lure a child in a car. now they are asking for your help finding them. alison: it happened crestwood neighborhood west of 16th street near rock creek park. amy aubert spoke to residents who say they are still in shock. amy: neighbors describe arrest kyle terrace northwest as a peaceful tight knit community. manicured lawns and children's toys line the block. the very location police say two men in a white vehicle approached a female child. the driver offering her candy. and traying to lure her into the vehicle. >> it's frightening. especially for people who have been here for a
5:43 pm
amy: she has called argyle terrace home for 30 years. >> it's a nice cut about it. they are comparing it to the other neighborhoods. amy: she says she never heard of anything like this happening here. says neighbors keep an eye out. >> if they are calling the civic association or the align and find out two did what and what you heard and have you heard this? all of that. it comes through quickly. amy: police released these two pictures of the subjects. specifically pointing out a beetle-shaped tattoo on one of their necks. they say they both have accents. >> i hope they catch them. because we have children still. amy: police describe one of the persons of interest as about 70 years old. the other is about 60. for neighbors on this sleepy street its news hitting close to home. >>
5:44 pm
young people especially. amy: in northwest d.c., amy aubert; abc7 news. leon: coming up next, the tip-free party for uber riders looks to be over. your driver might ask for extra ranking from top to bottom. car company of the year? luxury cars just seem like they would be top awarded. better be some awards behind what you are paying for, right? the final answer. chevy. the most awarded car company two years in a row. wow, it's like a luxury car. i was shocked. i mean it's like, this is chevy? for a limited time, get cash back for 15% of the msrp on most remaining 2015 chevy vehicles while they last. find new roads at your local chevy dealer
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alison: the national planning commission wants to hear from you. they are holding two public meeting to get input of development of property occupied by the f.b.i.'s jay edgar hoover building. we know it well. the building on pennsylvania avenue. the facebook is relocated to maryland or virginia. so the first meeting is tonight -- the f.b.i. is relocating to maryland or virginia. the first meeting is tonight. another meeting will be held on thursday. let's get a check of the roadways. eric smith on traffic watch tonight. eric? >> thank you very much. a tough ride out there. still in several spots. taking a look at the capital beltway. big delays both direction. inner loop crash to the shoulder. it's jam packed to connecticut en
5:48 pm
start for tiner loop out of bethesda. outer loop at river road to the middle of the screen. you can see a disabled tractor trailer to the right center lane. helper truck on scene. you have delays that scratch back to inner loop to georgetown pike or the dulles toll road. at the legion bridge that is a huge mess as well. on the baltimore parkway the traffic is clearing. the southbound side is jammed up as well. 95 south delays continue after the park to route 1123. this is where you go from four to three lanes so a tough stretch there. you will slow down a little bit to stafford county but not as bad. 395 north and southbound slow to seminary road to king street and the southbound to duke street out of d.c. still a bit of a mess. 66 eastbound is still slow heading out from the beltway. you can see the delays. that is all from the traffic desk
5:49 pm
back to you. leon: all right. mayor bowser announced new regulations to allow the d.m.v. to help senior citizens age 70 and up to receive real i.d.'s and the long-time virginia resident virginia mclauren is partly responsible for this. she had the dance with obama. but the federal regulation prevented her from getting a proper i.d. mayor bowser worked a way to get new regulations in place. that helped her get the i.d. today. so the new regulations are now in effect for every d.c. senior citizen. alison: wow! leon: even those who aren't 106. alison: i was going to say 70 and up. but to her that is like a kid. 70. leon: lifetime ago. alison: love it. doug: making a difference in people's lives and not even aware. alison: isn't that great? i know. doug: it's tuesday. alison: we love this. alison: let's talk lunch box weather. doug: we have a headline. good
5:50 pm
change in the watch for a good direction. let's talk about the eileen, the abc7 meteorologist at taylor elementary school in arlington. she was out for a lunch box weather program today. she showed presentations to the students with a few weather experts and including a chamber, tornado box that uses dry ice to show how tornadoes form. brought them outside to see the storm chaser. we had a kim cam. walker schmidt was holding the camera. got a question from kevin pearson. >> my name is kevin pearson. my questions are how is wind created? and what is the best part about being a meteorologist? doug the best part of being a meteorologist is being able to talk to great kids like you and being part of this and hanging out with my friends every night. but back to the first question about the winds, i will do everybody a favor. i could take 25 minutes to explain this. we reduce this to bullet points. how is wind created? i answered the best part about being a meteorolo
5:51 pm
learn in school the sun heats the earth. most of the earth is water. water heats much more slowly than the land does. so because it is different heating across the earth, the different heating part of the globe causes differences in air pressure and that sets the air in motion. so it is all about the sun. the sun generates the wind when you boil it all down. that is the answer. i appreciate the question. we look forward to the next episode of lunch box weather. leon: all this time i thought it was mexican food. doug: sometimes it is. [laughter] you notice all the pink has gone out of maryland. all of maryland has been dropped from the severe thunderstorm watch. now it's pennsylvania, the eastern shore of maryland. they haven't seceded yet. with the western shore, life-long marylander i can tell you that.
5:52 pm
game tonight at nats park. a chance overnight that there could be a an isolated shower but that is it. quiet weather pattern with a few showers now an then. we need rain in the next few days. we will get some. erin: hopefully we don't get it for the nationals game. leon: she already introduced herself. erin: what the heck? i didn't expect you to say that. oaf oaf and crosby are meet -- ovechkin and crosby are meeting again. it seems they should have met more than they have but it hasn't happened. in 2009 and the series ocho finished with 14 -- over ove finished with 14 points. and crosby with 13. two guys on the cap played with both and they compared them today. >> what is remarkable is how consistent they are. how competitive they are on a consistent basis regardless of who they are playing. vic said that -- having said that, they both have the ability to elevate the game in
5:53 pm
>> probably competitiveness. people are right when they say they are polar opposites. especially off the ice. they are completely different guys. erin: capitals head coach barry trotz had interesting thought on the matchup. hear what he has to say at 6:00. the schedule is finally out, folks for the capitals and the penguins for round two. we are waiting. game one is verizon center at 8:00 on thursday. game two is saturday. also at verizon. the puck drops at 8:00 for that as well. then it looks like the caps will travel to pittsburgh for game three on monday followed by game four on wednesday. never a dull moment when the dallas mavericks owner mark cuban opens his mouth. last night he said kevin durant was the only superstar on the oklahoma city thunder which means he doesn't respect russell westbrook at all. last night k.d. and westbrook were asked about the cuban comments and durant said i'll take it from here.
5:54 pm
>> he is an idiot. don't listen to -- he's an idiot. that is what we got to say about that. he is an idiot. next question. erin: i love it. that is what you call having your teammate's back. leon: i guess he will never play for dallas. erin: i thought the same thing. i thought the same thing to the producer. i guess he is not going to the mavericks. alison: crazier things have happened. leon: up next the new message that the uber riders could get down the
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
alison: one of the great things about uber is you don't have to tip. but it might change because of two lawsuits that settled. transportation reporter brianne carter explains. >> i think uber because of the convenience. brianne: uber lets you get where you need to go without worrying about having cash. some drivers are concerned this app doesn't make it fear the fare you pay doesn't include a tip. >> i didn't know that was
5:58 pm
deal. brianne: under a settlement reached uber will need to clarify the tipping policy to riders and the drivers. uber says there is no need to tip the "wall street journal" reports it's part of a settlement, drivers will solicit tips. >> right now you may notice when you get in uber there are no signs. but soon there could be a sign like this. clarifying the tipping policy. by unlike their competitor lyft there is no way to add a tip to the app. you have to have cash. >> i never carry cash. i don't have any cash in my wallet right now. it may hurt them. brianne: we asked riders if they want to manage money the next time they are in the back of an uber ride. >> you ride uber so you don't have to have cash. this is supposed to be a cashless system. brianne: the settlement still needs to be approved by a
5:59 pm
abc7 news. alison: that is all for us at 5:00. but right now at 6:00 we are monitoring potential storms this evening. announcer: now, "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. leon: we are on storm watch tonight as we monitor the potential for storms moving in. maureen: there is a severe thunderstorm watch to areas north. we wonder what we can expect tonight. leon: chief meteorologist doug hill tracking the severe weather alert. how does it stand? doug: looking good like it has been all afternoon. in the past 20 minutes or so the national weather service dropped all of our part of maryland. frederick and washington counties. maryland that were under the watch. they have dropped that. they dropped baltimore county as well. all the action east and northeast and it will continue in the everything hours. 9:00 is the expiration time for the severe thunderstorm watch. 84 degrees. partly sunny in washington. delightful afternoon. anywhere in the metro area in the next few hours outside you will be fine.
6:00 pm
maybe, maybe we will see the point of an isolated shower. one of the things we have been watching in the everything is the computer modeling. suggesting that late tonight and the overnight hours one or two left over showers or the isolated rumble of thunder could come through the metro area. so far today everything is split north and east. off to the south and west. all the action moving across new jersey. then passing south. we have been watching the area s pittsburgh and northeast this afternoon looking at the action trying to form up. moves east of the mountain and get to the dry air the showers dissipate. for now things look good. there could be isolated shower or storm late tonight or overnight. but again the best chances of any rain or storms will be well northeast. well southwest. we have a closeup look at the radar and the forecast ahead for the next several days in a couple of minutes. that is the latest. leon: you got it. mobiletrak7 tracking the storms path and keeping an eye on the roads in frederick as rain moves our way. we will check bac


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