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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  April 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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maybe, maybe we will see the point of an isolated shower. one of the things we have been watching in the everything is the computer modeling. suggesting that late tonight and the overnight hours one or two left over showers or the isolated rumble of thunder could come through the metro area. so far today everything is split north and east. off to the south and west. all the action moving across new jersey. then passing south. we have been watching the area s pittsburgh and northeast this afternoon looking at the action trying to form up. moves east of the mountain and get to the dry air the showers dissipate. for now things look good. there could be isolated shower or storm late tonight or overnight. but again the best chances of any rain or storms will be well northeast. well southwest. we have a closeup look at the radar and the forecast ahead for the next several days in a couple of minutes. that is the latest. leon: you got it. mobiletrak7 tracking the storms path and keeping an eye on the roads in frederick as rain moves our way. we will check bac
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anything out there that comes across the area. count on abc7, folks to track the storms for you all night long. get updates directly on the phone through the stormwatch7 text alert. maureen: another person jumped the fence at the white house. threatening the entire complex into lockdown. the secret service says the man was a robbery suspect running from a crime scene. he was arrested after climbing a fence near the sizen hour executive office building along 17th street. he was taken away in an ambulance. the lockdown lasted about 30 minutes. leon: it is primary day today in maryland. the presidential race is not the only big race at stake. brad bell has been at polling stations all day today talking to canaled dates and the voters out there. brad is live at springdale with the latest on what he has been seeing and hearing
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>> one of the highest turn-out polling place in area. as a result it's busy all day long. everybody walks up gets a handful of literature. get a look at this from each candidate. they see the candidates themselves. i'm told ivey and anthony brown they don't want to waste any time driving from polling place to polling place. they want to see if there are as many voters as they can to win their support. brad: they make their list to decide on the open fourth and the eighth congressional district. at the top of the congressional ticket the race for u.s. senate. for the seat being vacated by retiring se
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mikulski. in a state that democrats outnumber republicans 2-1 the new senator will likely be decided tonight. the contenders representative chris van hollen. >> just asking people of maryland for the student to represent them in the senate. we have a great state. i hope to work toic ma it stronger. brad: representative donna edwards. >> this is about the future and whether we want a senator focus on middle class to grow the middle class and reaching down to make sure the communities have the ability to get a job in education. brad: the voter turn-out is not yet known. the voters we talk to call it a privilege. >> if you want something to change you have to go vote. >> i am hoping a andca date elected will come in and work for the people. brad: we have not heard
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problem with the balloting. just a few glitches feeling the paper ballots filled in the scanning machine. but nothing major. in baltimore city, lawyers for senate candidate donna edwards however are asking that the polls be open until 10:00. they say some of them opened late this morning and that the voters would be denied the constitutional right to vote if they were not open late. no word whether or not that will happen. the polls are scheduled to close under two hours at 8:00. springdale, brad bell, abc7 news. maureen: thank you, brad. of course, voters are casting ballots in four other states today. presidential primaries are underway in delaware, pennsylvania, rhode island and connecticut. hillary clinton and donald trump hope to add to the delegate lead but neither candidate can secure the party nomination tonight. 172 delegates at stake for the republicans. 384 are up for grab on the democratic side.
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2016 station. chief political correspondent scott thuman and the election team will bring you "your voice, your future: primary night special" at 8:00. then watch news news at 11:00 for complete primary coverage. leon: in other news police arrested the owner of in-home daycare center for death of a 6-month-old. kia divband is charged with second-degree murder. april 19 the baby without little dreamers daycare in rockville when she was taken to the hospital and she died there three days later. divband says the baby choked. the medical examiner rather said that the infant died of multiple blunt force injuries and ruled the death a homicide. doctors say the baby had fractured bones in various stages of healing. divband's brother tells abc7 his brother would never harm a child. >> it's not true. >>
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in court. that is it. leon: divband is now being held in jail. we will stay on top of the story for you. the iraq war veteran accused of killing his wife and then opening fire on prince william county police officers appeared in court. kevin lewis now has new developments on what an officer said in court today about his squad car conversation with hamilton. kevin: today for the first time, accused cop killer ronald hamilton appeared in a prince william county courtroom. two officers testified during the hearing including this sergeant who recalled asking hamilton why he grabbed an ak-47 and opened fire on three police officers killing rookie patrol woman ashley guindon. the 32-year-old army veteran replied stating the officers were storming in and so i shot them. hamilton broke down
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that the police shoot him on the spot. >> the tragic incident started as a domestic dispurr balance call. this sergeant said that he snapped and he went on to testify that hamm confessed to struggling with ptsd. even so prince william county prosecutors say they will fight for the death penalty. so it certainly appears that ptsd will be a central theme as it progresses forward through the courthouse. a grand jury will meet may 2 to see if there is evidence to indict hamilton on additional criminal counts. in manassas, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. maureen: the redskins and the u.s. supreme court. coming up the case that could be headed to the
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>> d.c. wants you to join the urban bee keeping program. i'm mike carter-conneen in northwest. coming up, details on the rigorous training. >> the national arboretum eaglets have names now. still ahead thousand they add to patery -- still ahead how they add to the patriotic family. doug will be back with when you could see rain tonight.
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leon: well, the washington redskins trademark fight may be heading to the supreme court. back in 2014 the u.s. patent and trademark office told the redskins they couldn't trademark their name because it is offensive to native americans. now the team is asking the supreme court to hear the case alongside an asian-american rock group's case. their name is slurred toward asians. a federal appeals court ruled in favor of the rock band in a separate case. we will see what happens. maureen: police are looking for two teenagers witnesses say spray-painted swastika at several locations in rockville. investigators believe it happened this past sunday afternoon. police found two swastikas, one on a tree and the other on memorial stone and a third found on gym equipment outside an elementary school. leon: stay with us, folks. coming up, classes, mentors and bees.
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being encouraged to get into urban beekeeping. maureen: doug hill is back with whether we'll see any storms tonight. erin: i'm erin hawksworth. barry trotz wailings in on the over -- ovechkin-crosby talk. that's when we continue.
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leon: a "7 on your side" consumer alert. maybe it's becoming the friendly skies for many airline passengers after all. a new report finds customer satisfaction among fliers at the highest point since 1994. u.s. carriers got a 72 out of 100 points rating from travelers. jetblue and southwest got highest rating. spirit airlines came in last. maureen: if you love honey and don't hate the idea of handling bees you might consider a new hobby. as mike carter-conneen reports the d.c. department of parks and recreation is looking for urban beekeepers to adopt and manage their own beehives. >> bees are essential to
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ecosystem. mike: beekeeping became legal in washington in 2014. now d.c.'s parks and rec department hopes to boost pollination by recruiting amateur beekeepers and adding honey beehives at seven designation locations across the district. >> we need pollination for food. and flowering plants. >> program participants can harvest their own honey but first they must register their hives. complete a 12-hour course with the beekeepers annoyance and find a local mentor. >> education is important to the safety and the health of the individuals and to the health of our bees. mike: d.c. beekeepers may get more bang for the buzz. urban bees produce more honey than the rural counterparts because of dense and diverse city ecosystem with abundant nectar. >> we know how important bees are for pollination. my kids love insects. they kind of run away from the bees. mike: most neighbors around the twin oaks community garden in northwest seem to welcome
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thumb. >> they say don't run but i won't stand to take the chance. mike: neighbors might not oppose having hives but very few want to get close to them. >> some of them will sting you. >> a lot of people mistake honey bees for hornet or wasps. they will not sting you. they don't naturally do that. >> they are good for the garden -- >> i still don't like them. i just don't. mike: martha thomas won't sign up for beekeeping. >> fishing or something else but not beekeeping. mike: mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. leon: from bees to eaglets. the eaglets have names finally. "freedom" and "liberty." maureen: ahh. leon: that is what we will call them from now on. the names were unveiled at a news conference started by a flyover by a trained eagle. 36,000 people voted in the poll. here we go. live pictures here i can see now.
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mr. president or the first lady. maureen: taking a break. leon: we don't see anything there. maureen: which is "freedom" and which is "liberty"? erin: up top there is a -- doug: left-hand side of the screen. leon: do we know which is which? maureen: we don't. how will we ever know? leon: how will we know? doug: good question. maureen: philosophical conversation. leon: the mystery goes on. okay. doug: we are in good shape. we look like we will see bad weather north and east and south and west. that is what is happening. we are good to go. start with a live look from oklahoma city. they are on stormwatch in steroids there. they have perfectly dangerous situation later this evening with the large tornadoes possible. wi will monitor that. that is tornado alley central in peak
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for us it's delightful in the day with the air dry. that is why nothing materialized around the area. a lot of sunshine. few clouds around the area but fair weather clouds. clouds that developed horizontally more than vertically. so no chance as we watch -- there was no chance any of this would turn into the thunderstorms. eventually the national weather service canceled the severe thunderstorm watch portion of it. we will stay with a chance of isolated storm, garden variety if that. 86 and 65 is the high and the low. the average up to 70 degrees. we are in good shape. hope you enjoy this. cooler air on the way and it will stick around through the end of the week and the weekend. 84 at reagan national in baltimore. 86 in fredericksburg. 78 in hagerstown now. 84 in anap it will. we have had gusty winds out of the west. that has helped keep things stable, too. dry air pretty much. 21 miles per hour gusts in leesburg. 30-mile-per-hour gusts in frederick.
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the new configuration of the severe thunderstorm watch with the areas of western maryland out of it. part of del mar, pennsylvania we are in the d.c. split. sitting pretty here. there is a chance later tonight overnight isolated shower, rumble of thunder but that would be it. this is the area under the gun. tornado from san anglo, texas, and north and beyond kansas city. that the story with a lot of severe thunderstorm warning. all of these will be monitored for development of tornado in the next couple of hours. the future cast locally shows according to this model late tonight and tomorrow morning there could be a final batch of the showers passing south of metro area. cooler with northeasterly winds tomorrow. tomorrow 63, cloudy skies. spotty rain developing in the afternoon and the test hours. the next seven days shows a likelihood we have period of rain throughout the day on
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we could get a soaker thursday. 62. a decent saturday. more rain sunday and monday. then we will start to warm up next week. interesting seven-day outlook. leon, maureen and erin. leon: all right. maureen: thank you. erin: thank you, doug. leon: how about the nats. erin: they are doing so well. playing like the best team in baseball. the sembling ret to their success -- secret to their success is next. we finally know when game one between the
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announcer: now the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealer. erin: after a day off yesterday the nationals are back at it hosting the phillies tonight. the nats are been as advertised. they have the best record in baseball. the nats are 14-4 heading into tonight's series against philly. players attribute part of their early success to the new manager. >> he is really loose. dusty is doing a great job of implementing his ways of managing on this team. keeping us loose. keeping it fun. going out to enjoy the game. the game is supposed to be fun. we enjoying ourselves. we look to keep it going. erin: two of the nhl biggest stars and the east marquee teams go head to head when the capits
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the second round of the playoffs. game one is thursday. hockey fan are excited. the last time they met in the playoff it was an epic seven-game series in 2009. oil is hard to ignore -- it's hard to ignore the star matchup but barry trotz says it is not about them. >> it's a gad storyline for you but in reality it's disrespectful to every player that in there. everybody in there has contributed a lot to the success of both teams. you have success as a group. erin: i'm with you. trat answer. last night jeremy lin had a familiar reaction after hitting a three-point bank shot. he did michael
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he really did it in front of his heirness as well. he owns the hornets. in nba news steve kerr named coach of the year. after winning the award kerr reportedly said that this was the hardest year of his life. he was out for part of the season due to back complications so congratulations to him. leon: good deal. maureen: a little storm coming our way. doug: i don't think so. it is going to stay forth and south. look at philadelphia and south and west may be overnight isolated shower or storm. a big drop in temperatures coming our way. steve rudin will check it tonight at 11:00. maureen: "world news tonight" with david muir coming up next.
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breaking news as we come on tonight. the national weather service warning of a particularly dangerous situation. bracing for several weather emergencies at this hour. 54 million americans across much of the east, the south, tornado alerts from texas to nebraska. pounding hail, shelters along the highway. and severe storms from philly into the northeast. also breaking tonight, the ship that sank carrying more than two dozen americans. tonight, the new discovery. we'll show it to you right here. the race for the white house. and at this hour, the voting across five states. the first clues already coming in tonight. can clinton and trump close the deal? new reporting on prince this evening. that last concert and the emergency landing right after. his condition during those moments. and the other bombshell in that case tonight.


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