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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  April 27, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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this school. we talk to some of the parents as they were leaving today. >> we see how amazing the d.g.s. could be when there is a crisis. i wish they could be amazing before we found elevated lead. >> it had a band aid on you. sam: i see, when they pricked you did it hurt? a little. sam: did you cry? >> just a little. yeah. sam: okay. we are live here with josh kraemer. so you are one of the parents here. you come to get your kids tested today? >> that is right. i have two kids here. one is an 8-year-old, one is a 5-year-old. we are very concerned. we just learned about this over the past couple of weeks. happy to get the kids tested. obviously concerned about the greater issue, lead in the water. sam: one of the parents. your children are in the 3
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5 category so you'll be tested in the next hour or so. >> that's correct. i understand we just need to grab a permission slip. we should be ready to go. as long as we're in the multipurpose room before 5:00, we should be in good shape. sam: thank you so much. >> shaw. sam: that is the situation. you have parents again coming here and getting tested. as it turns out some parents are not going to have their children tested today. they are scheduled for next week. there are some 300 students at the school. it is taking a while. as you heard it has already started for some. so far the results have been none of the children have lead poisoning so far. reporting live from northeast washington, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. jonathan: that is the best news of all. thanks. last week sam ford broke the story on the lead levels in d.c. three schools with elevated levels of lead. you can see all of his reporting at just search "school lead." we have breaking news to tell you about now. murder in takoma park. two people stabbed. maryland bur
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what can you tell us? what happened out there? brad: this is an ongoing investigation. this crime really happening in the last couple of hours. we are at the intersection of houston avenue and roanoke avenue. you can see the crime scene tape. the perimeter is set up.
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from the inner loop of the beltway, an overturned tractor trailer. that is never good. this is right between rockville pike and connecticut avenue. jamie sullivan is tracking this for us tonight. as the rush hour commute is just about to get started. it couldn't have happened at a worse time. jamie: or in a worse area. this is a spot i talk about all the time in the afternoon. we are heavy in the northwest corner. look at the backup now you are seeing. you have five lanes. you are slowly pushed down to two lanes because taken out with the overturned tractor trailer. go to the p.i.o. of the fire and rescue for montgomery county and he tweeted out this picture. you can see on the opposite side it should be. it does, again, block off three of the lanes on the inner loop to the right-hand side. the backup for this already 11 miles. we are starting off in virginia heading north from the toll road. getting across the american legion bridge to maryland. you continue to slow in montgomery county. 42 minutes is
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just from the 270 spur continuing to 95. i would say 35 of those minutes contain just to that short area. this is affecting the outer loop as well. no lanes closed. it's just a rubberneck delay taking you under 50 minutes from 95 in maryland closer to the 270 spur. jonathan: thanks. now let's talk about something else that could affect the commute. look outside. a gray day. a damp day. it's coming to a close. the question is more rain, is it on tap? will it complicate the commute even more than a turned over tractor trailer? chief meteorologist doug hill keeping an eye on that for us. doug: probably a bit of light rain or drizzle at times. i don't think much impact at all from that. the bigger impact is the change in the temperatures. one of the rare april afternoons where the bay water temperature is warmer than the air temperature. 56 at reagan national. still some 60's south and west. look at the numbers. this is how much colder it is now than it was at this time yesterday. 28 degrees colder at reagan national. 27 degrees colder in manassas. 32 degrees
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baltimore. so a definite change in the pattern. we have plenty of clouds. they are not going anywhere. area of rain are closer to the cold front south. that will miss us. however, patches of light rain or drizzle certainly a possibility through the evening. but not enough to interfere with the nationals play. we'll check out the weekend and beyond for you in a couple of minutes. michelle? michelle: thank you. in the race for the white house we are standing by for what is being billed as a big announcement from texas senator ted cruz. the stage is set there. we are just waiting for him to come out. senator ted cruz, this week his camp said they have narrowed down the v.p. list but it's unclear just who is still on it. there have been rumors that carly fiorina will be announced as his v.p. mate. we are waiting to see exactly if that is the case. as soon as he approaches the podium there, we'll bring it to you live. meanwhile, donald trump got a clean sweep in yesterday's republican primaries. but it's a comment during his victory speech that is raising questions. >> the only thing she has going is the woman's card.
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don't like her. okay? michelle: yes. the woman's card. zero in on that woman there. drawing a lot of attention on social media. mary pat chrisie. the woman in the pink. the new jersey governor's wife. some say there was an eye roll there. either way a lot is being said about the comment. kevin lewis has reaction to trump's "woman card" remark as well as his run-away victories, including maryland. >> frankly, if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she would get 5% of the vote. the only thing she has going is the woman's card. kevin: the latest remark to leave donald trump's mouth and cause a nationwide buzz. now the 69-year-old multimillionaire is being called a sexist, a moron and a whole lot worse. >> he always wants to put somebody down, it appears, instead of, you know, just praising them for what they did. typical donald trump. kevin: b
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displeased including try and true female democrats. >> are you a trump supporter? >> no, not at all. >> do you feel his comments last night were sexist? >> not entirely. i think it could be seen that she is playing the woman card because a lot of people want that kind of change. >> me, personally, i'm not offended by it. >> courtney, a proud trump supporter from baltimore thinks hillary clinton should now champion the so-called "woman card." >> i wouldn't call it sexist at all. if anything it is, i think she is embracing it. she should. as a woman she should embrace it. she a woman at a higher power and there is nothing wrong with that. i don't think it's sexist. kevin: the plot thickens here. just as well were editing this story for the 4:00 p.m. newscast, hillary clinton tweeted out and i'm quoting here -- "so if fighting for women is playing the woman card, well, deal me in." we're li
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kevin lewis, abc7 news. michelle: far from over, kevin. thank you. stay with abc7 for continuing coverage in the race for the white house. we will have updates on the path forward for the remaining candidates and a look at women as running mates. jonathan? jonathan: it would be nice to get through a newscast without talking about the metro but we haven't been able to do that lately. today is no exception. on the red line today, one issue after another. trains had to bypass friendship heights after an insulator caught fire or there was smoke. something happened there. this is the same stretch of a red line where part of a rail car set off smoke when it hit a third rail over the weekend. what is behind the mess? transportation reporter brianne carter takes a much closer look for us. brianne? brianne: well, jonathan, take a look here. right now you can see the escalator, the stairs. they are open. the riders are free to come and go. a much different situation than it was this morning when there were tense moments again here along the red line after another arcing insulator caused smoke in the tu
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near this station here at friendship heights. while no one was hurt, riders say they were evacuated from the station after seeing a small fire off in the distance and light smoke in the tunnel. today's problem is the fourth track problem on this stretch of the redline in the past five days. saturday night, riders say heavy smoke filled the tunnels, the same spot after a piece of metal of the rail car came off and got in contact with the third rail. the rail that powers the train. monday morning a cracked rail near dupont caused delay on the same stretch as well. we talk to one rider who says two weeks ago he moved to he would no longer have to take the red line. >> i have been stuck in this red line tunnel, you know, like for 40 minutes on one day. i was just stuck in the tunnel. i didn't move. brianne: we know the smoke incidents are still being investigated. as for what continues to cause problems here we know that metro has been dealing with a water leak issue in the tunnel for years. we will have much more on that and al
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riders have been dealing with since april 1. that is coming up tonight at :00. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. right now arlington national cemetery officials are getting ready to discuss the plans to expand with neighbors of the cemetery. there is an open house underway at the pentagon city sheraton. the proposed expansion is on the south side of the grounds to an area near the airport memorial. part of that will mean rerouting some of the roads nearby. we will let you know what happens with that. liberty university now is moving forward allowing students with concealed handgun permits from virginia to keep their handguns in their dorm rooms. michelle: this is a policy that will go into effect for the fall semester. its approval coming last week. university president jerry falwell jr. said last year eligible students could carry their firearm anywhere on campus. jonathan: that brings us to the twitter question for you today. should eligible students be able to have their guns in their dorms? you say yes or no. also why? you can tweet us.
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@abc7news. you can take the poll. we'll check on the result and share your comments later. 4:45 in the newscast and throughout the evening for you. coming up for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a plane goes down. michelle: folks on the ground run toward it. >> did you think you were going to die? >> yeah. i really did. i thought it was all over with. jonathan: how the pilot was able to walk away from this crash and his strange decision after climbing out of the fiery wreckage. michelle: plus, amanda peet furious at hollywood culture takes a stand. it's what she won't be doing that she hopes will set an example for her children. jonathan: plus, amazon responsible for your children's actions? that's right. off the hook for the unassuming mistake that your kids could be
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jonathan: a pilot walked away from a plane crash in alabama and all caught on camera. the cessna twin engine clipping trees after taking off. the plane slammed into a tree outside of a business. as you can see there is gas all over the place. it catches fire. the pilot russell smith tumbles out of the cockpit only with a cut on
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>> oh, hey, breaking loose. it happened so quick, i didn't have time to think. she was on fire and i was in a hurry to get out because i saw that i only have a few seconds. i actually done a back tumble-sault out of the cockpit door to get out. >> are you going to the hospital later? >> no, i'm going home to take a shower, put burn ointment on my hand and lay down. jonathan: i love this guy. michelle: tough guy. jonathan: he has been a pilot for 50 years. he has never had an accident or mishap until now. the f.a.a. is investigating this crash and it is good to know that no one was hurt including him. michelle: that is incredible. you see the scene and you assume the worst. jonathan: amanda peet has been a big name in hollywood for a long time. now she is opening up about aging. michelle: the pressure to look young, stay young and keep those roles coming in from hollywood. but it's what she says she won't be doing that is making headlines.
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amanda peet's motivation. what is behind this? alison: it's no surprise that in hollywood the pressure is there to stay young, to stay new, to stay relevant. amanda peet who starred in all kind of roles is taking a stand in her most important one. as a mother. >> i want you to feel my heart. alison: the hollywood bombshell known for blockbusters like "the whole nine yards." and playing the love interest in "saving silverman." >> hi. i'm wayne. >> no. alison: but today she is taking on tinseltown insistence on youth in all cost in the name of her daughters. the 44-year-old actress recently of "togetherness" on hbo firing off in an article for a news article telling readers she is ashamed of her graying hair. admitted i have bleached my teeth, dyed my hair and pealed and laserred my
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>> for her this is a resonate issue. alison: but she won't add botox and filler ins the mix. despite the pressure. >> this is the stage of her life, a convergence point to reflect on these things. alison: e is revealing she is constantly pushed out by younger talent. writing "everyone is looking at me like let go. there is no room for you." >> do you see the smile? i'm dead inside. alison: but she is defiantly staying off the operating table. crediting the decision to her young daughters saying the cultural obsession with beauty is the reason girls as young as 9 show disturbing levels of anxiety about their looks. >> she is trying to raise them to be a smart and independent women who are less concerned with outer appearance. alison: so instead she is going to steer into the skid and age gracefully. >> you know what? jonathan: we have breaking news righ
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the microphones. 17 minutes late. listen in to what he has to say. >> no matter what might happen. [applause] any responsible candidate for president would have spent much time assessing possible candidates, thinking through the pros and cons, studying who these people are, praying about it. and examining the potential candidates. you know the characteristics that you look for in a vice president are the same characteristics you look for in a president. [applause] first of all, knowledge. do they know enough to do the
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do they know where jobs come from? do they understand why jobs are leaving america? do they understand why manufacturing jobs are being driven overseas? do they understand why carrier has left indiana and gone to mexico? do they understand what is happening in the economy? and government, do they understand the constitution and bill of rights? are these words on a paper or are these promises that protect our fundamental liberties? [applause] and security, do they understand the threats facing us in the world? the threats that potentially endanger your children and mine? that is the first criterion you look to is knowledge. does this person have the experience and knowledge to do the job? secondly, you look to
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wisdom to bear the mantle of a job whose responsibilities have grayed the hair of every person ever to hold that office. do they think through decisions in a rash and impulsive way? do they pop off the handle at whatever strikes them at any given moment? or do they think through careful measures? do they assemble a team around them? who are smarter than they are. you know there is an old adage in management. "a's hire a's and b's hire c's." [applause] michelle: all right. you have been looking live and listening live to a ted cruz rally in indianapolis, indiana. we are standing by waiting to hear cruz make an announcement about his running mate, v.p.
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fiorina. he has yet to make that announcement. you can continue to watch this rally on newschannel8. as soon as we get confirmation of who his running mate is, we will give it to you live on abc7. jonathan: in the meantime let's switch over to look at the traffic situation out there. jamie sullivan is here on the hump day. the roads are a mess out there because of that. jamie: they have been. this is an overturned tractor trailer on the inner loop of capital beltway in montgomery county near connecticut avenue. you can see the photo. pete parentiger took this. three right lanes are blocked. two left lanes are the only lanes to get by. the backup is 11 miles starting from the toll road to continue to wrap around. 40 minutes it will take you. that is only in the stretch from the 270 spur continuing closer to connecticut avenue. you are clear past the point. outer loop you have the rubbernecking delays. you will see that at 40 minutes from 95 to the 270 spur. live look outside. we'll stick with montgomery county. i want to show yo
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southbound at cedar lane. we have the water main break that happened earlier today. they have fixed that water main. we don't have any issues as far as the water being out. they have officially turned it back on. but you still only have your two lanes to the left that get by. we have in this stretch a big backup. move to the waze map. the wazers report southbound on rockville pike. it's bumper to bumper and it starts before the capital beltway. get ready for the heavy traffic. that's a look at the days. back to you. michelle: thank you. across the nation now. severe storms dumping large hail in the heartland. some of the cells even producing dangerous winds. abc7 meteorologist brian van de graaff shows us the damage and the clean-up. brian: after a long night of severe weather striking the heartland, hail and lightning revealing tornadoes forming in the darkness. >> i can see
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brianne: this is the aftermath. a roof completely ripped off the home in luther, oklahoma. debris scattered hundreds of feet away. along with more damage throughout oklahoma city. >> extremely loud. very quick. fast-moving. very loud. >> funnel clouds were also spotted in texas, powerful storms barreled through. flipping tractor trailers to its side. more houses damaged. roofs torn to shreds. in fact, you can see inside the homes from above. >> after it hit, wind inside the house. rain and everything. brian: clean-up is also underway at the texas medical facility. >> i was in shock. still in shock. we got an hour sleep last night. >> some using foam and cardboard to try to protect the cars from large hailstone. in kansas, tornado sirens were heard blaring. but across the plains, the damage wasn't as severe. brian van de graaff, stormwatch7 weather. jonathan: this is all playing out in a time when we are now remembering what hpe
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years ago today. that was a massive tornado outbreak ripping across the country. alabama, the hardest hit state. 2011, the national weather service did confirm more than 60 twisters in that state alone. many of those tornadoes as you can see in the video were massive. the outbreak was ultimately one of the worst in recorded history. more than 300 people in alabama and neighboring states were killed by the storms. tuscaloosa hit very hard. where the university of alabama is located. in fact, it hit the dorms there. the storm system did cause more than $4 billion in damages. michelle: what was so tough, so many people had nowhere to go for shelter. there were so many that popped up. yes, they didn't have basements. doug we start off on the fifth anniversary with graphics designed. this was a track, ef4 tornado with 190-mile-per-hour winds tracking its way from tuscaloosa to birmingham across the campus of the university of alabama. what is interesting and staggering at the same time to look at, these were just the tornadoes on that day.
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jonathan: wow! doug there were four e.f.5's. 11 e.f. 4's. one of the e.f. 4's is one that went through the area south of the university. 19 ef-3's. the list goes on. it's an incredible amount of tornado activity. average ef-4/5 path was 66 miles on the ground. incredible. last year at this time or the same time -- april of last year, the 27 to 28th locally we had several tornadoes, too. in the maryland they were ef0. ef-1 reported south of virginia. the one on the left-hand side of the screen ef2 came across at 2:00 in the morning with 130-mile-per-hour winds. on the ground for 30 miles. this is why we call it severe weather season. we get to april, may and june. it happens year after year. we are keeping the fingers crossed we won't have a horrible season here or anywhere. in the midwest and kansas and oklahoma, they had a dose of tornadoes yesterday. more possible this afternoon and this everything. here we get clouds and chilly
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mid-50's around the area. thanks to yesterday's cold front. most of the rain has ended so tonight maybe spotty drizzled or showers. that's it. with the cloudy skies. first pitch at 7:05. cloudy. i don't think it will slow down the play tonight. later tonight at 11:00 or so, yeah, maybe there could be a few more showers and be steadier. we're not finished with the system. the cold front came through and lying south north of richmond and it extends northwestward. plenty of energy along the front will bring rain. it looks like that area will probably overspread the region tomorrow. probably a good chance of the day on friday as well. the forecast for thursday, cloudy skies. light rain. we may get a glimpse of sun. count on mostly cloudy skies. high of 62. scattered showers through the afternoon and the evening hours. looking to friday. 60% chance of showers. 60 degrees for a high. saturday is a dry day. we will get a little sunshine. don't want to over-promise that but at least a dry day. sunday, clouds and rain back in. more rain in monday. finally tuesday and wednesday
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70's. that is the latest. michelle? michelle: thank you. in the last few minutes in indianapolis, we heard from senator ted cruz. he announced as we expected carly fiorina will be his running mate in the race for the white house. he needs a contested convention in cleveland in summer to get the nomination. big developments on the trail here. we are back
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horace: welcome back. horace holmes in the "7 on your side" help center. we are here for our help center. we have sport and help and clarendon fitness will be here. the rest of the afternoon until 6:30. 703-236-9220. that is the number. if you have any questions about exercise, about nutrition, about getting in shape. give them a call. they will be here until 6:30 to answer any phone call that you have. 703-236-9220. back to you. michelle: all right. thank you. yes, everyone looks so in shape down there. jonathan: buff dudes in the newsroom. michelle: yes. coming up next at 4:00 -- questions about prince's estate. the surprising answer about who is eligible for a piece of his
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much to leave behind make sure everything is in order. jonathan: former house speaker dennis hastert wheeled in and out of a chicago courthouse makes a disturbing admission in his sentencing in the hush money case. what he said he did. and how long he will
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: it has been almost a week since prince died. questions remain about what will happen to his fortune with his estate. a lot of people want to know. a lot of money we are talking about. michelle: at the request of his sister a special administrator will oversee the handling of his estate. who is eligible to inherit could get dicey here. "7 on your side" consumer investigator kimberly suiters has answers and this is something we could all learn from. kimberly: we are talking about how many of you have written the will, have you invested the money? a lot of us want to skip the expense of staying for estate planning. you might think you have enough stuff to warrant a will. but be you pennies or a fortune like prince, planning now could spare heartache or worse after you are gone. without a will we don't know where the man who made the millions wants them to go. >> he doesn't get any say over where his assets go. and i think that is a
4:35 pm
kimberly: daniel, an attorney warrants sudden wealth can be harmful. >> everyone is like oh, please, you know, harm me with that. but so many people who inherit money and win lotteries, professional athletes blow it all and end up test tute, homeless -- destitute, homeless, bankrupt, in worse position than before they got the money. kimberly: proper estate planning can guard against that. to say where your money should go, to protect your children from wealth too soon. to avoid unnecessary taxes and probate when possible. >> he loved us and we loved him back. kimberly: prince was deeply loved, leaving the world without leaving a will can leave loved ones unprotected. one assumption is prince's sister and his five half siblings will split his multimillion dollar estate. one thing could change all of that. >> it would not overly surprise me if someone claimed to be prince's child. kimberly: a child would trump all of th
4:36 pm
produce billions in sales. without a will, there will be many people wanting a piece of that pie. >> the one group that will inherit nicely will be the attorneys doing all of the battling. without a doubt. kimberly: the attorneys. all right. now back to the little guys like you and me. what about just printing a free online will and filling it out? they call these dangerous because they give you a false sense of security about proper estate planning. now back to you. michelle? michelle: all right. learned a lot. thank you. former virginia governor bob mcdonald's last chance to get his corruption conviction overturned appealing to the supreme court today. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg explains why things might break mcdonald's way. jeff: this could prove to durn out to be a very good day for governor mcdonald. as several justices seemed skeptical about the government's argument that hills relationship with johnny williams actually was corruption. saying that if that is the case, it could
4:37 pm
behavior. just as stephen breyer who typically aligns with the left leaning wing of the court pressing deputy solicitor general to define how mcdonald helped williams through so-called "official acts." a question that he struggled to answer. francisco arguing the case for mcdonald, and justice sonia sotomayor expressing skepticism about his argument that mcdonald never "put his thumb on the scale to help williams with government testing or contracts despite the gifts and money that williams gave to mcdonald and his family." in september of 2014, bob and maureen mcdonald who were together today in court were convicted of corruption for accepting nearly $180,000 in gifts and money from williams in exchange to help him promote his dietary supplement. the conviction was upheld by the fourth circuit court of appeals in richmond. but the case was accepted by the supreme court and argued this morning. >> i wat
4:38 pm
lord jesus for his sustaining me and my wife and my family during these last 39 months that have been very, very difficult. i want to say as i said for the last 39 months that never during any time in my 38 years of public service have i ever done anything that would abuse the powers of my office. jeff: maureen mcdonald's case is on hold pending the outcome of bob mcdonald's case. a ruling is expected in late june. at the supreme court, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. jonathan: former house speaker dennis hastert has been sentenced to 15 months in prison for banking law violations. prosecutors say that hastert covered up hush money used to pay off hastert's sex abuse victims when he was a high school wrestling coach back when. before the sentencing hastert apologized for his actions. in explaining his punishment, the judge called hastert a "serial child molester." michelle: today marks one year since freddie gray's funeral and te
4:39 pm
that followed. it was on this day when we first saw this image. a mother slapping her son in the middle of the unrest. when you do a google search of baltimore mom, her name pops up. some don't support the action but others say we need more mom like her. she reflects on the viral moment during an interview with abc7. >> i seen all the police and helicopters and then i seen all the children. you did not want my son to be harmed or harm anybody else. >> coming up tonight at 5:00, toya graham speaks with abc7 on why she encouraged her son to leave baltimore. we look at baltimore one year later. jonathan: a year and trying to move forward is the communities. they are trying to put charm back into a positive lig
4:40 pm
with some of the activities going on tonight. hey, karen. reporter: hey there. we are at the intersection of north and penn. this was the epicenter of where the riots took place. now today there are about 50 people that are gathered here in front of a c.v.s., one that burned down in the rye it yous. right now there are 40 or 50 people or so gathered. people on the microphone addressing the crowd. there has been singing and dancing. cookouts going on. people are still calling attention to the issue they have in the community. one being a lack of opportunity. another focusing on alleged police brutality. there are people holding posters up. faces of those who say they have died at the hands allegedly from police officers. again, i said this has been a peaceful afternoon. people just want to draw attention to the issues that they say are in their
4:41 pm
people want to bring attention to baltimore city. they want to put the charm back in baltimore city. send it back to you. jonathan: thank you for that. michelle: all right. still ahead -- coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- high-tech wheels here. b.m.w. is making them. we will let you know which athletes get to use them. jonathan: reminder before we go to break, new time starting this sunday for "this week with george stephanopoulos" and "full measure" -- ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation. have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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jonathan: b.m.w. is building high-tech wheelchairs for paraolympic athletes. michelle: this is a look at the design. the six new raising wheelchairs will be used by the u.s. team at this year's olympics in rio. the aerodynamic chairs are long, sleek, low and features three narrow wheels. the final chairs aren't finished yet but b.m.w. says they will be ready for the paralympic games start on september 7. jonathan: cool. michelle: all right. uber is testing a new policy that could make a ride more expensive. the two new fees and how long riders have to get in a car
4:45 pm
mike: i'm mike carter-conneen at the thompson boat center which today two lucky capital fans won free playoff tickets as part of a scavenger hunt across the region. coming up,
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michelle: all right, big announcement from the cruz campaign. just minutes ago in indianapolis, cruz announcing that carly fiorina will be his running mate. we are following this developing story and we'll have more for you on "abc7 news at 5:00" and 6:00. jonathan: "7 on your side" this afternoon. in fact we will head downstairs to the help center where horace holmes is staking it out with a lot of big, buff guys, helping you. if you think about getting into shape this is time to call. horace: absolutely. beach season around the corner, even though it doesn't feel like it now. 703-236-9220. these are all fitness instructors from various gyms around the area. sport and health and clarendon fitness, we have malik here from sport and health. and clarendon.
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our own thing? get a fitness instructor? >> hire a personal trainer. the first thing you do is consult your doctor before you start a new fitness routine. also, most gyms offer free consultation with one of the personal trainers so even if you have a game plan on your own you want to go in and consult with somebody to make sure it's safe and effective. horace: thank you very much. 703-236-9220. these guys are here from now until 6:30 to answer your questions. nutrition, health, weight loss, getting in shape. back to you, jonathan. jonathan: my friend, he used a line. "i'm in shape. i'm round." that doesn't really count. it is and i'm not sure how to segue to this but it is national prime rib day. right out of the fitness thing. here i go. this is on purpose. we are returning a story after having fitness advice. after all this is protein. the choice beef cut is from one of the eight prime cuts of beef. perhaps served best when it's slow cooked but you can order it any way you want. horseradish is amazing. michelle:
4:50 pm
having drivers waiting for you to get to the car when it arrives. if you wait more than ten minutes after driver arrives you will get charged. it will also cancel an order after five minutes. you will be charged for that as well. this doesn't take effect just yet. it will be tested in phoenix, dallas, new jersey, new york. lyft has a five-minute grace period. jonathan: so as the capitals now are gearing up for the second round series against the penguins a caps scavenger hunt on again today offering free playoff tickets. sadly, a lot of fans came up short. in fact, as mike carter-conneen reports, one man ripped his pants wide open trying and failing to rock the red. watch. mike: all day wednesday, washington capital fans scrambled to win eight pairs of playoff tickets in a massive scavenger hunt. >> we have a loyal fan base and we want to find
4:51 pm
go to the playoffs will have the opportunity. mike: every hour on the hour the team tweeted a new clue guiding fans to a series of locations across the region. >> we were sitting in my car when the clue came out. it's literally down the road from my apartment. she is like, "i don't care if we get a speeding ticket." we're racing over. mike: most cases they arrived in ten minutes shouting "rock the red" to claim the tickets. >> a few stop signs we ran through. mike: this washington mon tented clue took fans a half hour to figure out. one complained on twitter about running full sprint down the national mall, 40 miles from the correct location in baltimore. >> oh, my gosh! mike: perhaps the best winning moment came with the first pair of free tickets when walter eckard karate kicked with excitement. but for every winner -- >> rock the red! mike: -- there were many, many losers. >> i ran out of the office and grabbed a cab. hoping he would go down m. he turned on 19th and we hit every red light on the way.
4:52 pm
others lost their dignity. >> running full speed. ripped my jeans. from there to there. instant air flow now. mike: 30 seconds too late. jesse jones says he feels defeated. >> out a pair of jeans. out of tickets. out of luck. mike: with or without tickets he and his fellow fans hope it's a feeling the caps never experience in round two of the playoffs. in arlington -- >> i'm so excite mike -- mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. steve: all right. 56 at reagan national airport. we have showers out hzthere south and west of us. not going to amount to a lot. these are all moving off to the east. if you are watching us at locus dale, culpeper seeing clearing out there. it's nighttime low temperatures of 47 to 54 degrees. mostly cloudy skies. we will see a few scattered showers. winds will be out of the northeast at 5 miles per hour. for tomorrow, lower 60's. keep that umbrella handy throughout the day. although it won't be a wash-out. you will more than likely need
4:53 pm
seven-day outlook shows the temperatures around 60 on friday. upper 60's on saturday. if you are looking for something to do on saturday head to the national weather service open house. the chief meteorologist doug hill will be there at 2:00. fun kids experiments. hurricane, wind tunnels. the works! let's get a check on this evening or the early afternoon. late afternoon. rush hour commute. jamie sullivan? jamie: a bad afternoon to be on the road. especially the capital beltway. they have completely shut down the inner loop at connecticut avenue. this is just coming in. you can see here, no one is moving. the reason for this is so they can upright the overturned tractor trailer. move to the maps and talk about how big the backup is. the activity again just before connecticut avenue with all lanes blocked. already an 11-mile backup. this does start right here the toll road. 35 minutes it has been taking everyone to get from the 270 spur to 95. we have a delays on the outer loom as well. everyone just looking over to see what is happening. averaging over 45 minutes from
4:54 pm
we will keep you updated and let you know as soon as they reopen the beltway. back to you. michelle: thank you very much. it is the happiest place on earth. until you leave and realize there is no money left in your wallet. coming up on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the three ways you can save on a disney vacation. and when you get there, the
4:55 pm
at giant, shoppers low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread." [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices. my giant.
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4:57 pm
john: dreaming of a trip to disney world or disney land in the future? you may be interested in the report of the park's biggest secret. things that many first-time visitors never notice. the happiest place on earth houses a lot of secrets from hidden things inside the park to ways to get extra discounts. the website says many visitors miss the hundreds of hidden mickeys. mouse ears on everything from doors and floors to power lines. another secret, cinderella's castle is really smaller than it looks thanks to something called forced perspective. the brick
4:58 pm
top are smaller than those below. universal uses the effect on the harry potter hogwart castle, too. another secret there is a trash pail every 30 feet because surveys find that is how far people will carry an empty cup. but from the doesn't that stink file? paying too much for your room because you didn't know about secret promotion codes. find out you paid $30 a night more than the family in the next room. you may say doesn't that stink? websites like, undercover tourist and retail me not list discount codes for disney's on-site lodging. you enter them in the promotions box when pricing a room. many of the secrets are things that the veteran disney fans know. if you have never been there or been once or twice it is great information to have so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese, abc7 news. >> it's 50 times more powerful than morphine. leon: it can turn users into
4:59 pm
tonight only on abc7 allegations from inside d.c. fire and e.m.s. of medication gone missing. the red line. it's like a broken record. the trouble this time that made riders furious. and tough love from a baltimore mom who made headlines in the riots. the difficult decision she has made to keep her son safe from the mean streets. announcer: now, "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: we begin with serious allegations from within the d.c. fire department of misconduct and a possible coverup. it all essentials -- stems from accusation that a vile of a highly powerful drug used on patients in extreme pain is now missing. stephen tschida is outside fire headquarters now with the story you will see only on 7. stephen: the drug is phentonal the highly powerful, addictive painkiller. sources within the department says a large vile vanished from a fire station. we can tell you since we began asking abo
5:00 pm
higher-ups here at department headquarters acknowledge they have launched an investigation. they keep it on hand to respond to a call but use it rarely. >> it's 50 times more powerful than morphine. stephen: sources allege a vile of fentanyl like this vanished in three weeks. it's often used on the veet with heroin to intensify the high. sources in the department maintain those who discover the missing vile alerted the superiors. we contacted them and received an e-mail saying they have launched an investigation. it also stated nothing found at engine 15. boxes are accounted for with security seals intact. there is no sign of tampering. narcotics safe, secured. but sources within the department directed us to the drug enforcement administration. when questioned a


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