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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  April 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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the white house fence, but first, a woman stabbed to death, a man rushed into surgery for stab once. jonathan: this unfolding in takoma park. one of the victim was found lying in blood near the apartment lobby. search for what triggered the violence. tom roussey has the investigation happening now.
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on, the actual crime happened nine hours ago, but right now police tape is still up in only some of the residence of the cambridge apartments have been allowed back inside because there are multiple crime scenes, one on the top floor, one on the lobby. >> i heard noise in the hallway. did notffin moore think much of it until he looked out his window a little later. >> i saw officer standing out here. about 2s happened at p.m. when they arrived at the cambridge apartments, they found a man bleeding on the first floor, near the lobby and elevator. they went to the fourth floor, where a neighbor said in this apartment they found a 36-year-old woman stabbed. she later died. this woman who asked us not to show her face told us in spanish he lives on the fourth floor an
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building in neighborhood, but not on this day. i saw a giant bloodstain that ran from the elevator to where the woman lived, she said. for some, this is unnerving. >> i might have to move. tom: we are told by the police the female victim who died was 36 years old. the man was taken to the hospital for surgery after this happened. no word on his condition. stopolice have short of calling this a domestic incident, but they do not believe there is a danger to the community. tom roussey, abc 7 news. .lison: tom, thank you fre the u.s. attorney's office has filed sexual assault and robbery charges against even cox. the authority say that he was running from a robbery yesterday when he jumped a fce
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building, right next to the white house. minutes before come and investigators say he groped a college student and stole a phone in person. allegedlyarrest, cox sexually assaulted a nurse treating an injury to his hand. i say that he grabbed a woman at a metro station -- they say that he grabbed a woman at a metro station in 2014 and just last year. jonathan: children are now getting blood tests over concerns of the lead in water at a school. a sample from one of the fall sits tested -- at one of the fauctes tested 20 times the acceptable level. how many kids are getting tested? jay: a number of them here at the elementary school. also, two other schools. there was
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elevated lead levels at two elementary schools. moments after these children were tested, we spoke with frustrated parents. children are being tested one after another at capitol hill montessori to make sure they do not have elevated lead levels in their blood. this little guy's results came back perfect, to the relief of his mother. are sharing cell phone video so you can see the test process taking place. they are deeply concerned about what has transpired the last several months. >> may have known about this issue. the cityhe summer, found elevated lead levels at logan and two other schools in the district. they only posted the information on the website and did
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parents until a father dug up the information and wrote about it. >> it's good they are testing it. >> i'm discouraged it took so long for us to become aware there was potentially an issue. officials say these tests of these kids will go on .or as long as it takes if necessary when they find the results, people will be held accountable. jay korff, abc 7 news. alison: a powerful drug reportedly missing from the d.c. fire department. this is triggering allegations of misconduct and a cover-up. the dug in question is an addictive opiate used on pain, 50in extreme times more powerful than morphine. sources within the department say that a vial vanish from engine company
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past few weeks. the department issued a statement saying that boxes are accounted for and there is no sign of tampering. they are asking with anybody with information to come forward. jonathan: turning to the forecast, chile and damp weather today, more rain tomorrow. steve rudin joins us with the outlook. what are we looking at? steve: much-needed rain tomorrow. the satellite and radar, showers pal singh told the north -- showers passing to the north. most of the action is to the south. the rain continues to the south as we move through the overnight. temperatures, we are looking at temperatures in the middle 50's by 11:00 tomorrow morning. grabbed the umbrella, you will need it during the midday and late afternoon. more on what to expect the rest of the week and the upcoming weekend in just a few minutes. jonathan: severe damage to a home in
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onto this home on college view drive. the good news is nobody was hurt. there is significant damage to the home. right now there is no word on what caused the tree to come down. alison: new developments after a 13-year-old boy was shot by baltimore police. looks like he will survive, but this comes just one year after the funeral of freddie gray. jeannette reyes has more. jeannette: today marks a year to the day since baltimore police responded to the death of freddie gray. today, the frustrated community is demanding answers. isht now, a 13-year-old boy recovering from at least one gunshot wound after he was shot by police at 4 p.m. the police commissioner is certain
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of the investigation that his officers acted appropriately. >> they engage a person who had what looked like a gun in his hand. that is what we are supposed to do. jeannette: after the plainclothes officers identified themselves, the boy took off running. he allegedly never drop the replica gun he was holding, when the officers fired. earthre is no way on this i could tell you from looking at that gun that i can say it was not real. jeannette: the commissioner was frustrated, not with his officers. >> the mom let her son leave the house with that replica. i cannot wrap my head around that. if thete: when asked officers had recent fear for their lives, he said it is too early. with gun arrests up this year, he said that the police are in a tough position. >>
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walk down the street in broad daylight with a gun in baltimore. ette: this is being treated as a criminal investigation, which is standard procedure. the authorities interviewed the boy's mother at police headquarters today. reporting live in the newsroom, jeannette reyes, abc 7 news. alison: a jury in tulsa, oklahoma, has convicted a former sheriff's deputy of manslaughter. and killed anhot unarmed suspect last april. that shooting was recorded on a police body camera. old at the time of the shooting and debates said he was confused between his handgun and stun gun. he will be sentenced next month. jonathan: a couple is now accused of making $20 million in a visa fraud scheme. michelle martz has how this unfolded.
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centers on a company. cameras were there when they raided the sterling office, the married couple accused of fraudulently applying for more than 800 illegal immigration benefits. they believe the couple created shell companies and advertise them as needing workers. say he, investigators would sell the visas making millions over several years. ecomets was touted by virginia governor bob mcdonnell for creating jobs, but instead to not create any. roundan: rocking the red, two of the playoffs, the capitals now have their first game against the pittsburgh penguins on tap tomorrow night. metro says they will stay o
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come until 1 a.m. there will be a preview later in sports. atson: still ahead -- drunk the controls? a pilot accused of putting passengers' l at riskives -- lives at risk, and it is not as rare as you might think. in danger,illions severe weather taking over parts of the country.
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z1yotz jonathan: millions of people right now are being warned severe weather is on the way. 11 states are in the danger zone. there have been 10 tornadoes at the center of the country. in texas, a woman was killed when a tree fell on her house. boom andt heard a big all the lights went out. jonathan: at least four people were injured north of dallas, all of them in their cars. the threat is
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more severe weather is expected tomorrow night. alison: a major announcement in the race for the white house -- senator ted cruz has picked carly fiorina to be his running mate if he wins the nomination. hewlett-packard ceo and in her own presidential campaign in february. selection will help him when the indiana primary next week. >> this fight is about far more than a ticket. this is a fight for all of us. for our future, for our children's future. donald trump was in washington for a foreign-policy speech and promised to end many u.s. commitments abroad and to get allies to pay for their protection. bernie sanders campaign is downsizing.
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of sanders, who lost four five primary states. hundreds of layoffs could be coming. this was in interview with "the new york times," sanders' said. weathan: flying drunk -- have heard about it with passengers, but how about pilots? dennis murphy is charged with getting behind the controls while intoxicated, twice in one day. he failed a breathalyzer test. it was three times the limit allow for pilots. during the flights last year, the other pilot told federal drinkingat murphy was an unknown beverage from a cup. he faces 15 years in prison. this sort of thing happens more than what you would think. nearly once a month, a pilot vi
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alison: spacex says that it will go to mars. in less than two years, they say that will put an unmanned spacecraft on mars as soon as 2018. the company ceo believes the first human travelers could make it to the planet by about 2025. nasa is supporting the spacex plan. the goal for now is to survey the terrain and collect soil samples. no big deal. jonathan: if they build a starbucks up there, steve rudin might want to go. steve: i might. i do have a poll on my twitter page. if you could visit a planet, which one would you go to. alison: we will get right to that. steve: log on to check out the winners. right now, 54 degrees. the high today was 71. the pollen count is high for the trees even though we had rain earlier today. 55 degrees right now leesburg, 48 in frederick,
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bwi marshall, fredericksburg in the middle 50's. the cooler air on the way overnight. compared with yesterday at this time come if you were outdoors taking the dog for a walk, it was 22 degrees warmer compared to what it is right now. the cold front has dipped well the south, keeping us cool and cloudy for the next couple days. widen the view, the coolest of the year well to the north, the milder air from yesterday suppressed to the south. .0's charlotte and raleigh the cold front to the south will stay right there for at least the next day and a half. the low-pressure likely develops usng that line, bringing rain, pockets of showers, drizzle, cloudy skies. that will stay with us the next couple days. around the beltway, just a few lingering showers off to the north and east. not amounting to a lot
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-- not amounting to a lot. nighttime lows, 48 to 55, mostly cloudy skies. ,omorrow morning, the umbrella you will need it. not all day long, not expecting a washout, but could have heavier rain through the midday. middletures stay in the 50's. the cloud cover will prevent temperatures from warming a lot . will be a wetit rush-hour commute in the morning, especially towards montgomery county, gaithersburg, frederick county, heavier rain off to the north. garrett county and allegheny county. indoor recess for many of the kids tomorrow, so dress appropriately. through the afternoon and evening, scattered showers, then a few lingering showers friday. finally we clear
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at least part of the weekend. 52 the high tomorrow, cool, damp, cloudy, showers may become heavy. maryland deus saturday and it looks beautiful, upper 60's. is saturday, and it looks beautiful, upper 60's. sunday, not so sunny. the jets need to get their groove back, don't they? robert: it's ok, it's early. s fall flat against philly, the wizards introduce their new head coach.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: the n
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their series with the phillies, gio gonzalez on the mount tonight. he does not just hit, but he can run, bryce harper hustles for the out. eighth-inning, the nats trailing 2-0. bryce harper is not catching that. nats drop this one, falling 3-0. 0's-rays. nats fans, i believe you know this man, steven souza junior. saving jordan zimmermann's no-hitter a few years back. rob's chris davis of extra-bases. the birds win, 3-1. the wizards introduce their new head coach, scott brooks, former oklahoma city coach.
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talked about his most memorable moments, and he went back to his playing days when he played for the sexes. -- when he played for the sixer s. brooks: that is up there with my memories as a player. >> you turkey! you were going to sleep like a baby after this game. you will wake up every two hours and cry. rooks: i remember him yelling at the coach at the time. was rolling,ey everybody was. that stuck with me the rest of my career. if you can play through that, you can play through anything. braden holtby has been named a finalist for the vezina
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trophy, the award handed out annually for the best trophy. the capitals will need braden holtby on his best game, but the capitals know they all need to be at their best. >> it's not like it is one team is a clear favorite. you have to win hard and when the matchups. you look at yourself and do what you can and go from there. robert: we are live all day tomorrow from the verizon center. the puck drops at 8:00. jonathan: prediction? robert: caps in seven. what do you think? alison: we should heckle you through the whole newscast. robert: please don't. he is a professional heckler. he is the real deal. guest, an uninvited coming home to an alligator.
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guess which airline added more nonstop straight-shot flights hey, d.c., than any other out of reagan national last year? here's a hint. did ya catch it? no? here's another. their colors are yellow, red, and blue, and they save you tons of green. still nothing? that's okay. just go to for the answer. on this airline, everybody wins. sfx: clap, clap, ding
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alison: an uninvited houseguest in louisiana. this alligator showed up inside of a home under construction. he did not what to leave quietly. experts say this is because of
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ikely looking for a companion. the good news, he eventually left without incident, if you believe that. that is terrifying. steve: what would robert do if he saw that? robert: i would move.
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alison: rain ahead? steve: you will need the umbrella tomorrow, lower 60's the daytime high. cooler friday, upper 50's, near 60. sunny saturday, clouds and showers sunday. alison: at least we have saturday. jonathan: jimmy kimmel live is next.
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"jimmy kimmel live!" tonight johnny knoxville and john mellencamp with "cleto and the cletones." and now, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ ♪


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