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tv   World News Now  ABC  April 28, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," tornado outbreak. more severe weather causing even more trouble across the plains. with heavy winds and hailstorms the entire system marching east. we'll have the latest forecast. and in the race for the white house, the candidates are playing the name game. ted cruz announces carly fiorina as his running mate but is he just trying to take away from trump's momentum? how the republican front-runner responded to that news. and new this half hour, an airplane's emergency landing after being hit by a bird. >> the impact was so hard it left the nose of the plane with a huge dent. see how the airline responded. and in "the skinny," beyonce hits the road. kicking off her formation tour as rumors swirl over lyrics from her new album. but her song dedication last night sending a strong message. that's in "the skinny" on this
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>> oh, yeah, baby. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." i do like the beat to "formation." >> i like the beat to that one. >> the quintessential question many are trying to figure out is who is becky with the good hair >> big mystery. >> becky with the good hair. >> no one knows. >> i'd like her number. >> beyonce might know. if i'm becky i'm worried right now. >> exactly. the entire beehive after her. this morning, we'll start this half hour with the severe weather that's been raging across 11 states from texas to west virginia. >> the storms are packing there large hail, damaging winds and at least six reported tornadoes so far. they flattened homes, downed trees and power lines. and have killed at least one person. there are also multiple injuries. the imminent threat of tornadoes for now is over. but some fierce straight line winds could reach up to 80 miles per hour.
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>> this was the scene in omaha it, nebraska. a funnel cloud caught on camera and then this. the grounds was absolutely covered in golf ball sized hail with some of those hail stones as big as tennis balls. >> meanwhile in kansas city, missouri, heavy rains flooded roads and parking lots in the city's industrial district. the water in some areas was up to knee deep and up to the axles of some big trucks. in parkville, some fairways at the national golf club are now underwater after a nearby spillway was overwhelmed with the storm runoff from a nearby lake. >> that storm system is now moving there out of the plains and, of course, heading there east. >> the danger isn't over with severe storms still possible. anywhere from omaha to st. louis. accuweather's justin povick joins us with the latest. >> good morning, justin. >> thanks. and good morning to you, as well. as we come to a near close for the workweek, we've still got friday, of course. it looks like our weather's going to be turning quite wet througut
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soaking showers throughout the afternoon. even some rumbles of thunder further off to the south toward dc and charleston. dry air holds for another day into northern new england. severe weather chances are increasing again over the south plains. late today into tonight. that's from dallas to amarillo, large hail, damaging winds a huge concern here. i'm thinking as we edge toward friday, perhaps an even larger area of severe weather with attorneys now possible. again over the south plains. diane, kendis? >> justin, thank you. turning now to the race for the white house and donald trump unveiling his foreign policy plan. trump read from a teleprompter and refrained from off the cuff, remarks, a rarity. he vowed to put american interests first defeat isis and rebuild the military, but he was kind of short on specs. trump later took direct aim at ted cruz after finding out he picked carly fiorina as his running there mate.
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>> he's mathematically eliminated. he has set a record though. he is the first presidential candidate in the history of this country who's mathematically eliminated from becoming president who chose a vice presidential candidate. okay? it's a record. >> cruz is lagging far behind trump in delegates but he's hoping to win indiana and california and set the stage for a contested convention. we'll have more on his vice presidential pick from abc's david wright. >> carly, carly. >> it's his last ditch effort to stop donald trump and save his campaign. >> my friend, and the next vice president of the united states, carly fiorina. >> reporter: an extraordinarily rare move. ted cruz picked a running mate before he's even won the nomination. the former ceo of hewlett-packard, carly fiorina. >> he is a principled fighter. he is a man of character and conviction. >> reporter: but she and cruz
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just a few months ago, you said, "ted cruz is just another politician. he says whatever he needs to say to get elected." what's changed? >> well, you know, we're in the haasyear state, right, you know? and in a heated basketball game, sometimes players foul each other. it was in the heat of a political campaign. this is a man i've gotten to know, who will do what he says, who says what he means and who keeps his promises. >> reporter: david wright, abc news, indianapolis. >> hillary clinton is taking a break from the campaign trail while bernie sanders is dramatically reducing the size of his staff. >> sanders is laying off hundreds of workers after losing four states to clinton this week, but the sanders campaign is playing down the layoffs as a typical readjustment of staff. they say it would have taken place even if he had won. >> and we're going to turn now to a stark and actually frightening reality being revealed inside the tsa. >> the agency charged with keeping us safe in the skies from terror is being accused of waging its own internal camp
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of fear and intimidation, ignor there security warnings and retaliating there against employees who speak up. abc's lauren lyster joins us now with the details on that. good morning. it is stark and frightening. >> it is. i don't know about you, but i've gotten used to the tsa going through my clothes at the airport but on capitol hill wednesday, let me tell you, it was three tsa officials airing out the agency's own alleged dirty laundry. among the allegations, racial profiling, burying whistleblowers and a management culture that could put security at risk. >> we have low morale, a lack of trust and field lead area who are fearful to speak out and for good reason. >> if you tell the truth in tsa, you will be targeted. i call it the lord of the flies, you either attack or be attacked. >> the tsa issuing a statement saying it takes seriously all allegations of inappropriate behavior by its employees at all levels and doesn't tolerate illegal, immoral or unethical
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conduct. these concerns can come agmid other concerns from airlines and airports that tsa lines have just gotten too long. >> that is true definitely. we also got a sense there was quite a bit of racial profiling that is taking place out of those hearings. any particular group or minority group? >> so the group that the official who spoke to that issue called out, he said that he was doing community outreach at mocks with somali american answer said that he was essentially kind of in a separate incident charged with racial profiling. >> and they said they were sort of going against people who were trying to speak out against this. it will be interesting to see now that this has unfolded, if more whistle-blowers come forward. >> yes. from what i understand, this is part of a series of hearings looking into the tsa investigating allegations where they will hear from a number of employees. >> lauren, thank you so much for looking into this. scary one, right? >> it is fright ling. >> thanks so much. dallas-bound american airlines flight tang
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seattle was hit so hard by a bird, it had to make an emergency landing. >> look at this. the impact so intense it left a crater on the jet's nose that measured two feet across. bird strikes are not all that unusual, this one seemed serious enough for the pilot to warn air traffic controllers. >> looks like we hit some birds after takeoff. we're going to need to go back. >> while the damage to the airbus was limited to the exterior, a new plane was brought in to resume the flight that was carrying about 150 passenger and six crew members. none of whom were injured when the bird struck. >> a jane doe in a 47 year old cold case has been identified. >> the investigators are looking into whether her murder may be connected to charles manson. >> reet jurvetson was 19 years old when she moved from montreal to los angeles. her body was discovered in november, 1969 just a few miles from where supermarket executive leno labianca and his wife were murdered in their home. like the other manson murders,
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hers was savaged. she had been stabbed 150 times. over in new orleans robert durst sentenced to seven years in prison as part of a plea deal for a gun charge. he will be transferred to terminal island prison in los angeles to face a murder charge there. he's accused of killing his friend susan berman to prevent her from talking to prosecutors in new york about the disappearance of his first wife in 1982. now to the investigation into prince's sudden death. law enforcement sources tell abc news that prescription drugs were found in his possession and at his home. the sheriff's office says if the medication played a part in the singer's death, the dea may get involved. prince was reportedly in an outpatient program to help him deal with his chronic hip pain and move away from prescription pain killers. . >> it's barely been able to launch and land rockets without disastrous explosions. but now spacex is setting its sites a little farther, specifically mars.
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after setting a rocket back down on a floating platform in the atlantic, elon musking is hoping to land one of his capsules on the as fast as martinez in may of 2018. >> that's not that far away. >> that's just a couple of months. so musk said that spacex's long-term goal is to colonize mars by the 2020s. >> all right. >> all right. >> yeah. >> and from the future now to the past. a very different journey in an extremely different type of vessel. an ark like noah's ark. >> it's been in the netherlands since being built by a christian organization four years ago. now they are planning to sail it on the open seas. they say the first leg of the journey will be from holland to brazil getting there in early july. >> the ark was built with biblical specifications in mind. 95 feet wide, 410 feet long and 75 feet at all. it can hold more than 5,000 people at once. no word on how many people or
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pairs of animals will be making the trip. they want to go to the olympics. big crowd. >> i wonder if they're like first class and business class. >> steerage. >> is there a bar on the ark do you think? >> not back then. >> what about now? for a rescue boat. >> the ark doesn't need a rescue boat. >> isn't the ark supposed to be the rescue boat of all rescue boats? they say the whole trip is still in the planning stages. they intend to sail it to multiple port cities, brazil, argentina, uruguay, columbia several cities in those countries and then over here to the u.s. >> we can get on board in new york. >> yeah. >> i don't know. i'd rather a disney cruise instead. >> with or without your parents? >> coming up, an incredible escape caught on camera. >> a fiery plane crash where the pilot was able to survive, then managed to escape from the burning wreckage. >> and beyonce back on tour kicking it off. she got in formation last night. we're going to get the
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"skinny." she's got good hair there. that's like becky. >> great hair. >> yeah. >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by american advisors group.
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r massage and intimacy. every touch, gently intensified. a little touch is all it takes. k-y touch. in alabama, the faa is looking into the crash of a small cessna that was caught on camera. witnesses say it seemed to take a very long time for the plane to take off. >> but it wasn't in the air for long. amazingly, the pilot survived with only minor injuries. abc's steve osunsami has the details. >> reporter: it didn't look good at all. from the security camera at the little bitty towing company outside mobile, you see the moment when this twin engine
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cessna crashes a few feet away from their office tuesday. witnesses say it was leaking fuel even before it crashed, and you can see them running back and forth, worried it might explode. and then the fire grew. authorities say that pilot russell smith had just taken off from a small airport. and as you see here, no one's looking at this thinking he survived. but when they pushed through the smoke, they end up pulling there him from the flame. he walks away with only a few small burns and lives to tell the story. >> all hell's breaking loose. it happened so quick, i didn't have time to think. >> reporter: smith refused treatment and went back to the airport to get his car. everyone else in the story thinks he ought to play the lottery. steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> a lucky man there. when we come back, "skinny" time on a thursday morning. >> beyonce takes her lemonade on the road and real life actors playing real life people. stay with us. "the skinny" is next. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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♪ skinny, so skinny it is "skinny" time. let's start with beyonce. she took her show on the road. >> she did. >> queen b got her fans in the mood for the start of her new formation world tour with a black and white video posted to instagram. >> then it was showtime in miami.
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beyonce opened her show with the song "formation" from her new album "lemonade." also during the show she sang the so-called becky moment becky with the good hair and paid "purple rain" . >> despite what's been said about their marriage, jay-z was in the crowd. she seemed to shutdown rumors by dd indicating there "halo" to her hubs she said "i want to dedicate this to my beautiful husband. i love you so much." >> i interviewed her in 2004 when she first performed on the grammys with prince moments afterwards. she said that was the career highlight up to that point and forever. it was one thing she really, really wanted to do was perform with prince. >> now she looks back on that moment very fondly. >> it was a great performance. >> jay-z in the crowd, huh? >> yeah. >> okay. >> interesting. becky might not have been there. >> i hope not. next up, will ferrell said to be in line to play another commander in chief. "variety" reports it will be former president ronald reagan.
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>> the story reportedly begins at the start of his second term as he falls into dementia. there's then an intern cast with convincing reagan he's an actor playing the president in a movie. >> i'm lost. farrell knows how to play a president. he portrays george w. bush on "saturday night live" and on broadway. the stuff of comedy legends. word is the movie "reagan" will soon be shopped to studios. >> and next to another movie this one a lot closer to theaters. it's all about edward snowden. >> it is starring there joseph gordon-levitt playing the infamous whistleblower in oliver stone's upcoming docudrama ma. in the trailer we see him go from an army reservist to someone in on the government's top secrets. >> the deputy director of the nsa offered me a new position. >> can you tell me anything about it? >> you know i can't. >> think of it as a google search except instead of
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searching there only what people make public, we're also looking at everything they don't. e-mails, whatever. >> which people? >> the whole kingdom, snow white. >> snowden was supposed to open last christmas but pushed back presumably because of that "star wars" movie. you might have heard of it. >> oh, yeah. >> it's now scheduled to hit theaters september 16th. >> edward snowden himself tweeting there for about two minutes everybody at nsa stopped working to watch the trailer. finally miley cyrus getting some ink and getting some grief about it. this one is all about the planets. >> tattoo fail. she took to instagram yesterday to show off her newest tattoo, the planet on her left arm with the rings around it. miley then told followers she had a #little baby jupiter. >> so the problem is as many amateur astronomers told her is that planet with the rings around it is saturn, not jupiter. some offered advice while she's getting her next piece, she should do research about it, as well. like look up. >> astronomer.
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aning, 6x whitening i would switch to crest hd over what i was using before. ♪ forever young, i want to be forever young ♪ ♪ do you really want to live forever ♪ >> i want to live forever. >> if you look young. >> if you can look good forever, then you're in? hollywood is always trying to seek the next big secret to look good forever and always look forever young. a lot of things end up being left by the side of the proverbial road on that journey, right? >> so there was one star, amanda peete who isn't going gentle into the good night because of her age. abc's linzie janis has the details. >> i want you to feel my heart. >> reporter: she's is the hollywood bombshell known for movies like "something's
3:56 am
yards," and playing the love interest in "saving silverman." >> i'm wayne. >> i know. >> but amanda peat saying it's painfully obvious but i'm still ashamed to admit this. i care about my looks. the 44-year-old actress recently of hbo's "togetherness" firing off in an article for lena dunham's newsletter "lenny" telling readers she's ashamed of her gray hair admitting there i've bleached my teeth, dyed my hair, peeled and lasered my face. >> for her personally this has become an a resonant issue. >> she's now pushing there back on hollywood's insistence at all costs in the name of her daughters. >> she's in this stage of her life. it provided a good point for her to reflect on these things. >> reporter: the star revealing she's constantly pushed out by younger talent like alicia vikander, wright everyone's looking at me like let go. there's no room for you. >> do you see this smile?
3:57 am
>> reporter: she's also defiantly staying there off the operating an table, crediting there the decision to her two daughters saying the cultural obsession with beauty is the reason girls as young as 9 show disturbing levels of anxiety about their looks. >> she's trying to raise them to can smart and independent women who are less concerned with outer appearance. >> reporter: instead, peete says she's going to steer into the skid and age gracefully. linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> good for her. i think it's a positive message to send. >> she said recently she's been told that she's not current enough that, she doesn't have a current look. i don't know what that means. >> a current look? i think if she got current jobs, that would be a current look. that would be nice. you can't say they're not current enough, right? >> forward thinking and make her current. >> she's beautiful anyway. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning, days before another crucial primary, with hopes of winning the nomination, now fading, ted cruz announces his running mate, carly fiorina. overnight donald trump responding. >> what's he doing picking vice presidents? >> the reaction coming in. could the move backfire and another candidate announcing massive campaign layoffs. >> severe storms erupting overnight dropping more hail and creating dangerous conditions. we're tracking it all. >> midair collision. an airliner forced to turn around after hitting a bird, rattling nerves and putting a big depth in the plane's nose. hissing, thrashing and not leaving without a fight, see what happens when an alligator wanders into a home.


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