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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  April 28, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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arson-related. that vehicle that was set on fire is what we know is that there was a rag inside of the gas tank area of the vehicle. it was no type of explosion, no type of bomb detonated at any time. at this point in time, the suspect came out of the building and started a vanceing toward the officers. was not listening to any of the officers' orders. they were telling him to take his hands out of his pocket. he had on a hooded jacket. he had his hands in his pocket. had a surgical mask on and a counter sniper shot the suspect. the suspect at this time is not deceased. the suspect is in the roadway or in the street area at this particular time. we are using our robot to advance on him and provide and give him directions. he is not complying with the orders as the officers are giving it to him as we speak.
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situation. at this point in time we don't have a lot more information. we are warning the public to stay away from the immediate area as we try to secure the area. i know there are a litany of questions. i understand we can't answer all of them right now. we will provide another briefing as we get more information. why did he do this? we don't know the answer to that. we want to know the answer to that. what i can tell you is what we believe the suspect is a white male. appears to be in his 20's. we don't have an confirmed i.d. on the suspect at this point in time. >> what do you know about what is on his chest? >> is there a threat to the public right now? >> of course there is a threat to public. we haven't secured this person and we haven't confirmed what is on his body. he had some type of device in his hand as he gave orders so to speak to the witnesses that were inside the building. >> the robot has
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to it. it can manipulate a person or a thing. and we often use robots to manipulate things. like potential explosive device is located on a city street corner. the robots routinely used to manipulate that device. in this particular case, we are using the robot to manipulate his body. he has one hand that is still in his pocket. he appears to still be alive and conscious. we want to make sure we get his hand away from a potential trigger or some type of switch that could potentially serve to activate an explosive. michelle: the critical point is they don't know if he has a detonator in his pocket that he is holding on to. they want to be careful with the situation. the entire wbff staff forced outside after the security guard alerted them. kathleen kairns joins us on the phone right now. glad you are all okay. what are you being told right now? kathleen: let me explain where i am at thisoi
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closest journalists to the scene because we are up in the attic of one of the homes just up the road from us. so i am looking directly down at 41st street. and the front of our building. there are now two of the police robots which are surrounding the suspect. and from my vantage point, it looks like the suspect not only moved an arm but a leg at one point. so, it appears that he is alive. one of the robots was stripping the costume off of him. and moving it to another location. i would presume to look it over to see what kind of potential bomb device might have been attached to him. so right now, the situation is still tough. the area around the scene is completely blocked off. there are s.w.a.t. teams
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that we see. including the parking lot across the street where most of us have parked our cars. s.w.a.t. teams have set up shop there to keep an eye on the location from that vantage point. jonathan: kathleen, let me ask you this. we heard four or five shots initially when they opened fire on this guy. what happened? walk us through that. did you see it go down? kathleen: yes. as soon as that happened, i don't know if he came out of building or how he ended up in the middle of the street there. we heard the explosions. it was volunteer, -- it was very, very, very loud. i don't know if it's the proximity. i'm 250 feet away. so, our instinct was to go back up on the porches of the homes. then since that time, he has been lying in that location. but again, i have seen him, it appears he has moved.
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clothing off of him. a red jacket or a red shirt. the robot pulled it off. they seem to be trying to examine everything he may have had attached to his body. michelle: any indication when the staff might be allowed back in? have they started sweeping that building to see if he may have left anything behind that may be harmful? kathleen: from what i can see no. no one has been back into the building or into the vestibule, the area he was in just outside of our lobby. so i think this could be a while before this is all taken care of. remember, during this time there was also a gas, you know -- he it will something on fire and stuck it into a gas tank of a car outside the station. that car is still sitting there. i'm sure that police will want to look over that
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before anything. we have been completely moved back from that parking lot. jonathan: had you gotten any threats at the station? did anybody say they knew who he was or knew he might be coming to the station or anything like that at all? kathleen: no. i'm sure just as you go through, you know, there are always people upset or don't like snooze stories for whatever reason. we have had some teenage trouble in the neighborhood where someone threw a brick through the front window, which probably happened maybe three weeks ago. that had happened before. the front window of our lobby is still boarded up from the last incident. there was no warning of this. we didn't hear shouting. we didn't have any indication this was going down until our security guy who i'm going to credit a lot, he tried to keep the guy
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back in a minute" and ran as fast as he could to the newsroom to tell us to start clearing the building. which was good because then we were able to get out another exit while he tried to calm the guy down. michelle: kathleen -- kathleen: i'm watching s.w.a.t. teams looking over it appears some piece of clothing brought closer to the s.w.a.t. truck. it looks like we will be here for a while. michelle: all right, kathleen. we will continue to monitor the developments in this story and keep you close. keep your number handy. thank you so much for joining us. we know this is an unusual situation. reporter at wbff covering breaking news situation at her own station. thank you, kathleen cairns. jonathan: they can't clear the scene until they know he doesn't have anything on him. the robots are doing the job of tearing away piecing of clothing to make sure he does not have a vest or a bomb attached to him and try to get his
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pocket to make sure he doesn't have a switch. we'll stay on top of the situation. if anything changes we'll get right back to it. in the meantime, a little closer to us at home we have breaking news on the beltway. a crash causing a huge mess. again, this is happening at the worst time of the day for the evening commute. jamie? jamie: in the same spot it did yesterday. this is only about a half-mile prior to where we had the issue yesterday. inner loop of the capital beltway completely closed. all lanes with an accident. now this is in the bethesda area. this is right near route 355. you can see here a few cars getting by. this is the ramp from 270 southbound to access the inner loop of the beltway. but still, all lanes right now completely blocked. let's move to the map. i want to show you the backup we are seeing. early on in the commute. 13 miles per hour from just before the g.w. parkway. this is almost a nine-mill stretch of bumper to bumper traffic. you can't go anywhere. if you need to bail out my suggestion is river road, bradley
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then continue maybe using 410 toward bethesda and getting into silver spring. we'll keep an eye on this. the inner loop of the capital beltway currently closed in bethesda. back to you. jonathan: thank you. a lot of parents are concerned right now because d.c. schools continue with testing the students for lead. michelle: that is right. the process continues today as we search for answers as to how lead got into the water in the first place. this is a story that d.c. bureau chief sam ford broke last week. today it's not just the students, though, under the microscope but the water sources. sam ford getting inside access at simon elementary school. what were you able to see? sam: in simon elementary school, first let's say there is no problem here at simon elementary school. it is just where the city officials told us to come. and basically to listen to them. well, after lead was discovered in water at capitol hill montessori at logan and two other schools, d.c.
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elementary that had no lead issue to demonstrate for reporters how the city will test all water sources at 113 d.c. public schools in the next month to assure there is no lead problem generally. and to find a spot if they exist. parents were outraged after d.c. general services last august found elevated lead levels in some water fountains and faucets but didn't sound the alarm. not even to shut off the water sources. parents learned only this month from a blogger who discovered the data. the center administrator today insisted it is not going to happen again. >> we have a very clear protocol and communication standards so we will not repeat any miscommunication to parents in the community about what it is we find. so i'm confident as we go through the next 30 days, any actionable result we receive will be immediately communicated to dcps and
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it to parents. sam: also here today was tommy wells, the director of the d.c. department of energy and the environment. he said the result of the test yesterday, they tested more than 90 children at capitol hill montessori at logan and said there were no problems with any of the children, no elevated lead levels. also he said there is going to be testing going on at payne elementary school in southeast but said they were not going to test the students at miner elementary school in northeast, even though there were level of lead issues found there. they think it's a minor problem. that is their home. reporting from here, sam ford abc7 news. michelle: abc7 is staying on top of this story and we will hear from sam again at 5:00. meantime, get caught up on the story by heading to just search "school lead." all of our reporting is online. jonathan: abc7
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side. we'll show you how you can test the water in your home. this story got a lot of people talking about what might be in the water. it's just not about d.c. our consumer investigator kimberly suiters will check in at "abc7 news at 5:00" to walk you through that. look outside and the cloudy, damp trend. it does seem to continue. do we have more showers in store for the ride home? our chief meteorologist doug hill is keeping an eye on it for us. messy lens. doug: dirty lens. you wouldn't see much farther because it's cloudy and damp. more rain coming in the area now. doppler radar shows the showers in the metro, heavier showers in southwest. one northeast of charlottesville knocking out lightning with it too. a quick closeup shows locally. north side of town over the city. inside the beltway at the moment for heavier rain. more patches of rain come with us through the evening hours. we call for temperatures to hold in 50's. overcast spotty showers. quick look a
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shows more period of rain throughout the day. highs in the 50's. we will check the weekend in detail in a few minutes. michelle: thank you. we have new information on a story that broke at 4:00 yesterday. a double stabbing, one woman killed and we have learned she was pregnant. the baby did not make it. all of this playing out in the 600 block of houston avenue in takoma park. this may now be under investigation as a case of domestic violence. maryland bureau chief brad bell has the new twist. brad? brad: we were here yesterday at exactly this hour talking about this. and then that bombshell came. the woman was pregnant. the baby also killed. now just in the last couple of hours i have gotten ahold of the court document, the charging documents in this case. i have been going them. they tell a terrible story of what went on here. all quiet now. yesterday, a crime scene. what we heard yesterday was that two people had been stabbed. police responded, found a man in the
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building. he was bleeding. they took him to the hospital. we are told that they should check upstairs because he was connected to an apartment. when they got up there, they found blood in the hallway. they made entry in the apartment. that is where they found 36-year-old maria mbunga. she was 20 weeks pregnant and died on the way to the hospital. doctors were unable to save the child. she worked as a montgomery county school bus driver. that's what we know about her. police then questioned again and again that man they found in the lobby. his name is thierry nkusu. he has now been charged with the murder. the bottom line for police his story didn't add up. neighbors telling us out here that while they are breathing a sigh of relief there is not an attacker on t
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are horrified by the nature of the crime. >> people had domestic all the time. you hear it on the news all the time. it's kind of sad. brad: back live, terrible scene. the vans down there part of the crime scene clean-up crew. they are working on that apartment. i'm going to continue to go through the documents. when we come back at 5:00, i will tell you how the african heritage of the people involved here may have played a role in motive. in takoma, brad bell, abc7 news. michelle: very sad story. brad, thank you. switching gears to something a bit lighter. if you are worried about the capitals playoff game going long tonight, metro is staying open late. you have a that in your favor. i will close at 1:00 in the morning instead of midnight. three station will be open after midnight. gallery place, judiciary square and metro center. those will be the only places, though, you can get in that
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jonathan, as you know, playoff hockey can go late. no shoot-out. they play until a sudden death goal is scored if overtime is needed. jonathan: it can be a long, long game. if that happens. caps fan hold their breath and they are hoping that their team goes all the way quickly. they take quick care of the penguins and put them away. a group of die-hard fan at d.c. firehouse believes they have the secret to the victory for the caps. although some might just call this superstitious, stephen tschida clues us in to what we are talking about. stephen: they save lives and serve the public. but the firefighters at engine company number two rescue one also acknowledge they are superstitious. >> the first three games, caps one. stephen: the washington capitals center put here for a good luck charge in series against the flyers. >> do not move him! stephen: the first three games he held his position. the caps won. someone took him d
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the caps lost the next two. >> so we have to be working for game six. put him back by the tv. he won. that is when i put my sign up. stephen: the sign has a stern warning as caps star playoff against the penguins. don't move him. engine company two, rescue one is across from the verizon center. these are the serious cap fans. >> i noticed the first day the lieutenant put it up. it disappeared for a day or two and there it was again. we won game six. i am superstitious about this. stephen: even if the caps lose tonight they want kvznetov to stay put in the series an they believe he will lead to victory. stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: if they sweep and that thing doesn't move they will cement it to the counter. never going to move. [laughter] all right.
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plays out on the ice. michelle: skill and determination are the real factors. robert burton is at the verizon center. how is it looking out there? robert: well, yeah. exactly. it will take determination. it will take focus. don't move him. it will take focus because the caps will have 2009 in the back of their minds. what happened in 2009? well, let's go back. the penguins eliminated the caps in the eastern conference semi-finals in the best of seven series. four games to three. it doesn't take a lot not to like the penguins. this is a serious rivalry. here is what the players say about it. >> when it comes to a rivalry, it doesn't take much. pittsburgh, philly, teams we play, when we play them it's a hard game either way. >> i don't think it's as physical as the last one was maybe. hard to say. they have a lot of
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>> the series is perfect, enough to rest but not enough to get your mind completely away there the game. it's good. we are still focused. prepared to play a very good team. and get it started on a good note. robert: so right now it is a ghost town at verizon. come 8:00 this place will be covered in red. i'm told that pittsburgh fans, not just penguin fans, but pittsburgh fans really like to travel. we'll see what happens at 8:00. we're back at 5:50 and 6:20 with more in sports. back to you in the studio. jonathan: yeah. so what? they are still going to get beat. robert, thank you. [laughter] coming up here for us at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- military discipline after a hospital bomb. michelle: why criminal charges are not on the table. hollywood star's food line for children sued. a claim that it falsely listed as organic. it's not the firs
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a closer look at the new allegation and the prior lawsuits ahead. jonathan: on this day in 2002, one of the most devastating tornadoes to strike the d.m.v. touches down. la plata tornado. chief meteorologist doug hill takes us back to that moment, describing what it was like seeing the devastation. michelle: again, we continue to monitor the bomb threat at our sister station in baltimore. wbff, fox 45 evacuated after a man claiming to have a bomb walked in the lobby there at the station. he was taken down. shot. he is still conscious. we will have updates for you throughout the afternoon as we work to gather more information. if there is an explosive device we will update you on that. our editors are working right now and we'll show you the moment the suspect was taken down. next.
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jonathan: we are continuing to follow breaking news out of baltimore. our sister station wbff evacuated this afternoon after a man claiming to have a bomb walked in the tv station lobby. never made entrance past security. this is him here. the
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instructions on what to do but he would not listen to the officers. he did not take his hand out of his pocket. he said he had a bomb. he has a bulge on his stomach and they thought he had a vest. they start to shoot him with the bean bags but he keeps walking. that is nonlethal force. but the sniper shoots him and drops him in the street. he is still conscious, still alive but still has his hand in his pocket. two robots now are working to get his hands out of his pocket to determine if he in fact has some sort of device strapped to him. that is where it stands now. last check the station still was evacuated because they need to clear it to make sure there is nothing else or maybe he didn't put something inside the station. do not know who this guy is yet. don't know why he walked in the tv station. but again, he is wearing a crazy getup there and has a surgical mask on. that is how he walked in the tv station. again nobody, we understand besides this guy has been hurt in all of this. we are staying on top of it
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back to you and let you know what we know. michelle: we want to go to ky jackson from wbff. he is on the scene. ky, what can you tell us about the situation unfolding now? we just turned around video of when the suspect dressed in the ridiculous costume was shot. what else do you know? >> well, right now i understand that the suspect has not only been neutralized but apparently whatever device the suspect had on his body has been separated from him. that is a key component here to what has been happening all day. police were reticent to move in on the suspect because the device was on him and they simply had no way of knowing if he was boobytraped and if the device could explode. we understand that the suspect has been separated from the device. that means a medic unit can move in and tend to the suspect because he has been shot. this is 41st street. fox 45 on 41st street where the 41s
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interstate 83 is beneath. that area is where the suspect is outside the station. there are several medic units on the other side where we are waiting to get to the man, to the victim to find out whether or not, what his condition is at this point. at last check baltimore city police told us that the suspect not only was down but was still alive. we don't know the extent of his injuries. he was shot. we were told he is alive. but we don't know the extent of the injuries at this time. jonathan: do they know if he left something inside the station? kai: can you hear me? jonathan: we hear you fine. did he leave something inside the station? i understand it's still locked down and they are not letting anybody else in there. can you still hear us? kai: i can hear you. we are still outside the station. no one is allowing us inside. so all the employees are still outside the building. the police commissioner came out here in addition to his public information officers. and was basically letting us know they
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they swept the building completely inside so that there were no devices hidden inside the building. so there was no danger to the employees. a lot of credit has to be given to the security guard jay who was incredibly instrumental in keeping the suspect calm and getting every employee out of the building if a timely and a very swift manner. no one knew the extent of this person's intentions, what he planned to do or what he had on him frankly. so a lot of credit is owed to our security guard who got everyone out of the building. i didn't even get into the building when i pulled up for work today. everyone was essentially already outside of the building because it had been evacuated. michelle: that was my next question. where were you? so you pulled up to the station when everybody was already out. can you tell us what witnesses saw on the scene? kai: well, i want to bring in right now our meteorologist who will be micked up. he
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where he recorded a lot of the video that you are seeing. i think you were on periscope or facebook? >> i was on facebook but i recorded the video. kai: we are talking to our sister station wjla and they want to know what you saw. >> i was coming to work for my shift and i pulled in the parking lot people were running out of the building. i thought several salespeople going. i'm thinking why are so many people outside in the parking lot running across the street. i got out of the car and they said there has been a bomb threat in the billing. at first my first reaction is it's a phone call. somebody just gave that. but basically what happened was everyone was leaving the building. i saw the guy in the suit in the lobby. >> i think they have to wrap. send it back to the sister station at wjla. we will be out here for sometime fox 45 employees and staff are here. if you need to come back here we'll be here and hopefully have an update shortly. jonathan: thank you.
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time. glad everybody is safe and sound. as soon as there is an update we will get back to you. thanks. jessica alba's honest company is accused of false labeling again. michelle: yeah. alison starling is here to explain. this is not the first time the allegations popped up. alison: that is right. this time it's about baby formula. there is a lawsuit that is now questioning if the organic premium infant formula is truly organic. jessica alba's the honest company is being taken to court. the lawsuit stating the product is far from organic. of the 40 ingredients in the organic infant formula, more than a quarter are synthetic substances that are not allowed in organic products. >> the honest company has been included ingredients in organic infant formula, synthetic ingredients that have not been vetted by the national organics standard board and don't belong in organic infant formula. al also
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is another lawsuit that says half the ingredients in the baby formula labeled as organic are not permitted in organic foods by federal law. >> at the honest company we are committed to making safe, natural product you can trust for your baby and your home. alison: this is not the first time they were called dishonest. last month they were hit with a class action lawsuit saying the company deceptively marketed cleaning products. just last year brand hit with two more lawsuits. one also claiming the brand deceptively and misleadingly labels and marks the product. another class action claiming that the company's sun screen is insufficient. >> jessica alba is the face of the company. she cofounded it. she reportedly has a very large ownership stake. this is obviously one more piece of bad publicity for her company. it will require smart marketing, loyal following and good management.
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they are confident the lawsuits will be dismissed. but we will let you know what happens. jonathan: thanks. the defense department says 16 member of the military have been punished for mistakes that led to last year's bombing of a civilian hospital in afghanistan, which killed 42 people. a number of those punished are u.s. special operations forces. the punishment come in the form of letters of reprimand or suspension that could end a military career. a full report on the investigation is expected to be released sometime by the pentagon on friday. all right. turn the attention now to the weather. one of those dreary days. nothing like this, though. doug: this is to take a moment, anniversary date. on this date, sunday april 28, 2002, when ef-4 tornado went through la plata, the county seat of charles county southeast of washington. it was on the ground for 64 miles. moving 58 miles per hour. almost a mile a minute. hard to prepare for. three people were killed. 122 injured. by the time the twister moved out like five minutes after it
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businesses destroyed. the second strongest tornado ever measured in the state of maryland. i remember going down there the morning after. i live not far from la plata for many years and it was breath-taking. all the landmarks when you go to a place, there is a light and a building here. there are no land markables. you are totally disoriented. i was incredible. the storms eventually moved out across the chesapeake by a and were intact reaching the eastern shore. 14 years ago today. michelle: 64 miles. think about that in your car doing 64 it would take you an hour to get to destination. that is incredible amount of time. doug: a very, very long storm, on ground for a long time. jonathan: the other part loss of life with the technology you have and the warnings you give. we used to see 20, 30 years ago there would be a lot of loss of life. now people have time to take cover. doug: warnings were up the day before. the area was highlighted as a probability of the tornado bearing
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la plata looks great today. they have done a great job rebuilding. remember we had 12 days in a reof sunshine? -- in a reof sunshine? it has taken a toll on the soil. enormous part of eastern u.s. is abnormally dry. just north and west across the potomac highlands they are in a drought situation. this was released before the morning rain but it goes to show you quickly we can go from being wet soil to dry soil. remember the fire at shenandoah? that is not completely out. it's turning around. we have had a half-inch of rain in manassas, and arlington. .49 in chevy chase. cool winds only 50 degrees now. the rain at the moment, patches of rain redeveloping east of the city now. moving to the northeast. other patches from manassas to warnton and south of stafford. they will be in story for this evening. farther west more shower and storm
4:34 pm
is posted along 81 west of elkins, west virginia. plenty more rain chance for the next few days. chilly. 55 at reagan national airport. we will have period of fog and isolated showers. 45 to 50 for the overnight readings. the future cast shows patches of rain tomorrow. we could taper off briefly in the afternoon. saturday looks like we could be rain-free after the last batch goes through on saturday night. so our forecast calls for rain tomorrow. temperatures near 60. in a few minutes steve rudin will be back with an extended look at the weekend forecast. michelle? michelle: thank you so much for that update. all right. new discovery into what might have killed prince. what was found that might shed some light on why he died. and the feds opening an investigation. jonathan: again, we do continue to monitor the situation playing out right now in baltimore at our
4:35 pm
tv station. shots fired. after the station was evacuate bade guy in a suit there, looks like a panda costume. he walked in saying he had a bomb. they evacuated the station. he walked out. would not listen to orders. this is police right here shooting bean bags or gas at him. but that didn't seem to work. a sniper finally shot and dropped this guy. now they are trying to figure out does he have a bomb on him? they have robots working to do that now. we'll stay on top of this. much more ahead.
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jonathan: new information to tell you about in investigation of prince's death. prescription drugs were found with his body. investigators are still trying to determine if they could be connected to his death. michelle: meanwhile his treasure trove of unreleased songs may have been unsealed. abc's marci gonzalez has the latest. marci: investigators in minnesota have a search warrant for prince's paisley park home. the details are sealed as authorities try to uncover what caused the superstar's death. law enforcement sources tell abc news when prince died prescription drugs were found in his possession and at his home. the carver county sheriff department now reaching out to the d.e.a. in case the drugs are later determined to be related to the singer's death. friends and family have said it's no secret pr
4:39 pm
medication for hip pain. >> he has had issue with his hips. if you look back in the days of "purple rain" when he was on top of risers and jumping down off risers in those heels, it damaged part of his body. marci: autopsy and toxicology results aren't expected for several weeks. as the death remains a mystery, a part of his life veiled in secrecy may be coming to life. some sources say the bank appointed trustee of prince's estate hired a company to drill through the star's personal vault said to contain his recordings, possibly hundreds of which have never been released. the vault's contents expected to add significantly to prince's more than $300 million fortune. >> that same company appointed by a judge to manage prince's assets is tasked with determining his heirs, after his only full sibling confirmed her brother did not have
4:40 pm
marci gonzalez, abc7 news. jonathan: coming up for us, we'll go back now to baltimore and get the very latest to try to figure out this guy that walked in the lobby that caused the evacuation, does he have a bomb on him? michelle: we will have the latest for you on the story. for those watching in baltimore this afternoon. and here in the washington, d.c. area. we'll continue to update the story.
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[gunshots] jonathan: boy, a scary afternoon when police opened fire on a guy walking down a street they thought had a bomb. he had just come out of a tv straights. we continue to follow breaking news of the of baltimore. our sister station wbff had to be evacuated after a guy walked in claiming to have a bomb. let's get to leon harris with the newsroom and the latest developments we are getting in. leon: that is right. baltimore police say around 1:20 this afternoon they received a call about a man who was wearing a surgical mask and dried in some kind of a strange costume described by reporters there
4:44 pm
onesie. the man entered the building in the outfit. in the past few minutes baltimore police neutralized the device on that man. and he has been taken to the hospital. now the suspect went into the station shouting commands at people there. he then showed the device that had wires on it resembling a bomb. that is when the wbff staff evacuated the building. the suspect advanced on officers on the scene and ignoring the commands to remove the hands he was shot. but the last word is he is not dead. >> the situation is not secure. the situation is not safe. again, we are still approaching him. we are using a robot to approach him. and literally at this point in time the officers are still using the robot to talk to him and give him commands. and unfortunately, we can tell he is still alive at this point. he is not complying. >> you know as much as we do. leon: outside the building a car was found
4:45 pm
police say they believe it's arson related to the incident. in fact they say they believe it is the car of is suspect. it had a rag stuck in the gas tank that set ablaze. the blaze was put out and last check we are happy to report our colleagues at wbff have all been accounted for and are okay. however it is still a fluid situation. we will have more details as they are available. right now let's go up to baltimore. our jeff goldberg has made his way there and he checks in now live with the latest. jeff, what have you been able to pick up? jeff: a very active scene. as you mentioned a few minutes ago in the past 15 to 20 minutes is what we are told that this man was taken into custody. he has been taken to the hospital. what is happening now is the bomb squad for the baltimore police department looking at this device. trying to understand exactly what it was. again the report that the man had wires coming from some sort of device on his body. that robot was abl
4:46 pm
that device from him. the man again has been taken into custody and removed from this area. i want to show you where we are standing. that is the television, wbff, right there. probably about a quarter of a mile from where we are standing. you see tactical vehicle in this area still completely shut down by the baltimore police department. as they continue to look into that device. what it perhaps was. that is the front door over there. where the man entered the front door. in that costume or that panda suit, whatever it was with the surgical mask at 1:20 this afternoon. obviously the station was then subsequently evacuated and shut down. he was shot by a long rifle with a sniper with law enforcement. he was still alive at the time. we don't know what his status is right now. again, we know he has been taken away in an ambulance. we certainly know that as this was unfolding after the man was shot he was not
4:47 pm
he still had a hand in his pocket is what we are told. that is why the robot was brought in. great concern as to whether or not that device on his body was still a threat. again, tactical units looking at the device to see what is going on. at the last update we heard from baltimore police, they said this man was a white man in his 20's. that is all the information they would really give out about the suspect in this case. of course, questions the motive really no idea. too soon to stay what this man's intent was. certainly entered the station. made threats. again in that costume, so still so many questions that need to be answered. good news, of course, that the situation for the moment does seem to have been neutralized. everybody was evacuated from wbff as the situation is still very much ongoing. we expect baltimore police to give us an update soon. when we get that, we will have it here for you. live in baltimore, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. going to send it back to you in the studio. jonathan: thank y
4:48 pm
coming up next at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- critical information that is missing when you try to pick the right doctor. our i-team investigator joce sterman will show you how to work armed it so you don't ma
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jonathan: you go for reviews when you shop for a car and choosing a restaurant you want to see what other people said. so it makes sense to dig for background on doctors doctors tu trust with your health. but something important missing from the public profiles provided by the state. joce sterman is in the newsroom to explain that to us. what is missing? joce: this is what a typical profile page for a doctor in maryland looks like. d.c. and virginia have something similar. you can find out if they havedy plinary action or pending charges and it says you can learn about the malpractice setms and cases but -- settlements and cases but many are missing from public view. we'll show you how to find them. finding out the scoop about your doctor's past seems like it should be easy. >> this information should be available to the ci
4:52 pm
joce: in maryland, d.c. and virginia medical boards make information available on the web. posting profiles for each doctor. they detail disciplinary action. tonight at 11:00, the "7 on your side" i-team exposes how important information about malpractice lawsuits is hidden from you. >> i truly believe that other families knew about it and they had access to that information they could make a good decision on which doctor to use. joce: so with some information kept from public view i-team shining a light on places you can go to find out more about your doctor. in maryland, medical malpractice cases can be listed but we discovered even a doc's profile looks clean online case search may turn up lawsuits that could impact your decision. you will find civil cases against doctors if you search their name. although you physically have to go to court to pull the file to read the full details. it's tougher in virginia where malpractice information is missing from public doctor profiles.
4:53 pm
both will let you take a look at paperwork to explain why a doctor was disciplinedded. you would have to search court records to see if they are linked to lawsuits, though. tonight at 11:00, the i-team will explain why many malpractice cases are hidden from you from the doctors that did harm in the situation and let you know what agency is tracking every case you expect to find here. let you know why they are confidential. in the newsroom, joce sterman, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you for that. one of the days you wake up and you don't feel like getting out of bed. michelle: hard to get your day started. once you got going it didn't help. still so cloudy. steve: got worse in midday hours. now most of the rain let up. at least for now. keep showers in the forecast moving through the overnight. looking to the national harbor now. it's cloudy. fog out there. we will see fog later on tonight. 53 degrees at reagan national airport. we are about 20 degrees
4:54 pm
average to where we normally are this time of year. show you satellite and radar and batch of showers moving in the capital beltway. this is moving due east. it will impact southern maryland moving through the next half hour and 45 minutes. finally we will see clearing. but it's not going to happen. at least not tonight and not into the day tomorrow. he 4 to 50, overnight low. patchy fog. isolated showers. winds will be light at 5-mile-per-hour. for tomorrow, keep the clouds, the showers in the forecast. temperatures will only be in the middle to upper 50's for daytime highs. look ahead to weekend. cloudy skies on saturday. dry for most of the day. showers arrive late afternoon. it will stick around through the overnight hours. sunday is not dry. but it's not a wash-out. temperatures in the middle 60's. if you like temperatures in the 70's, wait until the middle of next week. by wednesday we should be around 73 degrees. check of the afternoon's rush hour commute with jamie
4:55 pm
one. of course when you mix in the rain coming down this is a look at the inner loop at the capital beltway near river road. this very heavy traffic is because we have the beltway closed. let's move to the maps. everything is reopen at 355 in bethesda. but it has left us with a ten-mile backup. only averaging 19 miles per hour. then we have another accident on the inner loop. this one near the baltimore washington parkway. two lanes are blocked. because of this we are in the single digits from 95 in maryland. you can see here near goddar we have heavy traffic.
4:56 pm
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leon: tonight a tv station standoff in baltimore. a man threatens to detonate a bomb and shrugs off police commands one too many times. results are in after scoring of school kids are tested for lead. what has been found so far. and
4:59 pm
nearby home. a metro blitz shows much-needed trouble spot that need repairs. time to party like it's 1915. a d.c. celebration where the guest of honor have seen just about everything. announcer: from abc7, this is a break news alert. leon: that breaking news coming out of baltimore where right now bomb technicians are at the sister station, wbff. they are there to check for any signs of danger. alison: that is after a man walked in the station's lobby today claiming he had a bomb and demanding air time. we have team coverage of this tonight starting with jeff goldberg that just arrived on the scene in baltimore in the last 15 minutes. bring us up to date. jeff: that man is in custody. we're told a bomb robot, bomb technicians are looking at the device that he had on him earlier today. still
5:00 pm
outside of wbff in baltimore. that is the station, that is the front door over there where the man walked in at 1:20 this afternoon. still shut down. still evacuated. want to show you what is going on, over here on this side of the station. very active police and media presence. you see the fire department, the police department very much with a strong presence here in baltimore right now. again, so many precautions being taken as a result of what happened with the situation. and still so many questions about motive and what this man wanted and what he was thinking and what he was saying when the whole thing began and as it began to unfold now. with the latest how we got to the situation, where we are right now, we will send it to horace holmes back in the studio. what can you tell us? horace: jeff, it started with a bizarre set of vents. a car set on fire. the station's parking lot. and then that man in an animal costume walked in wbff's


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