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tv   World News Now  ABC  April 29, 2016 2:37am-3:00am EDT

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the other russian sister. authorities found mariya was living with a man in los angeles who she said was the father of her child and not marquez. >> the government provided no evidence today that any of these three were involved in the actual attack in san bernardino, or knew about it in advance. >> much of the nation's midsection was dealt another round of storms with at least 18 new tornadoes reported across six states from california to kentucky. just outside of indianapolis, powerful straight line winds and a possible tornado cut path of devastation through parts of boone county, indiana. it uprooted trees and destroyed homes as well as other buildings. further south, much of the gulf coast was battered by torrential rains triggering flash floods. in gulfport, mississippi, the waters were so deep they forced crews to roll out a specially designed land and water rescue vehicling to ferry residents to safety. it wasn't just people
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res xupd pigs, goes, sheep were all also carried out of harm's way. >> we have had several days of this. and the storm threat is still far from over. with the southern plains bracing for yet another round of severe weather. >> accuweather's justin povick joins us with the latest. good morning. >> diane, kendis. good morning to you, as well. we're tracking a big system over the south plains. later on today, there could be more tornadoes, reports of damaging winds and also large hail. that's in oklahoma city to dallas. further north and west, heavy snow impacting denver with up to half a foot before it's all said and done. showers continuing throughout the northeast causing delays from new york city to d.c. diane, kendis, back over to you. >> our thanks to justin at accuweather. vice president joe biden wrapped up his surprise visit to iraq. right now he's heading to rome set to deliver a speech on his cancer initiative at the vatican today. the vice president will not discuss stem cell resear
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international diplomatic trip but a high school field trip interrupted by a frightening incident on an illinois highway. the engine of this charter bus caught fire as it carried a spanish club everybody champaign, illinois to check chicago. a replacement bus eventually got them to chicago. the cause of the fire is under investigation. and maker of an aantidote for opioid overdoses is offering the medication to all high schools for free. narcan can reverse the effects of an overdose by preventing the drug from suppressing the nervous system. opioid abuse is an epidemic. after a number of high profile breaches, the u.s. secret service and national park service say they want to build a new fence around the white house that would be tougher, taller and stronger. the new proposal would replace the current fence with one double its height to nearly 14 feet. it would also incorporate
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intrusion detection technology. no word, however, on how much this would cost. the odds of las vegas getting a nfl team are improving. the owner of the oakland raiders is pledging to move his team to vegas and promising to put $500 million toward a stadium. david beckham was also at the meeting yesterday. he may want to put a pro soccer team in the stadium, as well. nfl owners would have to approve the deal for the team to become the las vegas raiders. >> speaking of odds, what are the odds of this happening right here? this adorable bear cub was caught on camera in a backyard south of buffalo. >> i would have lost my breakfast. >> peering inside the window. then you saw it right there. >> you got a crash course in closed windows. you can look through them but you can't go through them.
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people inside the house were hurt. just a little shaken. >> i respect his commitment. he didn't tap at it or just you know, he just went. >> all-in. >> trying to plunge right through it. sorry little bear. >> and rounding out our adorable animal segment, the family at metro richmond zoo in virginia has increased by a baker's dozen. >> the zoo welcomed 13 new cheetah cubs to its growing cheetah family. that might sound like quite a litter but they were born to three moms. >> ten of the cubs from two mothers were sired by the same baby daddy. who are we to judge? >> are we sure it's the same baby daddy? he's been busy. >> i don't know how to verify. i'm going to take the zoo at its word. >> they do look alike. >> we'll go to murray. they do. >> you don't see the resembla e resemblance? i think they have his eyes. >> he's like nah. you don't have me
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>> coming up, seeing for the first time, the hi-tech glasses that allow a fwoi give the ultimate mother's day gift. telling her that he can see her. we'll show you the incredible moment a little later on in the show. >> fir the latest on the investigation into prince's death. police saying they're looking into a possible drug overdose. and they're figuring out how to break into his vault. the full story just ahead on "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by american advisors group.
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24 hours. zero heartburn. >> you're looking at a rare sight for california's napa valley. it's a waterspout forming over lake berryessa caught on video spawned by a strong thunderstorm that will moved through the north bay on wednesday. waterspouts are essentially tornados over water. they're weak but they can be dangerous to boaters. a law enforcement source says investigate remembers
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from a drug overdose. they also want to note whether a doctor was prescribing the superstar drugs in the weeks before his death. >> some extreme steps have been taken to access prince's legendary stash of unreleased music. abc's eva pilgrim is there with the details. >> reporter: prince's secret vault of unpublished songs, pried open. ♪ party like it's 1999 >> reporter: abc's minneapolis affiliate, kstp, reporting the company that was given temporary authority to manage prince's estate had to drill it open, prince the only one with the code. >> one day, someone will release them. i don't know that i'll get to release them. >> reporter: blueprints give a glimpse inside paisley park, including a section in the basement marked tape vault b-9. this as law enforcement sources tell abc news, prescription drugs were found in prince's possession after his death and the d.e.a. has been contacted. no word yet on the cause. those toxicology results still
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weeks away. friends say dancing and big concert productions took its toll. >> we know that he's had issues with his hips, i mean, if you look back in the days of "purple rain," when he was jumping down off risers, it damaged parts of his body. >> reporter: his friends and colleagues telling us, there's so much music in the vault, they could release an album every year for the next century. eva pilgrim, abc news, chanhassen, minnesota. >> coming up the miracle of sight. >> a new device helping those legally blind to see a lot more clearly. some touching moments straight ahead. >> announcer: "world news now"
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it feels like the first time, it feels like the very first time ♪ >> well, the song "feels le
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entry point to our next story. >> it's about some hi-tech help for those severely visually impaired. abc's david muir has the details this morning. >> you are looking at 1-year-old chris ward. who just put on that pair of hi-tech glasses. legally blind since birth, he is about to see his mother clearly for the first time. >> what do you say? tilt your chin up a little bit. >> yeah, i can see mommy's hair. >> yeah. >> and her eyes. i can see her eyes. >> you can see my eyes. >> born with optic never hypoplasia, a rare condition, he can only see things very close about five inches away from his nose but when he put on those new electronic glasses e-sight, watch what happens. >> he was able to read the letters across the room. >> 3? >> yeah. >> the device uses a high resolution camera combined with a person's own prescription glasses.
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baby clearly for the first time. >> oh, my god. this is so amazing even to look at my husband looking at him was just such a good feeling. >> wow. >> reporter: and mark, israelily blind for 20 years seeing his friends in focus. >> now you have to look. >> reporter: and back to chris, given new hope but one last hurdle, his mother trying to come up with the money to buy the glasses. >> whatever it takes to raise the money for it from day one, that's what i was determined that i was going to do. >> reporter: david muir, abc news, new york. and a crowd funding page was set up to help the family raise money for the device. the goal was $15,000. they have now raised $25,000. >> amazing. we should point out because of that success, this fund-raiser is not active at this time. >> you raise so much money, you have to close down your fund raiser. >> very good. >> glaigs congratulations. great
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k-y touch. ♪ time now for "insomniac theater." we start with the latest from comedy duo key and peel. it's a comedy called keanu. >> they play a pair of straight laced cousins named clarence and ralph. when ralph's cat is cat napped they must retrieve him. that means meeting up with a drug dealer named cheddar. >> i'm sure this guy is going to be reasonable about money. if need be, we will buy keanu back. >> don't not like that. come on. >> off the collar. >> okay. >> okay. >> right. >> that's what the kids are
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doing. >> not really. but okay. >> keanu there with a little dew rag on his head in the pack. this one is getting 81% on rotten tomatoes. hollywood reporter calling it a funny action comedy. it will delight fans while winning over others. but variety is not so much impressed. initially amusing but fatally overstretched they say. lamer than expected outing following their frequently brilliant cable series. >> the real mother's day is a week from sunday but the movie "mother's day" opens today. the latest star-studded ensemble from gary marshall. story lines revolve around tv host julia roberts, a divorcee played by jennifer aniston and a woman who wants to get closer to her mother and she gets the ch
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>> oh, it's you guys. >> yeah, it is. >> oh. >> you guys are supposed to be in texas. >> i lied. we've been driving 20 hours straight. >> jason sudeikis is also involved in the whole thing playing an ex-marine mr. mom type. reviews are simply brutal. getting just seven is, you heard that right, 7% on rotten tomatoes. the new york daily news says it's full of flat jokes, reheated cliches and two hours spent staring at your watch. rog moore from movie nation calls it maude lynn, sappy and sentimental with barely a laugh in it. the 7% on rotten tomatoes you should know yesterday we collected, it was at 20%. earlier we checked it was at 8%. now it's at 7. that's kind of a 7%. >> it's now at minus 7% on rotten tomatoes?
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>> sounds like somet
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this morning on "world news now," donald trump going back to california. >> the massive rally is turning it tense with dueling protests in the streets. hear why ted cruz's latest maneuverings are turning the golden state into the republican battle front. >> new details on the bizarre bomb threat take-down. the suspect shot after threatening a tv station with an explosive device, setting his car on fire in the park lot all while dressed in an animal costume. >> the extreme weather continues with heavy flooding across the south and tornado watches across the midwest and plains as a dust storm in arizona causes major damage. major car pile-ups force the freeway to shut down. >> welcome freshmen. the nfl's next class getting called on l


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