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tv   World News Now  ABC  April 29, 2016 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," donald trump going back to california. >> the massive rally is turning it tense with dueling protests in the streets. hear why ted cruz's latest maneuverings are turning the golden state into the republican battle front. >> new details on the bizarre bomb threat take-down. the suspect shot after threatening a tv station with an explosive device, setting his car on fire in the park lot all while dressed in an animal costume. >> the extreme weather continues with heavy flooding across the south and tornado watches across the midwest and plains as a dust storm in arizona causes major damage. major car pile-ups force the freeway to shut down. >> welcome freshmen. the nfl's next class getting called on l
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football draft. the controversy surrounding one player as others try their best to stand out with the some unique looks. we're going to figure out who wore it best on this friday, april 29th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> did you have a favorite outfit. >> >> there were so many different colors at play. >> almost should have been a red carpet oscar style. >> they really did have a red carpet. people were asking like who were you wearing. they were all like thrift store. >> well, ♪ >> they haven't quite gone the the check yet. >> we'll get to the draft and the fashion at the draft in just a minute. >> something that turned ugly speaking of the riots that were taking place. what seemed like riots with donald trump attracting a massive crowd in california. the state that could be the deciding factor for the republican nomination. >> anti-trump protesters and supporters clashed in
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last night, forcing police in riot gear and swat teams to intervene. trump revved up thousands inside an amphitheater capping off a day of sharp words for ted cruz not just from trump but john boehner, as well. he called cruz lucifer in the flesh. more now from abc's bazi kanani. >> reporter: ted cruz teams up on the campaign trail with new running mate carly fiorina to go after the gop front runner. >> donald yells can, he screams, he curses or insults. >> reporter: cruz is hoping his bold political play picking a vp candidate well ahead of the convention will help him best donald trump in the crucial indiana primary and force a contested convention but trump is fighting hard to widen his slight lead in the latest polls there. >> i didn't want to take too much time. i know you got him back near lyin' like hell so i said i'd
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better get back to indiana. >> college basketball coach bobby knight. >> what mr. trump has done, when things have gone wrong, he's figured out how the hell to fix it. >> reporter: cruz defending himself from harsh criticism from ousted republican house speaker john boehner. >> how about ted cruz? >> lewis ter in the flesh. >> what boehner is angry with is the american people holding him accountable. >> reporter: and on the trail in oregon, john kasich quashes rumors that elbow to pressure to drop out. >> so i've decided to keep going. and there are going to be people who are going to criticize me for that. >> reporter: democrat bernie sanders is also campaigning in indiana where he hopes a big win next tuesday cos revive his campaign after disappointing losses in this week's primaries. diane, kendis? >> bazi, thank you. as trump campaigned in california, there were frightening moments at one of his buildings inew
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power opened an envelope containing a suspicious white powder. the campaign immediately called police. three workers were isolated and evaluated but the substance turned out to be harmless. last month, a threatening letter with white powder was sent to one of trump's sons. that too was found not to be dangerous. >> back on the west coast where three people connected to the terror attack in san bernardino are in federal custody this morning. the brother of shooter syed farook, his wife tatiana and her sister mariya are charge with marriage fraud. investigators say they were engaged in a scam to get a green card for mariya and not charged with anything about the mass shooting in san bernardino that killed 14 people. in syria, more than 60 people dead this morning at the city of aleppo. it is the worst blood shed since the partial cease fire got under way. hours of air strikes left the city in ruins. one of the few hospitals that was still standing is now
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it was supported by doctors without boarders. focusing on child medicine. among the victims was one of the city's last pediatricians. aid groups warn this latest round of violence has put aleppo on the drink of a humanitarian disaster. >> a man who terrorized a baltimore tv station for hours while wearing an animal costume is in stable condition this morning after police shot him during the siege. he claimed he was rigged with explosives but police now say they were just chocolate bars wrapped in foil. abc's pierre thomas has more. >> reporter: the terror starting at 1:20 p.m. a man enters the lobby of the baltimore fox affiliate, claiming he has a bomb. he comes face to face with security guard, jourael apostolides. and what did the device look like? >> wires, two circuit boards, leading to other grayish areas on his body that could potentially be explosive. he had a metal detonator in his
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left hand and that's why i couldn't determine whether it was fake or real. >> reporter: eyewitnesses say the 25-year-old suspect, dressed in an animal jumpsuit, is rambling about the government and black holes, saying, while he doesn't want to hurt anybody, he's ready to die. >> he had a flash drive with him, that he wanted to air. >> reporter: employees seen evacuating the station, while the security guard keeps the suspect calm for about 30 minutes in the lobby. >> got some action. got some action. man's walking out. man's walking out. >> reporter: just past 3:00 p.m., the s.w.a.t. team approaches the suspect, now outside. >> man's out in the street. >> reporter: the first shot rings out. the suspect continues to walk forward. then a second shot. and a third. the fourth one bringing him down. >> we heard several explosions, boom, boom, boom, and then he went down. >> reporter: he is still alive, but not cooperating. >> right now, he still poses a significant public safely threat. >> reporter: a robot attempting to disarm him, and by 5:00 p.m.,
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from the scene by ambulance. authorities say he's in the hospital in serious but stable condition. after all those hours of fear, those wires weren't covering a bomb. they were hiding candy bar boston police say it looked just like the real thing and they could take no chances. they're still investigating looking for a motive. pierre thomas, abc news, baltimore. we're going to turn our focus now to the storm threat faced by millions of americans from the southern plains to the mid-atlantic. driving rain has triggered flash floods along the gulf coast in gulfport, mississippi you. up to 10 inches of rain turns streets into raging rivers forcing police to roll out a especially designed rescue vehicle to ferry sfranded residents to safety. and farther north, powerful winds and a possible tornado cut a path of destruction destroying homes as well as other buildings there. nearly two dozen tornadoes reported across six states from california to kentucky over the past 24 hours
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the same time in iowa. >> and in arizona, a dust storm caused some major problems east of tucson. the storm brought brought visibility to zero triggering multiple vehicle pile-ups and forcing the closure of interstate 10. that's near san simone. the closure forces drivers to go more than 100 miles out of their way to void the storm. the pile-ups involved more than a dozen vehicles. meanwhile the epa will shell out about $1 million to compensate states, towns and native american tribes for damages from a toxic mine spill. the agency accidentally triggered a 3 million gallon spill while doing clean-up work income an abandoned colorado mine last august that polluted waterways in three states turning them into rivers of orange muck. the spill also destroyed crops and live stock. >> so the list is growing against north carolina's controversial transgender bathroom law. the ncaa is announcing major events including final four will no
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allowing discrimination against the community. the state is currently scheduled to host the first two rounds of the men's basketball tournament next year but no word this morning if that will change. and round one of the nfl draft is in the books. amazing five players from the ohio state buckeyes were picked last night, including three in the top ten. >> so the first two picks were quarterbacks. as expected. carson wentz of north dakota state went second to the eagles and number one was cal quarterback jared goff chosen by the los angeles rams. >> it's been a long process. it's been a long four months or so. and for it to be finally come to a close now, i'm ready to take the next step into a professional football career and work as hard as i can to be as successful as i can. >> so then there's a guy who is having the worst night and the best night ever. offensive tackle laramemy tunsi was selected
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the dolphins. at one point he was considered a possible first pick. >> but tunsil started falling in the draft after a video posted to his twitter account showed someone smoking a substance out of a bong type gas mask. tunsil said someone had hacked his account but admitted he is the one in the video. that post may have cost him as much as 13 million in potential salary had he been drafted as high as originally projected. >> he was the 13th pick. cost him $13 million. he's off to a good start. good pick, miami. >> i think he said the video is from about two years ago. he just said that it was a mistake. >> there were also some controversial tweets and postings involving ncaa possible money that he might have got everyone ole miss. it was just a bad night over all for him. >> he still got picked. >> yeah. did we see this fashion do or don't? is this a do or
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>> i would say -- so it's a crop top with a bow tie. white pants. ezekiel eliot. the biggest travesty of all of this, it's not even memorial day yet and he's wearing the white pants. >> that's the part that's bothering you. >> that's the part. >> so no dress code at the nfl draft? >> clearly not. >> or is this the new thing? are you rocking a crop top under the jacket right now. >> perhaps on monday i might take his inspiration and rock one. >> that i want to see. >> that outfit, once you see it you can't unsee it. coming up, we'll explore the tasty thermodynamics of the pizza bomb. >> but first, inside the secretive world of scientology. a former scientologist and the father to the leader of the religion is speaking out about his son. and the controversy surrounding the church. that's an abc news exclusive you don't want to miss. also ahead on the run with
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carpet shows on tv now, i'm walking them. life is unpredictable being flake free isn't. because i have used head and shoulders for 20 years. used regularly, it removes up to 100% of flakes keeping you protected live flake free for life now to the church of scientology and a new book about it that will soon be published and you may be surprised who wrote it. >> the author has left the chur
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own son is its leader. abc's dan harris reports. >> reporter: ron miscavige now breaking ranks and criticizing his own son, the powerful leader of the church of scientology. david miscavige. >> you are one of the relative few that hold the answers in your possession that all humankind depend upon. >> reporter: ron was in the church for decadeses but left and written a book which he discusses in an interview with abc news. >> you have written a whole book about your son and you called the book "ruthless." >> yeah. >> it's a pretty damning charge to level against your own child. >> he wasn't always that way. when he was a kid, i am telling you, he was a loveable kid. >> reporter: a loveable kid who according to his dad, let the power of being at the helm of this wealthy celebrity studded church go to his head. >> i say to you sir, we are lucky to have you and thank you
3:17 am
attacking the book arguing it was co-authored by a noted critic of church management and is laden with outright lies. >> it is not a memoir. it's in my view a literary forgery. >> he has a right to tell his story but leah remini. >> you are unbelievable. >> reporter: the former star of the king of queens" who can herself was criticized by scientology after she quit the church and wrote a book is, going to bat for ron miscavige. >> it's important we continue to send a message of we're all going to speak up. you're not going to just bully people telling their stories. >> reporter: dan harris, abc news, new york. well coming up in our next half hour, a scare on a runway at the nation's busiest airport. who is to blame for nearly causing a tragedy. >> first we'll hear from the stars of the legendary movie in thelma and louise about the star who didn't get a part
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film's controversial ending.
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this time things have changed. everything's changed. i'm going to mexico. i'm going. >> how does it end. >> get ready to feel old, everybody. it has been a quarter of a century since we all met "thelma and louise." >> both geena davis and susan sarandon got best actress nominations for their roles in the movie. they recently spoke with robin roberts with an assist from abc's byron pitts. >> reporter: it's been 25 years since they set out on one of cinema's most iconic road trips. >> whoo. >> reporter: now susan sarandon and geena davis reuniting to talk about their megahit. >> what is it about that film that still
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>> i don't know. maybe are you what you settle for. it's kind of a romanticized road trip movie. because it was us, it ended up being something more significant at the time. >> you sir, yeah, you do the honors. >> reporter: and who could forget a young shiftless brad pitt in his breakout movie role. >> talk about the guys in the film. brad pitt. that was the first time any of us were like who is this? and was it true that george clooney didn't even realize that he read for the part. >> i was on a plane next to george clooney by happenstance. we're chatting and he says i hate that brad pitt. >> i said no you don't. >> he said i hate him because he got the part. >> i said were you interested? >> he said couldn't you tell when i read with you? >> no. >> i know. >> girl. >> i know. >> whoa. i remembered when i didn't read with him.
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controversial ending "thelma and louise" going out in a blaze of glory that still has beam talking. > what do you think about the ending. > for me that's the first thing i said. after you test this, are you going to change it, what's going do happen? he said i know you will definitely die. i'm not sure about her. by the end, they kind of -- by the end we had kind of earned the right for both of us. he said you might push her out at the last minute but we only had like one take. >> i think the ending is exactly the way it should be because we get away. i think that's what -- we retain control of our lives to the bitter end no matter what. once we've tasted being in control of ourselves, we never will go back. >> well, said. >> can we show that brad pitt scene one more time? >> it's a pretty hot scene. >> we didn't warn about the spoiler alert. you mean they die
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25 years later. >> how does die tan nick" end? >> what are you waiting for? you can finally break up with bleach. lysol with hydrogen peroxide. for a tough clean with zero percent bleach. lysol that. we're in the middle most nights, this is the potty. so we added tide rescue to the wash. it cleans super deep down where detergent just doesn't. daddy, i've got to go potty! progress!
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it is time now for "the mix." and i have to say, i don't think i've ever met a pizza i didn't like. we may have found the exception to that. >> it's my food. so i'm excited about there. >> this is what's called a pizza bun made at a place called the place in seoul, coria. they bring out an ashy balloon thing. they douse it in oil. set it on fire. >> does it explode. >> why is it called the bomb? >> it's full of dough and sauce and cheese. once you light it on fire, it gets all melty and cut it up and there's a pizza. >> maybe we'll say thanks to this and want a ride. this is a hover bike
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colin. it's a breakless contraption. seatless. it can hover you about 60 seconds rather. >> it sounds a little bit dangerous. >> it might cut your leg offices but you'll be flying. > is it as dangerous as a tricycle? check this one out. >> oh, oh. >> oh. >> sorry, mom. >> polka. ♪ politics and foreign wars, all the weather all the scores ♪ ♪ that's the world news polka ♪ teams that roll in way too slow stuff you saw on come's show quotes ♪ that's the world news polka ♪ it's late at night you're wide awake and you're not wearing pants ♪ ♪ so grab your "world news now" mug and everybody dance, hey ♪ ♪ have some fun, be a pal, every
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this morning on "world news now," the threat of more severe weather across the country. damaging wind and hail with tornadoes spotted in multiple regions. and heavy downpours moving east. we'll have your weekend forecast. >> donald trump's west coast run, holding a massive rally in california and getting a huge reaction from the crowd while outside, protesters and supporters clashed. we have the latest overnight just ahead. >> and new this half hour, cracking down on reckless driving. >> how police are using the internet to stop dangerous driving on america's roads. the brazen motorcycle riders are getting caught with the help of their own social media accounts. >> and windy city love story. the obamas. their budding chicago romance getting the hollywood treatment. we're going to have a first


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