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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  April 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. more: we are welcoming rain and even clouds to start our friday. you'll want to grab that jacket and umbrella before you head out. we are tracking it all or you, though, including patchy rain expe
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here. doug: we started the morning with periods of rain, but all that has moved off the eastern shore. not going to change much during the day. we will have clouds, but for a wild anyway, next couple of hours, not much more than a little bit of drizzle. very cool and damp day, and the key here, the wind direction is east/northeast, and that will --p the low lever moisture low-level moisture to the east. 51 at reagan national. 50 degrees at andrews. 52 in fredericksburg. as we get through the afternoon, we will make it into the upper 50's. he'll very cool for the end of april and overnight tonight, we will stay in the 50's. there will be shower chances as we get through the late night and overnight h
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chances. we will also have stretches of dry weather. timing andk out the the best chances of rain and our extended forecast coming up. ahead, thehe day fairfax county fire department will release its findings about cyber bullying and it's possible role in the suicide of a young firefighter who was found dead last week. in the wake of the tragedy, allegations of online harassment surfaced. right now, though, we turn to the latest in the race for the white house and riots on the campaign trail. the violence directed at a donald trump rally in california overnight as candidates prepare for the critical indiana primary now just four days away. trump's first big rally in california got rowdy. riot release outside the amphitheater in costa mesa worked to control protesters gr
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proposals, while inside, some 18,000 proposals cheer donald trump's hard-line stance. donald trump: we are going to build the wall. >> while donald trump continues to court california ahead of its june primary, rival ted cruz is focused on the next contest in indiana this tuesday. it could be his last chance to stop trump from winning the gop nomination outright with a majority of delegates. ted cruz this race is going to be decided by the common sense good judgment, the midwestern common sense of hoosiers. from hiss getting out new running mate while fending off stinging criticism from ousted house speaker john boehner, who told a group of college students what he really thinks. boehner: lucifer in the flesh. to see more want leaders of the
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like john boehner, then donald trump is your guy. >> ted cruz fired at. abc news confirms he gets a big endorsement from indiana governor mike pence days ahead of that crucial primary. cruz: i respect governor pence a great deal. i enthusiastically accept his support. ,> on the democratic side hillary clinton will interview with cable news. a major change coming to one of our local school districts. students in fairfax county will come back from summer break earlier than ever before. we find out when it goes into effect and what prompted the change. susan: this will be a very big change for virginia's largest school district. the school board saying it supports the idea of starting school before labor day, breaking with a long-standing tradition here in the commonwealth. they surveyed staff and students, and here's what they had to say about the idea --
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of the parents were in favor. 47% oppose the idea. >> personally, i prefer we stick with the tradition. summer.aving extended i like when school starts in september. susan: here is what some people may find surprising -- nearly 2/3 of the staff supported the change. they can ask for waivers if they see a significant amount of educational time lost to snow days. the change will give additional instructional time before the break and additional time to prepare for mandated statewide standardized tests. we talked with parents today, and here's what they think about the idea. >> starting a few weeks early would probably be very positive. the challenge, of course, like many families with small kids -- august is a travel month. >> i think it would be great for the kids to get back to school earlier, but i really enjoy
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summer camp as well. susan: the earliest our time would not go into effect until the 2017/2018 school year. a data breach at arlington public schools may he worse than first thought. obtained tax information for 40 more employees in addition to the 28 employees officials said were impacted just last week. school officials say hackers were able to get into the system using "personally identifiable information from an unknown source." let's get a check on your traffic right now. jamie: we are starting with police activity in the district. off between constitution avenue and independence avenue in both directions. if you are trying to get into d.c., no big problems headed and bound. though far so good. the
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, not bad. a little bit of volume in both directions. quiet through prince george's county. no issues as you work your way through annandale in virginia. we are in pretty good shape. there's one slight issue, and that is slowing, approaching the beltway because of an accident. we will take a live look to show you what we are seeing as far as some of that volume. you can see, still very light. that's a look at traffic. back to you. jummy: thank you. we move to a developing story right now. police investigating a deadly shooting in prince george's county. investigators say a man was shot around 10:30 last night. he was rushed to the hospital where he died a few hours later. no word yet on his identity. we are working to get you more information on this one and we will pass it along as soon as
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sentenced in north korea. the naturalized american citizen at one point was living in the fairfax area. he was sentenced to 10 years in a north korean prison today. north korea accuses him of engaging in spiking as well as stealing state secrets. he was sentenced after a short trial this morning. the sentence comes after a 15 year sentence handed down to an american college student just a few weeks ago. the obama administration is expected to propose a rule that would give people with criminal and credit history and better chance of getting federal jobs. they can prematurely disqualify applicants. the rule would not apply to positions with national security , intelligence, or law enforcement. up, some must-see video of a powerful explosion. the evacuations happening right now and what authorities believe sparked it all.
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the streets of the district. >> mysterious tunnels underneath d.c.'s dupont circle have not been seen by most people in more than 200 years, but that's about to change. i will have that story coming up after the break. an inside look at that space. plus, a bizarre bomb scare.
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stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them. because we don't just want your kids to grow up, we want them to grow up stronger. gas explosional in pennsylvania forced nearby cities to evacuate
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person badly burned. take a look at the video right here. the explosion happening this morning in salem township. according to the pennsylvania department of environmental protection, the flames involved a 30-inch pipeline. it's unclear what caused the blast. the burn off is expected to last for several hours. we've made a mistake -- that's the powerful confession coming from the department of veterans affairs following an investigation you will see tonight at 11:00 here on abc 7. our government watchdog investigator broke this story, and he joins us with the latest. >> the last couple of years have been pretty rough or the department of veterans affairs, as we all know. this is a story that is not going to improve it reputation. monica fields, the woman on the , who was onfather the right, died while on an operating table at the the v.a. medical center i
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autopsy done. she wanted to know what happened to her father. 15 months later, we've learned that autopsy still has not been done and the korean war veteran at already been buried quantico national cemetery. >> these are veterans. i mean, my father was wounded in the korean war. he had to live out the rest of his life like that. they are not treated as they should retreated. it shouldn't be i have to fight to myd out it happened dad. >> tonight at 11:00, we will sit out with the v.a. to find why fields still does not know how her father died. we will find out why this autopsy was never conducted and what is being done about it now. jummy: we will look for that at 11:00. thank you. officiallyason starts on sunday and officials in montgomery county are launching a coordinated push to stop
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unveiled a public information campaign. this comes as state and regional leaders work to educate people on how to protect against mosquito bites and eliminate breeding grounds. it comes as two new cases of the zika virus have been reported in virginia, bringing the total to 13. every case has involved people who traveled outside the continental u.s. a piece of d.c. history reopening for the first time in 20 years. at sam sweeney has a look the big event happening. sam: not much has changed on top of d.c.'s dupont circle, but underground in the old trolley car tunnels write down those steps, everything has changed. trolley tracks still line the ground underneath dupont circle. street signs pedestrians had not seen in more than 20 years
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this that will soon capture everyone's attention and fill your facebook timeline as well. >> people are excited about finding something new and and hidden. who knew this was down here? the second you find this little gem, it's exciting. sam: you may recognize these. they were the talk of the town last summer. >> right now, we can only do temporary installations. for the rest of the year, we have some ideas for really big temporary and relations. after that, we hope to have it open permanently. sam: these tunnels have largely gone unused since the 1960's, but the nonprofit wants to change that. the organization wants to create new exhibits here every few months. >> music concerts, video shoots, fashion shows. there's all kinds of possibilities. it's amazing. >> 6000 people have already bought
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it has sold out, but we're told by organizers that new tickets and more timeslots will become available in the coming weeks. jummy: it's too bad it's sold out because it would be nice to do this weekend, the underground to escape the rain. it's not good news is going to rain all weekend. tomorrow will be the better of the two weekend days, for sure. temperatures across the area right now, 51 degrees. in gaithersburg. not a lot of difference between the communities. hagerstown, western maryland, if one right now in dale city. what we will deal with during the afternoon is low clouds, fog. seven miles reported right now at reagan national. six and baltimore. about three out of washington, dulles.
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we have seen the showers moved through early this morning. nothing showing up on doppler right now, but remember drizzle -- the little droplets are so small that the strength of the doppler radar blows through those. they are just not big enough to be detected. certainly with the air mass we have and the humidity levels, you can count on patches of drizzle. you will hit clear skies west of the mountains. even farther west, potentially big and not a good system developing through the afternoon and evening from areas just north and west of waco, texas, all the way into central oklahoma. a particularly high probability of tornadoes today. the storms that are peeling through memphis right now will not affect us in either. pretty much a variation of the same theme. low-pressure is going to leave us alone. we have this cool low of air that will continue
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as far as our hourly planner goes, cloudy skies, cool temperatures. better chances of more rain area.s across the patchy fog, isolated showers, patches of drizzle. we head through the weekend, a slighte we will have chance of showers. looks like the rain will probably start sometime later tomorrow night. for outdoor activities, i think it will be basically try and cloudy. cloudy and cooler but drive for most of the daylight hours. if you are looking for something to do in virginia, how about a sitting the national weather service? dulles,se near launching weather balloons every hour.
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regardless of the weather. next seven days -- rain chances, especially tomorrow night on sunday. we get into monday. though a good chance of rain. jummy: the man who dressed in that costume and surgical mask and caused a bomb scare in baltimore is in serious but stable condition. the 25-year-old barricaded himself in the lobby of wbff. the station was evacuated. he demanded the station air information contained on a flash drive. to athink he wanted to go media outlet so he could pass his message on that the world is going to end on june 3.
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jummy: what he claimed was a bomb vest and up to be chocolate bars wrapped in aluminum foil them.ires connected to right now, baltimore police are getting ready to hold a news conference to update us on that story you see. one of the officials there. you can watch the entire thing on our news station. up,he meantime, coming lessons learned outside of the classroom. why these students spent the
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students at alexandria day school are spending the day outside the classroom and it's all for an important lesson. brianne: out of the classroom for a good cause. today, students in every grade at alexandria country day school are lending a helping hand to help feed people in need. students will measure, way, and pack 20,000 rice and vegetable meals to be delivered overseas .ith stop hunger now by midmorning, the students had 8000 meals.d >> it's one of the most important days of the year. together,rything come the notion of independent learning and communicating and serving comes together on a day like today when they are having to work together in groups and teams, having to think about their role in the world. and they are at their best. brnn
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: as if packaging 20,000 meals was not enough, these are not the only activities they will be participating in. >> am going to be at a grocery store and we will be holding posters for people to come in and donate food. brianne: this is the third year in a row the school has done the stop hunger now project. in previous years, meals have gone to ukraine and liberia. the students will find out in a couple of weeks where these boxes end up. how awesome to see.
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police areimore holding a news conference to update us after a man caused a scare at a news station. officials say he faces a long list of charges, and they are still examining the flash drive he had on him. you can watch the whole thing live on our website. doug: it is cloudy and damp out there. upper eastern shore, crossing the northern delaware, but there will be patches of drizzle. rain at night, rain throughout the day sunday. we are hoping that early next week we will get some sunshine. maybe. jumm
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