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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  April 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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30 minutes ago was one of the most amazing scenes ever. donald trump to avoid the crowd on the front went in the back. the motorcade made the way down the entrance ramp and went over barricades and walked over a median of some kind and went in this hotel through a back entrance. so he made in around the crowd outside. then he just now beginning to speak. we suspected he had to change his remarks to address what happened outside. it didn't get violent but very energetic. a lot of flags waved. some of them mexican state flags. some of them flags, we one that said, "dump trump." the protesters are being kept away from the inside of the scene. now the speech by donald trump is getting underway. we'll keep an ear on that to see what happens inside and outside the venue in burlingame, california. it's g
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campaign continues. back to you. we'll keep an eye on it. >> this blog, social media out of control. michelle: strong words from the fairfax county fire chief about possible cyber bullying and the role in the suicide of a fairfax county firefighter. nicole mittendorff's body was found in shenandoah national park last week. jonathan: northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg at today's news conference. the chief singled out a website in particular calling it out of control. jeff: he did, jonathan. the chief was angry, emotional, he was passionate when talking about this blog site. fairfax underground. the chief not only asking the operator of the blog to remove any post with mentions of the name nicole mittendorff but also asking the operator of the blog to shut it down completely. chief richard bowers today at the news conference saying he is investigating whether or not any members of the department wrote the posts on the
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concerning nicole mittendorff. the anonymous posts part of a thread for the fairfax firefighters are critical of mittendorff's personal action and behavior. chief bowers says he does not know if the online activity contributed to mittendorff's suicide saying that is part of the virginia state police investigation. the body of nicole mittendorff, 31 years old and three-year veteran of a department found last week in the shenandoah national park after she had committed suicide. a suicide note was found inside her car. chief richard bowers saying he does not know what the note said but he is bothered by fairfax underground. >> we need to clean up this blog and people need to act right. the family and the department members have endured enough pain and suffering by these comments. jeff: now not too long ago i spoke on the phone with the
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underground. he says he is not shutting down the site and says he will only remove the posts about nicole mittendorff if the mittendorff family asks him to do so. saying he does not want to censor history. he will only reveal the i.p. addresses of the individual or individuals who wrote about nicole mittendorff if he is issued a court order to do so. that operator had choice words for fairfax county fire chief richard bowers. we will tell you what he said at 5:00. until then, live in fairfax, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. now to breaking news in oxon hill where a person was injured in a house fire. investigators tell abc7 news they believe a man may have fallen asleep while smoking a cigarette. he was badly burned and is being treated at a local burn center now. there wasn't much damage to the house. jonathan: something we are getting in the newsroom. employee at fairfax county community center charged with soliciting a minor. this guy 23ye
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mills met the 14-year-old girl during after-school activities at the center in fairfax where he worked. he is accused of having inappropriate conversation with her. she wasn't harmed. but detectives are encouraging anyone else who may have had a similar conversation with mills to please come forward. michelle: it's called "king's dominion law," dating back to the days when the amusement park relied on the high school students to keep it running the entire summer but it changed in the last year. now school systems around the commonwealth are taking steps to get students back in class before labor day. john gonzales live in fairfax county taking the plunge to start earlier. john? john: boy, it was fun to go to kings dominion in the summer, not worried about school until after labor day. many people we talk to here in fairfax county for as long as they remembered school started after labor day. take a look at the calendar here. september 8. that is w
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started. here at vienna elementary school, school just let out. we have been getting mixed reactions from a lot of folks. some of the parents here saying the earlier the better. but others worry about vacation plan and summer camps. school officials saying the reason for the change is to give additional instructional time before winter break. and extra time to prepare for those mandatory exams. listen to one opinion. >> i'd rather be done earlier than later, late june, which is the case this year. this year we will be done i think june 23. i think that is too much. with the heat. >> school officials saying they didn't want to make the change this fall just to give parents and students extra time to prepare. so next year, the 2017-2018 school year, that year will begin august 28. coming up next hour, you will hear from more parents, even teachers and a t
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what they think about this and we'll explain why there was not a statewide approval on this in fairfax county. i'll give you a hint. it has to do with snow days. back to you inside. michelle: john, thank you. the house voted to renew d.c. private school voucher program for another five years. it's the only program like it in the nation that is federally funded. the bill provides $20 million in annual funding for scholarships for low income d.c. children to attend private and parochial schools. jonathan: questions about what is in the water have plagued d.c. for years. today a major environmental group tried to drive the point home with a dramatic demonstration to the d.c. council. sam ford was there on the elevated lead levels for three d.c. schools which you saw first on 7 with sam. hey, sam. sam: in a week when parents took their children to be blood test for lead at capitol hill montessori, logan school in northeast, members of the siera club environmental justice committee walked the hall of
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today. also expressing concern about martin luther king elementary school in southeast. pictures tweeted out of dirty water out of the taps there. referring to the problems at this school. they put in bottles like this what they called tea and took it to councilmember offices. they didn't find many councilmembers, but left the bottles of the brown water with their aides and said they are concerned how seriously the government is taking the problems in northeast and southeast. >> the ultimate issues affect that the schools are not prioritized. >> it's really important to make sure that they don't have lead exposure, in lead paint or lead in the pipes from the schools. >> we take the second. >> lead testing continues in schools. d.c. water explained the dirty water at martin luther king elementary school is a mistake in flushing the pipes. bottled water was brought in and the water is clean again. the
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they want to make sure the government prevents events from happening again. in northwest washington, i'm sam ford. abc7 news. michelle: a cloudy day out there but will the sun come back for weekend? chief meteorologist doug hill has the forecast. doug: we could see sunshine. but probably not a great chance of that either. stuck in the cloudy, cool and the damp weather. 55 at reagan national. light breeze from the east. it's keeping us cloudy, school, damp. mid-50's around the metro area. cooler north. baltimore and frederick, hagerstown at 52 degrees. in the evening hours even though there are breaks if overcast west of 81, most of the area will stay locked in the clouds. tonight is chilly and damp. michelle: thank you. smart guns may be coming to your local polic
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today, president obama rolled out new requirements in an effort to get moving on the issue. the high-tech guns are supposed to prevent accidental shooting and help locate missing guns. last january the president directed the d.o.d. and homeland security to sponsor research on smart guns expected to be completed by october. jonathan: this is what we were watching yesterday. this afternoon police announce charges against the man who threatened to blow up a baltimore tv station. it happened yesterday at our sister station wbff, fox45. horace holmes now joining us live at the "live desk" with new developments in the case. horace: the man is alex brizzi of baltimore. a young man with no former trouble with police, but a young man his family tells us has been troubled with mental illness. what was in the mind of alex brizzi as he walked up to the front d
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in baltimore 1:30 wearing a full body hedgehog costume, red vest to his chest and what appeared to be a trigger in his hand? >> did he have suicidal tendencies where he wanted police to shoot him? we don't know. horace: we do know what unfolded there in the next seven hours was terrifying, not only to the people who work at wbff. >> this doesn't look like a joke. horace: but also to brizzi's troubled father who fears the worst for a young man he says battled mental illness. the night before brizzi's mother noticed something odd. >> she went to his room and there is something with a bunch of wires and everything. horace: they say he came with a plan. he parked his car and tried to set it on fire before walking up to the station's front door. computer flash drive in one hand. he told the security guard who met him he wanted the station to air its contents. >> the flash drive contained video rants of brizzi talking about the end of the world. horace: the guard police say wa
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of the station keeping brizzi occupied. eventually brizzi walked out of the station and police were waiting. >> after failing to comply with repeated commands police officers fired on brizzi striking him three times. horace: a bomb squad robot turned out to remove inflippable life jacket with chocolate bars strapped to his chest. no real danger. >> but the fear of what he had shut down an entire community. and scared a whole lot of people. horace: brizzi right now is recovering in a baltimore hospital. his wounds are reported to be non-life threatening. he does face numerous charges including arson and reckless endangerment. reporting live from the satellite center, horace holmes, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. bit of an unscheduled change had the white house press corps talking today. michelle: we will show you that and let you hear how our area is planning to deal with potential of the zika outbreak as the
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media. impact of an errant tweet and why the sender says he was hacked. michelle: but first, back on the ice. caps fans head to practice after a long night in the playoffs. jonathan: we are keeping an eye on california. outside of san francisco in burlingame. protesters jamming the street in front of the hotel where trump is inside delivering a speech. he got in safely. he came in the backdoor. but they are crowding the front. police in riot gear are standing between them. keep an eye on the situation and have more after this.
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they score! >> the capitals win in overtime. jonathan: the horn blows, the hugs are given. what a way to start the second round of the playoffs. cap fans were waiting on pins and needles all over the place to find out if that overtime goal was good. michelle: erin hawksworth was out at practice today. the team is still flying high after last night's wild win. but they are also looking ahead to game two tomorrow night. erin: day one lived up to all the hype. both teams had plenty of chances. in the end, it was
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who scored his first career playoff hat trick. today the players admitted even they knew oshie was feeling it. >> it's just like he had the puck on a string last night. every time he had it. if he lost it, he was giving it back. that's the player he is. a guy that is the worst if he ever trailing you. he's the worst. so good with the stick. erin: while he was with st. louis he had been criticized for not coming up big and scoring in the playoffs. erin hawksworth, abc7 sports. michelle: this is the second dale of the nfl draft -- day of the nfl draft. hundreds of athletes hope for eventful everything but probably not as eventful as the one for an athlete last night. alison starling at the "live desk" for us with a look at how his entire world was turned upside down in a 4matter of
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thanks to social media. alison: what else? laramiee, offensive tackle from ole miss that many considered a top five pick. just minutes before the draft began a video of the all-star athlete smoking out of a bong was posted on his verified twitter account. now tunsel says his account was hacked. but it wasn't enough to convince teams to take him in the top ten. two other tackles selected ahead of him before he was taken by the dolphins at 13. it didn't end there. after he was drafted his instagram account he says was hacked. claiming he received money from a coach in college. he addressed both hacks on the podium. >> somebody hacked my account. i made that mistake several years ago and somebody got in my photo and hacked my twitter
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yeah. alison: the dolphins say they knew about the video already, it was two years old. and they are comfortable with it. but an investigation is underway that could hurt his college coaches. no word who may have hacked his account. michelle? michelle: all right. yeah, that is one a lot of folks are talking about. time for a check of a traffic situation. it's friday. people want to get home or get to where they are heading. jamie: especially on 66. this is action, 66. a fire truck pulling up. they blocking the two left lanes off this is before you get to route 28 in center field. there is debris. we have
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the stretch is 25 minutes. just under that from the beltway to the fairfax county parkway. the capital beltway slowing in the northwest corner. some spots you drop in the teens. this evening there will be a full closure from midnight to 5:00 a.m. 95 southbound on the ramp to 644. overhead sign removal. the ways map in d.c., heavy traffic on the freeway in the teens. we pull out a little bit. you can see a lot of that typical trash we have, no crashes in the district. back to you. jonathan: this is good news. chesapeake by a, there is news to make people encouraged. chesapeake bay program says bay grasses at the highest level in 30 years. the group says it's another sign of the rebounding health. more grass means more oxygen
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you are seeing. wildlife. crabs now in the bay. that number will go up. the bay program is credited pollution controls in place for the last seven years for the increase in the she is peek bay is looking fantastic. michelle: wonderful news. doug: less nigh row general and more -- nitrogen and more oxygen. the good news, not great news. we will give you a look at the conditions in the upper marlboro. 52, cloudy, damp, drizzly. that has been the story all day across the region. the story for the last couple of days. if you look at the satellite the temperatures over the top of the visible satellite. you get west of luray, temperatures are warmer. the farther east you go to the metro, the bay and beyond we are under the influence of the east and the
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the low clouds and drizzle. 55 in washington. 52 in baltimore. the farther west, the 60's. will the clearing trend make progress eastward? it's slow. not impossible that a few spots westbound could see stars for a while. the stationary front comped out to separate warmer from the cooler you can see where it lies. focus on a frontal system. development of the area of low pressure that affects us in the weekend. cool air locked in place. showers will get closer to the region. showers tomorrow night. most day is rain free. but cloudy. showers tomorrow, sunday morning showers.
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sunday evening to linger to monday. overcast tonight. fog. shower or two. getting through the next few days the temperatures near 60. 69 on sunday. chance of the morning showers and the thunderstorms. jonathan: a good weather to catch up on movies and stuff like that. doug: all right. anything you want to do. michelle: coming up at 4:00 -- >> the mysterious tunnels underneath d.c. dupont circle haven't been seen by most people in 20 years. but that is about to change. i'm sam sweeney in northwest d.c. i have that story coming up after the break. jonathan: later, the party is just getting started outside the verizon center. you know what? this is not for sports. michelle: we are keeping a close eye for breaking news out of california where tense protest underway outside of a donald trump event.
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michelle: last summer life was a beach. people could drive into that huge pile of plastic balls. but as sam sweeney reports now the whole exhibit is going underground. sam: not much changed on to
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underground in the old trolley car tunnel, right down the steps everything changed and it is about to be d.c. newest art exhibit. trolley tracks line the ground underneath dupont circle. street times that pedestrians haven't seen in 20 years are still on the wall. but it's this that will capture everyone's attention and fill your facebook timeline as well. >> people are excited to find something new and different and like hidden. who knew this was down here. the second you find a gem, this is exciting. >> you may recognize the ball, they were the talk of the town last summer at the national building museum. now they are dupont underground first art exhibit. >> they can only do temporary installation. for the rest of the year they have idea for the big temporary locations but after that we hope to have it open permanently. >> thousands worked to make dupont underground a reality. they have gone unused since
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but the non-profit wants to change that and the organization wants to create new exhibits here every few months. >> music concerts. video shoots. fashion shows. there is all kind of possibilities here. this is amazing. sam: 6,000 people bought tickets to see the exhibit. it is sold out. we are told by organizers new tickets and more time slots will become available in the coming weeks. reporting underneath dupont circle, i'm sam sweeney, abc7 news. jonathan: that was less than a year, they did a lot of gluing down there. coming up for us at 4:00 -- >> more than 130 years later the military rights a wrong and long forgotten medal of honor recipient is remembered. i'm mike carter-conneen at st. elizabeth's. coming up, the remarkable story. >> what do open pots like this have to do with the zika virus? we will explain how maryland is trying to fight back
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jonathan: "7 on your side" in health matters. today prex reported its first death related to the zika virus. they say a 70-year-old man infected in february died from a drop in blood platelets. that is how it started. if you consider this. more than 600 people on the island contracted the illness so far, that is an outbreak in puerto rico they are saying. the local officials want to make sure they are ready for mosquito season. richard reeve is live where hogan wrapped up a press conference to talk about where people need to do this season especially. richard? standing water is an issue. you could have water pots filled with water. you should turn them over and dump them out. there are interesting facts that we learned from the governor today. he is now saying that there are 12 confirmed cases of the zika virus in
4:32 pm
these are from travel related cases, maybe sexual transmission as well. but nobody was bitten by a mosquito in the state. the governor announced money they are laying out to deal with the zika virus battle. about $700,000 in total right now. they are also distributing 10,000 what they call zika prevention kits. also the department of agriculture plans to spray for mosquitoes with 47 trucks statewide. they will be spraying around the state. if they do find an actual zika virus case in the state, they will specifically spray neighborhood. health officials are saying to cover up as well. >> at my direction the state is taking every precaution when it comes to zika. we are taking this issue seriously and we will continue to c
4:33 pm
resources in the months ahead. >> we want to make sure we can eliminate the breeding sites because invariably we will see more travel associated cases and we could possibly in the peek of mosquito season see local cases. >> coming up tonight we will speak with several pregnant women. obviously they are concerned because the concerns about the birth defects, what they are thinking about this and what they are planning to do this summer. in annapolis. richard reeve, abc7 news. michelle: all right. thank you. of course, eventually it will warm up. out there right now it's chilly. doug: the mosquitoes are out. even though it's cool you don't think about it. good timing on rich's piece. it will get warmer. maybe wait until next week for the 70-degree mark. work on salvaging the week for you. a couple of minutes ago there were folks on the fairways. maybe they are like me and in the tree to look for the
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second shot. the temperature is 54 right now in alexandria. 53 in chevy chase. asp hill is 54. ledge park is 54. 55 in fort washington. we are watching with the curiosity all day long the move in the the cloud deck. this lower cloud deck doesn't move at all. wi have winds off the chesapeake bay to keep us socked in with the low clouds. drizzle now and then and nothing severe. three tornado watches up now from oklahoma, texas, and part of arkansas. we might get the garden variety storms sunday. we continue to with the cloudy weather tonight in 50's. drizzle. light showers overnight. come say hi in tomorrow, an
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college park. seven days bear with us we have a chance of showers tomorrow evening. it will settle down by next week. michelle? michelle: thank you. it comes to pills the u.s. is one of the most overprescribed countries in the world. there are million of cases drug reaction every year. joining us is sharyl attkisson from "full measure." talk about the widely prescribed drugs to young boys have an adverse effect. tell us the drug. >> this is respirdahl that has been prescribed for off label uses including children when it wasn't supposed to be. an antipsychotic pill but given to kids for a.d.d., tics and all kind of things. it can cause believe it or not young boy to grow wom
4:36 pm
large breasts. sometimes they produce milk. a terrible side effect. the drug company disputes this but we profile a young man who had the problem taking the drug. michelle: tell us about that. what is it like for life changing thing to happen when kids try to discover themselves. >> i saw this researching this, happened to kids 4 and 5. this young man who is 19. he had a terrible time. middle school. track returner. trying to hide it from his friends. had to have a double mastectomy to take care of it. there are thousands of these cases. some wonder if the side effect is related to the drug. but they have lost cases
4:37 pm
court. michelle: how long has it been available? >> 15 years. still on the market. so much information here. michelle: you can watch this at 9:00 on sunday. >> change of plan at the white house briefing. >> josh is out. he has a root canal. i am better at this. jonathan: she may be. that is allison janney. she took to the podium. she looks familiar she played the white house press secretary in "west wing." she was on the show for years.
4:38 pm
perform, be performing the jackal in her office at 5:30. so she made comments on the opioid epidemic in the united states. she is in town for the white house correspondent dinner. michelle: a hot ticket in town. jonathan: that is fun. michelle: coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- safe disposal. "7 on your side" with ways to get rid of expired
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ja -- >> you saw the story first on 7. taking advantage of the free lunches for her child. brad bell was there when mundie was sentenced today. brad: despite earning more than $90,000 a year, she repeatedly filled out forms to secure free lunch for her child. today a year after we first
4:42 pm
exposed the fraud, she was sentenced to three years probation. the prosecutors happy with the sentence. >> she was press prost cuted because she broke the law. >> she herself speaks after the sentencing in a second floor courthouse hallway and says she was persecuted for political reasons and claims now she has been ruined over $1na -- 1,700 of school lunches, money she says she mostly paid back. >> her lawyer says an appeal is possible and hopefully her record will be cleared. >> she deserves that. she should have an opportunity to come out without a conviction. brad: she has 30 days to finish paying what she stole. she left the school board last summer. jonathan: coming up for us at 4:00 --
4:43 pm
>> we are at the hottest bieber show. find out how to win tickets coming up. steve: i'm steve rudin. live at college park where they are gearing up for maryland day. and the preparations to take place. what to expect and the million dollar question.
4:44 pm
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jonathan: tonight verizon center is full of biebers to join them. michelle: the party started before justin bieber takes the stage. kidd o'shea is live in the thick of it all at the green turtle. jonathan: another big fan. kidd: that is correct. because the evening guys, we are right next to the verizon center where the fans are ready. [cheering] for justin bieber! in the d.m.v. i want to introduce you to the four lucky fans here. >> i'm jaden. >> justin. >> mela. >> cedia. >> they won a contest and they are going on stage with justin bieber tonight. are you so excited?
4:47 pm
kidd: what will you say to him? >> you're the best. i love you. yea! kidd: he could be watching at the hotel. >> hi! kidd: are you excited? >> yes! kidd: awesome. have a lot of fun tonight. i want to bring in intern john from hot 99.5. there is a chance to win tickets? >> we are giving away tickets tonight. and i heard justin takes his shirt off in the show! come to the green turtle. kidd: there is no meet-and-greet. he canceled it. but we have a cut-out here. intern john, we are on television. all right. bieber in the your thing, there is a ton of things going on this weekend. look at the other things happening in d.c. this weekend. tomorrow night here at the verizon center, it's all about the caps. as they take on the pittsburgh penguins in game number two. the puck drops at 8:00. if you
4:48 pm
have tickets to watch the game inside, good for you. if you can't get in, don't worry. plenty of bars around town showing the game. during the day tomorrow visit one of the hidden gem. kingman island. this is so cool. bluegrass folk festival from noon until dark. local bonds on six stages. food trucks, beer, flee kayaking tour. now proceeds benefit living classrooms. which has programs for hands on environmental education. and tomorrow is maryland day at the university of maryland from 10:00 until 4:00. open house with hundred of family friendly events including visits to the maryland dairy to have fresh ice cream. a criminallology tent. spot for autographs from the men and the basketball players.
4:49 pm
kidd: have a great weekend! michelle: this is kidd o'shea's all-time favorite story. he was here this morning and then back at work. so you know. jonathan: 24 hours. michelle: tomorrow is drug take back day across the area. what if you can't make it back to a drop off? kimberly suiters is here to help you expose of the expire medications safely. kimberly: when we say "safely" we will show you what we mean. this is national drug giveback day. since the d.e.a. started hosting it six years ago 5.5 million pounds of unwanted medications were surrendered for safe disposal. we are talking about save from getting in the wrong hands. like kids, addicts or dealers. or in the wrong places like rivers, lakes and your drinking water. here is how you do it at home. the f.d.a. recommends mixing the pills with an undesirable substance like coffee grounds, dirt, or
4:50 pm
gross, i know. i picked coffee grounds. seal it in a plastic bag like this. then you can safely throw it out. if you have a handy ripoff strip for bottles, rip it up and rip you have the private information. if you don't have that, you know how tough it is to scratch it off. take a sharpie, scratch out your name and the prescription number. do it well before you turn it in. if you don't want to deal with that, head to we have a link for you. type in your discoed and safe and convenient dropoff sites will pop up. tomorrow is the day to do it. michelle: great information. thank you, kim. jonathan: talk about the weather situation. steve rudin is outside. braving the elements. the university of maryland previewing maryland day. that is fun. a lot of stuff to do tomorrow. >> it will be fantastic tomorrow. and the weather will
4:51 pm
there are the clouds that will stick around. later afternoon we should hit around 60 degrees. now the rest of the weekend i wish i had better news. the rain will begin late tomorrow night. showers and thunderstorms. as we move in the day on sunday. daytime highs on sunday are in the upper 60's. lower 70's we take a look at the seven-day outlook on monday. then temperatures cool down. just a little bit toward the middle of next week. back into the 60's. so below average temperatures for at least the next several days. we can deal with that. joining me now is cheryl, from the university of maryland. maryland day tomorrow. what time does it start. how many people do you expect? >> thank you for being here, steve. the event starts tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. and ends at 4:00. it goes all
4:52 pm
steve: a lot of people but parking is free. >> the event is free. we have programmed over 400 family friendly interactive i vents that spread throughout the campus. we have so much diversity for tomorrow. if you are interested in learning to code, extreme robotics, virtual reality demos, i would head to the science and tech way learning neighborhood. steve: cool. kidd o'shea mentioned ice cream tomorrow. tell me about that. 20 seconds. >> we have the new maryland day ice cream for 2016. called the terpenderken crunch. named after the new football coach. steve: awesome. thank you very much. jamie sullivan, how does it sound? jamie: delicious! if they have some bring it
4:53 pm
sounds like a great event, of course. take a look here. not so great is the accident on 66 westbound. they did have two of the lanes blocked. everything moved to the shoulder right before route 28. you can get by. but it's still causing a big backup. show you how heavy we are. the stretch is a solid red line to get closer to the fairfax county parkway. then you are still heavy approaching that activity. traveling along the capital beltway, of course, slowing here in the 20's and the teens. bottom side of the beltway approaching the wilson bridge also. 95, typical get away traffic. if you're traveling this evening, the ramp to route 64 we have intermittent closures throughout the evening continuing to tomorrow morning. that is ak loo at traffic. we have more com
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jonathan: today we lu
4:57 pm
the grave was mislabeled. michelle: mike carter-conneen takes to us a special ceremony honored by the american and the canadian militaries. mike: a quiet cemetery that rarely sees visitors. echo with the cry of a bugle. as top military brass saludded a hero forgotten for 130 years. we are highlighting and reinforcing the eternal bond which exists between shipmates. >> joseph benj anyone -- jeng min noel served in the civil war but the records referred to him as negro. then he received the medal of honor after jumping in cold waters to save a fellow seaman from drowning. >> may his selflessness for the take of his fellow man inspire
4:58 pm
>> he died at st. elizabeth. the legacy faded to history. the grave marker made no reference to the medal of honor and the name was misspelled. >> through the research we identified the proper spelling and identified he was the medal of honor recipient. mike: they started to work on this a year ago planned for veterans day last fall, the event was postponed. thank goodness. only a few weeks ago the family made the connection. >> we found and now he knows he was loved. >> the honor recognized, bravery and the militant comrades vow to keep the legacy alive. >> the family and department members endu
4:59 pm
>> local fire chief singles out a blog as the department struggling with bullying and now the blogger has harsh words for the chief. >> there are no winners in this case. leon: plus, police in riot gear outmaneuvered and a donald trump rally surrounded. >> now, "abc7 news at 5:00". on side. >> the fairfax county fire chief demanding removal of the hateful insults at one of the firefighters in his words. this is a day of nicole mittendorff's suicide. alison: it is forcing tough question for the fairfax county fire department. jeff goldberg followed this from the beginning. chief richard bowers is not mincing words and that goes for the person running the
5:00 pm
blog. jeff: i spoke with him and he is calling chief richard bowers' comments, "pretty ridiculous." saying that his words about the blog are a smoke screen and diversion from the actual problems happening within the fairfax county fire department. chief bowers spoke with reporters this afternoon. passionate and emotional talking about the blog. fairfax underground. saying he wants the blog to remove posts mentioning nicole mittendorff and wants the blog to shut down entirely. they are part of a thread for fairfax county firefighters. they are crate call of mittendorff's personal actions and behaviors. the body of nicole mittendorff, 31 years old, in the three-year veteran of department found last week. in the shenandoah national park after she committed suicide. suicide note was found inside her


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