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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  April 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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blog. jeff: i spoke with him and he is calling chief richard bowers' comments, "pretty ridiculous." saying that his words about the blog are a smoke screen and diversion from the actual problems happening within the fairfax county fire department. chief bowers spoke with reporters this afternoon. passionate and emotional talking about the blog. fairfax underground. saying he wants the blog to remove posts mentioning nicole mittendorff and wants the blog to shut down entirely. they are part of a thread for fairfax county firefighters. they are crate call of mittendorff's personal actions and behaviors. the body of nicole mittendorff, 31 years old, in the three-year veteran of department found last week. in the shenandoah national park after she committed suicide. suicide note was found inside her
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and he said this is part of the investigation but he is angered by fairfax underground. >> the you have an anonymous post that people can say anything and it's not true, it's not factual, it's wrong. terrible. jeff: the operator of the blog saying he is not shutting down the site. he says he will only remove the post if nicole mittendorff's family asks him to do so. furthermore he says he will not give up the i.p. address of the person or the persons who commented or wrote about nicole mittendorff unless he is issued a court order and forced to do so. meanwhile, chief richard bowers has a list of different changes he is bringing to the fairfax county fire department he says will address issues of the harassment and bullying head on. we'll have the list coming up for y
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until then live in fairfax, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. alison: solemn job in prince george's county today as a workman added the name of a fallen firefighter to the memorial outside the fire services building. the name added is that of john ulmschneider. he was the firefighter shot to death while responding to a call earlier this month. a candlelight vigil planned for 7:00 p.m. to honor the man known to his friends as "skillet." leon: now to a breaking news story in prince william county. tom roussey just arrived at the scene of a homicide investigation. he checks in with the latest. tom, what is the story here? police believe the victim is a woman profited missing under bizarre circumstances earlier in week? tell us about that. tom: they believe a woman who vanished two weeks ago. cotton mill drive and griffith in the lakeridge area. police shut the street down here. the reason is that the woman's body according to police w
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found in a drainage ditch down the hill over there. you can see we have a lot of police on the scene. still investigating right now. here is a picture of the woman they say the body is presumed to be at this point. lopez who was 36 years old. lived in alexandria. initially her family reported her missing out of alexandria but eventually the case led police to prince william county. last seen the night of april 17 at a c.v.s. less than two miles from where the body was found. then police believe she drove to her workplace, which is very close to here. only about maybe a quarter, .3 of a mile from where the body was found. she was not seen again. her family reported her missing two days after she disappeared and was last seen on video at that c.v.s. earlier today around 11:00 in the morning, police someone was walking by and found the body in a drainage ditch that could not be seen from the road. we talk to the prince william co
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investigation goes from here. >> the autopsy is completed either tomorrow. it will tell us a lot hopefully. to tell us when and how she died. we aren't ruling anything out. tom: you can see police starting to roll up some of the crime scene tape on the scene. basically, they say it's possible whatever happened to her happened to her sometime after she left that c.v.s. and went near her workplace on the night of the 17th. but you heard him say they are not ruling anything out. they need the autopsy to determine the time of death to piece it together. but they say they are treating this as a homicide at this point. reporting live in lake ridge and prince william county, tom roussey, abc7 news. leon: thank you. keep us posted. meantime, we change gears to switch to the weather. we have been dealing with a cool gray day outside. chief meteorologist doug hill joining us. do w
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the weekend is over? doug: not going to happen. you could get a brief glimpse of the sun but rain is the lead weather story in the weekend. for the moment it's cloudy. 55 in reagan national. per analysis tent clouds keep it cool and damp. current conditions include temperatures in the 60's. if you go far enough west, luray and 63. petersburg, 65. metro under the influence of winds off the atlantic ocean to keep us pinned in the lower 50's. mid-50's at best. we have seen clearing skies at times. west of interstate 81. but the persistent flow of winds keep us locked in low clouds. so tonight is drizzle and fog. a few showers later tonight. tomorrow we may get through the day without rain until late in the day. for this evening, drizzle and fog. late night showers. wake up to cloudy skies and do better temperature wise on sunday. even then showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. more about the timing of those showers for the weekend in a few minutes. back to you. alison: okay, doug. thank you very much. fairfax county public schools
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the school board has directed the superintendent to start school before labor day. that is despite a law restricting such moves. john gonzalez live with what families need to know about this. hi, john. john: how are you? fairfax county schools have always started after labor day. in fact, take a look at the calendar here. this school year started september 8. well, now school officials are considering starting well an entire week earlier. listen to why the county doesn't need the state approval. >> virginia largest school district is making a major change. forcing its 187,000 students to come back to class before labor day. >> this is a good time to relax and hang out, you know, with the family and stuff. john: a questions that students will ponder for a year. here are the key dates. this fall the school year will still start after labor day on september 6. but then the 20
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year will start a week earlier on august 28. >> once the pool open at the end of may they are ready for summer. i think starting at least a week the last week of august wouldn't hurt. john: nearly two-third of the staff support the early start. 36% do not. you might be asking doesn't state law require school systems to always start after labor day? that so-called "cave dominion law?" we were told in an e-mail, "we are eligible for prelabor day start based on the number of snow and bad weather days accumulated in recent years." it's essentially a waiver. >> personally, i prefer to stick with tradition. john: the torre says reason is to give additional instructional time before winter break and extra time to prepare for mandated statewide exams. >> i'd rather be done earlier with the year than later. late june, which is the case this
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john: school lets out on the 23rd. before you go canceling those kings dominion plan or the trip to the beach or those summer camps. this mean they are flexible and they can end school earlier. back to you. leon: arlington public school notifying the staff of another data breach. second time in two weeks that tax information for 40 employees was exposed. it affected 28 employees last week. alison: carey davis is asking asking -- the council n
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asking to look at video from shows alleged hate crime attack. a muslim woman said she was approached last thursdays by a trump supporter who began to yell racial slurs. when the police arrived they said nothing could be done because of freedom of speech. but when they left the woman said the trump supporter poured unknown liquid over her head and the incident is being investigated as a hate crime. leon: back now to the developing story we are tracking on the dam pain trail. that was the scene and the sounds coming out near san francisco, where tense protests arrested outside a trump speech. the scene grew so big, so quickly that trump himself was forced to stop on a highway behind the building to take around a jersey barrier to get inside the hotel through a rear entrance. alison: all right. the chief political correspondent scott thuman is here tracking this. we had a similar situation last night. so two in le
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scott: yeah. that is what you have the wonder now. this is the beginning of a trend? there is unrest. people who are displeased with trump's philosophies and the things he says at rallies and speeches. you just wonder are we going to see more of this coming up? it was interesting today. we saw police in riot gear at times having physical confrontations with a crowd that seemed to grow with every half hour. it seems another couple hundred people might have shown up. we are trying to get as close to donald trump as he made his way in the hyatt as possible. they never got to him but it doesn't seem to be the point. a growing unrest. one donald trump addressed when he gotnside to the podium today. >> mr. trump: that was not the easiest entrance i have ever made. oh, boy. felt like i was crossing the border, actually. you know? true. scott: a joke that would not be laughed at by many of the people outside. in fact, most of the people seemed to be upset with him about his immigration stance. plenty of people with mexican flags and
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dump trump. he has safely left the area and got on the plane after the motorcade and got him back to san francisco's airport. he has taken off. but now we are just watching to see what happens next. there is a vote may 3 in indiana. then, of course, california state, a state that hasn't been in play in the public primary process in over 40 years give or take, will be voting june 7. a lot of us wondering will it be the day he possibly gets that magic number of 1,237? leon: thank you, scott. alison: thank you. leon: the most interesting job in town. you know that? scott: i'm a lucky man. leon: at least in this building. of course, donald trump will be a big topic of discussion sunday when "full measure" with sharyl attkisson moves to the new time. it comes your way at 10:00 a.m. focus will be the two trumps. >> i have never seen a human being eat in such a disgusting fashion. this guy takes a pancake and he is shoving it in his mouth. it's disgusting.
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president? i don't think so. >> i will not hesitate to deploy milita force when there is no alternative. but if america fights it must only fight to win. leon: in the course of a few days we saw the off-the-cuff donald trump and we have seen the whole campaign playing out and trump reading a major foreign policy speech from a teleprompter. that difference could signal evolution of trump between now and the critical primary in may and june. "full measure" the one change to trump's campaign that could explain this and help predict what may come next. alison: still ahead 59:00 -- using tea to make a statement. the response protesters received when they presented bottles of brown water to d.c. leaders. leon: plus on video, a single punch ultimately ends one life and changes another one forever. why the judge says that the man who threw the pnc
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alison: first, though, it was a bizarre and a dangerous move. threatening to detonate a bomb. that was actually chocolate. while dressed in an animal costume. we'll talk to the suspect's best friend. what he is saying next on "abc7 news at 5:00".
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[gunfire] alison: a tense and bizarre scene. man in an man mall costume shot by -- man in an animal costume shot by police after hours to set off a bomb in a police station. the bomb ended up with chocolate bars, circuit board on life vest. leon: the suspect alex brizzi recovering from the gunshots. john rydell who works at the evacuated station, our sister station wbff spoke with brizzi's best friend. you have to tell us what did he have to say? >> well, alex brizzi is well known in howard county where he grew up. in fact, friends describe him as being intelligent and creative but they say he decided to drop out of high school in the 11th grade and he wanted to become a barista. they
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comic book conventions, which could possibly explain the costume he was wearing when he entered the tv station yesterday. but lucas, who lives in silver spring says even in high school he knew that alex was struggling with mental illness. >> he always said he was crazy. nobody actually believed him. i think i was 19. he is two years younger than me. he asked me to take him to the doctor because his dad couldn't take him and he was afraid to go by himself. i said okay. i'll take you to doctor. we went to baltimore and agreed to see the psychiatrist. that's the day it hit me. okay. he wasn't lying. john: friends say they are very grateful that alex survived this ordeal and even though he faces multiple criminal charges, they hope that he gets the help he needs. live in elkridge, abc7 news. alison: thank you. well, d.c. mayor m
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made her last stop in a week-long spring cleaning campaign. she took part in arbor day celebration at ketchum elementary school. they planted trees in an initiative to get the district residents take part to keep the city clean. leon: odd thing is a couple of days ago we were past wearing jackets like that outdoors. now we're back into it. alison: shockingly cool out there today. doug: we are used to the average temperatures in the lower 70's. we see warmer weather early next week. but until then it's unsettled through the weekend. tell you the weather story on friday getting ready for weekend. try to give you the best we can. there are showers this evening. mostly dry. but cloudy and cool tomorrow. sunday looks like we have morning shower and thin later afternoon and the evening showers and the thunderstorms. as far as the number goes we are in good shape.
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even though it is cool, don't have to get the wind chill chart out yet. but all day long for the past two days, the farther west you go the warmer it is. there is sunshine west of blue ridge in spot. east of blue ridge is a matter of consistent winds out of the east and northeast from the atlantic ocean across the chesapeake bay to keep the area cool. wind speed is 5 to 7 miles per hour. not a heavy breeze at all. satellite and the radar shows no rain in our area whatsoever. just cloudiness. there is patchy drizzle but the droplet of the driz are so small they can't be picked up by radar. we know from hourly reports from the different locations that is an issue during the day. it will be tonight. just to the west, these are the areas of the clearing skies with the sunshine and the warmer temperatures because of that. there is a big storm brewing in the southern plains again today with the tornado watches widespread over oklahoma, texas, eastward, northern loz, southwestern arkansas. number of warnings active in northeast texas. farther east from nashville to
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storms. some of that energy is pushed east. i don't think we will see much of that either. what we will see is more of the same tonight with the rain well displayed to the north. we have a stationary front to the south. and southwest. future cast as we start the ride through the weekend here, we will stay cloudy and cool tonight. as we head through the overnight, a couple showers later tonight. getting through the day tomorrow we will pick up more moisture. probably not until lateen and evening. cloudy and cool. most of the day should be rain free. we hit late afternoon and the evening, nighttime hours and the chances of the rain start to overspread the region as the front heads back. warm front. we will find sunday the areas of showers through the morning. right now it looks like the front will go through early afternoon. we may break into partly sunny skies in spots. as we head through the late afternoon and the evening another chance of the showers and thunderstorms across the area. our forecast then as we head through the overnight hours patchy fog, cloudy. isolated showers. drizzle.
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ath/northeast. low temperatures 45 to 51 degrees. morning low across the rest of the area, range from 40's. we'll see a little sunshine. during the day tomorrow it'll be near dulles where it's open house 2015. wind tunnel. early afternoon. meantime the three-day outlook. we have morning showers and then back to 70 monday afternoon.
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alison: it has become a big concern in d.c. following the situation in flint. revolutions by abc7. leon: talking about the drinking water. just ahead the d.c. leaders respond to protest that presented each with a bottle of brown water. alison: first on video. now the man that threw the punch learned his fate. why
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leon: the single deadly action that changed lives. the fight outside a bar that end with a punch that turned deadly. the fight on video but the victim didn't die there. he died months later after returning to school. the man who threw the punch answers for the crime. maryland bureau chief brad bell explains why it will not include time behind bars. this video captures the moment after he is hit with a sucker punch in the middle of the drunken brawl. you can see his friends trying to bring him around. that was march 2013. colleging time at college -- closing time at the college bar. he suffers brain damage. he recovers and returns to school. but as the photos show, he is never the same as before.
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later, he dies and the fellow student who hit him is charged with manslaughter. >> there are no winners in this case at all. brad: he pleads guilty to the crime and today faces sentencing. the state asking for six years in prison. >> we felt that jail time would have been appropriate given the loss of life. brad: defense attorney disagrees. >> this was a one punch after my client had been kicked and stomped. my client truly, people don't want to believe it but truly is remorseful. he does care. the sentence three years probation. >> his family having to endure seeing the video all over again extremely unhappy with the sentence today. often time people come out of the courthouse and stop to share their opinions with us.
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his attorney saying the real culture is the campus culture and drinking. >> it's alcohol, college kids, chop and college kids. brad: brad bell, abc7 news. alison: still to come at 5:00, the man called the grabbed father of the navy seals -- grabbed father of the navy -- the grandfather of the navy seals. leon: a woman murdered and left on the side of the road. how police are trying to jump-start her cold case and doing it with the help of a community fundraiser. >> d.c. kids are big issues. one group took the concern and the water to member of the d.c. council today. i'm sam ford with the story up next on abc7 news.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: there were protests today over d.c.'s water. the sierra club
5:31 pm
council with bottles of water like this. this is after they exposed reports of lead at some school. water at another school flowed brown. d.c. bureau chief sam ford updates the story we first broke on abc7. sam: water issues in d.c. schools these days run from lead concerns at capitol hill montessori at logan in northeast to bound water as tweeted out -- brown water as tweeted out from this picture at martin luther king elementary school in southeast. the concerns were members that sierra club group went to the councilmember offices with bottles like this to make the point. they are members to the environmental justice committee. they didn't catch many councilmembers in but left brown water for each office. >> if you can't expect clean water from the tap, you rely on it from the store. that costs money. >>
5:32 pm
councilmember walked by. >> how is it going councilmember bonds? >> fine, thank you. >> we got a water for you. >> bonds didn't break her stride. responding the issue are a concern for her. the local councilmember and her main opponent in the upcoming election spoke out. >> the same way i wouldn't drink it we don't want our children to drink it. that is why they provide bottled water for the children. >> i want the kids in living environment across the board. >> they say the bush is the government prevent the brown water and the lead in the future. leon: health officials are monitoring a norovirus outbreak in a cruiseship. 159 people reported being sick amid 1
5:33 pm
crew on board. the c.d.c. says it plans to evaluate the chip when it arrives in baltimore this weekend. alison: reward for information about a missing woman has gone up. heather ciccone was found shot in a driveway off piney branch road five months ago. the sheriff office followed up on several leads but still no arrest. in addition to the crime solvers reward, $2,500 is offered for information that helped find her killer or killers. leon: looking now at the riots in baltimore a year later we are getting word that we are looking here, i believe at people working on an archive of the photos that were
5:34 pm
in the riot. alison: the department of veteran affairs taking ownership of a big mistake following a "7 on your side" investigation into a man who died at a local v.a. hospital. chris papst has a preview of the story you will see only tonight at 11:00. >> the reputation of department of veteran affairs has take an big hit and this won't help it get better. for monica fields the death of her father was more than devastating. the korean war veteran under went heart surgery at the medical center in d.c. at first she was told the surgery was a success. but minutes later the 78-year-old died on the operating table. soon after fields and her family filed that paperwork there to request an autopsy. she wanted to know how her father died. now 15 months later the i-team
5:35 pm
learned no autopsy was done and he was buried at quantico national cemetery. >> i don't know where the truth is. i know my father. he deserves justice. >> what do you want to know? >> so tonight we sit down with the embattled department to find out what went wrong and what is done now to make sure it doesn't happen to another family. leon: thank you, chris. coming up tonight at 6:00, why the real white house west wing felt like the fictional one. that is coming
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alison: the weekend outlook. doug: most of the hours are fran-free. but then showers in, showers on sunday. afternoon showers and then early next week we will warm up. a chance of rain on monday morning and clearing out beyond that. milder. decent weather to get back to average temperatures as we head through the middle of next week. stay with us. "abc7 news at 5:0
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leon: a renowned doctor after allegation she drank on on the job will never practice in the state >> we broke the story in december. joce sterman has new details on the decision to end her career for good. >> everything we did was classified.
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jonathan: tonight, abc7 salutes a man that turned 101 years young. he is the grandfather of the navy seals. meet bil
5:43 pm
washington, d.c. >> as long as i know i'm the only one left. jonathan: in school we study history. at 91, bill dawson lived it. >> everything we did was classified. jonathan: at 17, the united states was fighting in the second world war and dawson's friends were enlisting. >> i just got it in my mind i wanted to go with the rest of them. i took a day off and enjoy id the navy. >> he was among the first frogmen. underwater demolition expert. a book is written about him and his team. before they were seals they were frogs. on the cover, that is dawson. >> we participated in 12 invasions. we went off in new guinea to philippine. we come out of it in one piece. jonathan: when he came home he joined d.c. fire and served 25 years. >> just an honor to know him. jonathan: the lieuten
5:44 pm
to celebrate the 91st birthday with his firefighting family. >> we owe a lot to the generation. they are sadly leaving us. it's a pleasure to know bill, talk to him and hear his story. >> not to brag about it. what we did we were trained to do. we did a good job. alison: he is considered the grandfather of the navy seals. jonathan: he is the last one of his company still alive. many still study what he and his men did to help win the war. his memories take him back to a beach far, far away. >> you think back a long way. you miss those guys. >> they
5:45 pm
>> absolutely. jonathan: he told me he never had a pair of flippers. he said they were ordered to swim in their boots in world war ii but recently seal team six in norfolk had him a guest and issued him his own set of fins. he is still smiling about the gift today. we say thank you for your service and sacrifice. honor to meet you. this guy is as sharp as a tack. 91 years but he can recall everything. he still says there are thing us can't tell you. they are classified. leon: amazing to see how often you talk to men of the generation who say i wasn't a hero. we did what we were trained to do. alison: the emotion is still raw and so real after such a long time. jonathan: i know. i was surprised by that at the end. he immediately flashed back to his good friend. alison: all right. leon: love to see him get flippers on and use them. alison: he probably could. thank you. moving on to the other news now. massive gas explosion in pennsylvania created a fiery scene that th
5:46 pm
described as a look down in hell. 30-inch natural gas pipeline burst in flames in salem township leaving a person badly burned that prompted nearby evacuations. the pipeline is run by the natural gas giant spectra energy who are cooperating with the investigators to find the cause of the blast. leon: get back now to the story of the renowned maryland doctor whose license was suspended over accusations she drank on the job. the word we learned is she is never going to be able to practice again in the state. the "7 on your side" i-team broke the story of her suspension in december. investigator joce sterman is back now. she has new details on the decision that ends the doctor's career for good. joce: when we talked to her in december she denied the allegations and said she never drank on the job and patients would die if she did not get reinstated. but recently the doctor surrendered he
5:47 pm
permanently. >> i want to serve human beings as long as i'm on the earth. joce: after surrendering her license, she will no longer be able to serve people as a physician in maryland. she was accused you by the state medical board being habitually intoxicated at work. she told "7 on your side" the claims were "just false" but she has agreed not to practice medicine. shouting down practice that brought people around the world coming here for treatment related to toxic pokes -- toxic exposure. she said she is surrendering to avoid prosecution and in addition the charges were dropped. >> it did not happen that there was an impaired quality of care. they have not shown that in any way. joce: in the public records ziem says she is surrendering the license because of the personal and medical issues that affected her ability to practice medicine. joce sterman, ab
5:48 pm
alison: thank you. let's get a check on the roadways. jamie sullivan is standing by on friday. hey, jamie. jamie: we are seeing the heavy traffic on 795 -- 95 in virginia. you can get a good idea when people say it's get-away friday on 95. this is what you get struck in to get closer to stafford county. we will move to the mapping system to show you what else we are working now. 95, not bad through newington. but keep in mind tonight there is overnight work at route 644. it starts at 9:00 until 5:00 for overhead sign removal. on the capital beltway we are seeing delays in maryland. getting there from near the g.w. parkway in the 20's. bottom side, we are in the teens as you approach the wilson bridge. then heading outbound right now on of 6, that heavy traffic -- on 66 the heavy traffic to the fairfax county parkway is 211 minutes the average. yes, we are seeing a lot of that volume now. no crashes to report. we had earlier accidents on 66. we cleared that away. so no
5:49 pm
maryland on 95 or the b.w. parkway except for stop-and-go traffic. if you have to get to b.w.i., 95 or b.w. parkway is congested. typical. but neither is better than other one. look at traffic. back to you. leon: thank you. one place in maryland we want to see heavy volume. on the campus of the university of maryland. alison: exactly. maryland day is almost here. steve rudin has more. steve: almost here. one more day to go. joining me is shell see brown. senior -- chelsea brown. you are a dance major? >> yes. school of theater of dance and performance study. steve: what do we expect tomorrow at maryland day for your group? >> we are performing showcase of you moves. undergraduate dance showcase. at 2:15 tomorrow in the
5:50 pm
clarice. >> these are the darn majors in the show tomorrow. they are improvising in a site specific location on the mall. steve: very wool. they are expecting 80,000 to 100,000 people here tomorrow. so it will be busy. parking is free. let's talk about the weather. the weather will cooperate for the most part. mostly cloudy skies moving through the daym to. not the warmest of days. we are talking about the temperatures around 55 to 60 degrees. by sunday, though, we will show showers and the thunderstorms in the mix. highs in the upper 60's. take you out with a look at the seven-day outlook. we are in the 60's for much of next week. we will look at the dancers. join the fun there and see what they are doing. this is one of the many acts that are over 400 acts you will be able to see tomorrow
5:51 pm
parking is free. i hope you can come enjoy it. the weather will cooperate. umbrella later in the day. i'm steve rudin. leon: steve and the rudinista. alison: is that what they are call? leon: fun. robert: a fun night last night. expect a war like that every game in this series. great finish at verizon. 4-3 win in overtime. over the pens in came one. wipe the sweat off the brow. oshie with the hat-trick. he's awesome. the teammates agree. >> he had the puck on a string last night. that is the player he is. as a d man it's the worse because he is so good with the
5:52 pm
we are looking to a nice reunion here. >> since the age of 7, d.c. united toward rolf has been around a soccer ball. >> i enjoy the team aspect. i find the closest of the team. >> he will visit the former team. >> i haven't played yet. this is a challenge for me. >> he looks fondly on the time there. understands that he is part of this club now. >> a 13-year pro career. two stints with the chicago. he knows road points are hard to come by in the league. but hopes for three saturday. with the time i
5:53 pm
behind him he is happy with the new home. >> i have votes in d.c. now. >> scottscott abraham, abc7 spo. robert: thank you. you can see thee roundion tomorrow. d.c. united and the chicago fire at 4:30. that should be fun! game two at verizon against the pens, expect another war. it will happen. leon: this could be better than the final. robert: it will be ridiculous. stay tuned. alison: all right. thanks. coming up -- >> it's late in the season but a prince william county school postponed a spring event because of the flu. i'm cheryl conner. we will talk to the
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5:56 pm
5:57 pm
cheryl: the daycare owner across the street from henderson elementary school in prince william county keeps kids before and after school. cheryl: 40% of the students missed class because of influenza b. >> i know the teachers and the staff are careful about sanitizing everything. cheryl: they were supposed to celebrate the spring social but canceled for now. spokesman says it's too risky to bring in outsiders. it was a good call. >> packing that many people in one small area for an event
5:58 pm
were having will increase the risk of transmission. cheryl: the doctor is seeing more cases of the flu now than in january. this has turninged a quieter time of year to a busy season. >> he says is it not too late to get the flu vaccine. it's effective in two weeks. cheryl: but the school system wasn't thinking of what has a shot and who doesn't when calling off an event that would have brought hundreds in the building. >> shares ice cream and scoops and cups. not as organized as perhaps the school day is. alison: that is it for "abc7 news at 5:00". here is what is coming up at 6:00 tonight -- >> this blog and social media is out of control. >> a fire chief fired up. the steps he said he is taking after the suicide of one of his
5:59 pm
in through the backdoor. the way that donald trump had to get in to a convention hall to give a speech. new information about the man in the animal costume threatened to blow up a baltimore tv station. news at 6:00 starts now. >> now, "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. leon: online message board is "the center of an investigation into the death of fairfax firefighter nicole mittendorff. that site was home to several hateful threads about her. maureen: jeff goldberg has the latest on the investigation and what the fairfax county fire and rescue department is doing to prevent the bullying. jeff? >> in the last half hour we spoke with the operator of the blog of fairfax underground. he is pushing back strongly at chief richard bowers' comments.
6:00 pm
he is calling the comments ridiculous. chief bowers is speaking passionately and emotionally and he wants fairfax underground to stop what it's doing. >> fairfax county fire chief richard bowers not holding back. his frustration and anger toward the block, fairfax underground. >> we need to clean up the blog. >> he is referring to a series of posts on the site critical of nicole mittendorff's personal action and behaviors. all of them anonymous and part of a thread for the fairfax firefighters. he says he is investigating whether any member of the department wrote the posts which date back to last december. the body of nicole mittendorff was found in shenandoah national park after she committed suicide.


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