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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  April 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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he is calling the comments ridiculous. chief bowers is speaking passionately and emotionally and he wants fairfax underground to stop what it's doing. >> fairfax county fire chief richard bowers not holding back. his frustration and anger toward the block, fairfax underground. >> we need to clean up the blog. >> he is referring to a series of posts on the site critical of nicole mittendorff's personal action and behaviors. all of them anonymous and part of a thread for the fairfax firefighters. he says he is investigating whether any member of the department wrote the posts which date back to last december. the body of nicole mittendorff was found in shenandoah national park after she committed suicide.
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>> this blog and social media is out of control. people have no common sense. >> the operator of fairfax underground will only remove the post if mittendorff's family asks him to do so and only reveal the i.p. address of people that wrote them if issued a court order. >> this is trying to get the attention from the fire department to the chalk board someone graffitid on, fairfax underground. jeff: chief bowers doesn't know if they contributed to nicole mittendorff's suicide. that is part of the investigation. he says the changes are coming to the fairfax county fire department including sexual harassment and bullying assessment and training. training and prevention for suicide.
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maureen: we have a developing story from prince william county where the body of a woman missing for ten days has been found. 36-year-old lopez's body was discovered near a drainage ditch near cotton mill drive and griffith avenue. she was last seen leaving a c.v.s. on april 17. the police began investigating when her vehicle was found on the job. her death is being investigated as a murder. leon: new information now about the man who threatened to bomb the sister station in baltimore. 25-year-old alex brizzi of baltimore is now facing several felony charges after yesterday's standoff. he entered the station and demanded that the information from the usb flash drive be
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says that brizzi had been battling mental illness. >> she went down to his room. she said there is something with wires. leon: brizzi is recovering in a baltimore hospital. the wounds reported to be non-life threatening. maureen: the man accused of falsely claiming to be a c.i.a. operative for 27 years pleaded guilty to fraud charges today. wayne simmons of annapolis falsely claimed he worked as an outside paramilitary special operations officer for the c.i.a. from 1973-2000. simmons' claims helped him announce -- advanced his military career. questions about what is in the water plagued d.c. for years. today major environmental gr
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home with a dramatic demonstration to the council. members of the sierra club environmental justice committee walked the hall of the wilson building today. they are concerned about martin luther king elementary school in southeast. and the dirty tap water found there. >> it's important to make sure they don't have lead exposure from lead paint or lead in pipe from the school. alison: lead testing continues in school and the d.c. water explains the dirty water at martin luther king elementary school was caused by a mistake flushing the pipes. leon: with temperatures now on the rise, so are concerns about the zika virus. that concern is on the mind of governor larry hogan. ritchie marlboro road has a look at -- richard reeve has a look at the governor's plan. richard: with the rain we have standing water here and that is a worry for those who might be contracting the zika virus. the governor calls
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state emergency. nicole and jackie woods, 33 weeks pregnant and both concerned about the zika virus. >> it is hard not to freak out. it's been in the news for a while. richard: governor hogan says there are 12 confirmed zika cases in maryland. all travel related but some involved sexual transmission. >> we will continue to coordinate all available resources in the months ahead. the state is spending $700,000 in the fight. >> we want tome pooh to be aware and we want to educate people. >> the state will start spraying in two weeks. authorities urge people to dispose of the standing water on the
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>> we will see travel associated cases and we could possibly in the peak of the mosquito season see local cases. >> the biggest concern is for the pregnant women because it can cause birth defects. >> do what we can to make sure we wear pregnancy safe mosquito spray. >> so far no affected mosquito bites in the area but the authorities want to be prepared. live in annapolis, richard reeve, abc7 news. leon: thank you. now looks like congress doesn't look any closer to funding anti-zika efforts than last week. if anything they have taken steps back. after hours of speeches on the senate floor, lawmakers adjourned for a week-long recess. they asked congress for $1.9 billion in zika emergency funding in february. just ahead at 6:00 -- a rude welcome for donald trump. the protests in both northern and
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the unconventional way to get in the hotel this afternoon. >> is this the scene of a hate crime? the police are investigating the alleged victim's story in a moment. maureen: a new low-cost carrier starts at b.w.i. thurgood marshal airport. the new route and future expansion plans. doug: there will be chances of rain this weekend. the questions are what are the time of day the rain is likely? i will do my best to give you the detail ranking from top to bottom. car company of the year? luxury cars just seem like they would be top awarded. better be some awards behind what you are paying for, right?
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 6:00ment" on your side. maureen: allegiene air began service at b.w.i. thurgood mar hall airport. the fares are $49. they will add service toaville, knock vist, lexeston and tulsa. leon: in san francisco -- actually, just outside of san francisco? burlingame, california, hundreds of protesters greeted donald trump. roughly. he was there for the state's republican convention. his security stopped the motorcade on the highway and had to escort him through the back over the jersey wall because of the protesters in the front. so far we hear demonstrations are calm and no arrests made. but
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scene last night in southern california. it started with a group against the front runner's policy on immigration in mexico. ted cruz is looking at the next state with the primary. they got a big boost with endorsement from indiana governor mike pence. >> whoever wins the republican nomination of the president of the united states i will work my heart out to get elected this fall. indiana need a partner in the white house. leon: the indiana primary coming up in four days. next tuesday. many think that the state could be his last chance to stop trump winning the nomination outright with a mar yourty of --
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delegates before the convention. coming up this sunday on "full measure," the sust one of the most overprescribed countries in the world. there are millions of cases of adverse drug reaction every year. they have a widely prescribed pill with devastating side effect for young boys. the look at the two donald trump. a look at new trump this week and the one getting so many vote on the dam pain trail. -- campaign trail. just ahead at 6:00 tonight a muslim woman claims she is the victim of a hate crime. who she points the finger at coming up. robert: caps get a win last night but we're just getting started. redskins add to the receiving corps. what is next tonight? draft day two. we talk about it. coming up in sports.
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exhibit. do they look familiar? they are from the beach exhibit from the national building museum. they were inside there. right now the exhibit at underground is sold out. we are told more tickets ticketl be made available later this week. maureen: the annual white house correspondents' dinner tomorrow night. comedian larry willmore will be the headliner and the comic. it will be the president's last correspondent dinner, of course. he is the host of the comedy center show and donald trump is not there. but a number of other politicians are expected to attend. >> hi, everyone. good afternoon. i was going to tell you to be seated but you are already seated. maureen: a light moment at the white house briefing room
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today. actress allison janney took over the podium as a character from the "west wing" series. she began with two announcements that president obama is still working on the speech for saturday's white house correspondents' dinner and he intends to be funny. very funny. that was a news flash. leon: will he be wet? doug: a good portion tomorrow will be cloudy and dry. showers are possible in the afternoon by the everything. not a great weekend. can i go now? ia. >> give us the details. doug: let's get started with the almanac page for friday. 71 and 51. the records for the date as well.
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53 in annapolis. win chester is 54. the same up the road in martinsburg. milder west. luray, stanton, lower 60's. the wind speed not that strong. not a windy day. just a cool and a damp day. the wind direction is significant. the winds are from the west/northwest to bring us the drier air and sunshine to that region. we are not destined to have much in the way of sunshine. you can see by the satellite pictures there are areas of sun west of 81. but those winds are keeping us locked in the damp and the low-level cloud cover. if you go farther west skies clear. but persistent winds from the east to make it unlikely to see more than a glimmer of sunshine than most and by the everything hours late afternoon to the everything, a good bet that the front th
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afternoon showers. crowddy and dry -- cloudy and dry in the day. showers sunday morning and showers are likely across the area and maybe a rumble of thunder ahead of a warm front. through the day we might get a brief break. maybe. maybe not. but maybe a brief break on sunday afternoon. before the next batch of showers and isolated thunderstorms come through late afternoon and in the evening. the evening planner tonight is a drizzle at times. later tonight we will see possibility of showers. cloudy, cool, overnight lows 44 to 50 degrees. now for the weekend, a lot of things to do around town. we listing a number of them. maryland day, university of maryland through the weekend. tomorrow is a lot of fun. tomorrow is the open house. all weekend long. tomorrow at dulles airport near dulles at the national weather service i will be there at 2:00 in the afternoon. we'll launch weather balloons, hurricane wind tunnel and kids experiments. fun stuff. at maryland throughout the dayer maryland day it looks fine. take a jacket. we don't
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later in the afternoon and the everything. 80% chance of rain on sunday. 60% sunday morning. monday morning before clearing. beautiful weather on tuesday. more showers wednesday. so it goes in the capital. leon: we want to get to breaking news now of a police chase that ended with a tragic ending. kevin lewis made his way to scene in glen burnie. we are getting word this was a deadly crash. tell us about it. kevin: unfortunately the person two died in the crash was an innocent victim. driving down the street. she was in the blue vehicle with the black tarp covering the front passenger side. the other vehicle is a silver toyota a few hundred feet down the road if that. police say that vehicle was going 17 miles per hour over the speed limit. trooper tried to start a traffic stop but the silver car took
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90 miles per hour. the vehicle turned going northbound in southbound lane of airport boulevard, which is the road we are on right now. that is when it hit the blue vehicle head-on. we told driver of the silver vehicle is 31-year-old man from baltimore. we don't know why he was fleeing from police but ke can tell you -- we can tell you he is in a hospital conscious and alert and charges will be pinned against him, including vehicular manslaughter. we will stay on the story throughout the evening. but for now live in glen burnie, kevin lewis, abc7 news. leon: all right. thank you, kevin. keep us posted on whatever you learn out there. all right.
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robert: everything you want in matchup. overtime and hat-trick by oshie. you probably wish it didn't end but it had to. earn western the caps and recaps a -- erin is with the caps and recaps a fun night. erin: game one lived up to all the hype. >> it had all the formula. >> hard fought both ways. if you do to overtime it could be a
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oshie had a great night. >> he scored his first career playoff hat trick. >> while braden holtby had his 21st capital playoff victory. and today we learn tom wilson will pay the price for sheary who was fined $2400. >> that is what the job is. the player safety. done a good job. >> after being out with a concussion, brooks orpik was bab for game one. players say they missed his veteran leadership on and off the ice. >> he is a guy that has been there before. especially on the back end.
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>> thankssh erin. in football, the redskins added to the receiving core. daukson out of d.c.u. some have him pegged as the best receiver in the draft. tonight the redskins have the 22nd pick. they come to the third round with the 21st pick. coverage is 7:00. this weekend you can catch d.c. united battle the fire at 4:30. nats begin a ten-game road trip in st. louis starting tonight. leon: we may go to camp to practice saying his last name and pronouncing it. maureen: keep working on that. doug: a little drizzle. coming up steve will track and give you the timing of the weekend rain at 11:00. maureen: thank you. "world news tonight" with david muir is coming up next.
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breaking news tonight. the chaos. the giant wall of protesters. then the clashes. some of the protesters taking aim. donald trump forced to hike around it all, to find another way in. trump telling the crowd, it was like i was crossing the border. also breaking tonight, two tornadoes on the ground. and millions now bracing for severe weather hitting this friday night. we're on the scene of a major gas explosion, a giant fireball. a home incinerated, utility lines ignited. a community on alert. two separate air scares at one american airport tonight. smoke inside the cabin. the oxygen masks. and the evacuation. passengers left on the tarmac. and, developments in the case of the boys lost at sea. for the first time, video of the


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