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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  April 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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up first-come a missing woman mystery becomes a homicide investigation in woodbridge. alison: the cadet was reported missing nearly two weeks ago. the search took a heartbreaking turn today when a body was found near a drainage ditch. leon: the body believed to be that of lopez. roussey is live in woodbridge with the latest on the investigation happening now. tom: definitely a very sad ending to those holding out hope that lopez could be found alive. she was found in this drainage ditch this morning. prince william county police have to figure out how she wound up here and who did it. for nearly two weeks come it appears nobody saw jeanette lopez until -- >> we received calls this morning. >> they saw her in the water. tom: a resident saw
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it on a drainage ditch in the lake ridge area of woodbridge. >> the legs, that was it. alexandria, evidence tape is still on lopez's door. says that the only time that lopez was not quiet was when a man who visited often came. >> if they were both there, they would be arguing. tom: the last time there was a sighting of lopez alive was if the this woodbridge cvs. any believe that she went to apartment complex where she worked, where her car was found on the 20th, less than a half mile from where the body was found. around it was a crime scene today. >> we are trying to piece together the timeline from the 17th until now. tom: earlier
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the police say they could get autopsy results as early as tomorrow. they say that will give them the exact time of death. reporting from woodbridge, tom roussey, abc 7 news. innocent driver killed because of a police chase. this happened a long aviation boulevard in glen burnie. a officer tried to pull over car that was going 70 miles per hour over the speed limit. the driver refused to stop and led the police on a chase, reaching speeds of more than 90 miles per hour. the driver went the wrong way down a road and hit another car head on. the woman behind the wheel was killed. the suspect is in custody with charges pending. leon: a fallen firefighter remembered by the humidity. john ulmschneider's is the to a memorial in prince george's
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he was shot by a man as he responded into the man's home. jay korff has how ulmschneider is being remembered tonight. jay? was not what anyone expected, firefighters called in a hail of gunfire while responding to a call. tonight he was remembered, his name unveiled at this memorial. and family members gathered in landover hills for a special ceremony dedicated to john ulmschneider, affectionately known as skillet. weeks ago, during the very hour of this event, he was shot and killed while responding to a welfare check at a home in temple hills. >> it was a run that none of us could imagine would have become reality. jay: firefighter kevin swain who was injured in the gunfire was in attendance tonight, along with ulmschneider's wife, mother, and other loved ones. >>
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jay: she said her heart breaks andthe ulmschneider family she focuses every day on getting her son kevin swain better. >> we are a grateful family and very sad. with theceremony ended unveiling. name is theeider's 40th inscribed onto the prince george's county firefighters memorial. >> on april 15, several members of our family were injured taking care of business. john ulmschneider paid the ultimate sacrifice. jay: the investigation into what unfolded the two weeks ago continues at this hour. the person who fired the shots has not been charged. live in landover hills, jay korff, abc 7 news. the weather now, cloudy and cool today, more of the same ahead this weekend.
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when? steve rudin has the outlook. steve: showers are on the way, a few of them lingering right now, not amounting to a lot. we could have fall girly tomorrow morning, but nothing that will cause any significant travel delays -- we could have morning. tomorrow clinton, maryland, just a few showers, very light. tomorrow morning, lower 50's inside the capital beltway, only about 60 degrees and we may have a glimmer of sunshine during the mid afternoon hours. it will not last long. heavier rain on the way late tomorrow night into early sunday morning, thunderstorms possible. more on that coming up. leon: turning to campaign news, and donald trump's appearance brought out some professors with the most unusual backdoor entrance. jonathan elias has what happened in california today. jonathan: a massive crowd was
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donald trump to get to the hotel. thatof them carried signs said "stop the hate," some had mexican flags. wereoors of the hotel handcuffed from the inside so they cannot be forced open. the crowd disturbed donald so the motorcade stopped behind hotel, they got out, and they walked down the step,r, hop down the walked through the grass come up the alley, right into the back of the hotel, no problem getting in, and he spoke at the event with no other problem. tonight there are reports at least five arrests were made. these were the large protests in california, where trump was stumping. alison: hateful and crude online threads about a young female firefighter days after her so
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anger and frustration. fairfax fire chief richie bauer says it is time to clean up a firefighters blog that was filled with posts critical of nicoled mittenen -- mittendorff. to lasts date back december. the site to be shut down. >> this is out of control. people have no common sense. they have no sense of responsibility. the operator of fairfax underground said he will only ff'sve the post if mittendor family asks him to. the firee chief -- chief is asking for better training and suicide prevention training. leon: a powerful confession from the department of veterans affairs following a 7 on your side investigation after a man
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the v.a. medical center in dcu to the stake him his family still does not know the cause of death. chris papst picks up the story from there with the investigation that you will see only on 7. >> my father was a great man. chris: the death of her father was devastating. >> he always fought for himself and for other people. in february 2015, the veteran underwent routine heart surgery at the v.a. medical center in d.c. at first monica was told the surgery was a success, but minutes later the 78-year-old was dead on the operating table. >> i was numb. i said, wait a minute, you just said everything was ok. chris: two days later, the family filed an autopsy request. for the next 14 mth
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then the v.a. admitted in a letter that no autopsy was performed. on the death certificate, the manner of death is simply listed as natural, which monica question since her father died during surgery. >> i'm very disappointed. i would like to say i'm surprised. i want to know his cause of death. >> the v.a. needs to get their act together. chris: the taxpayer protection alliance is calling for a top-down restructuring of the v.a. despite pressure from democrats and republicans, williams said the restructuring is happening to slowly. >> we are not talking about paperwork at the dmv. we are talking about paperwork that will determine the cause of death. it is shameful for the v.a. heather frasier with the v.a. medical center in d.c. said that field's autopsy
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simply never processed. she blames retirement and a lack of employee training, problems they say are being addressed. is that being rewritten because of this case? >> yes. we never want to leave a family with questions unanswered. chris: fraser claims it's an isolated situation, but she does not feel alone being let down by the v.a. >> i know my father, and he deserves justice. chris: since the v.a. admitted the mistake, fields once her father's body exhumed from this gravesite in quantico who have the autopsy performed, something the v.a. says they will pay for. the 7 on your side will continue to follow the story. chris papst, abc 7 news. leon: fields once her father's body exhumed in an autopsy performed. the v.a. said they would do that and pay for it. the i-team will continue to follow that story. still ahead
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describes it as looking at hell. what triggered this massive fireball that reduced a home to rubble? plus -- reporter: howard university offering its students cold hard cash to graduate on time.
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] inn: a traffic nightmare downtown new orleans because of a sinkhole about 20 feet w ide, the second sinkhole to pop up in just one day. the first one was blamed on a water main break. alison: how about getting paid to graduate on time?
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howard university get their diploma in four years, so the school is offering a new incentive worth thousands. jeannette reyes has the payment plan. alison, it is pretty tempting, but graduation day is just a few days away and these risers will be packed with people. besides the excitement of having president obama deliver the commemoration address, a lot of the students are crossing the stage with more money on their bank account. the president of howard university says he is not talking about students making payments to the school. it is the other way around. 42% of howard university students are graduating on time, meaning a lot of fifth and sixth year students. >> many students are going over 5, 6 years. that's a problem. jeannette: his solution, a
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student's final semester tuition, about $4000. but don't be fooled, it is more than just the students who benefit from this. >> the students benefit as well. jeannette: that means more students and less financial aid to shell out. >> every student that you avoid getting into the fifth and sixth year, we can put our resources into them. >> i see that is a plus. jeannette: if graduates do not know what to do with all that cash come here is an idea. >> when they going to the workplace, even if they land a job, they have moving expenses. parentse: i'm sure the have some ideas about how to spend the money, maybe a repayment plan, but there
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be about 1300 students graduating with her masters degree and also $4000 to think about what they want to do with. jeannette reyes, abc 7 news. leon: i like that idea. speaking of parents, the son of former raven star ray lewis facing charges tonight. ray lewis iii is accused of sexually assaulting two women at coastal carolina college. he is charged with criminal misconduct. it alleges sexual battery of an 18-year-old woman under the influence of drugs or alcohol. explosionmassive gas in pennsylvania created a fiery scene that the fire chief called "a look down into hell." gas and snatch her and pipeline burst into flames, leaving one person badly burned -- a 30-inch natural gas pipeline. energy is cooperating
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cause of the blast. leon: severe weather plaguing several states. oklahoma has been nervously watching as today multiple tornadoes touched down with baseball sized hail. there was also a foot of snow in colorado. i guess we have nothing to complain about here. everyone was talking about how cool it felt compared with before. we have had a wild week. 86 degrees monday, and today was only 56. alison: amazing. steve: 56 was the high, the average this time of year is 71. so far tonight we have dropped three degrees. the cloud cover and the showers having a huge impact on the temperatures across the mid-atlantic. fredericksburg. 52 annapolis, andrews at 51.
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warmer air out there, well to the south. to the north is where the cooler air is located. just to the south is where we have the stationary front that has really not moved in the last couple days and does not show signs of moving, at least not hours.t 24 to 48 clouds with us through the evening into the overnight. tomorrow morning, may see some sprinkles, but also looking at apache fog developing. visibility -- there may be some patchy fog developing, visibility less than a mile. the temperatures fall into the middle 40's in the suburbs, 52 degrees downtown d.c., the wind relatively light. the patchy fog should be out of here by the morning. tomorrow morning, soccer practice, baseball games, it will be wet, clouds
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starting in the 40's, but we quickly rebound into the lower 50's because the highs will only be in the middle to upper 50's, near 60. at least the rain will hold off most of the day inside the uptway, montgomery county, towards frederick and loudoun county, but later towards the evening and as we move into tomorrow night, heavy rain over spreads the region. that could produce anywhere from a half inch, may be 1.5 inches of rain by the time the system moves out. the latest computer model, by 2 p.m. sunday, 1.5 inches of rain hagerstown, cumberland, to wenches inside the beltway manassas, andrews -- 2 inches inside the beltway, manassas, andrews. 60 degrees for the high tomorrow. then we have the apple blossom festival tomorrow. the temperatures will be cooler, winchester upper 50's. the next seven d
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in the 60's for most of next week, but at least the sun will make a reappearance tuesday through thursday. alison: that will be exciting. leon: what is the word with the nats? thert: they got swept by phillies last series, and you don't want to go into a 10-game road trip with that. test for the nets tonight, on the road in st. louis. and the redskins have their second and third round picks.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. .obert: we start with football last night the redskins added to takingeceiving corps, arguably the best receiver in the draft. tonight, a second round pick from usc, a linebacker. the redskins also added a cornerback from virginia tech, a local guy, a standout at good counsel, a former maryland star. eight career interceptions, 73 solo tackles. they also signed free-agent cornerback josh norman, so interesting. hockey, cannot ask for much more after thursday night. she --night for tj oh t.j.
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trick and the game-winning goal. still a lot of hockey to blood. >> -- still a lot of hockey to play. >> it's pretty fun to play and be part of. i would not expect the emotions to drop any less. should be another good game. andrt: this weekend, abc 7 news channel 8 are your broadcast home for d.c. united. here on abc 7,t coverage beginning at 4:30. cardinals.s beat the beat so the caps can everybody but justin bieber. isn't that why they are not playing tonight? robert: it was sold out tonight. alison:
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paul's. -- that was a dramatic pause. ber.on: he is a belie imagine never having to toss out a pizza box again.
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leon: talk about thinking outside of a box -- a pizza box made of pizza. this is the reality of vinny's pizzeria in brooklyn. the pizza inside of a pizza is $40, which is actually may be a bargain because that's like three pizzas. alison: they do rapid in tinfoil. it's not like they are holding it and touching it. steve: not just tossing it into the nice clean car?
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steve: the weekend is here and the clouds will remain us, near 60 tomorrow. should be dry most of the
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day, tomorrow evening, the white house correspondents dinner -- alison: we are waiting for our invitations. steve: sunday morning, lots of rain. leon: jimmy come alive is next.
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"jimmy kimmel live"! tonight the cast of "captain america: civil war," robert downey jr., don cheadle, paul bettany, and emily vancamp, plus music from mayer hawthorne, with cleto and the cletones. and now -- oh, no -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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