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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  April 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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kimberly: good evening. i'm kimberly suiters. right now we want to check in with josh knight, tracking changes of the forecast. josh: that's right, we have rain showers working through right now. unfortunately, they will stick around a good portion of sunday. montgomery college, rockville, 51 degrees. these temperatures are not to chilly, but we are dealing with the rain. the showers continue, d.c. 54, reston 52, 55 annapolis. the light showers are not stopping anybody from going out tonight. the showers at this
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, live doppler shows us a break further to the west, front royal. i want to zoom out and show you the big picture, in kentucky and charleston, west virginia, all of that has filled in the last couple hours. that is the rain headed our way through the overnight, here with us tomorrow morning as well. the heaviest rain comes down after sunrise sunday morning. we have warmer weather on the way, the temperatures getting close to 80 degrees, and we will see sunshine by the time we kick off the week. kimberly: we look forward to that. woman is speaking uploaded about what she is calling a hate crime. she claims that she was attacked by a donald trump supporter. we told you her story yesterday, but now we have video of the confrontation. roz? roz:
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indeed, kimberly, this woman lives in this neighborhood, walks around here all the time. she wears the headdress, and she said this is the first time she has ever felt threatened in her own neighborhood. we are not identifying the victim. she says it happened just after 9 p.m. april 21. she had stopped at the starbucks to send a quick e-mail. >> a caucasian lady with blonde hair walked right past me. as soon as she sat down, she started talking about me, saying trash,muslim piece of you will need to go back to where you came from. roz: during the rant, she recorded a quick video. saidays then the woman something about donald trump. wins theald trump nomination, i'm going to vote
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roz: the woman seemed to be getting angrier, which made her nervous, and she called 911. the officer who arrived said it was nothing he could do. >> he said there's nothing i can do about words. roz: then the woman began shouting, left, and came back. and took outround a water bottle and pour the contents over my head, all over me. my skin orburn anything, but it had a strange smell to it. roz: she met with a d.c. police investigator saturday evening. she said the whole thing has left her nervous. >> i'm more nervous than ever, and i've lived here for six years. roz: the police investigator walked south on connecticut avenue where the woman was seen going in that direction. the police are investigating this is a possible hate crime. live in northwest, roz plater, abc 7 news. kimberly: following breaking news of the district right
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more violence erupting in northeast d.c., where the police are investigating their second shooting today. right now the police are looking into a shooting in the 2600 block of 22nd street near douglas street that happened at 9 p.m. tonight. the victim is an adult male, conscious and breathing at this hour. the police are all also looking for two suspects right now. about two miles away, another community is fighting back against crime tonight, hours after a deadly shooting. hisn fatally shot daughter's boyfriend in an apartment on the hundred block of 21st street. the 30-year-old was rushed to the hospital but did not survive. .> i see a man just lay down i guess the child possible came out and was like, my goodness, he a shot. i don't know what homicides they have prevented. we wish they could he
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arrested 67-year-old wilbert whitaker, charged with second-degree murder, the murder coming on the very same night humidity members had planned for a crime walk -- community members had a crime walk planned for a call to the end of violence. one to neutral was killed and another injured when they were ejected from a carnival ride. it was at a parking lot carnival in el paso. sizzlere riding the when something went horribly wrong. a 16-year-old girl was killed, and the rushed to the hospital. >> what has not been determined as if the safety bar or the seatbelt failed or was not put on correctly. at has not been determined yet. kimberly: a third girl survived by grabbing the middle lot are as tightly as she could. the carnival has been closed while investigators try to
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accident. fears of a bomb interrupted shopping at the westfield annapolis mall. the police had to evacuate the food court and nearby stores because of what they said was a potential threat, according to the "capital gazette." it happened at 4 p.m. this afternoon. an employee thought they overheard they said something about a device and a bathroom. >> we were at macy's trying on pants for a wedding, the next thing they were banging on the stall saying get out, we are evacuating. everybody was trembling. they were very good about getting us out, pushing everybody out to the parking lot. kimberly: the police searched the mall but did not find anything suspicious. the all clear was given about an hour later. firefighters are investigating a two alarm fire that broke out on the ninth floor of this d.c. apartment building. thes were called to building on good hope road at
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was evacuated. firefighters say the fire was apartment andne nobody was injured. the rered cr assisistingoss he family who live there. ps battling a high-intensity match up right now with the pittsburgh penguins. cheryl conner is live outside of the right-center. how are fans handling the heart stopping moments? cheryl: kimberly, the game just ended with a final score of 2-1 penguins, unfortunately, so a lot of long faces, although people were rocking the red. we are at the green turtle next to the verizon center, which is getting amazing business on the second round of the playoffs. a lot of people leaving here with long faces. this is game two of the second round and it was a scoreless first period. the penguins got on the board first, then the cap scored, but the penguins scored again. ending the game
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cap's fan. tell us what happened. >> its playoff hockey. it will always be a tight game. now we have a best-of-five. i feel it's different this year. cheryl: why did they lose this game? >> just a couple bounces, and that's what happened in the first game. it's always like this, very tight. i think the caps will pull it out this year. cheryl: will be tougher in pittsburgh? >> they will probably split and then when the next couple. the have to win 16 games to get the stanley cup. they justff won five, need to win another nine. it takes a long time, if my math is right. it's a lot of games, but they are up for the challenge. cheryl: peter, think you for joining us. you still had fun, right? >> yes. cheryl: the caps lost, but the green turt
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we talked to the manager earlier today about how business is doing. what are you expecting to make the? >> about 35,000. cheryl: what a saturday night like without the capitals? >> usually 5000 to 7000. cheryl: can you believe that, $35,000 he has made tonight. tot is typical, $5,000 $7,000. a lot of people coming here if they don't have tickets, coming to the green turtle. the crowd coming out of the verizon center now, hey, guys, how are you? it was still a good game, right? hi, mom, and all that. caps fans, the capitals had to pittsburgh for a game monday, the next two games in pittsburgh, so keeping our fingers crossed, wishing them all the best. what will happen? >>
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it. cheryl: keeping it alive. kimberly, back to you. kimberly: you heard it here first. thank you, cheryl. coming up next -- new information on prince's death and who could inherit his fortune. and authorities want to know who was on his airplane the day before he died. a criminal investigation launched into a deadly listeria outbreak. how long investigators say the company behind the outbreak waited to act. plus, a star-studded night in d.c.
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kimberly: indiana is next on the calendar, but today was all about california in the race for the gop nomination. senator ted cruz was seeking the endorsement of california governor pete wilson, which could help him among moderates. >>
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keen intelligence, extensive knowledge, and his energy and belief in all that america should be and can be make him our strongest champion. kimberly: bill clinton took center stage with democrats in indiana, three days before its primary, campaigning for his wife, hillary. both the democratic and republican races in the state are considered tossups. senator bernie sanders was among the many politicians, journalists, and celebrities at tonight's white house correspondents dinner. donald trump and republican presidential candidates took the brunt of most jokes. guests wereama: asked whether they wanted steak or fish, and a bunch of you wrote in paul ryan. kimberly:
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comedian larry wilmore headline the event. there were many celebrities, including aretha franklin, bryan cranston, and carrie fisher. we are learning new information tonight about the investigation into prince's death. an emergencymade landing because of a health scare days before he died. enforcement is reportedly investigating whether a doctor was on the airplane and if the doctor prescribed drugs to the star in recent weeks. prince's family is expected in court monday as they try to figure out who will inherit his estate and his sister filed more court documents acknowledging the superstar has heirs whose identities and addresses need to be found. alert your side consumer -- the justice department has launched an investigation into a deadly listeria outbreak. four
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deaths are linked to a dole food plant in ohio. 33 people became sick between may 2015 and this past february. the fda said that a 2014 test came back positive for listeria, but it was not until january the plant's operations were suspended in recalls issued. the facility reopened just last week. severe weather in texas is being blamed for at least five deaths tonight. the authority say that a 64-year-old grandmother drowned fourher great-grandchildren and flash flooding. there were also five reports of tornadoes touching down in the southern plains. and if we could hang on the shot themore minute, can see way this road is just washed away. he is a little close for comfort. he got out his phone and captured the road moving. josh:
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fast-flowing water. about eightu hear inches of rain and you don't think about that kind of damage. josh: you cannot tell what is happening under the road, so it is important. the phrase is simple, silly, but it's important -- don't drive through. right now most of us are hanging in the mid-50's. we do not come down too much from there. 54 degrees is where we are hanging, southeasterly breeze. the cloud cover is in place. live doppler right now, the rain just a bit heavier on the southwest side of d.c., but most of us are still looking at the scattered showers. they stick around the majority of the night, manassas with moderate rainfall, pushing off to the northeast, across the district. zoom out
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of that has filled in. that is working its way across our region overnight and the majority of tomorrow morning. sunday morning, 7:00 a.m., still cool, some of the yellow color, that is the heavier downpours. that sticks around at least the first half of the day. , and then weves in have brakes as we head into the afternoon. mid and upper 60's, but not a lot of sunshine. we get some peeks, but that is about it sunday evening, we could have rumbles of thunder, but that is about it. monday, the cold front moves across, but does not really bring us cooler air. we will be warm into monday afternoon and we finally get some breaks in the cloud cover, sunshine, upper 70's, low 80's. the next chance of rain roles in tuesday. it is a short break monday, but the nicest one this week. 48 to 53
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overnight, rain likely, some of it have a. -- some of it heavy. tomorrow morning, we have the isolate showers and thunderstorms. mid-sixties, upper 60's. heading into monday, upper 70's, low 80's, mostly dry. if we get a shower, it should be early. tuesday, rain moves back in. by the end of the week, we get the pesky low pressure that does not want to leave the mid-atlantic, giving us a chance of showers pretty much each day, the temperatures in the 60's. not a washout any one day, but worth keeping the am really handy, starting tuesday. kimberly: did you hear the "no" from across the newsroom? robert: you heard me all the way back there? a wild finish at verizon tonight, another nail biter.
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toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: another one
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the pens had verizon center fans on the edge of their seats until the third. john carlson sends it towards the net, marcus johannesen is therefore the rebound, gets the goal, tied at 1-1. later in the third, in front to the former cap, likes the lamp. that would be the final, 2-1. the series is tied at 1-1 and headed to pittsburgh. theirts look good on 10-game road trip. nats on the border early, daniel murphy, base hit up the middle. anthony rendon scores, 1-0. , at batter, jayson werth hardliner deep to left. that is out of here. three-run shot. 4-
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on the mound and got some help. yadier molina grounds into the 4-6-3, killing the cardinals rally. nats win. day three of the nfl draft was fan heaven today. fans hanging out players, including the new draft picks, current skins players signing autographs, taking pictures. the linebacker from usc, the receiver from tcu, and the local guy, full or, virginia tech's cornerback. >> i've seen fedex many times. playing rate over there against dematha a couple times. with my brothers being in the nfl, i was always cheering for them.
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the skins, being around the area for so long. robert: just another fuller in the nfl. in the fifth round, the skins took a defensive back. a sixth round was a quarterback. seventh round, a linebacker from boston college come and running back keith marshall from georgia. d.c. united on the road in chicago, against the fire. a little reunion. 65th minute, united trailing. the corner kick come in front, puts it home with a header. 1-1. minute, still tied, fire on the attack. a chance to win it for chicago, but the goalie comes out to make the big say. 1-1 tie. >> i'm proud of them. i thought we played very
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, they did a good job adjusting out of his role. i thought the young kids really showed well when they came on andack four, solid, travis made some good saves. overall, a good night. we will take a tie. o's dropped one to the white sox. so the series tied at 1-1, heading to pittsburgh. kimberly: come on, caps. robert: fans are hopeful. kimberly: coming up, a new perk at a popular park. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. flonase is the first and only nasal spray approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms.
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ase controls six. and six is greater than one. more complete allergy relief. flonase. 6>1 changes everything.
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kimberly: happily ever after it the most magical place on earth, florida's disney world announcing couples can hold their wedding ceremony in the park's new east plaza garden. robert, you changing your wedding plans? robert: no way. wedding: previously the spot had been the train station, but now couples can get hitched with the spires of cinderella's castle behind them.
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