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tv   Right Side With Armstrong Williams  ABC  May 2, 2016 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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>> armstrong: good kids, 2000 back, 2020, they are in the house by popular demand. that is up next on the show, baby. >> armstrong: so many questions we had you on welcome back, sydney, bryce jackson, of course our very own williams. i know you are hyped up for the test. we are going to get you and ask you
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more natural reaction. do you think many kids in the world today are like you guys, very bright, well read, parents so involved in their lives. the reaction we got was that these kids are the exceptions not the rules. there are not many good kids like these kids? i tend not to agree with that assertion by many that watch the show the last time you were on. let me start with you, sydney. you are in the classroom with many kids do you think they have the intelligence, discipline, the kind of parents you get to enjoy everyday which your greatest blessing? >> i am most fortunate to have good teachers of parents i have right now. i don't think all kids are as fortunate and all
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luck to end up with the kindness, the people that care enough about us of which they will teach us to be kind. they will pay for such an amazing school that is wakefield, right. >> armstrong: what is it that you must do, you must sacrifice other kids enjoy doing so you can have the knowledge, your touch of wisdom to understand these subjects. >> these subjects are very complicated, what kind of sacrifice you must make to continue this journey. do you have a lot -- do you do fun things beyond studying the world issues of today? >> one sacrifice, i haven't played x box in ten months.
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birthday party. >> armstrong: no, no, i want you to answer the question i asked you. >> that is what i have to sacrifice, it is not much to have this opportunity. >> what is it that you read? >> i read fiction books, i read about sports. i am more in the novel section. >> armstrong: where do you get your information on politicians, do you read the newspapers or online? >> i read cnn headlines and talk to my parents because they are in the political business. they tell me things, read the news.
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newspapers aren't really like a kid thing. >> armstrong: bryce, what is it like in the jackson home? as a kid, what do you expect of your parents? >> a role, if you respect them, they'll give you the same exact respect. as school, the teachers sometimes you may not like them, you still give full respect. they ask you to go up to the board, but you don't know, try to give most respect you can. >> armstrong: anything you can't talk to your parents whether you are having feels about girls or things that are taboo, do you
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talk to them about whatever? >> yes. a bunch of stuff has come up in middle school. i can go straight to them, they'll always answer. they are trustworthy. they have the answers. >> armstrong: these kids keep quoting. [laughter]. i take it they are trustworthy. that brings an interesting idea, do you think our government is trustworthy? >> they are wasteful. the debt we are in, 19 trillion dollars nationally, combining everything, 21
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i don't know but if you had the resolution or answer to that, you should run for president. >> whether the government is trustworthy to us, you should take care of the domestic matters, that is so wrong. >> they have their own government. >> trustworthy maybe the wrong word. we should still take refuge. >> armstrong: what is it about government that you do trust? >> information they give out. the debt, i trust that. what they are doing to help america and what they are slacking off on helping america. what they are putting to
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side. what their main problem. >> we don't want your generation to grow up with total distrust of government. you don't totally distrust government, do you, bryce? >> no, sir. they are dealing with isis, syria, we should be dealing with israel since they are a big supporter of us. they do have big news headlines. we should trust them. >> armstrong: we are going to go to break. did you hear what bryce said? no, sir. nancy, when they say -- she gets so offended. she still wants to be young. i love the fact that these kids show respect. show respect and deference to their elders. we are going to get into the hard stuff when we return. don't go away, good kids, 2020, up next.
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>> welcome back, i am armstrong williams. there are countries that have accepted these refugees and obliterated -- they cannot compensate, accommodate the number of refugees in their country. we are debating, the number is at 10,000. i would like to get your take on what our
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about the growing refugee crisis. >> they should almost definitely take them. one way to ensure the safety, we should take a few at a time. whether it is a slow process or not, dangers are still there. >> this is where i disagree with you. >> armstrong: bryce, why? >> isis can sneak in as refugees, we learned that in paris. they are going to keep trying. if we can't help what is going on now and start taking them in. i know we have those services and stuff they have to go through for them to be able to be a part of us, seriously? i don't think it is trustworthy. >> i agree with you, any foreign policy issue in america, i believe it sul
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america first. as we saw in turkey, then 67 people died of an explosion. >> letting one isis member in america can have an impact. >> we are already in that debt we have. >> okay 10,000 people in iraq and syria murdered by isis, we should help them. >> we shouldn't help them in that way. we should help them by getting rid of isis, not accepting them in. >> yeah, we can't do that immediately. that is impossible. >> we can't let refugees in immediately. >> we can start sooner. >> it is going to happen to us. we are going to get bombed like paris. it is something crazy that is going to happen. we know it is going to happen.
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they can get in as refugees for us. >> i think for me, the real question is how much do you trust the government? nsa surveillance. >> it is a crazy thing, yes, we should keep our eyes on enemies and allies. there should be certain objectives to be able to do this. there is literally no flying zone. >> i don't think that should be in play at all. >> beforehand you said we trust websites.
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>> online dating, 55%. >> i don't believe the government should do it. >> having the government watching what you do. you know they are looking through your phone to make sure you are not a terrorist. >> they are trying to identify patterns, do you think that is healthy. >> we should put the constitution into play with phones. just because it doesn't say you need a search warrant for a phone. you have to link the dots from future time. >> do you think you could prevent lone wolfs? like what happened in san bernardino. >> let's say my parents are spying on
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[laughter]. there maybe issues. >> how can they trust you if you they don't know what you are doing? >> armstrong: there is a point here because. i don't call it spying on their kids. i think they call it protecting their kids. they know people can exploit you, get your attention, manipulate you and lead you into danger you clearly can't see. i think you make the point right. when you question your parents, you don't question them you trust them. it is an act of love. they get it wrong because they want your best interest. they want to protect. it is a different bar when we are talking about parent. we want parents more involved in with their
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you guys have followed up on human trafficking and many are kidnapped because they get into these conversations and leads to a place where sometimes they even kill. even in your research, you should understand why not just parents, there should be something in place to monitor to protect these kids from arm. >> it could be monitoring. my parents, i don't do social media. >> you are saying you should be a certain age before you, you are 12 years old. maybe 17 or 18, many parents should have your attitude. your attitude. we are going to
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>> armstrong: you know i have had the good fortune to travel around the world. someone brought u
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about israel, mandatory for everyone to serve in the military. everyone. when you graduate from high school, you must serve. particularly for a place like united states, a lot of kids are not fortunate enough you don't learn about leadership, discipline, what it means for a man. sometimes to set an example for a woman, a kind of man she should date. what do you think it is mandatory to serve in the military, and should the voting age change? >> i do think mandatory military service is a good thing. i also think you should be educated before you go do it. they are not going to throw you in there without being educated that is crazy. on the other
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it is a crazy thing. >> when you say educated, all of the kids are already supposed to go to school besides saturday and sunday. with education, they are already education. i think mandatory education -- >> i am a program funded by the navy. how not to freak out and hold your barrings. when you go into a military fact, you need to know how you do that. >> with that time we already do in school, what would be the appropriate timing to do that? we are already busy.
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>> armstrong: once you graduate. >> oh. >> the voting age, i don't think. they don't pay attention. >> armstrong: they don't understand. you all certainly have the maturity. [laughter]. rafi, go ahead. >> raphael: a lot of kids don't watch debates. do you think there should be a poll? >> it should be a choice. what if you are paying attention and have a smart vote you should be able to vote without a poll test. that is kind of unruling. >> america is based on freedom.
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educational system you hinted on something that maybe because your parents can provide you an education where you can learn and thrive your chances of doing just that are far greater. are you saying public school system maybe there is not emphasis where you have more parental involvement in the child's education and while you may throw other resources unless the parent is involved that is the different between ordinary and extraordinary? reinforcing the lessons taught in the classroom, in the house hold. >> yeah. it is a lot extra. kids soak up all the information. they develop an understanding of what is going on around them. sometimes good, sometimes bad. what the parents teach them is what we base our beliefs on what we -- o
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doing something right now. [laughter]. >> armstrong: does the option with access to tablets make a difference? >> it does. >> at wakefield classroom sizes make a difference. you can talk to the teacher one on one, they know who you are, your struggles and difficultie rather than 70 people in a class. make more schools so the classes sighses can be smaller for the teachers to have one on one. >> there are 24 kids in each class, no difficulty. >> is your teacher able to relate? >> yes. teacher has t
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bunch of other kids. >> if the teacher wants to be involved, final thoughts, i am armstrong williams, you are listening to our good kids
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>> armstrong: we are back, i am armstrong williams. in the two minutes we have left, there is something you could change to make better in this country or in your community, what would it be? >> in this country, i would change gaunt guantanamo used to be 799 prisoners, now only 122. they each have their own lawyer and doctor. we could use that money wasted there and put it in the school systems. >> sydney? >> i would lower the p
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that is a high number which we most definitely need to increase. to think people are livering on streets who aren't as fortunate as us. >> armstrong: unamerica, bryce? >> lower education costs. it is hard to get an education. cost of private schools. every parent wants that for their child. i think we should lower the cost. >> armstrong: raphael armstrong? >> raphael: i think it is great. >> armstrong: we can't thank you enough. you may know their parents. you have to give encouragement to parents when they do a good job. parents are in the business of raising children, being involved and making them good stewards of society but citizens that contribute and return the
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investment to make america a better place that is who we are. that is what we should be about. good day, thank you for joining us from the show. [captioning provided by u.s. captioning company]
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good morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm diane macedo. here are some of the top headlines we're following four this morning on "world news now" of. at least five people are dead after severe flooding along the western gulf coast and more flooding is likely today as the thunderstorms continue. we'll have more details in a moment. >> after weekend protests, the green zone in baghdad has returned to normal this morning. thousands broke into the fortified area saturday and stormed the parliament demanding political reform. >> puerto rico is going to default on a huge bond payment today. the governor says it was a choice between either paying the debt or providing essential services for residents. congress has not been able to come up with help for that territory. >> after coming under fire from animal rights activists ringling brothers closed its final


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