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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  May 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> now abc 7 news at noon on your side. >> right now this noon -- crews are carefully working to clean up dangerous chemicals leaked from yesterday's c.f.x. train derailment in northeast d.c. a total of 16 cars derailed yesterday morning, and today we're hearing from one of d.c.'s leaders on this mess. our sam sween see live with that and the progress being made at that site today. sam? sam: jummy, good aer
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we are making progress, but the clean-up still continues. take a look. you can see they are continuing -- jummy: all right, we've got problems with the live shot there, and we'll try to get him up. in the meantime, our other top stories -- the metro station are reopening, but thousands are still dealing with the brunswick line. suzanne kennedy continues our coverage in silver spring. suzanne: this is the first marc train to come in off the brunswick line here to the silver spring station. all of the trains from that brunswick line are going to have to stop near silver spring. the passengers that were on this train got off and went and got on metro or found other transportation to downtown washington. three lines were
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hopefully they are thinking that by tomorrow morning they will have serviced back to normal, but here's what folks had to say who had the commute in this unusual way toad. >> i didn't know what to xplain, so it is very -- to do - it is not very good. going home may be a different story. might be a big problem then. suzanne: some of the train cars remain at that derailment site. authorities are hoping to get them moved out of there today. in silver spring, suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. jummy: coming home tonight, there will be three departures out of silver spring on the brunswick line. trains will leave at 4:39 and 5:34. then the 881 will hold for an extra 30 minutes and leave at 7:04 tonight. and make sure you stay with abc 7 for the latest
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online at our other big story today -- storm watch. you can enjoy the brief break of sunshine for now, but potentially severe storms could bring storm winds and hail. doug hill is here with the timing. doug: we're still waiting for that glimpse of sunshine. haven't seen it yet. looking live at national harbor. we've been socked in this air mass for a week straight now, and looks like the next five or six or seven days we'll have chances of rain. on this day, the big concern is can we punch through the clouds, let the sun burn some holes through the overcast and start to warm us up. that's really an important question. if it does, if we get into the mid to upper 70's today, already 75 in luray and charlottesville, where they have sunshine. if our area gets into the 70's, then the likelihood of severe weather in our region really starts to accelerate later this afternoon, especially this evening. so in our hourly planner, we're going to look
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all across the area, some sunshine developing, and a response in temperatures into the upper 70's, and then showers and thunderstorms between 4:00 and 10:00 this evening. as they develop, under the right circumstances, there certainly could be some isolated severe weather with hail and damaging winds as the greatest threat. there's the clear skies. we're socked in the clouds, but if we whittle away at the cloud cover, definitely the weather this afternoon could be something to keep a close eye on. we are in a slight risk for severe weather, and again, it's hinged on what's going to happen with the cloud cover and sunshine. but definitely the potential is there for heavy rain, strong winds, and some hail as well. more about this in a few minutes for you, jummy. jummy: thank you. now we want to get back to the crews working right now to clear all that mess up from that train derailment yesterday. sam sweeney joins us live with the very latest. sam? sam: jummy, they're making progress out here, doing a great job. but it's still a big project ahead of them. you can see in the distance there, one of the train cars still slipped on its side.
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derailed. all morning here, if you look at video, you can see what a mangled mess it was. but this is a very complicated clean-up pcess. not only are these crews cleaning up the train cars that overturned, but they also have a chemical spill here, ethanol and sodium hydroxide leaked into the soil. that's used to make bleach and drano and other household projects. c.s.x. says they will ex-have a indicate the soil, replace it, and then replace the damaged tracks. but today, d.c. leaders spoke out today, saying they're! concerned about from the toxic chemicals that are being transported through the district. >> it's bad enough that there as a derailment. but worse is the fact that there appears to be some hazardous materials on the train, and that's an issue that we've been dealing with for over 10 years, trying to get the railroad to
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hazardous cargo around the center of the city, center of the region. >> my experience with c.s.x. has been limited, but we know that there have been any number of issues that have happened around us. we expect the federal agencies to make sure we get the answers that we need. sam: the big question out here and for all of those who use amtrak out to chicago and marc trains each and every morning and evening, when will all of this be fixed? well, c.s.x. says it's still too early to tell. reporting live, next from the rhode island metro station, i'm sam sweeney, abc 7 news. jummy: sam, thank you. sam touched on the commute as well. let's get to jamie sullivan. she's got a check on the roads for you this noon. jamie: we're starting with a midday road work. if you have to get into the district using 395 heading northbound, you can see a lot of the road work near place. over to the right-hand side is what we do have blocked off, just the one right lane. everyone does get by using the three left lanes. as we move to the map, let's
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it's not really a big backup, you're still in the 50's as you head north from duke closer to seminary road. that is where the work is being done. past that point, continuing closer towards the 14th street bridge, not bad at all. a little bit of volume building both directions. no problems to report right now on the freeway. you can see from mostly the green, same thing on kenilworth avenue, 295 looks great in d.c. north, top side of the beltway, not bad. we're in great shape between 270, continuing to 95 in maryland, and 270 looks great heading north towards hagerstown. no problem once you get on 70. we do have some midday work happening. this is construction work in silver spring, george george avenue. keep in mind, you may see some of that activity, but nothing is closed this afternoon and no accidents. jummy, back to you. jummy: good news. thank you, jamie. in the meantime, police are still investigating a wrong-way crash on the beltway this morning. this one happening on the inner loop before eisenhower avenue and
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this morning. it tied up traffic for the early rush hour. state police tell us a wrong-way driver was killed after hitting at least one other car head on. no word yet on that driver's identity. and a grand jury meeting today to determine charges against ronald hamilton. he is that army sergeant accused of killing prince william county police officer ashley guindon after shooting and killing his wife, crystal hamilton, in a domestic dispute. he's also accused of shooting two other officers in that february shooting. hamilton is facing capital murder charges. and the trial begins today for the accused killer of university of mary washington student, grace mann. steven is charged with first degree murder, abduction, and strange haitian. mann was killed on april 17 in the house the two shared with two other students. the two roommates previously testified they came home that day and encouered him. he said he told them and he mann had fought and "no
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gone." they found her body in a bedroom. taking a look at news around the nation now, nine people arrested and five police officers injured after may day protests in seattle became violent. after an earlier peaceful protest sunday morning, police say some of the protesters began targeting businesses and vandalizing parked cars with spray paint. that's when officers stepped in with pepper spray, but some protesters fought back, throwing rocks and molotov cocktails at police. >> it's kind of disturbing, because it's mostly violent. i like peace. >> it will continue, so i'm just not sure what vandalism will solve. jummy: there were other gatherings in los angeles, paris, istanbul, moscow, manila, and london, some of which were also violent. 87 detroit schools are closed today amid a sickout by teachers. the school district announcing saturday it would not have enough money to continue paying teachers this summer. the teachers union asked instructors to call out sick
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under michigan law. sickouts earlier this year caused tens of thousands of students to miss class. new this noon, the virginia supreme court ruled that cohabitation laws do apply to same-sex couples. the court agreed with the fairfax county man who said he should not have to pay child support because his observation wife was living with and engaged to another woman. the ruling overturns the decision of an appeals court that claims cohabitation could only occur between a man and a woman. coming up on abc 7 news at noon -- some bang in the hoosier state. the race for the white house heads to indiana, why this battle is so crucial for at least one candidate. plus the debate over an estate heads to a judge. who stands to inherit his millions? and a major milestone, how prince george's county officials are turning a natural disaster into a celebration of strength. plus doug hill is tracking the storms that are headed our way, and how long the rainy weather sticks around.
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jummy: to vote 2016 now, and the race for the white house heads to indiana. we are just one day away from that critical primary there. and as abc's karen travers explains, it's make or break for the underdogs. karen: ted cruz is barnstorming indiana, and the hoosier state could be make or break for him. >> really depending on indiana to pull us back from this cliff that we're staring over. karen: despite an endorsement from indiana's governor and announcing carly fiorina as his running mate, cruz is trailing donald trump in indiana by double digits. mr. trump: by the way, if we inindiana, it's over, ok? karen: on the democratic side, bernie sanders also in a
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ust-win situation. senator sanders: looks like south bend is really for a political revolution. karen: hillary clinton holds a small lead over sanders in indiana, but even if he loses there, he says he's not going anywhere. senator sanders: the convention will be a contested contest. karen: sanders is now calling on super delegates in the states he's won to throw their support for him, even though they overwhelmingly backed clinton. senator sanders: i did not do it for a second a tough road to climb. karen: how tough? he would need to win 92% of all remaining delegates. clinton, meanwhile, has her eyes on the general election. secretary clinton: we cannot let barack obama's legacy fall into donald trump's hands. karen: in his closing arguments, ted cruz says indiana should choose its candidates based on substance, not insults and attacks. karen travers,
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washington. jummy: today a judge will hear arguments in the debate over prince's estate. last week the late singer's sister filed papers against -- saying there was no known will. that means under minnesota law, his estate will be divided ming his siblings. he died on april 21 from unknown causes. investigators are looking into whether drugs played a role in his death. and former penn state assistant football coach, gerry sandusky, is back in a courtroom today. n 2012, san dunn ski was found guilty of sexually abusing boys. his attorney says he deserves a hearing to appeal, saying prosecutors rushed too quickly to trial. the 72-year-old is serving a 30 to 60-year sentence. people in prince george's county are turning a natural disaster into a celebration of strength. the county executive will be in ort washington declaring today
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2014. the road reopened this past december on christmas eve. it was the most expensive natural disaster in the county's history. the first american cruise ship to travel to cuba in decades is now docked in havana. that's the first stop of a 700 passengers on the carnival cruise ship. they set bail for miami on sunday. that historic trip is the latest milestone in the restoration of diplomatic relations between the two countries, but not everyone is happy about it. a small group of protesters gathered outside the port in miami on sunday as the cruise was scheduled to leave. i would love to take a cruise today, get away from some of this rain. doug: ok, let's go. let's do it. jummy: let's book our trip, doug. doug: let's make it happen. it would be nice, because if you stay around long enough this afternoon, you're probably going to get wet with showers and thunderstorms. we're looking right now, there's all the potential in the world for heavy to severe thunderstorms around here later this afternoon and tonight. the one thing standing in the way
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but that's starting to break up. let's tell you our weather story. this is what the skies look like here for the better part of a week, this over northwest washington. so through the morning, no major changes here, just clouds and a little bit of light rain in a couple of spots. as we head to early afternoon, what do we see sneer little breaks of blue in the overcast, and that's the key here as we start to see the sun break through a little bit as the sun continues to work on the low level clouds and we get more sunshine. temperatures will lies. the warmer temperatures will destabilize the father set stage for having potentially severe weather later this afternoon. petersburg, west virginia, 78. 77 in cumberland. but look at the difference in our metro area, still lower 60's because the cloud cover. we think it is breaking, and it will continue to see more sunshine develop through the midday and the afternoon, highs in the upper 70's, if the sunshine continues to develop. and then the stage is set for a likelihood that some of the showers and storms moving in from kentucky a
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there's a lot of energy available, potential energy in the atmosphere in areas where the sun is shining, want so much for us yet, but we think that's in progress. the storm prediction center has put us in a slight risk for severe thunderstorms this afternoon through all the metro area. again, everything has to come together, but it sure appears right now with the sun breaking through some that we're going to deal with showers and storms. our futurecast shows a couple of patches of shower and storm activity south and southeast of the city. as we get to 8:00 or 9:00 tonight, it really blows up, and we have still, remember, by 8:00, the sun is just going down, so we've had the whole afternoon to warm up and destabilize the atmosphere, so these showers will feed into that warm air. the potential of a lot of rain and thunderstorm, even severe weather before things settle down overnight. the forecast today, becoming partly sunny, much warmer than in recent days. showers and thunderstorms, some severe as we head through the late afternoon and nighttime hours. tomorrow, back to the same old
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in the 60's and periods of rain. now, this is just like week. look, 70% chance of rain tomorrow. 30% on wednesday. 50% thursday and friday. temperatures a little bit milder than last week. right now looks like we should hit 70 saturday with sunshine, partly sunny on sunday. to tell you the truth, i wouldn't bet a plug nickel on what the weekend is going to be like. jummy: really looking forward to the dry day on saturday. doug: it may happen. it may not. jummy: well, tonight 7 is on your side. horace holmes is at it again, and he's going undercover to put this air duct cleaning companies to the test. are those dirt-cheap specials really worth it, and do you really need the ducts clean at all? 7 on your side rented a house, hired eight duct cleaning companies to see what they would tell us about the condition of our air ducts. >> with construction, you don't want that. you don't want to breathe that.
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we couldn't even put gas -- jummy: wait until you see what some of these companies told us about the air ducts we had just gotten cleaned days before we brought them in for a check, and what about the coupons? is it a deal or a trick? join us for the air duct cleaning test tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. important stuff there. coming up on abc 7 news at noon -- three purple heart recipients who already sacrificed so much continue to give back. >> raise awareness of how much we need to give these kids some mobility to get around. jummy: how the disabled veterans are helping other wounded warriors, and where the jo
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veterans are making their way across the country 2309 purple heart run. our john gonzalez was there as this incredible journey kicked off this morning at the gates of mount vernon. john: hydraulics, cranes, and remotes, a ford f-150 customized to suit combat-wounded veterans, like corporal tyler huffman. >> paralyzed from the waist down, but i don't regret it. i mean, i'd do it all over again. john: and this purple super cab truck is embarking on quite a journey across country. the cargo as precious as they come in the military, three purple heart recipients raising awareness for those wounded heroes, still struggling to transition. >> really help raise awareness, how much we need to give these kids some mobility to get around. john: huffman is the veteran marine behind the wheel, paralyzed after being shot in the chest by a sniper in afghanistan six years ago. >> traffic, all that, but, you
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best to get everywhere we can and spend as much time as we can. john: appropriately enough, this journey is starting here at mile marker zero for the purple heart trail in mount vernon, the home of president george washington, the first president to award the very first badge of military merit. there are an estimated 1.8 million purple heart recipients today, one of them, a local double amputee, will be awarded this truck at the end of this 29-day, 7,000-mile voyage. >> the individual has already been picked, and he lives here in virginia, as a matter of fact. so he'll be here on the 30th to receive the truck and the keys from our commander. john: in mount vernon, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. jummy: nice to see there. some rain and potential storms headed our way in the next few hours. doug hill back with a final look at the
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jummy: so most of us are going to see possibly some storms later today? doug: yep. and right is now the heavy cloud cover is starting to break. look in northwest washington, outside idaho avenue, headquarters wtop radio. look at that, starting to see periods of blue sky, and that's key. temperatures in the 60's now, but we'll see temperatures warm into the 70's, and with that, a pretty good likelihood of heavy to severe thunderstorms this afternoon. our storm watch 7 team is on top of it.
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>> need a reason to stick around for the next 30 minutes? i can give you about 1 million of them. it's time to play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] all right. let's get right to it. our first contestant is a 25-year-old recent graduate and a third grade teacher who may just be leaving with a book bag full of cash today. from brooklyn, new york, please welcome jeanell allen. [cheers and applause] >> hello. >> hi, jeanell. >> how are you? >> good. come on over. >> all right. oh, yeah. whoo! [cheers and applause] [laughs]


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