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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  May 2, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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plans go enjoy the sunshine. the clouds are coming back here tomorrow. we'll have more in a couple of minutes. michelle: thank you so much. of course, stay connected with stormwatch7 weather team through or the abc7 facebook and twitter feeds. you can get the forecast at your fingertips by downloading the stormwatch7 weather app for your smartphone or tablet. jonathan: a big story we're following over the weekend and now things have changed. the train cars, they are gone but the damage is still being assessed after the weekend c.s.x. derailment in d.c. it happened where the tracks cross road island avenue not far from the brentwood post office. we have team coverage of the derailment today starting with transportation reporter brianne carter live on the scene. brianne: at this hour there is still a smell in the air here. close to the scene. you can see we are just at the ramp where people go to the metro tracks. to show you how close it is, just off-site from where this is all taking place. in the last five minutes they managed to lift this car.
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has left. the one that was damaged they were not able to upright and remove. meanwhile down the tracks you can see new tracks. we understand they are waiting to be put in place here. crews continue their work. we understand it will likely be days before everything is back up and running. throughout the day some of the 16 rail cars that were derailed were uprooted and removed from the site. ethanol from one car was offloaded. throughout the afternoon, crews have been removing and replacing soil in this area that was impacted by the hazmat spill. while metro trains are back up and running today there is still an impact for those who use marc and amtrak. two of the marc camden line trains have been canceled tonight. there will only there three brunswick trains tonight. c.s.x.
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>> these tracks generally are inspected visually several times a week. they are inspected between three and 12 times a year by a system that uses ultrasound to examine the internal characteristics of the steel rails to identify defects that may cause concern. brianne: and back here live you can see that work does continue. just this afternoon they have reopened the bridge here above. that is also connecting to those metro tracks. just on the other side. now coming up tonight at 5:00, we will have more on the impact it will have on your commute. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. the derailment raises questions about hauling cargo through the nation's capital. the same sort of questions people first started asking after that massive fire in downtown baltimore almost 15 years ago. in that case, a train carrying chemicals derailed in the howard street tunnel and then burned for days. diane cho pick
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coverage from north d.c. diane: elected officials we spoke to today say they understand this is going to happen from time to time but what happened yesterday they say raises the issue that derailments here in the district are not only a public safety issue but also a national security one. d.c. council chairman phil mendelson says there needs to be some type of control for hazardous materials through d.c. so they know exactly what is coming through the area. he also thinks hazardous materials should be routed around the district. sunday morning c.s.x. says sodium hydroxide is one of the chemicals that leak and has been plugged since. it's a chemical used in household products like soap and detergents according to c.s.x. >> the council legislated in this area a decade ago saying there could not be hazardous materials coming through the district and there would be a strict liability on the railroad and the railroad went to cour
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said it was a federal issue and won. so we have not been able to assert any local control with regard to the safety or the national security issue. diane: now officials say the water and the air quality has not been impacted in the area so far. again, no injuries were reported in this. c.s.x. receased a statement saying in part, though, it does not move certain categories of hazardous materials through the district. northeast d.c., diane cho, abc7 news. michelle: thanks. you can get text alerts on your phone for breaking news stories like this weekend's derailment. just sign up for those at jonathan: this is something we are just getting into the newsroom now. a full-time firefighter will now be working with metro. the uniformed officer will be standing by at the rail operations center just in case. this change is coming one dale before metro is issuing the final report of a fire that killed a woman at the l'enfant plaza last year. michelle: after two years and $15 million, today prince george's county declared an
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disaster in its history. brad: i'm brad bell in the neighborhood of fort washington where today politician led by steny hoyer and county executive baker join with the residents of the neighborhood so celebrate the reopening of piscataway drive. this road collapsed literally in what was called a slope failure, rather than a landslide back in may of 2014. a number of houses including these up on top of the hill here condemned. never able to be occupied again. the county having to buy them. all told, $15 million spent on this project. we'll have more on this story coming up at 5:00. jonathan: did a university of mary washington student murder his own roommate? he is accused of killing his roommate with a house he shared with two other people. jeff goldberg is joining us live from fredericksburg. what did we lear
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what came out in court? jeff: well, a lot, jonathan. a very sad scene inside the courtroom. grace mann's mother in tears. holding thomas mann. the first witness to take the stand following the opening statement from the defense. the defense is arguing stephen grill is not guilty for reason of insanity. they offered a specific and bizarre explanation as to why he killed 20-year-old grace mann. here is video from this afternoon of grace man's family walking into the courthouse in fredericksburg. her mother again, the first witness in this case. she was on the stand 20 minutes ago. video of stephen breel parents and the other family members in fredericksburg as well. he is accused of strangling and killing grace april 17 last year. he was a junior and they were housemates. defense attorneys saying that on the day of the
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stephen breel was having ascites -- a schizophrenic episode. he texted his mother who told him to calm down, take a deep breath and say a hail mary. but he texted back hail mary full of grace. the defense argument that he was insane in the course of the murder is ludicrous. and they are alleging that briel tried to change his clothes and shave after the murder and took off and was texting his mother asking what he should do. clearly not signs according to the prosecution of someone who didn't know what was going on. a lot happening inside the courtroom right now. we'll go back inside an bring you an update at 5:00. a lot of developments. until then, live in fredericksburg, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. michelle: the former penn stat
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of sexually abusing young boys wants a new trial. jerry sandusky and his new lawyers are appealing the case claiming he received ineffective council from the previous attorneys. specifically that those attorneys allowed him to give bob costas an exclusive interview. experts don't expect a judge to buy this. >> jerry sandusky is not going to get a new trial. these motions are routinely filed and rarely granted. courts want finality. michelle: the judge did not immediately issue a ruling but did say in court he has questions about who the defense has any factual evidence to support the arguments. sandusky has been sentenced to 30 to 60 years behind bars. jonathan: more news from a courtroom. a judge appointed a trust to
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his sister filed paperwork saying there is no known will. brandi hitt has the latest for us. brandi: prince's family now at the center of a media circus, one-by-one heading to court. hoping to settle the star's estate. his only full sibling his sister and several half siblings appeared before a minnesota judge who asked if anyone had knowledge of the will. the room is silent. >> everyone has been spoken for. we are certain that there is more to come. >> they are insisting the family united. >> each individual heir will have an equal vote in the process.
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>> but people are coming out of the woodwork claiming to be his sole heir. one man's story piqued his interest. >> he was born in the '80's and his mother crossed paths with prince a couple of times. >> it's now at the mercy of the court system. >> reminder to everyone. you have to write a will. >> the court did concern which company will handle matters with prince's estate but they did not address how much it's worth or how long the settlement with take. brandi hitt, abc7 news. michelle: g.o.p. lawmakers in virginia plan to sue over governor terry mcauliffe's order that restores voting rights for convicted felons. republicans claim the governor overstepped his constitutional authority in what they say is a ploy to boost votes for the democratic nominee in november's election. mcauliffe's order is estimated to impact 200,000 people in the commonwealth. jonatha:
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campaigning, an odd moment on the campaign trail in vote 2016 this weekend. maybe you saw it. carly fiorina had just finished introducing senator ted cruz and his family aten event in lafayette, indiana. that is when she fell off the stage. she was fine and rejoined the group a few minutes later. indiana's primary is tomorrow. a big one. all right. the field and the pitch may not be the only place that the kids can get concussions. where parents may want to keep an extra eye out as well. michelle: plus one day hike turns to a four-day ordeal for a mother and daughter. >> i, you know, was scared to death. i thought they wouldn't find us. michelle: hear the hardest part of surviving and when a mother knew she had to act. jonathan: later, three purple heart winners embark on amazing journey to help others. michelle: but first -- >> call the cops.
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e.t. phone home. when you find something you love, you can never get enough of it. change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1. michelle: well, for the first time in 40 years an american cruise ship doc
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the carnival cruise ship arrived in havana this morning with more than 700 tourists on board. it's the first of three stops in the island nation. the arrival is a huge step forward in the he isor ration of diplomatic relations between the u.s. and cuba. jonathan: woman turned her tables on what she thought was a would-be voyeur and recorded it on her cell phone. alison starling has details on this one. alison: good afternoon. this happened in florida. started when the woman you mentioned thought she had seen the same man before. >> do you remember running into me in the grocery store? alison: this morning alleged video voyeur caught on camera. >> stop this guy! alison: a florida woman chasing the suspect out of the store. >> call the cops on him! alison: filming the entire thing. >> i want identification of who he was. alison: she was shopping in theb
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and he approached her. she claimed he harassed her two years ago in a supermarket secretly filming the encounter. >> i didn't know it's question about your underwear and private areas. alison: but this time she turned the tables. turning on her camera. >> call the cops. alison: later posting the video on her facebook page. police eventually capturing 31-year-old and charged him with reckless driving. it's not the first time he has been accused of inappropriate retail encounters. court documents revealing he was previously convicted of taking photographs of women in dressing rooms in 2009. now the post has been viewed more than 1.5 million times. with dozens of women saying that he did the same thing to them. and spivey saying she has no regrets. >> if that is what you have to do to be safe and protect yourself, do what you have got to do. alison
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say he didn't do anything illegal but they find his actions disturbing. they are asking any other women who had encounters with him to come forward. the sheriff's office says if you find yourself in a similar situation, protect yourself and use your best judgment. michelle? michelle: thank you for that. his face captured in that video. time now for a check of traffic situation out there. jamie sullivan has details. a lot of red. jamie: we had an accident earlier on 95 northbound in virginia near triangle. that accident is now gone. but the wazers reporting heavy traffic. we are seeing that again as you head northbound from stafford county. you can see here the slowing. seven-mile backup right now. we are in good shape. we are seeing green. no major accidents to report. outbound on 39
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not bad but slowing in the northwest corner. along the top side of the beltway, you can see that we do have a slow patch near connecticut avenue. really we are seeing the heavy volume as you get closer toward georgia avenue. that is a look at traffic. back to you. >> that is crazy. thank you, lord. i got off of this. jonathan: look at your tv. look at this. craziest scene in texas playing out over the weekend. road was disintegrating after the driver went by in part of storm that drenched the south and gulf coast over the weekend. five people killed in flooding in texas alone. they need to dry out and they haven't been in the last couple of days. michelle: that video is mind blowing. doug: it has been weeks and weeks of flooding. now we are getting a taste of rain. in the metro area, the next few hours are fine.
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go are a lot of rain. we will lay it out. potential we could get significant rain tonight. the threat of the nasty ugly severe weather will miss us to the south. and west. give you a time lapse from cardinal ridge in centreville. 77 right now. started with a lot of rain. cloudy skies. in the course of the afternoon, sun came out. warmed up. 77. absolutely delightful. what we will find in general is those areas that have the warmest temperatures all day, they will be the areas that have the potential to get heaviest storms tonight. not so much. columbia heights where it is 71 or 76 in largo or waldorf. it's the areas farther southwest and west in the low 80's. some areas in mid-80's will get on the heavy downpours tonight. 81 in ashburn now. 81 in dale city. so we are looking at the leading edge of the severe thunderstorm watch up until 10:00 tonight that extends through west virginia, kentucky, carolina. it does not affect our area. we think th
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development will be the areas south and east of us. we will closely monitor this area, eastern kentucky and southwestern section of west virginia. this is going to start moving in our direction. we think it will weaken some in terms of severe potential in your area. but later this evening and tonight, 10:00 to 11:00, midnight we could get heavy rain around the area. something to watch closely for you for the rest of our weather cast this afternoon. potential is rainfall. heavy rain that is a possibility. maybe wind. but rain with the storms as they approach. as a result we will see the heaviest downpours late tonight and into the army overnight hours. we will -- into the early overnight hours. we will get a break and then isolated thousander tomorrow but in -- isolated showers tomorrow afternoon and then it will start to rain substantially. by the time we get to norm evening we could see in some areas an inch and a half to two inches of rain on this model. it shows us over two inches in the metro area, east to annapolis. rainy st
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four days. michelle: we should makeup the deficit. whittle away at it for sure. coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- where recovery crews found hope when they thought all faded. jonathan: but first a large ice coffee sets you back $3 at starbucks. find out why a customer says their drink was worth $5 million. no kidding.
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jonathan: officially game over for sports authority. the sports retailer closing all 450 of the stores. the company filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in march. sports authority plans to liquidate all stores and close down operations in the months ahead. they have 14 stores in the d.c. area. michelle: how much is too much at starbucks? we're not talking about prices. we are talking about ice. amy aubert takes a look at the $5 million lawsuit that is sending chills down the company's spine. amy: chatter brewing over megacoffee chain starbucks. >> i'm fascinating as it has gone this far already. >> a joke. amy: is lawsuit claims that starbucks underfill the iced drinks claiming you get less coffee and more ice. >> a little ridiculous. i feel like you can always ask for
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amy: they advertise a vente iced coffee as 24 hours. the suit claiming that you get less coffee than that. >> it seems like there is better ways than using the justice system. >> we checked it out ourselves. first at a starbucks in arlington. we got a measure cup and a strainer. after dumping the drink, we found there is more than two cups of liquid. then i came to maryland and i bought the same drink. this was over two cups as well. >> this is ridiculous. people have become petty with these things. another way to try to make a buck. amy: in a statement starbucks says, "we are aware of the plaintiff's claims that we believe to be without merit." they go on to say if a customer is unsatisfied with their drink they will remake it. amy aubert, abc7 news. michelle: you can always ask for less ice. i don't get it. we want to know wha
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of this, the lawsuit. cast your vote in the twitter poll on abc7 news or join the conversation on the facebook page. i agree with the one guy who says there has to be more important things to deal with than this. jonathan: i feel like a knucklehead because i'm the one asking for more ice. if you want ice tea or iced coffee you want ice as a component of the drink. michelle: you'd think. maybe we're crazy. jonathan: $5 million. what is the damage? a zillion for each ice cube? twitter users have taken to social media to hope to have disney introduce the first ever openly gay character. elsa is a lead character in "frozen." the sequal is in production. those against though say "frozen" is a children's movie and not the place to take a stand. michelle: coming up on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- finding their way a mother's last ditch effort after being stranded in
4:27 pm
with her daughter for four days. erin: i'm erin hawksworth live in pittsburgh. the capitals have arrived for game three. hear from t
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jonathan: leon harris is joining us from the "live desk." this is amazing stuff. leon: this video literally just came in to the newsroom now. moments ago. take a look at this. you can see the moment that train starts to tip over. one-by-one the cars domino and onto each other. this is the shot from the rhode island avenue metro station. the car starts to wobble and the rest of the train sort of pile up into it. this happened yesterday morning at 6:40 a.m. the accident site still being cleaned up. throughout the day yesterday the rail cars were moved from the site. that yesterday and today. ethanol from one car that derailed was offloaded. sodium hydroxide from another car spilled and that was taken off. that is used to make paper and dran-o. they don't believe it's going to cause real problems.
4:31 pm
affected by the spill. we will stay on top of it and bring you developments as we get them in the newsroom. michelle? michelle: michelle: this is hail from one storm that sparked tornado warnings. we could see rain coming to our area in the next few hours. chief meteorologist doug hill with the storm watch. beautiful now. doug: gorgeous. look at this. if we have rain it won't be until 11:00 tonight. that time frame. so enjoy the next few hours. it will be gorgeous. the first time in a long time we have had sunshine to enjoy around the area. live look in alexandria, belle haven country club. 75 at the moment. this temperatures are warmer than they have. 81 in mann. 85 in fredericksburg. farther south
4:32 pm
air is wedgedded north and east. this is a jackpot area. the warmer temperatures where the sun has been out. that is where we find the showers moving in. this is a region under the gun for severe thunderstorm watch untilight. showers north and east to roanoke. but the main action is over eastern kentucky and western section of west virginia. i will rotate toward our area. by that time they should lose some of the energy. we don't expect anything severe. but rain and the heavy downpours are part of the future later tonight. by the morning rush a lot moves out. then it will form and be heavy again. wednesday we have increased chances of rain. that is the story for several days. look at the probability. 70%. 60. 40. through friday the cooler temperatures again.
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hoping for partly sunny day on sunday. jonathan: and we are looking for the color red! capitals trying to go up in the second game. it was heartbreak over the weekend. michelle: erin hawksworth at the console energy center with a preview. we could use a win there. -than-is -- erin: that's right. i'm rocking my red. this series is tied up at a game apiece. the caps almost stole game two. but they just couldn't get it done. they struggled in the first two periods. the players admitted ey came out slow and have to do better. they stepped it up in the third. you can't win games in playoffs only playing one solid period. here is alex ovechkin and john karlson for what they expect tonight in game
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>> this is a big game. we didn't play good enough. it's not about the shots. we want to get as many pucks in the net as we can. but we weren't executing. they played good. that is the result of being outplayed for first two periods. michelle: now the big news of the day is three game suspension for brooks orpik for the hit. was it fair or unfair? at 5:00 you will hear from orpik. and head coach barry trotz was emotional speaking out about the suspension today. that is interesting. stick around for 5:00. you don't want to miss the emotional response. jonathan: thanks. an american exchange student and her mother recovering after getting lost in the new zealand wilderness for five days. talk about
4:35 pm
22-year-old rachel lloyd and her mother set off for a one-day hike. that's all it was supposed to be. but after rachel fell and hit her head, carolyn lloyd huddled with her to keep her warm and spelled out the word "help." >> i took a tummable in the water and hit my head on a rock pretty bad. >> she was fading on me. it was terrifying. >> i was with my mom and i had to go through my dying wishes, the hardest thing. watching my watch me suffer and die slowly. jonathan: wow! carolyn lloyd said when she knew she had to get her daughter help she was able to carry rachel on her back for a little while. eventually a helicopter pilot saw their help signs and they are both now expected to be fine. but that is an amazing story. as if a mother and daughter aren't bonded as it is. michelle: exactly. jonathan: they will have the story forever. michelle: to be in that situation and not know if th
4:36 pm
is it. jonathan: every christmas and thanksgiving they get together -- michelle: if that doesn't give you chills this will. miraculous survive for 72-year-old man in ecuador. manuel vasquez was found alive after being trapped under rubble for nearly two weeks. remember the earthquake? his apartment building collapsed in the april 16 earthquake. the humanitarian team found him 13 days later. he lost some of his toes and was suffering from kidney failure but he is alive and being treated at a hospital now. jonathan: very lucky. coming up for us at 4:00 -- kellye: i'm kellye lynn. on the final day of the science competition. i'll tell you the final teams in spotlight on education. michelle: this is teacher appreciation week. show us the teachers you value by sending their picture to us. we will share those on air and online. jonathan: we head to break,
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princess charlotte. is she adorable? she received letters and gifts from 64 different countries today. you can see why she is so popular.
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jonathan: let's get to stephen tschida joining us live in mobiletrak7 on the way to breaking news. what is going on? stephen: we are heading to brandywine. we understand there has been a homicide. police are on the scene. we should be there in 20 minutes or so. once we get there we will get as much information as we request for you and get it back to you. back to you, jonathan. michelle: abc7 salutes a group of disabled veterans who continue to give back despite sacrificing so much. right now wounded warriors are making their way across the country for the purple heart run. john gonzalez is in mount vernon where the inspiring journey began. john: hydraulics, cranes and remotes. mobility equipped ford f-150 customized to suit combat wounded veterans. like corporate tyler huffman. >> paralyzed from the waste
4:41 pm
i mean i'd do it all over again. john: this purple super cab truck embarring on a journey across country. the cargo as precious as they come in the military. three purple heart recipients raising awareness for those wounded heroes still struggling to transition. >> it will help raise awareness. >> huffman is behind the wheel. after being shot by a sniper. >> we will do our best to get everywhere we can and spend as much time as we can. john: appropriately enough the journey is starting at mile marker 0 for the purple heart trail in mount vernon, the home of president george washington. the first president to award the very first badge of military merit. there are an estimated 1.8 million purple heart recipients today. one of them a local double
4:42 pm
truck at the end of the 29-day, 7,000-mile voyage. >> the individual has been picked. he lives in virginia as a matter of fact. he will be here on the 30th to receive the truc and the keys from the commander. john: john gonzalez, abc7 news. jonathan: they do wonderful work. we wish them the best. drive safely. thank you for the service. michelle: we look forward to the end of the journey. nathan: hopefully they'll blog it. michelle: coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- slathering it on. the secret to preventing skin cancer may be in your kitchen.
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trying to make me eat my greens?low. no, just trying to save you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. michelle: "7 on your side" in health matters now. today is melanoma monday, a great way to raise awareness about melanoma and other form of skin cancer. joining us to discuss the important issue is a dermatologist. we thank you for joining us. skin cancer affects people of all races and all shades. how much sun screen should the
4:46 pm
day? >> that is a very important question. i appreciate you bring me on to bring increased awareness about this. i say to my patients the secret against skin cancer is in your kitchen. with this. this is a teaspoon measure. when s.p.f. products are tested in the lab, they are tested at specific and high concentrations. i tell my patients once a year get out your teaspoon. pour sunscreen in here. whatever you're using every day and make sure you fill it up. one teaspoon is face and neck. one teaspoon for each arm and one for your chest. michelle: that is more than people are wearing. >> especially for makeup. people say there is s.p.f. is in my makeup. but unless you are putting on full pancake makeup you are not using a teaspoon so you are probably only getting a third of the protection labeled. michelle: how often should you reapply it? folks will go to the beach, put it on and that is the last they see of the sun screen.
4:47 pm
though they reapply everybody hour? >> ate is timer, every 90 minutes to two hours depending on the formulation. if you're in and out of water, reapply sooner. if you're a professional at work it's not realistic to reply it everybody few hours but find a formulation that is easy to easy to reapply. michelle: people believe if it is cloudy they don't worry about it. they don't think sun protection. but that is 'em when you need to wear protection. >> if you don't need a flashlight, you need sun screen. michelle: so if it is not night time you need to put it on. how much is too much for sun exposure? >> sun burning is really bad for risk factors but if you have a skin tone not prone to burning having extensive unprotected sun exposure is a danger in terms of the skin cancer and aging. it doesn't have to be a heavy duty sun screen. even s.p.f. 20 will block
4:48 pm
of u.v. rays. michelle: thank you so much. we spent a lot of time talk iting about prevention and we want folks to go to the website to learn more about ways to defect if they have a mole or something to be concerned about. >> perfect. glatt you shared that information. i hope people head to the kitchen and check out the teaspoon trick. michelle: get out the teaspoon. jonathan: good advice. air ducts carry the air that you and your family breathe in your home. companies insist the ducts are something you should be checking and cleaning regularly. some say, though, it's a waste of time and money. "7 on your side" horace holmes took his camera under cover to put air duct companies to the test. what did you find? horace: well, jonathan, i'm sure you received one of these in mail. packet full of coupons. in this one and practically all of the coupon packets is a coupon for the air duct cleaning. this offers $524 -- $54 to get all the ducts cleaned? is it worth it or is it a ploy? do y
4:49 pm
the air ducts cleaned in the first place? we take you where you likely have never been before. inside an air duct. you could be the judge. air ducts carrying the air you breathe. >> everything you see here the duct and breathe from outdoors from the clothing and also a collection of the dead skin. horace: most of us never looked deep inside an air duct. this is what a duct that hasn't been cleaned in years looks like. whether or not you need to clean them is an issue for debate. air duct cleaning is a big business. >> dirty business. >> dirty business. in more ways than one some say. that is why "7 on your side" went undercover to put the air duct cleaning companies to the test. >> of course, i think they're done. >> we had the ducts in this cous we rented professionally cleaned and we hired eight duct cleaning companies to set
4:50 pm
what they would do and then what they would tell us. horace: back live in this house in falls church. that duct looks pretty clean but i am no expert by any stretch of the imagination. tonight at 11:00 is our story. you will want to see it. we will tell you how much you should be paying and then again we will give you the information that you need to make a judgment on whether you should be getting this done for not. that is tonight at 11:00. the big air duct test. "7 on your side" at it again. i'm horace holmes. abc7 news in falls church. jonathan: a lot of homeowners ask themselves should i mess with those stuff? michelle: it can be expensive. head outside. steve rudin is out there soaking up the sunshine. before the rain moves in. steve: it is so beautiful, i wish i could bottle this up. and use it for the rest of the weekend. we are
4:51 pm
this time of the year. well in the 70s and even in the 80's in some locations. 81 in luray. 81 in mann. 85 in fredericksburg. the latest on the severe thunderstorm watch. it's well south and west of us and does not include metro area. but it doesn't mean we can't rule out showers and even stronger thunderstorms and heavier downpours. satellite and radar not a lot going on. if you have outdoor plans in the next couple of hours you will be fine. night time lows 53 to 62. heavy rain and we'll see the thunderstorms diminish after midnight. for the days, highs are in the upper 60's looking at the day planner. moving ahead to the weekend. saturday and sunday looking not so bad. at least brighter skies. the rain will finally give way on saturday. highs then around 74 degrees. we will be in upper 70's on sunday. with a chance for a few showers. back live right now it is beautiful out here. hardly any clouds here in rosslyn. ge
4:52 pm
rush hour commute. over to jamie sullivan. jamie: steve, of course it's gorgeous outside. we are seeing sun glare even. 270 the traffic heeding northbound through gaithersburg as you continue past this point. we are still seeing the heavy volume. go ahead and move to the mapping system. through montgomery county we are in 20's. you clear up when you get to silver spring. getting there from virginia averaging 13 miles per hour as you approach the g.w. parkway and the american legion bridge. that is where the slowing starts. we are clear from 66 continuing north. leaving the city right now, 395 heading outbound is 21 minutes. this is just past the 14th street bridge. as you continue outbound some spots report complete standstill heading south to get close to seminary road. you get breaks closer
4:53 pm
edsall road. if you travel on metro nothing to report on any of the lines. that is a look at traffic. back to you. jonathan: thanks. more mobile track 7 now. we can tell you on the way to breaking news. in brandywine. right now police are on the scene. they have found a dead body there. they have a full investigation going on right now. our reporter stephen tschida is en route. as soon as he gets there we will get the latest from him. we'll be right back.
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jonathan: "7 on your side" in health matters with an alert. a new study finds playground concussions are on the rise. researchers at the c.d.c. examined playground injuries from 2001 to 2013. in kids 14 and younger. on average 10% had traumatic brain injuries including concussions. most of the injuries were linked to the monkey bars or the swings. michelle: over the past few days, a highly competitive tournament has been underway on them campus of the george
4:57 pm
kellye lynn takes us to the national science bowl finals. kellye: it has been 17 years since montgomery blair high school last claimed the title. today they got it back. champion of the national science bowl. >> it feels rewarding. i have been doing this for a long time. building up my knowledge base. >> amazing. stressful but fun. kellye: the annual competition attracts more than 14,000 students from around the country. over the past three days the top rain teens competed in the finals at george washington university listener auditory -- auditorium. >> you face other people who won their state. it is intense and awesome. >> fast quiz show type question and answer competition. focus on science, mathematic
4:58 pm
>> 81. >> that is correct. >> this gold medal is only part of the prize. they also get a nine-day trip to alaska. >> the teens would go by and ours was flat. but we still won first place. kellye: in northwest, kellye lynn, abc7 news. jonathan: life among the stars may be closer than thought. astronomers found three earth size planets that may contain water and life orbiting a swar of star and the planets are just 40 light years away. i say "just." telescopes all over the world focus on the planet. the hubble telescope will focus its sights on them next week. if anything comes up we will let you know. tonight -- leon: a do
4:59 pm
the c.s.x. pileup as it happens and as the repair work continues so will the headache. road to recovery. neighborhood two-year-long struggle to regain its footing comes to an end but concerns linger after a devastating land slide. car owners in area will soon get tickets you will appropriate. announcer: "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. leon: we are learning you now. get ready. you could see nasty weather by the time you are ready for bed tonight. alison: despite the sunny skies we are seeing eight's the first time in days. we are on storm watch this afternoon. doug hill tracking conditions about to change. doug: late tonight is the best chance for more widespread rain and storms. but first things first. this area in pink is a severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 10:00 tonight. it's in kentucky, tennessee, we
5:00 pm
locally we are watching the effect of the daytime heating today. it has been cloudy for a week. the sun comes out. the areas with the warmer temperatures are the most unstable part of the atmosphere west and southwest of town. those are the areas that are bubbling up with the showers and thunderstorms as well. we see it on doppler radar. they are generally moving east. we can check the one cell in mann that is headed to lake ridge and dale city -- annandale. there will be isolated showers and thunderstorms this evening. clearly the heaviest rain, the concentrated rain will move in much later tonight. we don't think it will be severe. that will stay south and west. plenty of rain later tonight. we will continue to monitor pop-up storms in the meantime. we have a lot more to say about this coming up in a couple of minutes. alison: we will see yo


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