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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  May 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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thunderstorm warnings right now. as rain moves in. maureen: chief meteorologist doug hill is tracking where the storm is now and who will experience the heaviest rain tonight. doug? doug: at the moment the storms are just southwest of the metro area, heading toward the city. severe thunderstorm watch up until 10:00 tonight for the entire area shadedded in pink. you see a little yellow area. that is the severe thunderstorm warning. you see it now in the center of the screen to the southwest of the district. a lot of heavy rain and lightning in the cell. it will continue to move east at 20 miles per hour. with that as we zoom in you can see lightning activity with it as well. it will push to fairfax and toward the city. southwest side of the beltway. springfield, mount vernon. eventually across the potomac river to the city of washington in the next 20 to 30 minutes. it will cross annandale at 6:14. 6:34 in the nation's capital. part of a larger comple
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showers and storms that stretches west of the mountains to kentucky, tennessee, moving ahead of a cold front. so you can see by the way they are spaced, these are isolated. later tonight we will see a concentrated area of rain and thunderstorms. we think by tonight when the showers arrive maybe a rumble of thunder but more steady rain. over the next couple of hours any of the isolated activity could have strong gusty winds and even hail along with the torrential downpours. future cast, i will leave youer here. the pattern to repeat itself in the everything and overnight with more period of rain. overnight through tomorrow morning and the day as well. any more advisories and warnings come out we will get back to you immediately. maureen: of course, you can track the storm every hour on the storm watch app. on any of the social media platforms. leon? sorry. we have breaking news of a murder investigation in brandywine. in the last 30 minutes, stephen tschida arrived
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scene in mobiletrak7. what is going on there right now? stephen: maureen, right down general lafayette boulevard, right down there at the end is a dead end. just beyond those vans is where a body of a man, an apparent shooting victim was discovered 2:00 this afternoon. still a very active investigation going on here. you can see over to my right here, the street cordoned off while the investigation continues. we understand investigators are speaking to individuals, gathering information. not sure if they are witnesses to people who called in this discovery of potential people of interest in this case. now, if we come back live quickly, i want to show you we are in the chadford housing development in brandywine. a very nice housing development. nice homes. quiet area. people say this area where the body was discovered usually just dog walkers and joggers. that is the latest. as soon as we have more information we will get it to you. reporting live, stephen
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now today we learned that 16 of 175 c.s.x. cars on a train yesterday derailed in northeast washington. it is going to be days before things get completely back to normal for the commuters. in the last two hours metro released this video taken from the rhode island metro station. you see on the left of the screen, train cars, one wobbles there and the other cars behind it begin to pile up on top of each other. now more than 24 hours after that, derailment, the clean-up continues. and old talk about what should and shouldn't be transported through the populated areas of the d.c., that conversation is now back on the table. diane cho is live at the scene now with the latest developments. diane? >> not far from the derailments are the apartments here. businesses along the street. the metro stop. which is why the elected officials we talk to are concerned about what happened
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you can see the cars slam into each other on sunday. congresswoman eleanor holmes norton stopped by the scene to see it for herself. >> i'm concerned with what was spilled was ethanol. there is a reason it's in your gasoline as explosive. brian door -- brianne: it's detained. another used sodium hydroxide, that is used in soap and cleaning products. no one was injured yesterday with the u.s. capitol a few miles away, d.c. council chairman mendleson says derailments in district raises concerns about the public safety and the national security issues. >> there needs to be local control over
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hazardous material. we need to know what is happening. >> residents who live nearby say they also want more transparency. >> we should be aware that the chemicals are passing through. >> officials say the sodium hydroxide leak was pluggedded on sunday. c.s.x. released a statement saying it does not move certain category of hazardous material through the district, which includes the virginia avenue tunnel. in northeast d.c., diane cho, abc7 news. maureen: metro getting he from the d.c. firefighter. a fuel-time firefighter will -- full-time firefighter will work with the system and stand by at the center 24 hours a day and help cocoordinate communication between metro employees and the first responders in an emergency. the change comes one day before metro issues a final report on a fire that killed a woman at
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last year. leon: two years after the scene in the piscataway hills neighborhood, in prince george's county and final repair to the road complete. brad bell explains why not all of the homeowners will ever be satisfied after the slope failure. brad: two-year nightmare for the people of the piscataway hill neighborhood. starting with a landslide or smoke failure as the engineers called it. it happened after a period of heavy rain, may 2014. five houses on the ridge top deemed unsafe. >> walking for six months. it was taxing to bring in everything we needed to and from the trash out and the groceries in. brad: today robert riley and his neighbors finally able to exhale. >> i am pleased that the neighborhood is back to normal and we are able to get to our houses. brad: it cost $15 million to fix the small neighborhood road making this the most ex
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the history of prince george's county. today they declared may 2 piscataway hills day. baker crediting aggressive residents for making sure it got done. >> it's not easy when it's personal. nothing is more personal than your home. than your livelihood and the quality of life. >> resident debbie among those celebrating. >> it's quiet. the best community i could dream to live in. our neighbors are so kind and caring. >> some people in this neighborhood never made happy. we are on top of the ridge. that is the slope that failed. this house here and this one here. two of the five that were condemned. still empty to this day. bought by the state. these residents force
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expensive natural disaster in the history of prince george's county. in fort washington, brad bell, abc7 news. leon: coming up on "abc7 news at 6:00" -- this is no ordinary cruise docking. the historical significance for hundreds of tourists on board. mike: i'm mike carter-conneen. debate over the future development at this corner at 18 and columbia road has neighbors fighting with neighbors. why some oppose a condo building here. maureen: a heated lawsuit over iced coffee. still ahead, what the brouhaha is all about. leon: we continue to track storms moving in the area. doug will show us where the storm is now straight ahead.
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maureen: first time in 40 years a carnival cruise ship arrived in cuba. the capital is the first of three stops in cuba. the arrival is a huge step forward in the restoration of diplomatic relations between the u.s. and cuba. a solemn tradition is underway at the united states holocaust memorial museum. >> [reading names] maureen: beginning this morning and going through friday, volunteers are
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the names of those killed during the holocaust. an average of 650 names are read every hour. the tribute is part of a days of remembrance. similar ceremonies are taking place around the nation. leon: now we turn to the race for the white house. senator ted cruz is vowing to stay in the race even if he loses tomorrow's indiana primary. cruz and the front-runner donald trump are campaigning across the state. trump looking to extend the delegate lead and force cruz out of the race. polls give hillary clinton a slight lead over bernie sanders. sanders is hoping for a win after his fundraising fell by half and the campaign was forced to lay off hundreds of workers. maureen: the condo controversy being debated in adams morgan. the weekly event neighbors are worried about. leon: rain is moving in. doug hill will be here to give us the exact timing. and we will look to see who is going to get the heavie
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and they save you tons of green. still nothing? that's okay. just go to for the answer. on this airline, everybody wins. sfx: clap, clap, ding yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. maureen: in the district's adams morgan neighborhood some are protesting changes to planned condominium
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leon: this is in a prominent location. as mike carter-conneen reports this new building is popular farmer's market. >> the gateway to adams morgan. >> developer monte hoffman wants to change sun trust bank unit to condo building with ground level retail and landscape on the corner. >> this is all about diversity and variety. but some think it will be too big and doesn't think it will fit. >> it would fit better in bethesda. >> this is a rational area it feels like it's out of place. >> too many condos. more parking trouble. >> opponents complain that the hoffman design takes up too much plaza space, pushing out a farmer's market operating here since 1973. supporters of the plan here point out the farmer's market is only on weekends and not even year round. the rest of the time they say this plaza
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>> homeowner, i think it will help the neighborhood. make it more vibrant and bring in new people and new businesses. mike: hoffman suggested a an terntive location for the farmer's -- alternative location for the farmer's market on what is public private. >> this is private property here. we are going to work with the farmer's market booze we want then to stay in the community. >> the local advisory commission will review the project on wednesday but the planning and the zoning committee already voted in disapproval. opposition could delay the permitting process. >> people fear change. we think this is for the greater good for sure. >> hoffman i hopes to break ground in the fall with construction expected to take 18 months. in northwest, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. leon: "7 on your side" right now. if you have a home, it is more than likely you have a coupon in the mail or on your doorstep to have your air ducts and your hvac system clean out. dirt-cheap offers
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quality of air -- promising to improve the quality of the air. we want to find out if these are actually worth it. our troubleshooter horace holmes has gone undercover again. this time he is putting air duct cleaning companies to the test. he will take you inside an air duct and wait until you see what is there. and find out what his investigation reveals. the air duct cleaning test coming up tonight on abc7 news at 11:00. maureen: starbucks is in hot water over too much ice according to a new lawsuit. coffee chain is sued because the plan claims they are underfilling the ice drivens. giving drinkers less coffee and too much ice. starbucks says the lawsuit has no merit. what do you think about this? head to our twitter page. answer our poll to tell us. too much ice, not enough coffee? leon: too many lawyers. sue over anything now. i order i
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upset i got too much ice. maureen: some people are sensitive. what is the latest from you, sir? doug: showers and storming coming in the metro area as we speak. we have a new thunderstorm warning. two of them for the price of one. in effect across fairfax county and prince william county and through metro washington. the area in pink you see is the large severe thunderstorm watch that is in effect across the entire area until 10:00 tonight. it's massive. it goes through all of the virginia. through western north carolina. westward to tennessee, kentucky, part of west virginia. we are on the fringes of it. right on the fringes of it is where we are seeing some action develop now. just southwest of the district. in the past hour we have had a flare-up of the heavy to now severe thunderstorms. in a fairly small area. let's zoom in. you can see the red indicating the areas of heavy rain. lightning activity. south to dale city. where they could have really strong wind gust on the leading edge here in 20 to 30 minutes. the southern portion of the system, warning up to the shores.
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northern part of the system heading northeast across arlington county and across the river into montgomery county is in effect until 7:00 this everything. you can see the time line here. burke, virginia, just about now. annandale 6:34. mount vernon 6:44. not hitting alexandria until 6:57 this evening. we will watch the storms closely. we have a fair amount of lightning. 32 lightning strikes. 33 lightning strikes total in the past 15 minutes. electrically active. the southern part of the system that is the most electrically active. we will have more opportunities for the showers and the thunderstorms tonight. the future cast suggests they will be scattered through 7:30 to
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it is clearing overnight. more hours are possible by the time you wake up. we will see continuation of the weather pattern. last week we did all this all over again. rain every day with the clouds. let's find out about sports. erin: i'm erin hawksworth live in pittsburgh where the caps look to go up 2-1. i have a twitter poll. find out who fans pick to win game three next
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announcer: now the toyota sports desk brought to you by the local toyota dealer. erin: the capitals will try to generate more offense tonight, more than they did in game two. they only had ten shots on goal through the first two periods. which really isn't good enough. while some fans say that they are nervous about tonight, the players say you know what? they are confident, they have come back from deficits and face adversity before. they are ready for the challenge tonight. >> we stayed calm in all situations. i think we have done a good job not getting ahead of ourselves. you know, we are never out of e
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probably taken. that helps us come back from deficit to give us confidence to get it done. erin: one thing to point out is the play of braden holtby. he has been awesome. he stopped 33 of 35 shots in game two. hopefully he will be able to keep them in this game tonight in game three. we have to switch gears because the redskins have some big news today. they did release veteran corner back chris culiver. it make sense they made the move given the draft was this week in the past few days. they held a press conference at redskins park to evaluate his seven new players from the draft. >> the one thing that i respect about the guys we took,
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to battle. that is what i want. i want them to understand listen this is not about me. this is about us. erin: back here live at consol energy center, right before game three. i have a twitter poll asking who do you think will win game three? 58% so far say the capitals. what do you think? leon: here is hoping. thanks. >> we'll go with the crowd. doug: look at the rain moving in the metro area. burke, north and reston to move in the metro. a lot of lightning and severe thunderstorm warning in effectm for 202030 minutes. there is -- 20 to 30 minutes. there is hail and it could have be an inch in diameter. we have more coming up. maureen: take care. "world news tonight" with david muir up next.
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tonight, game over? donald trump says if he wins indiana, it's over. is he right? and carly fiorina falls off the stage at a ted cruz event. the uncomfortable moment. and what donald trump is now saying afterward. did anyone help her? breaking news. the severe weather hitting right now. the ground stop at a major airport, moving into the east. floods across the south. the great grandmother and four young children swept up in their home own. the raging inferno. the historic new york city church destroyed amid new questions tonight. the flames seen shooting through the stained glass. major developments in the prince investigation. the new war over his money. the judge who is not convinced there is no will. and what prince's personal chef is now revealing about those final hours. and t


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