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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  May 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> she was supposed to have all this stuff fixed. i did my best to work with her. >> i would've worked with her if she would've just worked with me. >> she took the money and ran. >> maybe i'll go in prior, make sure the water was working, you know? -- captions by vitac -- captions paid for by cbs television distribution news at 4:00 come on your side. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] michelle: a metro bus is hijacked and police are working to piece together exactly what happened. >> first, let's start with this. the storm watch weather team watching the skies once again. ong hill joining us now storm watch. that was some light show we had last night. doug: tonight we are dealing with smaller storms but storms there are.
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a lot of lightning and a lot of rain in the systems, to, and i will be the primary concern, heavy rain. should stay south of the metro area. city, 4:37 in fredericksburg, with a lot of lane train and lightning. let's look how high up the clouds go. the real convection only goes to about 35. probably not any hail in there. however, a lot of lightning and rain. the next few hours we will have plenty of chances of more showers and more storms. these storms tonight is the potential of american very heavy rain. more about that in just a few minutes. drunk or high,ke but he is crazy. i think he is very crazy. jonathan: a metro bus passenger hijacked a bus, sending it careening into a gas station
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be standing in the station. michelle: police say the man boarded the bus on chase street and it ended on minnesota avenue. we have team coverage of this today, starting with stephen tschida in northeast. : michelle, this is where it went down. she jumped the curb into this crown gas station on the corner. it was right over here it came to a halt. the man was struck and killed. we have some video of the bus as it spent most of the day here while investigators were going over. this is what we learned took place. this man got on the bus a short distance away and hovered over the driver and then attacked the driver with some type of weapon. there were several passengers on board the bus and they took off and demand forced the driver off and jumped in the driver seat and drove here
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striking a man who was working here at the gas station, a clean a member of the crew. this is one of the witnesses had to say about the suspect after police dragged him off the bus. the guy them take off the bus. >> he was resisting from was a beauty? -- he was resisting, wasn't he? goods and he was resisting it seemed like he was a drunk or high. but he was crazy. i think he is very crazy. stephen: investigators say them and was very belligerent, very angry. chief cathy lanier says he was taken to a hospital for observation for some kind of psychological analysis, we would assume. as far as the man who was killed , just about three minutes ago i spoke with one of the workers at the station and he said he works in the neighborhood, about 42 years old, a regular member of
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when he was struck and killed. stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: just horrible. today's hijacking is putting security measures in the spotlight. amy: guys, that is the big concern a lot of the d.c. metro bus riders are talking about today, how safe do they feel on board these buses? a lot of them coming to the scene and i want to step out of the frame just to show you. was cleaned up in the last five to 10 minutes. coming out here to the scene earlier, they told me they felt uneasy about the next trip, even saying new security measures should be put in place. i spoke to the union representing a number of metro workers today and they tell us in 2014, 170 metro bus operators reported being assaulted by a rider
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they kicked off a campaign trying to get the word out about these issues. >> to think that something like this could happen -- first you think yet another metro incident , but then you have to ask happens withbe it buses all over. maybe it is something they need to look at nationwide with making sure buses are secure. amy: now, when asked about safety issues, metro forwarded me 2 press releases from last year, one of those mentioning surveillance camera pilot program, another discussing a newer, safer fleet of buses. we are taking a deeper look at the safety measures coming up at 5:00. live in northeast d.c., anywhere, abc7 news. jonathan: you can find out about breaking news anytime you like as soon as it happens. sign up to abc7's
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as soon as something happens, you will get texted. you can always go to our website at michelle: this morning's hijacking came at the same time the national transportation safety board met about last year's deadly smoke incident at the l'enfant plaza station. it included video of a similar months ago. brianne carter spent her day at the hearing and joins us live from southwest d.c. just in the past two hours, not only did metro reveal probable cause in the deadly smoke incident, but also, 43 findings and more than 30 recommendations for metro into the deadly smoke incident that happened on january 12, 2015. officials say that the ntsb, probable cause was a short circuit that came from practices a really maintenance, failed practices, that h
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circuit where water and contaminants got into improperly constructed power cable connectors as a result of ineffective inspection and maintenance practices. throughout the day, the ntsb highlighted a lack of safety culture at metro. ntsb says metro either didn't follow its own procedures or didn't have procedures in place, including how to operate the fans to properly ventilate in a smoke incident. the closest smoke detector to the smoke from that incident, we understand, had a faulty wire. it was not originally detected by the rail operations center. meanwhile, a smoke detector was 2000 feet away. that is because, we learned today, that while metro has smoke detectors in the station, they do not have them inside the tunnel. today ntsb says metro was using passenger trains to pinpoint where smoke was originating from. metro, however, says that is not currently a policy and the policy hasn't changed. >>
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then the next operator will go by and see if there is anything they see, because we get lots of reports of that. but i will look at that. they have a recommendation and i will take a harder look. >> as we sit here today, the train operating in any state in this country has a lot more regulations than metrorail train does. regulations, as for come that was a big topic for the ntsb today, talking about the fda, who currently has safety oversight over metro, saying that instead, the fra needs to have that. we will have more on that and what ntsb had to say to the department of transportation today. that is tonight at 5:00. brianne carter, abc7 news. says it hopes to be able to restore free train service through northeast d.c. by tomorrow afternoon. 16 cars derailed early sunday morning not far f
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mar see services -- marc services still running on a limited schedule from the brunswick station. 5:34.93 believe at -- will leave at 5:34. train 881 will leave at 7:04. jonathan: holy cow. and i'd avoided weather sweeping across the room -- and i of wicked weather sweeping across the region. look at the lightning in the capital. in addition to all the light shows and the hail, we have the trees that were uprooted because of the heavy rain and strong winds. michelle: certainly was a wild night last night. there is damage left behind today. jonathan: fortunately, no one was hurt, especially when you look at this. that is what is left of our car after a tree fell on top of it. several people had to abandon their cars. michelle:
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one of those drivers in a story you will only see on 7 yard . kevin: really remarkable, the rain was so heavy and persistent. please had to use yellow tape to block drivers from coming down this drive with could only be described as a raging river last night. around 7:00 last night in hailille, just as annihilated cars in the restaurant parking lot, it took less than a minute to find vehicles splattered. according to the national weather service, montgomery county saw a record sized hail, the largest measuring 2.7 inches in diameter. that is the size of a baseball. flash flooding also a significant problem. montgomery county had to tackle more than a dozen water rescues. a female driver trapped in the dark. her cell phone battery dead. a firefighter happened to spot her mazda suv in high water and
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four-wheel drive. it was maybe up to my tire, a small puddle. that irose so quickly almost didn't believe what i was seeing, and what i was observing. and within seconds it was up to the middle of my car and the water was pouring in through my door. kevin: that female driver very aware of how lucky she is to be alive today. beach drive in kensington shut down for about 15 hours in total because of the stranded car, but also a lot of branches and tree limbs had to be removed from the roadway. kevin lewis, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you to all of you who sent us pictures of the storms and the damage. there were some amazing pictures. these are just a few of the photos i got in our gallery and we put it on the went on the web editors together a nice little photo gallery so you can check them out yourself. go to
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that is a lot of hail right there. michelle: looks like it is from an ice machine. jonathan: that is how you get your pictures to us. not one, not 2, but three amazing stories of children and survival for you. michelle: and while one of them has video that will take your breath away, we promise you will like how it all turns out. we will explain still had. reporter: just in time for mother's day, a couple of d.c. firefighters helped deliver a baby boy in a woman's home.
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michelle: a baby is recovering in the hospital after being trapped for more than three days in a collapsed building. the baby girl is six months old. -storys in a seven building that collapsed in nairobi. she was later, discovered by search teams, raising hopes that more survivors can be found. amazingly, the doctors say the baby girl has no physical injuries. jonathan: how do that even happen? michelle: incredible. jonathan: d.c.'s energy compete received a visit from one of the newest residents -- we're
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home and paramedics and firefighters arrived just in time. >> this is it. oh, my goodness. mike: 15 days after they helped deliver him in this apartment, d.c. firefighters were reunited with christopher. the baby boy's mother and into labor just before midnight april 17. >> i felt their wrists and scared. -- i felt nervous and scared. to the 911nding call, when they arrived they saw the baby was already crowning. >> she was ready to push the baby out and we were ready to catch. mike: they suctioned the mouth and wrapped the baby intel before calling for a paramedic. this pipeline which various, everybody worked as a team. >> high school spanish kick in. may 10hristopher was due but arrived three weeks early. >>
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mike: mom and baby were transferred to the washington hospital center and they are doing well. firefighters downplay their actions that day come even one who joined the d.c. fire less than year ago. >> anybody can do it. mike: just as he was detailing christopher's delivery, another emergency call came in and they were off and running. in northwest -- >> doing our job. mike: mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. michelle: one emergency after the other. great work, guys. jonathan: good to break in a rookie. michelle: good timing. jamie sullivan has traffic details. jamie: i want to start with what we've been dealing with all afternoon, the closure on minnesota avenue in northeast d.c., with police activity. blocked off between helen burrows avenue and church road. 44th street is a good ultimate.
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right before the main street, we have an accident get this causing a backup. in the teens from 395. 66 still in great shape. on the inner loop commit heavy from 66 to the american legion bridge. activity.cident a few flashing lights from our camera over to the right hand side. this is going to be closer to 123. there!o cough in sorry about that. old dominion, we have heavy traffic. ,s we move to the waze app heavy traffic in virginia. through lorton, continuing south towards woodbridge. that is the heaviest spot. here probably in the next 30 minutes as you had further south on 95 -- of course, doug hill will talk about this -- when the rain comes in south of woodbridge we will seek 95 get heavier. jonathan: all right, jamie, thanks very much. talk about that weather situat
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like all thehad elements -- rain, lightning, thunder. jonathan: and you are a seasoned vet and even you said this was a wild one. doug: caught me off guard. we have storms with gusty winds and rain, but hale is not a concern with this line of storms coming in. show you what is happening in parts of our area on live doppler radar. this is west of big ben, potomac river, and in that, very heavy rain, lightning, thunder. strong wind gusts associated, too. it will move south of the beltway. you may see a little rain in the metro area. clearly the heavy-duty stuff will pass to the south. are looking at areas just south of masses but especially as we get to dumfries, quantico, , west of route one, and that is the area we are seeing the heaviest downpours.
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a pretty good clip. this is an area of very heavy rain. what is happening a few hundred feet, this is the product of the doppler radar and these are strong winds off the surface. some of these guests will be 50 miles an hour where the heavy rain will bring the winds down to ground level. like pouring water across the table and spreads out. that is what the straight line of wins do. this is what it looks like on doppler. you are looking west towards the storm -- this is the live look at the camera towards fredericksburg. this is a powerful little system getting ready to move. as the storm gets closer in the next 12 to 15 minutes, all that will change. let's look at the futurecast. showers and storms through the evening hours. heaviest the south of the metro
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every now and then tonight, tomorrow evening, thursday into friday from each of these have potential for heavy rain. the next few days, localized flooding will be a problem with the excessive downpours we are dealing with. is there any hope of better weather? yes, he said, with a rugged streak of optimism in his voice. after the chances of rain tomorrow and thursday and friday, dry saturday, we think, with a little sunshine. sunshine and 78 on monday. more showers and storms on tuesday, but back to 80 degrees . michelle: nice for mother's day. doug: i'm hoping. michelle: coming up, the sporting event that could get canceled in the wake of fears about zika. reporter: you have heard the armies of family. we have proof of it. coming up, a team is surrounded
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vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy
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our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me >> the national weather service has put out a severe thunderstorm warning. take a full-screen look at this. a lot of lightning and the possibility of a little help you storms are moving to the east. small hail as possible. wind gusts on the
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they would area -- date would -- gatewood area, 4:38. we are all over it and any more warnings we will pass along immediately. michelle: 7 is on your side with health matters. there are reports major league baseball may cancel games in puerto rico because of the zika outbreak. auci updatedf efforts to fight it this afternoon. dr. fauci: there thus far have been no local transmitted cases in the continental united states, although there have been cases in close to 700 puerto rico with 65 pregnant women having been infected. michelle: the cases in mainland u.s. are people who have traveled to areas hit hardest by the outbreak.
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typically causes mild symptoms but it can also lead to severe birth defects and immune system problems. jonathan? jonathan: johnson & johnson is being ordered to pay at $50 million in another lawsuit over tell compatibly a woman -- talcum powder. a woman claims that it caused her ovarian cancer. an alabama family was awarded $72 million over similar claims. johnson & johnson says the decision goes against 30 years of studies by medical experts. michelle: staff sergeant spent her life learning to debate the best cake, and then during the cutoff age, she listed in the army. the family she built in uniform and the kitchen helped her beat breast cancer. en team that works together and runs together. reporter: it is the sweetest job by the pentagon. >> i love decorating. reporter: the staff sergeant decorate cakes and prepares pastries
4:27 pm
like myself, but for generals and their guests. here she has a team of top chefs who know that life is not all sugar. toldfound the lump, and i my nco about it and he really encouraged me -- you need to see a doctor. reporter: sergeant deckard was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014. if you need proof she is army soccer machine listed at age 39 after having three kids. the army may have prepared her for breast cancer. first ina lumpectomy the margins were too close. i had the mastectomy after that. reporter: nine months after the last round of chemotherapy and radiation, she is running and preparing for the komen race for the cure. the sergeant suffered nerve damage and sober feet hurt but she keeps going when she and her colleagues take off the uniform, which includes a pink ribbon, of course, and puts on running
4:28 pm
being able to do what she does every single day. >> we all come from different places but when it comes to the army, we treat each other as family. reporter: when you work at the pentagon, there's nothing new about training for a 5k race. the sergeant and her team meet every morning at 5:00 to work out. coming back from breast cancer to run more than three miles deserves a salute. news. conner, abc7 michelle: be sure to join us for life by coverage of race for the cure this saturday starting at 7:00 a.m. starting at newschannel 8. jonathan: we wish her and the team best of luck. coming up at 4:00 -- you are just not going to believe this next story. what happened into a seven-year-old that has neighbors and everyone seeing the video calling it a miracle. reporter: a peeping tom caught
4:29 pm
of a home, and that's not all. coming up, why an entire neighborhood is on edge. michelle: and remember the team isch 7 watching the radar as storms move into the area. warnings are in effect in virginia and spotsylvania and orange county. it will check in with do
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doug: doug hill back with an update on the severe weather through orange and spotsylvania counties. this is the time lapse to give you a good perspective. this is from the town of spotsylvania. past 45 minutes, the clouds are getting darker and closer and closer. little flash of blue in the sky. wind gusts perhaps of 50 miles an hour. small hail and torrential rain. spotsylvania, just a little touch of orange county, and that will be out. warnings pretty impressive on doppler radar with the rain extending to the north through prince william county almost to southwestern fairfax. everything generally moving to the east at 25 miles an hour. a lot of rain. the could be some small hail. the biggest threat with the system will be the very heavy downpours. rain
4:33 pm
every time we get one of the heavy downpours, creeks, streams , low-lying areas, you have to be thinking that there will be localized flooding even if a warning doesn't come out from that. that is something we will face over and over for the next couple days. futurecast shows the rain continuing to move through the evening hours and later tonight. later tonight it should feather out of it. this former p times tomorrow and thursday and friday as well. finally, the weekend holds a little promise. jonathan: thanks for that. police are on the lookout for a peeping tom in maryland. the maryland bureau chief went to a delphi where the surveillance video caught this guy in the act. reporter: the late night creeper is walking on the a delphi deck.back
4:34 pm
makes his way to go window. he seems to be looking inside. he seems to be engaging in a full crack while watching something or someone -- engaging in a vulgar act while watching something or someone in the house. >> i've been here for years. to see something like that is scary. canrter: the homeowner whose identity and address we're protecting, called police when he founded the nasty video. >> we also the same thing, they will neighborhood thinks -- the whole neighborhood thinks he is a little bit crazy or something like that. >> crazy, dangerous, scary. reporter: a lot of homes in this neighborhood have security cameras like that. police have checked many of them. they have found no evidence of any additional incidents. experts say guys like this seldom do it just once. .> community, kids around there is always potential for that to happen, especially if he
4:35 pm
men in the party tonight remains a mystery -- man in the hoodie tonight remains restricted police hope someone knows him and he can be caught before he does it again. brad bell, abc7 news. michelle: people living in flint, michigan may have had their rights violated during the water crisis. two years ago the city switch water sources, ending up with corroded pipes and led in the water. president obama is scheduled to visit flint tomorrow. jonathan: surveillance video that is out today has heart stopping and neighbors think that what they -- neighbors insisting that what they saw was america. we warn you, it shows a seven-year-old girl falling from a four-story building in the bronx. then she gets back up and walks away. autr
4:36 pm
see to believe. autria: neighbors believe god spared her life. how else do you explain to follow this and a little girl picks himself up? >> god works in mysterious ways. autria: a seven-year-old autistic girl somehow got out of her fourth floor window and fell to the concrete ground below. you see the child get back up and then stumble around as if trying to leap through a window or door. andear-old heard the thump thought it was garbage being thrown out the window until he heard her cry. he brought her back inside while his mother called police. >> she was living, very weak. i put her on my arm and run her -- brung her to the house. autria: the girl is described as nonverbal. neighbors believe she may have contracted follow this kitty. the child was taketo
4:37 pm
want to talk about the fall. >> she is fine, ok? she's fine. autria: autria godfrey, abc7 news. michelle: the heart just stops when you see that video. looked like a doll. didn't look like someone could fall from that height and pop back up. jonathan: oh, my goodness. again, she is in stable condition, which doesn't tell us a whole lot about that. michelle: another amazing rescue caught on camera, this time in south korea. the mother dropped three children out of a burning building in south korea. u.s. service members standing below. in this case the mother was also on the fourth floor. the kids are 1, 3, 4. tough position to have to make. all caused by the service members holding blankets below, and the mother jumped as well. everyone survived without a scratch. that is something. jonathan: they have got to pin some metals on those guys. michelle: for sure. jonathan:
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weight off. but scientists are learning from "the biggest loser" contestants that could explain why it is so hard to keep way down. reporter: i'm in upper marlboro, where a mobile that is bringing science to
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jonathan: millions of americans struggle to lose weight but now there is a new study that might explain why so many fail those efforts. alison starling has wide. they tracked the progress of reality show contestants once the show was over. 2009, danny one season eight of nbc's reality tv ." w "the biggest loser but as the years pass by, more than 100 pounds of crept back, despite danny's best efforts to keep the weight off. >> i was exercising three or four times as much as a normal person, and once that stopped, the weight started creeping back on. alison: the same happen to
4:42 pm
she lost 75 pounds on the show but has since regained 32 of them. >> i didn't want anybody to know i was on "the biggest loser" because obviously i don't look like that anymore. alison: a study followed 14 contestants from the show and follow them for six years following the dramatic weight loss and found that all but one of them gained much of the weight back. the scientists point out that further research is still needed , but they concluded that the contestant' own bodies were to blame. they have normal metabolism for the size of the start of the show, but after losing the weight, the metabolism continues to slow down. the mechanism the body uses to return to its original weight. further compounding the problem, researchers found the group had plummeting levels of a hormone thought to help control appetites, leaving them constantly hungry. >> after you lose weight, your
4:43 pm
body's metabolic rates slow down. the number of calories your body requires is going to decrease. double make it difficult for you to keep the weight off --that will make it difficult for you to keep the weight off. alison: producers of "the biggest loser" tell abc news they are evaluating the studies findings. medical experts say that obesity needs to be treated as a chronic illness with medication and in some cases with the surgery, also addressing psychological and emotional factors. you could take a lot away from this study. it is the interesting. michelle: and there is so much focus on the contestant is on the show and you look at the ending and feel like, ok, i can do that. it is sobering to know that it is not easy once you lose all the weight. alison: exactly, and how can they make in the regiment they have on the show? jonathan: the workout routine they put them on, it is all day long and they go back to regular lives like everyone else. all right, alison, thanks very much. michelle: coming up for us, ufo? alien life form? find out what
4:44 pm
scientists found it. jonathan: that's cool. but first, helping you set of euro and security system so you don't waste your money. michelle: and another look at the radar. team is busych 7 watching this radar as the storms move into the area. there are thunderstorm awnings in spotsylvania and orange county in virginia.
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ss chicken! yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. michelle: plenty of us are worried about keeping our home safe good to you need to spend money on a high-tech security system? how anyone can easily make their home more secure so you don't waste your money. reporter: with so much crime in the news, many in the d.c. area would like to take extra steps to safeguard their homes and family. there are ways to protect those you love for as little as a couple hundred dollars. you have seen the videos on the news. >> scary to see a guy come through your house and violate your embassy. reporter: criminals stealing deliveries from doorsteps, some
4:48 pm
away any sense of security you used to have. >> very scary feeling. reporter: jennifer and her daughter decided enough was enough. >> we have had some car break-ins. reporter: faded what more hard-working homeowners -- they did what more hard-working homeowners are doing. they hired brandon to install a surveillance system. the second somebody shows up to your front or back door, they are on "candid camera." anybody messes with something on your back deck, got you. >> right-click, picks up the motion there. reporter: the small cameras pick up anyone approaching the home. >> i love it, it is great. reporter: jennifer can see it all on a phone or tablet. a system like this professionally setup costs about $1000. if you are just a bit handy, you can do it yourself for $200 or less. >> this is one of our most popular. reporter: this best buy
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security manager shows me the growing number of diy home security systems. $200 buys you this simple two-camera system. a caution, nearly a weekend to drill holes and all this wiring around your home. too much work? and check out this easy to install wi-fi system with the security camera. >> completely wireless. reporter: there is a companion surveillance system with a $100 add-on. >> smoke detector -- all these things will talk to each other. reporter: want more than filled video -- what more than video surveillance? you can build your own system. they let you set up a home alarm system for $150, no monthly monitoring fee. the simplest system of all may be the $199 video doorbell. keep it next to your front door and it rings your phone and shows you live video of anyone who comes to your door. jennifer says it is nice to hav
4:50 pm
times. >> sit in her chair and watch everything going on. you don't have to keep going to the window anymore. reporter: is a diy project too intimidating? most countries offer surveillance packages. you will get a monitor, alarm, cameras and they will install it and you don't waste your money. jonathan: that is good to know. this looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. researchers discovered this, a new species of glowing jellyfish 2.5 miles below the ocean surface. talk about pressure, man. that thing is way down there. they captured the video during an expedition near guam. researchers say the jellyfish was likely using its unusual tentacles to lower in food. the question becomes this -- if it is that far down there, how much of the stuff is down there moving around? michelle: so much stuffe
4:51 pm
looks like a backscatter. steve: wouldn't want that scratching my back. no no no. michelle: we have serious stuff. steve: we do, another round of severe thunderstorms, but not nearly as large an area as yesterday. this is from fredericksburg. newly expanded severe thunderstorm warning and this is until 5:15. it includes south-central stafford county and northeastern spotsylvania county and the cells are moving south and east at 35 miles per hour. the trees are beginning to blow. wind gusts of around 50-60 miles an hour. the rain is coming down and that is going to continue as we move through the next half-hour to 45 minutes. this is where the location is right now. well south of the d.c. metro area. let's show you the radar and it is moving off towards the south and east with the strongest storms just to the south of
4:52 pm
further south on 95, these are moving off just around 35 miles with the wind gusts around 15 -- 50 to 60 miles an hour. around the capital beltway, rain moving in the tysons corner area, and rosslyn, and eventually to old town alexandria. this will happen over the next half-hour or so. not your umbrellas handy only for the day tomorrow but thursday and friday. a lot going on this weekend. we have race for the cure. going to be a cool start saturday morning with high temperatures, midday temperatures in the upper 60's, and then d.c. united versus new york city, that's sunday. it is also mother's day. we start off with temperatures in the middle 70's. by dinnertime, may see a stray shower or two, and then cooler conditions as we move into the later evening hours. let's check on the evening rush hour with jamie sullivan. jamie:
4:53 pm
police activity closing down minnesota avenue. 44th street is your best alternate. we have an accident heading outbound new york avenue right at montana avenue, one lane blocked because of that. we have seen traffic at five miles an hour. kendall avenue -- kenilworth avenue heavy as well. stillident activity is having a few flashing lights past this point. everything in the shoulder. still going to be pretty happy. if you are traveling near old dominion, this is the heavy traffic that you wrap around continuing into maryland. and then a look on 95 in virginia. we seeing patchy stop and go through lorton. we pretty much clear out as you get closer to dale city. we show you here. this is just a wet run as you continue north of triangle pit not bumper-to-bumper. happy to report that. back to you. michelle: all right, jamie, thank you for the update. coming up at 4:00, bringing science to students outside the
4:54 pm
6:00, where this blackberry was spotted and what it was caught doing. looks like a bird feeder.
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x the national push to increase interest in stem related careers is changing how students are learning about science in maryland. we are shown a la mobile lab is bringing science to students. >> think about what your red blood cells do. >> there is an experiment underway. >> we were trying to determine whether not a patient had sickle cell. >> not in the school's lab, but a mobile one. >> a tractor-trailer has been adapted and we take it all across the state of maryland and
4:58 pm
since 2003, more than 450 stops at maryland schools. >> it is helpful and very informative. >> it saves a lot of time and resources and money. it is a wonderful opportunity. >> we also like to talk about careers. experience will influence young people to consider future work. >> tonight, a man takes control of a metro bus and someone who's not on board is dead. drivers are begging for protection like never before. terrorized by three men not interested in what on the menu.
4:59 pm
we gain insight access to a cutting-edge facility. abc seven news at 5:00, on your side. >> we are on severe weather alert as severe storms are pounding parts of the area. hill ongins with doug storm watch today. doug: in the past 90 seconds, issued a warning. some spots in effect until 515. piece of stafford county and king george county in effect until 545 this afternoon. very heavy rain and the potential of small hail with wind gusts i
5:00 pm
an hour. very intense rainfall. could heavier downpours cause localized flooding. that's king george, southern stafford. closer to home, we have steady rain, the wind is certainly not all that strong as well. most of the activity will stay south as well. but the ones coming out of winchester. diminishing a bit. back and show a few showers. we don't expect anything really intense tonight. and the futurecast continues the a fewf scattered rain more showers could pop up late tonight


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