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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  May 4, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> breaking right now -- a police pursuit ending in prince george's county. brad bell has the breaking
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bowie. brad: quite a scene. take a look out here. you can see the remnants of what was a pursuit by the metropolitan police out of the district and into maryland. we can show you some video of the scene. the focus of the pursuit, seemingly this white dodge charger. its side window broken out, its front tires flat. large numbers of police officers on scene, people also gathering on the bridge to take a look. we talked to one man who came to see what was going on, because he says he was nearly hit by the car. >> how fast was he going? >> yeah, he was really doing that. >> and then what happened? >> then the police cars followed up. br
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one person was transported away from here. at this hour, police are starting to clear three lanes of route 50, now open eastbound at this point. it appears as though the rest of the highway will be open soon. from prince george's county, brad bell, abc 7 news. >> hump day is here, but the unsettled weather, it isn't going anywhere. sorry, folks. more rain moving into the area right now. chief meteorologist doug hill here with a look at how much we're going to get and how long it's going to stick around, and we're all tired of this, doug. doug: i know, mel. as we sbert weekend, skies will brighten up, and we'll begin a different weather apparent. we're stuck in the same one now. 57 degrees live from national harbor, north-northeasterly winds at 6. no rain in the city. however, there's rain not far from here, and we'll see more chances the rain the next few days. milder the farther west you go. 63 in winchester.
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and taking a look at temperatures, they will climb into the mid 60's today, a bit cooler, and there will be scattered showers. our average high this time of may is 72, so we're below the mark for sure. as far as what's happening on doppler radar, nothing in the metro area, but more showers and an isolated rumble of thunder stretched out well west and southwest much as we get through the afternoon, we'll watch some of the showers make heir way to the northeast, there's drizzle around the area, and taking a look at the satellite and radarrer, and more opportunities of rain. the bottom line, today, tonight, tomorrow, friday, more chances of rain around the area. news about the weekend forecast, melanie, in just a few minutes. melanie: sounds great. can't wait to hear more about that. doug, thanks very much. a major shakeup in the race for the white house. republican candidate john kasich has now cancelled his planned news conference at dulles today, and he says he's going to be making a statement in columbus at 5:00 tonight.
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officially drawn out of the race following last night's big loss in the indiana primary. >> we gave it everything we've got. but the voters chose another path. e are suspending our campaign. melanie: the head of the r.n.c. tweeting that donald trump will be the presumptive nominee. on the democratic side, hillary clinton narrowing local to bernie sanders in the indiana primary last night, which sanders says gives him the momentum. senator sanders: i understand that secretary clinton thinks that this campaign is over. i got some bad news for her. melanie: sanders would still need a massive change in super delegates to clinch the nomination, which is unlikely. meanwhile, trump seems to be focusing his attention right now on hillary clinton. in a new cnn poll released today, clinton beats
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13 percentage points. tons of reaction pouring in today about the political shakeup. our suzanne kennedy hit the streets to see what you think of donald trump being the presumptive g.o.p. nominee. suzanne: the sign behind me says coming in 2016, trump. and nearly donald trump is coming into his own as a contender for the white house. the chairman of the republican party issuing a call to action, saying it's time for the republican party to unite and focus on defeating hillary clinton. the win in indiana was trump's seventh consecutive win. near washington, occupied the hotel that will bear his name, people weighed in on billionaire donald trump as the presumptive republican party nominee. >> i'm scared for this country, simply because, as i've been watching donald trump, he's not speaking about any issues. >> everyone i talk to, no one has said this is who i want as my president, yet he continues to lead. i find it very alarming. >> i don't think he has an understanding of what he's getting himself
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make sense, and i think that he hasn't fully formulate what he really wants to do. suzanne: the chairman of donald trump's campaign in virginia released a statement last night, saying in part, "now is the time for virginians to come together and stand behind donald trump as the republican nominee for president." virginia is an essential state this november, and all of us need to band together to defeat hillary clinton and take back the white house. in northwest washington, suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. melanie: we are just now learning that john kasich does indeed plan to suspend his campaign at 5:00 tonight, and we'll have that for you a little later today. developing right now -- we are learning more about the man killed after being struck by a hijacked metrobus, this as newly released cell phone video shows the aftermath.
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morning a man with a weapon attacked the bus driver. the passengers and the driver were able to get off. the suspect was apparently the only person on the bus when he crashed it at a goes station along the avenue in northeast. a pedestrian was killed. he has been identified as 40-year-old anthony payne of northwest d.c. his friend says he had just talked with payne at the gas tation that morning. >> i just recently talked to him. it hurts to grow up with somebody like that, and now he's gone. melanie: police arrested keith will you bing of northeast and charged him with second degree mumpled he's expected to appear in court this afternoon. stay with abc 7 for further updates on this story. service is back to normal today for marc trains in the district. this comes after a c.s.x. train derailed on sunday, spilling hazardous chemicals and leaving several cars overturned. emergency officials say repairs are now completed. however, you may still
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minor delays because of freight train congestion. and today, d.c. congressman eleanor holmes norton will meet with officials from the federal railroad administration to talk about the derailment. let's get a check on the traffic this noon hour. jamie sullivan, any trouble spots out there? jamie: we are seeing a few, and that's actually where i want to start. a live look, , traffic heading inbound, this is right near the roosevelt bridge. you get an idea here, and then even up here, how heavy we are. there is an accident, again, this is right at the roosevelt bridge. we do have a lane being taken out, so, yes, we are seeing this delay. as we move now to talk about how slow we are in some spots, we'll take a look at the maps. single digits right now, 9 miles per hour. you can see, though, not a huge backup on 66, just starting to see some of the volume building in though. as far as 395, northbound in the 20's right now. we've got a little bit of a closer look, some activity happening, and this is on 395 northbound. that midday road work that we are used to. no problems to report right now in maryland on
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b.w. parkway looks good. in the 30's as you head south toward route 50, but no major accidents to report on the capital beltway. theep report that. mel, back to you. melanie: sounts good. thank you. today, fallen heroes in montgomery county are being remembered, a memorial service was held this morning in gaithersburg. our john gonzalez shows us how officials are honoring their memory. john: well, this is indeed a beautiful setting for a very poignant event, and sadly, this is an annual ceremony. you can see the blue ribbons here lining the pathway leading you to this police officer's memorial. this is where family and friends of fallen officers have come together today with hundreds of police officers of all different ranks here in montgomery county. officer noah's inscription is now on this memorial wall forever. the 20th name to be added since 1928, the only one this year, but everyone here will tell you
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the ceremony includes a memorial wreath laying and the reading of the prayer, our sbrore gone. officer leotta killed by a suspected drunk driver in december. we had a chance to speak with one of his brothers in arms. >> it's a dangerous job. it's gotten more dangerous, i think, in the last three to five years. and it's a time for not only the police family, but the communicate to reflect on how we can make our streets safer and how we can make our community safer, i think and i think this helps the family heal just a little bit. john: the assistant police chief saying this is the most important service the police department hosts each year. the leotta family is in attendance. they, of course, have been extremely instrumental in getting noah's law passed recently, a push for stronger drunk driving legislation. in gaithersburg, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. melanie: coming up on abc 7 news at noon -- why you may have to wait l
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come time for your vacation this year, and what you can now do to avoid those lines. plus, a drive-thru attack caught on camera, what they got away with, and how you can help police catch them. and poison in the produce aisle, police say a man intentionally did this. >> makes me think about everything you buy over time. melanie: what authorities say he sprayed on fruits and veggies and how many stores he hit. and will this dreary weather stay through the weekend? doug's back with his forecast.
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melanie: long lines and security kernings the busy summer travel season is just about here. our sam swone see at reagan national airport, with new steps being taken by the department of homeland security to protect air travelers and to reduce wait times. sam: the lines right now at reagan national airport are short, but by this summer, it could be a much different story. the department of homeland security says a perfect storm is brewing that could cause these lines to stretch on for hours. the department of homeland security is asking flyers to arrive more than two hours before their domestic flights. the t.s.a. says with a record number of travelers, a shortage of security screeners, and tighter security regulations, there could be major travel headaches this summer. right now the t.s.a. is scrambling to relocate more than 700 t.s.a. screeners to the busiest airports around the nation. they also plan to shell out more than $26 million in overtime pay to help keep lines shorter. the t.s.a. is down nearly 6,000
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the "new york times" reports the problem has gotten so bad in some airports that more than 600 people missed their flights in charlotte on march 25 alone because of three-hour security lines. back here at reagan, flyers are taking note. >> well, i think it's important to keep us all safe. i think they've got to really think hard about that, and it's a difficult problem. i understand that. as a traveler, i'd cool earlier, so it be to say -- stay safe. sam: join t.s.a. precheck to go through the ex-we lighted line. reporting at reagan national airport, i'm sam sweeney. back inside to you. melanie: sam, thanks so much. just three days before christmas, as she drove to pick up her son, a rockville mother's car was hit by ran done gunfire. tonight, she's talking on tv about this for the very first time in a 7 on your side exclusive report. 54-year-old iris sherman sits back with jennifer donelan and she talks about not knowi
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the bullet hole and then felt the searing pain. she later learned the bullet, it was one half inch away from killing her. but she had to keep driving that day to get her son out of harm's way. >> i wanted to get out of the scene, because what if they were shooting again and he's going shoot me again. melanie: tonight on abc 7 news at 5:00, hear how this mother, an entrepreneur, is fighting back, and you're going hear from the son to raced to get her help. must-see video from d.c. police now. take a look at this. a wild robbery at a mcdonald in southeast caught on tape, all started here at a drive-thru window. three men pulled up in a white s.u.v. and actually jumped through the window. one man pointed a gun as another grabbed a mcdonald's worker am they scratched cash and ran off. the suspects are still on the loose. if you know these guys or if you recognize their car, you should call police right away. in
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fort mcmurray being forced to evacuate now as a wildfire continues to destroy entire neighborhoods. the 80,000-person evacuation is the biggest in the history of the alberta province. there's only one road out of the city, and it's already been jumped by flames. officials are looking into the possibility of airlifting residents with medical issues. tough times up there in canada. hot and dry up there, just the opposite, doug, around here. doug: we're stuck, and that happens quite often. we get these patterns. a couple of weeks ago, we had 12 days of row in a sunshine, and now we're repeating it the other way, clouds. more shower possibilities, but the weekend does seem to be the time we'll start to make a little change and here get nice weather back. this from southern frederick county maryland, the home of oak dale high school. and through the morning, there was rain. the rain stopped now, just kind of drizzly. but look at the cloud cover, really not much change. a lot of heavy, low cloudiness around the area, and that trend
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pollen report is in, and even though we've had some rain, still getting some pretty high levels of tree pollen picked up, and, of course, with the rain, mold spores are more numerous right now. we'll see the pollen count stay high for some time to come, especially when we get back to three or four days of sunshine along with warm temperatures. 55 in leesburg. 55 in frederick. baltimore at 54 degrees. 54 in annapolis. 57 at reagan national airport. rain-wise, a couple of showers now, one heavy little downpour just east of charlottesville. that's just moving across that section of interstate 64. most of the rain is kind of moving northeast right now, but nothing in the immediate metro area. we'll zoom more closely for you now and see the next batch of showers coming up just east of front royal along 66789 they're heading northbound -- along 66. they're heading northbound to jefferson, harpers ferry, that area. we'll have plenty of chances of rain, but in general, the rest of today, tonight, tomorrow, a good portion of tomorrow afternoon, it will be scattered showers. by the time we get to tomorrow
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as this low pressure center and area of low pressure along cold front moves south and east, it's really going start changing things. it's pretty much going to slow down and really start pumping out a lot of rain. i think a fair amount of rain to go, over the next few days, but then by the weekend, looks like high pressure finally starts to get a foot hold and build back in, and that means clearing skies and warmer temperatures. our futurecast shows a line of showers for this afternoon, not nearly as widespread as recent days. but still a few heavy downpours, can't rule out an isolated rumble of thunder. more showers later tonight as we go through early tomorrow morning. as far as rain probabilities go, we're thinking between now and 11:30 tonight, just a couple of hundredths of an inch around here, could be a few spots with heavier downpours. we're going to look for more clouds and showers tomorrow. 70% chance today. 60% chance tomorrow, at least if not higher probability for the day on friday. then we start to turn it around a bit. high pressure builds in
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and 72. partly sunny, 74 sunday with a chance of showers. then we might settle down for a few days of sunshine and warm weather, climbing to the upper 70's. seems like a dream. melanie: just in time for mother's day. doug, thanks a lot. health officials in michigan are searching for anyone who may have been poisoned after buying produce at their local grocery store. this is not your normal food poisoning. the f.b.i. arrested this man who they say admitted to spraying a mixture of hand sanitizer and rat poison on produce at three ann arbor-area grocery stores. that's a deadly combination. and now there are fears they may have done it in other stores as well. >> he has indicated that in the last couple of weeks he's been in a couple of other grocery stores. so we have notified them. melanie: the contamination is thought to have taken place over the past two weeks. while there's no indication of terrorism, sources say this man may have had mental issues. and coming up on abc 7 news
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noon -- the best way to combat the zika virus, the top repellents that experts say will keep the mosquit
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melanie: 7 is on your side with the best way to combat mosquitoes. consumer reports tested 15 insect repel ants, and they found that sawer insect repel ant and off deep woods 8 were the most effective. however, a university of maryland professor known as the bug guy says repellent in clothing is the safest route. >> mosquito repellent clothing is a very good way to prevent mosquito bites.
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proven to actually reduce the incidence of mosquito-borne diseases. melanie: the professor says homeowners should also eliminate all sources of standing water around their homes to get rid of potential mosquito breeding sites. school leaders in fairfax county spent your tax dollars on an athletic field infield that some believe could have a link to cancer. but they wouldn't sit down with 7 on your side to talk about it. so the i-team did the next best thing. they got school leaders avenue emails am tonight at 11:00, what the messages show leaders have to say about health concerns linked to crumb rubber, a material on dozens of fields in fairfax county. tonight's 7 on your side digging in to get the real story on why crumb rubber insulation continues even after some highlighted cause for concern. and still ahead here on abc 7 news at noon -- doug is back with another check on the
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melanie: we're not going to shoot the messenger, but something's got to give here. doug: i appreciate that. it means a lot. this is the story the next few days, scattered showers, maybe an isolated rumble of thunder. our forecast today, highs 65. 61 tomorrow with rain. the best chance of rain is all day friday with 63. going to be better on the weekend. melanie: sunshine, 70's? doug: warmer. all that. melanie: we'll take that. stick around for abc 7 news at 4:00.
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