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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  May 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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scene. we understand a short time ago a c.s.x. train crew reported to police and fire officials that they thought they had hit somebody. the train coming to a halt. a search underway. i took them quite some time but in fact they did find a victim of this train strike. very sadly we understand that that person is deceased. at this point we don't know male, female, age, anything of that sort. we know it's a pedestrian, someone on the tracks was struck by the c.s.x. train. we will get there as quickly as we can and bring you the latest. we think it is on bow after off of rockville pike. we will be back with you when we arrive. alison: thank you. see you then. look at this. flames pour out of a hummer after witnesses say the driver rammed the silver diner over and over today. this is at the one in tysons
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the lunch hour. kevin lewis has been there on the scene all day. he has latest now in the developing story. i understand, kevin, there is a lot of heroes out there today. kevin: absolutely. despite flames, customers and diner staff members ran to help their fellow man. take a look at this now. since we last talked to you a tow truck removed the uper. there are a number of silver diner employees out front. you can see the charred remains on the sidewalk there. they are trying to clean up to open up the restaurant again. >> oh, my god, this guy just ran into the building. absolutely chaos. this hummer hit and pinged him against the popular
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restaurant. customers risk their lives to pull the driver from the car that erupted to thick orange flames. a man cut the driver free from the seat belt and dragged him across the parking lot. >> he was fighting. >> dennis was eating lunch with his wife. the booth was next to the mayhem. >> it would have been burned to a crisp if people didn't try to help him. kevin: silver diner waitress says the driver is an exemployee who left behind a bad reputation. police are now investigating. >> it scared me to death. i thought the building was going to blow. i thought he would run the people over. he didn't stop. >> the employees are standing where the hummer c
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rest. we can tell you that the police say four people injured in total, including the driver of the hummer and the man pinned against the wall. aunt expected to -- all expected to survive. but the man and the driver have serious injuries. we will delve more into the driver's history with the silver diner coming up at 6:00. live in tysons corner, kevin lewis, abc7 news. leon: thanks. amazing pictures. with the case as so many things that happen these days plenty of people pulled out their phone and recorded what they were seeing. you will see the benefit of the cell phone video. people like watson shot this. this is a video. just after that upper erupted in the flames. that hummer sat there for a few minutes with no flames at all. you heard from kevin people tried to pull the driver out. they managed to get him out. whoever is in the white shirt and the tie deserves a medal. he went back in there as the flames were shooting out and coming up
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head. they draggedded the man out of the vehicle. he fought them. they took him to right in the parking lot and got him in an grassy area where we saw video of them holding him down in place where their knee to his back and hands held behind him. the officer put cuffs on him. if you want you can see more of the dramatic video. we have photos as well. it's available at our website at alison: wow! that is incredible. thank you very much. now, to this. former member of the stafford county school board is due in court tomorrow morning. she is accused of embezzled money from one of the county schools. silver diner is live in stafford with the detail -- diane cho live in stafford with details. diane: these are the court document that spelled out what happened while she was on the elementary school p.t.o. after being indict bade grand jury this week, now facing six charges including three count of embezzlement. emily fallen was the former president of the p.t.o. from 2012
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during her time with the p.t. o. she gave investigators two list of transactions that included $17,000 in transfers from american express card they say belongs to fallen's husband. the court records show in a meeting in 2014 when the treasureer noticed $1,000 payment to american express card which came from the p.t.o. main checking account. investigators say fallon spoke up saying it was her card and it must have been an accident. according to the documents investigators say that, "it's not credible for fallon to claim she accidentally transferred money to her american express card on so many occasions." >> of course it's sad. we work so hard. i work 40 to 50 hours a week for free. she did, too. it's sad when parents give us money we can use
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we are not able to do that. diane: fallon was a member of the stafford county school board. she re-signed in a letter dated april 30 that was due to the medical concerns that require ongoing treatment. that happened days before she was indicted. authorities say the indictment cover a period of time before she was elected to the school board. we reached out to fallon today and her attorney but fallon told us she was unable to talk to us at that time. in stafford county, diane cho, abc7 news. >> we know yesterday he pumped my gas. we was talking. show you that man, you can't take every day for granted. leon: friends pay respect to a man hit by a bus after it was hijacked tuesday. the man who took over the metro bus had his first appearance in court. stephen tschida was there in the courtroom for keith loving hearing and checks in now for a report of what he saw and
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stephen: we learned what they believe took place after loving hijacked the bus with the needle-nose pliers. he came to a halt in the gas station and then backed up and deliberately drove over the victim in this case, anthony payne pinning him under the bus. today the spot where the hijacked bus ran down a man is a memorial. nickels came to remember his friend, 40-year-old anthony payne. the man killed. >> i'm just sad because i just recently talked to him. you know, it hurts to lose somebody like that. he's gone. stephen: the tense moments on a cell phone when police charged the bus and ordered the driver off that man. 30-year-old keith loving now charged with second-degree murder. he allegedly b
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driver and then as the bus came to a stop attacked the driver. frightened passengers ran. the driver pressed emergency alert and fled as well. prosecutors maintain loving then commandeered the bus and tore down an avenue stopping at a gas station. the bus struck and killed payne who was cleaning up around the pumps. >> he was crazy. you know what i'm saying? take a bus. he never bothered nobody. he was a helper. yesterday he pumped my gas and we was talking. it is sad, man. stephen: loving remained calm in hearing but then had some type of outburst. yelling something about i've been locked up. he was denied bond. he will remain behind bars until his next court appearance. reporting live, stephen tschida. alison: we go to breaking news out of ohio.
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governor john kasich just took the stage. he is expected to drop out of the presidential race. the republican side. let's listen in. governor kasich: it was terrific. our staff, nobody has ever done more with less in the history of politics than what the staff has done. it's kind of always been this way. it has been a mystery to me other than to say i like to think that they think they have been part of something bigger than themselves. we all want to be part of something bigger than ourselves. we do it with honesty and integrity. as a result, i think i know and i sure hope and pray that they feel that this experience that they have had in this campaign
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changed their lives for the better. i'm looking forward to spend more time with them. volunteers, just amazing. i don't know how many. 800 people we had. is it 800 people that went to new hampshire? people that went to michigan. people were in south carolina. i mean i would show up places and there were like people i knew. i'm like why are you here? but they were believers. i could never thank them enough for the long car rides. and in the snows of new hampshire, they knocked on doors. in the rain of south carolina, they knocked on doors. they gave of themselves. my mother said, "never forget the volunteers, johnny." they have always given me the octane, the fuel to carry out
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my purpose. i want to thank the people who gave them money. the financial resources. we never had all the money we wanted. well were probably outspent 50-1. but we were never ever daunted in that. we just got up every day and did the best we can. of course, a big thank you goes to beth hanson, the campaign manager. [applause] she did everything she could possibly do. my dear, dear friend doug price. [applause] we start get in these names. but as i mentioned, i think emma said, "well, didn't you travel with my daddy for a year and a half?" reese looked at him and said, "how did you ever do that?" but we had a gr
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we are going to have a lot more fun in the future. the kitchen cabinet. they are all classy. tim, the only guy i know that carried more luggage than the entire circus crew. i mean it was unbelievable. i know i'm leaving people out but i want to thank every one of you. you know, i visited -- leon: step away from governor john kasich in columbus, ohio. he didn't exactly say the words he was dropping out just yet but we believe they are imminent. thank the staff and the volunteers. alison: thanking the donors, too, of course. we'll be watching that. you can watch his full statements on our sister station newschannel8. but first. traveling with kids. imagine delays and then this. >> edid everything right. we did everything we were
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and they left us. leon: still to come, "7 on your side" after a bizarre chain of events sees a family left at the gate. >> in the wake of the c.s.x. derailment, new rules and perhaps new oversight in the district. we'll explain in a live report coming up. >> i was hit by something. it was bizarre. alison: so what hit this mother as she went to pick up her child? we will tell you how she is fighting back today. >> a bear came right through the bushes and hung out in the backyard of this frederick home and walk around the neighborhood. i'm cheryl conner. coming up, we have the video. the pictures and the stories to prove it.
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leon: dreary but not dripping outside. not at the moment. alison: we are red de -- ready for sun. doug: we have to wait for the weekend. we are stuck in this pattern. rain chances will ramp up tonight and tomorrow and friday. give you conditions at the rockville at montgomery college. 54 and cloudy. we should not necessarily should but on a
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temperatures this time of day. this time of the month of may in lower 70's around here. a lot cooler with the clouds and the winds out of the east and the northeast. that is the key. winds coming off the atlantic ocean. to keep skies cloudy and damp and upsettalled. as far as the pollen count goes, even with the rain they still got a report this morning. high level of tree pollen. high level of mold spores. low for grass and weeds were absent in the count. temperatures. no surprise. 50's to lower 60's across the area. 57 in -- in culpeper. 56 in annapolis. 60 in the capital. we will see the temperatures hold steady for the next few days. talk about a tale of two may. the month of may for the past couple of years. look how the numbers are different as we have gone through just this time stretch. the second to the fifth. last year we were in the 80's. 84, 86, 83. this time around is different.
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cooler. not due in any small measure to persistent cloud cover and rain showers and the thunderstorms moving through the area. i think we get to next week we will boost numbers back up into the 80's for a little bit. as far as the rain goes, we have a persistent area of showers. not moving. west and southwest of hagerstown. every now and then is a lightning strike. most is rain. another ban of showers is stretching southeast of warrenton. it is drifting to southern suburb of washington. show you the washington county. good downpours west of hagerstown. along 70 to hancock. and then again to martinsburg to middleburg and beyond. we continue to see the showers form. more to the south again. this is reminiscent pat western the air mass that pop up in the same area every day. these are the less intense than they were this
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yesterday. we find more patches of shower. we have an area of low pressure over michigan. cold front extending south. evidence long gaited area of low -- elongated pressure will pivot south and southeast. go to northeast to keep us in clouds. it will warm up temperatures in the upper 60's but it will give increasing chances of rain tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night and through the day on friday. saturday morning most rain should move out. there is the rain and the front. the pressure moving south/southeast. it will head back out and how to sea. in the process it will bring us chances of rain, shower and downpours through the day on friday. clearing out a little bit for the weekend. rainfall total for friday. certainly the expectation around here and finally we get a break by the weekend. numbers in the 70's and 80's. that is all we need is sunshine and we'll warm right up. alison: thank you. doug: yes, ma'am.
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at 5:00" -- how high will it go? not the pollen. although it is already up there. look at where tonight's power ball jackpot stands. alison: first, do you get the evil eye when you ask your kid to hand over the phone? probably, yeah. why separating the two may be harder than you think. that is next. leon: you got it. here is a look at what is coming up tonight on abc --
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stroand restoring aing a newbfather's faith. it's standing tall after one surgery... not six. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is finding it earlier... and coming home sooner. stronger is seeking answers... and not giving up, until you find them.
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we want them to grow up stronger. leon: the growing addiction that teens have to their cell phone. nearly half of all teens say they feel they are addicted. 80% say they check their phones hourly. that might be low. kids age 13 to 18 well, they report viewing media nine hours a day. parents should establish when phones can and can't be used. alison: lawsuit against metro for the deadly incident can move forward. that is what carol glover's family attorney is saying tonight. the ntsb fifers had to release the report about it. now he expects attorneys on both sides to meet with a
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depositions could begin as early as next month. the report did not specifically say what was in the smoke that killed glover. metro has been the focus of several federal hearings of late. but today, it was the district's delegate to congress calling for change. this was with c.s.x. after this week's derailment in northeast. richard reeve live in southwest with the new develop developments today. rich? rich: lawsuits are talk about the derailment. the federal railroad administration is now in charge of the investigation. it could take as long as a year. there is talk of new tougher oversight in d.c. c.s.x. continues here, the cause of sunday's derailment remains under investigation. of the 16 cars that derailed three contain hazardous materials. >> we were concerned that ethanol was one of the substances being carried. ethanol is both flammable and
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explosive. >> congresswoman eleanor holmes norton voiced concern about the ken call cars through the district of columbia. she said since 2004 it has not transported vollen tile materials including chlorine, ammonia and explosives through the city. federal regulation require commercial regards to use thicker, puncture-proof tanker cars begins in 2021. >> i think they should be routed on the outside of the city. this is coming right through the city. richard: a lot of call for oversight. they want a rail safety office to track tem call trains -- chemical trains, make periodic inspections. in virginia, maryland, they do these inspections in the nation's capital, they do not. reporting live, richard reeve, abc7 news. leon: thank you. getting through security a the world's busiest airport is about to get slower.
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atlanta's hartsfield-jackson international airport is closing one of the three security check points for three weeks. officials say it's necessary to update equipment. alison: the t.s.a. is increasing the number of security screeners at major airports all around the country. the goal of course to keep the lines moving in the busy summer travel season. to keep people from missing the flights of course. passengers we spoke with say the flyers can do their part to help. >> this is difficult problem. i understand that. so be it. stay safe in the air. alison: the t.s.a. admits there is only so much it can do without additional funding from congress. the agency has cut staff in le cent years. you know they overestimated the popularity of the precheck security program. leon: coming up a
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left at the gate. a family said they did everything right but they were left behind. jennifer: a rockville mother shot wile driving to pick up her son and she is speaking exclusively to
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vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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alison: back now with an update on breaking news outof
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chopper 7 on the scene after a man was hit and killed by a train. we are told this was an amtrak train. service on marc brunswick line is impacted by this. train 875 will be holding temporarily at silver spring. mobiletrak7 on the way to the scene. we will get a live report as soon as they arrive. kevin: kevin lewis live in tysons. continuation of a breaking news story. hummer rammed the front end of the silver diner in the busy lunch hour. pinnedded an individual against the front entrance. four people including the driver were taken to the home with injuries of various kinds. we just got a statement from silver diner. i am quoting here. they say, "we understand that a silver diner employee drove through the front of silver diner's tysons restaurant this afternoon. they go on to say we are shocked and saddened
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incident. we had no indication that the employee would harm himself or others." what we have been told by a number of people including silver diner employees is this was a man who had worked as a cook here. there was some disagreement between him and management. he came here today, the allegation is wreak havoc on the customers and the fellow employees alike. he has been taken to the hospital. one of the four injured. i'm sure police are investigating and charges are pending likely. we'll follow the story. live in daisuke, kevin lewis, abc7 news. leon: keep us posted on what is happening there in tysons. irish sherman, a rockville mother is sharing a story on tv for the first time after she was shot driving to pick up her son from a metro station. gun five erupted on a street near montgomery county three days before christmas. oom on 7 -- only on 7, sherman speaks
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reporter jennifer donelan about a random crime that changed her family forever. jennifer: 54-year-old irish sherman, mother of two launched a new app. to help people with special diets. >> i have to continue. i really do. jennifer: now she is the one that needs help to keep her body steady. >> i walk with a cane. jennifer: after a haunting december night last year. >> i couldn't sleep for a long time. jennifer: it was dark out when she got in the car to pick up her 24-year-old son jonathan from the rockville metro. >> i was hit by something. bizarre. no car. nothing there. i took a deep breath and i started to drive again. jennifer: one more block before her mind and body caught up to what had really happened. >> i looked over and i saw a hole. oh, my gosh, i think it's a gunshot. jennifer: she put her right foot on the brake. >> the high pressure pain. i t
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there was a lot of blood. jennifer: she learned the bullet lodged in her thigh was half an inch away from her femoral artery. half an inch away from almost killing her. >> one of the reasons i kept driving i was afraid. what if it is a real shooter and he is shooting again? jennifer: she managed to call her son who was still waiting at the metro. >> i don't know how to tell you this but i think i have been shot. >> i physically dropped to my knees on the metro platform. jennifer: in hispanic he accidently hung up the phone. kept driving and i started to get really dizzy. jennifer: her son didn't know where she was. he called 911. >> i said in cohesive words to the e.m.l. is a woman that has been shot in rockville, maryland. she is my mother. you have to find her. >> she made it. two blocks from the metro. >> i was conscious of my hands being full of blood so
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my head to bang on the horn so he could hear the horn. jennifer: he did. >> she was losing blood fast. >> he literally cared me, picked me up and -- >> carried her to the passenger seat. with all my might. warn speed. oncoming traffic. i drove across to fire station. >> the random shooting. the fevered search for one another and the race for help but over. but another journey was beginning. >> you have to wake up every day and say okay, i'm still here. >> doctors couldn't remove the bullet for three months. work was put on hold. therapy began. while the family waited. >> we still don't have answers to this. there who was behind the gunshot? >> i am angry. i want it to be solved. jennifer: she turned her courage and pain to blog. yes, i'm a woman who got shot. it got thousands of views and picked
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in it she declares -- i am a survivor. i am a warrior. >> i'm a warrior because i'm fighting back. i will be whole again. i hope. jennifer: she is fighting back. three hours ago i spoke with rockville city police. unfortunately her case is still at a stand still. no new leads and new witnesses but they hope tonight's store will shake loose new information. we know that the bullets emanated from a baseball field adjacent to the rock terrace school. this is martins lane in rockville. if you saw anything that night or in that area, you are asked to call the police. maybe the shooter has bragged about it since. please, call detectives. they need all information. >> wow! leon: amazing. jennifer: it is. mother-son duo, she is extremely proud of jonathan and his actions. he is extremely proud of her turning this around. and sharing it with the public. she hopes no matter what you are going through, if you can sort of take from her story and she was walking around with the b
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for three months. very painful. almost killed her. she is fighting back. leon: here is hoping it shakes something loose. jennifer: me, too. leon: something could have said something on facebook or twitter. alison: fairly recent. let's hope. thanks. leon: here is another story for you. the largest diamond discovered in a hundred years offered to the highest bidder. we are talking about serious bling. this is being auctioned off by sother's in june. size of a -- southerby's in june, size of a tennis ball. it could sell for $70 million. alison: do you wear it around your neck or what? leon: you would need a chiropractor. alison: you could afford if it you win the power ball. the drawing at 11:00 this evening. you may want
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plan b if you think you are going to get rich. leon: buy a ticket and then the diamond. coming up at 5:00 -- >> i'm mike carter-conneen on the national mall. work is underway on the final phase of the terp restoration. details on the timeline for the project and how the grass is trucked in fresh overnight. alison: new at 6:00 tonight -- president obama's first trip to flint, michigan, to address the water crisis. what had the president pleading for a glass of water. that is new at 6:00.
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steve: i'm steve rudin. a lot going on this upcoming weekend. race for the cure. lower 50, rebounding through the morning to the middle 60's. d.c. united versus new york city
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temperatures lower 70's. falling to the 60's. take you out to look at the next seven days. we are going to look for temperatures that will finally begin to rebound. just a bit. as we head toward the middle of next week. back in the lower 80's. stay with us. "abc7 news at 5:00" continues after this.
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leon: you saw this video of the black bear in frederick, maryland last night at 6:00. he lazy been spotted again. he is getting comfortable walking around the neighborhood. cheryl conner explains why the state is planning to let the bear move out on his own. cheryl: so many people got to bear witness to the black bear in a pine tree on tuesday. they got this video after she put away her bird feeder. >> he would come around one side of the tree and then the other side. cheryl: they nicknamed him yogi because he has been friendly just doing bear things like knocking over bird feeders in search of protein. >> he was very sweet. sweet little bear face. it's like bert than the zoo. cheryl: the sighting first happened sunday morning for mary. then a few blocks away bonnie saw him in everything from the glass enclosed backroom and shot this video. >> he is very strong because
5:42 pm
get this branch down. he had it all the way to the ground like pounding on it. >> the department of natural resources have gotten calls and a spokeswoman said spring is the time that bears come out of hibernation searching for food and a place to call home. best advice, don't be a good host. you should move trash cans into a garage if you can. be careful with lunch in a car. if a bear smells it, he has been known to break in. a school spokesman said kids are still allowed outside for resource. d.n.r. says the risk goes up to the bear and the neighbors if they intervene but eventually he will find his way out of the neighborhood. >> he may just like it here. cheryl: in frederick, cheryl conner, abc7 news. alison: you think he is looking for a house? to move in? leon: nice line from the chamber of commerce. bears love us. take a
5:43 pm
under a tree. alison: the caps as we know are looking to even things up in pittsburgh. leon: they have the work cut out for them. erin: that is the goal. we have the story of braden holtby and how he helped a deserving penguin fan. we explain what he did later in sports. >> the fear of being left at the gate can have you run through an airport. a viewer, well, her dash to the gate left her heart broken and calling "7 on your side" for help. we
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alison: you spend half the door and part of a night in an airport with an infant child only to be told your flight was canceled. that happened to a "7 on your side" viewer who contacted us with the story. but our troubleshooter horace holmes is live at reagan national airport to tell us this isn't the end of the story. the situation actually went from bad to worse? horace: imagine, i know you have gone through this before. you have had to run through an airport, in order to make a flight. imagine having to run
5:47 pm
with a bag on your back and a baby in your arms. it happened to one viewer and it ended in frustration. >> it has been quiet a journey. quite an emotional experience. horace: it went from bad to -- >> emotion and frustration -- horace: to worse at the pensacola airport. >> desperation. horace: she and her 2-month-old daughter traveling home from a family funeral in alabama. flight 3913 pensacola to reagan national on american airline scheduled to leave at 3:30. but didn't take off then. >> initially it was delayed by an hour. then the delays got longer and longer. >> seven hours she claims waiting in the airport with her infant. >> we were down to one bottle of formula. >> finally some good news. the plane is at the gate and being prepped to leave they are told. >> but a few minute later another announcement. there is a mechanical problem that could take at least 45 minutes to fix. >> t
5:48 pm
the pilot and the crew would have timed out. horace: timed out? in a statement to "7 on your side," american aligns told us under f.a.a. regulations crews can only work a certain number of hours each day. the pilot and crew were approaching their limit. all the passengers were then directed to go to the main american ticket counter to book new flights. but then another announcement. 3913 is ready to leave. immediately. >> now i'm sprinting through the airport with the infant carry in the front of me. little supplies i have left in a diaper bag. trying to catch this flight. >> they pushed her and her daughter through security and to the gate. then she was told the plane was just a few passengers who stayed at the gate on board was pulling out. >> we did everything right. we did everything we were asked to the and they left us. horace: a near empty plane took off. di, her daughter and 50 other passengers were left at
5:49 pm
gate. she was able to make it out and get back home the next day. she says all she wants is an apology. we contacted american airlines and they said they do apologize to their customers for any inconvenience and went on to explain that di's aircraft was fixed earlier than expected and that is why the crew had to leave at that point because they were about to time out. live at reagan national airport, horace holmes, abc7 news. alison: my heart goes out to her. she deserves more than apology. leon: she deserves miles. alison: a lot of tickets. nanny to go with her with the baby. leon: exactly. exactly. come on, american. hook her up with a nanny. if anybody driving home right now see how we can help them. jamie sullivan on traffic watch now. jamie: the biggest area we are seeing the issue is going to be on leesburg pike
5:50 pm
eastbound. a truck fire still working to clear it away before the beltway. two of the light reins are block -- two of the right lanes are blocked. 395 is seeing shades as well. northwest corner of the capital beltway. a live look to show you, of course, slowing on the inner loo. the outer loop, nice pace. that is a look at traffic. back to you. leon: all right. thank you, jamie. alison: okay, doug. what is the latest on the rain? doug: chances of rain will increase tonight, tomorrow night and friday. we should clear out for the weekend. seven-day in a moment. lunch box weather day here. alison: excellent. doug: share the information with you here. on this lunchbox weather day, the very own meteorologist josh knight visited brightwood education campus in northwest washington for the lunchbox weather program. he showed up and he did presentations. a weather experiment here and there to show the kids how things work, like thousand create a cloud. he brought the kids outside. let them check out the storm chaser now.
5:51 pm
sienna. this is a question to answer. take a listen to the question. >> why does a hurricane have eyes? doug: a good question. alison: it is a good question. doug: it doesn't have a 30-second answer. but we will explain the best we can. why does a hurricane have an eye? you have to know how it works. the circulation around the center point of the hurricane, the eye wall has the strongest winds in a hurricane. what happens the hurricane eye is totally clear and sometimes there are a few clouds but generally the calmest point and the lowest bare metic pressure inside the entire hurricane. what happens is around the eye wall, the winds are at the highest possible speeds. inside the winds push upward so fast they go over the top. the storm. so all the air is pulled out. some of the air at the center of the eye is descending to the ground and the ocean. that descending air calms and
5:52 pm
even sometimes allows the skies to clear. it's brief. but that is what we are looking at. a couple of quick pictures here to show you an eye that is not always perfectly cylindrical. that is one from 2003. and one from hurricane katrina in 2005. inside with crystal clear skies inside and monnous winds outside. we will take care of the seven-day in a few minutes. right now it's a huge night in pittsburgh. erin hawksworth is there live. why is this such a big night? erin: well, doug, the capitals have a chance to even the series. it's pretty loud here as the pre-game operations. the energy is ramping up for what could be and should be another feisty battle tonight. dirty and questionable plays have been the story of the series between the capitals and thep
5:53 pm
game four to be no different. [inaudible question] >> i do. definitely. it will be the playoffs and this is an important game and it will be ramped up. it will be a fun game. erin: the other big story line is the tremendous play of the penguins goalie matt murray. >> the only way to beat a goalie -- they are saying the same thing about our goalie -- you have to get ugly ones and bang in ugly chances. >> shoot it where he's not. put it where the holes are. aim for the net. you try to get more bodies and what he can't see is tough to stop. erin: the series is packed with hard hits there is a softer side. the penguins hosted a young goaltender ba
5:54 pm
today's morning skate and braden holtby helped out and gave him a stick. >> what we play the game for is to create positive influences on people. the penguins are doing a great thing with him over there, having him as their guest. luckily we got to share a little part of that and make the day better. erin: braden holtby is such a class guy. just so nice to see him do something like that. i'm sure it meant the world to the young boy. we have to take a quic
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
yammer -- alison: on the national mall, they are rolling out sod for the final fades of a restoration project. as mike carter-conneen reports the same turf is used at notable baseball stadiums and football fields across the country. including a couple of local ballparks. >> it's befitting of america front yard. mike: national mall visitors will soon see gorgeous green grass from the capitol building to the national monument. >> before it was awful. >> sight for sore eyes. >> now it looks great. >> harvested around 1:00 a.m. at new jersey turf farm. like a donated
5:58 pm
delivered fresh overnight. >> it's still cool and staying moist. gets here early in morning. get back on the ground to start growing again. mike: the same farm provided the kentucky bluegrass to national park, cam deb yards and many other sports venues across the ven. >> the weather is the best we could wish for to be laying sod. >> this is grass on top of soil to resist compaction under the feet of millions of visitors each year. there are giant sisterns to be used to irrigate the grass. >> they are also restricting the length of events here and requiring measures to protect the turf. it should wrap up in
5:59 pm
the area will be fenced off in january. it will make the mall great again in time for the inauguration and the next president. whomever he or she will be. on the national mall, mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. alison: that is it for "abc7 news at 5:00". right now at 6:00, though, -- take a look at this. heroes pulling people from a burning car. and a restaurant. but witnesses say this was no accident. >> they were banging on the windows and trying to stop him. he wouldn't stop. alison: the possible motive in what is a criminal investigation at the silver diner. breaking news in race for the white house. >> that is right. john kasich is out. what happens now that donald trump is the last republican standing? announcer: now "abc7 news at
6:00 pm
maureen: the moment after an s.u.v. rammed into the silver diner restaurant in tysons, the vehicle burst into flames. bystanders jumped to the rescue to help the people hurt. some of whom were trapped in the crash. kevin lewis has spent all afternoon speaking with the witnesses and the police. and joins us now live from the scene. what is the latest on this? kevin: the incident including the driver. take a look at the charred sidewalk. that is where the hummer came to a rest. within minutes of arriving here we heard rumors this was an intentional act. i can tell you now the silver diner released a statement saying it agrees with the theory. >> it sounded like a bomb going off. people were screaming. the lady next to me in the next booth fell over and


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