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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  May 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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announcer: now "abc7 news at 4:00". ion your side. jonathan: right now at 4:00, 3-year-old zion williams found safe after an amber alert was issued. michelle: his father joshua williams taken into custody just after 1:00 this afternoon. now there are new questions about the whole ordeal. jonathan: one of the biggest questions is none of us got a text alert that zion was missing. that is how it is supposed to work. 3-year-old zion williams found safe after the amber alert was issued. didn't get come because people were getting it on text messages. michelle: go now to -- we want to add his father joshua williams taken into custody. let's go now to diane cho. diane: this is a location they were keeping an eye on since the child was taken last night and it's the location thocationy eventually took joshua williams into custody peacefully. after an intense search for
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was returned safely to his maternal grandmother today. we learned the child's biological father, joshua williams, who does not have custody arrested on falcon ridge driver. this started last night after the investigators say williams picked up his ex-girlfriend and the child. authorities say williams and his ex-girlfriend got in a domestic dispute and williams attacked her and beat her severely. she managed to escape and help but the child was still in the car. typically when an amber alert goes out you will get a notification on your phone. but in this case, troopers say it did not happen because the amber alert when most people were still alert so they didn't activate the alert so they wouldn't panic people. worried people would turn off the notification system. we're told all other notifications took place for those who were awake. >> the child is in good condition. he is not injured. he was returned safe and sound. actually had some additional clothing o
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discovered him. as far as how the child got back to the grandmother and ultimately the mother, that is something the detectives are still having to work out. diane: we told that williams facing malicious wounding and abduction charges. we are told the child's mother has been released from the hospital. in spotsylvania, diane cho, abc7 news. jonathan: good he was found safe. thanks. 2 hour ago an incredible scene outside a diner in tysons corner. a hummer ran in the front entrance and burst into flames. some worked to free the guy pinned up against the diner and other folks trying to get the guy inside the hummer out safely. police are saying this was no accident. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg back at the scene. jeff? jeff: so many unanswered questions as a result of why this happened yesterday. today is a busy day. a lot of repairs at the
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they have done a lot of work boarding up the store. they hope to be open this weekend for mother's day. the red trash can is still melted as a result of what happened here in the fire. witnesses tell us the driver of the hummer was parked somewhere in this area. 12:30 yesterday. he put his foot on the gas and drove in the front of the diner. now again, the incredible footage of the aftermath of the crash. witnesses say after the man ran the hummer in the front of the diner, he reversed it and did it again to pin the man from the seem and the wall. people tried to get the driver out of the car. he locked the door. shut the window and then lit it on fire. they were able to get him out after breaking a window. the man is a cook. in his 60's. worked here for two years and been on berriment leave since april 5. why he did it -- bereavement leave since april 5 and whit he did it is unknown. >> it's sad to be honest. if somebody
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whatever, the service or whatever they would take this excessive act. >> i feel sorry for the people that were involved. not just the business but whoever was involved in it. i feel bad for them. jeff: no new information today from fairfax police regarding the man's identity or the status. we are told in deference to his medical condition he will not be charged today. we don't know what that condition is. the charges will consist of malicious wounding and destruction of the property but that is not certain. back here live in front of the silver diner this is a magazine stand that has been melted by what happened yesterday. how it ended up here we simply don't know. somebody walking inside the diner, perhaps an employee there. we have seen a lot of employees walking in and out. they are doing a lot of work to try to get the diner he reopened. something interesting happened with the employees this morning. today throughout the day we have noticed something interesting happening here at the diner on sit
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the elements of the story coming up at 5:00. jeff goldberg, abc7 news. jonathan: the crash, the wreck and the arrest was capture opt video. it's on michelle: update from the metrobus hijacking monday afternoon. they have this photo of the suspect. keith loving accused of taking over the bus in the northeast and running over a man and killing him at a gas station. this is what we learned from the court appearance yesterday and the through court documents. loving was on drugs at the time and had warrants out for his arrest. tonight at 5:00 we take a closer look at whether he could have been in police custody days before this deadly hijacking. the capitol rotunda is closed
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in restoration work. some debris fell in the rotunda in the lead paint base abatement activity. clean-up is underway and the rotunda will reopen once testing confirms the area is safe. jonathan: what is nice about the picture the scaffolding has come down on the dome. looks spectacular. michelle: nice and clean. jonathan: nice job on that. another great day outside. damp on the books and it's getting old. michelle: we have been stuck in the pattern for quite some time. time. more than a week now. we are expecting more of this tomorrow. when do we get out of this pattern? check in with meteorologist steve rudin. steve: it has been ten days we have had rain every day. look at the clouds in frederick, maryland, from the earth and the space lab. show you the time lapse, see how it's cloudy all day long. they had showers up there earlier but didn't amount to a lot. satellite and radar, here we are in d.c. zoom in a little bit closer. this stays mainly dry heading through the early evening hours.
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move toward the west. that is the situation moving through tomorrow. everything is coming in from the east and moving west. area of low pressure pivots south of us. what does it look like at 11:00 tonight? showers come in and wet commute early tomorrow through midday and the late afternoon hours. we could pick up of an inch of rain. we talk about the mother's day weekend forecast coming up soon. michelle: toy guns and b.b. guns looking like the real counterparts and police around the country making split-second decisions that result in children being shot. as kevin lewis reports a maryland lawmaker is working to protect the children and police officers. this is an issue we have to deal with.
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looking to ban the sale of fake look-alike gun in the free state. >> we have a police officer trying to make a decision in a split second. looking at what is in his mind a gun. there is nothing to say it's not a gun. a kid on the other hand says it's a toy, only a toy. kevin: according to "the guardian" police in the u.s. killed 28 people holding b.b. or pellet guns. last week they shot a 14-year-old boy armed with this b.b. gun made to look like a pistol. >> it's ludicrous. >> retired firefighter owns a small gun shoppe in brandywine. >> i'm -- i told a friend about it. he goes are you kidding me? kevin: he thinks the proposed ban is silly. contending at some point personal responsibility comes into play. >> how many people choked on m&m's or hard candy? do we ban that, too?
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people drawn in pools. do we ban pools? where do you stop? >> tell that to the 28 people shot or the 28 officers who had to go home at the end of the day. realizing i shot an innocent kid. kevin: senator muse plans to reintroduce the so-called toy gun ban in the next legislative session. i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. jonathan: coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- overcoming a family tragedy. both parents lost in the case of murder-suicide. a "7 on your side." 24-year-old finding forgive forgiveness for her father. >> and an explosion outside of houston in a warehouse fire. michelle: what was inside that might have set off the massive explosions. >> it is cinco de mayo. tha
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night in the bars and the places like annapolis. they have a new campaign. know your limits. they are offering free
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jonathan: checking news around the nation. outside of houston. look at this. emergency crews telling residents in the warehouse to stay inside their homes for good reason.
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the fire ball and a thick black cloud. fire tearing through a warehouse storing guns. the pilot of the news chopper describing how some explosives were getting caught up with the flames. >> we are 953 feet in the air now. jonathan: it was something highly explosive. this is unclear what the hazardous materials were released or what started the fire. everyone is safe. michelle: often parents are lost and children are left behind. in a "7 on your side" exclusive fighting back reporter jennifer donelan digs into a case that captured headlines in 2013. jonathan: paul parisi, a.t.f. agent shot and killed hi
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the couple's teenage daughters there when it happened and one is talking publicly for the first time. jennifer donelan has her story. this is a story of forgiveness. jennifer: if it weren't for forgiveness we wouldn't do the story. let's talk about the murder-side first. the crime. violence policy center in d.c. put together a study last year. researchers found on average there are 11 murder-suicides a week in the united states. the majority of them, 72% involve an intimate partner so that's why nina parisi's decision to share this publicly is a huge decision. she is talking about the moment in the home that she lost a parent she adored. what she wants people to know about her family and especially about her father. she is doing this because s
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her learning to live after something like this. it can be a lonely journey. >> i wish there was a hand book to tell me what i should be doing or how everything should -- how i should be feeling but it's not. it's hard to talk about it. i want to talk about it. to help other people. jennifer: you see the smile? it's heart-warming. to see this girl smile is inspiring. you will learn how she is doing in her own words. how she has moved forward. finding forgiveness tonight on abc7 news at 11:00. michelle: what a brave woman. jennifer: i got a text from her last night. better than any award in my career she said, "thank yo
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fear of talking about it." it made me emotional. a brave 20-year-old woman who has been through so much. jonathan: we hope it hes others as well. thank you. >> let's get a check of the traffic. james has details. that is slow moving. jamie: this is 66. it's always the northwest corner we see the heavy traffic. this is the idea of the traffic leaving the city. we have a solid red line. as you get from duke street. closer to the point toward edsall road we have traffic. 20 minutes is what it will take you as you head south from the 14th street bridge to the capital beltway. the big picture is
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slow spots on the outer loop. a crash, sixth street at northwest. the northwest corner is not as bad on the outer loop as the inner loop but it's very, very heavy. no crashes to report. michelle: thank you. this just in. sketch of a man wanted for attempted sexual assault in montgomery county. police need your help to find him. it happened wednesday on 14,000 of castle boulevard. this man asked the victim to open the door in her apartment buildings and once in he followed her to the apartment, dropped his pants and tried to force himself on her. if you have any information on this, call police. the massive wildfire in fort mcmurray, canada, is still burning out of control. so far the fire destroyed 1600 structures and torched more
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nearly 90,000 people in the city forced to leave everything behind. we lost everything. >> it's out of an apocalyptic movie. michelle: it does. all commercial flights in and out of the area have been suspended. so far no reports of death of injuries. two women gave birth in one of the evacuation shelters. jonathan: people are driving so close to the fire. you don't want anyone getting killed. steve: it was moving upward of 50 to 60 miles per hour. moving quickly. the cars didn't have anywhere to go except to try to get through. the temperatures are around 90 degrees. it's hot out
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for us we have rain. i promise to see a change on the way. 55 in leesburg. it's 61 in cumberland. rain to the south of us. this area of low pressure will move our way toward the north and the east. that is going to bring us the heavier rain. to move in from the east. we see the winds -- rain moving from the west. this time from the east. it will stick around with us for the good part of the day tomorrow. that is what will bring us upward of an inch or so of rain by the time the system moves out of here. the rain will develop. we have area of nothing in the morning.
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we have heavier rain through the morning commute and rush hour. tomorrow evening driving home around the beltway with the pocket of moderate to heavy rain it will be slow going. the skies will clear. sunday mother's day we have showers early and then clearing. we have areas of rain. through the next seven days mother's day looks fantastic. tuesday and wednesday is something we haven't seen around here. cracking the 80-degree mark. hooray! 76 on thursday. tomorrow 100% chance to need the umbrella. take out the trivia question for you. what is the record rainfall for month of may in the
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area? 15 inches? 12? 10.69? we have the answer at 4:30. jonathan: looking forward to it. we are kidding about this. if you find the sun. this is something we put together. on the twitter account. this is described as a 4.5 billion years old. it's cloaked in hydrogen and helium and not seen since april 26. michelle: if you find it there is a reward. so send us your pictures when you head outside. they are moving the party outside. folks looking to have a good time, a party. jonathan: it's cinco de mayo, perhaps some people skipped out of work early. this is a holiday associated with drinking. we have seen that in recent years. brad bell joining us in annapolis. unique way to prevent people driving while intoxicated.
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i haven't seen this before. you are right. sync is a draining night in america. here in annapolis. a great idea. watch what he is about to do. the police offering something they call know your limit. they just want people to know how much they need to drink to be illegal on the road. in maryland the level is .08. looks like the mayor may have had something not so long ago. but the bottom line is and we have the officer from the police department here. they don't want to scare people. they want to educate people. it's as quick as this. i can tak a breathalyzer test right now. tell me what to do. >> blow in the tube. that is it. there you go. i had iced tea
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they don't want people leaving in cars if they are above the limit. we will hopefully bring someone from the bar who might be surprised how close or over the limit they have become. in annapolis, brad bell, abc7 news. michelle: thank you, brad. for those of you who end up having too many margaritas tonight the washington regional alcohol program has a safe ride home program. they launched the cinco de mayo silver ride for the second year in a row. call 1-800-200-taxi for a free cab ride up to $30 fare through tomorrow morning. jonathan: the life you could save not to mention the other people on the road is your own. be safe. michelle:
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next at 4:00, assist in breast cancer battle. a look at helping those in the fight of their lives. jonathan: still ahead, overhaul for security. plans to double to height of the fence.
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jonathan: we are all excited here. abc7 gearing up for the race for the cure hap
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michelle: we have help for those of you with questions about breast cancer. alison starling in the help center where the phone bank hopes in a few minutes. alison: that is right. phone lines will open at 4:30 a few minutes from now. 703-236-9220. here at abc7 we have gathered a group for you of the experts, incontrol gists, survivors. people dealing with breast cancer around the world and locally. as you know, the susan g. komen foundation is a leader in this field in washington. and elsewhere. stephen tschida tonight introduces us to some of the groups that the money from komen helps out. >> it has to be exciting. >> ready for the race for the cure. but a couple of months ago she was confused. >> it gave me the places to go for the screening and the mammograms. >> she came to an organization to help latin women. she is
4:28 pm
what the tests reveal. roxana will walk as well even though she is in the end of chemotherapy. she has no health insurance and is filled with gratitude. >> i have a 7-year-old son. single mom. i can't see myself not being here for him. >> started 20 years ago with a grant from the komen foundation. >> they allow us to do the breast cancer screening and education. >> there is another organization serving women that gets vital funding. >> they also get funding from komen. this is where sean came for help. >> they diagnosed me with triple negative breast cancer. >> the center here has high-tech equipment to hasten diagnosis. >> you can do something a
4:29 pm
survival are higher. >> those in the race know who they are helping. >> i owe them my life. that's all i can say. >> stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: we have a fantastic resource for you. the phone lines for 6:30. 703-236-9220. reminder for you, abc7 is the proud media sponsor for the race for the cure. it's going to be on saturday. you can follow more of these survivor stories using the hashtag see it pink. we have complete coverage for you of the race, the big event on saturday on the sister station newschannel8 at 7:00 in the morning. back to you. jonathan: all right. thank you. a lot of us will be out there, too. from abc7 and newschannel8. still ahead for us at "abc7
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donald trump is the presumptive nominee for the republicans. now he is taking to twitter. you might not believe what he posted. we'll have it for you. >> the reck set service has a -- secret service has a new plan for a new white hou
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: we have breaking news in the newsroom. stabbing at the greyhound station in d.c. right by union station in northeast. kevin lewis and mobitr
4:33 pm
what can you tell us? kevin: well, this is in the bus depot behind the main rail station. around 3:15, the d.c. police called out here for an assault. they found a juvenile male stabbed right by that red stop sign. there is a heap of clothing, bloody clothing at the base of the stop sign. forensic unit, the white van just pulled up on scene. that male juvenile was conscious and alert. taken to the hospital. search is on right now for a six-foot tall male with gold teeth. but take a look. this is a bus terminal and you have a handful of megabuses. the brake lights on that one came from philadelphia. no passengers injured but the search is on for the six-foot tall accused stabber at the bus depee behind union station. live in northwest, i'm kevin lewis. abc7 news. michelle: thank you. plans to change the fence at the white house. it could double the height in hopes of keep
4:34 pm
jumpers from even thinking about it. that plans put forward today. roz plater is live for us in northwest. will it be moving forward? roz: we are still a couple months off from final approval but they are moving forward. this is part of the plan today. they have looked at the fences around palaces around the world and the one thing they have in common is they are taller than the fence at the white house. that is the problem. nothing seems to be working right now. this happened recently last week, somebody scaling toker trying to scale the white house fence. back in 2014, a fence jumper made it deep inside the white house. last year they put spikes on the fence. there will be a new fence that should be more secured. you can see the proposed fence on the right. it would be taller and stronger with a foundation or base and have the anti-climb features that
4:35 pm
new detection technology. >> effectively we are going from a design height the existing fence. of p six to seven feet to roughly with the pedestal 14 feet high. roz: still preliminary. construction wouldn't begin for two more years. live at the white house, i'm roz plater, abc7 news. jonathan: thanks. michelle: a trivia question. we have the guesses for the record rainfall. yours? jonathan: 12 inches. >> i'm going with the last one. ten? 10.4? steve: 10.69. 10.69 is the answer. >> i'm on a roll. steve: pretty good! this month we have had two inches of rain. that will bring us close if we continue the track to break the
4:36 pm
let's look at what is going on now. temperatures are in the middle 50's in mann and leesburg. 52 in luray. satellite and radar, the area of low pressure off to the south and west of us. that will pivot north and east. we look for rain, the heavy rain tomorrow. moving east to west. as the area of the low pressure moves across the area. the rain totals an inch or so. grab the umbrella. we have 75 degrees on mother's day. good deal of sunshine. 80 tuesday and wednesday next week. jonathan: thank you, steve. in the "7 on your side" h
4:37 pm
volunteers ready to answer any questions you might have about breast cancer. the phone number on the screen, 703-236-9220. call now until 6:30. it this is not just the medical expert answering the phone calls. survivors are there as well. call 703-236-9220. michelle: covering metro now. one day away from learning how general manager paul wiedefeld plans to improve safety on the troubledded transit system. brianne carter has more. brianne: riders call it a familiar scene. firefighters outside metro station after arcing insulator in the morning rush. incident on the track that impact reliant have the metro general manager ready to make a major announcement
4:38 pm
>> people are proud. glad he is addressing the problem. brianne: paul wiedefeld will lay out the track work plan to restore reliability and improve safety. the plan will likely call for single tracking. weekend service adjustments and short-term station closures for buses to replace trains. >> we are going to be doing things as well. >> metro workers only have 33 hours in a week to get repairs and may not done. it's not enough to get out from years of work. >> this is filling up. we get ahead but not at the degree we need to get ahead. brianne: riders say
4:39 pm
hopeful that the plan will have the least impact in rush hour. >> fine if you do it late at night. >> they need to give us notice and close and beef up buzz services. make sure that the system is safe for people. brianne: in southwest washington, brianne carter, abc7 news. jonathan: all right. let's talk politics now. on the republican side it is interesting if you get this perspective. there was once 17 candidates vying to be president. now just one. donald trump. he is the presumptive g.o.p. nominee and he surprised people along the way. no question. all in the last hour, now a questionable tweet from him. he sends a lot of tweets. this one is no sensor. tweeting about cinco de mayo. the best taco bowls are made in trump tower grill. that is him in front of one. he finishes by saying, "i love hispanics." this tweet has not
4:40 pm
of his v.p. pick. our chief political correspondent scott thuman looks at whether he will shock people yet again with his pick. >> there is no doubt donald trump owns the spotlight. who will share it? >> i'm going political route. i don't need the business route. i have that covered. >> there are all sorts of names filling the rumor bill from chris christie and john kasich to those well versed in washington's ways. remember newt gingrich? politico points out few pundit predicted his path so far. >> is it possible the v.p. process for him is the same? he could throw us for a loop? >> of course. you have to expect that. >> we are a new world of the politics. all the things we thought mattered may not matter anymore with donald trump at the top of the ticket. usually a vice president is an attack dog. who is going to be donald trump's attack dog? that is what he does. scott: a v.p. co
4:41 pm
the top of the ticket never held political office. minority or a woman could also help his image. some are already saying no thanks. like when we caught up with new mexico governor martinez. >> i'm focused on new mexico. i am. >> even if it means recruiting someone trump effectively tore down two months ago. like marco rubio. >> a lot of this stuff is put on. donald trump will call you a son of a [bleep] one day and the next day it's a great person. sometimes just a couple hours later. scott: showing that the bridge can be gapped, former opponent dr. ben carson will help head up donald trump search for a second in command. in arlington, scott thuman, abc7 news. jonathan: it doesn't get dull. coming up next for us, a lost baby beaver. how cute is that fellow? the step that some metro riders took to get the little guy back in the wild. michelle: but first, a brand new e
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tonight. exclusive preview. saying no isn't easy. see what ha ♪ stand by me vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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michelle: olivia and abby have to put differences aside and work together to take doyle down. edison realizes he may have made a deal with the devil. kidd o'shea wih
4:45 pm
scoop." kidd: the race for president continues as we see that jake is not someone you want to say no to. presidential hopeful davis calls jake to his office for a meeting and things don't go well for edison. here is your "scandal scoop." >> i call this meeting to tell you man-to-man i won't be considering you for vice president. >> you have no choice here. you know you have no choice. but yet, your brain can't compute it. well, charging. >> i think this meeting is over. >> i am your vice president. i will drag your tired [bleep] to the white house and you will smile and wave and wait for us to turn you on and off and change your batteries. okay? >> no. what if i say no? kidd: "scandal" airs tonight. one more episode until the finale. grab a glass of wine and enjoy. i'm kidd-gilchrist. that's the
4:46 pm
michelle: you have to tune in. coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the f.d.a. steps in and e-cigarette companies must comply or products will be pulled from the shelves. jonathan: next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a near crash. wait until you see this one. pilot split second decision that saved lives. >> didn't have time to be scaredded. we need to look for place to crash. jonathan: we show you the small piece of rescue equipment that almost pulled the chopper from the side of the cliff and a view from pilot inside the cockpit.
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
michelle: a strange and adorable site outside the northwest. a baby beaver wandered around the step at the van ness station. animal control checked out for injuries. everything was okay. put back into the wild. jonathan: cute! jonathan: a recovery mission that needed rescuing of its own. it could have been disastrous. it happened last september. we have new video.
4:50 pm
on the side of a cliff. a cable connected to ground operation was caught in the blade of the chopper. the pilot made a split saving decision. >> watch in the video as a routine mission turns terrifying in a matter of seconds. >> hovering feet from the edge of the cliff. as the rescuers prepare to board near disaster. safe rope caught up in the blaze. there is something wrong here. >> the pilot preparing for a crash landing but regaining control of the chopper and landing safely in a nearby field. second camera angle
4:51 pm
inside the cockpit. >> routine to desperate. jonathan: it happened when 43-year-old youey didn't return home -- crowey didn't return home after a hike. they recovered her body. the pilot is hailed a hero. >> i have never seen the procedure before. >> the patrol has had 500 successful rescue or the recoveries. a combination of luck and experience likely saved lives. >> amazing video. >> electronic cigarettes will
4:52 pm
version. hundreds of brands will have to seek fram permission to stay on the market. this potentially could up-end what has become a multibillion dollar industry. the rules prohibit selling the e-cigarettes to those under 16. it turns nick tain to vapor inhaled -- nicotine in a vapor inhaled instead of smoked. the effects are still yet to be studied as extensively as cigarettes. >> let's turn to the weather. this is a big weekend. race on saturday for the cure and mother's day on sunday. steve: a little sunshine. more than now. this is the national harbor camera. looking over the potomac. 57 degrees at the reagan national airport. show temperatures across the board. on the cool side. in the middle to the upper 50's. it stays this way for the rest of the evening. the
4:53 pm
west as area of low pressure south of us. that will bring us the rain you see here over the area for the day tomorrow. it could be looking upward of an inch of rain. for tomorrow, umbrella. your will need it all day long. temperatures in the 50's. we will have brighter skies for mother's day. jonathan: thank you. supposed to keep your home warm but it could put you in danger. you don't think twice after installing insulation in the attic but you might want to. the type firefighters warn
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leon: lower cost energy way in your phone could burn you in a house fire. michelle: it can keep you cooler in summer but kimberly suiters reveals a downside. kim? >> the blown insulation is 85% recycled material. this stuff. the daily newspaper. shredded up. plus fire retardant. but that means in a fire it tends to smolder to create a
4:57 pm
signs of danger. >> life moves on. >> a lesson debra takes to heart as she tries to move on after her home burned to the ground. small fire on the deck jumped to the adick. by the time the fire department finished fighting there was little left. they had to pull the sheet rock down to get the insulation above. lieutenant hart is the deputy fire marshal and says fires with attics with blown-in insulation are harder to fight than the traditional sheet insulation. >> we have to remove it with a tool, scrape it out or any other means to get it out of there to check behind it. >> making sure a fire is completely out can be costly. with blown in insulation large portions have to be torn down. >> standard insulation falls out once yo
4:58 pm
wall. >> something that the new homeowners seldom think about. >> when it does happen and they see the cost and the damage respected to it afterhand then they start to begin to think on the things. >> this contractor finds the customers prefer the insulation blown in because of the energy efficiency. >> we regularly see 15% saving on winter bill. >> it's treated to be fire resistant and hard to know if anything made a difference for robert's home. now at her brother's house, roberts plan to rebuild. >> experts say there is no reason to remove it but if you consider building new talk about the pros an cons. i'm consumer investigator kimberly suiters. >> from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. alison: we begin with breaking news from
4:59 pm
a track problem causing delays at the federal center station. this is the station with issues this morning. after a small fire due to another arcing insul laters. so right now we are told that the trains at the station here are being reversed. out of the station. no trains running between eastern market and l'enfant plaza. passengers can expect delays on the orange, silver and the blue lines. we have a crew on the way to the scene. we'll have more details in a few minutes. leon: all right. he says he was high on p.c.p. and k2 when he hijacked a metrobus killing a man at a gas station on minnesota avenue. but now abc7 news learned police were trying to get loving off the street days before that happened. stephen tschida spent today trying to figure out what happened and why loving was still free. what did you learn about this? >> well, this is where the hijacked bus ended the fatal run on tuesday.
5:00 pm
makeshift memorial to anthony payne. his friends are asking why was the man who allegedly struck and killed payne on the street when weeks ago a judge issued two bench warrants for his arrest. >> after he assaulted a driver, and stole a bus, he stopped here. payne was pinned bemete the bus and killed. >> a good guy. cleaned up in the neighborhood. >> payne's friend is troubled. since april 15, the judge issued two bench warrants for loving seen here in an old mug shot. we went to his home to ask his brother whether the police had come looking for loving last week. >> can i ask you -- >> no, i'm afraid not. >> were the police here looking for keith last week? >> police sources tell us the warrant squad at the nearby


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