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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  May 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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makeshift memorial to anthony payne. his friends are asking why was the man who allegedly struck and killed payne on the street when weeks ago a judge issued two bench warrants for his arrest. >> after he assaulted a driver, and stole a bus, he stopped here. payne was pinned bemete the bus and killed. >> a good guy. cleaned up in the neighborhood. >> payne's friend is troubled. since april 15, the judge issued two bench warrants for loving seen here in an old mug shot. we went to his home to ask his brother whether the police had come looking for loving last week. >> can i ask you -- >> no, i'm afraid not. >> were the police here looking for keith last week? >> police sources tell us the warrant squad at the nearby
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six district station was closing in on loving when the orders came in to disband the warrant squad as plans for city wide squad progresses. >> sometimes the system works and sometimes it don't. >> keith loving was known to the police in the neighborhood. no way to know if the disbanding of the warrant squad had any effect on his arrest. we are still waiting for responses to our questions in this situation. alison: we are keeping a close eye on developing story out of fredericksburg where a 3-year-old boy is back with his mother tonight after his buy log call father took off with the boy this morning. diane cho is live in spotsylvania county where the dad was arrested. i understand a lot of people didn't get a notification about the amber alert.
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diane: alison, typically when an amber alert goes out you get a notification on your phone. in this case the troopers admit it did not happen for a reason. >> an intense search involving local state, and federal investigators was launched after deputies say 3-year-old zion williams was taken by his biological father joshua williams who did not have custody of him. >> mr. williams has a violent history and has made open threats to injure or kill the child in the past. diane: they felt it was necessary to issue amber alert for the missing child. started last night when williams and his ex-girlfriend got in a domestic dispute in the car. >> he attacked her physically and she received injuries. >> authorities say the victim was able to run for help but the 3-year-old son was in the car when williams took off. just before 2:30 thursday morning the amber alert was issued. later that day authorities say
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unharmed. >> as far as how the child got back to the grand mother and the mother is something the detectives are still working out. diane: not long after that investigators say one of the homes they had been keeping an eye on, on fall come ridge drive is the location they found williams and arrested him. they decided no to the about vate the cell phone alert because it happened in the middle of the night when many are asleep. the troopers say they didn't want to startle anyone or cause anyone to panic and cause some people to turn off the notification system entirely. we are told the victim has been released from the hospital. leon: get to more breaking news. high point high school in beltsville there are reports of a shooting
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jonathan elias has more. jonathan: we can confirm a person is dead and two others are wounded. the backdrop for is the high point high school. this is in beltsville, maryland. this is not student related so the high school may be the backdrop of where it took place. the school got out two hours ago. right now we are told this is not student related. we are told this may be a domestic case. they are still investigating. massive response to the high school. wi have a chopper and crews on the way. that is all we can tell you that there is a shooting. one dead and two people wounded. trying to get more information as soon as it happens. we will let you know. that is the latest from the "live desk." leon: you hear shooting and school and alarms go off. we'll stay on top of that. clean-up started at the silver
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diner in tysons corner a day after a man rammed the building several times with the hummer. employees are hoping to be back open by sunday. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is live at the restaurant to explain what is going on there. is there any chance it could be open on sunday, jeff? jeff: it looks possible right now. they are inside working. boarded up the front of the silver diner. they have done a lot of work today. they are hoping to be open this weekend in time for mother's day. they just put out this sign here reopening soon. a couple of hours ago. they had an off-site counseling session after the traumatic incident involving the coworkers. one day after the crash, regulars still cannot believe this. it happened here. >> shocked. shocked. crazy stuff. jeff: witnesses say a man drove a hummer full speed in front of
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did it again. >> it scared me to death. i thought the building would blow. >> they tried to get the man out of the vehicle but he locked the doors. shut the window. then lit the hummer on fire. bystanders broke a window and got the man out and dragging him to safety. >> that someone would intentionally do that is disappointing and surprising for sure. >> we are told that the driver is a man in his 60's. a cook for two years now who a month ago went on leave for bereavement. >> he dealt with it in the wrong way. i feel bad for him and his family. >> with repairs happening all day we saw plenty of customers arrive at the diner for a meal. surprised to find out what had happened and why. >> this employee showed up for work today with no idea about the crash. >> i don't know. jeff: a terrifying event witnesses will never forget. >> you hope everyone is
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and running sooner than later. >> that is the hope. you can see the workers inside the silver diner hard at work trying to get it back in order. hoping to be open this weekend in time for mother's day. no word from fairfax county police. little word in terms of the investigation and the suspect. we are told that because of his medical condition he will not be charged today. we don't know what the medical condition is. but we are told charges will likely include malicious wounding and destruction of property. live in tysons, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. alison: thank you. nearly 200 firefighters battled a four-alarm fire that burned through a warehouse complex. and released hazardous materials in the air. the flames were in houston. 700 students and staff had to be evacuated evacuated from a ny elementary school. three structures were involved in the blaze. fire officials have not said what started the fire. leon: popular local
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is planning the rise from the ashes. "capital gazette" reporting that the annapolis yacht club will restore the main clubhouse after it burned down in december. they considered rebuilding it from scratch on the compromised site. but they announced the plan to retore it instead at the week's membership meeting. realsor ration expected to be done -- restoration expected to be done by 2018. alison: a crash on the red line. deadly smoke incident at l'enfant plaza last year. fire at a substation and then an arcing insulator at mcpherson square this past march. no question metro is starting to show its age. now the system's new general manager says he has a plan to do more maintenance to get metro back on track. richard reeve covering metro tonight from the l'enfant plaza station. rich? richard: for a lot of passengers that rescue plan or repair plan couldn't come too
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situation at the federal center station. we understand that there is debris on the track that several lines are hampered right now. we have heard complaints from people here at l'enfant plaza. let's talk about what happened this morning. a rider told us he was going in 6:25 this morning. he was coming in from shady grove. he saw a flash and he heard an explosion. you will hear from him in a second. repair crews had to single track the area and remove an inlator. now tomorrow as we said, metro g.m. paul wiedefeld will introduce the comprehensive maintenance track work plan. that will have riders, single tracking. abbreviated train schedules on the weekend. possibly even multiple stations at one time. for the short period. they will have to use buses instead. they will give, that will give the metro crews time to have more than 33 hours a week to make fixes. as we said today, we had yet another incident at the same station. let's
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>> there was a big explosion of light. imagine being at r.f.k. stadium in front of lights there. bright light. what is this? >> we don't want explosions and things like that. whatever they need to do to make this metro the safest it can be for riders is what they need to do. and soon. >> so for a lot of passengers the maintenance plan couldn't come too soon. we told that wiedefeld will introduce this. it may not take effect for some time. he wants the passengers to be prepared. coming up at 6:00, we will hear from a major metro insider about his thoughts about this plan. and what that guy stuck in that arcing incident this morning and what he thinks about all of this. reporting live, richard reeve, abc7 news. alison: thank you. reminder here. you can watch paul wiedefeld's announcement live tomorrow morning at 11:00. right here on abc7. well, our area isn't the only one dealing with the painful transit options.
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transportation authority there is looking at closing the only subway tum between manhattan and part of brooklyn for a year and a half. that would be to make repair to the l-train tunnel from super storm sandy. if they approved that plan it would start in 2019. leon: we will stop complaining about the one day stop here. look at this video. three inches of hail fell in halifax county. this began as rain but changed to hail. amazing. steve rudin in the weather center. nothing like that headed this way. steve: nothing like that on the way. but grab the umbrella. you will need it tonight and tomorrow. this is what is on the way. everything you see
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north carolina/virginia border. this is going to lift north. part of pressure to bring us wet weather for the day tomorrow. will move on out of here just in time for most of the weekend. here is our future cast. we start it at 5:00. you can see mostly cloudy skies right now. showers arrive as we move toward the midnight hour. tomorrow morning it's going to be a soggy start to the day. the midday hours and the rush hour commute home tomorrow will be slow, slow going. with heavy rain. the forecast are temperatures in the 50's. talk about the rest of the weekend on the way. leon: coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- taking shape. taking the next step to step up security utside the white house. alison: first, new rules. what e-cigarette makers will have to deal now it's for your health. >> higher legal ag
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cigarettes. what the impact could be? that is straight ahead. jonathan: i'm jonathan elias at the "live desk." monitoring breaking news. shooting at high point high school. we're are hearing one person is dead and two others wound and all involved appear to be adults. we have the latest on breaking news when w
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>> a number of people confused and unsure of how they will get hoñme. this is why. the silver line running from restin east to boston but all train service suspended between l'enfant plaza and eastern market. that is impacting three train
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taking passengers to the respeculative -- respective station but it is a slow go. we have not made it inside the station and we are not sure if we will be allowed inside. but i can tell you there were issues at federal center this morning. an insulator began to smoke. unclear if it happened in the afternoon rush. we talked to one woman. she came up to me five minutes ago. is this the same problem from this morning? it is a different one. she rolled her eyes and walked the other way. we are live outside the metro, kevin lewis, back to you inside. leon: thanks.
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to everything it looks rough with the rainfall. a little rain goes a long way and a lot of rain can make a huge impact on the area. take advantage of hours of sunlight left to head out to the congressional country club. mostly cloudy skies now. but no one is enjoying the lack of rain. no one is out there. the allergy forecast for you. leon has been serving. tree pollen in moderate range. weeds, nothing to worry about. the mold in the higher category. we are going to look for mold to continue to increase. especially considering the rain we have had in the ten days now at this point. temperatures across the area. 55 in winchester. 56 in culpeper. andrews at 55. the warmer edge to the west of us. to the side of the scre
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that will make it here. 57 in state college. 55 in raleigh. cloud cover and the rain keeping the temperatures down for this time of the year. all part of an area of low pressure that is going to slowly pivot north and east. as that happens, we are going to look for the moisture. coming in from the west, it will move in from the east. tomorrow the movement of the rain to start from the east and move west as it circles around the area of low pressure. head in closer for you now. this is what it looks like around the capital beltway. a few showers popping up near chillum and prince george's county. this is light at this time. this is the only part of the beltway that is wet right now. we are looking for the showers to redevelop through the late night hours and the heavier rain tomorrow and mid-morning in the afternoon. night time low is 48 to 53 degrees. there is the rain that moves in. area of fog. fog should not cause any type of travel delays come early tomorrow morning.
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umbrella. 52 in brentwood. 49 in fairfax. the future cast. i told you how the rain will move east to west. this is 9:00 this morning. the simulation to keep rain away from us in the 9:00 hour. look what happens. we move to the noontime hour. for the kids who are expecting the outdoor recess. if you have plans or errands to run in the afternoon. it's wet with the moderate to heavy rain expected to cross much of the area. it will wind things down moving through saturday a few sprinkles by saturday morning and sunshine. glimmer of sunshine by saturday afternoon. don't expect mostly sunny skies. how much rain to expect? the highs in the upper 50's to 60. mother's
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good deal of sunshine. hope to get out and enyou i the mother's day. id will improve past saturday. alison: saturday is a big day in town. leon: susan g. komen walk for the cure. >> we have experts taking your calls about breast cancer. dial 703-236-9220. oncologists, breast cancer survivors and people here to answer any question you may have about the disease that affects so many people. the phone bank is open until 6:30. phone lines look like they are open now. folks are waiting to take your call. give us a ring. leon: all right. you got it. stay w
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coming up at 52:00 -- >> video of an adorable baby weaver rescued here at the station going viral around the world. i'm mike carter-conneen in northwest. coming up the story behind the video. jennifer: coming up a brave woman talking about the morning she lost her parents
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jonathan: i'm jonathan elias with an update on the breaking news we're following from high point high school in maryland. there was a shooting there not more than a half hour ago. all we're getting now from our sources is that this is not a student involved shooting. in fact, we don't know if it happened on the high school grounds itself. but this is clearly an area you want to avoid right now. law enforcement has a very strong presence out there. in fact, we can give you live pictures from chopper 7 to get an idea of what is happening now. the entire parking lot appears to be blocked off. we are told now that they have revised it. one person is dead. one other person wounded. our sources are telling us this was a domestic situation. again, we're told no students involved. keep in mind the shooting called in happened two and a half hours after school had let out. again, the law enforcement hear a shooting on school grounds or near a school, the
5:26 pm
responded enforce right now. in parking lot, people are milling about. and walking about. they have the parking lot blocked off with the crime tape. investigation is ongoing. half hour ago we got a call a shooting at the high point high school. we confirm that would a person is dead and another is wounded and taken to a nearby hospital. the investigators are on the scene to try to piece it together. they ared a mant it's not student-involvement -- they are adamant this is not student-involvement at all. this is a domestic situation. we are following the developments on this. we have two crews on the way. when we get more information we'll get back to you. in the meantime, that is the latest from the "live desk." i'm jonathan elias, back to you. alison: coming up here on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- guns going missing. "7 on your side" investigates why we are not finding out when it happened at law enforcement agencies across the
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alison: back now with an update with break news from metro where a track problem causing delays at federal center. kevin lewis found out exactly what caused the problem. what was it, kevin? kevin: a metro employee told me it smelled and look like newspaper gathered near the third rail that sparked the fire or the heavy smoke that filled the station. this is the firefighters still on scene. when we arrived ten minutes ago there were half a dozen trucks. now this looks to be the only one. packing up and a good sign. metro worker here told me they expect the straight to be open in an hour. that is a guess. even an hour or two is problematic in the rush. a police officer is standing guard at the escalator to going down to tell anyone tangling the metro that the
5:31 pm
if you are looking to travel this is closed and impacted. it's closed between boston and all the traffic between eastern and l'enfant is shut down. metro is issuing the shuttles to get people to the station that is closest to operating now. again, the staff thinking that the station will be shut down for at least an hour and maybe two. we will keep you posted as we learn more. live in southwest, kevin lewis, back to you. leon: thank you, kevin. update breaking news from beltsville. a shooting at high point high school, jonathan elias is watching all of this for us from the "live desk." alison: it looks like it took place in parking lot of the high school. jonathan: this is 3600 of powder mill road. police passed along to pass along to you to tell people to stay out of the area. right now they have locked it down. active investigation
5:32 pm
a person is dead and another is wounded and taken to hospital. this d. not involve students. this is a domestic issue. two people involved are adults. there is massive response when there is reports of shooting at a high school. this happened two and a half hours after the high school let out. the only people at the high school would have been after school activities. we are told that it happened in the parking lot in front of the high school. this appears to be domestic situation. we don't have an update on the person wound and taken to the hospital. we don't know if it's a shooter or victim. two reporters are on site and news chopper 7 is above the area to let us know if there are any changes. that is all we have at this point. wh
5:33 pm
we'll get back to you. that is the latest from the "live desk." leon: you got it. thank you. tonight, a "7 on your side" exclusive with the daughter of an a.t.f. agent who shot and killed his wife and ended his own life. alison: this was in 2013. it rocked the chantilly community. no one suffered more than the couple two teenager daughters who both were home when it happened. leon: fighting back reporter jennifer donelan is here. this had to be extremely difficult decision for the young woman to make to come out and speak publicly about this for the first time. jennifer: a huge decision for her. nina parisi was only 17. senior at chantilly high school. now she is 20 and a college sophomore. she said she wanted to do this to help other children coping through a tragedy. you had to think about this. >> yeah. i didn't want it to be something to bring back something that was
5:34 pm
make people sad. jennifer: we sat down days before this interview and we talk it about the pros and cons of doing a television interview. after speaking with her family she decided she wanted to talk. >> even if i could just help one person feel better. feel like they are not alone, then that is worth it to me. >> so in her offcampus apartment in west virginia she drummed up the courage and shared the story of her family. the november morning when she lost both of her parents in a murder-suicide. are you okay to talk about it? >> i'm not afraid to talk about it but sometimes i can't hold it back. jennifer: retelling her father paul parisi's depression and the months before he shot and killed his wife a popular middle school teacher was painful. >> i just loved them both so much. jennifer: you do not hate your father? >> no. jennifer: she pushed through
5:35 pm
facts straight. that her home was a loving one. her father coached her sports team, chaperon field trips and loved her and her younger sister dearly. >> people looking at it from the outside and don't know how i grew up. they don't understand it wasn't him. i stim love him. jennifer: i have said this all day she is a brave young lady. you know she is a survivor. the key to which was finding forgiveness. this all coming up here on abc7 news at 11:00. leon: how is her sister doing? jennifer: protective of the sister. the sister is younger. the sister is still a teen. i told nina she was captain of the ship when i
5:36 pm
that was a no fly zone. we wanted to protect the younger sister. this was probably one of the most difficult stories i have had to do because you want to be careful not to further traumatize her. she has already been through hell and didn't do anything wrong. woke up one day and you will hear tonight at 11:00 she talks about what happened that morning she refers to hearing noises. a noise and then another noise. two and a half years and she doesn't refer to them as gunshots. she has come so far. there was no handbook. she didn't know how to survive this. she is hoping that the story lives on for infinity on the internet and god forbid another child goes through this. they have her to look to. she is okay. she graduated high school. studying to be a teacher just like her mom. she loves her dad and she forgives him. you expect her to be angry. alison: sure! we
5:37 pm
to put a face to it does a lot to understand what is going on. jennifer: rare moment. leon: talking leaves to healing. alison: that is it. see you at 11:00. alison: this is holocaust remembrance day. it's honoring the 6 million jews killed by the nazis in world war ii. we'll be right back.
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steve: i'm steve rudin gearing up for the weekend. a little sunshine on the way. race for the cure saturday morning that will start off on the cool side in the 50's. stray showers by
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designed to help you be unstoppable. right now you can drive a new escape and get 0% financing for 72 months plus $500 cash. hurry, this offer is for a limited time only. see your ford dealer today. alison: back to breaking news from prince george's county. one person was killed and
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this is right near high point high school. maryland bureau chief brad bell is live in beltsville with the latest. brad? brad: we just walked up the hill. walked up powder mill road. we pan to left and the homicide detectives. they are working in that area of the open doors. tremendous presence still out here. with the ambulance and the fire crews and the police officers that are still flowing in the scene. we understand that there is a shooting here. and that there is one person deceasedded. at least one additional person injured. what we are hearing for multiple sources is still not officially confirmed. a lot of times the things change as the investigation goes
5:42 pm
this is a case of domestic violence and did not involve students. it came a few hours after school dismissed for the day. i will show you something and spin around. look. the few parents here we talked to them on the way in. they are waiting for kids inside the school. we know one teen that was sheltering in place because of what is going on. we don't have a can you want of how many schools are affected or inconvenienced or if they saw what went on here. the police trying to get a grip on things. no active shooter. what we're told and what sources tell me is whatever happened here is done and over with. we will stay on this story. when we come back, we will have more continuing coverage of this shooting at a local high school.
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leon: get back to breaking news of the of prince george's county. a person was killed and
5:46 pm
shooting near high-point high school. brad bell is live outside the school. brad: we have changed our angle. we saw a group of sunts led away. we understand some kids are sheltering in place. we just met this gentleman. you say that you heard some of this. tell me what you heard. >> i was, i heard a gunshot. i'm like that can't be a gunshot. i will go get my son and go to school. he goes to high point but leaves right before. i'm like j.j. come here. then like no, this is time to go. nonchalant. when we go inside, i heard him say breaking news, something happened here. i couldn't believe it. i thought it was like a car backfiring
5:47 pm
brad: you heard gunshots. were they inside the building? >> it had to be outside. i was loud. it was loud. brad: your son is a student at the school? >> yeah. he goes to high point. in ninth grade. brad: what is in your heart to hear a shooting at your son's high school? >> crazy. when i went to high school here i never went through that. a fight here and there but not gunshot or anything like that. i don't know. brad: all right. thank you, sir. i appreciate you talking to me and sharing your story. so, again, that is the version of the story. that is what we are hearing that a neighbor heard gunshots. police still trying to piece everything together. we'll be back as we learn more. alison: thank you very much. we'll check back in with you soon. now get to the other big breaking news of the day. this is metro. the track problems causing delays at federal center. kevin lewis found out more about what is going on there. i know that the delays are
5:48 pm
kevin: yeah, initially we had heard that this closure would be for an hour or two. we are now learning that the metro station here the federal center will be shut down for the remainder of the day. that is causing a big hassle for the commuters going home. there are shuttle buses but from everyone we talked to, they are few and far between. take a look at this. i don't know if you can look at my cell phone here. uber is taking advantage of this now. 3.6 times the normal fare. surcharge on uber. they know they have a lot of demand right now with the metro lines shut down and the silver, blue, orange line between eastern market and l'enfant plaza. the other new morsel of information. we talked to the battalion chief about the call and said the first arriving unit arrived on the scene and there was light odor of smoke. nothing extreme. the thought is trash, possibly
5:49 pm
newspaper got logged under the third rail and that sparked a minor fire. why is metro shutting down the station for day? they want to make sure they take all precautions necessary. alison: that will cause problems tonight. "7 on your side" in health matters. michelle marsh is in the help center with the phone bank ahead of the weekend's komen race for the cure. michelle: now is the time to call. we have several vol tooners standing by and we want to get them busy. don't wait until 6:00 or 6:30. that is when the phone lines will get jammed. call now, 703-236-9220. alison: okay. thank you very much. reminder join us saturday morning for the komen race for the cure. the live coverage begins at 7:00 a.m. saturday morning on the
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newschannel8. the food and the drug administration announced new regulations this morning aimed to limit the usage of e-cigarettes and the other nicotine products. some of the new restrictions include banning vendors from selling e-cigarettes to minors and checking the i.d. of anyone who is 26 or younger. with the vending rules producers of cigars and the e-cigarettes must register with the f.d.a. for federal review. >> we cannot let enormous progress we have made toward tobacco-free generation to be undermine by products that impact health and economy in this way. alison: the rules extend to cigars and pipe tobacco. the vapor technology association says newly announced rule will lead to adult smoker going back to tobacco cigarettes. regulations will take effect in 90 days. leon: the f.d.a. decision comes as california
5:51 pm
smoking age to 21. it's the second state to do that. hawaii did that in january. suzanne kennedy takes a look at the potential impacts. >> i am trying to quit. it's not going well. >> she has been smoking for three years. the 18-year-old became hooked in high school and she thinks california raising the tobacco purchasing age to 21 a good idea. one she knows would have had an impact on a habit she is now trying to kick. >> ray lir smoked. only bummed cigarettes before i turned 18. then i bought packs. easier to smoke because you have our own pack. >> wednesday california joined hawaii to change the age from 18 to 21. one of the major reasons for the law is to prevent teens from becoming addicted to smoking. according to the american lung association 95% of adult smokers start before the age of 21. smoking kills nearly 500,000
5:52 pm
-- annually. >> if we keep tobacco out of the hands of kids and teenagers we know we will reduce rates more than we have done already. >> the california law applies to cigarettes and e-cigarettes and chewing tobacco. teens outside a d.c. high school had different opinions. >> i think it should be 18. that is when you move out and make your decisions. >> changing the age would improve the health problems. suzanne: the question is will what is happening in california become a trend and spread across the u.s.? in northwest washington, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. alison: time for a check of the roadways. james on -- jamie sullivan on traffic watch. jamie: this is fire department activity. both directions are blocked off between ray burn road and
5:53 pm
we have closure with the police activity and the shooting. powder mill to near cherly hill, all lanes are blocked. the blue, orange, silver, service is suspended. silver line operating to boston. use orange and blue to transfer. if you travel between d.c. and virginia yellow is an option. steve rudin? >> shower activity inside the district. this won't amount to a lot not early on. 270 you can see shower activity beginning to develop. tonight, 48 to 53 degrees. aaron of rain and patchy fog. waking up tomorrow morning a light sweater and umbrella. we will keep clouds and period of the heavier rain in the forecast moving through mid-morning to the afternoon.
5:54 pm
expect delays with the heavier rain at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00. before the area of low pressure moves out of here. mother's day looking nice. we should rebound to 75 for daytime high. back after this.
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sip into summertime with dunkin's frozen coolatta. freeze up the flavors of summer with a blue raspberry or any other small frozen coolatta, for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. leon: in the last hour, this is just what the doctor ordered. hear sounds of ooh's and aah's around washington and around the world. the video going viral. the little lost baby beaver at the van ness metro station from yesterday. alison: very cute. mike carter-conneen reports animal control officers today have a theory about how he got there. >> so sweet! mike: it's video
5:58 pm
"national geographic" photographers might fawn over. >> i would have been scared. but that is cool. >> captured by jonathan murray. murray moved here from manhattan and lives a couple of brocks from rock creek park. >> you see wildlife. he was a long way from home. >> he did not expect the van ness metro rail station a baby beaver. >> size of a large new york rat. >> murray spotted the beaver in the plaza underneath one of the fountains that often leak creating puddles of water from which he says the beaver was trying to drink. >> going up my leg. >> in the video the beaver crawls up the leg of a little boy who pets the animal, all strongly discouraged by the humane society. >> they can be aggressive by nature if people try to interfere and handle him. if how did the little guy end up here? >> the creek may have been flooded. he was swimming armed enjoying himself.
5:59 pm
>> he did not expect sick so they released him in the closest waterway. >> everybody likes a cuddy animal. >> murray said he learned a lesson. >> if you post a cute animal video and it goes viral set aside some time. your life will get distracted for 24 hours. >> mike carter-conneen. >> it's phenomenal. mike: abc7 news. alison: all right, mike. thank you. that is it for "abc7 news at 5:00". two breaking stories at 6:00. we are following a deadly shooting near a high school. massive police response and what the police just told us about the victim. plus more trouble for metro tonight. major station shut down after a fire. we will tell you what caused it and when the station will reopen. "abc7 news at 6:00" starts now. maureen: we begin with a deadly
6:00 pm
point high school in beltsville. maryland bureau chief brad bell on the scene. bring us up to date. brad? leon: we will try to re-establish contact with brad. in the meantime get to the other big break breaking story. federal center metro station is shut down right now because of smoke. within the last 30 minutes or so we have learned it's not going to be reopening tonight. kevin lewis is there. kevin, what do we know what caused this and what will happen tonight? kevin: we spoke to the battalion chief that responded to the call. he told me that there was an odor of smoke. the fire department got here. the first unit to respond and get in the station. the station is shut down now. saw very, very


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