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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  May 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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breaking news, and mother shot to death outside of a high school, forcing students to hide inside. suspect works for the federal protective service. with the active investigation in moments, but first a metro nightmare that ends in chaos. tracks bursting into flames just seconds after a train pulls away. now two stations are shut down. alison: riders say that short commutes normally are now an hour long. metro is clothing several stations after a series of scathing reviews. . paul wiedefeld is taking action, federal station southwest is close the rest of the night so the third rail insulator can be fully replaced. tom roussey has the commuter chaos. tom:
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normally federal center be open another hour, but they have a barricade up. on the other side of this, metro employees are working on it to get it reopen hopefully for the morning. >> this is crazy! >> stand back just a little bit. riders heading east hit l'enfant plaza, the train did not go any further. >> three blocks this way, it blocks that way. tom: catching a shuttle bus was not easy. >> it's a mess. >> it is ridiculous. >tom: chaos resulted from not oe but two problems at federal center southwest. before the morning rush-hour, a huge electrical problem involving and arcing insulator. in the evening rush-hour, a small amount of debris was burned on the track. workers are replacing every single insulator on both sides of the
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>> we plan on having it open by the morning. tom: the insulators are on the electrified third rail. they say the 1 should have fewer issues, but it will take more to placate the riders. >> we want to get home. i understand the have to work on it, but something has to be done. riders could not use federal center southwest. tens of thousands usually pass through it, so it was not a good day for the commuters. the general hopes to have it reopened by the morning. reporting live from southwest d.c., tom roussey, abc 7 news. leon: all of this as we await a big announcement from metro. wiedefeld, the gm of metro, to announce comprehensive track work that will impact most everyone who takes metro.
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with single tracking, abbreviated week and schedules come even the closure of multiple stations at the same time. jay korff is live with what our sources are saying about the plan. sources are telling us this plan will be shocking in its size and scope, but of course necessary in order to restore safety and reliability. if you have to be somewhere, you cannot rely on metro. jay: they are expected to announce friday long way to play to overhaul the ailing system that has been plagued with safety, service, and reliability issues. >> it's a mess. tom: shawn collins relies on metro to go to in from work. >> generally it's going well, but when it's bad, it's bad. jay: the transit system's new leader paul wiedefeld has said they have not had nearly enough time to fix decades of
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to build and maintenance time, drastic measures will be instituted, including a extensive single tracking, closing several stations at a time, calling in more buses to riders, and weekend night service could be reduced. >> i got on the metro today and had no idea what i was facing. if you know, you can make other arrangements. >> you cannot just shut it down for six months. that will not fly. i think they have heard that from the public. a critical piece sourcesmation -- our say while all of the lines will be impacted by the plan, specifically the orange line and blue line riders will likely feel the most pain. jay korff, abc 7 news. leon: we will see how things play out in the morning. stay with abc 7 for the
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on my net alison: the other big story of the day, students forced to hide in closets as deadly gunfire erupted in their high school parking lot. a mother was killed. a man was injured outside of high point high in montgomery county. the police believe it stemmed from a domestic incident. the suspect has been identified and jeannette reyes has the latest. jeannette: just moments ago, prince george's county police releasing the identity of the suspect on the run. take a good look at your screen. this is a 52-year-old man from adelphi. he is a federal protective service officer, and the mother, the victim, had a protective order against him. theas about 4:50 in afternoon, students at hi
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afterschool activities when shots rang out. there was a lockdown and chaos quickly ensued. >> she said everybody was scared and started running. jeannette: quick thinking coaches and teachers rushed students to safety while terrified students waited outside -- walt terrified parents were waiting outside. >> they were locked in the closet. >> they had to stay in there for about 20 minutes. jeannette: prince george's county police say the woman was picking up her daughter after school when her estranged husband approached her while she was sitting in her suv. they began to argue. when a bystander intervened, the 52-year-old suspect shot the good samaritan multiple times, injuring him. he then shot and killed the woman. >> one of the daughters came in and she was just running and screaming. children may some have seen portions of this, and
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jeannette: the surveillance cameras may have also saved the actions. >> she tried to run outside. my mom signaled me to run inside, so i did. the studentse kept from running outside in witnessing her mother's murder. >> if she was there, i think she would have been dead, too. jeannette: investigators are finally clearing the scene at high point high. the suv of the mother, where she was killed. bystanders and the good samaritan, he is expected to pull through, in stable condition at this hour, and no students were injured. jeannette reyes, abc 7 news. jeannette,t awful, thank you. aurt documents now say that man was high on pcp and k-2
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when he attacked a bus driver in northeast, killing a pedestrian. tonight, questions why the man, loving, was on the street to begin with. worn squadces say a nearby was closing in on loving win orders came in to disband the squad in favor of a citywide team. ifre is no way of knowing that had an impact on the eithmpt to arrest kee loving. aon: the police say that person who looks like this composite sketch attacked a 16-year-old girl in the briggs chaney area. they say he took his pants off and try to force himself on the victim. if you have information, call the police. alison: it appears a controversial plan to pay criminals to stay out of trouble will not go forward, falling apart because of a budget dispute between mayor muriel bowser and the council.
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presence to deal with increasing crime. the city has seen a more than 50% spike in homicide rates. gloomwe had more rain and in the weather today, under the day of showers ahead, but some improvement for the weekend. let's get the latest from meteorologist steve rudin. steve: we will see the heaviest of the rain tomorrow. by tomorrow night, all of this moves out. the latest computer model come heavy rain starts early in the morning, continues through the midday. than the drivetime home tomorrow evening, it does begin to ease a little bit with the heaviest of the rain well to the west. in this lets out. how much rain? inch, 1.5 inches by the time it moves out. the weekend, with a lot going on, mother's day sunday. all you need to know coming up. alison: campaign news -- it looks like the nations leading republican
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support donald trump. house speaker paul ryan says he wants to support the nominee but he is not there yet. he says trump has to do more to unify the republican party. trump creating a bit of a controversy. bowlsd the best tocco are made in the trump towers. the fbi is investigating a close aide of hillary clinton. the investigation is finished, but clinton still has to be interviewed. a time for that has not been set area investigators say so far they have not found evidence to prove that clinton willfully violated laws. leon: it looks like the scene from an apocalyptic movie, 88,000 people forced from their homes by a massive fire in alberta, canada. some only had minutes to pack up their entire lives. jonathan elias has the latest.
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unbelievable, 1600 buildings destroyed in the wake of this fire that started sunday. it has been moving very fast. so far it has scorched 328 square miles. that is more land than chicago and boston combined. workingfighters are around the clock, which is not a lot considering how big the fire is, along with 12 fire fighting helicopters. more than 80,000 people evacuated, some of them had to be evacuated twice because the flames got closer and then they went back. insurers asuld cost much as $9 billion when it is said and done. that would make it by far the costliest natural disaster in canadian history. the cause of the fire is being investigated. it is believed a dangerous mix of extreme temperatures and very dry conditions, 95 degrees there,
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hollywood came up with. that is amazing. in houston, a massive fire obliterated a warehouse with fireballs flying in the sky this morning. people who live nearby are being told to avoid the waterfront because of possible pesticide in petroleum contaminations. evacuated during the fire. nobody was hurt. causes under investigation. alison: a 7 on your side fighting back exclusive interview, a murder/suicide that rocked a chantilly community. agent, thewas an atf mother were popular middle school teacher. their two children were home in the deadly gunshots erupted. years later, one daughter is talking publicly for the first time. 7 on your side's jennifer donelan spoke with her. jennifer: when you
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smile, you will never know the depth of her heartbreak. >> i still cry a lot. jennifer: or the courage it took to do this interview. >> it's hard to talk about it, but i want to talk about it. jennifer: to know just how far this 20-year-old has come, means returning to the early morning hours of november 2013. she was 17 years old, a senior at chantilly high. leon: latebreaking developments n atf agent and middle school teacher are dead tonight. >> i just heard a really loud noise. jennifer: she thought it was her mother getting ready for work. >> i called her phone and i heard the phone ringing from the other room. then i heard another noise.
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gunshots, her father, paul, a respected atf agent, had just shot and killed her mother, then turned the gun on himself. >> i got out of bed and took my phone with me. and i went in the room. jennifer: there she found the parents that she adored dead. >> and i will cut my sister -- i woke up my sister. i don't know if she saw them. i pushed her down the stairs. sister was just four days shy of her 14th birthday. when you saw the news coverage, what bothered you? >> just saying that it was domestic violence. jennifer: the headlines did not capture the real truth about the family. for nina, her home had been a happy one. sportsad coached the teams, was always there to help us.
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she was an amazing teacher. i just miss them so much. jennifer: you don't blame your father? >> no. i was angry when it happened. jennifer: sure. >> and i think i'm still allowed to be angry. jennifer: she remembers that a sadness enveloped her father one month a forehand. me and say,sit near i love you, i'm sorry him such a bad father. i'm like, what are you talking about? you are an amazing father. jennifer: he had stopped going to work. she asked her mother. >> he said he was sick. he did not feel good. i think she knew that he was depressed, but they do not want me to worry. jennifer: his final words before he bit her good night will stay with her forever. >> he said he was so sorry and he loved me so much. i guess he was saying
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i think it's ok that i do. jennifer: she finished her senior year and is now a sophomore in college, studying to be a teacher, just like her mother. >> i want to do that. for her and for myself. jennifer: for nina, one thing is certain -- >> one night does not erase 17 years of happiness. and now you know why a smile never met so much. >> yes, it was really awful, but it does get better. it gets better with time. in morgantown, west virginia, jennifer donelan, abc 7 news. toson: nina wanted her words be an inspiration to others and highlight why addressing this is a health issue is so important.
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estimates there are as 1500 deaths per year nationally due to murder suicides. nina hopes that the children left hind hear her story. leon: she is already a teacher. she is teaching is about forgiveness and healing. amazing story. the 7 on your side got their hands about a classroom act. tomorrow, we will take you inside of wilson high school for exclusive look at the aftermath. this featured five students last fall. stunning picture show what happened when a science experiment went wrong. joce sterman investigates tomorrow night. alison: how about this idea -- free money. switzerland is weighing a measure to pay its residents nothing. under the proposal, every adult will get $2600 per month tax-free. yep, all 8 million people.
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is so wealthy. the issue was brought to referendum, but the latest polls show the measure will likely fail. why this willow fail come in switzerland of all places? alison: that is bizarre. leon: you would get paid to eat chocolate every day? steve: tax-free! alison: that is something else. i we going to see the sun? steve: we are, saturday afternoon. tomorrow, don't count on it. i'm sorry. , the treefferers pollen is up there in the mold is increasing because we have had 10 days of clouds and rain. 55 degrees at this hour at reagan national, the temperatures really have not moved a lot. the daytime high made it into the upper 50's earlier. 52 winchester and fredericksburg. just to the south, the low pressure is going to slowly
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slowly drift off to the north as we move through the overnight. the counterclockwise rotation around the system is what will bring the moisture in from the west -- or the east, i should say, not so common for this area. everything will move from baltimore eventually towards loudoun county, front royal, and eventually down and around, and finally it moves out. heading in closer, widely scattered showers dor radar around -- dot radar aroundbowie, not amounting to a lot early on. nighttime lows 48 to 53. areas of rain will develop with patchy fog. early morning tomorrow, grab the umbrella, grab the raincoat, and keep your patience for the rush-hour commute, it will be wet up and down the area. we will be looking for heavy to moderate rain, moderate to heavy
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as we head into the late afternoon, early evening, things begin to improve just a little bit. the rain showers breakout. cloudy skies in the forecast. then we look for a little bit of clearing. not until midday saturday, but things get a whole lot brighter. by mother's day, it will be fantastic with temperatures near 75 degrees and sunshine by sunday afternoon. the project it rain totals come anywhere from one inch to 1.5 inches, the heaviest amounts to the west. tomorrow will be equal and damp and wet, daytime highs only in the upper 50's. saturday, the race for the cure, starting in the 50's, eventually rebounding into the middle 50's by midmorning. sunshine makes an appearance late afternoon. the seven day outlook, 75 ay,her's d
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have not seen this for a long time -- at least feels like a long time -- daytime highs near 80 degrees both tuesday and wednesday. alison: still showers. steve: 30%. leon: but not on saturday. alison: thank you. robert: the
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: the toughest test yet ur-game seriesa fo with the kids from the north side, the chicago cubs. zobristburst -- ben with a shot. the cubsbeat the nats 5-2. nats send a max scherzer to the mound tomorrow. tigers-indians, here is a lucky fan. miguel cabrera gives chased away foul ball. he does not get the ball, but he does give a gift, a hug. lawriele, in toronto, totally
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guard's attempt at a fist pump. redskins. by the a announced today they side tight in jordan reed to a multiyear deal. according to espn, it's worth $50 million over five years. $20 million of that is guaranteed. he had a breakout year last year. and a lesson for all the high school coaches -- things have been rough for the chantilly girls lacrosse team recently. only three wins combined, so their coach made a wager. if they won 10 games this year, he would dye his hair blonde. right now they have won four. >> what the you think of the new look? >> i think it looks really good.
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chantilly academy have been a nice job with it. it looks really good. leon: ok, what did they think? robert: no, britney spears ballon. kneewall underwent two surgeries today. he is expected to be ready for the start of the next season. leon: glad he let the pros do that and not the girls. robert: that would have been messy. alison: very funny. how about this -- this will have you shaking your head. finger licking good, literally, kfc making a
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bacon supreme omelet breakfast sandwich, loaded with peppers, onions, and potatoes and topped with two slices of cherrywood-smoked bacon and cheese all on a freshly baked croissant. america runs on dunkin'. steve: i will talk about the weather.
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during the morning, midday, and early evening, daytime highs only in the upper 50's. weekly route midday saturday. mother's day looks nice, near 75.
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