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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 6, 2016 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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good morning, america. donald trump takes a big hit. as paul ryan, the powerful speaker of the house refuses to back his run for the white house. >> i'm not there right now. >> and trump sparks a new firestorm with his taco bowl tweet to hispanic voters. also this morning the pow powerful storms hitting both coasts right now. the dangerous commute for millions. the east coast facing floods as hail covers the west and the urgent air lift as that massive wildfire tears through an entire community. dramatic police chase, an l.a. freeway shut down overnight. an attempted murder suspect s e sideswiping cars as he tries to escape. nearly a dozen that proehl cars on his
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him. ♪ countdown to the kentucky derby. nyquist, the underdog horse named after a hockey player on his way to becoming the first n undefeated champ since 1977. why he is on the verge of racing's biggest day. and we do say good morning, america. on this friday morning. george is on assignment. gait to have david muir with us. a lot of excitement about the kentucky derby. and also the race continues. >> yeah. >> for the white house, as well. >> big news in politics. donald trump, of course, sparking that firestorm with his tweet about cinco de mayo getting a lot of backlash. his opponent hillary clinton wasting no time responding with trump's own words tweeting "i love hispanics but then saying trump, 52 minutes ago, they're gonna be deported. >> trump facin a
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with his own party and the speaker of the house paul ryan saying as of now he cannot endorse him, abc's jon karl has the latest. he in charleston, west virginia, where trump held a rally. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, donald trump seemed to be on top of the world here at his first rally convince vanquishing his last republican rivals but has a long way to go to unify the republican party. >> put it on, right? thank you, everybody. that is great. my hair look okay? got a little spray. >> reporter: overnight donald trump took on hillary clinton in coal country. >> she said she's going to close the miners and close the mines and then she comes here two days ago and begging for your vote. well, i didn't really mean that. i didn't really mean that but that's her true
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>> reporter: trump won over the crowd in west virginia but he's still fighting to win some in his own party including speaker of the house paul ryan who says he's not ready to endorse him. >> i'm not there right now. what a lot of republicans want to see is that we have a standard-bearer that bears our standards. >> reporter: ryan has raised concerns about trump's statements on muslims and immigrants. trump's latest controversial tweet did little to calm the waters. happy sync zinc, the best taco bowls are made in trump tower grill. i love hispanics. they don't seem to love him back. 81% of hispanics view trump unfavorably. according to the latest abc news/"washington post" poll. minutes after trump's taco bowl tweet hillary clinton fired back on twitter with this video. >> you're going to have a deportation force. they have to go. >> reporter: campaigning in california clinton said trump doesn't pass the leadership test. >> with all the challenges we face in
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world, we can't have a loose cannon in the oval office. >> reporter: trump meanwhile, responded to paul ryan's lack of support by saying in a statement, quote, i'm not ready to support speaker ryan's agenda. think of that, david, the two most powerful republicans in america saying they're not ready to support each other. i've never really seen anything like it. >> let's bring in cecilia vega right here and, of course, matthew dowd. matt, i want to put up that tweet from donald trump with the taco bowl, of course, tweeting i love hispanics but i'm curious when he sends out a tweet like that does he think it will help with hispanic voters. >> when i heard taco bowl i thought texas was playing usc in a football game. i don't think it will help or hurt him in the course of this or have an effect on the race. i think his big mistake was ordering tex-mex in new york city and was probably a
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the neck thing i anticipate is being irish. of him having guinness and poe pate tos on st. patrick's day. >> he's got an uphill battle here. >> he has a huge uphill battle, david. that's one of his biggest vulnerability. he can't win this election today with those things. he has to figure out a way to fix the support among hispanics as well as fix his support among women >> let's bring in cecilia vega who covers the clinton campaign. did we get a window into clinton's tragedy using his words and showing america what he said 24 hours earlier. >> she said -- they're going to be deported right after he said hispanics. you're really see the campaign use his own words against him and aide tweeted there is literally no end of the possibilities given how he spent the last ten months. we will remind voters of that daily. that is what we'll see from the
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rallies when she talks about donald trump. she uses his own words and republicans' own words against him and now there's a flurry of videos. you know, one aide said we're not going to chase him into the gutter but it is a fine line between being aggressive and ignoring donald trump. that did not work for the republicans running against him. >> both of you hillary clinton overnight in california. something she said about trump and listening and it got some laughs. >> i think that anybody running for office should spend as much or more time listening than talking. and i know i'll be way ahead in that category against donald trump. there's no doubt about that. >> some, matt dowd, she got some laughter but the bottom line donald trump just wiped out 16 republican candidates in a matter of months. does hillary clinton know what's coming? has she faced a candidate like trump before? >> no, david. she's never faced anybody -- it's one of the most difficult things when you run against somebody unpredictable. you'd much prefer against
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they're going. she has a race she's never dealt with before ahead of her. >> appreciate your insights. >> donald trump will be george's guest on "this week" on sunday. now to storms hitting both coasts, hail covering the ground in nevada and virginia and now pore rain leading to a nasty commute for millions. rob is here with the latest. good morning, rob. >> good morning, robin. it is raining in times square and raining up and down the i-95 corridor. two coast, two storms both delivering hail. look at the hail pictures out of virginia and also out of nevada and the rain yesterday in north carolina causing some hazardous driving conditions, certainly some accidents and i think we'll see a repeat of that today. here's the low on both coasts and the radar showing it will be thick and heavy i think across the i-95 through the morning rush and lighting up maybe today and tomorrow and rain again in southern california. that's the latest here, david. toss it back to
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on the severe weather threat this weekend. >> lonely times square. we want to get to that 345sive wildfire in canada forcing incredible pictures and forcing the entire city to evacuate. a ghost town left behind and they're still raging and neal karlinsky is in canada with the latest. neal, good morning. >> reporter: we are at one of these massive evacuation centers. look at this. all of this is free clothing that's been donated. an entire gymnasium full of it talking about 90,000 evacuees and centers like this have free computer service, food, insurance people to meet with, even places to sleep for the tens of thousands who now need it. >> oh, my god. our house is gonna burn down. >> listen. you can hear the horror unfolding. >> is mom out? >> yes, she's gone. >> reporter: erica and decker fleeing for their lives. away from the wildfire ravaging ft. mcmurray. this morning the fire exploding to
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that's ten times the size of manhattan. and still more evacuations. >> it's raining ash and, you know, your eyes are burring. >> reporter: mopping those evacuees, jared sabovitch. >> is it might be the last time i've seen my house there. holily [ bleep ]. >> reporter: alana's house destroyed. its final moments recorded on surveillance video. you can hear fire crackling, shattering glass at the house next door and spewing debris and these images showing when it reaches her doortell. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> reporter: all that's left out burned out ghost towns like this one. on the front lines a small army of more than 1,000 firefighters, 145 helicopters and 22 air tankers battling a total of 49 wildfires across the region.
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growing mainly because the road system in northern alberta is now a mess and people can't get supplies, robin. >> all right, neal, thank you. now to another case of severe turbulence injuring several passengers on a flight to pittsburgh. that's just a day after that terrifying incident on a flight overseas caught on camera. abc's david kerley is at reagan national aport with more on this. david, good morning. >> reporter: you're right. two examples in two days of how quickly a jetliner can get tossed about by turbulence with significant injuries. >> flight 7001 due to land at 2:36 hours. patients on board with injuries. >> rescue chopper en route. >> reporter: seven injured after turbulence forced this allegiant airlines jet to quickly divert its flight. >> suddenly the plane just was taking a nosedive, felt like i was on a roller coaster going straight down. >> the lady in front of us shot straight in the air and hit the overhead compartment. broke the handle, bleeding everywhere.
7:11 am
flight attendants were taken to the hospital. one with a head injury. others with bruises, cuts and possible facial fractures. >> felt like i was going to die. really scary. >> my first thought was this is it. >> reporter: it was from the doughminican republic headed to pittsburgh but diverted. this on the heels of this turbulence on an etihad flight and passengers praying and posting pictures of the aftermath own social media including a cracked ceiling and aisles of debris. unexpected turbulence can hit any flight but thursday's injuries are more bad news for the allegiant airlines which faced intense scrutiny from the faa after several incidents of emergency landing and mechanical landings. we saw it towed away yesterday and the passengers got home to pittsburgh finally last night,
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david kerley, thanks. we turn to a massive car chase bringing traffic in los angeles to a standstill for hours. an attempted murder suspect on the run and abc's nick watt is in l.a. with the latest for us. hey, nick, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, david. well, the suspect was spotted by police driving in compton described as dangerous and probably armed and wanted in connection with an earlier assault. with a handgun. >> oh, hits that side divider and just, wow, that really rocked him off to the right. >> reporter: a police chase sut shutting down freeway 91 backing up traffic for hours. an atexted murder suspect leading police on on a chase during rush hour. >> it could get very desperate. >> reporter: weaving in and out of traffic through multiple cars and slamming into covers along the way. >> he did hit that car. made contact, two, three mirrors falling off. >> reporter: nearly a dozen cars in pursuit of that black mercedes.
7:13 am
police slow out a spike strip but he continues on and hear officers yelling at the driver. tires all blown out, sparking, driving on rims. >> you see the canines are coming out. the high-powered rifles are coming out. the shootitguns are coming out screaming commands at him but right now this is the situation. >> reporter: they use a large pole to break the window and throw in a can nis tier of tear gas that send him fleeing and a canine unit takes him into custody. >> still no idea on the suspect. it took more than two hours and the freeway didn't fully re-open until 10:30. thousands of drivers stuck on their drive home. >> quite a scene, nick, thank you. the latest on johnny manziel, the former cleveland browns quarterback overwhelmed as he arrived in court for his hearing on thursday appearing before a texas judge to face do
7:14 am
joins us now from dallas. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, robin. johnny manziel walked out of this courthouse on bond yesterday. it was his first appearance in court since those allegations that he assaulted his ex-girlfriend. he said little in court and even less walking out of it. for johnny manziel, just getting into the courtroom may have been the hardest part. the disgraced quarterback out on bail this morning after appearing in court thursday for the first time for allegedly assaulting his former girlfriend. >> so what do you think? are you going to apologize for what happened? what about rehab, johnny? are you going to go to rehab? are you considering it? seen here walking in trying to get away from the crash of came cameraman and the judge inside reading him his bail restricts. >> i order you have no contact with miss crowley. >> reporter: colleen is the ex
7:15 am
who accused him of restraining her and cuffing her so her he ruptured her eardrum. indicted last week, manziel surrendered for the misdemeanor assault charges on wednesday. on thursday i court he politely answered the judge. >> no, sir. >> okay. >> reporter: no plea was entered at the hearing. if convicted the 2012 heisman trophy winner potentially faces a year in prison and a $4,000 fine. over the past few months manziel's reputation tarnished. paparazzi filming him partying. he was cut by the cleveland browns and then cut loose by two agents. are you guys going to get to tell your side of the story at any point? but manziel's attorney telling abc news that the football player looks forward to defending himself. now, court insiders tell us there is a strong possibility that this case will never get to trial and manziel's attorney says he was only trying to help out his girlfriend. that's why they're not going
7:16 am
take a deal from the d.a. the question is, can he say out of trouble long enough for these proceedings to play out. >> thank you. amy with the other top stories starting with a disturbing revelation concerning the penn state abuse scandal. >> a new and very big accusation that penn state coach joe paterno may have known about child abuse allegations against his assistant coach jerry sandusky back in 1976. this claim came to light in court papers made public by and paterno denied any cover-up and his framily strongly denies this new claim, sandusky is appealing his conviction on 45 counts of child sex abuse. the fbi has questioned hillary clinton's top aides as part of the investigation into clinton's use of a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state. sources tell abc news huma abedin, one of clinton's closest advisers, has been questioned. clinton is expected to be questioned herself within the next few
7:17 am
new concern following a massive explosion at this warehouse in houston. pesticides and petroleum additives now found in nearby streams and drainage ditches so authorities say high water levels will help dilute the chemicals but the public is warned to avoid water in the area. well, another scare on the washington, d.c. subway when this electrical fire broke out on the tracks. new third rail equipment was installed overnight and service has resumed today. officials are outlining an extensive maintenance and overhaul plan following a series of recent fires. finally the british government made its decision. you may recall -- i love this story -- asked the public for help naming their new research ship and the people voted online and they chose the name "boaty mcboatface." but the majesty's government not so thrilled with it and they're naming it "the sir richard attenborough" instead after
7:18 am
world famous naturalist. in a nod to the voting public a small ship used by the boat will be named "mcboaty." >> you are just lighting up doing this story. >> democracy gone awry. thank you very much. to rob near record heat in the middle of the country. >> yeah, we talked about the two storms on both coasts. in between we have this incredible amount of heat getting up into the midwest and canada, not helping the fires, 88 in minnesota, the record, 89 and touch 90 we will break that. huge ridge popping up, 78 degrees in chicago and 84 degrees -- 81 in denver. not bad weather for dining outside.
7:19 am
in the mid 50s. tonight. rain tapers off to drizzle and spotty showers. low around 50. saturday starts clouds and damp, but slowly the sun peeks out late day. breezy with partly cloudy skies on mothers day with milder temps next week. today will be the rainiest of the again, some rare southern california rains today. it's really into the dry season now. >> really, the dry season there, not here. >> they'll take any rain they can get. saturday a runor
7:20 am
the weather looks good. >> not going to be muddy. his mother was a mudder. >> happy mudder's day. >> coming up, new clues in the mysterious murder of that mother in texas. the frightening messages she received just days before she was found. >> we'll be right back. lowe's one year guarantee on plants means anyone can have a beautiful garden. finally, something in this yard as beautiful as me. enjoy. get 20% off all kobalt® long handle tools,
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each day to grab the umbrella. here is jacqui jeras with your forecast. >> reporter: today is the last, wet, rainy at that with gradual improvements toward the weekend. umbrellas on the ready, alongst with jacket. raining threw the better part of the day today, heavy at types. temperatures staying in the
7:27 am
tomorrow, i think we'll weak up to dreary conditions, spotty shower are be possible. peaks of sunshine by the end of the day, warming into the 60s. 70s by your sunday. maybe a brief shower early but becoming breezy, sunny in the afternoon. >> reporter: we certainly are seeing the rain showers and they may be affecting you on the roads. we have an accident on the anacostia, from southbound and benning road blocking one else, where southeast southwest freeway is the issue near m street blocking 3 lanes, to the left you squeeze by on the right. metro has an issue, van ness station, a power outage. >> anchor: metro general manager paul wiedefeld is set to announce a new plan for track work to make sure rails are safe impacting every one that takes metro. single
7:28 am
weekend schedules and the closer of multiple stations. we will air that announcement live at is 1:00 a.m. on abc 7 -- 11:00 a.m. on 7:00 a.m. and monday we have a live interview at 6:45. janet jackson expecting a baby at 50. more and more women are delaying motherhood. if you want to have kids later in life what are the risks and best options. we'll talk to a fertility expert coming up at 7:45. have a make your day supreme with dunkin's new bacon supreme omelet breakfast sandwich, loaded with peppers, onions, and potatoes and topped with two slices of cherrywood-smoked bacon and cheese all on a freshly baked croissant. america runs on dunkin'.
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frozen coolatta, for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. we welcome you back to "gma" and looking at that massive fire. as many as 25,000 residents expected to be airlifted this morning. ghost town left behind. those flames still raging this morning. >> the pictures are almost unbelievable to look at. also this morning donald trump facing major backlash after sending a tweet about taco bowls and hispanics as he tries to rally support and powerball fever hitting a high as people race to buy tickets for tomorrow's jackpot estimated, get this, $415 million. that would be a nice mother's day gift. >> happy mother's day. >> i don't get out of bed for at least half a bill but 415. got to be 500. >> a great gift idea,
7:31 am
our biggest mother's day surprise. breakfast in bed to one wonderful momma. here's our good friend emeril handing out roses to all the wonderful moms with us in times square this morning. >> you can take a look at our mom cam, take a look. that arrow is pointing at the mom of the hour. she thinks she's here for teacher appreciation week. she has no idea what's coming. we're very excited about that. also some excitement surround the kentucky derby and nyquist, the horse, we'll have more on that -- actually t.j. will have that and donning his derby attire. >> oh, yeah. >> can't miss it. >> nice tease. we look forward to that. but begin with those new clues in that murder of a fitness trainer and mom of three killed inside a texas church. police looking for this suspect seen in tackty cal gear saying they are narrowing their search and abc's linzie janis is here with more. good morning, linzie. >> reporter: good morning, robin.
7:32 am
been contacted by her killer on social media just days before her death. they also say there was trouble at home. this morning, detectives appear closer to finding this suspect disguised in police tactical gear, believed to be responsible for the murder of texas fitness instructor missy bevers. newly released search warrants reveal a friend of bevers told investigators the mother of three got a creepy and strange message from an unknown male on linkedin three days before she was murdered and police asking to see the linkedin account of another man who shared flirtatious and familiar communications with and the warrant suggesting there may have been an ongoing financial and marital struggle between bevers and her husband brandon. as well as intimate relationships, ternl to the marriage. warrants also revealing new details about how bevers died. multiple puncture wounds found
7:33 am
as consistent with this weapon being carried by that suspect in the video. her husband who says he's been working with the police too upset to know the details. >> as far as the puncture wound story, i haven't even opened that up. i saw it and just -- i'm not going there. >> reporter: investigators now want to search the cell phones of ten people they say missy had been communicating with including another fitness instructor and his wife. police say the suspect seen in this video with a distinctive walk sauntering around 30 minutes before the murder may have used social media to find bevers at the midlothian church as she was setting up for an early morning exercise class even suggesting he or she may have used a cell phone to video the murderous act. that generated leads from the public, some of which have been very specific and point toward the owner of one of those cell phones they plan to search. >> all right, thank yo
7:34 am
consultant and former fbi agent brad garrett. i know you were looking intently at the video as all of us were and police asking for any help. any clues in that surveillance video. >> a number of clues. the gait and the walk of the suspect is somewhat unique and so someone out there may say, you know, i know that guy. he walks around our neighborhood. he has a slight limp to the right. that type of thing. the tactical gear also is a giveaway, potentially has there been a recent theft of tactical gear from a police officer, et cetera. >> the fact that the police feel this person may have tracked her via social media. does that help in any way in a possible suspect or a motive or anything like that. >> robin, you always look for a link and typically there is in many cases where there is a homicide. the problem with this case is, do you burglarize a church, walk around, break in doors and then you kill this woman? i don't know.
7:35 am
on social media but we'll have to see >> such a bizarre case. >> it is, it is and was this a secondary crime. in other words, did he break into the church to do whatever he did and wore tactical gear to give himself sort of an out? we don't know. >> hopefully we'll get answers soon especially for the family. thanks. a sleepy driver leading to an eight car pileup in nashville in a fedex truck. >> reporter: what you're about to see is the start of a terrifying highway pileup in nashville. a cell phone camera capturing the danger. this fedex truck weaves in and out of the lane. a sleepy driver allegedly at the wheel. the fedex truck goes into the middle lane and slams into a vehicle losing all control. >> the fedex truck hit me in the back and pushed me into the vehicle in front of me which pushes him under a semi.
7:36 am
up under the truck, military sergeant richard crossen. >> there was no time to think. >> reporter: eight vehicles wrecked. crossen rushed to get the driver out safely. >> he might not have been around if i would have hesitated because it was burning pretty good. >> reporter: police cited the fedex driver with fatigue. fedex telling ab news that all drivers are expected to obey all traffic laws in safely operating their vehicles. in the u.s. 100,000 crashes a year happen because of drowsy driving. thankfully in thursday's crash everyone survived that close call. for "good morning america," gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> all right, gio, thanks. coming up here a moir's day mystery and a remarkable reunion. she siblings abandoned at birth. how they found each other. elizabeth vargas is here with us. our huge "deals & steals" on wheels. in boston tory johnson has some big bargains coming up.
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back now with that mother's day mystery and a remarkable reunion. three siblings abandoned at birth defying the odds and finding each other years later, "20/20" anchor elizabeth vargas is here with the story. >> the word found ling is the term for an abandoned baby cared for by others. we found three one left by a dumpster in an alley, another on a porch stoop and third in front of a grocery store. their cases unconnected or so we thought. "20/20" along with a dna detective solved this mother's day mystery. >> i think if it was a saturday morning -- >> reporter: running as last-minute ear and in 1981, joanne hauser said she noticed a baby bag next to a dumpster. >> there was a baby in the bag. >> reporter: no note, no
7:42 am
identification, nothing to sell where she came from. fast forward 34 years, that baby is all grown up. >> once having my own children, you figure out what that natural true love is and i just couldn't understand how she didn't have that for me. >> reporter: desperate for any clues on the mother who abandoned her, janet decides to search for that good samaritan who found her in the alley, joanne houser. after finding her on facebook, janet has a heartfelt reunion with her in 2013. what did she say. >> thank you for giving me life. >> reporter: but joanne is a dead end offering no clues about janet's mysterious abandonment. genealogists say her only hope is dna and offers to help. >> unless whoever abandoned them comes forward, the only other way that they can learn about their heritage is dna. >> reporter: janet miraculously is able to find matches to both a brother and a sister she didn't know
7:43 am
surely they must know who their mother is. no one abandons three babies or do they? >> i was abandoned at birth and i don't have any information about any of my family. >> reporter: along with dean hundorff julie hutchison reveals she was abandoned. cece moore says three found lings abandoned by the same mother seems unprecedented. what went through your head? >> i could not believe it. >> reporter: 20/20 brings all three together. dean from wisconsin, julie from maryland for a reunion in los angeles. >> oh, she's so cute. oh. give you a hug. >> reporter: it is an embrace none of them had ever dreamed of. now all three siblings with a common cause. >> just kind of opens up more questions than it does answers. >> definitely. >> reporter: a doorstep, a grocery store, a dumpster. who left them there? >> i'm not
7:44 am
dumpster or any other dumpster define who i am. >> no, she doesn't. tonight we track down the mother who left them there and ask those questions, why. how does anyone keep three pregnancies a secret and how does anyone give birth three types alone without any help? we make a discovery in the process so shocking it leaves our three found lings rocked with betrayal. i've never done an hour like this. >> safe haven laws were not really around back then. >> they're in existence now. if you have a baby, you can't take care of that baby for whatever reason you can leave it with authorities or a hospital no questions asked. no safe haven laws then so the mother had no option if she could not take care of that. >> three foundling, unheard of. >> national news when they were 2, david? another shocker copping. tuning in. >> we'll watch these two tonight. >> that's right. >> doing double duty. >> we hang out on friday nights together. >> everybody, you want to watch
7:45 am
"20/ "20/20:since the day i was born" tonight at 10:00, 9 oe cl:00 ce. the kentucky derby and t.j. is ready. >> a mint julep for the run of the roses. >> you are a fine gentleman. then those places change every few months... please. it's time you got the quicksilver card from capital one. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. doesn't get much simpler than that. what's in your wallet? a beautiful garden.rantee on plants means anyone can have finally, something in this yard as beautiful as me. enjoy. get 20% off all kobalt® long handle tools, striking tools and wheelbarrows.
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♪ back now with our countdown to the kentucky derby. it all happens tomorrow. t.j. is here with the inside track. t.j., did you have that suit in your closet? >> yeah, they told me i needed to cover the kentucky derby for "gma." i thought i was going. that's why i'm looking like couple sanders up in here. no matter where you are, it's the derby. it's party time. if horse racing is the sport of kings, the kentucky derby is its crown jewel. >> they're off. >> and this year the top contenders aiming to become racing royalty are nyquist and exaggerator. with 3-1 odds nyquist is going into the race as the only undefeated champion winning all seven of his races earning more than $3.3 million. hot on his hoofs exaggerator, also 3 years old but only winning four of his nine races taking in half of nyquist but still
7:50 am
forget the jockey it's the money riding on these stallions that is staggering. american pharoah changing the game with last year's triple crown run with a record-breaking $194 million in wages. >> american pharoah has won the triple crown! >> reporter: the run for the roses is as much about the pomp and circumstance as it is about the horses. last year spectators ordered 49,000 derby pie, 5,000 liters of bourbon and 127,000 mint juleps. >> why do we want to say da plane, da plane. >> not you, robin. >> he is a southern gentleman. >> he is a southern gentleman from -- >> i am. >> our epic breakfast in bed surprise and emeril is ready. >> on the case. ♪ coming up "gma's" breakfast in bed is brought to you by te
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>> anchor: one more rainy day to get through here is jacqui jeras with your forecast. >> reporter: today will be the >> reporter: today will be the last, wet, rainy day that we have to deal with, with gradual improvements toward the weekend. umbrellas on the ready, alongst with jacket. raining through the better part of the day today, heavy at types. temperatures staying in the middle 50s at best. tomorrow, i think we'll wake up to dreary conditions, spotty shower are be possible. peaks of sunshine by the end of the day, warming into the 60s. 70s by your sunday. maybe a brief shower early but becoming breezy, sunny in the afternoon. >> reporter: this morning looks look like the rain showers certainly impacting folks trying to travel to prince georges county, parts of northeast dc. a few accidents on the anacostia freeway and southeast southwest freeway. just
7:57 am
value delays. southeast southwest freeway, crash only blocking a left lane, previously blocking 3 lanes, travel lanes are improving, watch the volume from the 3rd street bridge. report of an accident inbound suitland avenue, watch form brake lights from silver view road. >> van ness metro hasry opened after a power outage, and the general manager paul wiedefeld is set to announce a new plan for traumatic work to make sure rails are safe impacting almost every one who takes meter. single tracking, abbreviated weekend schedules and even the closure of multiple schedules. we'll they're air that announcement live at 11:00 a.m. right here on abc 7. don't miss our live interview with the general manager on monday, 6:45 on good morning washington. abc 7 and news channel 8 are proud sponsors of tomorrow's susan j
7:58 am
cure. if you can't make it, you can watch the coverage live all morning on news channel 8, it gets under way at 7:00 a.m. you can get more news, weather and traffic on good morning washington on news channel 8. hope you have
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and a husband's race to save his wife. >> i heard the screaming. she screamed. >> after kidnapped and held hostage in her car how his quick thinking kept her alive. ♪ fight of their lives. new hope for two sisters battling a rare disease. their dad a famous hollywood producer on a quest for a cure. this morning a possible breakthrough. the family speaking to our cameras in an abc news exclusive. ♪ this is going to be the best day of my life. and one-on-one with robert downey jr. >> when i was a young man, i would put myself through the ringer. >> he reveals whether he's done with iron man. >> sometimes i want to
8:01 am
>> going head-to-head with captain america ♪ and our biggest breakfast in bed ever. >> you know why i'm here? you have won my breakfast in bed contest. >> you've seen "gma" and emeril surprise mom after move coast to coast for the last 17 years. this morning we're supersizing the surprise. right here in times square. and mthe mom has no idea. wait till she sees what her family is helping us pull off. the mother of all surprises as we say -- >> good morning, america. he's right. he needs to bring it >> that's what emeril could do. >> gearing up for our incredible "gma" breakfast in bed surprise. that's the band cam. the bam cam getting that
8:02 am
breakfast ready. >> from the bam cam to the mom cam. that's our unsuspecting mother. she doesn't even know she's on camera. she doesn't know there is a red arrow over her she had. she's here she thinks to celebrate her daughter for teachers appreciation week. >> her entire family is in on it outside the door waiting to surprise her. she has no idea that they're here or what we have in store for her next and lara, it's also the huge end to our big day of deals. >> i mean, tory johnson this week has outdone herself in a way. tory, we love you, and america loves you because you've gone across the country, rolling everywhere. today you're into boston with more amazing deals. we're talking 60%, 70% in some cases at the quincy market with giant deals for you guys, our beloved "gma" viewers from everything, clothing, jewelry, you name it, save some for us. >> a few ofer
8:03 am
for tory. to amy with the morning rundown first. >> the big story this morning, the war of words in the republican party. house speaker paul ryan says he is not ready to endorse donald trump and says the republican nominee needs to support the party's agenda. trump fired back saying he won't support speaker ryan's agenda. ryan's office says he has no plans to meet with trump when he's on capitol hill next week. hillary clinton is having her own problems. an angry crowd protested her cinco de mayo event and heckled and shouted at her and one aggressive protester got too close and had to be escorted away by police. more than 20,000 are air-lifted from that city in canada engulfed by a massive wildfire. that fire in ft. mcmurray is larger than new york city. many evacuees have been sheltered in oil field work camps. two people were killed in a car crash trying to escape those growing flames. and now to the frightening moment a woman in florida
8:04 am
the drama unfolding as her husband was on the phone with her connected by bluetooth. abc's kendis gibson has the story. >> i heard the screaming. >> reporter: a husband's frantic 911 call possibly saving his wife's life. after he overheard an armed man kidnap her while they were on the phone. >> i was like, no, no, no, please don't. >> reporter: priscilla cercone says she was parked outside her home when bernard owens allegedly jumped in the backseat with a gun forcing her to drive away. >> he said to me don't do nothing stupid because i'm behind you. i have a gun and i'll shoot you. >> reporter: a terrified priscilla cercone said she followed her kidnapper's orders but what the gunman didn't know she was wearing a wireless bluetooth device and her husband over hearing the entire ordeal. >> he started calling me babe, babe, what happened. >> reporter: he quickly hung up and dialed
8:05 am
the suspect was not satisfied with $400 she removed from the atm. he demanded she bring him back to the house so he could rob them. that alleged kidnapper is behind bars and awaiting trial. for "good morning america," kendis gibson, abc news, new york. >> wow, so glad she's safe. kendis, thank you. weeks after the apparent road rage shooting that took his life a former nfl star has received an academic honor. the widow of will smith accepted his graduate degree from the university of miami. racquel smith received it in a wheelchair. she is still recovering from wounds she suffered in that shooting last month. and finally perhaps one of the sweetest yearbook pictures ever. take a look at presley. yep, he's a service dog in louisiana who's been going to school every day with seth. her 14-year-old master who has a
8:06 am
she was included -- sorry i said he. it's a she. they say it took about ten minutes. i love it was the school administrator's idea to put presley in the yearbook because she's been there every day for four years helping seph. >> holding her leash. >> a paw in the yearbook. >> thanks for sharing that. upstairs to lara with the "morning menu." >> you saved me just in time, robin. i was about to dance. here what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." new hope for a medical miracle. two sisters battling a rare disease, groundbreaking treatments that may save their lives. then get ready, huge "deals & steals" and tory is in boston with huge bargains you won't believe. then i'm smiling because this guy is here, emeril. moms everywhere, serenading us and exciting, one very special woman with a
8:07 am
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8:12 am
hope for two sisters fighting for their lives battling rare batten disease. their dad a famous hollywood producer on a quest to find a cure and this morning there may be a breakthrough and abc's rebecca jarvis spoke exclusively to the family, good morning, rebecca. >> hi, robin. good morning to you. the gray family is in the fight of their lives racing against time to save their two little girls charlotte and gwenyth and bring hope to all the other families battling this rare disease. we first met the gray family a year ago. >> wee! >> reporter: daughter charlotte and gwenyth 4 and 2 years old diagnosed with a rare disease order called batten clnen 6. >> he said prepare for wheelchairs and blindness. there's nothing you can do. >> reporter: told they would never live to celebrate their 12th birthday. >> ts
8:13 am
and brutal. >> reporter: in fact it's a disease so rare that experts predict less than 10 children in the world are currently living with it. >> you believe in miracles? yes. >> reporter: but perhaps it's their dad's work history. producing movies that showcase the art of winning against all odds that prepared them for this race against time. >> that's impossible. >> there's to treatment so we had to create that opportunity. >> reporter: an opportunity that began by establishing the charlotte and gwenyth gray foundation funding research to find a cure. >> most said it was five or six years away which would be too late. >> we were grateful. all the stars kind of aligned. >> reporter: hollywood stars lined up too. >> you know, i think we raised $3.5 million. >> uh-huh. never give up. >> yeah, never. >> reporter: and so in spring of in year at the nationwide children's hospital in columbus, ohio, charlotte and gwenyth became the first patients in a
8:14 am
could save their lives. >> it's one treatment, one injection into the lower lumbar region. >> they're missing a gene. they put the gene back in. it's that simple. >> reporter: for now the grays are playing a waiting game. hopeful that 5-year-old charlotte will continue to improve. >> she's more engaged. i think the vocabulary has increased a little bit. >> she's obsessed with "frozen." the other day she was laying in bed listening to the soundtrack and she said clearly stronger than a thousand men. ♪ thonger than a hundred men >> that gives us a lot of hope. and it also shows us that she's in there somewhere. >> do you feel like you're witnessing a miracle. >> we're certainly praying for one. >> uh-huh. >> and counting on one. >> a lot of us are. rebecca, that was a beautiful, beautiful story. rich besser is here with us, as well. let's first of all explain to people batten disease. >> yeah, so this is something
8:15 am
it can also hit in some forms as adults. the cells in our body are really incredible. they're constantly turning over and rebuilding. but to do that there have to be enzymes in cells that allow us to break down proteins and other material. in batten disease those aren't working so not able to recycle proteins and other things very effectively. it's an inherited disease and as this material builds up in the cells, it can cause problems with nerves. neurological function that eventually if you don't take care of this can be fatal. >> yes, and at a relatively young age. >> that's right. >> that happens it seems like the girls are doing well, rebecca? they are the sweetest little sister, robin and it was incredible to spend the day with this family. the little one gwenyth danced throughout the shoot and sang and loved the camera. charlotte is in this process of rebuilding and retooling her brain, getting back to where she started. >> it's all about this gene theory. >> yes. it's one of
8:16 am
areas being looked at for so many different thing, the idea can you insert a gene back into those cells so that they work again? this is an early study. a safety study but what they want to see can you turn them back on and reverse this? but, you know, weir's hearing how fuel patients have this particular condition. what the family was able to achieve in terms of identifying patients and getting funding is so inspiring. >> we'll talk about that in a moment. i had the rare opportunity and the privilege to spend time in sioux fall, south dakota, a research center there, the sanford research center. that's dr. pierce and they're doing stem cell therapy and i met a family going through batten disease much like the family you spent time with and fda approval is so vital. these clinical trials and the fund-raising. how is the family doing with that. >> so they need to raise another million dollars by october. they told me they're confident. they told me the gratitude they have for this outpouring of support they have seen from
8:17 am
all over the world. to hollywood. they're so grateful for it but they are in a race against time for both the medicine as well as the funding for this, a million dollars by october is what they need. >> sometimes people feel, okay, it's a rare disease, there should be funding with another disease. that is not the case because so many times i learn this in rome at the conference that i attended. so many types with rare diseases like this, you're able to find something easier to help not only that disease but other one, as well. >> yeah, what they can learn from this study will help other gene therapy studies to understand how do you get this to work? how do you get it to work for the long term? >> this is what this family and the family i spent time with, they want all families to be exposed to this. >> thank you for bringing this. rich, as always. amy, david, lara. >> how inspiring. >> pulling for those little girs. >> we are. thank you. it is time now for the big finale of our "deals & steals" on wheels. tory is in beautiful boston this morning at the famous quincy market and she has
8:18 am
huge savings and an amazing crowd. take it away, tory. [ cheers and applause ] >> whoo. hey, so, i can't hear you guys but i hope you can hear our huge crowd here in boston. we are so excited. we've got phenomenal deals. first up this company life is good is all about dreaming big. when you dream big, you can make great things happen. two brothers got in the car to sell t-shirts and turned this company into a phenomenal successment their t-shirts are known around the world. this is team life is good here modeling all the options available today. there's a variety of shirts starting at $18, all of these deals but today only everything is slashed by at least 55%. so regularly for us, $8 to $12 plus free shipping from life is good. can't beat that. [ cheers and applause ] next up i can say just one word and you'll understand, chowder. chowder, we're in boston. you need chowder so we've got clam chowder, ooh.
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normally $98 as a wrap bracelet or necklace, today slashed by 60%, $39. [ cheers and applause ] semiprecious stones with sterling silver. last, this was a "shark tank" favorite. from love pop. two architects designed these cards. pop-ups but so much more than that. 3d sculptures, spectacular cards and put together an assortment for "gma" viewers. you can't go wong with their greeting cards. normally the selection starts at -- normally $52. today only starts at $26 and free shipping. a discount of 50%. can't beat that. amy, give us a thumbs up. >> oh, these are so -- look, this one says merry christmas from the beach. these are so pretty. i'm loving that. it makes sense an architect designed them
8:21 am
big surprises for the owners of love pop, as well. so you take it away. >> we do. >> oh. that is a surprise. >> she's back. >> two of our "gma" family members, come in here. my son jake, jon karl's daughter emily to help us present $10,000 to lovepop for the purchase -- here's there's a catch. we're buying, vistaprint is buying from you guys 2,000 lovepop cards and partnered with santa's magic, an organization in boston that is run all by volunteers and they are going to handwrite those 2,000 cards to military families, so we are sending lovepop to service members who are deployed as well as to their families because small business is the heart of our community, small business is what it's all about. i have had the best time travelin
8:22 am
away money. thanks to vistaprint. thanks to "gma" viewers. you support small businesses all the time. we love you guys. we love lovepop. we love boston. thanks for letting us go on the road. >> tory, we love you and so do your children and they have a little something for you on this mother's day eve. [ cheers and applause ] >> oh. >> thank you. >> i love you. >> ah. >> handing out flowers. >> those beautiful roses. >> nice to surprise tory. >> good job. tory can a great mom. >> she is. >> so many others today. had he had to our website by the way for all the livings and codes plus a special deal from "gma's" twitter account. let's go outside to rob who is surrounded by all amazing moms. >> check this out. oak, my goodness. it is coming down right now. but you took mom to new york for mother's day. >> that's right, here for mother's day weekend. >> are you having a good
8:23 am
>> did you plan the rain. >> yi, i did. >> good for business. these moms are tough out here. no doubt about it. the rainfall there in asbury park. it will continue throughout the day. coastal flooding with winds off the ocean. week. cool temps in the mid 50s. tonight. rain tapers off to drizzle and spotty showers. low around 50. saturday starts clouds and damp, but slowly the sun peeks out late day. breezy with partly cloudy skies on mothers day with milder temps next week. today will be the rainiest of the [ cheers and applause ] >> happy mother's day, mom and grandma. back to you, lara. >> oh, great job. happy mother's day, everybody. and time now for some "pop news." jesse is with us to help. and we at "gma" --
8:24 am
one is for you. we at "gma," "gma" were deeply touched by this first story. it does directly affect one of our own. three words, magic mike live. yeah, michael could be dusting off that gold speedo. his boss channing tatum making the announcement with the help of some shirtless men, why not. here's the sound bite. >> god knows we have enough gentlemen's clubs in this world so let's start the first gentle ladies club. or maybe not so gentle. it depends on what you're into. >> oh, my, channing, tell us more. channing will direct the show which will make the audience people like they're in club domina which was the club at the foundation of "magic mike xxlth. the official press release promises action that happens in front of, behind, above and all around the audience. >>
8:25 am
in the show but if in shape he'll go on the stage and make pop-ins. have to see when it opens live at the hard rock cafe and casino, march 2017. >> i'm so glad you said speedo and not what they had in the prompter. >> if only you could see the words that were there. >> that's just a synonym. >> leave america guessing. >> leave america guessing. >> i think they know. also in "pop news." spraying for warm weather because may 7th does mark this weekend it is world naked gardening day, robin. >> oh, no. >> i know you have a green thumb. >> you know the positions you get in when you garden. >> that's for you to do in the privacy of your own garden. only you and mother nature will know. the annual holiday celebrated on the first saturday of may each year encouraging gardeners to strip down to their green thumb and plant a bush or two in your birthday suit.
8:26 am
all across america. make sure your town recognizes this holiday before law enforcement plants -- not law enforcement plants, but law enforcement plant you. >> how do we -- >> what were you talking about, amy. >> a lot of squatting. that's all i'm going to say. >> and it is not illegal if you're in your own garden. we will discuss. >> and we're going to commercial. "gma's" "deals & steals" on wheels is brought to you by vistaprint.
8:27 am
another day to grab the umbrella. here is jacqui jeras with your forecast. >> reporter: today will be the last, wet, rainy day that we have to deal with, with gradual improvements toward the weekend. with the jacket. raining through the better part of the day today, heavy at types. temperatures staying in the middle 50s at best. tomorrow, i think we'll wake up to dreary conditions, spotty shower will be possible. peaks of sunshine by the end of the day, warming into the 60s. 70s by your sunday. maybe a brief shower early but becoming breezy, sunny in the afternoon. >> reporter: essential the weather impacting the drive. you're seeing heavier volume and rain through prince georges county and a few more accidents there. traveling now on the inner loop beltway, completely slow.
8:28 am
georges county, from branch avenue toward the wilson street bridge. we had abearlyier accident that was on 210 northbound, palmer road. watch for police, probably still on the scene there. more delays on the beltway, inner loop through virginia. melanie. >> anchor: thank you. right now, a man hunt in maryland, for this man. police say he shot and killed his estranged wife in the parking lot of a high school yesterday, happened in the afternoon. students and teachers were in the middle of after school activities. this morning, metro general manager paul wiedefeld is set to announce a new plan for track work to make sure rails are safe, will impact almost every one that takes metro. on the table, single tracking,y briefiated weekend cities and the closure of multiple stations. we will air that announcement for your live at 11:00 a.m. right here on abc 7. and don't miss our live interview with our general manager, paul we would feld on
8:29 am
morning washington, on news channel 8. the latest news, traffic,
8:30 am
♪ i can't stop the feeling ♪ got me dancing dancing welcome back to "gma." yeah, you're hearing it. that's justin timberlake's new song "can't stop the feeling" released overnight. his first single in almost three years. so many stars in that video. we cannot wait for more music to drop from mr. j.t. >> yeah, i was listening to it this morning before the show. we were all singing it by the en. got us moving and grooving on this friday. we also can't wait for this. take a look at emeril getting ready to unveil his big breakfast in bed. there he is, the winner, no idea. >> just moments away. >> what is happening and it's moments away. >> in the commercial break, how many, was it like eight moir's day hugs. happy mother's day. incredible moment up here with beautiful moms behind us and
8:31 am
invictus games, inspiring international competition for wounded warriors kicks off this sunday on espn2 and monday right here on "gma," robin interviews two of invictus' biggest supporters, prince harry and first lady michelle obama. an incredible duo there and that's coming up monday. can't wait for that, robin. >> i can't either. so excited for that and for our big celebration right now. right here in times square we're honoring teachers for teachers appreciation week. thank you, teachers, all of you. we have a fabulous group as you can see in our studio. our everyday superheroes and there's one very special former teacher in this group. sheree. is that you? come here, sheree jones, how are you? >> good. >> you're a former teacher and your daughter is a teacher now. >> yes, i have a sons that a teacher as well. >> my goodness. >> my friend or my dad. it's in the family. >> so that's why we're showing our appreciation. but there's something else, as
8:32 am
what's on sunday. >> oh, it's mother's day. >> it's mother's day. yes. it's mother's day on sunday. you know, we do these they will lings on "good morning america" over the years where we celebrate a mother and we have a special guest that does it, emeril, come on out! [ cheers and applause ] >> hello. >> i am so delighted to meet you. >> i'm delighted to meet you as well. >> you know, we had tons and tons of people who responded to emeril's breakfast in bed and i want to tell you you are the winner of emeril's breakfast in bed but you know what, i got to tell you -- [ applause ] >> thanks. >> are you okay? >> i think. >> you know what we found out about you, you have a daughter tiffany. >> yes, i do. >> well -- >> tiffany.
8:33 am
>> so i want to have robin just introduce just a little thing about you. okay? >> oh, man. >> here's your story. >> oh, man. >> sheree jones has always but her family first. even sacrificing a teaching career to be at home to raise her five children with her husband brent in salt lake city. her kids were everything. staying them anywhere any time even when out jogging. >> when i was younger and she pushed me around in the stroller everywhere. >> as she raised her family, selflessness would be sheree's example. >> i was coming home from soccer one day and all these stuff was on my lawn. my mom had arranged to have a yard sale. >> a secret yard sale to raise money so that tiffany could participate in a soccer tournament in europe. the big ticket item to cover airfare, a cherished piece of furniture, a baker's rack. >> she had put
8:34 am
took her a year to pay for it. >> i think at 16 i was just still so into myself that i didn't really realize it until later on of what a huge sacrifice that was. >> sheree's generous acts and tender mercies were often kept secret including the incredible deed behind our breakfast in bed intri. it's a story of christmas when the jones children were young. >> my mom never had a wedding ring. when we were little, i noticed that my mom's ring finger was bare and when we'd ask her she would just say, oh, it was lost. we just always knew that she had lost her ring. >> but a dramatic revelation just a few months ago, the ring wasn't lost at all. listen to this. >> we said, mom, what happened to your original wedding ring? got really quiet. and she looked at us and said, i've never told anybody this before, years ago when money was tight we couldn't
8:35 am
christmas and so i sold my ring to the pawnshop so we could give you guys a christmas. >> such a long kept secret that no one else knew. not even shear re's sister who was deeply moved. >> that really humbled me because i mean who would do that? who would give up their wedding band? she's that kind of person. >> her babies now all grown up, still get mom's undivided attention. >> every time i'm home she's like you could live here for free instead of paying, you know to live somewhere else. >> i'm a bass player in a hard rock band called uncle muz. >> and she will go every single time to watch him play and get her earplugs in. >> she comes and supports me anyway. i'm a better person because she's been in my life. >> just how lucky i am.
8:36 am
you know, like she's incredible. you know, couldn't ask for a better mom. >> so this morning, "good morning america" and emeril lagasse honor a mother, her secret gift and the love she receives in return. >> surprise! happy mother's day. >> mom, you're going to kill me. >> we love you. >> you're the best mom ever. >> oh. [ cheers and applause ] >> that's wonderful. [ applause ] >> oh. >> how do you feel? >> i feel honored and like undeserving. >> no. totally deserving. >> so, so deserving. >> where are the other kids? in they're in provo working maybe. >> oh, maybe. >> oh, no. >> come on out, kids. [ cheers and applause ] >> there they are. >> oh. hugs all the way around.
8:37 am
who's the rocker? all right. >> all right. so, guy, what do you want to say to your mom? >> we love you. >> thanks for all you do. >> besides happy mother's day, right? >> right. >> yeah, well. >> tell us a little bit -- >> not what i expected. >> did you -- you didn't know until recently that your mom had given up the wedding ring is there that's right. >> for christmas. >> we had no idea until a little bit ago and she just told my sister and i about it and i was completely overwhelmed and i bawled my eyes out but at the same time i wasn't surprised because it's so typical of her to sacrifice something like that for us. >> somebody missing? >> oh, i love -- >> somebody is missing. >> well, wait a minute. but your sister, was she so incredibly dear. where is she right now? >> well, i wonder. maybe -- >> come on out, nancy. >> all right. oh, wow.
8:38 am
>> i know, really. >> wow. >> so adorable. >> oh. so nance, i saw you get emotional in the piece. >> yeah, it was very emotional. >> you tell us about your sister. tell us about her. >> well, maybe we don't. >> my sister is the perfect example to everyone as a mother, she's always been so giving and she always sacrifices and her needs always come first before anyone else's. >> okay. there's just one person missing. who could that be? >> that's my honey. >> emeril? >> is he here? >> the parting of the doors. >> there you go. [ applause ] >> come on, sheree. you had no idea. >> no. >> you had no idea. >> this is for teachers.
8:39 am
teacher appreciation week. >> was it hard for you all to stay away from your mom? we had you sequestered in different parts of the studio. we were like, do not come out of the room. >> you wouldn't let me go to the bathroom. >> well, this is only the beginning. >> that's right. >> we've got a lot of surprises for all of you upstairs. >> yeah, but let's go upstairs. >> we'll have that and take it outside to rob with other mothers too. >> that's a hollywood kiss. mwah. mwah. >> whoo. >> hey, guy, sorry, we were just kissing all the moms out here. this is your daughter. >> seriously, my daughter leslie from california. >> and what do you want to say to mom. >> she's the best mom ever. >> oh. >> we'll get tears out here too. it's raining tears. >> i know. what a mother's day weekend we got going. it'll dry out a little bit. across the northern midwest is where it's dry and the pollen is cranking. mostly trees still. so we've got this pollen forecast brought to you by claritin. here a
8:40 am
forecast sister, mothers hill, colorado, flowers, florida. >> hi to ginger. we have to keep it up. >> nothing with a mom hijacking the mike on this weekend. no doubt about that. >> wish her well on the "dancing with the stars." >> you bet you. week. cool temps in the mid 50s. tonight. rain tapers off to drizzle and spotty showers. low around 50. saturday starts clouds and damp, but slowly the sun peeks out late day. breezy with partly cloudy skies on mothers day with milder temps next week. >> the mike is over here. david, back inside to you. >> your wife is on the line. she's waiting for you after all those kisses. coming up here sheree got the surprise of her life. that moment when they are husband came through but you don't know anything yet. nor does she. the surprises waiting for her upstairs when we come back on a friday morning, "gma."
8:41 am
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ this is the best
8:44 am
life ♪ amazing mom and her children are here because emeril's breakfast in bed winner, she's a mom of five, grandmother of seven, all right. and she's given so much and now we're about to give back to her. we have a sea of moms that are here, up here, to help support you. [ cheers and applause ] and these mothers are going to help us with the other surprise and one, two, three. part the way. we met. we meant breakfast in bed. climb on in here, sheree. you're going to get breakfast in bed from emeril lagasse. you don't mind, do you? >> no. >> come on. >> so what did you make here? >> some beautiful strawberry shortcake pancakes. fresh squeezed orange juice, oh, yeah, we have a little -- oh, that's a little special thing right there that we have. some fresh fruit and t
8:45 am
all -- this is like tv but this is real food. you can eat this. >> yes, indeed. have a sip. you probably need a sip of orange juice. >> i need something. >> put a little vodka in. >> we heard in the story and there are many reasons why you were chosen but when we found out that you actually sold your wedding ring to provide gifts for your family for christmas, that was just -- what was going through your mind when you made that decision? >> well, you know, your kids are everything and you want them to have the best and that -- >> do what you got to do. >> you do what you have to do. >> they noticed it was missing. >> get in there. >> all right, i'll go. >> i think emeril has another surprise for you, as well. woo he'll make sure you get to eat that so maybe hand it to the hubby. >> this is not a fill lay mignon or a truffles and pasta. i'm going to let you do
8:46 am
honors. i want to do this right here. are you ready? >> oh, whoo! >> you need to put that on her. >> all right. >> come on, hubby. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> that on that ring finger, yes. >> congratulations. >> congratulations and just thank you for being the mom that you are and -- >> speaking about that, robin. i want to wish all the mops a happy mother's day. everybody, right? >> yes, and lara and amy as well. >> you have -- >> happy mother's day. >> i wanted to quickly ask you, i love the ring, the breakfast, great job. is the bed comfy? >> oh, yeah. >> especially with him here. >> oh. >> is it comfy? >> i'm glad because it's your, honey. we got a sponsor, tempur-pedic. what they would like me to
8:47 am
you sacrificed as a mom so they want to make sure you wake up feeling refreshed every morning with the tem purr breeze and used an integrated system to help keep your body cooler as you sleep. enjoy it, you deserve it. >> do i get one too? >> and tiffany and jamie, all right, so we -- >> the kids. >> we've got tiffany and jamie and we have a surprise for you, as we. you thought your mom and dad were getting a new bed. you guys are getting two new beds, as well. happy mother's day to you. they're there right behind the red curtain. you can see what you'll be bringing home with you, as well. >> there they are. >> very cool, ladies. >> looks like you have breakfast waiting for you over there, as well. >> yeah. >> so now what do you have to say. >> everyone is speechless. >> wow. what can you say? thank you so much. >> well deserved. >> thank you for allowing us to
8:48 am
>> i love being a mom. >> happy mother's day to all the mothers that are up here. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ "gma's" breakfast in bed is brought to you by
8:49 am
8:50 am
back now, "captain america: civil war" is in theaters today and jesse got to sit down with robert downey jr. check it out. >> he's back. well, they all are. in marvel's latest "captain america: civil war." this time, though, it's an epic superhero showdown. >> you just started a war. >> and the sixth time robert downey jr. shoots up as iron man. you hang up the suit any time in the near future. >> yeah, when my contract runs out. it's like
8:51 am
li athlete. when you respect a player when you realize you're done. your stats aren't keeping up. at this age please hang up your jersey before you do something stupid and embarrass yourself. >> you're certainly not a villain but is it fun to play tony stark with a dark side. >> sure, by the way, you put anybody next to captain america and they're darker than him. >> sometimes i want to pump you in your perfect teeth. >> reporter: captain america versus iron man with all-star avengers backing them up. it's good versus, well, good. >> captain, you seem a little defensive. >> anything personal you can dive into to bring out this complicated character. >> i'll tell you, when i was a young man, i would put myself through the wringer and then i realized you know what everybody is complicated. everybody is super flawed and if you just tap into how would you feel if you realized that the level of deception that's been going on in your life
8:52 am
their fault? you know what i mean. >> is there another superhero you wish you could play or you think you could? >> if i could wake up tomorrow morning and be chris hemsworth. that would be like -- that would be fun. just to like not have to stand on an apple box to kiss gwyneth paltrow would be great. >> you get to kiss gwyneth paltrow. >> we have to bring it to another level before the contract runs out. >> if you could have another superpower -- >> i'd rather talk about how fun thats do play that rather than deal with some weirdo superpower. i'd probably abuse it right away. >> he does have a lot of power in hollywood. "forbes" recently named him the world's highest paid arc. you make more money than any actor in the world. >> this too shall pass. by the way, i don't even know if that's true. i can tell you i pay more tacks than anybody i've ever met. truth be told, i've never ever been motivated by
8:53 am
>> i got to give it to you, man. you just seem like such a normal guy. how are you able to -- >> that is my superpower. talk to my wife >> that's what it is. make people believe you're a normal guy. >> i also got to meet one of the other movie's superheroes. anthony mackie who played falcon and joined me wednesday at langley air force base and had a big surprise for all the servicemen and women. they all enjoyed a private screening of "captain america: civil war" which was such a great moment. >> did he let you try on the suit. >> no, we were saying earlier, i'm too big. >> when the contract is up. >> yeah. >> too big? >> yeah. >> a whole bunch of bros. >> this is the best part of my day. >> back w
8:54 am
8:55 am
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♪ our thanks again to emeril and our breakfast in bed winner sheree and all the moms and teachers, have a great weekend. >> you get a bed. you get a bed. you get a bed. one more rainly day to grab the
8:57 am
here is jacqui jeras with your forecast. >> reporter: today will be the last, wet, rainy day that we have to deal with, with gradual improvements toward the weekend. umbrellas on the ready, along with the jacket. raining through the better part of the day today, heavy at types. temperatures staying in the middle 50s at best. tomorrow, i think we'll wake up to dreary conditions, spotty shower will be possible. peaks of sunshine by the end of the day, warming into the 60s. 70s by your sunday. maybe a brief shower early but becoming breezy, sunny in the afternoon. >> reporter: the showers today lingering across the area certainly slowing folks down. 66 a nice slow down from manassas to centreville, expect to wait. moving toward 29 on 66, inbound toward the capital beltway, more of a slow down if you're traveling constitution avenue. we did have report of an earlier vehicle accident there in the section of 23 and constitution.
8:58 am
this morning, metro general manager paul wiedefeld is set to announce a new plan for track work to make sure rails are safe. will impact almost every one who takes metro. single tracking, abbreviated weekend schedule and closure of multiple stations. we'll area that announce want live at 11:00 a.m. right here at abc 7. tomorrow morning metro is opening 2 hours early for anyone traveling into town for the susan g coleman race for the cure. trains start at 5:00 a.m. the closest metro stops to the starting line are metro center, federal center, smithsonian and archive. you can watch the entire event, getting under way at 7:00 a.m. you can get more news, weather and traffic on good morning
8:59 am
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>> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the hit drama "scandal," tony goldwyn. and he plays falcon in "captain america: civil war," anthony mackie. plus, don't forget log on to to be part of today's show. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] >> and now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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