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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  May 6, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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community who need help. our energyshare program does just that, assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> a breaking news alert. jummy: a reported shooting at the westfield montgomery mall on democracy boulevard in bethesda. only say there are anywhere from one to three victims.
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breaking details. there are three victims, two men and one female. the suspect is still on the loose. we do not know a lot right now. see a significant police presence, montgomery county police in the parking lot at macy's, outside of macy's at montgomery mall. in the parking lot, plenty of clothing and debris, evidence as a part of the shooting. we do not know the circumstances. the police vehicle in front of our shot. we are outside of macy's in front of the arc light cinemas. if you are familiar with this area. significant police and fire presence. we saw fire trucks earlier, they have since left the scene. three victims, two men and one
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conditions and the suspect is on the loose. so many questions about what happened. it happened at 11:15 in the parking lot, a busy midday activity, a lot of people in this area. still gathering information and try to figure out what happened. with the suspect in the shooting victims. we will bring you updates when they become available. back to you in the studio. >> a massive undertaking. no doubt about it. internally, it is like a military operation, a lot of moving parts that have to work together very well. generalhat is the metro manager unveiling his plan to improve safety and restore reliability on the troubled subway system. the maintenance project unveiled in the last hour. sam sweeney has more on the impact on all of you
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sam: i just walked out of metro headquarters where the general manager laid out metro's most aggressive restructuring plan that has ever been done in the history of the metro. our entire metro system has to be rebuilt from the ground up and that will start today. the major infrastructure improvements will again on june 4 if this plan is approved. that's begin on june 4 if this plan is approved, they will shut down five station for weeks at a time. every line will experience extended single tracking for up to 21 days, including during rush-hour. cruise only get a few hours to do the work and they must pack up. theyhave to set up, then have to break down. thegeneral manager says metro cannot operate like
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reopened that section. >> when you think of the normal maintenance we have to do, and you add some of the things we have had to do and should be doing from fda or ntsb or congressional mandates, we cannot keep up with the demands that we need to do to get the system safe and reliable. i am recommending we shut down the system at midnight all seven days of the week, starting later in the -- later in june. sam: that includes, there will be no early outs or ins. if there is a capital game or a concert, they will not extend service. one exception, the inauguration. if there is a station near your that is shut down, you will get shuttle bus service but if you use the train during the peak hour and you wi r
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will take peak fares, this is just a draft, it needs to be approved by the board and the districts. back to you. jummy: a lot of changes. watch good morning washington monday morning, i will be sitting down one-on-one with the general manager and i will ask him about today's announcement. if you have questions you want me to ask, get in touch with us on our facebook page. stormwatch, ay, good day to stay inside. the heaviest rain coming down now. some areas could see some of flooding. we are tracking it, josh knight joins us with the timeframe. heaviest rain knocking on the door of the district. one of the places we have
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temperatures in the 40's and we have picked up almost three quarters of an inch of rain. temperature wise, the majority of us looking at closer to low-50's. 54 in ashburn and gaithersburg. near 50 in hagerstown. an area of low pressure spinning off the coast. that creates a counterclockwise flow and shoves the moisture our way. the heaviest rain getting ready to move through d.c. most of the heavy rain in baltimore and parts of anne arundel county and prince george's county. more --ght we will see one spot where he will see more -- in a couple of hours a heavy batch works its way across the region. you will need the umbrella and the jacket, temperatures on the cooler side. mid-50's for the majority of us. the good news, tomorrow the rain lets up a lot and we have some sunshine on mother's day.
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the cure forecast coming up. jummy: we will see you in a few minutes. a are learning more about deadly shooting outside of princess george's high school, a mother killed and the shooter on the loose. john gonzalez is a high point high school students and parents are shaken up. classstudents are back in , the prince george's county ,olice keeping a close watch just days before mother's day, the 44-year-old mother gladys a teachero was also at another high school in the county was here yesterday afternoon picking up her daughters who were at afterschool activities. this is where she was shot and killed. our cameras were rolling as the , greeted byived police officers and police say that the estranged husband followed her yesterday, killing
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here is his photo, 62-year-old eulalio tordil, an officer with the federal protective service, the security division for homeland security. there was an argument and another parent try to intervene but eulalio tordil shot him multiple times and fatally wounded 44-year-old gladys tordil during the horrific seconds, the mother was able to wave to one of her daughters to stay inside the building and away from this man. parents still shaken up. from thees away feeling of family. it is hurtful. even though it is not directly related to you. the whole thing has been shocking. caught onincident was camera, the good samaritan is expected to survive. there was a protective order against eulalio tordil and he s
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firearms. it is unclear if he used that department issued weapon yesterday afternoon. back to you her. jummy: more breaking news, a possible second shooting. montgomery county public information officer saying this one is on connecticut avenue near a giant store. shooting, a second shooting in montgomery county in the last hour, ems is on the scene and we will keep you updated. other news, one man dead after a stabbing in alexandria, not far from the landmark mall. this before 10:00 last night, police say the men had been stabbed multiple times and he later died at the hospital. no details about a suspect or a possible motive. a somber anniversa
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died while fighting a fire one year ago. he suffered a heart attack while responding to a high-rise fire last year. this morning, firefighters gathered in his honor, dedicating a fire alarm box at the intersection of seventh and o street where he died. let's get a check on the roads. afternoon, a very messy ride today in several spots with the rain. the breaking news not helping in montgomery county. starting off on i-95 in virginia, some solid delays for both directions. the overpass is close. both north and southbound between the octagon and springfield, a lot of extra volume appeared beltway year the springfield interchange also pretty heavy.
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right side and george washington parkway out to the legion bridge into maryland, the interlude and shortstop like already, a big mess. inner loop at old georgetown road as you head out of bethesda, very heavy into the silver spring area here in more delays past connecticut avenue, the aware of that volume. in the district, 295 at eastern avenue, not bad but south of this, extra northbound delays in place. easy to 95 from burrows avenue southbound to pennsylvania, very slow. it is the mall, nothing bad -- near the wheaton mall, nothing bad. jummy: to the race for the white house, it will not be easy for the front runners, hillary clinton was met by protesters at a rally in los angeles and donald trump not getting the backing from one of the gop top leader. paul
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donald trump now. that led donald trump to call the chairman of the republican party this morning and find out why. furious, just what do i need to do. they are comfortable sitting down with donald trump and it may be at my office or somewhere else. we will have that meeting, start the process of unifying. morning, donald trump tweeted, paul ryan said i inherited something very special , the republican party, wrong, i did not inherit it, i want it with millions of voters. investigation into a deadly fire in new york, the problem that delayed firefighters on the scene. a massive wildfire still burning in alberta, canada, people already evacuated have to move again, how authorities are getting them out and how big the fire is now. plus
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your mother's day forecast, will the dreary weather move out by then -- that is next. an update on the breaking news come a shooting at
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jummy: back to the breaking news , a reported shooting at the westfield montgomery mall in bethesda on democracy boulevard. police say three victims on the scene. jeff goldberg there live with breaking details. we are awaiting an update from montgomery county police, we expected in
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, do you know whether the three victims are confirmed to be dead, his response was no deaths confirmed. that is all we can go on. a lot of police gathered in the middle of the park not. this is outside of macy's by the arc light cinema. how far we can push in to show the interest to macy's. a grouping of people in the last 45 minutes. the shooting took place at 11:15. they are possibly witnesses speaking with police. we are told by kevin lewis who had to park on the other side of the mall and come through the mall to get to decide, he says the mall is open and was under the impression a lot of people inside it not know the shooting was happening. let's look at the perimeter. a large police presence. police
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a wide range to keep the crime scene intact. the shooting at about 11:15 inside the -- in the parking lot outside of macy's, and the arc light cinema at montgomery mall, obviously the mall a very busy .n this rainy friday a scary situation for anyone who might have been in the area. we do not know the motive or the circumstances. we have reports of a shooting outside of a giant on connecticut avenue in aspen hill . we asked the spokesperson for montgomery county police whether or not the shooting was connected to this situation, he said it was too soon to say. expecting an update from montgomery county police in the next 10 minutes. three victims, we do not know their conditions. as of now, last we heard, the suspect was still on the loose. we are following this story closely
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updates when they become available. jummy: thank you. we'll quickly, they have a large part of the parking lot behind you enclosed with the police tape, does it appear they are searching any specific cars? we see clothing. jeff: it does not appear police have gone through any particular vehicles. if we push in, you can see the pile of clothing and debris and trash outside of that vehicle. that has been intact since we arrived. .e do not know what it is looks to be clothing and trash. connected with this shooting obviously. in what way, we do not know here more questions we hope to get answers to from montgomery county police in the update and five to 10 minutes. jummy: standby. mentioned, a poss
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montgomery county public information officer saying it is on connecticut avenue near a giant store. we have a map we are trying to pull up. you can see where both of the shootings are in montgomery county. the one on connecticut avenue near the giant and the second one by jeff goldberg is at the westfield montgomery mall. working to get more information on both of these shootings. trying to get information on montgomery county schools, several schools in the area, seeing if this is affecting the students. we have calls into the schools. stay with us and we will update you in a few minutes. york news, syracuse new fire officials are trying to figure out what started a house fire that killed six people. he fire reported before 4:00 this morning, when firefighters tried to enter the home, the roof collapsed and they could not enter until 30 minutes
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. authorities believe all six victims are related. a seventh person made it out and is being treated at a hospital. and evacuations continue as the massive wildfire rages out of control in canada. >> oh, my god. our house burned down. jummy: about 20 5000 evacuees already moved north of fort mcmurray are being evacuated again. canadian officials airlifting people out. they're trying to move everyone south at that wildfire -- as the wildfire continues to grow. >> the fire seems to be spreading and coming back in and out of town. seems to be going further out all the time. keep track ofto it but the wind to keep changing directions. tomy: the fire has exploded more than 200,000 acres, 10 times the size of manhattan. authorities do not know when they can bring the fire under control.
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josh: the wind has so much to do with it. there is not much they can do but contain it as best they can. talkingfire we were about here was about 10,000 acres, so 200,000, a huge fire appeared 55 degrees at reagan national. the breeze will keep us cooler through the day. you cannot see the rain on the left but we have it coming down across the majority of the region. long.'s, cool air all day tough to get out of the mid-50's. this area of low pressure continues to spin farther off, just off the coast and that throws the moisture our way. it is different than what we are used to. light showers toward hagerstown and from royal where we have heavier rain. this one band pushing through parts
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county, montgomery county, howard county, now just into washington, d.c. waldorf getting heavy rain. gaithersburg in there as well. the heavy rain just off to the east side of town. this is opposite what we are used to seeing when looking at radar. everything moving off to the south and east. the heavier rain will continue moving in that direction. the pressure continues to spin off the coast today, holding the heavy rain in place, the heaviest falls over the next two hours. after that, -- after that, it lightens up a little bit. the clouds stick around. saturday morning, just eugh rain that a stray shower in the forecast. copies guys for the first half of the day, we may get a few breaks in the cloud cover, especially farther to the west. into the afternoon, the chance for a few showers six around and into saturday night as well. the
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through on sunday morning and that is when we break down some cloud cover, a breezy mother's day but finally that is when the sunshine moves back in. more dry weather tomorrow, a few stray showers but sunday the better date is weekend. the d8 is the high today with times of rain and unseasonably cool. your average high this time of year around the 70's. 50 degrees overnight and for the race tomorrow, 53 in the morning and by the time things are finishing, mid-safeties with a little bit of sunshine to break through. 69 on saturday. monday, 74. 80's for the middle of next week with afternoon thunderstorms. jummy: back to the breaking news. a reported shooting at the westfield montgomery mall on democracy boulevard in bethesda. police say there are three victims. schools in montgomery county are in sheltering in place, including walter johnson high school, tilden middle school, and
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, this is police investigate the shootings. look -- they are also looking for a suspect. jeff goldberg has the very latest live on the scene, police are getting ready to update as soon. happening momentarily, we are outside of the macy's in the parking lot where the shooting took place. plenty of clothing and debris on the ground in the parking lot. montgomery county police is getting ready to update us on the situation any moment. background, of 11:15, one hour ago, a busy friday at montgomery mall. in the bethesda area, a shooting in the parking lot. three victims. two men and a female. the suspect is still on the loose. the suspect unknown. whereabouts unkno
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and fire at montgomery mall. we were told by our kevin lewis who had to park on the other side of the mall that he walked through the mall and it was open and to his understanding, it seemed like a lot of people inside the mall did not know this was happening. a very sudden and unexpected situation in montgomery mall. police and fire presents a very significant, we saw a lot of firefighters earlier at a truck, the firefighters have been cash left the scene. many questions about the conditions about the dems. -- about the victims. i asked the spokesperson whether the victims have been said to be deceased, he said he had no confirmation that anyone was dead as a result of the shooting. can you tell us anything?
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they will be waiting, how long? >> a few more cameras. moment,not take any they have a person of interest they are looking for. that is all we are getting, we expect to have more information soon. a dramatic scene, police and fire condensing on this area, closing in quickly, a busy mall on this friday, midday. creating a lot of fear for anybody who was in the vicinity. you come to a mall anytime of day and you expect it to be a safe place. a shooting happened in the parking lot. terrifying for anybody in the area. speake not been able to with anybody around when the shooting took place but some people being grouped outside of macy's, perhaps people being
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witnesses. we expect more information. note, there is another reported shooting outside of the giant on connecticut avenue in aspen hill, we asked police weather that shooting is connected to this shooting in the parking lot of the montgomery mall, no answers. happyn see the huddling -- happening, getting there in space together -- getting their information together. he briefing set to get going any moment. we are waiting, the rain coming down. when this happened, the rain was heavy. for anybody in the area, circumstances scary and shocking. no one inf a suspect, custody. a
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of interest and hopefully we can get more information when this briefing is set to begin. any word on when we will begin? just a few minutes. jummy: thank you for the great reporting. -- where you are, do you see anyone coming in or out of macy's? jeff: i have not seen anyone, paul asked was anyone in custody and he shook his head, we do not know if macy's is still open. hold on one second. looking into leads? when you talk about the person of interest, do you know their whereabouts? >> still under investigation at this point. jeff: wh
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>> critical. jeff: all three are in critical? a lot going on. bullies say they had -- police say they have a person of interest. three of the victims, all in critical condition, two males and one female. i will brief you all on the following. a report of shootings in montgomery mall and another reported shooting in the aspen hill area. the assistant chief. , mcpout 11:00 a.m. today responded to a call for a person shot at montgomery mall. upon arrival we found three victims. all three have been transported to local area hospitals. at this
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location at montgomery mall, we have two males that have been shot. a female also. unfortunately, we are looking at another incident in aspen hill. that. also responding to an individual who has been shot there. female.ed to be also put together from the information scenes in question. jeff: what can you tell us about the suspect? >> no one in custody by looking at a person of interest and we will work with local area departments. in hopes of identifying the individual and capturing the individual in the near future. >> do you know the victims -- did he know the victims?


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