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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  May 6, 2016 5:00pm-5:42pm EDT

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high school when there was a shooting in the parking lot. murdered. her name gladys, the wife of eulalio tordil.g new informatiot to share with you right now about all of this. i have just gotten a look at the peace order that gladys tordil won against her estranged husband. it tells a terrible story. she told the court that they brought their two children from the philippines in 2006. and that eulalio tordil w suspecting them to overly strict, military type discipline. that he would lock them in a dark closet. he showed them pornographic materials. he touched them inappropriately. again this is all laid out in this peace order that gladys tordil got. she also says in march that he told her if she
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he would do her harm. her. leaving clues behind to police that he intended to go out in a blaze of glory. he wanted to die from suicide-by-police. better opportunity to hear from prince george's county police chief hank stawinski. he said the knowledge kept him awake all night and he feels terrible they were not able to catch him before he could shoot the people he shot today. chief stawinski: since last night our investigators and our undercover apprehension team have been working diligently to make apprehension on the individual using a number of different methods. this is tragic we were not able to intervene prior to additional victims being harmed.
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that this individual has been apprehended. now we can restore some degree of peace. brad: in the peace order giving us new information, gladys tordil telling the court her husband had multiple weapons. we have reported that he turned in his service gun and badge from where he worked, federal protective services. he also turned in several other guns to the sheriff in prince george's county as a result of that court order. but sources telling us today he clearly had another gun. he also was equipped with body armor. now we are going to keep working the story. i will get back in the court documents. when we come back later on we'll have much more on what appears to be the motive in this case. disintegrating relationship at its heard, a case of domestic violence. in aspen hill, brad bell, abc7 news. jonathan: now back to where it de
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of the arrest. you were in the area where this guy was just sitting in the boston market. you were thinking of going in there and getting lunch today. kimberly: i almost did. for whatever reason i decided not to go into the boston market right here and ducked into kohl's briefly. we may have been next to the alleged gunman tordil. we want to show you the moment right leading up to his arrest. abc7 was live on the air. we were live when the police were shouting at us to get back, take a look at the video now of the moment where police moved in, surrounded tordil's vehicle. and made the arrest. we were told, we saw undercover officers. we saw officers in plain clothes. there was no shouting. no gunfire. he came out of therca. put his hands behind his back. and they cuffed him. relatively peaceful compared to the carnage he is accused of in the last 24 hours.
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beingpotographer got up next to it and he said it looked like there was damage to it. whether the driver did the damage or an officer had to do the damage to corner him, we don't know. now we want to listen in to a clip. this is 3:45. we were live on the air to show you the confusion and the drama that unfolded right before the arrest. live on our air. >> we have been told to get in our vehicles, post up next to news vehicles. okay. something is happening here. let's move the camera, frank, back. >> get down. kimberly: they are telling everybody to get down. leave the camera where it is. frank, back up. move back. we are moving back. moving back. they are telling us to move back. >> be safe, above all else. leave the camera there. >> follow their orders. kimberly: get back. okay. all right. it's surreal to look back at
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tell that police were moving he was. it turned out for hours hejuoutd a half ago an officer came to apologize us for yelling out at n the live shot to get back. we said no, thank you for looking out for our safety. reporting live in aspen hill, kimberly suiters, back to you. jonathan: this is a question a lot of people have. the victims today, did he have any connection to them? did he know them? was this just random shootings? kimberly: i 100% don't know the answer to that. i believe here at the giant, which i will turn you around here, just a few yards away, this is where the deadly shooting happened this morning. at least one of them. i believe what i remember the police saying is this a just a woman wh
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giant this morning. years agond killed her right that sunoco down there is where the d.c. snipers hill, thank you. today's shooting victims were all rushed to nearby suburban hospital in bethesda. horace holmes now is picking up the things for us there. how are the survivors doing? do we know? horace: well, unfortunately one of them has died. the second one, a gentleman who intervened is in critical, what police call critical to grave condition. the third, the woman who was first confronted by the suspect is considered non-life threatening injuries right now. you asked a question did the suspect know the victims at all? well, that is what police probably are getting a good idea right now because we understand there is a police presence here. the detectives are talking to
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have been able to talk to the surviving male suspect to get information. this hospital was on lockdown along with n.i.h. across the street. the lockdown has been lifted. at this point the police are here talking to the surviving victims, those two still alive. one gentleman fighting for his life. horace holmes, abc7 news. leon: our thoughts are with him. thank you. we will continue to follow major story as it develops. these were pictures taken earlier. the suspect in the case who for the last 24 hours shot six people, killing three. that was when he was taken into custody this afternoon in a parking lot. after one of the shootings, he went to a boston market in a strip mall and sat for a while. in a few minutes we'll check back with jennifer donelan who is peeking with people at the restaurant where the -- speaking with people at the restaurant where the suspect eulalio tordil was hiding
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inside the mall at the time of the shooting. that is coming up. so on weather alert tonight as heavy rains are bringing potential for problems all across the abc7 viewing area. mobiletrak7 monitoring the road conditions. we will alert you if we find any problems out there tonight. let's get the latest, though, from meteorologist steve rudin who is here today. steve: we are looking at two or three hours of moderate to heavy rains across the metro area and then it begins to move out of here. take a look at the satellite and the radar. closer in around the capital beltway. wet rush hour commute. with heavier rains around tysons to oakton to falls church. oxon hill and old town alexandria. head north and west up a bit, 270. gaithersburg looking at the moderate rains at this time around barnsville. we are going to look for rains to begin to die off as we move through the late evening hours and into the overnight. this is our future cast. it will show you a good perspective in terms of how scattered
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radar tonight and tomorrow morning. s you might want tofor this reconsider. temperatures will only be in the 50's. umbrella, you are absolutely going to need it. weekend is almost here. we will talk about what to expect for the day tomorrow. also mother's day on sunday. and i promise you it is looking a lot brighter. more on that coming up in a few minutes. alison: okay. thank you. get back to breaking news now. the first sign that anything was wrong today came when that gunfire erupted right outside the westfield montgomery mall. our jeff goldberg spent the day there talking to people and police on the scene. jeff is live there continuing our team coverage today. jeff? jeff: the crime scene tape was taken down in the last 30 minutes here and people have been able to retrieve their cars stuck inside the crime scene area for five hours. certainly a very scary situation. here is some video from what things look like earlier
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11:15 this morning. so many detaiso other victims td to come to aid for the first victim. that pree. died at the hospital after being shot here at the mall. another male victim also considered still in grave condition. a female with non-life threatening injuries. the mall was a scary place to be but it was not shut down. like a lot of areas in montgomery county, schools and recreation centers were in shelter-in-place mode. but the mall did remain open. some stores individually did close their doors with the metal gates. but there were some folks two were expressing some frustration and some concern
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during this subsequent lip or at the same time, rather, wereting aspen hi. of coursehe possible connection to madehe activity shifted to that direction. worth noting how scary and terrifying the situation must have been for everyone in the area and how tragic for the three victims in this case going to the mall, thinking everything is safe in the middle of the day on a friday. sadly ends in tragedy. live in montgomery county, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. jonathan: all right. thanks very much. we are on top of the story online as well at still ahead for us at 5:00 -- we are going back to breaking news. that man in custody right there accused of a deadly shooting rampage across two cities. what he was doing in th
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moments before he was captured? we'll retrace timirectly or ind. we'll tell you who will feel the biggest
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two-county shooting spree that killed three people and left more hurt.s >> when we driven in the parking lot, of course we passed giant it kind of bothered me when i saw the tents and the flashing lights. then my husband and i both came over. he had to use the restroom. i said what about the dunkin' donuts here. he asked me to get out but a feeling came over me not to get out. being i'm disabled veteran and i have been through hip replacement. i don't know. i feel like he could be here in this prking
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metro now unveiling the major rebuilding plan that will affect a lot ofrain. smoke in the tunnel. frustration on the platform you see as well. we have team coverage following the story. this is a big one. richard reeve focusing on those who will see te biggest effect of this. start it off with transportation reporter brianne carter who has live with what metro has planned or up their sleeves. brianne: this station, the west falls church station
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see the most number of days of single tracking. this plan win the work that would regularly require three years to have them complete it in jit f 15 sod safety surges startsers will be impacted in october. when red line service will be shut dow
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insulators, clear drains.but th. place.ervice are still in >> whether we can cut back on the fare given the needs of the system we will have to look at. that is a challenge. brianne: heads up the last weekend in may is the last weekend of extended weekend service. so weekend trains will stop running june 3 at midnight. that will continue throughout alts as well. one thing e, too, it will impact this. commuters on the road as well. the general manager reached out to all of the local jurisdictions to see what they can d
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will be a commuting chaos in terms of areas tcur will realll the sting. fort tot toen and rosslyn. richard reeve conwti reacting. richard: well the biggest impact is the closures. at rosslyn they will be shut down completely for 18 days in december. fort to thet toen 23 days in october. and the riders are not happy. >> that is going to be, that will be something. richard: you can hear the sounds of safe track shock. >> wow! how am i going to get to work? richard metro's track work plan calls for five stations to close. brad doc j
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pentagon city to national airport from july 12-19. eastern marketnient.
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>> it will shut down all stations at m yourselfsite
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jonathan: let you know meal inie restaurant here bef roads are slick. a lot of rain in certain areas. we will check
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eulalio tordil. that is his name70's. satellite and radar shows area overhead. that will slowly drift north and east. we have the area clock that is the area to see the heaviest rain. then way north and east we have the back edge of the heaviest rain will move through later this evening. 48 to 53 degrees. scattered showers. stays cloudy and damp and
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cool. waking up tomorrow morning we have the komen race for the look what happens. we head through tonight and tomorrow, the heaviest of the rain showers will come to ar m. look wh afternoon. if you have outdoor picnics or barbecues for mom look fantastic. with the temperatures that will be in the lower to the middle 70's. breezy at times but we can handle it. the forecast for the race for the cure. lower 50's to start. lower 60's by 11:00 in the morning. forecast tomorrow shows the high temperature around 67 to 67 degrees. there are the lingering showers giving way to sunshine.
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we are looking at 74 degrees. and temp the middle to upper tuesday shake the pattern of 11 days of clouds and rain at the reagan national oks green out there. alison: you mentioned the komen race this weekend. we want to remind everybody abc7 is a proud son of saturday's komen race for the cure in d.c. if you can't make it to the event you can watch the coverage live all morning on the sister station newschannel8. 7:00 a.m. jonathan: it will be fun. ahead for us at 5:00 we get back to montgomery county the mall where three people were shot this morning t
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countywide lockdown andowoman t and then showing up at the dunkin' donuts.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. jonathan: few you are just joining us we want you to know the breaking news we are following all day. it seems to have a resolution. man in custody. this is the video taken in the parking lot when he was arrested without incident. this comes after a 22-thundershower shooting spree that left three people dead and three other -- 22-hour shooting spree that left three people dead and three others injured. jennifer donelan joins us live in aspen hill where the manhunt came to an end. you are in the parking lot, same parking lot that this guy was hanging out for better part of the day after he committed the crimes. jennifer: it is hard to wrap your head around this. that i
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so, here is what we knew but t is.ldn't report that is the dunkin' donuts. you couldn't go anything and couldn't show up in the area b walking around. this is the shopping mall. everybody is around here. he ends up here at boston market. i'll take you here and show you the table. he sat here in this table. allegedly after killing a woman. allegedly after killing someone at the montgomeryal mall. he sat down here and ate. shocking to those who saw it. here is one of the witnesses. >> the giant is across the street on the other shopping center. you walk over here. he had lunch. then he walks to the car. he allegedly killed somebody over
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it is shocking. it's so much information today. but this has a this is the conferee.. the d.c. snipers john boyd and lee malvo ate at the same boston market after the deadly shooting in the three weeks in october. you can't make this stuff up. everything ended in the parking lot right here. everyone was safe. no one was hurt. that is all you can ask for. there were so many lives here on the line. police getting him in custody. that is the latist from here. back to you in the studio. alison: thank you very much. oday's urgent police response began moments after the shots rang out in the parking lot of the westfield montgomery mall. our montgomery county reporter kevin lewis was there minutes te
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coverage. kevin, we understand, of hird victim a woman is expected to survive. this is the tape down. the yellowt is where a lot of the media is staging. just beyond that is where the shooting took place this morning. we just obtained the first bid of radio traffic alerting the 911 center in montgomery county about the shooting in the mall. as you are about to hear it appears a montgomery county officer was the first to report the incident and provided a good vehicle description of the suspect. >> we just had a shooting at montgomery mall. silver car. hyundai. shots fire immediately. kevin: at the montgomery mall, frantically radios for backup after this man allegedly opened fire on
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the macy's parking lot, killing one. the umd we'll close the doors now. ths ba ti ere the back room. a number oflicly criticized westfield montgomery for not locking down the mall or making an emergency intercom announcement. this local couple celebrating their anniversary was shopping when shots rang out. >> a guy came in and he told us there had been a shooting outside macy's. whoa, hey, what is going on? he said yeah, everybody
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just to be mall management set up a blue tent. i why ty didn't she they didn't want to create a sense of panic or chaos inside and says the mall has an emergency text call, alert system. that is what they activated after the shooting took place to notify managers of the stores of the incident. but as we said all afternoon long there is a lot of customers criticized the lack of notification to customers inside. live in bethesda, kevin lewis. jonathan: thank you. a college student beaten and stabbed at a party and then found dead hours later. the pictures police want you to see in the search for
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11:00 we will rebound to lower 60s. sunday, mother's day, but d.c. game looks great. with the temperatures eventually falling in the middle 60's. by 10:00 at night. take you out to look at the next seven days. 71 on monday. middle to upper 70's on tuesday. and wednesday. with a chance for showers and thunderstorm. thursday of next week looks beautiful. upper 70's.
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jonathan: taking another look at the story we're following for you most of the day. the suspect in the montgomery county has been arrested and police say this is the guy behind three shootings. i should say three killings and three others wounded in 24 hours. sick people in all he targeted. our cameras were rolling in aspen hill when they arrested eulalio tordil in parking lot of the strip mall. tordil accused of shooting six peopl i
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we will continue to ol as as soon as as we get new developments we will pass it to you. alison: remember the man diane. he will be headed to jail. they have an arrest warrant for him. they say he intentionally rammed the diner and injured one man and then set himself on fire. he will be arrested upon release from the hospital and faces malicious wounding and felony destruction of property charges. additional charges still pending. jonathan: new developments in a story that "7 on your side" that has been following for you. major league baseball in the past hour has now scrapped plans to play two games in puerto rico this month. the pittsburgh pirates and the miami marlins were supposed to be playing there may 30 and 31. fears over the mosquitoes that spread zika virus, this is what prompted the change.
5:43 pm
miami instead. coming up for us onho in kevin s family is talking about mother's day. alison: but first, the plea from police after a party turned violent. what one young man's friend did to help. that may have cost him his life.
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alison: recap of the breaking news today. montgomery county police arrested eulalio tordil after ree people outside westfield montgomery mall and woman outside a giant store in aspen hill. two people are dead. one in critical condition. a woman is treated for non-life threatening injuries. tordil also suspected of killing his estranged wife outside of a high school in beltsville yesterday. jonathan: plea for help tonight finding witnesses, possibly even suspects in the stabbing that killed a george mason university student. diane cho has the pictures that police would like you to see. diane: fairfax county investigators released these photos today in hopes of someone
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people. detectives believe some of them might have information that 21-yearter known as "stephen" found dead in his home in centreville. this im from his facebook page. >> i couldn't believe it. diane: police say lee went to a party at this home in herndon saturday april 23rd. witnesses told police lee was assaulted be amob of individuals and then stabbed. he was later driven home by his friends where he was given aid and reportedly went to sleep. he was found dead in his room the next day by a family member. court document show the victim being stomped, kick and punched while he laid motionless on the floor. >> it is heartbreaking, really. to have, i just think about what he might have been thinking about or how much pain he might have experienced. >> sarah is the assistant pastor at the new covenant fellowship church where the
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before lee graduated from high school. >> the people whodie: investigad a search warrant thehome where they say the partywasrewsd gathering evidence. so far no arrests have been made but the investigation continues tonight. >> it's so senseless and it's a tragedy. something like this should not happen to young people. >> diane cho, abc7 news. jonathan: heart-breaking. alison: terrible. jonathan: let's talk about what is happening outside. maybe you got stuck in it. this rain is creating trouble on the roads. alison: definitely. it's a broken record this forecast. when is it going to end? steve: the record ends tonight. we will see improving conditions for the upcoming weekend. take you outside and show what is going on with the satellite and radar. we have the shower activity over the mid-atlantic now. it will stay that way for the next hour or two. the further south you go from d.c. or the district, that is where we are looking f
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of heavier rain. t wo the heavy rain butop not lasting mthe future cast loe this heading to the overnighil n end. temperatures tomorrow or i should say overnight fall in the 50's. tomorrow highs will make it in the middle to up earn 60's. we are back in the mid-to-upper 70's by the middle of next week. improving conditions on the way. as we move through the evening and the overnight hours. alison: all right. so you got a mother's day story for us. >> yes. a special mom. jonathan: m.v.p. mom. robert: lightened up my day. i'm having a great day because i met her. mother's day coming this
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very treat from the mother. kevin durant, mother trip. journey, i was remembering the things he was speaking of. it just welled up in me. and i couldn't hold it anymore. >> from that moment, lifetime movie titled "the real m.v.p." >> i am your mother. i tell you what to do. robert: the film looks back at
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who had become a household name. >> the coaches say 25. in that speech? >> that was one -- he r there were many mother's day from my son. one i like most is i got the school made cards with their handprints and their declaration of love toward me. robert: you can see why i'm having a great day. happy mother's day. i asked her about kevin coming to d.c. she says he loves ocracoke -- o.k.c. right now. alison: diplomatic. jonathan: couldn
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great but d.c. is hom of cash. you make more than that b: jonathan: he gets paid big money. across the region peakr ching an spaghetti. alison: when we come back and meet the member of a local group ready to race for the cure after more th dozen years.
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jonathan: again the top story, breaking news we're following much of the day. three people shot, one killed at westfield montgomery mall. less than an hour later a woman shot and killed in her car just outside of a goesry store in aspen hill. the suspect was taken into custody just across the street from the supermarket a few hours later. we will have much more coverage coming up in minutes at 6:00. alison: tomorrow, thousands of runners and walkers will hit the pavement for the annual susan g. kom
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cure. one team from reed temple a.m.e. church in silver sp impot ith in their breast cancer community -- roz platere therate in their breast cancer community. >> prayers going up at the reed temple a.m.e. church gearing up for the annual susan g. komen race for the cure. dozens of members from all three church campuses are taking part as they have for more than a dozen years. shirley harrison set it in motion. she lost her daughter nicky to breast cancer. >> my church is like my second family. i couldn't have made it through that without my church. roz: reed temple is a growing number of faith-based communities making a difference in fight against breast cancer. reverend camille johnson heads up the ministry. >> our faith keeps us and strengthens us and keeps us pushing forward. >> on the t
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>> we are wounded healers. myself. a wounded healer. roz: survivors delivering powerful message about the importance of screening. >> women who didn't think about their breast health or forgot to get their mammogram. in hearing my story now they are realize how important it is. >> so this year they are putting on their pink, lacing up their walking shoesnd pounding the pavement. >> we believe, god, there is a cure for this disease. roz: and they are keeping the faith. >> i pray that by the time we do find a cure that we will be able to say we were part of making that happen. roz: in silver spring, i'm roz plater, abc7 news. alison: we hope you will join us tomorrow morning for the komen race for the cure. our live coverage begins at 7:00 a.m. on our sister station newschannel8. ♪ ♪
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shot at montgomery mall. three. the big mrs suddenly shut. >> the scene is expanding. >> the second shooting of the day happened in this location across the street at the giant. >> this continues to be a very active investigation. >> get down. they are telling everybody get down. they are telling us to get back. >> thankfully it was without incident when malvo and muhammad committed the murders in aspen hill they ate the same restaurant we were having the surveillance here today. announcer: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. jonathan: breaking news we have been following much of the day the suspect involved in the shootings in custody. after three separate shootings that left three people dead in the last 24 hours. maureen: eulalio tordil was arrested near a boston market in aspen hill. this is after deadly gunfire at a school, mall and a grocery store. jonathan: his arrest played out in front of the cameras.
5:59 pm
investigation. about who he is, what may have shappened. what happened there. wehe rage with maryland burea chbrad bell in aspenl.? brad: a terrible day. intense day. sigh of relief only after the arrest was made. it happened in this parking lot. in this parking space here. this is where is the suspect eulalio tordil was captured. not long after he came out of this boston market. we can show you the video of him being taken into custody. a very alert montgomery county police officer. plain clothes, cruising the area that spotted the car. a look-out. license plate and description of a car that had come from the shooting in prince george's county yesterday


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