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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  May 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:15pm EDT

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investigation. about who he is, what may have shappened. what happened there. wehe rage with maryland burea chbrad bell in aspenl.? brad: a terrible day. intense day. sigh of relief only after the arrest was made. it happened in this parking lot. in this parking space here. this is where is the suspect eulalio tordil was captured. not long after he came out of this boston market. we can show you the video of him being taken into custody. a very alert montgomery county police officer. plain clothes, cruising the area that spotted the car. a look-out. license plate and description of a car that had come from the shooting in prince george's county yesterday
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the police officer spottedmoake. >> my officers hattements that e had made in the past. we did not want to endanger anyone and have a shoot-out when we took him into custody. that's why he was taken into custody the way he was. >> so the chief talking about what he did today. that was shooting three people at montgomery mall. and then shooting someone near
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and killing someone. two people killed today. bue suspect case, eulalio tordi, shot and killed hisnan tried toe the fight. that man shot in the shoulder. tordil then turning the gun on his estranged wife, shooting her multiple times and killing her. what we have learned tonight is what had been going on in their relationship. she sought a peace order. we have read that document. she was accusing him of molesting the two children that they brought here from the philippines. of subjecting them to what she called militaristic lifestyle. punishing them by locking them in
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she also told the court he threatened to harm her if she g. he essentially wanted police to kill him. naspen hill, brad bell, abc7 news. maureen: thank you, brad. as we told you eulalio tordil was arrested right in front of our cameras. in the chaotic moments before that, kimberly suiters was at the scene. police told her and her photographer to get back and get down. kimberly suiters is live now with what she saw and experienced. kimberly suiters? kimberly: that is right, maureen. we want to gi
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we came to the giant justures we were out in the open. ouli came to us and said we telieve the shooter is in we put our live struck right here in the kohl's parking lot. come back to me. 3:la this afternoon. live on our air. we will show you in a moment the tense moments where the police told us to get back. get down. and this is why. just at 3:45 in this parking lot here, 50 yards from us, is where the arrest happened. take a look at the video we were able to capture and show you live as it happened this afternoon when tordil was surrounded by montgomery county police officers. some undercover. some in uniform. he came
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they were able to arrest him. it was damaged by an officer trying to stop him or if he did that himself. all lter to get and post up nexo something is happening here. move the camera, frank, back. >> get down. >> get down. they are telling everybody get down. leave the camera where it is, frank. back up. move back. we're moving back. we're moving back. telling us to move back. >> be safe, kim, of all else. >> follow their orders. absolutely. >> get back. okay. all right. kimberly: so at that moment we left our camera on the
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we actually, frank and i took shelter behind thee calmly. this end he just walk out and the police corner him right there in. if montgomery county pol
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peaceful end to a terrible and a deadlmains condition. the third victim is reported to have non-life threatening injuries. jeff goldberg is at ttoday it we site of a crime scene, a fatal shooting here in the parking lot. here is video we took right after arriving on scene. this was at 11:30 this morning. we saw the ambulance transporting victims to nearby sur -- suburban hospital. there was some altercation and some interaction between the shooter, the suspect and one of the victims. one of the victims was shot and then apparently other of e
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victims came to the aid of theea man and a female in with the shooting took place theys.wo had to wait inside a mall for a good five hours or so. only in the last hour and a half were they able to come out of the mall and retrieve the cars after a terrifying afternoon. >> surprisingly, bad news for everybody. >> when they cannot find the person, right? we cannot get out. we had to go inside. we don't know that we are safe or not.
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for everybody at the mall. whether or not they we pointing toward the idea he did not have any connection with these three victims.dea whether it's the case. tragic morning at montgomery mall. live in bethesda, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. maureen: thank you, jeff. of course you can stay up to date with breaking news. whenever it happens. sign up for text alerts at jonathan: we will keep bringing you breaking news updates as we get them. we'll be
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near a school yesterday allegedly opened fire at a mall and grocery store today. now three people are dead. two are injured. the suspect eulalio tordil is in custody. >> the victim of last night's shooting identified as tordil's estranged wife. the victim killed in today's shooting haven't been identified of yet. right now, though, two people are treated for gunshot wounds at suburban hospital. one of them is listed in critical-grave condition. horace holmes joining us
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what update do you have for us? horace: well, all thrt definiteo is just very he is ldseuso grave cohindit we understand before he was rushed to the hospital. they gathers information. this woman who was a survivor with non-life threatening injuries will most likely have very good information leaving, telling police what led to this. what prompted the suspect to open fire on her. and the two other victims in the parking lot.
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huge progress after dangerous series of smoke incethat -- smot snarled traffic. this may fix the problem but it will cause other problems. brianne: it's not just those that ride the rail but anybody who takes the bus or get out on the road. look here. anybody out on the road will be impacted straightses will betations will. this will have a major impact across the region. this comes as the safe track plan was unveiled earlier today. by me
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paul wiedefeld. ithut down will have fewer trains going thro well. weeknight singl we aske different. >> one thing i'm doing is i will be having independent verification of the work that is being done, that is being done correctly. that is recorded that way. i'm doing that and the f.t.a. is engaged in the
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until what? tomorrow morning? steve: i think we will see it in the next few hours and then n. it will stick around for a couple ofhso. but the good news you notice the back edge here. that will pivot across the area and then it will swing out of here.
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nds of blue tags. thousands of low prices. robert: all right. starting off with baseball. rough start for the nats in the series with the cubs.
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caps face elimination tomorrow at the champ. rt >> i don't want to be down the funnest way to play hockey. jonathan: steph curry is unlikely for tomorrow night's matchup
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caps canoverwth noon by noon. mother's day is breezy. middle 70's for the daytime highs. barbec


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