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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  May 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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kimberly: right now, metro on the clock, federal officials give the agency just eight days to come up with a plan to fix their safety problems or face a shutdown. a community works to begin healing as the man accused in a multi-county shooting spree prepares for his first day in court. and honoring the fallen. hundreds gather in d.c. to remember police officers who gave it all for the people they served. news at 11:00, on your side. just hours away from the first quarter parents for the man accused of going on a shooting spree spanning two counties, leaving three people dead. eulalio tordil
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murdering his estranged wife, then going on a rampage, killing two strangers in parking lots in montgomery county. the outpouring of support continues as the police work to piece together the investigation. cheryl conner is live in aspen hill, the scene of one of the deadly shootings, worry memorial for one of the victims has been growing in this weekend. are people still there this late at night, cheryl? kimberly, they just left, but all night we have been watching people stop and leave balloons and flowers. picture a cross and a and candles are lit for the mother and grandmother who the police say was shot and killed inside her car. there is a show of light for claudina molina, who were shot and killed inside her car at the giant store in aspen hill. a wreath
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day," she leaves behind a son and daughter. >> she goes to the store and does not come back home. cheryl: montgomery county police say that carjacking was the motive for eulalio tordil, who andaccused of killing her 45-year-old malcolm when at westfield montgomery mall. charging documents show that win the man stepped in, the woman was upset. the owner of northgate plaza shopping center is cooperating with the state's attorney. over 46 cameras throughout the entire shopping center. cheryl: one of those cameras caught the takedown. >> my first thought was this was a repeat of the sniper. cheryl: it has been a weekend of memorials and vigils to honor
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life. >> she did not even know him and she was just shopping. it is sad for the whole community. [no audio] kimberly: that was cheryl conner reporting. we will be in court tomorrow and bring you full coverage of the case as it develops. watch for updates on air and online at from anneng story arundel county, worry glen burnie man is accused of killing his girlfriend and attacking a stepped in to help. michael wilson discharged with first-degree murder, attempted murder, and other charges. the police say that he attacked his girlfriend last night. she died of her injuries overnight. the second
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survive. they say that wilson and berkeley, the girlfriend, had an on-again, off-again relationship. get it right or shut it down, of the the sentiment federal transit administration to metro tonight after a series anproblems, including explosion moments after a train rolled away. now the metro general manager is lying on a plan to fix the problems. fta says they need to do more and quickly. roz plater, the clock is ticking. just over, metro has a week to make the changes. the feds say they could face consequences. it was this fiery explosion thursday morning at the federal station -- federal center metro station that sparked new mandates for the fta. agency cal
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it turns out that it was a third rail insulator. >> the video was astonishing. and they continue to operate as if the arcing did not happen. to: metro is under the gun have four new safety mandates, making sure that employees prioritize safety of our convenience, second a mitigating fire and smoke risks. third, improving emergency planning and preparedness and conducting training drills with staff. metro must conduct a safety stand down, including what went wrong during the flash fire. the deadline for all that, may 16. >> we will get things done. mandates come as the new metro general manager paul wiedefeld announced a year-long maintenance plan to improve safety. >> t
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put this off too long. we are all committed to fixing metro. fta says if the deadlines are not met, there could be penalties such as withholding up to 25% of metro's financial assistance or they could also restrict service. roz plater, abc 7 news. kimberly: thank you, roz. metro general manager paul wiedefeld will be live with us tomorrow morning on "good morning washington to discuss rider safety and the track safety plan. tune in to hear him answer your questions. the weather, we had sunshine for mother's day, but you will want to keep the umbrella close. to meteorologist josh knight for what we can expect the rest of the week. josh: unfortunately, that is right, we get the one dry day, then more rain moves back in. we are talking about the wind
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subsiding overnight, then the daily rain chances. the good news with this week's rain is we will see sunshine fighting through, and i don't think we will be asked chilly as the last couple weeks with the rainy days. right now, 61 degrees in d.c., frederick already 46 with clear skies. the wind on the way down, the temperatures will get chilly. satellite and radar, the rain develops and fills in right here. then we are looking for showers by midmorning tomorrow. for pickup at the bus stop, most of us are drive. for the middle portion of the morning through early afternoon, a good chance of showers. and on the way home for the kids, some spotty showers. you will need the umbrella tomorrow, but we will also have 70's in the forecast coming up. kimberly: it is a time to honor those who risk their lives in the servic
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are planned for the next seven days. in the district come motorcycle riders took part in the 21st annual law ride. andegan at rfk stadium concluded at the national law enforcement memorial. many namese far too on this wall and i do on anyone to ever forget what they have done for us. kimberly: the names of officers who died in the line of duty last year have been added to the memorial. the 252 names will be formally dedicated and a candlelight vigil friday. an incredible kickoff in orlando for more than 500 competitors from 15 countries in florida for the games which feature injured and ill service members. the games were started by prince harry. this is the first time
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they have been held in the u.s. they will be running at the espn wild world of sports -- wide world of sports complex in orlando. new war of words on the campaign trail, donald trump lashing out at republicans who say they will not support his presidential bid yet and launching new attacks on democratic front runner hillary clinton. all that as bernie sanders fights to stay in the race. we have the latest on the campaign trail. reporter: during an interview with george stephanopoulos, donald trump says he does not need a unified republican party to become president. donald trump: i don't think so. george: how do you went? donald trump: i will get millions of people to vote. come as: the comments the rift inside the gop appears to be deepening, big names refusing to endorse the candidate, like house speake
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next week, but already trump supporter sarah palin said she will work to out the powerful congressman. his political career is all but over because eso disrespected the will of the people. hillary clinton: the republican themselves are racing questions about their presumptive nominee. clinton foust to stay out of name-calling with trump, even as he blasted the former secretary of state and her husband. is marriedp: h she to a man who is the worst abuser of women in politics. asking clinton: i'm people to join the campaign and i've had a lot about reach from republicans in the last day. reporter: first she must be bernie sanders to the nomination -- first, she must beat
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sanders to the nomination. kimberly: this tuesday, voters from both parties will cast primary ballots in west virginia , along with republicans in nebraska. more than 2000 felons in virginia have registered to vote. governor terry mcauliffe restored voting rights to them at the end of last month. if voters do not registered to a party, it's tough to know who will benefit in the long run. it is expected they will identify more with the democratic agenda. republicans have criticized the move, sing it was a political one to help hillary clinton in the commonwealth during the presidential election. still ahead -- an incredible view of a growing threat, the view from space of the devastating wildfire continuing to spread across canada. there is good news tonight. we will tell you why.
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midst. a winning ticket to the powerball jackpot was sold in our area. >> i think it is a selfless act and i greatly appreciate it. kimberly: turning heartbreak into a memorable mother's day for others.
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kimberly: incredible new images from space show how far the can 80 and -- the canadian wildfire has grown. the fire is still growing. it is starting to move away from but has displaced nearly 90,000 people three. hundreds of firefighters have been battling around the clock to stop the flames. rescue efforts in china after a landslide left 35 people missing early this morning after a weekend of very heavy rain.
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in just 24 hours. the rescue efforts are ongoing for any survivors who may be trapped inhe rubble. a site on the anacostia river for decades is gone tonight. moving the former uss barry to philadelphia where the museum ship will be scrapped. we have set up a video so that you can see what it took to move the 60-year-old destroyer. the decision was made because of the cost and a planned of the frederick douglass bridge would trap the ship in the river. jackpot, but somebody in the area is $1 million richer after last night's powerball drawing. the winning ticket was sold at a 7-eleven in mclean. 76,000 winners in virginia. the loan winning ticket of the jackpot was sold in new jersey.
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--r ticket -- 5, 25, 26, josh: i wonder if you were upset if you miss the number. i wonder if you just missed by one. kimberly: not much of a forecast this week to write home about. josh: it will be tough this week. in general, it is prettier than the last two weeks. this time around, we still have the reign of the forecast, but we will see more sunshine fighting through. 61 degrees at reagan national, the breeze out of the north northwest. because the breeze is letting up, we will have clear skies and the light breeze allowing temperatures to get chilly overnight. the futurecast,
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the high-pressure works across the area today, keeping skies clear. we still bring in the rain tomorrow morning. this will beat out the high pressure. 7:00 a.m., the clouds take over in the rain pushes in. we hang on to the chance of spotty showers through the day. tuesday that will be one of the cloudiest days of the week because the high kicks in the easterly breeze. whatever we get the easterly breeze, the moisture from the atlantic it stuck with us, so we stay cloudy with continued chance of rain. most other days this week the sunshine will fight to riffle stop clear skies tonight, waking up tomorrow with a lot of places in the 40's. 47 leesburg, 48 winchester. in the 50's in d.c. and towards the bay. through the morning, the rain begins at about 5 a.m., watching that lift to the north. county,ah county, page 8:30 a.m., winchester
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10 a.m. the district starts at 7 a.m. , barely dry and fredericksburg, but the showers push and that direction. in d.c., it will be about 10 a.m. when the showers arrive. then the spotty showers stick around pretty much all day. stays light, fortunate, not looking for anything too heavy. 60 tomorrow, mostly cloudy skies. tuesday, thato will be one of the more cloudy rainy days. still in the 60's. into wednesday, the warmer air lifts to the north, back into the 70's with thunderstorms. mid-70's from thursday and friday. i think friday afternoon could be one of the nicer time frames this week. saturday, another chance of showers and thunderstorms. then the dry weather moves in sunday. kimberly: i think the wind was
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donet: could not get it tonight, but we do have soccer on the run down just for you. more introduce you to a 100-year-old woman who checked an item off her bucket list.
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swept today against the cubs. easier said than done. top of the fifth, nats up 2-1. wilson ramos, base hit. daniel murphy trots home. the cubs tie it up in the seventh. ez drivesng, javier ba it deep to left for a solo shot. 4-3 the final. pulse for the a night,th a victory last but they still have some ground to cover. speaking of great, the great 8 alex ovechkin kicks it off with the first goal, setting the tone. braden holtby was out of his mind with 30 saves. last night's most viable player, don't think anybody is more confident the back i heading into game six. >> we are pretty confident.
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be ourselves. we have to do what we need to do within the team. period, one shift, one one game. that's what you do. you slowly try to push the needle towards them and put pressure on them. we need more in game six. robert: coming up on abc 7 a 100-year-old" woman had the time of her life at the caps game last night. it had been on her bucket list for a long time. scott abraham will have the story, but for now, she has a message for caps fans. >> let's go. here's to the finals, let's go. robert: she is awesome. more of that coming up on "sports sunday." erin
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hockey with job at knotty -- joe betanati. kimberly: an inspiration to all of us, cool lady.
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marvel's latest release is another hit at the box office, dominating with $181.8 million, making it the best debut in hollywood history. four ofovies now own the top six opening box office ever. a woman in new york turning heartbreak into an act of generosity. her engagement was broken off a few months before the big day because she refused to sign a prenup. instead of letting the plans go to waste, she turned it into a celebration for families in need. about 65 kids and family members were invited to attend the lunches, with some wedding
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the event. >> i wanted to be the princess of my wedding day sother people could feel happy. fun adding to their mother's day weekend. kimberly: how cool is that. the children were chosen through the salvation army.
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