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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 10, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, deadly storms roar across the plains leaving destruction across several states. new video just in. a tornado tearing apart everything in its path. powerful wind and damaging hail, as well. the forecast for that same area today coming up. more primary voters head to the polls today as the presidential front-runners try to lock up their party's nominations. meanwhile, bernie sanders is not backing down and putting on a late night show of strength in california. anger over a high school yearbook photo and a student's name. was it just a mix-up or someone's cruel prank? be careful where you step. you wouldn't want to walk out of the house and land, say, right on top of an alligator.
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good tuesday morning, everyone. it's been a rough night for a lot of people. that tornado outbreak in the plains states. >> this dramatic video just in from oklahoma. watch this tornado. it just moves across this field tearing apart pretty much everything in its path. at one point we see it tear through a building. you see debris flying through the air. i mean, the amount of power and you can just hear the people shooting this video just over and over saying oh, my god, oh my god, when all was said and down power poles tossed to the ground and trees thrown in the air. >> you could hear the force and they always say it sounds like a freight train and it really does. the radar in the meantime. that line of storms still moving east. we're going to get more on today's forecast in just a moment but first those storms leaving behind a swath of destruction. >> abc's lauren lyster joins us now with new details. good morning, la
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18 tornadoes in all were reported monday. overnight it's been parts of arkansas getting damaged by intense winds and parts of oklahoma will need to start the cleanup process after getting hit hard. this violent tornado ripping through garvin county, oklahoma. look at the twister as it appears to head straight for these drivers. >> this road is no longer passable in front of me. >> local tv affiliate koco warning viewers in realtime. >> continues to make its way closer and closer to i-35. some watching calmly from afar. >> we're fine. it's over yonder. >> reporter: others not so lucky. this destruction left behind in this storm's path. the storm killing a 76-year-old man, also livestock and pummeling a dozen homes. the storms in the state taking two lives overall. in arkansas overnight, 6 onto 80-mile-per-hour winds wreaking havoc. look athi
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airport. >> wow, i have never -- >> look at that. >> reporter: in nebraska this man recounting how he survived a tornado there. >> we opened the door and looked out and the tornado set over there. he went under the deck and it picked me up and threw me against that tree and i just held on. >> reporter: parts of the state also digging out not from snow, that's hail. areas getting pounded monday by the destructive balls of ice, the size of baseballs but feeling even more powerful on impact. >> like a baseball bat hitting the patrol car. >> reporter: hail carving out divots all over this golf course. just incredible images. you know, the good news the sheriff in that area of oklahoma that was hit so hard says there wasn't a lot of wind more broadly or rain so they aren't having to deal with flooding or other damage beyond what was in the tornado's path. kendis and diane. >> sounds like right about now they could use any good news so thank you, lauren. so the worst of the storm system is moving toward
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with more bad weather, though, in the forecast. >> let's get the details from accuweather's paul williams. good morning, paul. >> good morning to you, as well, diane, kendis. we're bracing for severe storms throughout the mississippi valley region but targeting the memphis area and southern portions of illinois and just shy of the st. louis area. where you see green we're looking for widespread scattered showers that caused heavy downpours reaching into the mid-atlantic. the irony of the southeast, this high pressure system will keep it clear but we won't keep it all the way clear up to the ohio valley. scattered outbreak towards d.c. diane, kendis. >> paul, thank you. the race for the white house more voters are heading to the polls today as republicans kind of scramble to bring their party together. >> yeah, some gop lawmakers are following house speaker paul ryan's lead by holding off on endorsing donald trump but ahead of his face-to-face meeting with him he is tapping chris christie to lead his possible presidential transition team. on the democratic side hillary clinton is
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latest attacks as bernie sanders gets a rock star welcome in california. let's get the latest right now from abc's stephanie ramos. >> reporter: a roaring crowd of 15,000 authorizers welcoming bernie sanders in the golden state. >> nobody can predict the future. >> reporter: sanders hitting up both coasts leading up to today's west virginia primary pledging to continue through the final contest in june. despite hillary clinton's lead in the delegate count. >> but we have the possibility of walking into the democratic convention with a majority of pledge delegates. >> reporter: meanwhile, this is the first primary where donald trump is the presumptive nominee and he continues to battle it out within his own party. >> does it have to be unified? i'm different from everybody else. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan taking a different approach after saying he wasn't ready to endorse him. he's willing to step aside as chairman of the republican conventi a
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>> he's the nominee. i'll do whatever he wants. with respect to the convention. >> reporter: with a meeting on the calendar to smooth things out with top republican leaders like ryan, trump keeps on dredging up personal attacks against the clintons. >> hillary clinton's husband abused women more than any man that we know of in the history of politics, right? >> reporter: clinton not taking the bait and pushing forward to the general election trying to reach out to swing voters in virginia. >> a lot of his rhetoric is not only reckless, it's dangerous. >> reporter: the clinton campaign is already looking ahead to next tuesday's kentucky primary going back on the air with ads this week. assign they perhaps have more delegates there which may be all they need to clinch the nomination. back to you. >> stephanie ramos in washington, thanks. breaking news from germany. at least one person killed and several others injured in a knife attack. the incident happened at a train
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he was shouting god is great in arabic. the suspect is now in custody. no word on whether the attack was terror related. the white house is hoping to spur a vote on its nominee for the supreme court. today merrick garland will submit answers to a questionnaire detailing his credentials to the senate judiciary committee to stop the senate blockade. they said there won't be a vote on his nomination at all. the price tag for that canadian wildfire is on track to hit $7 billion after wiping out 600 square miles so far. the first images from inside the devastated city of ft. mcmurray show entire neighborhoods charred. about 2,400 hopes and buildings were destroyed or damaged by that fire. but city officials stress about 85% of the structures survived. back in the u.s. an escapee from new jersey from a prison there is back in custody after nearly a week on the
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our thur buckle spotted by a motorist yesterday just off the garden state parkway. he was placed in handcuffs a short time later. he broke out just weeks before he would have been eligible for parole. the troubled ferguson, missouri, police department has its first african-american chief. he is a veteran miami officer was sworn in yesterday and the department has been under intense national scrutiny since the fatal shooting of michael brown. moss says it's the department's task to bring nobility back to police work. california residents could soon see some of their water restrictions lifted. that's after rainy, snowy winter eased the state's five-year drought. members of the control board will decide may 18th whether conservation measures can be eased. still ahead, a record setting sculpture sale. plus, we'll look at dueling lawsuits now set to decide the future of north carolina's lgbt
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on a lighter note not your average visitor at the front door. we'll show you how these people got rid of that unwelcome visitor. stick around.
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at least nine injured after a bus plowed into a bus shelter in providence, rhode island. the injured were all on the bus all are expected to recover but it took hours to remove the bus because the roof of the shelter was actually resting on top of it. still no word yet on what caused the crash. that massive air bag recall expected to have a huge impact on profits for takata. with a global air bag recall mushrooming takata now says it won't show profit but, in fact, a huge loss, $120 million. about 70 million air bags are now being recalled in the u.s.
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explode. u.s. regulators added more than half of those air bags just last week. it appears lower gas prices have americans buying big yet again. a new report indicates sales of suvs are up 10% in the past year and small car sales fell more than 6% over the same time period. the immense popularity of suvs has american automakers taking drastic action. supplies are now at their highest level in seven years. facebook is denying accusations that it is deliberately quashing political conservative news items. the tech news site gives -- they say they suppressed conservative issues on purpose and facebook says it follows rigorous guidelines to ensure consistency and neutrality. while the market for impressionists and modern art may be soft right now this rare sculpture by rodin set a record.
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million. that's almost $4 million more than any other rodin. eternal springtime created from a single block of marble between 1901 and 1903. when we come back was it a yearbook mix-up or something more sinister? the girl in the picture is speaking out about a naming mistake. for the first time, someone comes forward claiming prince is his father. details straight ahead.
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at least two are dead after a series of tornadoes in oklahoma. they destroyed homes and overturned vehicles and there were tornados in iowa and nebraska, as well. but no significant damage reported there except in oklahoma. the worst driving conditions however will be in the upper midwest with flooding coming out of the mountains and wet roads straight across to the mid-atlantic states. drivers should watch out for wet roads also in western texas. if you're flying you can expect some airport delays in denver and chicago. want to move on to that growing battle in north carolina over transgender rights. the u.s. justice department sued the state over the law. >> north carolina filed a suit of its own against the federal government. here with the latest abc's steve osunsami. >> reporter: the fight in the streets over public accommodations is moving to the courthouse. in her lawsuit the country's top prosecutor is now asking a
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carolina from enforcing its new law charging it removes protections for gay families and keeps transgender residents out of the public rest rooms they need. in her view this is the new jim crow. sex discrimination in violation of federal civil rights laws. >> they created state sponsored discrimination dense transgender individuals. >> reporter: two hours earlier north carolina's governor stood before cameras refusing to back down. >> i think it's time for the u.s. congress to bring clarity to our national anti-discrimination provisions. >> reporter: in his new lawsuit he argues that transgender americans are, quote, not a protected class under current law. meanwhile, businesses are leaving the state in protest. and the ncaa is threatening to move its games out of state. en 0 the other side activists are take their protest to stores. >> i believe you're violating the law. >> reporter: that are accommodating transgender customers. the federal government could still play another card and refuse to give federal dollars to the university of north carolina and state
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raleigh. a muslim student in california speaking out after being mistakenly identified in the yearbook as isis phillip. >> she said she found it coincidental she was mistaken for a former student whose name is associated with the terror group. she was hurt by it but more after classmates denounced her for blasting it. >> for something like that to happen to me, knowing what it means for muslims, it really hurt. >> the school says zelif had been incorrectly identified as that other student. officials are trying to figure out how thatmistake happened. in the meantime, the distribution of the yearbook has been halted. colleges and universities are being urged to stop asking applicants about their criminal histories early in the admissions process. john king says asking those kind of questions discourages students from finishing
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king made the announcement at ucla since the california system is considered a model for many. applicants are never asked about their criminal backgrounds there. a man claiming to be the biological son of prince has come forward. 39-year-old carlin williams has filed paperwork in a minnesota court requesting dna testing and he wants to be declared the late singer's sole surviving heir. williams' mother claims she met prince at a kansas city hotel back in 1976. williams, by the way, is currently in prison on a weapons charge. if he is prince's son and no will is found, prince's siblings may get nothing. a family in south carolina got quite the surprise when they received an unexpected visitor at their front door. yeah, it was this guy. after hearing a loud bang they found a nine-foot alligator hanging out on the porch. a reptile wrangler was called in to lasso the 250-pounder as the family captured it all on camera. probably scared. the gator
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lights, but no one was injured. >> family stayed inside for that one. >> that would be a smart move. what do you think it wanted? a cup of coffee or maybe some milk? >> the last one we showed rang the doorbell. after missing the first three games of this nba playoff series steph curry came back off the bench last night to lead the golden state warriors to a 132-125 victory over the portland trail blazers and in overtime no less. >> they now lead 3-1 heading back home to oakland now. meanwhile, espn is reporting curry will be named the nba's most valuable player for the second straight season. in fact, curry may be the first unanimously chosen mvp in the league ever. >> well deserved. up next in "the pulse," one mom's dorm room surprise. it turns into a big mistake. >> you could say that. how about one of those for breakfast? never too early for an oreo bagel. stay with us. do you often consume frui
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♪ time now for "the pulse" and start with the mother's best intentions to surprise her daughter in her college dorm room. >> yeah. >> now, mom is deanna pilling. her daughter is mckenna and mckenna attends utah state university. >> without her daughter knowing it, mom traveled from new york to utah to help mckenna pack up her stuff. >> very thoughtful. >> when she got there she sent a picture from her daughter's bed saying look where i am. >> the problem is her daughter was in her dorm room. her daughter's response, please tell me you're not in someone else's dorm. mom then had to admit her confusion saying, i am in the wrong dorm. omg. >> then her daughter freaked out that mom surprised her at college. >> luckily that's all she found. >> yes. >> ay
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be finding on a budweiser this summer. budweiser appears ready to make its biggest tie-in yet and filed for permission to replace the name on its label with the word america this summer. >> keeping it simple and filed with the government to include patriotic catchphrases like liberty and justice for all and no confirmation from budweiser, though advertising age is reporting this. >> so the irony, of course, behind all of this is budweiser is actually owned by a belgian company. >> maybe they really love the usa. >> perhaps or maybe stella artois will turn into something else. it wouldn't be responsible to recommend eating oreos for breakfast but what if they were combined with bagels. >> okay, so take a look. this is an oreoeo overload in new jersey. black and white bagel stuffed with whole oreok made
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it's may 10th.. and surprise, surprise... more rain in the forecast. it's not your imagination-- we've had rain in the forecast for two weeks straight! and eileen has even more good news for you... good morning washington. toss to eileen today: cloudy with scattered showers. highs: 61-70 (warmer southwest) winds: ne 5 mph tonight: cloudy with a few showers. lows: 49-58 winds: ene 5 mph to calm wednesday: cloudy with scattered showers. highs: 65-70 winds: se 5 mph
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a deadly attack at a train station in germany. police say several people were wounded in munich after a man went on a stabbing spree. one of the victims has died. just moments ago police revealed that the suspect, who is a german national, expressed "political motivations" for the attack. we continue to follow this story, and will bring you more updates as they come in. breaking overnight.. east capitol street is back open after a wild crash overnight. a car flipped over.. and hit a lightpole and a tree near 53rd stree northeast. one person was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. part of east capitol street was shutdown for about two hours early this morning. happening now-- police are warning the public about a group of sophisticated criminal thieves targeting cars in fairfax county. over the last several weeks-- police say car owners have come out in the morning to find their cars sitting on cinderblocks, with all 4 tires gone. fairfax county police say these seemingly
4:28 am
thieves are going after gm made vehicles like suvs, and corvettes... vehicles with tires that have high resale values. victims say they didn't hear a thing. police believe the same thieves are connected to nearly a dozen incidents. they are looking for a silver ford explorer that may be connected to the culprits. he's one of the best pitchers in the national league. and now stephen strasburg won't be leaving the districct anytime soon. according to multiple media reports-- strasburg and the nationals have agreed to a seven year, $175 million dollar extension. the right hander will receive a rolling opt-out clause after the third or fourth year of the contract. the nationals plan to make an official announcement some time today. it's xx and we're just getting started.
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overnight-- a deadly attack at a train station in germany. police say several people --wounded in munich after a man went on a stabbing spree. one of the victims -- died. just moments ago police revealed that the suspect, who is a german national, expressed "political motivations" for the attack. we continue to follow this story, and will bring you more updates as they come in. good morning washington. today: cloudy with scattered showers. highs: 61-70 (warmer southwest) winds: ne 5 mph tonight: cloudy with a few showers. lows: 49-58 winds: ene 5 mph to calm wednesday: cloudy with scattered showers. highs: 65-70 winds: se 5 mph
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66 in manassas 66 in waples mill 270 out of frederick covering metro.


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